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It is alright but there are other 01's that are better.

I have an 01 Volvo s80, it was a really good car when I bought it about a year ago but it has already had some issues. We have replaced a couple things under the hood that was causing it to not run properly and ride very rough. Had to replace the seat switch because my seat no longer moved. We are still having issues with it running funny but believe the mass something under the hood needs to be replaced or cleaned.

- Nicole J

Fast black 2001 s80 Volvo

I love my black 2001 Volvo it has some serious power. Not only that but it gets windshield wipers on the lights which is great. It's also nice and roomy especially in the back can fit 2 or more regular car seats and still have room to sit in the back. Plus the trunk is huge you can fit a lot of things in there strollers, some furniture and a lot more.

- jessica S

It's a great all around vehicle that is fine for the family or for a person in search of one.

It has good air conditioning. It rides smoothly and has great gas mileage. She may be a little beaten up on the outside with its paint being weathered. but it performs well.

- Cameron C

It is the only one we have right now.

The only thing about it that I really like is it is a turbo. I do not care for how expensive everything is to fix and it does not fit all of my kids.

- Nicole J

Model is a good brand but of course not the year.

Outdated car but still very good car. It is not family friendly but it gets me from point A to B. Window, and ac troubles.

- Bella B

Great warranty and the trunk has a great amount of space.

Being from 2001 it is very well-made car. It's just that as it ages they can start to break down that's the only problem.

- Laura K