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Buick rendezvous, has seven passenger capacity, reliability, great gas mileage.

We really like our rendezvous because it has been a very reliable vehicle for us. It has not required more than what be expected to be general repairs for the miles on the vehicle at that particular stage in the vehicles life and miles. It has not developed any rust. The paint/finish has stayed very nice even though the last three years of it is life it has not been garaged. We really enjoy and have had great use with the third row seating. The overall performance, condition and reliability of our rendezvous has been such that we will definitely consider buying a Buick rendezvous again as our next family SUV vehicle.

- Marie C

Very reliable vehicle with lots of cargo space.

Comfortable ride, comfortable seating. Seats adjust easily and can be removed easily. Third seat folds flat quickly for large cargo area. I do wish the third seat was a bench seat and not a split seat. We get pretty good gas mileage. Have had very few mechanical or engine problems other than routine maintenance. Have replaced brake pads with normal wear and had air conditioner filter replaced. We have owned this vehicle for over 10 years and have put on about 100,000 miles including two long distance driving trips. Very reliable vehicle.

- Cindy H

Its a large SUV like car with bad gas mileage, but its a car nonetheless.

Truly not too many issues however it is an consumes gas very quickly, the ac was in need of fixing up so we had to do that unfortunately that turned out to be quite costly. The car most likely wouldn't have these issues if it was brand new however it's a alright car but it is 2018, with that being said there are better choices than this car therefore I would advise the reader to make a better choice fitting their criteria & preferably something cost efficient when it comes to the gas tank.

- Will B

Love my ride... how about yours

I really enjoy my car, it gets me where I need to be. It does however have a few flaws, sometimes when I turn it shuts off for no reason. At least we have not found a cause for it yet. It also has little triangle things by the back windows that have disappeared, I called around to get them replaced and was told I would have to go to manufacturers because no one has them. But anyway other than that I love my car it is wonderful to drive comfort is great, ease with everything ...just love it

- Barb G

All wheel drive, disc brakes, comfortable ride with lots of room for people.

Comfortable ride very smooth, also very good in all weather since it has all wheel drive. Gas is not too bad for a SUV get about 18 to 21 in city about 28 on highway. Only issues I have with it is it tends to run hot most of the time and I have had to replace the ball bearings twice since owning the vehicle which I have only had for 6 months. Maintenance is pretty expensive. Has disc brakes which are amazing.

- Andrew J

My Buick ..cozy but roomy, compact and cute..I love it!

There were some overheating problems when we first purchased the vehicle. But after oil change and a tune up it was fine. We also had it shut off on us in the driveway before and have yet to find out why it done that. It had gas but I think the oil may have been low. Besides that It's great, I love the space inside. The third row is a must for a big family! Also it is really good on gas.

- Nai H

A happy owners review of his Buick Rendezvous.

I greatly enjoy my Buick. It's roomy and fits the whole family. The mpg is good and I've not had many issues since getting it. The design is a little clunky and I wish the radio included an auxiliary input (though it's a 2003 so probably too old). The tinted windows are nice as well. Plenty of room for groceries in the back as well!

- James L

I love my Buick rendezvous.

My truck is really comfortable ride smooth I really feel safe when I am in it a lot of room seat 7 I feel better driving it when my grandkids are with me. I really do not know if they make them anymore but if they do this coming year after the new year I really am going to buy me a new vehicle and I hope that they still make them.

- Sue C

Not the greatest but gets you from point A to B.

The rendezvous has a great deal of problems. The hatch breaks easily and does not stay lifted. There are problems with the AWD sensors being disabled. The car performs ok but features had to be added to the car due to the year. The car does not get great gas mileage. It takes awhile for the heating system to work in the winter.

- Maria R

The vehicle is very accessible for repairs.

The vehicle is reliable, usable and tremendous for me. It has many great features such as parking assist and all wheel drive. Able to seat 7 people and had foldable seats to create maximum storage space, while still remaining quiet fuel efficient. Sadly rusts spreads on it easily and has become a problem.

- Andrew B

My Buick 2003 is great and has a great run for 2 years.

Buying the car was affordable, it has had a great 2 year run. Everything in the car is pretty helpful, however, lately the transmission hasn't been at it's best. Other than that the engine is great in all kinds of weather. Buick has some nice cars and I would invest buying another car from the company.

- Jennifer S

Great family car its still in great shape for as old as it is.

Very reliable! Very comfortable!! Handles great!! Runs good! No rust!! Seats 7 only problem has been the dashboard had to have it replaced! No other problems except sometimes the sunroof leaks! Nice radio it is also get on gas wonderful gas mileage! Has over two hundred thousand miles on it!!

- Wendy B

It has third row seating.

I like it I just have four children and need a little more space then what I have now. I had a van before my rendezvous so I feel like I am in a small car compared to my van. It drives really nice I have no problems with it. I would recommend it to anyone with less than four children.

- Whitney P

My happy place. Love going on long rides with it.

It has power seats. Drives great. Very comfortable. Has sunroof. Small leak in the exhaust. I've never broken down with it. Nice sound system. Has third row seating. Very spacious. The middle console locks. Has plenty of cup holders. Heater and ac work amazingly.

- Lynda T

I don't know what the most important thing would be. My favorite thing is the space it has

Haven't had any problems with the vehicle. It's third row and I love that extra seating space. Handles nicely. Is better on gas than I expected it to be, being an SUV. Have no problems with the comfort. Have taken it on trips and was comfortable and had plenty of space.

- Kay J

Great family car with lots of room and safety features

This model had a short drainage pipe that allows water from the AC to back up and cause moderate stalling problems. Having the pipe extended helps and can be done at most repair shops. Other than that, it's a great family car with lots of room and safety features.

- Kelly K

Overall, it is a great car and I would consider buying another one!

It is still a good vehicle, but it needs work on the ac, will need new brakes soon and I believe the tranny is slipping. However, it is 15 yrs. Old, but still runs very well and the gas mileage is great! It also has all-wheel drive and I love that in the winter!

- Diane H

I absolutely love my car!

No major issues. Very comfortable especially for big and tall people. With my hair up I do not hit the ceiling. Back seat is comfortable for adults. Does not speed up super fast but that is probably a good thing. Window motor went on both front windows.

- Amber G

A very good car except that the parts are so expensive since its a foreign car.

It still rides well, still gets good gas mileage and has a lot of room for hauling things. However, the second passenger seat has tinted windows which makes it hard to see people when you are backing up at night.

- Diane H

Take the ultimate ride in a Buick rendezvous.

My Buick is well equipped, sunroof top. CD player s well as cassette player, the speaker are awesome, easy on gas, floats on the highway, if I traded it I would most certainly get another one just like it.

- Barbara A

It doesn't have much rust on it and it looks newer than it is

I like that it is roomy enough for lots of people and belongings. I like that it is higher up in the air so I can see more while driving. It has a few blind spots I am not favorable of.

- Debbie Y

Buick rendezvous is better than expected!

I would say this car is reliable. I have encountered a really bad use that cost me a lot of money, just small minor things. I love my car I want a newer one someday!

- Jessica S

Very safe and reliable car

I have a 2003 so it is a pretty old car considering we are going into 2019. So I have lots of problems but they are the safest and most reliable car you can get

- Jayda A

repairs on this model can be very costly.

i got it used and have had to make several repairs.the lights on the dashboard i.e. the all wheel drive,the brake lights,engine lights all stay on.

- Addie K

Windows usually have problems in the back. It's usually the clips on that hold it in place

It's a comfortable family car. The gas mileage is my only concern but everything else i nice enough for a family vehicle.maintenance isn't a hassle

- Michael V

Perfect soccer mom car. Plenty of space for ball gear.

Very spacious and leg roomy. From the 3rd row it is comfortable. Plenty of hatch space. Does need more charging ports and cup holders on 3rd row.

- Nicole C

That it is safe to drive.

i love the roomy back seat and trunk. i like the ease of driving it and it is safe for me and my family. It is also comfortable and handles well

- kristina g

Children friendly and dependable vehicle

The car runs really well easy to handle the hatch gives you lots of storage room. There is plenty of room in the back seat for three car seats

- Michelle L

It is very dependable and a joy to drive.

Easy to fold down rear seats, will hold a lot of "stuff." Some parts are difficult to get to and require extra time when taken to a mechanic.

- Susan B

Best first car in the history of cars

It's great for a family. It is a comfortable, good looking spacious car. It is easy to get in and out of and to load car seats in and out.

- Mary E

It needs regular checks by a certified mechanic.

I like how it maneuvers in snow. I like that I can the oil changes myself. It has a lot of mechanical problems, ball joints go bad often.


Good to go for living and saving.

Reliable, great mileage, spacious, family oriented. . . Definitely would recommend for parents with small children. Durable and sturdy.

- Katrina B

It rocks when on the highway.

I love my vehicle its very beautiful. I wish it was bigger as I have four teenagers. It has a nice sound system. I love music.

- Deborah L

Very roomy love the radio system.

Sensors seem to go out not great in gas. Rides smooth has plenty if room great vehicle for a family love the 3rd row seating.

- Allie M

It is dependable and has a good sound system.

Great car. Very dependable. Radio is clear and has a really great sound. It is a little rough when going over a bumpy road.

- Christine W

It drives well and makes a nice family vehicle, is decent on gas mileage, and is dependable.

I like that it is roomy and seats 6 people. I like it has a luggage rack for trips. I like it has a video player for trips.

- Edwina W

It drives well and is good on gas.

I love my except for the mirrors are to big when driving mainly on left side when turning there is a pretty big blind spot.

- Nicole E

It's a good car, runs well. sometimes random lights come on.

It is a comfy car, nice leather seats and head seats. Gas mileage is kinda average. Engine is solid though and i like it

- Daniel s

Great value, long lasting vehicle. You won't go wrong with this vehicle. Good quality used car, since they stopped making them in 2012.

Big enough to carry what it needs to, handles like a car. Love it. Not sure why they stopped making this vehicle.

- D M

Good car runs good clean inside.

Nice car runs good looks brides good. Drives good good tired good. Callbrakes. Clean inside New radio.

- Bob C

It has good gas mileage, the car runs very smooth and the alignment is really good

I don't like the leather seats. I love the suv, high seats smooth ride, the air conditioner works good

- Jennica C

It can seat several people comfortably and it can hold a lot of things in the back.

Reminders are annoying, but the ride is smooth. It is roomy and comfortable. Things are failing now.

- Brenda F

The overheating and windows is a major problem with the Buick rendezvous.

It is constantly running hot and windows motor in the back both keep going out every time I fixed it.

- Gina S

It's paid for, has new tires, great air conditioning & heating

I like the goofiness, the stereo, heated seats. In just wish it came with a sunroof.

- Alice Y

I've had my car for almost 10 years, there is about 300000 miles on it and it's still going. My Buick has been the definition of dependable.

The length of which I have driven along with the mileage I've gotten out of it

- Jacob G

It fits me. I have gotten very attached it is roomy and comfortable

I love my vehicle. I wish I could afford a new one like it

- charlotte d

I like that my vehicle is easy to get in and out of. I don't like that it's hard to see to backup and also there are a lot of blind spots.

My car still looks rather new and it is 15 years old

- Debra M