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I cannot think of any single thing.

It jerks sometimes. It tends to do it at the most inconvenient times. . Other than that, my car seems to be pretty great. I am concerned that it may be a transmission issue or something that will be really expensive but for right now it works really well. I haven't had anyone at the dealership tell me otherwise. There is one more issue. It seems this metal plate has come apart on the bottom of my car. I keep it up with a plastic tie. The dealership said it would be about $400 to fix. I hope to give this car to my daughter when she starts driving.

- Tierra B

Major redesigns occur every five years or so; not much changes in between.

The ilx is little more than a fancier Honda Civic, but updated styling for 2019 at least has its exterior looking sporty and fresh. The sole powertrain is a 201-hp 2. 4-liter four-cylinder with front-wheel drive mated to a smooth dual-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission. Apple carplay and android auto are newly optional, and active-safety features are now standard, but the interior still looks and feels dated. An a-spec package adds sharper visuals but does not back those up with any mechanical changes.

- Nguyen N

This is a white Acura ilx and the year is 2016.

I really enjoy my Acura. I have always driven Honda's and decided to change over. The main problem I have found with this model is that the bottom makes a horrible scraping sound whenever I enter or leave my driveway or go over bumps. They said this is the same as the manufacturer model so that is how they all are. The features are of a luxury car and I love how this car drives. It is more of a sporty car so it accelerates quickly and drives very nicely.

- Braxton W

Great car overall, few minor things that could be better.

Very reliable and comfortable car. I have had very few problems with this car overall and it looks nice and sporty both inside and out. The only things I can complain about are the Bluetooth functionality of the radio, which is sometimes sketchy and doesn't like to connect to your phone, and the shocks are a bit bumpy, which could mean they tend to go out easily. Other than that the car is great on gas and is very comfortable and spacious.

- Joseph M

Acura ilx - the perfect sporty beach car.

The ilx is great. It is sporty, compact, and quick. The base model is also very nice inside, it is not too luxurious. It is also got a nice strong engine so it is got power to it when driving up hills. There's Bluetooth, which is a must have, a back up camera, sunroof, and a spacious trunk. For being a stock sound system and speakers are great too. The perfect car to drive down pch with the windows down!

- Victoria D

My experience with my vehicle that I love.

Always functions very well, love the vehicle the way it moves I have had it for some time, it is very special I would suggest some friends to purchase the same vehicle never had an issue. Always functions very well, love the vehicle the way it moves I have had it for some time, it is very special I would suggest some friends to purchase the same vehicle never had an issue.

- Ana R

Not my favorite car despite it being the most costly I have owned.

Transmission does not "catch" quickly enough and/or "hesitates. " In the middle of driving, it will seem to "skip" as you increase speed and the car lurches. Service dept says this is a common issue because of so many speeds that cannot keep up with transmission and cannot be fixed. Also, trunk is much too small and wipers leave a space untouched on front windshield.

- Debbie K

Personal review of Acura ILX

Great car! Have loved everything about it so far - would recommend. Great family car as well. Plenty of space inside the car as well as trunk space. I've had other Acura vehicles and they hold their value and are great cars. I would personally recommend this car for small families or even a single person. I think either would be a good fit for this vehicle

- Lauren H

The car I have waited for all my life!

I love my Acura. I commute 80 minutes a day to work and back and it is the most enjoyable part of my day. The back up camera is a life saver along with the hands free phone component. I do not know how I lived without it before this car. The heated seats make cold mornings a thing of the past. It is a sporty looking great on gas wonderful car!

- Leann J

Overall my Acura is very well made and is a very smooth and nice ride.

The car has really touchy brakes and sometimes when you get too close to another car it will brake for you. The car is overall really well made and is great from young drivers. It is assessable to get in and out of parking spots and is small and slick. It is nice and modern inside with a great stereo system that you can fix how you like.

- Emma S

Speedy good mileage sturdy tires good in snow.

It's alright good mileage good gas for environment good in the snow..Drives really nice I definitely enjoy my vehicle and would recommend to the average customer...It's alright good mileage good gas for environment good in the snow..Drives really nice I definitely enjoy my vehicle and would recommend to the average customer...

- Meghan R

Acura , 2016 model review in detail

they say my car is fast really cool and most of all comfy, it doesn't break down as frequently as other cars, I would say is pretty fit and I would advise others to buy, my model in particular is said to be luxurious model, I really like it, the engine doesn't give of weird sounds and the GPS system is great ,

- Nana Y

Nice looking, great mileage, not a lot of power.

Great mileage and reliability! Lacks power and the dashboard dials are all push buttons which is hard to use and distracting while driving. Overall a good, reliable commuter car. Like the jewel headlights. Car vibrates between 50-65 mph up steep hills but does not above or below that range.

- David S

The Acura provides a smooth ride and is very comfortable.

The. Acura ilx has been very reliable. Never had a problem. It's the best car in the world and I highly recommend it. I have had multiple vehicles: Toyota corolla, Toyota Camry, Volvo s70, nissan maxima, cadillac, Chevy, and bmw. The acura ilx provides the best value for the money.

- Brian T

Reliable car with good features and comfort!

It is a good vehicle. My husband bought me a very nice one. It does its job. Runs well, engine smoothly. Very reliable car. The exterior and interior is very good. But it is broken sometimes. Just make sure you get good one. Would recommend it for any other buyers. You won't regret!

- Bella B

it�s a great vehicle to drive!

it's a great sports style car. it's reliable and comfortable to drive in. it holds around 12 gallons and can get at most 310 miles on a single tank of gas. Having automatic seat change is very useful when it comes to driver 1 and driver 2 which is synced within the wireless remote.

- nic T

This vehicle has good responsiveness.

Have had no issues with this whatsoever. Great vehicle. I absolutely love the look of the car. The inside interior is amazing and the exterior color that I have is great. Would absolutely recommend this vehicle to others as well. Acura really knows what they are doing with this.

- Joseph B

All black shiny and cute fits 4 people in the back seat

Black four door good to get around in not to bad on gas. Got it as a graduation gift and its spacious. I like my car had it for couple years now. Looking to upgrade soon due to family size of 6 something that's good on gas. And save my cute black car for backup on family trips

- Ashley F

Good car fast and clean very good.

I like how fast and efficient this car is and its great on gas also. This car is very clean and I love the color of the car as well. This car doesn't burn gas as fast as other cars. This is what I like about this car. And I highly suggest everyone to buy this car and keep it.

- Joe L

Great purchase beautiful car

Haven't had any issues with the car. Almost 100k miles later and I believe I've only replaced a sensor. Everything else is maintenance. The car drives well, there isn't a great take off to it. Gas is premium but lasts about a week within a 10 mile radius drive on a full tank

- Jane H

My Acura name Bettie Lou.

It is a good car great on gas sporty everything is digital and it let's you know when they are something wrong I would like to drive it but I am not allowed to drive due to having seizure. I would like to recommend this vehicle to anyone who is interested in a good car.

- Yolanda M

The best way for me to have to use it for my birthday.

The I only love tit one problem thing right is not even ready to be with real thing y to have an option for a new one or two of those who do not have a new problem or problem I am going with the problem is that I cannot even use my phone for a better thing or.

- Khan J

Great car for a great price! Reliable means of transportation.

Three year old Acura. Reliable means of transportation, little to no issues, and sleek. Great car for young business adults. I was able to finance my ILX on my own when I was 23 years old. Great gas mileage as well. Typically takes $20 to fill up gas tank.

- Tara D

My Acura ILX and its features.

My vehicle is a good one. There are no problems with it really. It has a 6 disc changer, AM/FM radio, and a built in GPS. It also has leather seats and leather steering wheel for comfort. It has about 10k miles on it currently and performs very well.

- Tanya A

A hard working and sturdy car

We call this our workhorse car. It's sturdy, zippy, and has enough power to not feel like I'm being left behind. The interior is very comfortable - it's great for long and short trips. The gas tank is 10 gallons and takes me a really long way.

- Alisha D

Strong Potential for Greatness

The features are premium but don't shine during use like I would expect. Otherwise, the handling is fantastic, the power is strong & consistent, plus the available options combined desirability with a large selection set.

- Donald M

I want others to know that it is a good car for the price I paid. It gets the job done.

I like the comfortable fell of the car. I feel like It's very derivable and it gets me where I need to go with never any issues. If I ever want friends to get in to go for a ride it's simple and easy to use.

- Brandon C

The stereo system is awesome if that's a big thing for you.

I love my car. It is extremely sleek and comfortable and has a smooth drive. The car has an awesome stereo and is worth every penny. I have no had any mechanical issues with my car and it's at 70k miles

- Matthew D

I love the design of my car. It is very nice to look at and appealing to the eye.

My car is nicely engineered. It has nice qualities, especially the interior design. While driving my car my one complaint is it is slightly loud. You can hear outside noises like the road very easily.

- Lauretta A

It is at least average in pretty much all features

My car has been very stable and I have not had an abundance of problems. It is decent in pretty much all categories, what I personally look for in a vehicle is how well-rounded it is, not flashiness.

- Arthur C

Others should know that it scratches easily and that it is very fragile and able to be manipulated.

I love how slick the exterior looks. The leather padding is somewhat uncomfortable, but smells great. I really think that having a NAV dashboard is the best decision they have made so far.

- Melinda S

I've had this car for two years and I've never had any type of mechanical problem whatsoever.

I like my Acura because it's good on gas and its very reliable. I like the fact that Honda makes the engine. I find the car very comfortable however my husband is tall and doesn't agree.

- michelle c

Stylish, reliable, but pricey. The style is luxurious. It is reliable compared to Mercedes and BMW. But it is also expensive in terms of maintenance and gas

It's very stylish and the perfect size for a single girl in her mid 20's like me. The downside is that it takes a lot of gas and maintenance is really pricey compared to Honda and Toyota

- Shivani S

Perfect. Nice. Big, kids and pets like it too.

Its ok the car runs fair and is nice and has the comfort the best car I could get I defy everything about this car its nice and affordable if you are a doctor with no kids or wife.

- Betty S

never have had any issues with my car. Its durable easy to drive and so much fun

This is my third acura that I have owned. I feel very safe in my car. I have my grandchildren quite a bit in my car and I feel so safe and good when they are in my acura

- Dale K

Its reliable and fast. It gets me to where I need to go.

I love the style and the color. I love the smoothness of it. I rides very nice. And it gets great gas mileage. We love to take on vacations. And it's our family vehicle.

- Lisa S

Its comfortable and easy to drive.

I love the look of the vehicle it is powerful and attractive. It is the most reliable car I have ever driven. I really do not dislike anything about my ilx.

- Melissa W

I think safety is the most important thing.It is undeniable.

Only after driving it will you feel the surprise it brings , the comfortable environment,the sufficient power,but the space is not big enough.

- Dwight K

The fuel usage. It's pretty minimal. Less trips to the station.

I like it a lot. It does not use up too much fuel and I really like the atmosphere inside. It's my first car, so what can I say, I love it.

- Ace F

My car is very good on gas.

I wish my car had more places that I could charge phones. I also wish my car had cooled seats. I also wish my car had better sound system.

- Sally S

Made by a plane company for superior engineering and design.

I have a Saab 9-3 convertible. It's great to drop top and ride with the wind when the weather is good. Dead brand, though, so that's bad.

- Kurt I

Great gas mileage and performs well when taken care of with regular maintenance.

I like that it is fuel efficient, reliable, and never has given me any problems. I wish it took regular gasoline and not premium though.

- Bonnie A

It had good fuel economy.

Love the size, gas mileage, interior, color, and the smooth ride. I dislike that it is not as fast as my Acura to that has a v6 engine.

- Dynel M

Great car Toyota Corolla is better, zippy, sporty and well made.

Great car. Good mileage, dependable. Like the Toyota better. Longevity etc. Color, turns on a dime, good gas mileage and looks great.

- Jane J

Quick review of the Acura ILX.

Loaded with tech and gets great gas mileage. Backed by Honda. Cabin noise is it bit more than I like, but overall smooth ride.

- Johnny D

It has a very good resale value.

I love the features. And mileage is very good. I just wish the color was different. Overall I am happy with it as my vehicle.

- Josh B

It's really spacious to go camping and for a big family.

It's really good on gas! I get 30 miles a gallon. I have a camera when I park and my car also has a code to unlock the doors.

- Silene, A A

It has the safety features to protect me and it tells me to brake.

It is compact. It is fast and small enough. It is sporty and I have all the perfect features. It is the perfect size for me.

- Jessica C

Good value for money-lots of tech.

Like-fits into small parking spots, love technology. Dislike-seat belt cuts into neck in summer - cannot adjust any more.


It has a ten gallon gas tank which makes traveling long distances annoying because it basically guarantees you'll have to stop at least once for fuel.

I like that it is small and compact. Don't like that for it being a luxury car there are not a lot of luxury amenities.

- Kelly A

The vehicle is comfortable enough to take the trip

It has a lot of power and good operation. At low speed, the gearbox doesn't feel jerky, and the gear shift speed is fast

- Jeff T

12 valve Cummins is best engine. In my opinion.

Only complaint is that my vehicle does not have gaps. Otherwise I love it. The ride is smooth and I love the color blue.

- Brian D

Affordable way to experience some luxury without totally breaking the bank

I like that it is small and handles well. The technology is good and helps to keep me safe, all at an affordable price.

- JoAnn K

My Acura is a small luxury vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

This car is the perfect size for me. It gets great gas mileage. It is black and so pretty when it is clean.

- Sandy M

The price must be appropriate ,too expensive will affect the standard of living

I like the car now because he has a lot of space and is very comfortable. the bad place is not enough fuel

- Jay B

In my car you can see how many miles you have until you go on empty.

I love my car because it is smooth. The technology in every Acura is amazing. The interior is luxurious.

- Allison P

The best car I will ever have.

It's very reliable I love it so much gets me to where I need to go and home again it's a great vehicle.

- Clifford L

It always buzzes when I turn left. Not sure what that is about. Why does it buzz?

It runs great! I drive it around everyday when my parents are not using it. I would buy it if I could.

- El Hadj G

It's safe.I would recommend this make and model.

It's a safe vehicle. I haven't had any trouble driving and/or maintaining it. Happy with my purchase.

- Liza W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that It's great on gas

I like how my Acura Drives. I love how classy it looks! I just dislike that it does not have a GPS

- Ann M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage. It is luxurious without being super expensive. It is very stylish.

- David L

That it's my dream car and I love it

I like that it is comfortable for me to sit in but I dislike that it gets out of gas fast

- Deva R

It's reliable and you can count on it starting up .

I love the way my car handles turns . My car is reliable and is easy to drive

- Kim M

That it is the best thing for me to use.

It is a lot of fun and it is super fast. I really like how reliable it is.

- Eric C

seguridad price comodo facil de manejar confortable y sobretodo seguro

very good calidad price seguridad confortable cool technology familiar

- jean f

It is small but perfect for commuting. I have never had any issues with it

I love the fuel efficiency and luxury. I don't like the road noise.

- Carrie E

easy to use super great quality and i just love it

it's a great vehicle and would buy it again for my kids

- Victor B

My car saves me lots of money on gasoline. It gets really good gas mileage.

I would like it to be much bigger than what it is.

- Dawn H