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Much snappier than I thought it would be.

Having driven a 6 cylinder for the past 10 years I wasn't so keen on a 4 cylinder model. However, I find it gets up to speed quickly and I find myself catching up with drivers in front of me faster than I thought I would. Previous car was heavier so I often feel I am getting bounced around the road more than I'd like. I have tremendous trust in my local Acura dealer (from whom I purchased the car) and I have an extended 100k mile warranty, so I have every faith and confidence that this car will serve me well from a maintenance perspective for a long time.

- Tom C

Acura ilx, a safe, elegant vehicle.

It is the perfect car for any occasion, being casual, elegant, and classy. It has been the best car I have ever driven, running smoothly and not to mention it is safety features. It is perfect for any one who prefers a smooth, safe running car. My Acura ilx was given a 5 out of 5 stars by the nhtsa (national highway transportation safety administration).

- Jesse R

Cool car and very reliable.

It is a good car, Japanese make and I have no problem with it and it drives smooth and my family recommend it for me. I bought it last year with the help of my boyfriend as he is also good picking out cars. He got an Acura too but we have different colors and he has a older make. Now since I got the car he likes driving mine because it looks so cool.

- Tanya C

Sunroof, heated seats, smooth ride, decent trunk space.

The Acura ilx is absolutely wonderful. It is the perfect size for me being the only driver. With having the base package, it comes with a sunroof and heated seats standard which is what I love for the winter or summer months. The car runs great the only problem is I didn't get a spare tire and already had a flat that required a new tire completely.

- Katherine R

Acura ILX, a small luxurious car.

In general, the ILX is a great car. It is compact, easy to drive and has nice features. I have the premium package, so it came with a double screen on the interior. The leather is nice. The car drove very well for the first year. After that, the performance was not so great. The car seems to have slowed down and takes longer to respond to demands.

- Kaitlyn M

Mega options standard and the look is sportier than most competition.

I wanted a compact car. . . The ilx has a lot of great standard features and is reliable. The service department is fabulous and I did not want to give them up. The transmission is awkward shifting and the ride is a bit rocky. I miss the sunglasses holder from my previous tsx but the trunk is wider which works well for bigger items.

- Caroline S

Smooth riding in an Acura ilx.

I love the way my vehicle drives, it is such a smooth ride. As of right now, I do not have any problems with it. One of my favorite features is the backup camera and the ability to speak through my car, I have never owned a car with those features, it really helps to keep you from being distracted and causing accidents.

- Andrea G

So overall the car is pretty good and I would recommend it.

The problem is that the gas tends to run out pretty fast. It is pretty reliable as my car has never broken down or anything. The car is really comfortable. It has an amazing sound and music system. The performance is good as it is pretty fast and has good handling, it also has really good brakes and they last long.

- Giancarlo C

It is a wonderful Acura and I'll drive it forever if I can.

The vehicle has been completely reliable . No problems at all. . It's performance was amazing throughout every year. It is passing ability was out of this works. Fun highway car good city care. And great family car . I'll never drive anything else. I plan on getting a brand new again and having 4 new vehicles.

- Kelly M

The shiny black leather is phenomenal

As a college student I think this is a great car. It's very reliable, cost efficient and very safe. My car is great on gas as I drive from work to school and it has an amazing safety feature that automatically brakes for me if I'm too close to a car or anything! It's amazing and very smooth to drive as well

- Dina A

Car reviews about Acura and premium package

Expensive repairs but it is nice and the premium package is excellent. It has a sturdy engine but can be a bit slow on hills etc. It seems that car is more about looks than it is about super high performance. I like the brightest colors and that is great but I also want a cat that is dependable and fast.

- Heidi F

Spacious trunk with plenty of back room.

Performs well, but not very comfortable. Seats are a little too tight. The features are decent, it has heated seats and backup cameras. This vehicle also has plenty of back room which is a plus. Trunk is spacious. I don't like how the Engine shuts off especially on hot days when AC is needed.

- Rose S

Smooth driving on an open highway.

I have none to be completely honest it's awesome I got it about a month ago and I have never turned back. I don't know what else to put here honestly there are no problems with my car performance or otherwise it performs adequately well again there aren't any problems with my 2017 Acura xlc.

- Clifford L

Good car to drive buy one

Great reliable car, looks very clean, compact but is an ok size in the inside, quick on acceleration especially in sports mode, suspension is kind of stiff but it's like that in most Acura's, seats are very comfortable and the double screen is a great to look it pretty complicated tho

- Del S

Highlights of Acura sedan.

I have had it for 3 years, never had any issues. Super reliable for work or trips. Inside is comfy, car runs great. Backseat has plenty of room for 3 passengers. Car seats fit perfectly. Gas saver. Trunk has plenty of room. I have taken it up to the snow and mountains and no issues.

- Angie L

A-spec package is good. They have 18 inch wheels.

Could use a little more pick up or torque. Very good handling around curves and is comfortable. Acura could have done a better job with interior quality for both seats and the dash. Over all a decent ride but could be smoother. So far I have had no problems with the vehicle.

- Timothy R

The technology is far beyond its time.

Very reliable, smooth driving vehicle, I also enjoy the technology and modern features that it comes with. The minute features makes me enjoy the driving much more plus it is fuel efficient. It takes me 30$ to fill up my tank. Very low maintenance. I am a proud Acura owner.

- Jerry B

Is good size for me and I can drive good in the street.

I love this car is perfect for my family and maybe next year I will buy another more bigger because my family need more space. And I would like to see what is the new cars they have for my family well I think that all I recommending this car is easy to drive and save money.

- Anita C

It is so fast and quick and so fun to drive in the mountains

So I love the car and it has great speed and quickness and is so comfortable it's crazy I love it so much and will buy the new one as soon as it comes out I love Acura. You shouldn't ever purchase any other car besides a Acura because it is the best and you won't regret it

- Isaiah L

I think others should know that he Acura ILX is a wonderful car to drive daily, but only if you can afford the upkeep!

I like my vehicle because it's very sporty looking, and super stylish! The ride is very comfortable. I have satellite radio, and navigation! I have everything I could want! The ride is smooth, and it's a really dependable car. I just dislike how much the upkeep costs.

- Miesha L

The zar is great. Please buy it.

No problem with my car at this moment. If there was anything wrong I will write it. As for now, nothing has gone bad. The only thing we had to do was replaced the air filter. After that, we rotated the tires so that wasn't a big deal to do. It's a good car to drive.

- Kay D

The color scheme I chose is cool

Gas isn't that great it has terrible gas mileage I pay a lot always have to fill it up constantly all the time. It is cramped on space it could be bigger and have softer seats and better trim. I think that this car is ok but they could of spent more time to it

- Zachary S

Two drivers in a same car with two different settings.

I like the feature of two driver set up. It just adjust the seat. But I do not adjust the mirror setting which is anyway not good. I love the color and seat of my car. Rest is the same like other cars. The height of the car is not so much which is not so good.

- Jaya J

Best Car-drives like a sports car

I haven't had any issues with my car. The service has been easy and very affordable. I have owned several cars and the Acura has been my favorite. I would buy another car from Acura. It's comfortable and drives like a sports vehicle. I give it a thumbs up

- Nicole G

Acura 2017 four doors car.

Pretty good, drive fast, save oil? Easy to drive, no much problem for me, does need to fix all times, very comfortable, good reliable, good performance, has lots space to fit my family, navigate feature was good, no need to buy additional GPS to the car.

- Stephanie F

Sporty, safe, and reliable.

I love my car! It is been very reliable, comfortable, and I enjoy the features of the Acura safety features as well as the tech package. The safety features helps me to feel more safe and confident in driving when it assists me in making lane changes.

- Jen P

While this is a nice looking car, keep in mind it's a little expensive to keep up!

I loved my car when I first got it. After having it almost 2 years though, it's a totally different story! I have spent so much money on the upkeep. Had I thought more about this future upkeep and costs, I would have purchased a different vehicle.

- Jma S

It gets great gas mileage. It also handles smoothly and is easy to parallel park

I like the sleek design. I also like the association with the brand as high quality. Something I don't like is that the screen on the dash is nicer in lower level Honda models than the Acura and Nav costs extra

- Katie C

It is nice but not the best for long trips almost fell apart.

Weird engine noise. Does not have a very good break system and causes me to have to take it into get an oil check and maintenances very often which I believe is a waste of time and no one should get an Acura.

- Jenny N

Luxury car at a very great price.

Acura has always been the top pick in our household. Reliable, and the service center has always gone above and beyond with customer service. No complaints with Acura or any dislikes with the car.

- Dustin M

That is a Honda brand, so it runs well versus other cars. This is my second one (both lease) and have had little done to the car except for regular maintenance

The drive is smoother than previous cars, i only got the basic package so nothing luxurious about the inside. My main dislike is there is not enough storage space in the car. IE a sunglass holder

- Tim C

Overall good reliable vehicle. Very fast and good.

My vehicle is very reliable, it gets very good gas mileage in my opinion and I really enjoy my leather seats. Overall I am very pleased with the way my car has held up. Good speakers as well.

- Connor C

Its Honda's luxury brand that is easy to drive and offers a good price

Love the feel of the drive, the smoothness and precision of the drive. overall it's a good drive for a luxury car. My main dislike is interior does not have enough storage space

- Tim D

It has a lot of space. It has an open rooftop window. It drives smooth.

I like how it sounds when I speed. I like how comfortable it is inside. I like how it looks outside. I like the headlights and how nice they shine. No complaints about my car.

- Aleksandra D

The most comfortable, casual, and elegant car that's perfect for any college student.

I was gifted an average sized car as a graduation from my family. I love the way it looks, both inside and out. It's very versatile, both elegant and casual.

- Jesse M

This care is super reliable.

It is sleek and easy to maneuver. I do not have a gps and that would be helpful. The gas mileage is decent but the gas tank is smaller than I'd prefer.

- Elise A

It can only really use above 90 grade gas to keep it in good shape.

I like the backup camera and the aesthetic. I also like that it is a prestigious brand. I dislike the screen because the one in lower models is nicer.

- Kate C

She's amazing one of a kind, the color I love it.

The car its fine, works well helps me get from A to B. Only had one major problem, the engine would smoke here to here but other than that I love it.

- Emily M

The seat changes according to the user.

This car has good space and very comfortable to ride. Riding is very smooth. But could have been little more height. Looks like it is down to earth.

- Jay J

Acura 2017 car experience.

Acura ilx is a small, gas efficient car, but is not a good car for a mom, because there is not a lot of space for car seats, and soccer bags, etc..

- Hannah G

Great car that's reliable and safe. Gets good gas mileage.

I love my car. It is reliable, stylish, and I have had no issues with it. It has all the features I need and I have affordable monthly payments.

- Molly B

The affordability of maintenance.

I love my car because it is great in gas. My car is also very smooth on the road and provides a stylish look. The wear and tear is inexpensive.

- Turquoise S

My car works really good and it is very pretty.

I really love my car because nothing is wrong with it and it works very will. And a lot of people say to that it is a very good car to buy.

- Shequiera B

The new Acura's offer newer and better safety features than most other cars.

I love the new safety features, as I get older I feel relieved to know that my car will stop if it needs to and can keep it in the lines.

- anne f

There is a Bluetooth connection to your phone so that cool

It is an amazing vehicle that is very durable. The leather seats are great for spills and kids that like to drop things everywhere.

- Emma C

leather seats, the seat warmer which is convenient for the cold weather.

it's very easy to drive, comfortable it has a camera that helps you park without touching anything and the audio system is awesome.

- Nancy N

It accelerates very quickly even if a senior citizen is driving!.

It's always reliable. I've never had one issue with it! Only thing is that I wish it was bigger, other than that it is all peachy.

- Brandon C

The Acura ilx is a step in the right direction.

I love my Acura ilx, it is definitely a step up from BMW! It has amazing and updated features that are better than the 2016 model.

- Ashley T

It is fast and very reliable and it is a good buy with many gadgets.

I do not like how small it is. I love how it drives. It is a good car for a smaller family u would recommended something bigger.

- Rebecca M

It is a very cool car i really love it

It is a very beautiful car it really helps me and it is very comfortable and if i have any customers they will feel comfortable

- Henok R

The car needs a lot of maintenances.

It is very reliable and the seats are comfortable. Acura has many nice cars and continue to make very reliable strong cars.

- Matt D

Dependable and reliable to drive.

I like it's a girl And I'm really sorry for dat And I'm really sorry for dat And I'm really sorry for dat And I'm really.

- Justin R

Reliable but unremarkable.

It is very reliable but not the most stylish car. I have never had issues with it but am not particularly proud of it.

- Michael V

The seats are very comfortable.

Drives great. Great gas mileage. I never have any issues with the car. I love the style of it and all of the features.

- Giovanni L

It is a really nice looking car that has a smooth drive.

It is a great car. It is reliable and easy to drive. I like the features of the car and also like the body style.

- Veronica A

It gets really good gas mileage

I love the sleek design of the car. All of the features are what I wanted. Acura is a brand that I can trust.

- Rick S

It is electric and goes over 100 miles on a charge.

It's very fast. It does not take much to fill up the tank. I dislike that it is small, I wish it was bigger.

- Alicia I

That it is pretty fast and great speed.

The look or body style. The console cooler feature. That the back seats are easy to remove and reinsert.

- Nicole D



- Marisa S

It's fast & deceiving. People wouldn't think it's as fast as it is

I like the car because it's fast & it drives really well. It also has a really good speaker system

- Fabrizio S

I like that it is sporty and gets good gas mileage. It has luxury car features but not at a luxury car price.

It's more affordable than you'd think. You can drive luxury without breaking the bank.

- Mark H

It's one of the safest cars to drive in out there.

It's a very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with it at all.

- Duck N

The safety and agility of it. It keeps my family safe and secure

I love the interior. I love the speed and the touch screen

- Elena M

safe reliable transportation

Great safe efficient car good on gas mileage

- bob H