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My lovely blue Chevrolet Blazer.

I bought my car off of an individual that no longer needed the vehicle. It's a reliable car. It has a lot of miles. Over 300, 000 miles to be more precise. When I got the car it seemed pretty immaculate inside. The parts were almost all the original parts. The shocks need to be checked as it is a very bouncy ride. The oxygen sensor light has been on since before I owned it. The original owner said he had changed it but it continued to malfunction. The ac only works on the settings three and four. The windows only work when the driver controls them. The passengers cannot open and clothes their windows. The car runs smoothly. It is extremely reliable. The gas can be filled with a little more than 30 dollars. It is good on gas. The rear hatch has to be opened by the button in the console. The trunk cover no longer stays on it tends to come apart and bang around as I take my turns. The ac does get really cold really fast. I love the fact that the seats can be maneuvered to the position that suits you. The best. It is a bit of a short SUV I am 5'7' so I need to position my chair to the furthest from the steering wheel. I really don't like the lighting system as I feel that my headlights are not illuminating the road well enough in the dark. I makes me nervous to drive in the dark. Especially if it raining.

- Gabriela P

Older but reliable blazer!

I love that my blazer is a 4 door small SUV! With small kids and car seats it is nice to still have space for strollers and groceries. I also love that I do not have a car payment! Things I do not necessarily care for is the maintenance on it. We bought it used and former owner did not take care of it well. Husband does all maintenance on car and it is a bit of a challenge working around motor, as space is rather small. Also not a huge fan that with 2 car seats we can only fit 4 people of vehicle at 1 time. For now it does the job I need and one day will probably upgrade to trailblazer or equinox. Blazer has power seats and windows, cruise-control. It does have a leak so we have to put Freon in it for ac at least once or twice for summer but then it stays really cold! Husband has also replaced intake manifold. But overall not bad for a vehicle that is 16 years old!

- Jessica C

Advantages of a roomy and reliable blazer.

My blazer is roomy and has enough seating for five. With the hatchback, I can load it with ease or have enough room for my dog to lay down in comfort. Since we travel a lot, I can use it to haul the camper or boat. Enough room to put a tent, cooler and camp gear without crowding out the passengers. Chevy's are notorious for the door pins getting loose, so watch for that. But the engine is rugged and the four-wheel drive makes it a must for Michigan winters and people who need to pull their boats out of the water.

- Kathy F

Pros and cons of having an older Chevy blazer.

I bought my car used so it came with a lot of problems. Even though it drives great and is super safe if you end up in an accident, it is very expensive to find parts to fix your car to do it being an older model. It is also very safe and reliable in the winter do to it having 4 wheel drive but sometime the wiring needs fixed so it will not kick out. Plus, it sits up higher so it makes it easier to see oncoming problems and traffic.

- Crystal M

Older blazer but going strong.

This vehicle has over 108,000 miles and still going strong. Regular maintenance is done. We have also put new tires, brakes, etc - things that are normal wear and tear but nothing major. It is a good reliable automobile. The ride in the last few years has been a bit bumpy but I attribute this to the fact that it was built on an old truck chassis. Overall, still very dependable.

- Jo Ann M

That it has good gas mileage.

I love my car, it gets about 17 miles per gallon. Just had a few problems that I feel all older cars will come across. The four wheel drive light comes on and says it needs serviced. They check engine light is on for a few sensors and the gas gauge will go from half or less to the e randomly making it hard to see how much gas I have. I still love it though, easy to drive.

- Anthony L

Great SUV for all around family vehicle - great for vacation travel.

I have owned the blazer since 2005, bought it used. Great four wheel drive vehicle for living up north in the land of the snow and I do not remember if it had any recalls on the vehicle, it is a reliable vehicle and tows a nineteen foot camper very well. Great family vehicle. Had two large labrador retrievers, plenty of room in the back cargo area for them too.

- Kris B

The snow white life saver.

My car is super reliable with the basics nothing too fancy. It has heating, cooling, and a CD player. The car goes up to 100mph. Its ok on gas, sits up high, and is white. My car has plenty of trunk space with normal fabric seating. One time the air conditioning stopped working in the middle of summer but once it was fixed she cooled back down.

- Jordan B

Older is not necessarily better.

We have a 2002 Chevrolet blazer SUV. It is a good car, runs, and has served us well for many years. The biggest problem I have with it is that, due to age, I worry about any problems we may have with repairs. Last year, several things went wrong at once; the water pump and electrical system needed replacing, at no small cost.

- Ann M

They run. Forever, solid body.

It is very reliable, sturdy in the snow, drives and handles like a car. Enough seating for 4 adults. The back seats fold down for more cargo area. Easy on gas. This is my 3rd blazer, I always look for a better one. When I have to buy a different one. I have hit a steer and a deer with 2 of them and was not injured.

- Mary B

Maintain it properly. Easy 4x4 settings.

Love this car. Comfort while driving is top-notch. CD player and radio work great. Easy 4 wheel drive operations. Roomy trunk but could be used as a 3rd row seat in my opinion. If maintained properly this vehicle should last many years! The most frequently changed items are just oil/oil filter, and brakes!

- Megan F

It is fire engine red with a black racing stripe down the middle of the hood.

It is enjoyable to drive. It has a sunroof very good heat and air. I love the color which is almost fire engine red. It is low to the ground and has very nice wheels. People always turn their heads when I start it up. It sounds wonderful. It is very comfortable for long trips and gets great gas mileage.

- Patricia J

Nothing else to talk about the car.

I is not a reliable car and I have to many problems it dents to quick when u get in a accident cause it is all fiberglass. It has plenty of room in the car. It has a CD player, the back seats fold down. And it holds big. Items. Too many scratches it drives well but not good for long drives.

- Annette T

Oh how I love my blazer and running so smooth thank god for my blazer.

Thank god for my vehicle and one for him I would have to wait on the bus or something and plus it really helps me out with the that toast right now maybe I could have went and traded it in and something so I cannot seem to get enough money always something but thank god working out.

- Kathleen R

Chevrolet the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love my car, the only thing wrong with it is when it gets colder outside everything starts acting up on the car. I have had to take it to get fixed about 3 times in the last two months. So when it gets cold out just be on the lookout for things getting ready to act up that is all.

- Morgan E

This is a great "getting around town vehicle" and on the other hand it is also a good vehicle for back roads/dirt roads. It is small and compact, but comes with some luxuries of a pickup truck.

For how old it is, it has been a reliable vehicle. Would recommend it to someone who wouldn't mind an older car. For being only a two door vehicle, I feel it is fairly spacious and am able to fit my belongings in quite well. Although have had issues with the moonroof(does not open)

- Maya H

The blazer that could use more features.

The seats are too high. The air conditioning went out on it. The heater does not work, although it has last a while. It does not seem comfortable. I wish it had more seats for people to sit in. It does ride smooth. The DVD in it doesn't work well. I would not buy one like this one.

- Edna W

It is my main vehicle and her use it for everything.

I like my vehicle some problems I have had with it are my alternator going out. Needing a hole tune up including your distributor cap because it wouldn’t shift correctly. It is an overall good car just wish the backseat were a little bit bigger and more family oriented.

- Kayla F

My vehicle is in the dump because I crashed.

The problems with my vehicle are gas mileage and thats because its an older car. But it's a car and thats all that really matters. If there was no car, that means no travels, which means no money or school which means I am homeless which means basically my life is done.

- Rachael R

I love my Chevrolet blazer because it is a great family vehicle very roomy.

The Chevrolet blazer is a great vehicle to own. In fact it is a great family vehicle, you will have all the space you will ever need. My Chevrolet blazer has been a top notch vehicle. It runs with the best of vehicle very dependable. Rides very smooth and comfortably.

- Crystal D

4 wheel drive good tires pretty color.

No issues with the blazer very dependable and no rust we use it for transporting a lot of possessions or remodeling projects fun to drive and love the 4 wheel drive for snowy roads love the color and works well good performance gas mileage overall good quality blazer.

- Trish M

It's 16 years old and still good looking and efficient.

It's roomy, I'm able to carry around everything I need for emergencies. It's been a workhorse and not too bad on gas. It's had some issues that have been easy to take care of and fairly inexpensive to repair. It's an attractive vehicle and safe on the road.

- Greta I

It overall is a good car but needs a lot of tlc.

Overall I enjoy the heck out of this SUV. Pretty comfortable ride. The electrical sucks in the car. The gas gauge has never really worked and it eats gas like candy. Its roomy and can fit a lot of stuff inside. Also very durable. Must keep up on maintenance.

- Nicole M

Most Reliable Vehicle I have ever owned

This vehicle is the most reliable that I have ever owned. It performs great throughout every season here in the Northeast United States. It accelerates quickly and the brake system also works perfectly. It is pretty good on gas as well. I have no complaints.

- Morgan H

Pretty dependable. Doesn't go through batteries. Sturdy built not like newer cars

This vehicle has latest a long time. It is starting to rust has over 200 thousand miles. Has had several engine issues an wheel and transmission. Has ost thousands through the year to fix.. still running though. Has got me through several snow storms

- beth c

The newest model does not compare to old models.

The only thing I dislike is getting in the back seat. It is a great vehicle to drive and is great in snow. The interior is very plush for a SUV. I am was very upset when they stop making this model. The new SUVs do not compare. It is very dependable.

- Joyce H

Reliable, good gas mileage, easy to tune up or change the oil.

I like the blazer because it is very good in the snow and reliable. Gets good mileage, the seats fold down and they are pretty easy to work on if you are doing a tune up. They don't get as rusty as some SUV s do. We just like the looks of the blazer.

- Mary B

Chevy blazer nice SUV and low maintenance.

Lots of room and easy to get around because of the size, easy to maintain and reliable. Had electric windows, seats are manual. Back seat fold down. The problems are that it uses to much gas and the older it gets less comfortable and somewhat bumpy.

- Pam M

Chevy Blazer drives and has luggage space like a Suburban, but fits into parking spaces like a normal car

My vehicle has space for four passengers, but the seats can also fold down to make more trunk space. It has four wheel drive and a roof rack, and has always been reliable. It's easier to park than a Suburban, but it has a similar feel.

- Ellyn W

It is American made. A great purchase. Runs very well.

It is very hard to visibly see to back up. Blind sides for backing up. Runs great. Uses a lot of gas. Not that easy to handle, it should be a little smaller then I would like it better. Love the color it is red. Runs very well.

- Joyce D

It has the room for people that want to come with me to places, and that room can be adjusted for objects. Very handy to have.

I've had very few issues with it. I wasn't looking for anything particularly luxurious, I was just looking for something that could get me to class and back. Works pretty well, and has enough space for the things I need.

- thomas f

Very sturdy. I was sandwiched between two vehicles after a lady smashed into us. I sustained some moderate damage but it still goes.

It's an excellent vehicle for the winter. Decent on gas. However, the door pins go bad and my doors have either not opened or opened while driving. I've had to replace them a few times.

- Cindy E

It was free. my sister-in-law gave it to her brother when she bought a new car. This was because our car was breaking down and we used it to take my mother-in-law wherever she needed to go like Dr. appt. or grocery shopping.

the driver door won't open due to an accident that wasn't our fault. We didn't find out until after the insurance company paid for repairs. we found out about a year later

- Nancy L

It will not back down. It may be older but it is still going strong.

It is an older car, so it has a simple dashboard. I love the size, it is not too big or too small. I've had it for years, it is like a best friend. It is very dependable.

- Katlin b

It is everything i need in a vehicle

I bought it used so it has It's issue's but that's normal for a used vehicle. Over all though it is exactly the kind of vehicle i want. Some extra room and not too big

- Joe j

The most important thing is that it has been very reliable.

My vehicle is 16 years old and i have owned it for 14 years. it is old and is almost hitting 200,000 miles. The only thing i don't like about it is that it is old

- colleen M

Go a little older model that also is good on gas.

It takes up to much gas and it is very easy to dent because it is fiberglass. It is reliable to get u to where u have to go. It has a CD player which is a must.

- Annette T

It's a small truck. Byr has a big truck's attitude.

Only problem I experienced since 2002 was a bad wheel bearing and fuel pump. It's been a amazing truck. Chevy had always made great dependable trucks ands cars.

- Jesse W

It has amazing gas mileage and saves me a lot of money.

I like it because it gets me to where I need to go. It is paid for - we own it free and clear.. I do not like that it is older and needs repairs more often..

- Annie M

Have over 153,000 miles and still runs as good as the first day i bought it new.

Have had no major problems with it. I love having 4 wheel drive during the winter. Is big enough to haul what i need, and yet small enough to park easily.

- Donna V

The blazer has lots of cargo room.

The blazer has over 200, 000. Miles on it. It takes little work to keep it running. 2002 was the last year Chevy made the blazer, the Tahoe replaced it.

- Liz O

Very reliable for an older car

It's a very reliable car, although almost twenty years old, it hasn't broken down, and the only repairs that I've had to make are normal maintenance

- Patricia W

That is it is very roomy & enjoyable for long car rides.

I like that it is good on gas and it is comfortable for long drives. What i do not like about it was having to fix the gas line twice this year.

- Jesse L

The most important thing is, it runs good and it will get you to point a to b.

It could be a little bit bigger for me and my little one. Also could have 4 doors as well, but other than that it is a good car and runs great!

- Mariah R

it is considered a truck because it has a lot of hauling room

it is a very reliable I only have had one problem the window sticks .it is fair on gas mileage and fairly durable. in all i. really like it

- donald m

It's an SUV with lots of space.

It's a great overall vehicle. The major issues are electrical and it eats gas like candy. Great for loading large items. Good family car.

- Nicole M

It has no mechanical problems.

My car is rated as a truck the only problem I have with it is the window sticks. It has a lot of cargo room and five person seating.

- Donald M

For me is important to know when the engine is failing

I like my car because I can go where I want safely. I don't like about my car is that it's difficult to install my daughter's chair


It is a alright truck it is great for woods.

We need something newer and more child safe it is just not child safe and the ac do not work there's a lot of cosmetic issues.

- Taylor M

Chevrolet blazer 4 door red

I have had no problems with this vehicle. I am very pleased and have had nothing but satisfaction. I give it a 10/10 rating.

- Jami J

Good for everyday use & town driving

4 wheel drive helps with winter driving, lots of room to haul lots of items, good sound system for listening to music/radio

- Matthew B

Mechanical problems do happen.

Dislike the mechanical issues with the car, like the durability and the four wheel drive. Also enjoy the speed and safety.

- Caleb T

It usually gets me where I need to go, it just is not as nice as newer ones.

It drives fine and the a/c and heat work, but the power windows are starting to not work and it has other minor problems.

- Michele M

It's good for a work vehicle but not as cozy as I would like for a family vehicle.

I like the shape of the car. there is enough room for our family, but it has needed a lot of work so I don't like that.

- Kimberly Z

That even though it's old it's still a great running vehicle.

I love my SUV. It has been very good to me over the years. The mileage is low. It's starting to rust a little though.

- Amy D

It has been reliable transportation.

Gas tank is small has a lot of scratches on it now. It does not need too many repairs. Always starts in cold weather.

- Joanne G

Really reliable in the winter always starts

The blazer has really Bad shocks, really bald tires, and a really loud muffle/ exhaust leak Bounces all over the road

- Francis R

It can be tricky to turn on. The key only turns if moved a certain way.

I like it is dependability. I dislike that its 4 wheel drive is not very good. It slips a lot. Also it is very heavy.

- Jay K

it a very comfortable car to ride in

car ignition problems battery replaced need tires start and runs good good on gas mileage can load a lot of things

- myr h

Reliable everything is fine just the transmission acting and does not go reverse.

It is very reliable just does not go in reverse everything works fine. Power locks and windows heat and ac.

- Whitney S

The most important thing someone should now is it is a great car.

Great vehicle has lasted me for years. No great problems besides my brakes sometimes makes weird noises.

- Connor H

tiene radio muy bueno muy por fuera lujoso por dentro y

muy bueno excelente carro motor grande carro espacioso maletera muy grande muy comodo no tengo problemas

- Steve s

Chevy S10 Blazer 2 door, 4x4

Has been a very reliable and dependable vehicle bit hard on gas but over all hardly any major repairs

- Mary B

The four wheel drive is very handy.

It will go anywhere. Great for the snowy Winters in Ohio. Gets fair gas mileage, wish it was better.

- Gerald b

It is a dependable vehicle.

I like the room it has for family and friends, and cargo. No complaints, the SUV is a good vehicle.

- Linda B

My vehicle is very small and convenient on gas. It runs great. The A/C is great. I really love my car.

My vehicle rides very well. It rides almost just as new. It's a really great vehicle.

- Khalil M

American made and very safe.

I love Chevy and their well made cars that can be easily worked on and maintained.


The vehicle is roomy and reliable. It gets me every where I need to be. A great ride to take on road trips. The gas mileage is somewhat problematic.

Very dependable and has a lot of space to do whatever you need to do.

- Scott S