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I have had no problems with my Chevy Equinox.

I have had no problems with my Chevy Equinox. The vehicle runs well! We have had this vehicle for over 4 years! I love how it drives. This vehicle has been reliable for my family. I never have to worry about the car not starting or other issues as far as how the vehicle runs. The vehicle handles well. The seats are comfortable. There is room in the backseat to fit two people with a car seat. It is spacious. We use it for camping and transporting a lot of items. I love that we can get our bulk shopping done and still have a comfortable ride home. I love the towing package! It is like I have a truck without having a truck! Passengers always tell me how smooth the ride is and there is enough room with the seats. We based our decision to get this vehicle due to the consumer report. The Equinox rated high in performance and low in vehicle issues. Equinox has a great design, and looks. The mileage is fantastic for a crossover SUV. The navigation feature is user friendly and great just to see where you are and get traffic updates. The interior design makes you think you are in a much more expensive vehicle and handles really good. I feel extremely safe and comfortable in it. The amenities are bountiful when it comes down to it with the OnStar, Bluetooth, blind-spot mirrors, rear view camera, etc. This is a great crossover vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for an SUV.

- Tara B

Overall, it is a great family vehicle. It has been a very reliable vehicle

I love my Chevy equinox! I have had it for 5 years. It does well on gas mileage. I would rate the comfort level an 8. The seats are quite comfortable, although the fabric leaves a distinct print on the back of your legs, but that's not a big deal. I have a V4, therefore it does not have the 'get up' that a V6 would have, but I do not need anything fancy so it's been fine for me, personally. I have only had 1 issue and that was with the exhaust. It was just general wear and that is the only issue I've had with this car. It never had any problems prior to my owning this vehicle. 1 issue for a vehicle that is 7 years old is not bad at all. It has a backup camera, adjustable seats with lumbar support, hands free calling, touch screen..it's got everything you need and then some. I would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a reliable SUV at an affordable price.

- Julie Y

My fabulous white Equinox is called "the beauty" and does not look her age!

I love my Equinox. It drives wonderfully and is very good on gas. The seats are comfortable and has plenty of room for passengers in the front seat and the back. The cargo area is huge! When we first bought the car, it was used. The windshield wipers did not work, so my husband took them apart. A grommet in the wipers had worn out so he just replaced them with a bolt, nut and washers. They have worked wonderfully since. The no hands phone is my favorite and the fact that it, the radio controls are in the steering wheel make it a plus. The side mirrors have a defrost on them that make it a little easier on cold mornings. It has a rear back-up camera that makes backing into a parking spot or out of one wonderful especially since I am short and have a hard time looking over everything. I am totally loving this vehicle!

- Tammie C

Good car for snow but lacking in AC

We have really enjoyed our equinox. It was purchased while living in upstate New York and it handled driving in the snow great. It was plenty of room for moving things especially when the back seats lay down. We now have two children and the car seats fit nicely in the back seat. The downside is there are no air vents in the back so it take a lot of time to cool off and the kids get very sweaty. The other complaint we have is the car seems to burn oil and we need to add oil before it's time for an oil change. I spoke with a man at the oil change place and he said it was very common for this car. It does not have much pick up either probably due to the small engine and largish body. Overall it has been a good car and definitely served its purpose.

- Shelby B

Engine issues corrupt an otherwise great vehicle

While I love the body style and interior of this car, I have had several serious problems with it. The engines in these Equinox's are faulty and there is a class action lawsuit pending. We purchased this vehicle used in 2015 with 30k miles on it and within a year we had to replace the engine. It also had an issue where the batteries are corroding at a very rapid rate. I live in Illinois and when the temperature drops to below zero, I am uncertain whether it will start reliably. Before purchasing this 2012 Equinox I had a 2008 model and it is still on the road today. I loved it and had only a few routine issues with it that were easily and cheaply fixed. As long as you can get an equinox without the faulty engine, it is well worth it.

- Chelsea M

Why you should own a Chevrolet Equinox.

I have had no mechanical issues with the Chevrolet Equinox. I like it because the seat rises and moves forward. The back of the seat also comes forward to help support and rest my back. This enables me to see better while driving and especially parking and backing up. My husband is on a walker. He does not drive but it is easier for him enter and exit the automobile. It seats five easily and has room in the back for groceries and/or other items which I may need to haul. It drives smoothly, turns easily and does not take an enormous amount of space to turn or park. I have never had a problem with it starting, slowing down or stopping smoothly. Since the seat rises and lowers easily it better suited for me since I am only five feet tall.

- Gwendolyn M

Reliable. Spacious. Comfortable, and an amazing AC!

I have driven the Chevy Equinox for over 7 years now. It is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. The gas mileage is decent, unlike most SUVs, therefore I don't have to fill up my tank that often. The interior is spacious and comfortable, providing enough legroom for tall people like myself. The cargo space in the back is also large and spacious - big enough to fit all of your groceries, luggage, or camping materials. I have a 2012, which features Bluetooth audio, XM radio, On Star, and plenty of other features that may suit you. Last but not least, my favorite 'feature' is the AC! It comes on quickly and gets extremely cold during those blazing hot summer days!

- Melanie A

It is a great overall car

It is a great vehicle, I have had it for about seven years now, and never had any major problems, just normal wear and tear like tires and batteries. It is extremely reliable all the time, I have never had it not start, or been stranded because of something wrong with it, or anything like that. It has a really nice interior, everything is very well made, and nice looking, and all of the features such as GPS, cruise control, the radio, the seat warmers and controls, all the buttons, and that kind of stuff is all super easy to use. It is super comfortable for long and short trips, and it gets really good gas mileage in the city and on the highway as well.

- Cody H

My Equinox - Just what I expected.

My vehicle is pretty much what I expected. Not much power (cylinder), but great on gas. Does not go at all in snow - but it's not all wheel drive. It is very reliable (other than in the snow) and very affordable. Some issues I have(and I have read other owners with the same problems): 1) the passenger seat belt alarm goes off telling the passenger to put their seatbelt on - when there is no one in the passenger seat. That is really annoying. 2) the driver's window barely goes up and down. Sometimes I have to give it a tank to get it started. 3) seems to have more blind spots than most other cars I have driven. Other than that, I love my car.

- Lisa R

A great car with great features!

I love my Chevy Equinox. The car offers so many features that are very applicable for the driver such as being able to start your car from a distance. I also enjoy my touch screen device that makes it easier to use my music. However, I will admit that if your battery ever dies it is a long hard process to find the battery. My car died one time and my dad came to help me jump start it. However, we could not find the battery. It was built underneath a cover that we had to unscrew. So the actual car is great, but make sure you also take it to a mechanic because I doubt an average person can fix your car if you have a issue.

- Savanna R

Best car I have ever owned.

This is the best car I have ever owned. Bought for my wife who loves it. Super comfortable, peppy motor, and very stylish. A joy to take on trips. No worries because it is AWD and have never come close to getting stuck. The heated seats a great comfort in the climate we live in. We have personalized the vehicle with accessories that make the car look more sporty. This car looks fantastic and we keep it very clean. I always can not wait to get that first coat of wax on it in spring. If you plan on buying one look for the ltz package with loaded accessories, you will not regret it. I would certainly buy this car again.

- Gregory K

Great family car and drives wonderful.

I have enjoyed my car for the most part. I did have to have a new alternator just a few years after I bought it which was kind of pricey. I have gone through two batteries. It drives really well and is very comfortable to drive. It had a lot of get up and go which I like. It takes ethanol gas, but I put regular gas in and then switched back to ethanol and it messed up how my car ran. If you can stick with the ethanol gas great, but where I live there is not a lot of options for ethanol so I had to put regular in which is fine. Over all I have enjoyed my car. We have taken a lot of trips and it had done great.

- Tara H

2012 Chevrolet equinox very spacious and an easy drive.

My car is very spacious. I can make the trunk bigger by pulling the whole back row of seats forward or if I want my passengers to have more leg room I can move the seats back. It is very reliable as I have had almost no issues with the car in the 6 years that it has been driven by me and members of my family. Occasionally I have to put more oil in the car. The only problem I have with my car is that it takes a long time to accelerate but it has a 4 horsepower engine so that is expected. Other than that I love my car and would highly recommend it anyone who likes driving larger vehicles or to new drivers.

- Ally F

Comfortable and durable, minus the issues.

This car is great when it comes to comfort and space. Technical issues have been a nightmare. The center console radio rarely connects to my phone, my car was in the shop for the first year, more than it was out as it would just die while driving. I loved this car initially, but it has become quite the headache and the Chevrolet service center did not listen very well when I told them the issues with the car and I ended up having to buy a battery when I told them it was the alternator. Few weeks later I was back in there and they continued their lies to cover themselves.

- Court D

Comfy for long distance travel.

It is super comfy to sit in. The seat adjusts in multiple ways, which is great for people of smaller stature like me. Comfy to sit in for long distance road trips. Doesn't have a ton of power behind the engine, but has decent enough gas mileage. Storage in back is nice and roomy. Can lower the back seats for additional space, but the seats do not lay flat. Interior is great quality. Not too big of a vehicle to handle, but sturdy to drive in the winter time giving you confidence and a feeling of safety. Only major issue with engine was covered by an extended warranty.

- Alyssa S

When we bought the car one of the reasons why we did was because it was ranking very high for safety.

I like the way the car rides- it's very smooth and comfortable and we got some extra bells and whistles like heated seats, remote start and automatic lift gate which all come in handy. The things I don't like Is that the visibility is not the greatest especially looking out to the sides in the back. This is trivial but the air vents should have been moved because the steering wheel blocks it when you are driving so you don't get as much of cold air conditioners as you should. Also, they should have put vents in the backseat because that does get stuffy.

- Mary D

Needs back seat air vents.

Overall the vehicle has been very good. I really like the way it drives and the seats are very comfortable. However, this year model does not have air conditioning vents in the back. This makes for a very hot summer. I have little ones in car seats and they do not get any air flow. I always feel really bad because I'll go to get them out of the car and their little heads are sweaty. This seems like such a small issue, however, I would not purchase this year model again. It is funny how important air conditioning is to my overall happiness.

- Kristen A

I would recommend the 2012 Chevrolet Equinox!

I love my Equinox. It has a lot of room for passengers in the back seats with plenty of legroom. Has plenty of room in back for transporting camping equipment. I like the in-dash navigation but wish it were easier to send locations to the navigation without using the app. That being said you do like the app its easy to use and convenient for when you lock your keys in the car. I do notice that when I go back and forth between our other car and the Equinox there is a lot of road noise. Overall it gets good gas mileage and I do like the car.

- Sarah A

It is made up of a deep chocolate brown & black leather two-tone dash & seats.

My vehicle is a luxury vehicle, although it does tend to drink gas! I may get 19 miles per gallon. Do not get me wrong, I love my 2012 Chevy equinox ltz because it is a very good, strong, dependable vehicle. Being a college student, I would just like something better on gas mileage due to the constant driving long distances, back and forth. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who does not mind less miles per gallon, someone who is seeking a lot of space, and someone who is searching for a nice, sophisticated-looking SUV.

- Savannah P

Please Stay Away From the Equinox

I had problems with the sensors immediately after buying the vehicle and have had other problems with them since. Also I had a terrible oil consumption problem that took an arm and a leg for GM to fix. The manager at the Chevrolet dealership where we were having work done to our vehicle for the fourth time in 6 months told us we shouldn't expect those vehicles to last but 100,000 miles. There has been some random jerking in the transmission that they can't seem to find out why. It's just been a pain since we bought it.

- Kimberly S

Excellent in gas and an overall great vehicle.

My vehicle is incredibly reliable. I have owned it since 2012 and have had only minor issues with it. I keep up with routine maintenance. I have only had to replace tires, brakes, a windshield wiper motor, a Caliper, and spark plugs. I have put many miles on my vehicle but I take care of my car and have loved owning it. I would definitely recommend owning a Chevrolet Equinox as it is incredibly reliable and holds up excellent in snow. It does not slide in slick conditions and is fantastic on gas.

- Rebecca W

Sturdy and built tough the car for you.

The vehicle drives smoothly, air tight so you can hear music well, built strong and sturdy. It is reliable very comfortable. In an accident most likely you'll be able to drive off and not get towed. The car is roomy with great leg space. You can lift the back and carry a lot of things. Power everything and pretty much notifies you when you need to get things checked, you can see air pressure in each tire and it will tell if one is low, handles well and passengers will think it is a smooth ride.

- Val B

I love how roomy the vehicle is for my family, especially with the kids!

I love the Chevy equinox! It is roomy and can comfortably fit 2 car seats. It has plenty of trunk space! I can easily transport groceries, strollers, toys, etc. Gas mileage is phenomenal, I tend to get about 25 miles per gallon. The Chevy equinox is large enough to pull a camper or a boat for when we go away for the weekend. There has been an issue with the vehicle burning oil. Chevy has an extended warranty on the vehicle and will fix the issue shall it arise within the allotted time frame.

- Kim S

Black 2012 Chevy Equinox with seat warmers, XM radio and spacious interior.

My vehicle is a very comfortable riding car. I love the space I have inside and in the trunk. Gas mileage is decent for an SUV. I have always had issues with a sputtering noise and most recently the camshaft had to have some parts replaced. The backup camera does not beep when you are close to something and I wish the Bluetooth would work for music. It does work for phone calls. I love the look of the dash and the exterior of the vehicle. I do not feel like it looks like a 2012 model.

- Lindsey S

Chevy, an all American classic that will not do you wrong.

It comes with Onstar technology. It also has the back-up camera. Auto-starter, which is perfect for those hot summer days and cold winter days. You can also choose to have Sirius XM, which I really enjoy a lot. Even though I have kids, but when those back seats are not occupied, I love to fold those seats back when I have to put something in the back that can not fit into the trunk. On the highway, it's really good on gas by using the Eco button. Overall, I love my Chevy!

- Sha-Da W

The SUV that can... Or maybe not.

Problems/reliability; car stalls randomly. I have looked it up and see this is a common problem with this vehicle, and they seem to be working harder on how to avoid taking care of their current car owners that it would take to fix the problem. Comfort/performance; mine is an ls, does not seem to have a lot of perks but it is good on gas, roomy, and good speakers. I previously had a Ford Explorer, more comfort, more perks, but it was terrible on gas.

- Barbara R

The back seats recline slightly back, so you don't have to sit straight up.

For this to be a sub compact SUV, it is extremely spacious. That's is as long as the seats are laid flat. Once you get into adding two dogs and children into the mix, it can be a bit crowded. It is rather comfortable to drive. The radio is nice, but the year I have doesn't have Bluetooth for music which I do not like. It drives pretty smooth and the ride is very nice also. I do feel like the gas mileage could be better, but overall it's not horrible.

- Brooklyn H

Chevy equinox, a great family car!

I never had a vehicle that was AWD. After getting my 2012 Chevy Equinox AWD I will never go back to not having an AWD vehicle. I feel safe in my vehicle. I love that I have a backup camera and satellite radio. It provides plenty of room for me and my family especially when it comes to traveling to and from sports and activities. I love that it has hands free calling which makes it easy to concentrate on my driving. I truly enjoy my Chevy Equinox.

- Annie M

It is a very reliable car sold by a good company.

I really love my car. It has get up and go power and it is very reliable. It is pretty decent in gas. The equinox is a nice looking car and is a great choice whether or not you have a family. The backseat is not small so you'll have room for your feet. On road trips this is a comfortable car. The seats are not super hard so this car has space and comfort all in one. The center console is not super small. It has am/FM radio.

- Samantha H

Great car, just some issues

Some of the well know problems for my Equinox is needing new ball joints. I also had an oil leak that almost blew up my engine. Once those were fixed (covered by warranty) my car is great! I love the way it looks, the ease for my family and the space it has. I have the LTZ and it came with a sunroof and DVD players. My daughter love the DVD players and love when we can open the sunroof. Overall, I'd say this car is great!

- Lillian S

The 2012 Chevy Equinox is a very good car with comfortable seating and room.

Very comfortable and reliable. Only had one issue with the input and output components that caused the car to shut off but they were replaced and the car is as good as new. Interior is extremely comfortable and spacious. Assist buttons on the steering wheel are very convenient and handy. Stock radio and speakers are exceptional good. Very nice handling and not an excessive amount of road noise while going highway speeds.

- Julie M

Chevrolet Equinox poor mechanics.

The Equinox seemed to be a good reliable car, but it ended up being the complete opposite. Everything is so crammed in there, just to change the alternator it took more than 25 hours of work at the mechanic. My cylinder went out and it would cost more than what the car is worth to replace it. Over 10 grand! So, I am just wait until it does completely and I'll not buy a Chevrolet again. They are not what they used to be.

- Jennifer T

2012 bought-used Chevy equinox.

Speeding up takes a while, it almost feels like there might be something wrong with the transmission sometimes. It'll feel like the car hitches and then jerks. Also had to replace a part to turn off the check engine light, did it twice, and the light didn't go off for awhile -- also very difficult to replace the part, took longer than necessary; it is very comfortable, great looking car, like being high up, not too big.

- Jess S

Equinox pros and cons - an overview of the highlights and drawbacks.

The vehicle itself is adequate. The cooling system does not work well in the back seats of the vehicle. It always seems a little stuffy in the back seats. The vehicle shifts hard while accelerating and decelerating. It is also quite a bit noisier than I expected. Sometimes it also seems to idle hard. The size of the vehicle is very nice. It is not too big or too small. The vehicle is good as far as gas mileage goes.

- Dana B

Overall view for this car, is gas and keeping oil changed. Service regularly.

My Equinox is a dependable. It's good on gas, and oil. I keep my oil changed every 3 months and I get the utmost performance from it. As for it been economical on gas, I give it 100%. I have had no problems so far. I may spend $35- $45 dollars a week filling it up. Also its spacious and roomy. Comes in a variety of colors. I purchased her used, 2 years ago. As long as you take care of her she will take care of you.

- Christine H

Gear shift slam, but cute and reliable.

It is comfortable and reliable, but I hate how it will often just pop gears. I took it into. Chevrolet dealership, and they said that was a normal thing. I cannot stand it because it happens so often. Typically, the slam comes while driving slowly in a parking lot or when it is shifting from 1st to 2nd. I also do not like the metal trim by the shifter. When it gets sunny, it blinds you while you are driving.

- Jill M

Reliable comfort in a ride.

I really like the space inside the vehicle, you do not feel liked you are boxed in. I like that it has AWD so that I feel more secure driving in the winter months. I like how quiet it is to ride in, not a lot of road noise. The seats are a bit on the stiff side, but not bad at all. The one thing I noticed the most is it does not have very good gas mileage at all! I feel like I am filling up all the time!

- Holly S

A car with comfort and features you won't know how you lived without.

The only problem I have had with this car is replacing the gasket. Other than that the Equinox performs well. It has gotten me to and from Florida on several occasions in style and comfort. The OnStar is a lifesaver and the best feature you can put in a car. I love the fact that they can do a maintenance check on the vehicle for you with just one phone car. This by far the best vehicle I have owned.

- Stacey M

The car does not perform well in the snow and has poor traction.

I have had to replace the windshield wiper motor, engine, and more frequent oil changes. The car rides on and feels more like a pick up truck. I like the size of the vehicle but within a year there have been too many mechanical problems. Also the SUV does not handle the snow well and slips often. I have to drive extremely slow in conditions of low snow on the ground where my SUV should not slip.

- Akela J

The most attracting thing is the awesome interior.

Good on gas very reliable has excellent control starts up every day continues to drive on a daily basis no major problems nice ride very comfortable nice seats smooth steering never had any major problems with the car I would recommend this vehicle to anyone starts up every day transmission is smooth plenty of room in the back for groceries probably will buy another one in Chevy still makes it.

- Thomas B

Equinox review. I like the shift lever placement in the middle.

I really like my Equinox. It is a neat car to drive and handles well. I like the rear view parking feature and also use my side mirrors for backing up. It cleans easily and washes up very nicely. The gas mileage is okay and it is easy to fill with the passenger side fill up. The dashboard is easy to negotiate and the radio is easy to control. I definitely would consider buying another Equinox.

- Eileen R

The equinox is a great vehicle!

I love this car. It rides and drives very well. The seats are so comfortable (front and back). Everyone is always extremely impressed with the amount of legroom for the back seat passengers. It offers a back up camera and Bluetooth calling. I can plug in my phone and listen to my media on the speakers. XM radio and OnStar services are available. I always feel safe on the road in this vehicle.

- Erin W

Nice vehicle for an older woman without small children

I absolutely love the car that I drive is a perfect size for me and around town the only negative is that the door is too high when the window was down at making it hard to go through a drive-through, Also too many blind spots in the vehicle. The back row has enough room for three adults perfect size for a big size dog very back in with a lot of luggage and it has a roof rack that is very

- Tracy J

Family friendly but still sporty and cool

The car handles great. The V6 engine is perfect for merging onto the highway but still good on gas. The car is too y without feeling like you are driving a huge car. The car rides very well. Perfect for road trips because the backseat branch slides forward so you can have more trunk space or completely fold down the seats to haul big items. I would buy another equinox any day. Great car

- Jennifer C

Chevy equinox great family car!

This is a great car for a family. It is comfortable for 5. Safe for kids of all sizes. Plenty of room for cargo. I have over 100k miles and it still runs great! The Bluetooth connection is outdated, but it can still do handsfree. The engine has started making a humming sound but I think a new battery will solve that issue. Overall a great automobile that I would totally buy again.

- Kathryn O

The perfect family vehicle for a family of four.

My Equinox is the perfect fit for my family of four. It fits 2 car seats perfectly in the back seat with room in between for a smaller build person to sit. The font seats are heated which provides extra warmth during the cold winters and chillier days. The back end has a cover that I can pull so if someone is looking into my vehicle they can not see anything under that cover.

- Clancy T

The pros and cons of my Equinox.

It runs very well. When the oil needs to be changed it does make a rattling sound. It is very comfortable inside and spacious. I like that it has many options for entertainment to listen to. It has am/FM, Sirius XM capable, CD, and you can connect a USB and a port to listen from your phone. I do not like that the charging capabilities are not very good in the vehicle though.

- Sharon S

Nice color, heated seats, sunroof.

The car is good, cool features, not a lot to fix over the years. I've been driving it for years and it still is great with a sunroof, heated seats, and large trunk space. This vehicle is very nice and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice solid new car. The pricing was not too bad either and worth it overall. I guarantee this car will last me a very long time.

- Izzy E

Heated seats was a plus, Bluetooth, OnStar and car phone

Vehicle needed the motor to be adjusted one year in, recall didn't happen until 4 years after the issue. Within 4 years I got a motor, transmission, water pump, amongst other things put in. The vehicle cost me more money than if I would've gotten a used car. I bought the vehicle from the dealer and is the only owner. I maintained the vehicle properly throughout the years.

- Sandra F

The ride is a little stiff but the highway miles per gallon is very good. About 29 m.p.g.at 62 to 65 miles per hour.

My wife and I purchased our 2012 Chevy Equinox new in November 2012..We use it to drive from northwest Illinois to south Texas in November and back to northwest Illinois in early April.It has enough room to haul everything to Texas and back. I drive between 62 and 65 m.p.h.on the drive to Texas and get 29 ,miles per gallon.The ride is a little stiff is my only complaint.

- David G

Why I bought a Chevy equinox.

The timing chain is the most common problem also oil levels become low this was a very expensive problem costing me around 2000$. I love the look inside and out some of the great features are a computer screen showing tire pressure. Oil levels, trip counts. Seats are very comfortable although the SUV doesn't look that big there is lots of trunk space and back seat room.

- Jessica K

2012 Chevrolet equinox ls review.

This car is front wheel drive but terrible in snow. It is roomy, but the seats are not the most comfortable. There is also a problem that could affect the car where the car is burning too much oil. I am currently in the process of doing an oil consumption test with the dealership I purchased from to see if my car is having this problem. I would not buy this car again.

- Kelly L

This is the best car I've ever owned.

I love the Equinox. It is roomy enough for my son's bulky car seat, while allowing plenty more backseat space for other passengers or larger items. It's not bad on gas for an SUV. I feel that it's the perfect size for my family. I don't like driving big cars/SUVs, but I also like being up higher than a small car. I would absolutely buy another Equinox in the future.

- Monica M

Great deal on a great car.

V6 for great gas mileage and comfortable ride. Leather heated seats for comfort. Seats 5 adults comfortably. Automatic car start. Stereo system and backup camera. Great through the snow. Automatic windows and seats. Rear seats fold for extra storage. Adjustable / heated side mirrors. Sirius xm and onstar available options. Cons: over shoulder view is limited:

- Kelly V

It is a safe and reliable vehicle and I would definitely purchase again.

I love the gas mileage and that it is a sturdy vehicle and is able to handle many different types of weather conditions. I have had the car for several years and there really has not been many mechanical issues with the car. I wish the car was more updated, but that has to go with the age of the vehicle and I would prefer it have a signal when its low on fuel.

- Mary P

The brakes must be Chevrolet brakes or they will squeal all the time.

I purchased the vehicle used and have had constant problems since day 1. The check engine light comes on about once a week for various issues. The tire sensors don't work half the time and always tell me I have low tire pressure. Gas mileage is terrible. Unless you get the expensive Chevrolet brakes, they will squeal all the time. Worst car I have ever owned.

- Emily S

Chevrolet Equinox is a compact SUV with a lot of space.

I have an Equinox and l really have not any issues with my Equinox. Extremely good on gas. Its has leg room in front and the back seat. In the drivers passenger side l can massage my lower back. Meaning the lower back can adjust to how you want it to feel close up or not. The trunk has a lot of room. It can fix 4 extra large suitcases and my bulky wheelchair.

- Carla J

The ride is nice and the car is roomy.

This car is a great size for a family. It is very roomy and has great functional features. All of your buttons are easily accessible while driving. The back seat can be folded down for more room and the trunk is very spacious. My double stroller fits back their fine. Car rides are smooth and quite. Maintained on the care is always small and easy to fix.

- Asya C

Once you go Chevrolet you never go back.

This car is amazing no problems. Dependable, reliable, good on gasoline, very comfortable to drive, features are close at hand. I was raised with buying Chevrolet, s and quality is underpass med the best. All I buy is Chevrolet and always will. Other vehicles I am not trying because of my long future of the dependability I experienced growing up.

- Donna A

The Chevy Equinox is a good option for those seeking a roomy and rather inexpensive vehicle.

I am tall, and there is plenty of room for me to drive - more room than any vehicle I have ever been in. The handling and running of the car is just okay. It is great for a rather inexpensive car, but it doesn't run very smoothly, so if there are passengers that are prone to getting carsick, they probably shouldn't ride in this car for very long.

- Anthony B

Overall great vehicle and has lasted me now 6 plus years

I like my vehicle, however, it has always ran odd from the beginning. The shift mode would drag and last for a while before changing gears when picking up speed. It hasn't ever caused me problems so I didn't take it in to look at. It took a while before something major happened, and by a while I mean 5+ years of ownership so I guess that's good.

- Monic G

My 2012 Equinox is so dependable that I have no good reason to buy a new one!

I would really love to buy a new Equinox, but I have a problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my current Equinox. It is so dependable. I never have an issue. It always starts, tells me when my tires are low or it needs an oil change. The seats are comfortable and the AC always works. So I'll be keeping the old girl for awhile yet.

- Mari P

Great interior but performance could be better

The main focus I was looking for when buying a car was the interior. I have a semi long drive and spend a lot of time in the car and wanted something that was nice. Performance wise it's had some issues. The entire engine had to be replaced at 60,000 miles and it's been through a few recalls. Definitely not the best when it comes to performance

- Shane F

A great AWD vehicle for one who needs room to pack it full or haul passengers.

Sure reliable care, great space when the seats are down in the back for traveling. Just wish the second row of seats would lay completely flat. Great 4WD for storms and wintery weather, I have survived several storms with this car. Leather is great and interior color of great on black, no blind spots or hard points to view while driving.

- Callie C

2012 Chevy Equinox-Great on gas, very roomy, backup camera.

Love this car. Very comfortable. Great on gas. Performance is Awesome. Backup camera is very helpful. Has OnStar assistance. Very roomy. Lots of space in the trunk. Rides very smooth. Bluetooth and hands free very convenient. I would definitely recommend this car because of its reliability, performance, backup camera, and lots of space.

- Pamela H

Love the choice, only one major downside

I Love the roominess of the back seats for kids, great for a car seat. It also has nice large digital display, with the backup camera feature, I have become accustomed to using. However, I hate the ground clearance in the front of the car I have scraped it many times on curbs and parking markers. It is plastic and it pulls it right off.

- Mandy J

My family and my Chevy equinox.

My Chevy equinox has been a great SUV for my family. We have had little to no issues with my car. I feel safe in my car. It is large enough that I do not feel unsafe on the interstate, but small enough that I feel safe controlling. This is the second equinox I have owned. I would consider purchasing another Chevy equinox in the future.

- Lisa P

It is not a good vehicle.

I have put $4,000 into this vehicle this year. One thing breaks down, another month later another. I do NOT recommend this vehicle to anyone. It has been a pain in the butt for me. The oil leaks, my transmission line has leaked. For only putting 140,000 miles on the car, I would expect to not have to pretty much pay for a new vehicle.

- Amanda S

2012 white Chevy equinox!

Leather heated seats, remote start, moveable back seat (forward and back). Has an eco option which is supposed to save you money but after using that for months my car started stalling at red lights. Had a part replaced and do not use eco anymore so that is fine. The drivability is amazing, so smooth and comfortable. Great family car.

- Michelle D

Great reliable car to buy.

Runs smooth and quiet. Comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and ample cargo room for travelling. Great gas mileage with dash menu status on how many more mile you can go on the gas left in your tank. Come with a nice clear sound system with radio and CD player. Sleek design without being too flashy. Powerful engine performance.

- Jeanne M

A quiet, spacious, nice family vehicle.

I have had my Equinox for a year and I have had no issues. It is smooth ride and is also pretty quiet. It gets really good gas mileage. This vehicle is quite spacious, with more than enough room for a family of 4. It also offers hands free calling. It is an overall good vehicle and I would definitely recommend this vehicle to others.

- Jess H

Just the right size for me.

I really like my equinox. The back up camera is large and has been a big help. The SUV itself is just the right size for me. I went from a sedan to the equinox and haven't felt like it is too big at all. Only thing I do not like is my music does not play through Bluetooth even though there is Bluetooth in the car for phone calls.

- Leigh E

I love that my car has Bluetooth, so I don't have to focus or look at the screen

My vehicle drives very smooth and I don't have much to complain about it. It's very comfortable and easy to get around. Not bad on gas and I couldn't ask for a better vehicle. It has a touchscreen, Bluetooth and the ability to play music from my phone. My car is not too big but still has enough room where I don't feel cramped.

- Amanda G

Chevy Equinox the stylish look with a smooth ride.

No problems with vehicle. More horsepower would be nice though. Car is very comfortable and I love the large display on the dash for radio and other accessories. Plenty of USB ports and cigarette lighters for charging adapters. Sleek design and stylish look. gives you the feel of a full size SUV with ample space and leg room.

- Juana S

Explaining the options on my car and what I like or do not like.

I really like the way it drives and the gas mileage. I think that it would be much better if it had a bigger engine for more power on take off. We have a 4 door hatchback.. It makes hauling small items easy to haul. I do wish it had three sets of seats as it is we can take a total of 4 adults or 2 adults and three children.

- Cathy A

Easy riding family vehicle

Car is very comfortable. Perfect family vehicle, fits family of 4 or 5 very well. Very reliable vehicle. I have only had one major issue with the car which was a known issue. The Engine had to be replaced due to metal shavings inside as if the oil had never been changed. Other than that one issue the car rides smoothly.

- Britany M

I like the sunroof option. Very cool for summer.

The air blowers tend not to work. The eco boost goes over time. The radio sometimes shuts down and will either get stuck or won't play anything. Which is very annoying especially since it's loud. The windshield wipers don't work on the highest speed and then will just stop working overall. Costs a lot of money to fix .

- Courtney N

The vehicle is pretty fast. It has tire pressure readouts, and electric miles

performance and gas mileage are awesome! Windshield wipers quit working, factory flaw. Love the vehicle. The car has a lot of comfort features, heated mirrors, electric seats, Bluetooth, lumbar back support. The car is spacious, large seats and trunk area - I haven't had any major problems with the vehicle at all.

- Michael W

The Equinox has a navigation system that we have really enjoyed.

I have really enjoyed my Equinox, it was a great choice. It is a good car and really been efficient, good performance, reliable and great features and comfort. I still love my car and would buy another one when I get another car. I would recommend the Equinox to anyone looking for reliability and comfort in a new car.

- Lynda C

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle.

No problems nice car runs great I love this car I just wished it was a little bigger other than that this a pretty nice car very reliable and affordable also is a safe car I would recommend this car for anyone as a first SUV it is also equipped with onstar and has a back up camera to prevent crashes when reversing.

- Joshua J

Great, comfortable family car

I have had issues with the beeping on the backup camera not working and other minor glitches like that. I wish I was able to play music through the Bluetooth feature. Overall I love this car. It's comfortable, good on gas. I love the touch screen and hands free calling. Drives great and fits my family comfortably.

- Sierra M

Chevrolet Equinox: Functional and Affordable

The vehicle is a 4 cylinder so it does not have very much power but on the plus side allows for very good gas mileage for a small SUV. The interior is simple but very functional. The exterior has a sporty look which I like. I would recommend this vehicle due to its affordability, function, gas mileage and storage.

- John H

It's the perfect size for a single person or small family, and safe.

I love the size of it, it's perfect for me, it's bigger than a car so I feel safer driving it, and I love the sleek look of it. I dislike that sometimes when I push on the gas to increase speed, it's sluggish to respond, and when it does catch up you are speeding, and then you have to let off the gas to slow down.

- Shellby L

Great family car and road trips.

Great family car but wish it had a/c vents in the back for the kids and more phone friendly. Enough room for my two kids and our big dog for long trips. Has heated seat but once again wish they were in the back seats too. Great for trips we take up into the mountains, so far no trouble with steep incline drives.

- Jamie L

Chevy equinox- best sub ever.

It is great! Perfect size, very reliable. Great on gas for an SUV. Lots of room, perfect family vehicle. Very sleek looking. I would definitely buy another equinox in the future. Several features available. I really cannot say enough great things about this vehicle. I have never been more happy with a vehicle.

- Tiffany V

Its black roomy enough for a family of four. Good for travel.

Always having trouble with the oil not getting to the motor. Always jerking when you stop. Always replacing the camshaft. Haven't had it for more than a year and had to replace motor for windshield wipers. Check engine light stays on. Hard to crank when you drive and stop and start up again it start and stop.

- Felicia M

it has a very shick detail, I like the interior in the car.

you have to take it to a dealership to do a radiator flush you can't do it yourself, has to be done in shop needs a special tool and has to be lifted to do the work. Has great performance on the freeway when it is in good working condition. Has a navigation system but it only works if you have a plan set up .

- Evelyn H

Large, roomy, very smooth, easy to keep clean, safe!

My car burns way too much oil way too fast. But other than that I love how much room we have for our family! The truck space is great for a day out shopping. We enjoy how easy the seats are too clean up after a spill from a two year old! It has lots of storage inside for your personal things and rides smooth.

- Ashley G

The Chevy Equinox is amazing!

Great on gas with so much interior space. Never have had a problem. The 2012 version has so many airbags and is super reliable considering all the electronics. Oil changes last forever and as long as you take care of this car it will treat you right. Try to go to a Chevy dealer where they know the car better.

- Jorge G

Great car for family with older children.

I haven't had any real problems with my Equinox, it is great on gas. I only thing is that I have to have a car seat for my 3 year old grandson & there is not a lot of space between where I have the car seat, in the middle in the back, and the middle console, he is always kicking it or putting his feet on it.

- Melissa W

2012 Chevy equinox review.

The water pump had to be replaced but other than that I haven't really had any issues. I would seriously consider purchasing another Chevy equinox in the future. I like the features it has especially the backup camera and the Sirius radio. There is the perfect amount of room and is very comfortable to drive.

- Lisa F

My back up camera would be the only interesting detail of my vehicle.

When driving, it is super loud. Also when the air is on it makes a noise that only comes on when it is running. My sensors never go off and it is all been checked before. In my opinion, I will never buy another Chevy. I really regret that we bought that vehicle as a first auto buy together my husband and i.

- April M

Do not buy a Chevy Equinox at least a 2012 these were the worst vehicles made in that year

My vehicle has been in the shop for 3 major fixes luckily they were covered by Chevy so I didn't pay anything for those but now in the last 3 months I've replaced my resonates and something to do with the way the oil flows into the engine it's the Chevy Equinox 2012 the worst year built for these vehicles

- Anthony M

Motor and oil issues. don't buy.

Equinox has had a lot of issues. Rebuilt motor twice. Multiple problems. Dealer won't go good on motor after warranty runs out. Had to fight for help. This car has been known to eat oil. Have to use expensive kind of oil. I like the car as far as size and how it handles but will not go with Chevy again.

- Alison C

2012 Chevy Equinox - perfect smaller SUV

I love my 2012 Chevy Equinox! It is the perfect SUV while still remaining a relatively smaller vehicle. I have never had any problems with it. It is very comfortable. It has a good amount of trunk space. The backseat is roomy enough that two people can still sit comfortably with a carseat there as well.

- Desiree L

Great SUV with Good Miles per Gallon

Love having an SUV, I am tall and enjoy sitting up higher while driving. Had an issue with oil consumption but it ended up being covered in a recall. I wish the back end was shaped a little different the curves make it challenging when loading large items. I have the 4V which gets more Miles per Gallon

- Mellissa S

Regular maintenance is a must! Just like any vehicle.

My 2012 Chevy Equinox overall is a nice vehicle. It has its fair share of normal problems though. Regular maintenance is a must, just like any other vehicle. It runs well for being a 4 cylinder. Has the option for towing, but would not recommend unless something small. Comes with Onstar and XM radio.

- Amanda G

Lots of fun driving, have had lots of road trips which was lots of fun.

Ver reliable, fun and love it best car I have had in a long time. I would suggest this car to my family, friends. It's good on gas. I have gone on road trips and had lots of fun. The kids love the car also. If I had a dog I am sure he would love it to. Can pack lots of groceries in the car and trunk.

- Cody J

Not my first pick maybe it will be yours.

It is cheaply made. I do not think that I would ever again purchase this make and model of vehicle. For the money, I could have bought a higher quality vehicle built the way that vehicles used to be built. However the interior of the vehicle is still holding up nicely. Without much upkeep on my end.

- Dawn P

A grey car with black seats that are very comfortable

At one point this car was rear ended so that's why it's a little screwed up. The brakes make some noises but the car has a nice aux feature in the radio. The middle compartment has a lot of room for anything. The seats are generally comfortable and reclines enough to lay flat on the passengers side

- Ellie H

She is only the second car I have ever owned and had some big shoes to fill after I had my last car for 16 years. She is rocking it so far!

I love my vehicle. It is getting good travel mileage, it fits my family with plenty of legroom and it makes me feel safe. I would prefer a model that had a sunroof and heated seats but that wasn't in the budget. My only real complaint is that the way the heat works, it fogs the windshield quickly.

- Emily F

Family friendly and easy maintenance.

No big performance issues. Routine maintenance is all I have had to do. It is perfect for a family and pets. It is not too big and bulky so it is easy to drive and maneuver. It has a backup camera and Bluetooth drive features so you can talk handsfree. You can get XM radio. I really love the car.

- Nicole S

Very reliable, gas efficient, spacious and comfortable.

I love my truck. It is very reliable. Great on gas and extremely spacious. The back up camera is awesome. I love everything about my Chevy Equinox. There are so many hidden spaces to put things. It comes with a full sized spare and jack. It also has XM radio in addition to the regular FM radio.

- Princess B

Equinox is a comfortable riding vehicle and smart looking.

This is my first Equinox. It is a great vehicle; both reliable and comfortable. Good value for the money. I would buy another Equinox. It’s a great mid sized SUV. Chevy offers lots of options on the equipment as well as colors. They had a body style change in 2018 which looks very aerodynamic.

- Gwen B

No problems and do not expect any.

I do not think that I can use 250 characters to describe my car as I do not have had or expect to have any problems. We have approx. 60 thousand miles and have not had a single problem with it. ( I shouldn't say anything) when I am ready for a new car, I certainly would look for this same model.

- Robert S

Decent power for a 4 cylinder.

I've only had it for about a month. Still getting used to it. Only a 4 cylinder but so far good power. Also is AWD when I am used to front wheel drive so winter should be interesting. I am not short but can't see over the hood very well! So far it's a nice comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

- Rani B

Good gas mileage for SUV.

Random service airbag alert that comes and goes. Comfortable seats, very roomy. Runs great for being 6 years old. XM radio right in the car is a great perk, as well as the OnStar button. Rear camera is very helpful and clear, though malfunctions occasionally when trunk is opened and then closed.

- Katherine O

2012 Chevy Equinox, looks handsome!

It is a very reliable vehicle. One thing we do not care for is it interior loud when driving on the highway. We have had no major expenses except of one tire goes bad you have to replace them all. Also do not care for if the back window is down and the front is up it make a very loud road noise.

- Karen S

2012 Chevrolet Equinox ls 4 door.

Has an oil leak that no one can seem to figure out. The exhaust is quickly degrading, and sounds like it is going to have a serious leak soon. The comfort is fairly standard for Chevrolet. The vehicle is fairly roomy, although with a car seat it is not very comfortable for 3 riders in the back.

- Erin M

Low maintenance, comfortable, good value.

The performance of my Equinox is as good as any other vehicle its size and style. It is comfortable for short driving as well as long trips. The gas mileage of my Equinox is about average compared to other vehicles of its style and size. My Equinox has had low maintenance since I have owned it.

- Ann L

Reliable vehicle with spacious interior and great gas mileage

I love my car. I don't experience issues. It comes with OnStar. I wish it has navigation and video player. It does have rear camera. Very reliable car and durable. It has rear attachment connection. It seats 5 people, has a spacious trunk. The trunk can only be opened from outside of the car.

- Dominique M

This vehicle has a lot of blind spots, it's very spacious, but I cannot say it's extremely safe. I went through the car wash and the top of the roof was bending in with the air dryer. So I'm not sure it was made completely with families in mind. Overall it's a great vehicle.

I like that my air conditioner blows hard, but it is a bit too loud. I dislike that my back window has a small gap in between the rubber so I cannot take it to a car wash. I love that the steering wheel has audio toggle buttons. I dislike that in this heat my steering wheel is shedding rubber.

- Rayleen m

Great gas mileage and good looks.

Size and style are important. Solid ride and good gas mileage. Start up no problem always really looks good. 110, 000 miles on it and it drives just like I bought it. The service is always done at the same dealer. That includes oil changes and new tires. I highly recommend the Chevy Equinox.

- Lambert G

Reliable, perfect for kids, lasting

I love my equinox. I've had it almost 5 years, just hit 150k miles and it still runs like a champ! It's taken me on multiple cross country trips. It's perfect for a mommy car with only one kid, but once we decide to have another baby, we will have to upgrade due to storage space in the back.

- Kelsey C

Chevrolet Equinox, leather warming seats. XM Radio and Navigation System

Chevrolet Equinox has Great gas mileage, drive and handles very good and is a safe vehicle. Navigation system and CD player. Xm radio, leather seat, seats has warming ability. Great air conditioner and has cruise control. I have not experienced any problems with the chevrolet Equinox.

- Jeanette C

Perfect for family or single person use!

I think my Chevrolet Equinox is the perfect vehicle. I love that it is fit for a family or single person use. My favorite feature about the car is the heated seats and automatic opening trunk. Makes it so easy to load and unload your vehicle. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Ashley R

This car is used for work commute and I will keep it for three more years.

My Equinox has been very reliable in regards to my commuting needs. I have had two recurring problems. The driver's window motor has been replaced twice in the past fifteen months. The air conditioner has also needed work twice in the past year. I do like the gas mileage for a midsize SUV.

- Anita F

Stylish. Comfortable. Decent gas mileage. Good in snow.

My car has 61k miles and has been very reliable. I am told it needs new brakes in the near futures. The rear tailgate can be adjusted to various heights which was a selling point at purchase. The car gives a very smooth ride. I love the heated leather seats. The car comfortably seats five.

- Marvin K

Roomie! Comfortable! And oh so reliable!

Very reliable. Have not had one problem since purchased. Has an amazing amount of room, car seat in the back seat and can still have the passenger seat pushed the entire way back. Room enough for a family of 5 to fit comfortably, and the cargo area fits a stroller along with all groceries.

- Melinda H

The Chevrolet Equinox rocks.

Pro: I love the room my Equinox provides. It gets great gas mileage considering the size. The back up camera and XM feature is a bonus. It has great horsepower and rides very smoothly. I have yet to have any major issues with it. Con: the Equinox seems to burn oil more than other vehicles.

- Jennifer E

Excellent vehicle for our purposes. Low maintenance, good mileage, adequate room for luggage, groceries, and most other needs. Very good view for the driver. Back-up camera is really nice.

This car has been worry free, the only expenditures on it have been normal maintenance items, like oil changes. Mileage is good, about thirty mpg on the highway. It has about 55000 miles on the tires, with still a lot of wear to go. I like the roof racks, using them for a car top carrier.

- Scott D

It's always dirty because of my kids! Or that it's a good family good. I've heard Chevy make some changes to the 2015 and newer years of the equinox so I would recommend if someone is going to buy an equinox it be at least a 2015.

I have two kids and this vehicle provides a good amount of space for all of us and the mileage seems to be good for an suv/crossover. However unfortunately the maintenance and mechanically issues I've had with this car make me highly dislike it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

- Stephanie M

A Chevy equinox is a good reliable vehicle.

The Chevy equinox is a good car. At the LS model it still has surprising features such as the rear bench can move back and forth power driver side seat. Although I purchased this used I haven't had any issues so far besides replacing a light bulb and fixing the windshield wiper linkage.

- LC D

The equinox has room like an SUV does not feel like your driving a huge vehicle.

My equinox is very reliable. The back seats are roomy and I like how you can move the back seat forward or back depending on where you need more room. The trunk space has a lot of room. I like the way the driver seat sits you can see out all windows and the mirrors are in perfect place.

- Candice P

Chevrolet equinox review.

I have had my car for a little over a year and have not had any issues with it. The only thing I would change would be better gas mileage. Has plenty of room which is a plus! It has all of the bells and whistles that you can think of, including sunroof, heated seats, and backup camera.

- Emily S

The Chevrolet: spacious SUV.

The Chevy equinox is a normal SUV that's very spacious on the inside, allowing passenger and driver comfort within the vehicle. The car drives really well, being sturdy, reliable, and consistent. The Chevrolet also is capable of towing small things like campers or small storage units.

- Sean P

It's a very safe and reliable car.

I love the way it looks and I think that it's very spacious for the vehicle type. I think it has a distinctive appearance and is unique from other cars of its type. I wish that it had a third row so that it could continue to grow with our family, and I wish there was more trunk space.

- Nikki H

2012 diamond white Chevrolet equinox.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage for traveling. It does have heated seats which is great in the winter. However I wish it had cooled seats and I wish you could turn on list the back of the seat for heat. All in all, this is a good little vehicle for what we needed at the time.

- Laurie G

Reliable, comfortable and a good value. I would recommend this car.

The stereo is too loud in the front and the a/c does not reach the back seat. The seats are very comfortable. The controls are easy to reach. I love using the Bluetooth for hands free driving. It has been great for traveling with my family. I even moved across the state with my Chevy.

- Maria W

Very great affordable vehicle.

It is a great, dependable vehicle. Great gas mileage. The only issue is how narrow the seats are. It is very easy to maneuver in tight traffic. The side mirrors are a little small making backing a little hard. Overall it handles great in any condition. Very spacey for a smaller sub.

- Jeremy D

Equinox: a perfect vehicle for a mid-size family.

The Equinox is a fantastic vehicle. Enough room for our family of 4 and lots of room for storing groceries, luggage, etc. It is the perfect size, not to small and not to big. I love the auto-start function. Helps the make the car warm when it is cold out and cold when it's hot out.

- Travis T

Pay for the extra features.

Is fine for shorter trips. Ride not as smooth as our trailblazer. Very basic model, knowing this now would have spent extra to get more features such as power seats, better speaker system, and heated seats. Good gas mileage, plenty of space inside. Love the hands free phone feature.

- Lisa N

What a great vehicle. Drives great and very economical.

This vehicle is very economical the seats are very comfortable it gets good gas mileage. OnStar is great. This car has a lot of room in it. This car is a beautiful gray color the hatch on the back is so easy to lift up and put down. I really love this vehicle it is so nice to drive.

- Julie L

A fabulous car that is versatile and will work for any family.

Inconsistent gas mileage, need frequent oil changes, overall a really great car. Very roomy inside and out. For the year, it is very technologically advanced. Great radio, wish it had Bluetooth. Drives like a beautiful car. Steering is great and the overall experience is wonderful.

- Maximus J

This is a great SUV with lots of extra little luxuries.

I love the backup camera. I love that I can connect my phone to the car and play my music through it. I love the eco mode to save on gas. It is very roomy and a drives very smoothly. I like the 911 and on star options it. I love that I can speak on my phone through the car as well.

- Tracy G

Small problems, but overall good car.

Great car with great space. Lots of area in the trunk. Drives and handles nicely. More fuel efficient than I would have expected from an SUV. Basic features inside (auxiliary, CD player, etc.). Had problems with power steering and a few other engine parts, but overall a good car.

- Tony H

Great SUV. Very easy to drive & love the backup camera.

My first SUV, love the ride, very reliable. I like the design of the equinox. Ours needed some repairs to the engine, covered under warranty. I will definitely look at the newer models when ready to buy. The next one I want a sunroof & the weather protection mats. Great SUV.

- Della D

2012 Chevrolet Equinox review.

The Chevy Equinox has been a great vehicle for most of the time I have owned it. Comfortable to drive and ride in, plenty of legroom in the second row, nice amount of cargo room. After hitting 100, 000 miles however, we are noticing more issues with the battery life and engine.

- Lina S

This is a good- looking reliable vehicle with no problems.

Our Equinox is very reliable. We have not had any problems with it. Gas mileage is reasonable. It is a very nice looking vehicle; paint and appearance has remained very nice. I wish it was just a little larger, other than that I have no complaints at all about this vehicle.

- Alice W

SUV that is great on gas!

The car is amazing. It is a great size and can fit a lot but still gets great gas mileage. It runs really smooth and picks up speed quickly for a v4. It is great in the winter and is really safe. The Chevy equinox is an overall great family car! I could not be happier with it!

- Hanna F

2012 Chevrolet Equinox ltz 4 door.

I had problems with the engine at the beginning due to miscommunication by the dealer regarding frequency of oil changes. Dealership acknowledged error and made all repairs.. Even after warranty.. Free of charge other than that, the car has been very reliable & easy to drive.

- Sheri S

The way that the stereo is set up is nice with the touch screen.

I really like the look of my equinox! I think that it looks like a hip mom car. I have leather interior and a sunroof so those are both a bonus! It has a pretty good sized trunk and I can fit almost anything into it when the seats are put down. I would recommend this vehicle!

- Amber C

I'm planning on buying me a new car

It class action law suite on my car.. When getting oil change I have to add another more oil every thousand mile. Overall my truck is okay. Good on gas n with the air get colder Don't buy this car Don't buy this car Don't buy this car I would not recommend this car to nobody

- Angela W

My nice ride and I enjoy it everyday.

My equinox windshield wipers is not working and I need new tires. The car drive smooth with no problems. It has four doors and a nice big trunk. I love my vehicle it is nice and runs smooth, it was not too expensive. I drive it to work all the time including going to school.

- Marcy L

Luxury. Good engine. Great space. Premium seats.

My car is high performance, fuel saver, very comfortable and luxury, the engine is great and reliable, in high road very strong and stable, good for family and also good space inside, body designed very comfortable and seats are luxury, very nice car to own, it is a big car.

- Ahmed S

It is very sturdy. Whether people, luggage, or plants it accommodates all.

My Chevy Equinox has been a good cross between a car and SUV. It is very comfortable to drive. legroom is very good. We have traveled long trips with 4 people and are still talking to each other. Wish the gas mileage was better but I be heard the newer one are gas efficient.

- Sherry S

Family equinox that can work hard.

Roomy without being too big. Has upgraded to me luxury such as heated seats and heated mirrors. Mine is a v6 AWD. I would replace with a newer model. Also has Sirius radio capability but I do not use nor do I use the OnStar feature. Drives well. Handles bumps with no bounce.

- Prissy W

2012 Equinox LTZ-fantastic family SUV

Overall, I love my Equinox. It's roomy, the interior is nice, plenty of trunk space and it fits two car seats perfect. The only negative I have is that there is no CarPlay, o have to have my phone plugged in to listen to music, and I can't get texts through my touch screen.

- Mandy B

My 2012 equinox car review.

This car has great gas mileage and is the perfect size for what I need. It has been very reliable and the parts have lasted for a long time, and when they do need replaced the parts are very reasonably priced. A great car for the price., I would definitely purchase another.

- Heather F

Very great family vehicle with plenty of space and great gas mileage.

It's a very reliable vehicle. It is great on gas and very spacious. I use it when I travel long distances because my husband has a smaller vehicle. I haven't really had many issues with the vehicle except one thing and it was minor. I would recommend this vehicle to people.

- Brittany M

All wheel drive in the state I live in.

Rebuilt engine, reliable, fun to drive, good gas mileage, very comfortable, love the color, fold down back seat allows me to haul my animals around. Back camera allows me to keep me from backing into someone. I love the all wheel drive in the winter in the state I live in.

- Nancy A

It is white, it has dark interior, I like taking it on road trips.

I like my car because it has good gas mileage and drives smooth. It is comfortable and I can store a lot in the car. I do not like that my brake pads have gone out multiple time since I started driving it and I haven't put that many miles on it. I like the color of my car.

- Tyler F

2012 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ top car of the year with all bells and whistles.

This is a great driving car. It has plenty take off and acceleration. The comfort is wonderful from leather seats to automatic moonroof. Very safe too with all the bells and whistles. Safest car I have ever driven. Has lane change warning, backup camera and cruise control.

- Carol M

My equinox is great until the engine started messing up

Engine problems that shop owners can't figure out. won't go when you press gas pedal. If setting idling for a while it will start trying to die. When running right it is a great vehicle and my wife and I love it. Great backseat for passengers and rides great on the highway

- Will G

Great on the outside, ugly on the inside

Rust on most of vehicles been fixed twice engine issue and oil burning issues I never had in my previous Chevrolet cobalt. Axel is also broken. All of these things within the first year. It looks and feels great though. If it didn't have those problems I would still buy it

- Mary O

My car and how much I like it

It's not big enough to haul some things it's pretty reliable I like the features it offers there's really no performance issues I really like the backup camera it has on performance for a 4 cylinder I all in all really like the car only problem it could be a Little better

- Ryan H

The side mirrors move once in reverse.

Does not get good gas mileage for short distances. Vehicle is great for hauling and traveling. Great pioneer sound system. Heavy frame body. Comfortable leather seats, back up camera, and sunroof. The vehicle takes off a little slow but once it catches up it's super fast.

- Raven J

Sleek interior and exterior design and highly reliable.

No problems, very spacious and comfortable. Has great electronic features like hands free calling. The audio in this car is wonderful. Sleek interior and exterior design. Not loud on the inside due to road noise. Backup camera is clear and very accurate. Highly recommend.

- Ellen E

I was hit head on and my car totaled, and walked away with very minor injuries.

I haven't experienced any problems with my Equinox. It is a very reliable and safe vehicle to drive. Chevrolet also has excellent customer service. The gas mileage is good for an SUV. I highly recommend the Chevrolet Equinox for anyone looking for a safe, dependable ride.

- Hannah R

Good quality vehicle for the price.

Quality of structure and interior is great. There is Bluetooth for calls but not for music. However there is a USB and AUX port(s). Easy to drive and handle. Blind spots above right and left rear bumper. I would like to see better gas mileage, I average about 20 in city.

- Hannah S

Inconvenient and expensive engine issues

At 80,000 miles I had to replace the whole engine. This was a repair that cost me 6000. It was time consuming, as well. Gas mileage is decent. The vehicle is spacious and is good for transporting kids. Other than the engine issues, the vehicle has met my needs.

- Megan M

Great, comfortable family car.

Drives really good & smooth. Car is very reliable & haven't had problems with the car, just the typical service needs. The back seat is very roomy, so tall people would be okay with the leg room. The back up camera is a really nice feature to check the back surroundings.

- L G

I love my Equinox you should try one.

I love the amount of room in it. The gas mileage is awesome. I have never experienced major problems. I had to have wheel barriers replaced. The warranty covered all the cost. I have it serviced on the regular schedule. I would recommend it to anyone. I love my Equinox.

- Jane W

A smooth ride with little effort.

The car can sometimes be a little rustic. The air conditioner does not always work up to my standards. The vents in the front seat are also covered by the steering wheel which sucks during the hot months. The car overall is amazing and was worth the price I paid for it.

- Kaitlyn J

Random title of a description.

Actually it isn't my car its my moms car. I like driving it that's all I can say about it really you want 250 characters to describing something that is not mine it's a reliable car very dependable good on gas and cool sleek & sassy wow seriously wanna long description.

- Yolanda H

It drives great and vans get a bad rep but they are pretty sweet.

I like that it is very spacious and I can fit a lot of stuff in it. I like the cloth seats and the overall look of the car. However, the several bind spots in the car can make it hard to drive sometimes. My major complaint would be the amount of blind spots in the car.

- Tori G

Economical Chevy Equinox-gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It is economical. It is comfortable and good for our size of family. It gets around well in the snowy winter weather. The seat covers are very durable and wear very well. I like that it has cruise control and a CD player, and an AUX cord port.

- Lori S

Great vehicle for a single up to a large family.

It is a nice vehicle lots of room. Handles well in winter weather. Able to load a lot into the back if moving or just out to get groceries from the market. Back seats fold down to give you even more room. Very good on gas mileage as well. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Randall B

One good thing on my vehicle is a backup camera.

My vehicle is a good family car. It's big enough for a family of four. We use this vehicle daily. My husband drives it to work. Overall we like our vehicle. Its rides good and it get pretty good gas mileages. It has a backup camera, heated seats and a CD player in it.

- Elizabeth M

Awesome SUV. Great mileage.

Great truck. Drives well. Very comfortable and safe truck. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to my family and friends. I've taken many trips with this vehicle and have had zero problems at all during any of them. It also gets great gas mileage city and highway.

- Mark A

I love driving my Chevy Equinox.

I love the size. It is perfect for road trips because it is spacious, comfortable and drives smoothly. The air conditioner cools and heats very fast. I have never had any major problems with it. I never have to worry about if my car is going to break down or anything.

- Lauren G

Review of my 2012 Chevy Equinox

I love my vehicle and would buy another one. I have had very little problems other than routine maintenance. Tires, brakes, oil changes etc. although mine is a 2012, I definitely would look into buying a current model when I decided to go shopping for another vehicle.

- Amy P

Perfect vehicle for the family!

Omg I live my ca do muggy! Love the ecosystem and backup screen! The sound system is awesome. My teenager loves driving it too! Plenty of safety features such as front side and back air bags! Great ac system also! There's Plenty of room in the back for long vacations!

- Kimberly M

It drives nice and gets good gas mileage and it a good size vehicle.

I like it because it is a good size vehicle for me and my little boy. It also gets us where we need to be. But it has had some mechanical issues that a lot of chevy's have been coming in with and the company hasn't done a recall so I had to fork out 1400 in repairs.

- Jennifer M

Stylish, versatile, capable and complete.

My experience with my car has been very positive. Normal expected wear and tear. Still drives and handles like new. Not too large, not too small. All wheel drive is a+ in the elements. OnStar and features a+. Plenty of room for me(6'1'). Very stylish inside and out.

- A M

Love my Equinox for traveling

I love my Equinox. It is small & easy to handle. It also gets good gas mileage. It is roomy enough for my two granddaughters booster seats too. It is nice not having to pay an arm and a leg to fill it up with gas. Rides smoothly and comfortably for everyone

- Mira L

Sirius XM, OnStar, and Eco Mode are fantastic features to this car

I love my Chevy Equinox. It has an 'eco' mode which helps save on gas which is incredibly helpful. It feels like a safe drive and is convenient for me to take my baby with me everywhere I go Sirius XM is a must for me and OnStar has been incredibly helpful as well.

- Sara H

This vehicle is the most comfortable I have ever owned.

The engine has a hard time propelling the car up mountains, but otherwise can go decently fast. The vehicle has the best gas mileage out of any vehicle I have owned, is extremely comfortable, and came with the roomiest center console I have ever seen in a vehicle.

- Kaitlyn D

Nice size and very reliable.

It's a great car only complaint is the back seat wont lay flat down so you can't fit everything you want in the back. Oh and first gear is weird when you are accelerating. Besides that car drives great. Isn't to bad on gas and is pretty reliable for being a 2012.

- Samantha W

Very smooth Ride. Enough space for a small family.

The Chevy equinox is a very good car. Enough room for my small family. My car rides very smooth. I would recommend this car to anyone that needs more trunk space with 3 kids. It's a very easy car, easy to get into and out of. It's a very great choose that I made.

- Francisca L

The SUV has outlet plugs for electrical devices for long trips.

My SUV is very roomy for my two teenagers and 3 dogs.(2 Italian mastiffs and a 75 lb mutt.) Even my 6'3 boyfriend is comfy. I enjoy the controls on the steering wheel. I also like all the safety precautions included. I feel that my family is safe in this vehicle.

- Laura F

Great family car for the money.

My vehicle is very reliable, it gets great gas mileage for an SUV. It has the perfect amount of space if you have a smaller family, I would not recommend it to someone who plans to have more than two kids as it can become cramped with three kids in the back seat.

- Blake G

we love our 2012 chevy equinox!

we absolutely love our vehicle it has great space and great gas mileage it provides a reliable source to and from work and to and from events have had the vehicle for 3 years and only had one small issue with the crank sensor other than that it's been wonderful!

- chelsea D

The Equinox is the way to go.

The Equinox is a very durable SUV. It has a back up camera which I truly love, push to start also comes in handy in the winter, it's a very clean looking SUV inside and out. Good on gas for the most part begin a SUV. Adjustable mirrors. It's a great SUV overall.

- Chanel K

Family friendly vehicle!!

I love the bucket seats! It feels like the seat holds you while you are sitting in it. The backseat also has a ton of space. I love that the backseat is also adjustable you can scoot forwards and backwards as well fold the seats down for additional cargo space.

- Joyce C

I can use ethanol fuel in my car, which makes me feel really good about burning something cleaner to reduce my carbon footprint.

I love that my vehicle has flex fuel and I can use ethanol gas. It gets pretty good mileage, has comfortable seats and I love the color, which is a pearly tan. I do wish it was a little bigger, I has a Murano that was really roomy and now sometimes I miss that.

- Sarah K

Bluetooth, leather seats, sunroof/moonroof, aluminum wheels, navigation system.

I really love my Chevy Equinox. It is gives great mileage and it is extremely reliable for me and my family. I love the leather heated seats and the power lumbar adjustment for the driver seat. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for an SUV.

- Felicia B

I really love the touch screen

Well I just got this car 1 week ago and I haven't had any problems out of yet. No check engine lights or anything like that, overall I love it, it's all electric and touch screen I know I'll enjoy the heated seats this upcoming winter. Overall it's a nice SUV.

- Tammie B

Drives well, good pick up, the gas mileage is very good.

I got my car in the spring March of 2018. It works very good on gas mileage and also drives well. But last month my timing belt snapped and had to get it replaced the warranty covered it. But the muffler still had problems and I still need to get it installed.

- Chris S

Decent, reliable family vehicle.

It has a couple of really odd blind spots. It is roomy enough. The back has enough room for a decent Costco trip. We haven't had any major issues with it except that it seems to go through oil really quickly. Haven't figured out exactly why that is happening.

- Kristen N

This was my first 4 door car and I love it!

The only problem I had once was when I was in traffic my car overheated. Performance is great and reliable. Comfort is fabulous. I love the non-leather seats so the seats are not crazy hot when it's summer. Features include 4 wheel drive, ac, automatic start.

- Taylor L

High oil consumption and bad engine.

This year of Equinox has known engine problems but Chevrolet does not recall them. It has a high rate of oil consumption. I have already had to have the engine replaced. It blew out after 52000 miles. And it had regular oil changes and maintenance done on it.

- Amy S

If you are short, be cautious when approaching intersections because the mirrors can hide a vehicle.

I am pleased with the Equinox because it has been very reliable and economical. It is comfortable and useful when we have grandchildren with us because it is roomy. My only complaint is that I have trouble seeing over the outside mirrors because I am short.

- Frances W

2012 Chevy Equinox! Great model and long lasting

I love the space we have while traveling. The ride is smooth. It is good on gas. Since I have an older model I feel like I have to change the oil more often. The radio speakers are good but the vehicle doesn't have Bluetooth capability. A/C still works great.

- Amanda A

the vehicle is great on gas. and tells me my gas mileage as I go

I just bought this car used. I really enjoy this car . it has a lot of options including the remote start auto roll down windows on all the windows, touch screen bluetooth moonroof, I'm still learning all the things about the car but I really enjoy having it.

- shanna s

Good vehicle with one sensor issue.

It is a generally good car, it works well in all weather. I did have an issue with the sensors where my car would randomly shut off while I was driving. This would usually happen when stopped at a light trying to turn then shut off in the middle of the road.

- Avery W

My toy: I love to drive my ride I love the height.

In 2015 engine replace because would burn up after 1000 miles 2018 had to replace front wiper transmission 2019 replaced water pump ride very comfortable good gas mileage love on star feature nice seating easy to drive it needs a little more turning radius.

- Kitty I

The air con still works pretty well.

It is not as reliable as I'd like it to be, there have been several instances where it is battery has run out of battery. The paint on the hood of the car has started to come off and not only that the brakes have started to not be as good as they once were.

- I A

Chevy equinox is a great car.

I do not have any issues with this vehicle. I am the primary driver and find that it runs well. The features are not the most up to date as the newer cars but they are fine for what I need. We bought this car second hand and have had no regrets whatsoever.

- Sheila L

Reliable, safe, and trendy vehicle!

I absolutely love this vehicle! The only problem I have had is replacing the solenoids as this is apparently common with this type of motor for the year of my vehicle. However I have been told that the problem has since been corrected on the newer engines.

- Jennifer S

Love the car! Has a few minor inconveniences but is super reliable!

I have never endured actual problems with my car other than it being so lightweight in the back so when it rains, it is prone to hydroplaning. Another minor problem is the blind spots in the car, I try to adjust my car around them and it never helps 100%.

- Hunter W

Vehicle is a great small family vehicle but it will not be great for multiple kids.

I love the heated leather seats and sunroof. The touch screen radio is nice and the height of the vehicle is a nice level for me. The engine does make a weird noise and I wish it had better gas mileage. I wish the trunk was intended some for more storage.

- Kayla D

Blue lights give it an interesting nightly glow! It has a cute appearance.

Love my vehicle! It has nice cold air, great safety features and even has a touch radio! It features a big backseat and trunk space! It has automatic windows as well as seats! Great gas mileage! My everyday driver to and from school about 100 miles daily!

- Haley P

Leaks and problems of this make and model

The first few years of owning my car has ran great, in the last year I have spent close to 4000 on fixing it. Especially antifreeze. Water pump and radiator have been leaking. Crankshaft is now leaking. I have been told that these cars are prone to leaks.

- Abby F

My beautiful Chevy with its pretty color

It's really good and reliable. Good on gas and since it's not that big I can float around. I like I can save money on mileage. I have no problems or issues with the vehicle I have selected of choice. Four car passenger to fit my family for our road trips

- Ricky A

Best affordable small SUV.

This is my dream car. Great cargo space, amazing gas mileage, and low maintenance. The only minor downside is the small turn radius. It also has an eco mode to save gas. Which I love. It lets me know when I need an oil change by use of a percentage icon.

- Michele L

That it's safe and rides very smoothly.

I bought this brand new as it was stylish design with a lot of room for traveling. It is great for long distance gas mileage. It rides smoothly. The only thing I dislike is the helicopter type sound when one window is down and the others are up.

- Brent M

It is very safe for families.

I love how safe it is for my family and the way it drives. The trunk is big enough for carriages and groceries. It is got a decent amount of room though eventually I would like to upgrade to a larger vehicle. I don't really have any complaints.

- Michele G

It is a great family car. It fits our needs with two children, a dog, and a cat for any outing.

-Dislike the air venting to the backseat for passengers (freezing in the front when they are still hot) -Large pillars create blind spots when looking for oncoming traffic/pedestrians -Lots of room (seats fold down; fits carseats in backseat)

- Betsy P

Sporty with safety and comfort in mind.

The Chevrolet Equinox is a great choice. It packs a punch with style. It is sporty and comfortable to drive and ride in and has all the features that you want in a family car. It has decent gas mileage. And, it has plenty of safety features.

- Tamara D

More space and convenience needed.

I think my vehicle is of high enough acceptance and quality. My family has double in size and I must find a vehicle with more seating and cargo room. I would like more surround control of heat and air, speakers, and if possible cup holders.

- Tracy Y

Excellent vehicle. I like the roof top racks, for mounting a car top carrier.

This car is 6 years old, and we have had no problems with it. The only time we have put money into it was just routine maintenance, like oil changes, tire replacement ( 1 flat ire) we have enjoyed having a practically maintenance free car.

- Scott D

It is a perfect family car it fits two car seats diaper bags and stroller very nicely!

I love my equinox so much it fits my two sons two huskies a stroller my husband and I nicely it is the perfect size not to big so it fits in parking spots nicely and not to small where we are squished in. It has nice gas mileage 21 MPG.

- Cassy S

We feel safe when driving it.

I love how the vehicle handles. I love that there is plenty of room for our growing family. And just enough room for groceries. And we love the height it is off the ground... it doesn't feel like we are sitting on the road when driving.

- Megan B

It does not have a strong engine so it is slow to pick up but great gas mileage.

The check engine light has been on for almost two years, the transmission is beginning to slip, the car battery overheated and had to be replaced. Overall over the last 3 years it has been a very dependable car with good gas mileage.

- Samantha N

It has been very reliable for us. The trunk is spacious and the seats are conveniently adjustable.

The vehicle is very comfortable. Rear view camera makes parking easy. I wish now that we has purchased a vehicle with 3 rows. The back seat is not very large and since we have 2 car seats, there isn't room for anyone else to sit.

- Emily D

It is a reliable vehicle that I have always been able to count on

Great, comfortable ride, reliable and attractive. There have been no recalls but I had an issue with the factory paint job where large sections of paint came off on the roof and I had to pay for a partial paint job, thus 4 stars

- Sandy E

Be very careful turning right, the front window area is so large it's hard to see the curbs and anything up on the sidewalks. With a backup camera, some cars/SUVs show right turns on the screen.

It's an Equinox that has plenty of room for two people. The gas mileage is respectable and the ride is smooth. It doesn't have a back-up camera and I would love to have one for safety reasons. Other than that it's a good car!!!

- tom l

The AWD is great in the snow. I had no issues this past winter

One of the best vehicles I have had for the snow. I like the back up camera and touchscreen radio. I like that my radio controls are mounted on steering wheel. I like my remote start. It is a little too small for my family of 5

- Joanne M

It does not hold its value. I paid more than the car is worth.

This is a good reliable car, however just like any car it needs maintenance. Had to replace the camshaft sensor. The power seat on the driver's side front seat doesn't work anymore. Electrical wiring all wrong in my opinion

- Lesley H

It is American made of good quality.

I really love my Chevy equinox because it is economical on gas, it is sporty, drives smooth, bought new and have had absolutely no problems mechanical wise. If I have to buy another car I would choose a Chevy equinox again.

- Phyllis H

Great Family Car, just do your research first!

Very specious, good gas mileage for being an SUV. Have had oil consumption issues, brake issues and then engine will make louder noises at time. Like the car itself but most likely would purchase something else next time.

- Michelle M

Spacious, comfortable, and drives well.

I love the space of my Chevrolet Equinox. I drives well also. The only flaw is when the rear hatch motor quit working and would not stay open and we had to replace it out of pocket because the warranty did not cover it.

- Danielle J

The seats are heated and very awesome to sit on when It's less than 30 degrees F outside.

I like that the seat is adjustable but in order for me to reach the pedals (and I have long legs) I'm right up against the steering wheel. If I ever get in an accident and that airbag goes off, it will likely kill me.

- Nancy F

Would recommend Chevy Equinox

Drives well and is very comfortable in any seat. touch screen and satellite radio features are very nice. my only issue is that it is a 4-cylinder so it doesn't have the best get-up-and-go when you sometimes need it

- sarah y

Not only my car but Chevrolets are the most dependable vehicles on the road!

I love my Chevrolet Equinox. This is the longest I have ever owned a vehicle. The only thing is I would love to own a is newer model with all the newest accessories like wifi especially! I will always own a Chevy!!!

- Carlund W

It is reliable and safe; the consumer ratings are good.

It is very reliable and comfortable. I have not had issues with my car, and I have had it for almost five years. The only thing I would mention is that it has slow pick-up. But, overall, this is a great family car.

- Alexis L

Faulty electrical system can cause a problem starting the car or keeping it on.

I like the roomy inside and that I am far enough off of the ground to see around me. I like the back-up camera but I wish it had a color gauge for when I was backing up. I also dislike the faulty electrical system.

- Rene O

It's a reliable vehicle. Other than normal maintenance and routine wear and tear, it's in great shape.

It gets decent gas mileage for a SUV and is comfortable. My biggest complaint is when I have to have the battery or alternator replaced, it costs a small fortunate because of where they are located in the engine.

- Laurie C

My car is very comfortable for both me (the driver) and passengers.

Reliable, with a high degree of fit and finish. It has an aggressive stance from the front, front 3/4, and side, but looks like a minivan from the back. It features excellent red stitching with the black interior.

- Harry F

Vehicle has an app and app can notify you with any problems with the vehicle.

Spacious vehicle with a lot of trunk space and is really comfortable. Great features with onstar and Bluetooth also with USB connection and navigation system. Some features can be controlled with steering wheel.

- Brian G

It has a lot of room for bags and suitcases for making long trips. And plenty of leg space for 4-5 passengers.

I love the way my vehicle handles. Very easy to drive and the brakes are good. The seats are comfortable and the exterior look is great. The only thing I dislike is the miles to gallon could be a little better.

- Mike C

The glories of our car, nicknamed “noxie”.

Our car is very comfortable to drive as well as being a passenger. We have gotten an average of 25 mpg over the 6 years. Transitions to carry cargo easily. No major mechanical problems. Leg room is very good.

- Debbie H

It's a comfortable ride, with onstage plus it's good on fuel/mileage.

My vehicle has over 150k miles and i have experienced several issues such as the air conditioner stopped working & the back hatch no longer opens properly. Besides that I love the look and comfort of my car.

- Catrice R

It is fun to drive. It has really good acceleration and gets really good gas mileage. Plus it has a lot of storage space.

I like the interior space of the car. I wish I had purchased a newer model than used because the connectivity options in the newer models is much better than mine. I would definitely but again in a newer year

- Tiffany G

I think I can, but only sometimes.

The car stalls randomly, it does not matter if it is warmed up or not, in motion or a stand-still. I have researched it, Chevrolet knows about it, and has done nothing to impress any of us equinox drivers.

- Barbara R

It gets good very good gas mileage and I like the feel of the steering wheel.

The Equinox gets good gas mileage. I do not like the vents and the leather seats (they are very stiff and uncomfortable). I also think the side windows seem like they are not big enough to see very well.

- Sharon S

It has a smooth ride. The seating is comfortable. Expect repairs routinely if you own one.

I dislike that I have had significant ongoing repairs needed since I purchased it. I am glad I got the warranty! I like the fuel mileage and the fact that it can use alternative fuel. It uses too much oil.

- Sara G

Gets good gas mileage - unless you use E85. The engine loves E85 but sucks it down like mad. Gas mileage goes from 26 - 30 per gallon, to less than 20 miles per gallon with E85. Don't get me wrong. I the cost of E85 is 50 cents or more less than regular gas, then it is cost effective.

The vehicle was purchased without any knowledge of what a Equinox was. We love it. In the past 6 years, we have put 110,000 miles on the car with very little maintenance requirements. Complaints: None!

- Robert F

My vehicle is reasonably priced and reliable.

I love the color and sleek look of my vehicle. I like the gas mileage although I'd prefer if it was better. I like that info displayed IN the dashboard as well. I wish the seat adjustment was electronic.

- Jamie C

So much room! A reliable vehicle for my family!

I absolutely love my Chevrolet Equinox! I get great mileage and have so much room, especially in the back seat and back hatch! My Equinox has been extremely reliable and is a great fit for my family!

- Brittany G

It gets great gas mileage.

It is a great sized care for a family of 4. You can travel and take stuff, it will pull a light camper. It gets good gas mileage. We've had trouble with the engine eating oil for no apparent reason.

- Lynette F

It takes e85 gas and that is much cheaper to purchase

The only complaint I have about the car is the fm radio doesn't work.. The heating and air system seemed to be crossed too but no one seemed to be able to fix the problem. I love the way it drives.

- karen a

It handles well and will last a long time if properly maintained (regular oil changes and tire rotations)

It's paid for! Drives good. I've kept it maintained so it's in great shape. Now that I have 2 kids, it's a little small. Not much truck/storage space for groceries, strollers, even short trips.

- Yam C

It's a great vehicle and roomy for families! We love it!

I love my equinox and have not had any major issues with it. It's currently 6 years old and I plan on driving it as long as possible. It still looks and feels nice and has held up well with travel.

- Michelle S

My car is black with leather interior

I have had my car for almost five years and I love it! I haven't had any problems with it. I love my seats in my car they are very comfortable and doesn't hurt my back when I drive long distances.

- Madison S

It's a good vehicle for the cost, has been dependable.

I like it because It's easy to operate and park, gets decent gas mileage, the right size for our family and affordable. what I dislike is that there are many blind spots and It's hard to back up.

- darlene M

That it is very reliable and a great family car. It is spacious inside and has lots of room.

I got my car only 2 years ago but since I have had it I have put a lot of miles on it and it has been so reliable. I like how it fits all my kids in the back and has a back extra room for extras.

- Jessica B

Gas mileage is 30 miles per hour and very comfortable ride.

Drives and rides comfortable, no issues good gas mileage a 30 miles per hour. Back seat with movable seat has extra legroom and headroom. Front seat has lots of head room for driver in and out.

- Mary G

Great for families with kids and pets, plenty of room!

The thing I like most about my Chevy is how dependable it is day in and day out . Only thing I would improve on is the fact all the doors are rusting in the exact same spot bottom of the door .

- Bryant C

The riding and handling of the car is good, it's an overall pretty smooth drive.

I don't have any complaints about the car. It drives well and I use it to get to and from- there's not much I dislike about it save for the things that've been my doing. It's a pretty good car.

- Ami C

This car is a dependable buy that I enjoy driving.

This vehicle is fairly reliable, easy to park, and has an efficient temperature control system. I also enjoy the plethora of sound options, from the AUX cord to a CD player to Sirius XM.

- Riley S

It is a reliable vehicle that runs well and gets a good gas mileage.

I like the color of my vehicle and how it looks. It has worked well for me so far with no major problems or repairs needed. Sometimes I do wish the engine had more power than it does.

- Heather H

A comfortable driving SUV.

The turning radius is not good but that is really the only negative. It has great room inside for our two large dogs. The gas mileage is good. It drives very well and is comfortable.

- David S

It is very spacious inside for growing families.

I love how spacious it is inside for my growing family. I love that it feels like it's a car but is a SUV. I don't like the quality of the engine, I have had problems since day one.

- Dawn N

2012 Chevy equinox review

The Chevy equinox drives really nicely. The engine lags behind sometimes which can be a problem on the highway. I also have had a lot of issues with oil leakage but Chevy fixed it.

- Abby P

That it has blind spots where the front windshield.

It has some serious blind spots but other than that I love it. Love the backup camera. The room in the trunk area is very spacious. Like the radio controls on the steering wheel.

- Alicia P

Low maintenance transmission, that has no check stick. It has all wheel drive.

I like .it has all wheel drive, a sunroof, Bluetooth & navigation system. I don't like that it doesn't tell me when my oil is low. There is now way to check transmission fluid.

- Debbie M

I like it because I'm short and the seat raises and I can see over the hood

it is a 2012, has comfortable seat, has good air conditioning unit and good heater, my family tells me it goes good in the snow I don't drive in the winter gas mileage is okay

- Darlene D

My Chevy equinox is very reliable and comfortable.

Very reliable and durable. Have taken many road trips and never been stranded. I do not like the expensive parts and tires that it needs because it is a more expensive equinox.

- Amy L

Great performance and reliability!

My car drives really well, it is comfortable, and seems to perform well in most weather conditions. It is very reliable making it a car I would recommend for any car buyers.

- Jim W

Very reliable car that has had no issues at all.

This vehicle is extremely comfortable, spacious and reliable. I have had no problems with it in six years, probably because I have taken care of all preventative maintenance.

- Rodney G

Gets good mileage and has OnStar and Sirius radio.

I love it. It has everything I need and the size is just right. I love the cd and radio. Very nice quality. My two dogs fit nicely in the back seat. And the mileage is great.

- Joanne N

It gets great gas mileage.

It is the perfect size. Great gas mileage. It is a very pretty color. Very smooth driving with a lot of pep for a 4 cylinder. The only thing I wish I had in it is a sunroof.

- Tina W

It is a small SUV that has good gas mileage but poor sightlines.

I like the gas mileage and it drives smoothly. I do not like that it feels small on the inside. The windows are small and it feels cramped. There are not good sightlines.

- Coral W

It's a great car for my family and has always been dependable

I like the look and the space that it provides. I feel that the gas mileage is pretty good for the size and capacity. It seems that recently it might be burning a little oil

- Franklin w

Its reliable. Looks great and great on gas mileage.

I like that it is easy to maintain; I have no major service repairs done on it yet. I dislike that it does not have very good gas mileage and the pick up on it is terrible.

- Tiffany B

Decent SUV for small family

I love the height, easy to get in and out. Decent features like rear camera, push button tailgate, built in navigation. Acceleration is slow because it's only a 4 cylinder.

- Katy S

Extremely reliable and great for small family

It is reliable very comfortable. Could have a little better gas mileage for the V6. Easy to use and reach features. Has some duplicate features but over all best purchase.

- Heather C

The different electronic features that the vehicle offers.

I love the body style of my vehicle as well as the fact that it provides the perfect amount of space for my family. It is also very stylish and provides excellent features

- Laura C

It has a lot of space in all seats and its comfortable.

Even though it is a slightly older vehicle it works well and I have not had many problems. The only problem I have had is with my windshield wipers but it was an easy fix.

- Avery W

Don't get one with a 4 cylinder engine. I wish I would've researched better. Hate this car.

Ok vehicle for a single person, but I wish it was bigger to use for a family. Very crammed inside with two car seats and the engine sucks. Who puts a 4 cylinder in an SUV?

- Heather M







Comfortable, roomy, and smooth.

Great vehicle. Has eco mode for better gas mileage. Confidante in the back door adults and kids. Great space in the back with seats that find down to fit a lot of stuff.

- Angel M

It's not been a very good running vehicle. Always needs to be worked on.

I don't like cup holders interior is uncomfortable and have had a lot engine and problems with electronics that make it run. I like the look and the gas mileage it gets.

- Jennifer A

That it's very reliable and has yet to break down or need any maintenance with exception of oil changes and such

I like that it has remote start. That was the selling point. I love the spacious back and front seat and it is very reliable. I would like to have heated seats next time

- Katie M

It gets good gas mileage and is very dependable.

I like the cargo space. I like the fuel economy. I have the 4 cylinder engine and wished I had the 6 cylinder for more power. Other wise I am very pleased with this car.

- Robert M

A lot of issues with the engine. I would not recommend buying this make,model,year.

Vehicle is great on gas mileage. I had a lot of issues with the engine, pistons,manifold,fuel pump etc. However, it was covered under warranty and has since been fine.

- Michael M

Good quality suv. low maintenance. good on gas.

I feel there are blind spots in the front half of the suv. i have to look around the large divider of the door. but i do like the review camera. and anti lock brakes.

- Mary k

I like the interior and the touch screen radio.

I love the look of it!! The only problem is seems like it burns oil and has trouble starting. When I take it to the garage they can never find anything wrong with it.

- Paula K

My car is a really safe car with side airbags

I like that my car is big enough to hold my family. I like the hands free call system. I do not like there is not enough trunk space. It's also not that great on gas.

- Holly O

Constant issues before 100k miles.

O-rings, timing chain bad before 100, 000 miles. Timing chain and transmission issues about 100, 000 miles. Car 'jumps' / 'lunges' when holding brake at stop sign.

- Rita R

Comfortable and Economical

Comfortable to drive and good fuel economy for a mid size SUV. I am especially happy with the safety ratings as I regularly have my 6 year old in the car with me.

- Ruth J

The most important thing is that it's safe and great on gas.

I like the reliability of my vehicle. I also like it's fuel economy and Bluetooth features. The main downfall is the size. As my kids get older, I need more space.

- Danielle E

It has has a new engine put in. New pistons, new shaft

I love the size of the SUV. It drives well. I dislike the fact that I know there are recalls out of it making it feel less reliable. I don't know if i'd buy again.

- Chels M

Low mileage 2012 Chevy Equinox

This vehicle is a smooth ride even after six years of use. Great on gas mileage, has cruise control, power seats, power windows and a Pioneer premium sound system.

- Melvin C

I take very good care of my car. and although it is almost 6 years old it is in excellent condition.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive and is very good in the Winter. I like that it is not too big but roomy enough to carry cargo. I like all the safety features.

- Stephen E

I feel like this vehicle has a lot of cheap parts that break easily.

It constantly has something wrong with it. It has had major engine work and I don't feel like it is old enough for that. It has less than 90,000 miles on it.

- Crystal D

There is a pretty big blind spot that take a little getting used to but as long as you pay close attention while driving you'll be fine.

I really enjoy my Chevrolet Equinox. It handles these Maine roads very well. It provides a smooth ride on bumpy roads. My car makes me feel safe in the winter.

- Britney M

It just got a new muffler.

I love the space in my car. I have a very nice car it is very clean and looks nice inside and out. I just wish it was a little more modern since it is a 2012.

- Jordan L

Because two members of my family are over six feet tall, the extra leg room is great.

Enjoy having the extra leg room in the back seat and the pioneer speaker system. The car is the right size for my family and we use it when we go on vacation.

- Fay M

Safety! Myself and my family feel safe driving around in my car

I like my car because I feel safe driving it, and I feel safe putting my child in it. I just wish there was more cargo room, and maybe a third row of seating.

- Amanda P

Same chassis as a malibu. so it drives similar to a car, but is an suv body style.

I love the size. It drives the same as my old malibu. Very similar gas mileage. Backup cam is great. Sitting up higher in the air is nice. No complaints yet.

- Elise H

It is a reliable family car, but it doesn't have a lot of extra.

It's a good family vehicle. I have enough space but a little extra might not be bad. It doesn't have any get up and go which I miss from. my last few cars.

- Sara V

I love it.....it's comfortable and exactly what I wanted

Love my Equinox. I had it made for me with every detail decided by me. I had done endless hours of research online and waited 6 months for it to be built.

- Cyndi H

2012 Chevy Equinox Runs great Looks great

Very comfortable , easy handling, not enough dashboard storage, starting to experience a little transmission slippage, 120,000 miles otherwise runs great

- Tom Y

That its alot bigger than it looks to be from the inside out

I love how you can talk on the phone through the vehicle, I think that's my favorite part. Also it drives very smoothly and is a nice ride all together.

- Sadie W

It has a lot of room inside!.

I like the size and the look of the vehicle. However, I dislike that is it a 4-cylinder and does not have a lot of power. I also dislike the suspension.

- Victoria C

That it is easy to drive.

It is very easy to drive. I love the back with all the storage space. I really like that it is very gas efficient. It is very comfortable to ride in.

- Sheryl J