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2005 Buick Rendezvous, reliable, roomy, and recommended by ME!

My 2005 Buick Rendezvous is a pretty reliable, spacious, good family vehicle. The trunk space is extremely big and can hold a lot! The back seat space is really roomy. My car is a 5 seater. The back seats do fold down so you can have more room to relocate bigger items. We have even put a small twin sized mattress topper in the back of my car with no issues. I just have the stock radio in my vehicle and it bumps pretty good. It sounds good too. The only issue that I've had with the vehicle is something to do with tire sensors. It's a pretty costly problem however. The mechanic quoted me $600 plus dollars just to replace the sensor. It affects the way the brakes act so it is a NECESSARY fix to ensure your safety and the safety of the other drivers on the road as well. I would say overall, this is a good vehicle. It does seem to eat up a lot of gas after it gets down to about a quarter of a tank especially if you're running the AC. I would definitely recommend my vehicle to others shopping around for a new vehicle.

- Arlene G

Always keep up with your preventive maintenances.

My j2005 Buick has been an excellent vehicle after we fixed the most reliable of problems for general motors 3. 4 liter engine. I worked in an auto repair shop for yrs. even own one for a while. Every gm 3. 4 liter after about 50, 000 miles begins to leak a the intake gasket just over the heads and sometimes so bad that the antifreeze begins to leak into the oil and ruining the head gasket as well. This is extreme cases of course. General motors makes an excellent repair kit and does prevent the problem from happening again. After this is done than there is little to no problems anymore after that short of just parts wearing out a around 180-200k. The ride is smooth and plenty of pep. Luxury of course depends on your model but the options are always limitless.

- Aaron W

Great first car, spacious and reliable.

Currently with less than 120, 000 miles it still shows little sign of major wear and tear other than a slight oil leak and one window will not roll down but I can not say if that was a previous owner or electrical malfunction. It is a luxury vehicle so the road noise is minimal. It has a short front end which gives it an easier view for driving. The 2 row of seats gives it plenty of seating, the last row of seats can be flattened to give more trunk space if needed. There is ac in the front and first row of seating. The stereo and speakers are very crisp to sound throughout the vehicle.

- Kristen I

The tailgate is extremely heavy and very difficult to close.

The vehicle is getting old, having led a rough life here in the country where I live in a remote area accessible only by rutty dirt road. It has held up ok but the speedometer no longer works so I never know how fast I am going, but that is specific to this particular car. In general, my one main complaint about this model is that the tailgate is extremely heavy and very difficult for me to close. If the car is at a certain angle I cannot reach it to close it. Otherwise it has been a relatively reliable vehicle for the 11 years I have owned it.

- Linda s

Both interior and exterior are fantastic.

I love the look of my car. It is a very sleek design and has lots of space. I like how the very back seat folds down to make room for groceries and other big items. I like the captain seats in the back. I love the backup assist and the way my side mirrors adjust themselves when in reverse. Cooling system and electrical system have both went to heck and have had to have a lot of things replaced.

- Jessica H

Buick rendezvous honest review

Reliable with low mileage, great family vehicle, does not handle well in wet weather conditions without weight in back. Can haul a lot of cargo, motorized functions with sunroof. Windshield wipers have odd placement. Battery is also difficult to reach, can get rough if oil is not changed regularly. Great on miles per gallon. Good for highway travel road trip.

- Casey T

comfort and style and ease of driving

my air went out other than that I haven't had problems I like the comfort of it the seats are nice I have a bad back and they don't hurt it driving it is smooth and pretty quiet to the outside noise being a SUV I think the gas mileage isn't too bad. The back end holds all my groceries with space for other things and the back seats are comfortable guests

- peggy D

Buick rendezvous reliable and hauling capabilities.

I bought the Buick rendezvous used I was worried about reliably but other than the normal wear and tear for a vehicle that age it's been a good choice. I like that I can fold the seats down for more storage when I need it. Its quick and easy to do and reassemble. It has the hooks that made securing my grandsons car seat easier and more secure. It.

- Julie Z

2005 Buick Rendezvous Runs Great

I had to replace the head gasket. Moon roof is now leaking as well. Other than that, the vehicle drives so nice. Plenty of room for kids and cargo. Perfect for trips. I did see that head gasket issues seem to be a common problem with them, but for being an older vehicle and having so many miles, maintenance and repairs are to be expected.

- Amber H

Nice style, but not so good on the gas at all!!

The only thing I don't like about my car is that it has no Bluetooth. The brakes are very sensitive, the shocks are not all that great, the lighting inside the car is very bad , very bad!! The tuneups are very expensive too!! The sensors are so sensitive , and touchy I love the space it's very roomy nice all in all it's a awesome ride.

- Marty J

It's a very spacious car with I enjoy

Overall my vehicle has been pretty reliable. I got is second hand from an auto shop and it has served me well since then. Although it's not the most reliable, just more so than my previous vehicles. It has had power steering problems and brake problems, nothing major, just minor leaks that either I or a friend have been able to fix.

- Diego P

Many issues, but overall fairly reliable

Transmission has been going bad even after having the transmission fluid flushed. We are currently having issues with starting the car. The windows, both in the front and back, on the drivers side do not roll down or get stuck when they roll down. The outlets do not work for chargers or lighters.

- Beth F

The good and bad of the Buick.

It has had differential problems since I have had it and the Chevy dealer would not fix it under warranty. It has also had a problem with connectors for the all wheel drive / anti-lock brake system. The car is comfortable and drives nicely. There is plenty of room and the looks are pretty good.

- Susan S

Buick rendezvous review. Very good in snow. Handles well.

I found it to be very reliable I will say for the three years I have owned it. I really had no real problems. Some issue include hub bearings which they always had an issues, fuel pump and getting ready to do the coolant temp sensor. I have pretty much have taken good care of my Buick.

- Lori D

Issues with having an older car

Recently I had the fuel pump replaced. Now I need to have the catalytic converter replaced. Also, I need a new stepper-motor put in my car. My car runs alright other than the issues that go along with the issues I listed above. Sadly, these issues cause me to have poor gas mileage.

- Michele H

There's is a lot room for big small things.

I think it's gets me places, but backing up it beeps, no aux plugin. There's plenty of room to move small furniture or sports equipment. Repairs have been affordable. At least 7 people can fit. It's takes a lot of gas to keep it running. Comes with car jack didn't have a spare.

- Nichcole O

Good work car. . Very dependable. Starts right up.

Good running car. Strong motor; been to Myrtle beach and back 4 times. Been to Logan, WV several times. Daily driver. It constantly on the go. Have put several new parts on it. Alternator. Brakes. Rotors. Wheel bearings. Water pump. Fuel pump. Hoses. Belts. Battery. New tires.

- Frida V

Great car with plenty of room.

Overall great vehicle. We bought it used and had to change the oil and brakes. We had to order a part for the shifter, but other than that it's been absolutely perfect. Great gas mileage and a very comfortable car. Plenty of room for all three of my kids and two huge car seats.

- Tracy S

My favorite part of the vehicle is how well it fits my dog's crate.

It is been very reliable and I love the size of it and space available. The back up alert is helpful as well. The only problems I have had have come with the age of the vehicle, and needing to replace parts as it gets older. The design is visually a bit bulky, but not too bad.

- Julia V

It is got heated seats and ac and sound system and so much more.

Great car! It is very much worth the buy in the long run nice heated seats and so much more! Has nice miles on it. Nice speakers and stereo system sounds. Great back seat cup holders. It is a pretty good gas tank includes a/c and a lot more other features that are amazing.

- Angel M

This is absolutely my favorite car!

My Buick fits like a glove! My favorite feature is the large mirrors. My kids find comfort in our car, it is really our second home. I couldn't imagine driving anything else. Easy to repair and continues to run like it's brand new. Perfect for my family of 4 and our dogs.

- Alexis S

Car can last decades if loved properly.

After years of use the car becomes harder to maintain. If not kept up with or driven consistently the car can have lots of issues. Sometimes if not taken care of correctly there can be broken radiator caps, transmission leaks, and problems with the coolant levels.

- Isis M

My family and I are in love with our Buick truck you won't be disappointed.

I love my Buick truck its my family car and I can ride and look good lots of room kids love it rides really good it nice clean I am in love with my Buick everyone should have one they will fall in love just like my family and I trust me you won't be disappointed.

- Kelly O

Best little SUV for driving.

Sporty cute car, good on gas! It is solid on the road. It is super spacious with fold down back seats for moving things if needed! Also get to get cozy in the back at a drive end! I haven't had any major problems since I purchased the car! I love my little SUV.

- Kathryn A

Spacious reliable family vehicle

It's been a reliable car. 200,000 miles and no major problems. Good gas mileage drives smooth. Everything still works on it. Never broke down in 15 years we have had it. Great family car very spacious nice size trunk. Lots of room for extra kids good leg space

- Michelle F

Buick rendezvous I love it!!

I love my Buick rendezvous! It is very comfortable and nice on the inside. It is a smooth driving vehicle. The features include heated seats, power windows, radio/cd player, and the ability to plug in headphones from the back seat and control the volume.

- Brittany S

That it lets you know when something is wrong or could become a problem.

My car is fairly new it drives great I have really no issues and if I do they a minor and easy to get fixed I own it I love it. It is highway ready brand new tires & battery in it transmission and everything is good on it and I get it frequently checked.

- Charniece R

Less Gas Save Money and Time

It is a very comfortable car and it satisfies all my needs. It is spacious and very comfortable. Unlike most cars these days, the car is great on gas! I rarely ever go to the gas station twice a week. I'd say it's an amazing car for a family as well.

- Nathalie C

Smooth and nice riding vehicle.

I like how the car looks and drives. The car has had some issues since we have had ours but we got it at 160, 000 miles also. We had to have the head gaskets replaced and all the wheel bearings. Some other odds and ends have had to be replaced also.

- Tammy S

The space inside is amazing. Large back seat and plenty of legroom for taller people.

I like that my Buick rendezvous is so spacious. It has plenty of storage nooks and large amount of space in the back for big trips. I dislike hope much it costs to fill up the tank and that it's an older model.

- Chelsea S

It has lasted over 230,000 miles driving both highway and country

1. Comfort and great features (back up warning, heated seats, remote start, digital speedometer on window) 2. Uses way too much gas (typical SUV) 3. Gauges no longer work properly 4. Computer malfunctions

- Mattie V

Great brakes, not tippy around sharp corners and great seat belts.

Sits high, rides smooth, corners easy not jerky, nice head room, seats are comfortable, good gas mileage, good distance sensors, horn hard to honk. signal controls don't make enough sound to hear while on.

- George B

It's not very reliable unless it is for short distances.

I like that it fits my family and their needs. I don't like the fact I have issue with it overheating if I have to run errands or want to go out of the county or even in the northern part of my county.

- Cassie N

It has safety issues with the drivetrain that may cause serious consequences if you do not pay close attention while driving. If you do not have a lot of money, do not purchase this vehicle used.

There are many issues with this vehicle. There are many mechanical malfunctions that cost too much to repair. These malfunctions in my opinion are defects that Buick has swept under the desk.


The car that should never have been marketed! Consumer beware.

This car has been one problem after another. The biggest issue currently is a failing transmission. The third row seat is a complete waste - no leg room and have to get in through the trunk.

- Wanda K

It rides very smoothly and is not terrible on gas mileage.

I love how much space I have in the back. I really like the leather seats. Now that it is older I do not like all the little things that are going wrong with it.

- Lisa M

It's mine an it fits my needs an my kids love it just as much as me

i like how good it looks and rides plenty of room for a big family has a tv don't like how little the trunk is don't like it is computerized

- ashley w

This is my vehicle. I take good care of it. It got my Family to Florida and back with no problems.

I like that my vehicle is blue. I like the leather, heated seats. I like all the storage space. There is nothing I do not like about my vehicle.

- Emily G

For the size of the vehicle it gets amazing gas mileage.

I have 4 children so the fact we can have 3rd row is the best. The biggest problem I have is lack of storage space and legroom in the 3rd row.

- Barbara m

Buick makes great cars that last and are reliable.

It has great gas mileage. Plenty of room. Handles like a dream. I have had it for 2 years before I had any major problems and drove it daily.

- Crystal F

I love my SUV just need a newer model.

My SUV is a older model so I have a little trouble with it. I like that the maintenance is low so I love that. But would love a new vehicle.

- Chevon R

That it's just an efficient mode of transportation - doesn't matter what it looks like.

It's a great SUV that does the job getting me where I need to go. Has a lot of miles and significant hail dents, but the car works great.

- Stephanie A

My Buick: roadworthy, sound system is fantastic. I love my car!

It is comfortable, easy to drive in town or long distance. It feels safe, looks great. I have done only maintenance on it so far.

- Jane E

Good on gas mileage, cert easy driving car.

Needs tires, drives nice, has enough room in the back, used car, does not have air condition, good on gas, I like the color.

- Elaine B

There is a lot of room for your entire family, but not alot of too for bags.

I love that my car has enough room to fit my family in. I do hate my car is having so many mechanical problems.

- Reannon N

It is reliable! It is so frustrating when you don't know if you can make it safely, but I know my car is good!

I love my car! It is safe and reliable. It has a few problems but only because it is an old vehicle. I love it!

- Grace F

Handles nice and is an SUV with bucket seats.

Easy to get into and drives nice. Is an SUV that has bucket seats. CD player and radio. Is an automatic drive.

- Linda N

It's fits 7 people, so it is bigger than it appear to be. It has a lot of trunk space when the third row isn't up.

It's getting older so it has more miles, I love that it has 3rd row, but dislike the middle row is a bench.

- Vanessa M

The most important things others should know about my car is that It's awesome.

The ac is not that cold. The gas mileage is not that great either. It also makes a rattling noise as well.

- Raul R

My Buick likes/ dislikes.

Lots of room to haul things and seats are removable. Rides nice but sometimes burns oil and rpm messed up.

- Jessica R

Comfort and reliability even with high mileage

Buick has many miles and still drives great. It is a reliable and comfortable vehicle. Plenty of space.

- Shannon C

It has loads of seating and space.

It is super reliable and very durable. I like space in my vehicles. The rendezvous has lots of space.

- Ricky T

I get pretty good gas mileage on my car.

good on gas, smooth driving, roomy. I don't dislike anything about my car, I love it. No complaints

- darlene H

it has great safety features and good gas mileage

I like the room, drives well in snow, good on gas, didn't like the color, no sunroof, no navigation

- phyll t

It's a money pit. It is a nice driving car lots of storage space however too much has gone wrong with it . Finding parts are also a huge problem

Too much has gone wrong with it. Keep having electrical issues and has cost me a lot to fix

- Kim C

It's amazing. Fuel efficiency. Great small family car

I love the speed on the windshield . I love the backup sensor . I love the spaciousness

- Melisss C

Comfort and gas mileage. Heated seats for the winter

Very comfortable seating, good gas mileage, good visibility. No complaints

- Kenneth K

It's not the newest, but it works the best for what I need.

It's roomy. It has a good range of vision. The fuel range could be better.

- Tamara R

It gets me from point a to b and is at 235500 miles

I like it is a larger suv hate the bump of the hatch in the back

- Sara P

It's affordable and spacious

Because we all fit there and it's spacious enough for us

- Annabelle V

It has transmission problems.

I like the size. I like the miles. I like the age

- Darius S