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Aging, yet reliable, Black Audi

My vehicle currently has around 70,000 miles on it. As Audi's get older, the maintenance becomes more frequent and expensive. I've recently had problems with the A/C. However, this vehicle is reliable on the road, and is decently comfortably. My main issue with my vehicle comfortability wise, would be the way the seating adjustment is set up. Since it is older, it doesn't have a backup camera, or other convenient safety features. All in all, it is a good car to get me too and from. Though it takes premium gas, so it's a bit expensive for a daily driver that is starting to have maintenance issues.

- Claire A

It looks, feels and drives great. I would say people should know that the parts and labor for mechanical work is much more expensive than a regular Honda type car.

I have the s line special edition so there are some very nice little luxuries throughout the car that I love. The sunroof is really nice, the leather on the interior is still in impeccable condition, the decals are really nice and just the overall feel of the car is very comfortable and luxurious. The car also sounds and drives very good. On the outside it looks fantastic and I get compliments every week about the car. The things I don't like is that it is a little expensive to maintain and I am worried that there could be major repairs in the future.

- Arminas V

Satisfied with 11 year old Audi A4

I have owned my car for 11 years. I am quite satisfied with it in that it is comfortable, handles well and has been reliable. The only service issues have related to the fan for heating and cooling, and a sensor that failed after a few years. I like the all wheel drive, and manual five speed. It has handled well in poor conditions including many snowstorms. I have no complaints, and when I replace the car, would look for something similar

- Nancy S

Reason to buy an Audi a4 as your next vehicle.

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, 6 speed manual transmission. Leather interior is super comfortable. 2. 0l turbo gives it some good people in it is step. Plenty of space in the trunk for storage. Bose sound system creates a great surround sound music atmosphere. All power options make adjusting seats/mirrors easy as pie. Heated seats and steering wheel are great for the cold winters in New England. Satellite radio ready.

- Michael H

Durable, fun to drive and really a quality product.

Has 140k and love the car. Nothing else I can think of. The paint finish is showing signs of ware. It's in good condition I really have to say I love the Audi product. My wife's care is an Audi tt. We are considering the Audi SUV. As you can see we love the Audi. This is my wife's second tt. My daughter bought that car to give to her spouses it remains in the family.

- Tom E

Audi A4s are great cars but expensive to maintain properly.

Overall it is a very good and reliable car. The biggest issue is that it is expensive to maintain. Foreign parts cost more than domestic and it is in constant need of oil. Sometimes repair places will not help and I have to find another place that handles foreign cards and/or audis specifically. The dealership is very expensive too and not really an option.

- Pat M

Perfect vehicle, stylish and dependable.

Dependable, powerful, comfortable, very good looking, stylish. Have never had a problem with this car. I service on a regular basis and all is good. I have the convertible and it makes summer night time driving like a dream. It is so well built, I do not have a need to get the newer model at this time, even though my phone no longer syncs.

- Terry M

2008 Audi A4 runs a little rough

Constant issues with the oil (leaking oil, filling oil in between oil changes) Plastic hinges inside car are cheap (broken most of them to compartments) AC issues since I bought it 5 years ago. It is a fairly comfortable car and decent on gas. Runs pretty well for the mileage on it minus the mechanical issues every now and then.

- Nicole G

2008 Audi a4 - burns oil but otherwise good car.

The engine put in this year of Audi a4 is notorious for burning oil and low oil pressure. The car has spent countless hours in the shop and I have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix these problems once the warranty was up. Outside the engine issues, the car has been great though overall maintenance is abnormally high.

- Kristina P

Very fast and fun to drive.

It works well and looks nice. But it was a little more than I could afford. I was wondering what the best thing about the game was going to be so many people were stuck in my car. But I don't think it's a problem for the graphics card to get the best price for the iPad and iPhone for a few things that you love.

- Caleb H

Outdated features in 2008 Audi.

The model 2008 care does not have many features that newer cars would. For example, some things I had taken for granted were an AUX cord for playing music as well as a USB port for charging my phone. Playing music from phone is not possible and charging has to be done with an additional car charger adapter.

- Mikaela S

Sharp looking. Good on gas.

The car is very nice but can use updated features like Bluetooth and a car stereo update along with new speakers and an aux port. Haven't had many performance issues besides a minor intake leak. Car is good on gas and pretty reliable. If the car was a newer model I'm sure it have a much more positive view.

- David T

Audi a4 Avant, comfort, quality and technology.

Smooth and comfortable ride. This Audi is extremely effortless to drive with the lack of wind, road and engine noise and it is all wheel drive. Even though it is a five-seater family car, it still feels super sporty to drive and it gets up to speed quickly. The back is extra roomy and the seats fold down.

- Lisa G

Very reliable, good performance, fun to drive

I haven't had any problems with my Audi A4. It's good on gas, very reliable and comfortable even on long drives. It performs well in all types of weather and it's all wheel drive. I live in Florida so there's no snow and ice but it's safer to drive in the rain. Living in Florida the sunroof is open a lot

- Thomas M

Love to ride the roads in my Audi A4

The Audi A4 has been on the road for over 10 years and has experienced little seasonal damage and is showing. Love the feel of the car, and will continue to make tweaks to engine in order to keep on driving this beast. The Audi A4 model I am using is jet black, which looks very sleek when driving it

- Dan T

Great everyday car to drive, Audi A4

I have had my Audi for about a year. I love the performance and low maintenance of the vehicle. I gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive on the highway and fun on backroads. There are some things that I wish it had like auto dimming mirrors. But other than that it is a great car

- Nicholas D

The way the car feels when driving is superb.

Gas mileage is great. Car will run for a long time with proper maintenance. Costs can get pricey with local garages. Seats are comfortable and very nice in the winter with the heated seats. Car drives very smooth and is great in the snow. Will have no problems with weather and bad road conditions.

- Zack P

Beautiful, safe and comfortable!

Smooth ride and very comfortable seats. Too small at times. Do not like the dash layout. The lights are bright and I feel very safe driving in town or on the highway. The heated seats are perfect and the cruise control is a little sensitive. The brakes are a little touchy, but they work wonders.

- Kim S

It is very well balanced vehicle with a little bit of everything.

I like that I have all wheel drive for winters and all the nice features that come with an Audi. The vehicle is extremely comfortable and runs great. It has a very smooth ride and gets great gas mileage. I wish that some of the features were more updated but it is 12 model years old.

- Blake W

2008 Audi positives and negatives.

Very comfortable on the inside. Spacious. Engine has problems often. Tires need to be changed often. Not very reliable after 5 years. Need to update often. Very expensive to fix when broken. Runs nice and smooth brand new. If you keep up the maintenance it will be fine.

- Emily P

Great car, runs smooth and goes fast, gets great gas mileage.

I bought it used. The flex plate cracked a couple of months after i bought it but had it replaced. The transmission was acting weird but I had my mechanic replace the transmission fluid in my car. Really no other problems. Front bumper is low so just be careful.

- Mary D

Audi a4 sedan. Fast and reliable.

I have had no problems with my car. The turbo engine really gets up and goes. The leather interior is luxurious and comfortable. The heated seats are key in the winter. Sunroof is nice in warmer months. Enjoy the paddle shifters on the wheel, and sport mode.

- Heather E

That it is very comfortable.

I love the response of the engine and control I feel when driving it.. I love the speed it is capable of.. I do not love expense to repair, from cost of parts to the horrific cost of labor.. I also do not like that the driver seat back keeps falling off..

- Linda L

The Audi a4 is a great car with great mileage. The turbo feature is great

Performance and features are great. The fuel consumption is not great but it is worth it. I had a couple engine problems, but I think that was because the previous owner used the wrong gas. Great semi luxury car for me. The turbo feature is also amazing.

- Justice T

The turbo in the a4 has some issues.

I love the vehicle because it is very spacious. The car also handles very well. I do not like it burns gas fast. It has a problem with the turbo. Also it doesn't have a way I can Bluetooth my phone to listen to music.

- Alexis S

It's a grey outdoor model

The interior falls apart too often including cup holders and knobs which is annoying, but the car itself drives smooth and the option to raise/lower is really convenient for someone who likes to travel and hike.

- Anna H

That it's very expensive to fix when something goes wrong and it's also difficult to find someone who knows how to fix it.

The car is always having service lights come on and it's always very expensive to get it fixed. The car is not comfortable to drive. I wish I had never purchased this car. I will never buy another German car.

- Melinda C

It is reliable, safe, and still going strong after over 60k miles on it

The interior is cheaply made, plastic parts such as the console have broken off and seat backs had to be reattached. It drives well and is very reliable. Maintenance is expensive but infrequent.

- Cate S

It is a very durable car it is worth the money that is invested but be prepared to pay for repairs

It runs much better and has better gas mileage on the highway instead of driving around the city it runs much better and has better gas mileage on the highway instead of driving around the city

- Fred K

Other then that the car is amazing and drives great!

well the car isnt to bad as i really enjoy the handling but audis are known to have huge transmission problems or engine problems. either way expect to have minor problems to fix.

- david l

I love the interior design of the car. The red night lights have little to no effect on my eyes while driving at night.

I got the car because of the snow and I absolutely fell in love with it. The awd is great on all terrain. The interior is great as well will all leather seats and the works.

- Allen T

Audi A4 2008 good value for the money

Very reliable, never had any issues in 7 years, other than routine tear and wear issues. It has leather seats and six CD changers, heated front seats and navigation system


Great entry-level luxury sport sedan is easy to maintain and drives like a real performer.

Reliable, fast, comfortable. Minimum maintenance needed but it is expensive. Gets great gas mileage. Interior has some cheap plastic parts that fall off and break easily.

- Cate M

Smooth driving and very small and comfortable.

I love my car but I can often have some expensive engine problems. Audis are expensive to fix. So once something happens which is rare but can be 1000 to fix.

- Jay B

Keep it up-to date with all maintenance to save $$ in long run.

Great car with great gas mileage, fun to drive and looks are amazing. I recommend Audi a4 who is looking for comfort with sports, gas mileage with speed.

- A B

don't buy an audi ever. it is my opinion about audi's

my audi is a headache. anyone i meet i tell them not to buy audi and avoided it at all cost. It doesn't have any features, it is expensive to repair.

- mohammed a

It is a manual transmission, which gives you more control and is fun to drive.

It has been a great vehicle in terms of maintenance. I have very low costs for a 10 year old car. It drives great. It is also a fun car to drive.

- Rozina Rahemtulla R

My car is reliable when it comes to handling and maneuvering

It is older and has a few older features that should be updated. I like that it is fast, small and reliable. I like that it is sleek looking.

- Jenni M

It's fun to drive but not comfortable on long trips.

I love the speed of acceleration. I love the handling and response of the vehicle. I am not happy with the cost to repair and maintain.

- Linda L

My car's roof can open, so It is nice in the summer.

I don't really like the color of the car. The car is also on the old side, rather have a newer car, but as long as it works, I like it.

- Arely S

Quality made. It feels strong on the road.

Love my Audi a4 convertible. This is the 3rd one I have owned. The drive is like a sports car but has the comfort of a sedan.

- Terence M

Love the leather seats and stereo

I had to do a lot of work on my car when I first got it. Including buying new tires two times and buying new spark plugs.

- Alyssa w

Tough maintenance, but nice car.

Great car when it works as it should, but very hard to keep running smooth as maintenance is very difficult on this car.

- Carlos E

Love my Audi it keeps me safe.

My car is reliable in all weather conditions. It is easy to handle. The only drawback is that it takes premium gas.

- Jacqueline L

It drives very comfortably and I really like it. it is super durable

I love my vehicle because it drives very smoothly and it is really nice. It looks great and I love the vehicle

- Julianne K

Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T 4 cylinder

Great car, average gas mileage. White, clean, lots of miles. No major engine or transmission issues.

- Eric S

Drivetrain is solid but the interior is falling apart.

The drivetrain is solid but other elements of the car are falling apart.

- Bob` T

It's beautiful and safe! It's reliable! It's transportation!

It's kind of high maintenance! Otherwise, I like it!

- Nena P