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Nice reliable car, high on the maintenance side.

Great vehicle, plenty of power and a pleasure to drive. Only cons are costs associated with maintenance. Oil changes, air filters, brakes and rotors all are more expensive than domestic car brands. Handling is great and I love the comfort of the interior. It also has a number of intuitive features like wipers that sense when it is raining.

- Steven M

My 2008 Volkswagen! Heated leather, power seat, moonroof and tow package.

I bought this vehicle due to the heated leather seats, and the cool sunroof! The seats are very comfortable, there is a back support adjustment. The gas mileage is not the best, I average 18 miles to the gallon. I also have a tow package, which makes it nice for hauling trailers for wood. The color of my Touareg is black, with chrome.

- Angie H

Automatic windshield wipers and the lights that move with the steering wheel.

My car is a little quirky. The back hatch sometimes closes on me when it wants. Have to replace the switch. And the back hatch height sometimes resets on its own. But other than that it has been an awesome SUV since I have owned it. I really liked it so far.

- Samantha S

My SUV is heavy duty and will not fall apart.

I like that it is a 4x4 SUV. The only dislike I have is it takes $50-60 to fill the gas tank. I also like the sun roof, the heated seats and mirrors. I dislike the way you have to change the brake lights and headlights.

- Tammy S

Mom Mobile? Not really though.

This vehicle is easy to get in and out of even with a car seat but it also has off road capabilities. It is reliable, but does require somewhat frequent service/maintenance.

- Rachel S

parts are expensive and fill up fuel is pricey but its so durable and strong

It's a good medium sized truck with 5 person seating,like the seat heaters on 4 seats, many air vents, don't like the limited 2 cup holder in the entire truck

- Yessenia M

It is my car, & it is paid off:).

Car has performed beautifully for me, but I am one that actually takes care of my vehicle (as it is expected. . . Regular oil changes, & tune up, etc. )!!

- Jeffery B

It offers a lot of safety systems.

Expensive to fix being foreign, a little too big of a motor for my 3 hour round trip work commute but I otherwise love it.

- Tina H

Better than you would expect off-road.

Very comfortable interior. Reliability and great gas mileage for all wheel drive. Very nice looking exterior.

- Joseph B

It is a low dollar Porsche vehicle.

It drives really well, smoothly. Not good on gas mileage though. I wish it had Bluetooth technology included.

- Karen W

2008 VW Torgue review for great size shape and design

Great on Gas Great on Size Great on accessibility in and out Great on storage space Great on interior design

- Loren B

Larger than the later models of Touareg.

Horrible Gas Mileage and uses Premium Gas. Repair is ungodly expensive.

- Don C

I love the size and reliability of the vehicle and the features.

Reliable but parts are expensive when you need something fixed.

- Krista P