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It's small inside and the maintenance and repairs are more expensive than comparable makes/models.

It's way too small for my family. My children are both still in car seats and need a little bit more room than the average person. For my daughter to even get into the vehicle the driver's seat has to nearly be positioned all the way forward. This is such an inconvenience especially when my 6' tall husband is driving. We purchased the vehicle from my in-laws not realizing just how tight the space was inside. It would be a good vehicle for a single or married person with no small children. It performs fine, but the maintenance and repairs on it are more expensive than other makes of vehicles we've owned in the past. Our vehicle has 86K miles on it. We've had to fork out $6000+ for repairs and maintenance in the past 3 months. Not worth it in my opinion. The safety alert beep when you start the vehicle is annoying. You can only get rid of the alert and use the radio by pushing a button which in my opinion is unsafe. The leather seats are pretty and comfortable. The built in sun shades in the back are nice as well. Would I buy another small/mid-size SUV from VW again? No, I would not.

- Jennifer R

Tan leather seats with sunroof

It makes loud noise when I first start it in the morning. I like the interior and the tires are great.

- Mason P

I love the space, how it drives, the interior and the look. What I hate is how expensive it is to maintain and the cost of Gas since it is a V8 engine that requires premium gas.

Really expensive to maintain (gas, maintenance, etc)

- Priscilla B