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Acura Review and Recommendations

The vehicle is very good when it comes to overall gas efficiency. With less than 25 dollars you have a full tank. The car is very reliable even if it has mileage over 100k. The interior of the car is very nice in particular the seats. In long distance road trips the cruise control is very helpful as it does help by giving better gas mileage. I recommend this car to any college student who is on a budget. This kind of car will be very beneficial to someone like a delivery driver who doesn't spend a ton of gas compared to a truck. Overall this car is very dependable and affordable. You cannot go wrong purchasing it.

- Eloy R

Looking for reliability and safety, choose Acura.

If you are looking for a vehicle that is reliable and will last a long time, Acura is the car to buy. I have had the RSX for fourteen years and have not had any issues. Gas mileage is another plus for this car. Commuting for work daily, getting good gas mileage is a necessity. Safety is another huge selling feature of Acura. I have been in a couple of accidents in the Acura and the car kept my family and me safe. Acura is the car to buy.

- Teresa F

The Acura is what's known as a high end Honda excellent choice.

My Acura had 201000 miles on it. Still runs great my son is on his way back from Chicago in it. From Texas to Chicago and back. It only had the minor problems like a oil change the tires rotated new wipers just the basic problems nothing major. I would buy another one.

- Rhonda L

An instant classic, Acura needs to recreate this vehicle.

Very dependable, value price, good gas mileage, sporty and a spacious look, premium interior with leather or standard trim, performance ready. Variety of colors and packages. Prestigious manufacturing. Quality. Easy to maintain, very efficient. Worth the investment.

- Juan G

It's fun to drive and sporty looking and low on miles for it's age

I really like my little Acura. It's silver and sporty and fun to drive. It's over 10 years old and hasn't had any major problems. The one thing I'm most unhappy about is dents, dings and scratches all from other careless drivers. It's never been in an accident.

- Jill S

I like my car except when I drive fast

I like my car a lot but sometimes it feels like it's very heavy and sometimes it feels very light to drive. And my car also shakes If I drive above 60mph. It's hard to drive on the freeway because it will start shaking uncontrollably and it scares me at times.

- Mary A

Best Acura rsx model of its time.

My 05 rsx is absolutely amazing. It has 150000 miles on it and still runs beautifully. The car runs like a dream the gas mileage is absolutely outstanding. It's not expensive to fill up. Great all around car. Especially good for first time and new drivers.

- Joseph M

This car is discontinued since 2006, so you cannot find it anymore.

This car is discontinued from Acura, but overall I drive this car for almost 10 years, everything is good, no major issue, run smoothly and looks nice. The only problem is since this car is sports car, so it doesn't fit many people in the car.

- J Y

The most important thing to know about the Acura rsx is that It's quick and fun.

My 2005 Acura rsx has been the most reliable vehicle anyone could ask for. a 13 years and 130, 000 miles the car drives and feels like new. The only work needs was new suspension a 100, 000 miles as could be expected.

- Brian H

Not great if you have kids but a great car to have if that isn't an issue

Car is very fun to drive and has been very reliable for the time I've owned it. There are a few recurring issues but nothing major and I think I've gotten my money's worth out of this car

- Nate K

It rides amazing and its fast. It's easy to drive.

Its fast and Manuel and I love it. I don't like that it's basically a 2 seater but I still love it. I wish they had a four door 6 cylinder rest but they do have the to.

- Jason E

Dependable vehicle. Requires little maintenance.

Very dependable. Never had any major problems. 5 speed, decent pick up. Decent room in hatchback. The only negative comment I have is a very poor turning radius.

- Donna H

My car is a six speed manual and is very fast and reliable.

My Acura RSX is very reliable. I have not had any major problems with it. It is fun to drive. It gets okay gas mileage. I think it is stylish.

- Mandi M

This is a very good low maintenance vehicle.

Very reliable , no major issues , great gas mileage, good in bad weather ,sporty looking & very large cargo area with the back seats down !

- James P

It is very reliable and you will never have to replace the clutch.

It has over 120, 000 miles and has never had any major problems. The small back seats could discourage some drivers.

- Michael B

Car runs good, the engine, transmission, have no problem.

Car runs great, no problems. Need a car Its good. Looks good both inside and out. Very comfortable seats with space.

- Lisa S

It's my baby!! I named my car and I take care of her.

I love the sleek design of my car. I love the color and how fast it goes. I also love the color.

- Amy V

I drive it for the great gas mileage and because it's unlikely to get stolen since it's a manual.

I love that it's a manual, the interior is more worn than I'd like.

- Steve H

It's s sports car and it's very reliable

Great gas mileage runs great very reliable cheap to maintain.

- Nicole B