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Electrical issues but comfortable ride

Very comfortable, has occasional electrical issues. Current problem with air conditioner. Gets good gas mileage. Air bag light and message about security system popped up out of the blue. I like this car but the issues are beginning to add up. Driver's seat is amazingly comfortable

- Trisha S

2002 and it is still going strong!

This is an extremely reliable vehicle! Super safe and has a sleek look to it, despite its age! If you are short on cash and do not want to finance a vehicle, this is definitely a great investment. We do not regret acquiring this car! Join the Volvo family.

- Walt H

I believe that with proper maintenance this car should go up to 300,000 miles. I trust this car.

I purchased this vehicle used from 1 owner, low miles. I have had no major issues, regular maintenance. Going strong. Feels sturdy and good on the road. I love my Volvo.

- Amy W

It is a safe automobile that I feel I can use for a few more years.

Getting old and starting to hear noises. It also burns a lot of gas. There is something wrong with the internal clock as I cannot set it properly. It continues to advance.

- Cameron R

My Volvo S80 is a very safe and comfortable car.

It is very comfortable and reliable. It also drives like a tank and is very safe. However the interior is starting to show It's age a little. Still a great car though.

- Christina B

My car has great safety ratings and a built in steel roll cage.

I like that it is very comfortable. It also has high safety ratings and has been a reliable vehicle. I don't like how expensive repairs are.

- Christina H

It cost only $600. I was gifted it for the most part. But it is a well made vehicle.

Lots of miles, sometimes the Air conditioner doesn't work. I love the smooth power band. I don't like the fuel economy.

- JD C

Cannot think of anything, it speaks for itself, it's a Volvo, which is associated with safety

Like the safety and quality features, and it's a relatively quite vehicle. Dislike the cost to repair.

- N T

if's a safe car, it replaced a previous car of the same Make that I totaled

no complaints, very happy with my car, have previous experience

- N W