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Acura RSX, oldie but goodie!

Although it's a little 'old school' and has 200k+ miles, the REX has been a pretty reliable car! It was supposed to be my oldest teen's 'first' car, but it wasn't cool (new) enough for her! I love that it's great on gas ' I get 350+ miles from a full tank of gas. Because of its age some of the interior rubber trim has started to come off, so that's annoying and I've got to fix. Engine components for the most part have been reliable. Previous owner kept up with maintenance and repairs so it's doing its job! Paint does need some work as it's fading in some spots, maybe just needs a good buffing. Overall I've been pleased with the RSX for daily commuting!

- Karolina H

Two door and it is fast but I want a newer one.

I love my car but I bought it off of someone so there are some annoying things. The paint is not what I want. It is chipped and I just want to paint it all one color. I have two sets of alarms and one of them wouldn't stop going off so I had to unplug it because every time I turned the car on the alarm would also go off non stop.

- Rob E

My car is so good to me!!

This car has been around for so long and keeps on giving! I got this car when it was 8 years old and it is going on 9 years after I bought it, she’s still strong and reliable. I haven't had to get anything done to the car except for the o2 sensor and regular annual things. This car is going to be beyond missed when she goes.

- Jessica D

One of the best and greatest rides I have ever had the chance to own its great

One of the best cars I have ever driven! Nice k series engine for a decent amount of power and happy bolt ins for some super duper fun, this car is definitely a looker. The interior is very nicely placed and feels great when sitting inside not so much space of course in the back since it's a 2 door but great little toy to have

- Ricky B

Speedy car, perfect engine, and sleek look.

It works really good for a 2002 model. The engine runs smoothly! It is worth the price. The overall performance is great! But because it's kind of old, we need to re paint it soon but other than that, I see no problem with my car at all. It is in a very perfect condition when it comes to its engine and speed.

- Camilla D

Style and Fun Sports Car Worth Owning!

My Acura Rsx is a Stick shift. Has a Sunroof Leather interior, Custom wheels and tires and is a rustic metallic paint and a spoiler on the back and a hatchback. I love how it drives and it delivers everything I want from a sports car. Gets decent gas mileage. Just a all round great car that is fun to drive.

- Grace P

Excellent vehicle with minor issues

The vehicle is very comfortable to drive, also very reliable, and has very good fuel economy. It does have a known flaw with the transmission where it grinds gears 2-4 or any combination of those gears. As long as the vehicle is maintained, it will easily outlast most other vehicles on the road today.

- Justin S

Acura RSX: Overall Opinion by a Teen Driver

My RSX is a 6-speed manual transmission. It has very nice leather seats, climate control settings, and a very nice Bose sound system. The car has had no notable problems, and has over 100k miles on the odometer. The car is incredibly reliable. This car has a lot of get up and go, and is not too slow.

- Garrett C

My car is very nice I love the way it looks. It is pretty great for a 2002!

I love my car! It is very roomy for a two door great on gas. To be a 2002 it is very new looking in the inside. It drives so smooth and has the pick up and go when I hit the gas. It only runs on premium gas which is kinda a pain considering how much gas is, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Haley B

Acura makes amazing long lasting vehicles.

I have had no major problems with this car. It is a pleasure to drive and has only needed the occasional maintenance. One drawback is major issues can be expensive if they do occur. So far I have only had to replace the clutch. That was the most major repair in all these years.

- Denise N

It has the option to drive in manual without the clutch.

Having a rear wheel drive vehicle is difficult in the winter but I've found that with the right winter tires the car drives just fine. I like small cars and the RSX is just the right size for me. I don't feel enclosed in a small space and I can see over the steering wheel.

- Sandy P

Vehicle does not get very good gas mileage.

Does not get very good gas mileage and does not have a very good outside seal from rain/ water. Other than that the vehicle has a good interior with leather seats and a good radio, the anti theft system is good almost too good, I get locked out of it occasionally.

- Molly B

It has seventeen inch rims and leather interior. It also has satellite radio.

My car is very reliable. It is very comfortable and I am happy with my car. I love the sporty look. As far as having problems, I have virtually have none. Maintenance on vehicle just needs to be kept up and it works well. It has been my favorite car so far.

- Amanda F

2002 Acura rsx (manual, base model).

The first rsx I ever owned was an 04 & with that initially I had an electrical problem which led to it being a problem with my starter. We changed the starter out but couldn't figure out the electrical problem. Even the technician couldn't figure it out.

- Kayla T

Acura car review. Comfort detailed!

This is a great car for everyday life. I have not had many problems with it over the past 17 years! I bought it brand new and still think it is in great shape. I would recommend this car based on its comfort level and the duration of which it has lasted.

- Annie B

It requires premium gas. If you put in regular you could damage the engine.

It's a Type S and has a stick shift making it more fun to drive. The interior is also classy with leather seats and bose speaker system. I don't like the premium gas requirement, and it doesn't have an aux port for music.

- Morris G

Of the few cars I've ever owned, this one has been the most reliable.

I've had the vehicle for a long time and I am generally pleased with it. It's always been very reliable and great on gas. My only complaint is that the air conditioner no longer works.

- Mark R

It still looks good for being 16 years old!

My vehicle is almost old enough to drive...I've had it for close to 16 years, and still find it fun to drive. Have not had any major issues with it either. A very successful purchase!

- Sage H

It has been very reliable and needed very little servicing except routine maintenance

I like that it is small and very reliable. At times it seems too small, especially if I need to transport more than one other person. Service is expensive if done at the dealership.

- Linda W

It is a nice chassis, but its very noisy.

I love the chassis and the drivability. It is nice and compact, but I am too tall and starting to get back problems from crawling in and out of it.

- Saul L

That Acura made a mistake discontinuing it... They should bring it back!

It's been very reliable and still looks good for being almost 16 years old. The luxury Acura features we're a nice step up from say, a Civic.

- Adrian P

With a sports spoiler on the back of the car it looks even more slick and streamlined.

The car has great gas mileage both on highway and in town. The maintenance/tune ups are not expensive. The RSX is a complete package.

- Filipe F

The windows do not work properly especially on the drivers side.

I like how it is small and sporty, the drives well. I just do not like that it is so old. The windows do not even work properly.

- Kate E

Although this car is no longer made, it is a great vehicle and lasts a long time.

Love this car! Great daily driver in the city. With the fold down rear seats, flexible to tote purchases, when needed.

- wen s

Well the parts for the care are very cheap and easy to find anywhere.

It is a great car that is awesome to drive with very comfortable seats and very luxurious interior. Car is just great

- Tony O

Auras are very much a great value car.

I hate the blind spots. The car has never given me problems. The hatchback is wonderful. Easy to drive.

- Paula G

Runs good and is economic on gas.

It is a 2 door car. Dent on the left side of bumper. Needs to be repainted. Has been an excellent car.

- Nanci J

Very long lasting fun car

My car is old now but it's been a good buy lasting many years. Fun to drive in its prime and quality.


Good acceleration. Amazing handling. All around an amazing car

Great fuel mileage, both in the city or highway. Great stock sound system. Amazing performance.

- Malcolm B

This car, if well maintained, will last for years.

My vehicle gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable at higher speeds. It is very dependable.

- Daniel E