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Chevy Equinox = happy carpool mom.

I love the way my car drives and the smooth control I have of the wheel. Unfortunately I have had a few issues with my vehicle that may or may not just be from lack of maintenance on the part of the previous owner. There was a small leak on the passenger side floorboard which was linked to an air hose, which after servicing has since been a non-issue. Then, in the middle of a heavy storm one of the windshield wipers slid off track and was riding along on the driver side window rather than on the windshield where it belongs. These were minor issues, considerably, and cheap and easy to fix. Other than that, my Equinox has been amazing! I have three kids, one of which rides in a rather large carseat and one who is a little larger than most kids her age, and miraculously I have finally found a vehicle that fits all three comfortably. The back of my Equinox is spacious and allows room for the many different types of sports equipment it takes to carpool to and from travel ball tournaments. The gas mileage has been a blessing, saving me many trips to gas stations during my long trips, as well as a little extra money in my purse. All in all, I love my Chevy Equinox and it is finally a car purchase I can 100% say I am happy about.

- Chelsea M

Overall, the Equinox is fun to drive and is pleasing to the eye.

First, I like the look of the Equinox. It has smooth clean lines and is esthetically pleasing to the eye.Inside, first thing you see is an instrument package that is laid out in a logical pattern that mixes digital display with analog. The steering wheel has cruise controls in it, audio controls for the hands free phone and XM radio. The navigation display is in two places, radio interface and instrument display which is handy for both driver and passenger. The satellite radio has CD player incorporated and the sound is fantastic! windshield wiper controls are on the right side of the steering wheel and is handy to use in any of 4 modes, The Equinox has all electric windows, and power locks for security and safety. The engine is a four cylinder, 4 liter engine that, with the six speed transmission has sufficient power to pull any hill and easily pass any slower traffic. The transmission is very smooth and seamless in changing gears even while pulling out boat or camper. One thing that I don't like somewhat is that the blower for the ventilation system is a little noisier than I care to hear although it does provide plenty of air movement to heat or cool the entire vehicle. When I buy again it will very well be a new Equinox

- Leo E

Small, slow, but decent SUV.

This car is a nice mid-size SUV. I bought mine from a local car dealer for 13,000. I had a Mazda cx-7 at the time and I traded it in for the equinox. I wish I would've kept my Mazda. The equinox is nice but just not for me. It is very slow (Mazda had turbo). It is also on the small side for an SUV which I do not like as well. It kills the oil. It never leaks but must just burn through it like crazy. Also, when in reverse/drive it sounds rattling and like something is going wrong with it. I only have 78,000 miles on my car and I bought it at 64,000 miles. The performance is not awful but it's not the best. It takes a while for it to get going and is a slow SUV. I hope to be trading it in soon for something larger like a Yukon or Tahoe. It is a reliable car I can give it that. No matter the temperature, it will start. The seats are overall pretty comfy, I have the cloth interior. The features are pretty basic for a 2013 in my opinion. I think if this car had more horsepower it would be a better car for me. It is very hard to fit two car seats in so I want to upgrade. But I think it's a good car for elderly people who want an SUV but it is not a family car because of how small. I would rate it a 5.5/10.

- Maddie P

Best compact SUV with great features and even better gas mileage!

It is a great compact size SUV and it has great inside features. The lt trim has leather/heated seats, in dash screen with the capability of adding navigation and DVD player. It also has a moonroof. This car has been great. Other than needing new tires and a battery, I have had no major problems with it. The backseat is relatively small. It is not much bigger than a standard economy size car's backseat, however, the cargo space is obviously larger than a regular car. Another thing I will say is that if a family has 2 children in car seats, the middle seat is nearly impossible for someone to sit in due to how much room most car seats take up. Unless you get slim car seats, you probably will not ever be driving with 5 people in this car. Again though, if you do not have a large family, this car is a perfect size. You get the feel of an SUV without the terrible gas mileage. Oh and that is another thing, the gas mileage is great considering this is an SUV. It gets probably 24 miles on average in city and I have gotten up to 34 on the highway. So gas mileage is great. Overall, I highly recommend this vehicle if you are looking for a compact size SUV.

- Mary K

Good until 150,000 miles then engine burns oil

I have a 2013 Equinox 4 cylinder LT . I bought the vehicle used it had been a leased vehicle with mostly Highway miles. I drive quite a bit in my job and I am religious about oil changes, but about 150,000 miles the car started burning oil and the fuel economy went to the floor from 35-40 mpg highway to 23-26 mpg highway. Every two weeks I add 2 quarts of oil and every oil change the mechanics complain about sludge forming. It appears to be a common problem for this engines but GM will not acknowledge or issue a recall. At this point the engine light is constantly on because there is a problem with the diferential. So my options are buy a used/ new engine, or keep putting oil until this thing dies and can’t longer pass the emission test in my state. Nice car, nice ride but Chevy did something wrong with the cylinders on this engine. My advice, don’t buy it if it has more than 100,000 miles on


What�s not to love in your new Equinox! Take your trip in style, and safety.

I love my Equinox. It is very reliable and it has traveled across the country twice without giving me trouble. It is a great size for me being single with a dog. I think it would also be a great car for a family starting out. It has a spacious backseat with plenty of leg room. The trunk is a nice size and the back seats fold down to create more room for large loads. The only thing I wish it did have was air vents in the back seat. Living in the south it is hot out almost year round and it takes a bit for the air flow to get to the backseat. The leather interior is beautiful and easy to keep clean. The sound system is great for anyone that loves a good jam session on your journey. I would recommend an equinox to anyone looking for a small SUV.

- Emily S

2013 Chevrolet Equinox smooth ride, adequate power, and great fuel economy

My 2013 Chevrolet Equinox Review would be the room is amazing in this SUV. The seat are made to curve to your body and the heat is amazing. I really love that I can crank the car before I get in. The back row seat is very comfortable and it slides for taller people to get in. I can have three car seats in the back row and there is plenty of room. The gas is E85 which I love, and the drive and control is great for this car. The downfalls are, there seems to be no air vents in the back, and the overhead lights for the rear only come on when the doors are open. The body is slick and the design is cute! I love my Equinox I'm a first time owner of one and I will purchase again.

- Miranda P

Chevrolet equinox: the best SUV for the money!

When I purchased my Chevy equinox the features that stood out to me the most were the reliability and low maintenance cost. It is the perfect height for an older person or a younger injured person to be able to slide right in with no step up or leaning down. It gets fantastic gas mileage and the safety features makes me feel safe putting my child in it. The only thing I would change about my car is the 4 cylinder motor I chose. I would recommend that if you travel major roads to go ahead and step up to the 6 cyl. Mine does the job for me, but I occasionally wish I'd have gone for the 6. I have had to have no major repairs aside from maintenance, they are terrific SUVs!

- Carolina P

Unexpectedly the Best Car I've Owned

From the reports of passengers I've been told the back seats are not very comfortable. Being a short woman I have found the level of the window is too high even with the seat up I cannot comfortably find a position to rest my arm on the window and drive. The backup camera is wonderful except the alarm, it goes off constantly, I wish it wasn't as loud or extreme, maybe had a better sensor where it wouldn't beep at things that really are not in harm's way. I love the ability to move the back seats up or back depending on if you need more trunk room! I love the way it drives and reliability. It's one of my favorite vehicles I've ever owned.

- Nicole V

Knit picking the Chevy equinox.

I like my Chevy equinox. It's really good on gas, the little 4 cylinder motor has pretty good pick up. The things I do not like is, you are only going to be able to put 2 car seats in the back. The mirrors are kind of small, they need to be a little wider considering the vehicle has a bad blind spot. The window controls need to be further down and not so far up, I always roll the back windows down and not the front because of this. But other than the knit picky stuff, the car is a smooth ride, handles turns really well. Maintenance is fairly cheap, has awesome sound in the car. I am pretty happy with the vehicle overall.

- David S

Great overall family vehicle.

Overall, we really love our vehicle. It work really well for our family and our needs. Our only real 'problem' we would say is that the seat does not lie completely flat when flattened to extend the back area for larger items. Even for a more basic model, there are still great features. There is OnStar option, we did try it out our first month owning or vehicle, it was really helpful to use the GPS option and called for help when we got lost. Sirius XM radio is also a nice feature for more music listening. Bluetooth connectivity allows us to connect our phone for wireless calling, great for long trips.

- Sarah N

Like size of vehicle, and it is comfortable to ride in.

Love the car, but have had major problems with engine! Had piston replaced first this year and was without vehicle for two weeks. Timing chain had to be serviced and was without vehicle for a month or so. Had to take vehicle back for service was not sounding, smelly it driving right. This last this for piston service had to take back again due to burning smell again and making a terrible noise. Found out something tech's forgot to do during last service. There were so many different things that went wrong do not have time to list them.

- Tanya W

Good quality vehicle to carry my newly growing family.

I have really enjoyed owning this SUV, with it being a 4 cylinder it gets great gas mileage. This equinox has cloth seats which could be more comfortable, especially the texture of the covering, but is comfortable enough for long drives. It's also has a backup camera with helps with safety during backing. This vehicle is also large enough to pack for a trip or the items necessary for my infant child such as a stroller and pack n play. We have not had any problems with this vehicle other than normal wear and tear from use.

- Heather M

Equinox is worth the buy!

The Chevy Equinox is my second car. I love my car so much. It responds so well when driving. It speeds up quickly and isn't super loud. It has all wheel drive. The car isn't ugly. It's a bit of a mom looking car, but I like it. The interior is very nice. It's all leather. Has a decent sized screen. I only wish there were knobs to turn to change the heating instead of having to look at the screen. It also has heated seats, which is nice during those cold mornings. The windshield defrosts so much quicker than my first car.

- Melissa G

6 cylinder AWD more ideal in Equinox

The 2013 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ is very stylish and sleek. I love the leather seating, upgraded features (seat warmers, navigation, moonroof, etc), and overall roominess of the vehicle. I do not, however, think that the 4 cylinder engine has enough get up and go for the vehicle. The 6 cylinder is much better. FWD is also not ideal for Michigan weather- My tires often spin when trying to get through a snowy parking lot. Overall, I have enjoyed the equinox, but if buying again would make sure to get an AWD 6 cylinder.

- Melanie Z

The best car for road trips

I love my car! It is spacious and comfortable and fantastic for short, or long, road trips! Back seats can fold down leaving enough space for a couple to sleep whilst on lengthy road trips! Not to mention good enough gas mileage you won't go broke! It is a 'mom car' as my friends joke. It is amazingly reliable and looks like an SUV, but you know it's the best you could've asked for. It gets the job done, and it does it fantastically. No worrying about gas expenses or space like you would with a muscle car.

- Chance H

Love this small but roomy, very safe vehicle.

I haven't had any problems, but there is a recall for the wiper motor. I love this vehicle. It is roomy without being too big. I feel like it is the perfect vehicle for me. I can see well out of all the windows. I have driven it on multiple trips and had no complaints and no worries about it breaking down or anything. I feel completely secure in this vehicle. I have let my niece drive multiple times because I know she is safe in this vehicle. If I ever need another vehicle, it would another Chevy Equinox.

- Linda G

Best car I've owned thus far

I love my Chevy equinox. It's perfect for our 3 person family currently and a great first mom car as you could say. It holds her stroller in the back along with groceries. It rides very smoothly and I would recommend this vehicle to first time parents especially. It has great gas mileage with its eco fuel button. It also has XM radio which is really nifty to have. The center console is super deep and roomy as well. The seats are comfy and easy to clean along with the floorboards. Best vehicle I've owned.

- Chloe O

Most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned.

We purchased our used Chevy equinox 2 years ago. We have never had an issue in performance or reliability. We traveled cross country in it, through deserts and mountains, and it was amazingly comfortable. We do not have any of the newer model upgrades (back-up cameras, GPS, etc.), but we are not interested in the extra distractions. The interior size is bigger than other SUVs that we looked at prior to purchasing. The cargo area is enormous and when you lay down the back seat, it holds a lot.

- Laura V

Chevy Equinox is very spacious for kids.

I love my car, it is very spacious and large and has a very large trunk. A great size for having kids and to carry a stroller along with us. The reason I got this car was because 2 car seats in a small car was getting to cramped. One thing I don't like about it is that it is not anywhere close to our Chevy Cruze in speed the pick up is very slow. The reliability of this car is great since buying it I have had no maintenance issues. The car being so spacious makes the comfort of it amazing.

- Hannah M

Great headlights. Heater. Backup camera is great.

It took me awhile to get used to the bigness of the vehicle. But now I can parallel park if. I love the big mirrors. Great heater. Big headlights. Hunky totes. It is harder to see out of. I us the mirrors and back up cameras all the time. It is at 85000 miles and some things are string to go wrong. I was able to get so many more miles out of my Mazda’s. I had two in a row. So we will see how it goes with the equinox. I am one who liked to keep cars a long time. I take good care of them.

- Cindy K

Good on gas mileage and easy maintenance. Big trunk space.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I have plenty of room for my kids and boyfriends kids and all their activities. My trunk makes it easy to go grocery shopping. Plenty it room and easy access. I have plenty of room for tubes and belongings when I go tubing on the river with friends. My truck has not given me any issues as far as repairs or maintenance. I do keep up on oil changes and routine check ups. I have traveled many miles in my vehicle. Very dependable comfortable and good on gas.

- Rachel M

You can't fit more than 2 car seats.

I love my 2013 Equinox. I've never had any problems with it. The only thing I can think of I would change is when looking out the windshield, the plastic that comes down the sides is a little wide, which can cause a blind spot when your making a turn. My sons infant car seat fit very snug and safe. You can only fit 2 car seats in the back. A infant seat and two boosters are pretty tight. But the back seat fold completely down, which definitely comes in handy. And It's great on gas.

- Vanessa M

We have had very few to no issues with this car and it is perfect for our family of four.

I absolutely love our car. At the time we bought it I needed Bluetooth for talking on the phone because I was working in a state that required hand free devices. I love that feature. We are able to pack a LOT into the back hatch. The back seat can slide up or back to allow either more leg space or more storage space. We have one car seat and one booster seat in the back. We are still able to use the middle seat in the back but it is tight. There is plenty of legroom in the front.

- Jennifer K

Spacious SUV with a lot to offer.

I love my SUV, it is very reliable. The most I have had to do was keep up light maintenance, for example tire rotations, oil changes. I have only replaced all the tires as of recently and that is because my job requires me to drive a lot. I have had the vehicle for the last 3 years. The comfort is great and I have so much space. The back seat folds down and it allows for even more space to haul things if you need to. It also has satellite radio and a great sound system.

- Tee C

The equinox: a reliable option for all types of weather.

I love how my car performs in bad weather-it's great in rain, snow, and ice-all wheel drive is great. I find it to be a reliable vehicle and have only had to do regular maintenance on it. In addition, it gets good gas mileage. Problems include lack of vents in the back of the vehicle-passengers easily overheat. In addition, the car has a lot of blind spots. I find the seats to be comfortable but my husband's lower back hurts after sitting for long periods in the car.

- Kate H

It's a 4 cylinder but still a big vehicle to take out especially on road trips.

Since I got the car it has been very reliable! I've had no problems with it. I bought it used with 89k miles, I commute to my job regularly in my car. Since I've had it I'm up to 142k miles and still runs like when I got it. The inside is very spacious compared to my last car. Definitely a car I would recommend people to get, especially if you have kids. You get the feel of a small SUV without the expensive gas. Mine is a 4 cylinder and my gas lasts me a long time.

- Delilah G

Chevy equinox: very versatile vehicle.

Car has been extremely dependable on many adventures cross country. Has been off roading, through streams, and the mountains. Leather seats with seat warmers is a great feature. Love the look of the vehicle and gas mileage is decent. Have not had any problems with this vehicle and have put over 60,000 miles on the car in the last 3 years. Will definitely buy another Chevrolet vehicle and will probably buy a newer model equinox when it's time for a new vehicle.

- Tori S

The transmission can shift pretty hard a times.

Cons: the biggest issue so far is having worn out motor mounts already when the vehicle only has 69, 000 miles. The a/c also makes a noise that the dealership couldn't figure out how to fix it. I also wish the equinox had a higher ground clearance. Pros: the backseat is definitely roomy and I love the fact the bench can move up and down. I really like the notification screen on the dash where I can see tire pressure, oil percentage, gas mileage, etc. . .

- Allison H

Spacious, reliable, family vehicle

I love that the car is spacious. It also has a decent size trunk which is helpful when needing to move things. I also love that the car has 4 wheel drive. This option makes me feel more safe while driving in the winter time. I am not sure if it is because my car has more mileage on it or not, but I did have an issue with the engine that required me to get a newer one put in. I have heard that some other equinox's have dealt with this similar situation.

- Casey J

Chevy Equinox = Oil burner

I love the gas mileage (25 + mpg) and features like heated seats and sunroof. I have, however, had to have the windshield wiper motor replaced(recalled) and other engine work done. The vehicle also uses more oil than it should. I have also had to have the air conditioning worked on as it suddenly stopped working while on a trip out of town. Others that I have talked with that have owned an Equinox have had the same or very similar problems.

- Stephanie B

It is the perfect size vehicle for a small family!

First of all I like how much room my vehicle has in it. It can comfortably seat 5 people and there is still a ton of room to put stuff in the trunk area. This has made it the perfect vehicle for family vacations. I also like that it gets relatively good gas mileage for an suv. One of the only complaints I have is that the back up camera for my year model doesn't have lines for you to gauge your distance other than that I have no complaints.

- Mia L

Equinox is a wonderful car.

For me the equinox has great gas mileage and great for toting around the kids. The trunk space is roomy. Has several USB ports for charging your devices on the go. Middle console has proven convenient for me as I am able to store documents inside rather than leaving them on the seat for people to see from outside or leaning over underneath the dash to store something. It is a quality car at an affordable price I do not regret buying at all.

- Marcy M

Reliability over special features

The vehicle has been very reliable so far. I have not had any problems in the 2 years I have had the vehicle. I have driven it on road trips several times. I wish the vehicle had more features. I wish the vents were vertical instead of horizontal because it makes it difficult to find a phone holder for it. This is important because I don't have a GPS feature in the car. Overall I would rather have reliable transportation vs. the upgrades.

- Monica W

I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.

I bought this car new and have had it for 5 years. It is the best car have ever had. There have been no problems with it. Just minor upkeep, which is to be expected. It is extremely reliable. I chose just the basic features available at the time and it is perfect for me. It is very comfortable to drive and the perfect size. Big enough to pack a lot in it for a trip, but not so big that it is hard to maneuver while driving. I love it!

- Layne R

It is not great for families with very children in car seats.

I originally thought this car would be a great family car, but then we had my daughter. The biggest problems are no space height-wise and no air filters in the back seat. With my daughter's car seat, there is barely any room for the passenger in the front seat. There is essentially no air flow to the backseat, which has been very difficult during the summer months. We've had to invest in a "snoogle, " to vent the back seat properly.

- Laura G

The awesome ride of an equinox

I really like my equinox. All 5 people fit comfortably in it with things in the trunk. We have also taken it to the Smokey mountains and it did a great job riding up and down the mountains. One thing that I wish was better was the gas alert because it only goes off once, so if you forget, you're screwed. I think that I wish that it had was a backup camera because I think that they are very helpful, but it's still a fantastic car.

- Lizzie S

Great car and has lasted for a long time. Very reliable.

It is very reliable however since it is pretty old parts begin to wear out. We have had to replace the brake pads a few times and some other things also. But that is what someone would expect from an old car. It has lasted me quite a while and I have put it through a lot. I definitely recommend this car to anyone out there looking for one. This is a good and reliable car great for anyone. I definitely recommend it.

- Ally P

Perks and disadvantages of the Chevy Equinox

Perks of the Chevy Equinox would be how spacious it is and how comfortable it feels to drive. Its stylish and doesn't make me feel like I'm driving a van or truck just a small SUV with lots of room. Downside are the electrical issues and air conditioning issues I've had recently. With the heat it causes my electrical for my screen to overheat and my blower motor is constantly going out. Overall it is a great car.

- Ally B

Chevy Equinox jet black ls

Great performance and nothing but a few minor issues with car age. Entry is keyless and, once inside, the front bucket seats and rear pass-through bench seat are spacious, comfortable, and covered in cloth. The mirrors, door locks, and windows are all powered for ease of use. The audio system consists of the AM/FM Stereo, CD Player, Satellite Radio, MP3 Player, Auxiliary Audio Input, and Bluetooth Connection

- Alta I

Great gas mileage, I drive 100 miles a day and I only fill up once a week.

Leaking through somewhere near the sunroof that wets seats, carpet and myself. This is a problem that occurs in particularly whenever there is a heavy rain sometimes however even light rain will accumulate and start to leak inside the car. Not really any problem beyond that big flaw. Car drives well, great on gas, awesome stereo, but if you do not like getting wet on your way to work you might reconsider.

- Morgan F

Very comfortable and drives really nice.

It's a great vehicle very reliable. Drives really well. Handles the curves nicely. Just make sure you check the oil and get it changed before 5000 miles it will run out of oil. Very comfortable with lots of legroom even in the back seat. The only other thing I do not like to much is the back seat does not fold down flat. I could fit more in the back if I could fold the back seats down so they are flat.

- Diana M

Highly recommended vehicle.

This vehicle is my favorite by far. The gas mileage is amazing (on average, approx 400 miles per tank). The seats are very comfortable and are heated. It is Bluetooth capable, which allows you to connect your phone to your car to stream Pandora, Spotify, or locally saved music. It also has the option to upgrade your instant service to enable an internal GPS function. Satellite radio is also an option.

- Jenny K

2013 Chevrolet Equinox LT: The Oil Burning Machine

Overall performance is okay. I love the car and I don't want to give up on it but the downfalls are starting to be a major issue. Oil change is needed about every month and a half because of how much oil it burns. My service engine light continues to come on after taking it to the mechanic numerous times... Each time having a different issue. I'm having more issues with it then I had anticipated.

- Carmen M

Great vehicle, would buy again.

A lot of legroom. Sucks oil, so need to add pill between changes. Class action lawsuits currently regarding the oil issue Decent mileage. Dependable. Rides nice on highway and interstate. Good storage. Only a 4 cylinder, I wish it was a 6. I have a 2013 and starting to see some rust around the doors that we want to get sealed up to make it last longer. Favorite vehicle overhead. Would buy again.

- Becky K

My Chevrolet equinox, the overall upkeep costs far more than it should.

It's a great vehicle for people who do a lot of traveling, however I have found that basic around town and running errands burns more gas and oil in these cars. I am constantly changing and adding oil to my vehicle which I see as a downside to the equinox! It's comfortable to ride in plenty of room for all! Overall I love my equinox, but I definitely don't think I'll personally get another one.

- Christy V

Backup camera and touch screen radio with Bluetooth

I love it that my car has a touch screen radio and Bluetooth another nice thing is that it has a backup camera. The seats are very comfortable and it drive super smooth. One thing I have had a problem with lately is that the computer part of it has been messing up a lot so it's been telling me to put my seat belt on when it already is and is sensing the my tire pressure is low when it's not.

- Kelly Y

A nice mid-sized vehicle.

Very comfortable front bucket seats. Pretty smooth ride with AWD. With the shorter wheelbase, the back seats when down do not lay flat. The 60/40 split bench is nice when hauling and have a third passenger. The controls on the steering wheel are very handy. The cruise control allows you to reduce speed without turning off and resetting. The factory remote start does not have much strength.

- Pat B

The back seat can slide back and forth.

I do not like that the back seat does not have its own vents for heat and ac. And I wish the rear view camera had lines on it so I could see where I was backing up into more clearly. I love everything else about the car, it is very comfortable and drives very smooth. I love how deep the middle console is and how there is a blue light that shines on the cup holder area to see it at night.

- Heather R

The Equinox is an SUV style car. It gets around 26 mpg and it is very durable.

I really love my Equinox. It can be a bit pricey to fix because it is mainly an electrical car and fixing a car is just pricey to begin with. It is really good on gas and I like that it has an eco friendly button. I think it is a very reliable car cause I drive an hour every day to work and I haven't had a problem other than the basic maintenance on it. Overall I believe it is great car.

- March J

Best car I have ever owned.

I love our 2013 Chevy Equinox! It is very comfortable! The driver side seat has lumbar adjustable seat and other adjustable settings. It has Sirius com radio and OnStar and we have used them both. We keep up the maintenance as recommended by our dealership and have not had a single problem! I think this car has been the most reliable car I have owned! Highly recommend Chevy Equinox!!

- Katrina A

Drive smooth, very roomy all wheel drive is a plus

My SUV has an electrical problem. My engine light has been on for a year. Auto shops says that there is a leak, but when I try to get it fixed no one can found a leak. I love that it's all wheel drive and roomy. Recently discovered that there is no vents in the back so when it's hot it takes a while for the car to cool down and the same thing in the winter. Other than that I love it!

- MaDonna P

Great vehicle for active families

My equinox is the perfect size vehicle for my active lifestyle. The back seat slides back so there is plenty of legroom for adults in the back seat. The rear hauling area can accommodate things like a small truck. The back seats lay down so you can get extra storage. Even pieces of furniture fit with the rear seat flipped forward. This vehicle is not too big, but certainly not small.

- Debbie O

Equinox - Be like everyone else on the planet.

I really like this car. It is comfortable. The back seats fold down for extra cargo room. What I don't like is that everything goes through the radio. If the radio goes out, so does most of the car info. Also, if you have a flat tire, you need to go to the dealership or garage so they can fix the computer. You can air up the tire, but the computer still says that the tire is flat.

- Linda B

Equinox is a great family vehicle

I love the Equinox! It drives very nice. There is not a lot of road noise on the inside of the vehicle. The size of the trunk is great for people with young children (strollers and supplies fit great). The only thing I would change is to add some vents in the back seat. Not sure if is my model or if all are that way but there are not air vents (for heat or a/c) in the back seat.

- Danielle K

Car issues, features, and more.

The car is very comfortable and roomy. Once you start having problems with this model its start going downhill from there, one problem after the other. You have to get the oil changed as soon as your suppose to or it will mess up multiple things on your vehicle. Sometimes the car will cut off without giving a warning. The car does give good gas mileage and it has nice features.

- Hill A

ease of entry and exit and front wheel drive

vehicle had low mileage getting in and out of vehicle is easy. The oil filter location on top of engine is unique. Vehicle did not come with a backup camera. Backing up can be tricky due to size of window pillars. Mileage is acceptable. Engine is four cylinder and could use more power for acceleration. Driver seat is adjustable but passenger seat adjustability is inadequate.

- Robert D

2013 Chevy Equinox - considerations.

I have had a lot of issues with my Chevy Equinox. Last summer in 2017, my car was in and out of the shop for 5 months. I have had an issue with the front axle that has not been able to be repaired. The engine currently makes a loud noise which is not able to be repaired. It drives okay and it handles okay, I really wish these two current concerns could be located and fixed.

- Jennifer B

It drives great and the AWD is awesome!

I really like this vehicle. I wish it had room in the back seat to fit a third person with two car seats also. There is not quite enough room. It drives great and the AWD works great. It is also comfortable. The Bluetooth available for phone calls or streaming Pandora is also a plus. All co tells are simple to use. The style of the seats also make the interior look nice.

- Allison P

Family vacation... Equinox style

By far best car I have owned! It is reliable and spacious which for family of 5 is important for us. We just did first vacation in it and the trip in the car was a great one! Kids didn't argue :) (plus for mom). The GPS also got us there in one piece. The functions of Bluetooth also pretty nice on long trips when you don't know stations. But all in all I Love my Equinox!

- Steph L

2013 Chevy that works like a 2018 state of the art car.

I really love my car. It is got a backup camera, Bluetooth, and comfortable seats. The defrost, however, is not up to par with the remainder of the car. It sometimes fogs up or does not work at all. Beyond that, though, the car is really nice. It drives well and for a car that is not necessarily the newest, it provides new technologies that have yet to go out of date.

- Emma T

My vehicle is an excellent. It has so much room for kids in the back.

My vehicle has excellent get up and go. I don't like the cloth seats for kids. It doesn't repel water or stains and the interior is not real durable. The exterior of the car is excellent as well. Tire performance s great and the engine really seems like it will last at least 10+ years. It's a decent family car. I wish it had a third row but I it's great for what it is

- Ashley M

The Equinox is a great family and traveling SUV.

I love the Chevy Equinox. It is has a lot of space and that is really good if you have kids. I also love the fact that the child’s lock is at my disposal. It also has a lot of truck space. Which is good for those who love a good truck space. For the people who love to travel it has a extra Charger space for your passenger. The Equinox is just a all around good SUV.

- Asia M

Comfortable ride that will not cost an arm and a leg to travel in.

The gas mileage is fantastic. I have driven from Oklahoma city to just outside of St. Louis mo. on a single tank of gas. I only need to fill up once a month for me to go back and forth to work. If there was anything I could change about my vehicle it would be for it to have a little more power than it does. It drives fine, but a faster pick up in speed would be nice.

- Carolyn S

A 2013 Chevy Equinox that has over 200, 000 miles on it to date.

My 2013 Chevy Equinox is a great vehicle. It is adjustable seats are very comfortable and provide great comfort for your back on long drives. The safety features are nice as well. I personal love the built in XM radio available and the navigation. Plus the back up camera is amazing. The worst thing I would have to say about this vehicle are the blind spots it has.

- Ashley C

Great car, but issue with leaking oil.

I love my car. It is comfortable and has been reliable until the last year. There was a issue with it leaking oil and some of the 2013 vehicles were covered under warranty, but for some reason mine wasn't. I was fortunate to still have power train warranty. Other than the leaking oil issue my car has been dependable and I plan to buy another Equinox in the future.

- Brenda J

I love the sliding bench!

I have not had any problems since buying this car 2 years ago. My car has a sunroof, heated seats, AWD, Bluetooth, and pioneer speakers. The rear seating has a bench that slides forwards/backwards to provide more space in the seating section or more storage area in the trunk. The backup camera is so helpful when trying to back out of a parking space or a driveway.

- Leah R

Very affordable, comfortable, and classy SUV!

Drives wonderfully! Interior is very comfortable, seats are big and comfy, love the leather smell! Backup camera is a big help. . The second set of seats fold down effortlessly, to provide enough room for groceries etc. Windows are well tinted, gas mileage is good, tires and rims really make a statement. . . Overall, a very affordable comfortable and spacious SUV.

- Sandra K

Love my equinox it's a amazing ride and great for my family

I love my Equinox. It's very comfortable to ride in for long trips with plenty of legroom. The radio is awesome. Power seats, doors and windows are a huge plus to me. The driver seat has lumbar support which really helps me. The only thing I have issues with his the placement on how to change the headlight. Its right behind the wheel which is not easy to get to

- Donna H

2013 Equinox is definitely a vehicle Chevrolet should not be proud of.

We purchased the vehicle new. We had problems with the oil always running out sooner than we were due for an oil change. We eventually had to replace the engine due to the oil and the vehicle locking up. We have had numerous recalls and are extremely disappointed in the vehicle overall. I wish I would've known prior to purchase how many issues we would have.

- Nicole O

Some good points, some not so good.

Performance has been good. Seems like it is beginning to have transmission problem possibly. Like the auto start feature. Like the amount of interior room. Dislike the obstructed view as I try to pull out. Good gas mileage local and on the road. Comfortable seating front and back. Sirius radio is available. Like the room in the front seat console - very big.

- Kimberly M

Chevy equinox is the way to go, my next car will just be a newer Chevy equinox.

I have had my car for 4 years. The only thing that is broken on it is a sway bar for the suspension. It was an easy fix. It is a very reliable car. I get very good gas mileage and we feel safe in this car per what size it is. I like the amount of room it has, the back is big enough for some storage and big enough to transport some things with the seats down.

- Heather G

I love that my vehicle has a backup camera.

I've never had a single problem with my vehicle, other than the fact that it may not be a good choice for larger families. I love how it's spacious enough for four, but not too big as far as driving goes. It's been a perfect vehicle for me! 10/10 would recommend if you're looking for a good travel vehicle, or just something to get you from place to place.

- Jenna M

Drives very smooth. to me it gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is not small nor big. I love the fact that it has Bluetooth abilities to be able to talk on the phone hands free. Also listening to pandora on my way to work. Just the right size for me with my knee problems. Not to big and not to small. Great gas mileage and being able to use the flex fuel e85 does save a little bit of money from your pocket.

- Sonia K

Chevy Equinox is reliable.

My Equinox is very safe and reliable. Last summer, I was t-boned by someone speeding through the parking lot and though there was damage, the body and the doors were not as damaged as they could have been on a vehicle that is not made as well as the Equinox is. The gas tank is large so you do spend quite a bit on gas but it also lasts a very long time.

- Chelsea D

Reliable, comfortable SUV. Great for individual or families

I love the equinox because it is big enough for 5 people and to haul things if needed, but it doesn't feel overwhelmingly big while driving or parking. It's been very reliable (as was my previous equinox). It rides smoothly and has excellent features. My monitor does freeze or restart on occasion, however it has only happened a couple of times to date

- Jessica M

Perfect for empty nester couple traveling.

I really like mine because it is mid size SUV. Sits up higher than a car so you can see the traffic around you. Also the gas mileage is good, I get about 23 mpg. On the downside I wish the roof was just a bit higher. Making getting in and out easier. I had leather seats added when I purchased for about 1000. All in all I am very happy with my choice.

- Tammy L

Very smooth ride, comfortable, stylish and affordable

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. I have black leather interior, which I love! It cannot get stained with children being in it all the time. It rides very smooth and I tow a boat with it and you cannot tell you are towing anything. It's get very good gas mileage and with a big gas tank it helps to not fill up as often as I did with my car.

- Victoria W

We recently replaced the battery, however batteries don't last as long in a desert environment. We also experienced trouble with the power steering, however that was quickly remedied with the addition of a bit of power steering. The AC works fine, however as the missus and I are acclimated to the heat we rarely use, plus it increases gas mileage. Over all it's a dependable vehicle, though I'd much rather have a Dodge Ram.

I would recommend it for young families. It is quite roomy and inexpensive to maintain. However, at times it tends to be a bit over engineered. A simple task such as changing the headlight bulb requires a search on google and the right tools. If you don't have even basic tools, your best bet is to take it to Auto Zone where they will do it for you.

- Roi C

It's a great size for shorter and older people. I'm 5'2" and I was seriously looking for a car that was "butt high" to me to sit in so that I didn't have to climb up or down into it.

I love the size and comfort, the backup camera. It handles very well and gets good mileage for an SUV (especially on the highway). The only complaint that I have about it is that it is noisy when traveling on the highway. You hear too much "road noise". It needs better insulation underneath. Also, I wish it came in a very light blue but it didn't.

- Betty B

I love that the back seat is adjustable. If I need more room in the rear, I move the seat up. If the kids need more leg room, they move the seat back.

There were three things I was looking for in a vehicle. It had to have four wheel drive or all wheel drive, good gas mileage, and enough leg room for my tall family. This vehicle has plenty of legroom. It goes good in the winter. It has decent gas mileage, but as much as I run I would love better gas mileage. I could always use better gas mileage.

- Kim S

Equinox is a reliable vehicle.

So far the Equinox has been very reliable. I do routine maintenance such as oil changes and tune-ups. I love the leg room in both the front and back seat area. I don't have any complaints about the Equinox. It gets excellent gas mileage both in the city and on the open road. The air conditioning is great. I love the overall looks of the Equinox.

- Vicki B

Great mileage easy to maneuver and fun to drive. Lots of room comfy seats.

Love this car roomy great mileage. Drives easy. The plastic bummer is easy to bump. And get knocked off. The seats are comfortable plush and comfy. The body is sleek and has great lines. It maneuvers in wet conditions. A bit of a blind stop on drivers side. Carpet is plush and protects floors well. Large tinted windows help with bright sunshine.

- Judith D

It can get good mileage. The car just major repairs 3x/yr.

It constantly needs repairs. The bearing are going out. Electrical for the audio went out and I cannot use the radio, back up cam, Bluetooth, cigarette lighter, and other things connected with that area. I am perpetually spending thousands at the shop on this car! I can get decent gas mileage. The brakes need to be replaced on a constant basis.

- Virginia H

To me the most important thing on my car is the OnStar feature. .

I love this car it has a sunroof, heated seat, and side mirrors. I also enjoy the fact that it has OnStar for travel and directions which works great! It also has backup cameras and will call for help when an impact is detected. I love way this car handles and the adjustable lumbar support for long trips. I will buy another when the time comes.

- Lynne W

It drives extremely well. Even in snowy icy conditions I have not had any handling problems with this vehicle.

I like that it is big enough to sit 5 people comfortably! No squishy here! The back has room for a lot of luggage and the rear seat folds down to accommodate even extra large purchases! The seats are easily adjusted between myself and my husband when he's driving. It's a very comfortable ride and quiet. It handles extremely well in all weather!

- Sharon D

The most important thing is that my Equinox gets better gas mileage than my Cadillac did on the interstate

I love my Equinox because it has all the bells and whistles as well as weathertech floor linings. We got this to replace the Cadillac that my hubby totaled. We loved our Cadillac and they don't make them like the one we had anymore so on to a SUV. The heated seats are awesome in the winter and having XM radio is wonderful. I have no complaints

- Regina Z

Great vehicle for those wanting a spacious vehicle with style.

My vehicle's performance is excellent. It is very comfortable to drive and fits multiple passengers with comfort. Even though it is an SUV, it is not too big, and it is very easy to handle. The visibility is great. The A/C works great, it has Bluetooth features, XM radio & OnStar. The Eco-Friendly feature also makes for great gas mileage.

- Melissa S

This vehicle overall has great features.

One of the best vehicles we've owned. We love how it handles. It is fairly comfortable, and really like the back-up camera and the safety features. However, we've had some minor electrical problems which have mostly been fixed. We would love for the car to have heat vents in the backseat and would really love heated seats back there as well.

- Maureen L

Things I like about my Equinox.

My car is ideal for the life we live. The hatchback makes loading and unloading very convenient for us, I really like the automatic close on the hatch door. The maintenance feature is great for me. The reminders about oil changes and tire pressure are really a great tool for us. I like the way it handles on the road in all types of weather.

- Deborah T

The Equinox... The Economical SUV of the Present

No problems after 1 year ownership, performance is excellent for a 4 cylinder compact SUV, braking is very good. Not really comfortable but for the money it an excellent buy. The rear view camera and stereo are a plus and the cargo area is pretty deep. The air conditioning when properly maintained is comparable to past vehicles I've owned

- Gary P

My vehicle is an SUV and an interesting detail is you can use the Bluetooth

The Chevy equinox ls is a very reliable vehicle. It is also a very safe vehicle. It can seat five passengers. It is not a luxury vehicle. It is not very big for being a sport utility vehicle. The trunk space is not very large. It has a CD player. It also has where you can plug up your aux cord. You can also plug up your cell phone charger

- She N

A vehicle for the whole family

I love the size of my Equinox. It is perfect for my kids and everything that comes along with them. It's easy to install car seats and has plenty of room in the back for the stroller without taking up all of the space in the back. It has been a great a dependable vehicle for our family from day to day activities and for family vacations.

- Ashley S

My daughter calls it 'rocket.'.

I like this vehicle. It tolerates a lot of highway miles well as I do a lot of highway driving. I am very comfortable in it. My family of four, two adults and two small children, comfortably travel in it. There is tonea of space o the back. However, with two car seats (or even boosters) there is no way another person will fit in the back.

- Christine G

It's very reliable and it's a great a value for the price I paid

I love my SUV because I have room for my grandkids when they are visiting. Another reason I love it is that I get very good gas mileage especially with me having to take many trips out of town. It's very comfortable and I wouldn't own another make and model. I've been driving it for over 5 years now and have not had any trouble out of it.

- sandra b

You can haul even the largest people in this vehicle, front seat or back.

I love the roomy interior, the look of it, the way it handles, even on really rough roads. It gets great gas mileage, I've had no issues that required me to take it to a mechanic. I wish the rear storage was a little bigger, and i wish I had bought the sliding cover, but on the whole it is a fantastic vehicle and I would buy it again.

- Karen W

My Chevrolet Equinox review.

I bought this car in 2015 in used condition. It is a great vehicle, and I haven't had any negative issues with it. My Equinox is comfortable on long trips and is a very reliable car. The fuel economy for this car is very good. I especially like the leg room in the back and is a good family car. My favorite feature is the backup camera.

- Jennifer I

Great, safe, and reliable car.

The Chevy equinox is a great car. It gets good gas mileage and could get better if you do more highway driving. It is quite comfortable but does not have many bells and whistles. Living in New England I would appreciate if it had heated seats, but they are cloth so it does not. It is very safe, and works well in New England weather.

- Alyssa B

It's a very reliable and safe car and the perfect size for a small family to travel in.

It has AWD drive which is a big necessity when living in the midwest where we get lots of snow. It was heated leather seats which are also nice in the winter. The other features I love in my car are the sunroof and the automatic lift gate. Overall I love my car because it's been very reliable and I haven't had any issues with it.

- Laura D

It's nice and reliable roomy seats fold down if needed

A dark gray Chevy equinox very reliable has a rear camera the only thing I don't like about the car is that the rear camera doesn't have sensors to let you know when you're about to hit something besides that I love it the option to child proof the back seats is in the front under radio so you can do it very easily love that feature

- Laci G

A family car that is great to drive.

The vehicle run very smooth and steering the car is very nice, the car is not strong on acceleration but rather smooth and slow. The engine had few issues but the dealer was able to clear the issues and made fun to drive always. The vehicle is very comfortable and leisure with a lot of space it he back seat as well as in the trunk.

- Sam A

Great safe SUV for any age. Runs great with all wheel drive!

Great family car! Have had no problems with it! A family of 4 and a dog. Very nice and spacious with about 8 airbags and all wheel drive kicks in automatically. This is rated one of the best SUV's for being safe and very well equipped. Good on gas and great on mileage. It is nice to go on a family trip and put the dog in the back.

- Elizabeth S

Don't buy it because it has multiple issues that have been reported on multiple models that the dealer doesn't resolve.

I like the size of my car and the adjustable back seat. I dislike that it has had issues since I bought and it was new. The AC has a mind of its own and will switch to heat on it's own. It also does something weird when stopped where it shakes like it's stalling. The dealer was useless from the beginning about fixing these issues.

- Megann V

It is a sports edition so the inside is chromed out with sports seats.

I have had this vehicle for 5 years with very little issues. Car works beautifully with regular maintenance. Since it is a efficient vehicle, parts are more expensive than others and oil change must be synthetic. Gas mileage can be better but overall the car runs fantastic. This is a highly recommended vehicle for gas efficiency.

- Gerardo A

Love the look and feel of this car.

I love the look and height of this car. I hate low sedans now because I feel like I have to roll out of it. The car is very comfortable. It is also very spacious. Enough room for two kids and it's great on trips. It handles great. Wish there were a vents in the rear of the vehicle however and the engine blew around 100,000 miles.

- Ashley F

It is a comfortable ride.

I really like the size and the color of the SUV. It has a great height off the ground making it a comfortable ride. It sits well on the road making you feel safe on the road. What I don't like about it is that it doesn't have vents at the back of the vehicle making it take a while for the back of the vehicle to get cool or warm.

- Katyce F

Great family car with lots of room

I really like my car. There is plenty of room for the entire family and a large cargo area. It drives very smooth and is not too loud inside. There a lot of storage areas with the glove box and very large center console. There is lots of lighting the car, including in the back seat, which makes it clear to see things at night b

- Ashley W

Great vehicle for the price.

Have had no problems with this vehicle. Absolutely love driving this vehicle. Has great gas mileage for an SUV. Very comfortable ride. Has plenty of storage for what I use it for. Good to tow a small trailer. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone whether they are single or multi-family. I give this vehicle 5 stars!

- Tim P

Fan is very loud when you turn it up past 3 or 4.

My Chevy equinox has been a very good vehicle for me but now it seems to have little issues. My check engine light keeps throwing codes and I have had some issues that needed to be addressed. It still drives very nicely. The only thing that really has displeased me since I purchased the vehicle was the fan is extremely loud.

- Ellen K

The car is the simplest model, but it is comfortable.

The car is reasonably decent now. I purchased from a dealership, and it was previously leased. The dealership unknowingly sold me the car with a bad engine. Apparently, the equinoxes from 2010-2013 with the ecotec engine all have engine problems. I had to replace the engine within 2 months. Since then, the car has run fine.

- Delaney O

Great car for a college student.

The Chevrolet Equinox is my second ever car, and I absolutely love it. Very spacious on the inside, and can fit all of my friends when needed. The gas mileage is also great, especially for a college student that comes home often. I really have not come into any problems so far, other than having to add oil quite often.

- Leslie T

Almost love it minus the heavy doors.

The doors are very heavy and have to be pushed hard to stay open. The door often swings back and hits me as I am trying to get out. It is very spacious. It is a 4 cylinder but I never struggle to gain speed or get up a hill. Drives great. Good gas mileage for SUV. Have had no maintenance issues and car has held up great.

- Kelsey G

Chevy Equinox 2013: Spacious and Reliable

The Chevy Equinox is a great compact SUV. It's spacious and extremely comfortable. I never have any issues with my car. I get great mileage on my car and believe it has great reliability. One of my favorite things about my car is that it has a great sound system, ideal for listening to music or podcasts during a commute.

- Kam K

It is just a good car to own. The price was fair and gas mileage is good.

Oil light staying on. It's great on gas and easy to park. I would buy another Chevy product. My only complaint is I could only find the SUV in black and there are thousands of black ones on the road. Heated seats is something that I had to have and I was able to get it on my SUV. I have back issues and it really helps.

- Sue M

It's a great family vehicle, and still has cargo space

I love the reliability and comfort of my vehicle. The only thing I wish I had paid more attention to was the lack of 4 wheel drive, and the third row seating option some other vehicles have. I love that the back seat is moveable forward and back like a front seat and that you can lay the back row down for cargo room.

- Kim A

Power windows, locks, and seat warmers, back up camera, and XM radio.

I love my car. It is has been dependable since the day I got it. I have never had to do any replacements or repairs except replace the battery. It has ran amazing and has been able to hold and carry everything we've needed for our 3 person family. I love the features and do not feel like I am missing out on anything.

- Kayla C

A comfortable way for a small family to get around.

The Chevrolet equinox is a very comfortable means of transportation for my family. A car seat fits in great and is easy to install. There is plenty of room in the back for extra cargo and groceries. The back seat has ample leg room for adults without feeling crowded. The Bluetooth feature is very nice and works well.

- Carla T

My vehicle is a 2013 Chevy Equinox LT.

For the most part I really like my car. It isn't fully loaded, but it has everything I need. I can easily connect my phone via bluetooth, however sometimes the dashboard system restarts unexpectedly while I'm driving. Additionally, the transmission is not great. It's an automatic, but the shifting isn't very smooth.

- Melissa G

Not recommended for families

It doesn't have rear vents so the back Seat is very hot and children in rear facing car seats get zero air. From day one it's had a strange shutter thing at stop lights and they've never been able to fix it. The AC goes in and out, hot and cold, like it has a mind of its own. Rear view mirror vibrates when driving

- Megan V

Smooth ride with great gas mileage!

It has good gas mileage but doesn't get up and go very fast if you are looking for that. Mine has had some electrical issues recently but other than that none. It rides good and has a lot of features including Sirius XM radio. It also has a lot of storage and towing space which is good for people who travel a lot.

- Anna W

Absolutely love my vehicle.

Only have had to change a few things in the car since I have gotten it. Theft system operates by itself due to hood latch needing replaced. Regular maintenance. New tires. Wipers are not cheap for the Equinox. It is absolutely the best car that I have owned. Said I would never go back to a Chevy. But here I am. .

- Emily K

Equinox for starting a family.

Amazing car! Great gas mileage! Works well for our family of 4. Only problem I have with it is that you can only fit 2 car seats in the back seat. So if you have another person riding with you they will be squished in the middle. Other then that the car is amazing! I recommend it to lol my friends with 1-2 kids!

- Raven L

Good compact vehicle for frequent drivers.

It has decent gas mileage. Buttons on steering wheel are convenient (volume control, cruise control). Vents could be better placed for air flow. Easy to clean seats and floors. Speeds up without too much effort most of the time. Good speaker system. Would be nice to have separate air controls for the back seat.

- Lindsey S

It is a great vehicle for the price. Comfortable driving (both in seating and access to controls for driver).

Overall great vehicle. I like the backup camera. It seems to be a dependable vehicle with no major issues so far. It has comfortable seating. The only complaint is that the backup cam will not display video at times and I'm concerned that this may be an expensive repair and may stop working in the near future.

- Jessica E

Want to start your car while your not in it?

What I love about my car is that I can start it from far away. With this Texas heat it is impossible to get into the car as soon as you walk up to it and not pass out from the heat. It also helps a lot because I have kids. I don't like that it doesn't have air vents in the backseat, and the gas goes very fast.

- Briana V

No Tint and Little Air in Back

The only things I would change would be to have tinted windows and air conditioning vents for the back seats. Not having them back there makes it difficult to have passengers. Not having the tinted windows makes it get very hot in there during the summer months. Other than that, I absolutely love this vehicle.

- Laura S

I recommend the Chevy Equinox

I love my car, it rides smoothly, and gets great mileage! I do wish the back seat had air vents but I do enjoy the extra cargo space in the back. I feel safe and comfortable driving it. My enjoy having the controls on the steering wheel along with the handsfree call ability. It has never given me any problems.

- Page M

Well designed interior, spacious leg room

I've only owned it for a few months, but so far everything is great. Both the passenger seat and the rear seat fit my buddy very well - he's 6'2. The cabin is roomy. I thought I'd miss the space my old pickup had, but the cargo area is surprisingly large and the rear seats fold down easily for larger projects.

- Russ O

I love my Equinox, with the small exceptions noted.

My Equinox is extremely reliable. Just wished the back seat had more leg space. Also the dash seems a little outdated compared to other 2013 vehicles. It takes longer for the backseat to cool with the air conditioner on. A third row option would also be nice. The grill on the 2013s is not all that attractive.


A terrible Chevy Equinox.

The transmission is bad, it has starting problems, it turns off while I am driving, burns gas unnaturally fast. The wheel often locks up when making turns. The keys get stuck in the ignition the battery is weak, it needs an oil change and tune up. I honestly need to just get rid of it and find something new.

- Aziz M

Very spacious, smooth driving, a bit of a gas guzzler.

I love the Chevrolet Equinox. It is a very spacious car and drives really smoothly. The one downside to the car would be the gas tank and how quickly it runs out. I drive my car every day to work and/or school which is not far from each other and the gas goes down fast. Other than that, the car is wonderful.

- Stephanie C

Why I do not recommend the Chevy Equinox.

The timing belt has had to be replaced twice within a two month time span. The replacements happened under 105, 000 miles. The vehicle is hard to drive comfortably because the window shapes create too many blind spots making it hard to see traffic from many angels. The car consumes more gas than advertised.

- Kathryn B

Comfort at a new level. Love driving.

The vehicle rides very smooth. It does not accelerate as fast as my last vehicle so that was weird to adjust to at first. I love having the Bluetooth and the steering wheel controls. It is very comfortable to drive and as a passenger. The gas mileage is better than I expected especially with the eco button.

- Kayla W

Great car for everyday use.

The car rides well . I am short so I have a little trouble with the side sight. The door frame seems large and blocks out part of intersections, etc. I have to be extra careful to make sure a car is not in the 'dead spot". Otherwise a great car, large enough to haul things but small enough to use every day.

- Ruth L

Screen constantly freezes.

The car started driving great but than gradually it seems like it will not last very long. The touch screen freezes often were you cannot even turn it down or off. The car shakes when the ac is on and when idling. It is comfortable and looks appealing but overall it is not enough for me to want to keep it.

- Barbara C

Most, comfortable, sensible, fun SUV to drive!

Seats are wide and soft and comfortable. I love all the warning signals when my oil is low or tires are low. Really helps keep up with the maintenance. Always starts, warms up quickly, cools down fast. I love the hands free phone and Bluetooth connection, so I can listen to my songs downloaded on my phone.

- Beth G

Love to Travel in my Chevy Equinox

Good-looking, comfortable, sporty vehicle. The gas mileage is great at 26 miles per gallon. I travel weekly to visit my father 100 miles away, and I enjoy driving this car. I have friends and family tell me that the rear seat has plenty of legroom. My son is 6'2' and he is comfortable in the back seat.

- Mary B

Chevy #1 in my book you won't be disappointed.

Great mid sized SUV for me and my 2 boys it's also great on gas. I am very pleased with my Chevy purchase. It is very roomy. The trunk space is surprisingly large. You will not be disappointed at all. The only downside is that I wish I had a moonroof, maybe when I upgrade in a few years, thank you Chevy.

- Rebecca F

Best Vehicle I have ever owned!

I love my Equinox! It rides very comfortably and handles like a dream. We are very impressed with the cargo capabilities and used this vehicle to move everything but our furniture! We get a lot of snow here in the winter and the All Wheel Drive is fantastic. I would not hesitate to purchase another one!

- Mary W

It's dependable. As I mentioned, not a single breakdown or major issue with it in five years of heavy wear.

I love how reliable it is, and how well it handles. It's never had a breakdown or serious issue, and I've driven it at least three times across the country, in addition to usual everyday wear and tear. I can't really think of anything I dislike about it. I suppose it could be a little better on mileage.

- Theodore M

I love how it drives. Always a smooth ride. We have taken it for 3 hour drives.

I haven't had any problems so far. I keep up with the maintenance. I just put new tires on it and new spark plugs. The plugs are easy to get to and replace. The back seat can fit two car seats comfortably but not a third. I like that the child lock function can be turned off and on easily by the radio.

- Jessica L

2013 Chevy Equinox LT (3rd Equinox owned).

This is the 3rd Chevy Equinox I have owned and the 10th vehicle. I prefer GM's as I grew up with GM's and do not like the low quality of Ford and Jeep. With 2 kids and 3 large dogs, everyone fits in the vehicle nicely. Great gas mileage, however, I do not really notice a difference with the eco button.

- Stephanie N

I Love my Equinox and would recommend to anyone to get

I love this car. It is very spacious, and comfortable to ride in. It drives very smooth. My kids love being fairly close to us in the backseat. The trunk area is huge and can fit a ton in it. My Equinox is black and is AWD. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to people with a smaller size family.

- Stevia R

Excellent gas mileage and road stability.

The Equinox performs very well in all road conditions. Has a smooth ride and has been very reliable. The seats are comfortable and I like the features that come loaded on the lt versions of the Equinox. I would highly recommend the Chevy Equinox to anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable vehicle.

- Lisa B

Sleek and stylish compact SUV.

Great on gas. Not good for big families. Stylish and sleek. Love the entertainment system. Wish it came in a third row option. Mine had black interior which really helps when you have children. Has a rough idle at times but only when low on gas. Would definitely purchase again once children are older.

- Tara R

Spacious SUV for small family!

I have had my 2013 Chevy equinox since 2016 and I have not had any serious issues. It runs great. It is spacious I am the front of the vehicle and back. Trunk size is good. Front seats are adjustable and are comfortable for long travels. All features on the dash are easily accessible and easy to use.

- Sarah R

Chevy Equinox LTZ- warm and cozy.

It takes a long time for the speed to build up when entering a freeway and or just trying to gain some momentum. I love the comforting seats that the LTZ has, the seat warmers are always a very great condition. The best feature of the car is the radio system since it is very modern and touch screen.

- Lindsey C

Check on a service warranty and extended warranty and what is covered.

The chevrolet equinox is a good value on gas. It also is spacious enough to bring family along. Safety is always a concern an third chevrolet eases your mind. It comfortably drives in rain and snow without sliding. Mechanically it is also dependable as long as you take it out for proper oil changes.

- Rene A

It is a very safe and reliable car.

It is a very comfortable car to ride around town in or take on a road trip. It has pretty much anything you could ask for, on star, navigation, Bluetooth Capability, heated seats, literally everything. It is a very smooth ride and a safe vehicle for myself and my family, two legged and four legged.

- Victoria C

Great car with lots of technological features.

Enjoy the comfort of driving it. Has a good entertainment system. Gas mileage is incredible. Plenty of room for the family. Haven't had any problems since purchasing. Oil changes and maintenance is simple. Lots of technology. OnStar features such as navigation and smartphone controls. Remote start.

- Justin H

It is very comfortable and has a smooth ride.

There are many things I like about my vehicle. I like the heated seat and I like the smooth ride. I like the way that it handles on the highway and in the city. I like that it has a backup camera. There is nothing that I do not like about it, except that sometimes the key sticks in the ignition .

- Shauna T

Chevrolet Equinox is a reliable vehicle.

The Chevrolet Equinox has been an incredibly reliable car. With over 125000 miles on it with no major problems, I am seriously considering keeping it as my second car, one we will use for quite some time! As a second car, I will be able to do so much more myself without having to juggle schedules.

- Allen H

It's the perfect size - between a sedan and an SUV - enough space without overdoing it.

I like the size - it has enough room for my two dogs, and any home improvement project supplies I need. But it's not so big that there's wasted space or the gas mileage is poor. It drives well and the interior while basic is nice. No complaints with it - I purchased it used and it drives like new!

- Lindsay T

The center counsel has a light in that makes it very easy to get into at night

It's very reliable, very roomy inside. The only thing I wish it had was audio Bluetooth and a sunroof. But besides that I think it's great. The center counsel is huge and has a lot of smaller compartments to put things into. The trunk has a cover that can go over it if you want to separate things

- Kelly R

My Chevy! Gets me to my grandkids and home twice a year!

I'm from Pennsylvania and drive to Florida often to see family. Have a 2013 Chevrolet equinox. I have no problems with my car! Still in great conditions. I needed to fix a problem in the emissions area and I'm due for new tires. Keep the oil changed and regular maintenance and my car runs great!

- Tiffany C

Equinox is a competitively priced SUV but I think I will spend more.

I like the look of the car - it does not ride as smooth as my former vehicle, GMC envoy. Also the radio was be really loud to hear it in the back - I prefer a much heavier feeling in the ride - would not buy another. Also we had to have the transmission replaced while it was still under warranty.

- Debbie S

Love the car for small family!

I haven't had any real issues with the car. So far I love it for my small family! It has great gas mileage, better than my boyfriends truck. I love the color and the dashboard. My only complaint is the seats, the material is a kind of mesh with holes and having a young child they aren't the best.

- Natalie M

hand free phone connection and backup camera is great for age of car love the .

only problem is sometimes the transmission slips but other than that great car good on gas, and has great leg room easy to drive, see from , and seats move great. The back storage has a lot of room. The hand free phone connection and radio connection is awesome. Love the backup camera is a plus .

- amanda M

Economical family vehicle that does not make me feel like a “soccer mom”!

I love my Equinox. It has plenty of room for our 2 kids and the back cargo area is great for the dogs. It is great on gas mileage and wasn't crazy expensive even though I bought it basically brand new. My only complaint is that it is not amazing in the snow but I would definitely buy another one!

- Michelle L

Great crossover that is sporty but family.

Catalytic converter went out. But the car has been amazing with trips, fuel mileage, and comfort. The o2 sensor Alison went out, which the mechanics said that these vehicles over 100,000 miles, is known to happen. It was an easy fix, along with the converter, expensive, yes. But easy nonetheless.

- Heather W

What I would change about my car.

I really like the look of my car. It has a good amount of space too. My daughters car seat fits in it very easily and there is still room for someone else to sit back there. I wish I had a newer version or higher trim though because it does not have rear air. I also wish it was a v6 and not a v4.

- Jenna W

Very reliable at a reasonable price.

I have not any problems with this vehicle. I wanted a 4 door vehicle. This has adequate leg room. It has plenty of space in the back. I sometimes think I would like a larger vehicle but it is especially good for driving back and forth to work. A larger vehicle would be nice for travel sometimes.

- Cindy F

Great car for families, spacious and a lot of storage.

Good size car for family, seats up to 5 with a lot of room for storage and leg space. Seats in the back can also fold down for more space. Good on gas and has a touch screen as well as Bluetooth. Has heated seats for driver and front passenger. Very reliable car and would recommend it to others.

- Tara K

Battery placement and lack of air vents

My main issue now, with children in the back seat as passengers, is the fact that there aren't any rear vents for the AC. The placement of the battery is very inconvenient. If you need to jump the car you have to have several tools to remove plastic covers to get to it which takes a long time.

- Ashley P

Reliable For years coming into electrical issues now.

Problems, electrical. Driver seat won't recline back anymore. Radio/display shuts off from time to time or freezes. Motor stalls every now and then when waiting for lights to change. Has 127k miles. Very comfortable. Has been very reliable. Starting to become unreliable now. Over love this car

- Lisa S

Interior superior room and foot room.

Never had any issues. Car runs great. Gas mileage is good. Interior is roomy. Music system is fine. Only issue is not having air conditioning vents in the back seat area. Would like more storage area in the far back area. Exterior mirrors with vehicle identification is a good safety system. .

- Nate D

Pros and cons of the 2013 Chevrolet equinox.

The 2013 equinox is cheaply made. It has problems with electrical shorts but is fairly comfortable and roomy the braking system does not hold up for much more than a year. Not as good in gas as you would think. I like the size and handling after 5 years the quarter panels are rusting through.

- Kathy S

For the price you will get a lot of vehicle. Check for recalls before purchasing.

Great SUV, but after 120,000 miles it has engine and electrical problems that the manufacturer will not fix. If these issues get resolved with this manufacturer, then this would be the ideal vehicle. It is great for the money and the space it has. Would love to see these issues get resolved.

- Nicole O

Dependable car with very few issues

My vehicle has 110,00 miles on it. Only problem has been with batteries that don't last as long as they should. My car is comfortable to drive in. It can be a little loud on poor highways. This is the second equinox I have owned. It has been reliable and I would purchase another equinox

- Stephanie D

Love the reliability and versatility of my Equinox.

I adore my Chevy Equinox! It is so fun and easy to drive. Very comfortable (even on long trips lasting 5-7 hours!), great gas mileage, very reliable. Big enough to carry a bunch of stuff but not so big that it is hard to drive. Will definitely buy another Equinox when ready to buy a new car.

- Diana R

Airbag /windshield wiper issues, otherwise fine.

I have had some problems with the windshield wipers, they were recalled and had to be replaced. I also have had issues with the airbags. The airbag light has been on for almost a year now and the dealership cannot figure out what's wrong. Otherwise I have not had any issues with my vehicle.

- Kristin S

Older features still very reliable.

Features of this model and year are a little out of date. Take awhile for music to index when playing. No on board navigation. But if you do not care about update features still a very reliable car. Have not had any mechanical problems in the 4 years of owing. Easy to drive and good on gas.

- Colleen W

Equinox is a reliable vehicle.

One thing is I am a college student and the size of the vehicle is perfect for me. Its is not too small nor to big. The gas mileage it not bad either and it's pretty comfortable. I can't really pinpoint any problems. All I can say is that Chevy Equinox is a great car and highly recommended.

- Evan Z

It is a great car for anyone.

It has heated seats and automatic start which is great if you live in a winter state. Additionally, it is very spacious and great on gas. Perfect for a family or taking a road trip. I have taken this car on many road trips and have not had a single issue as far as maintenance is concerned.

- Amanda H

Love my OnStar since I am able to make calls hands free and keep alert.

I have driven my Equinox for 4 years without any problems. All I have ever had done was oil changes. I am short so I love sitting up higher to view the road. The only thing that I do find annoying is that it shifts with a jerk, however, I will certainly buy another one when the time comes.

- Betty O

Great family vehicle. It is safe, comfortable and reliable.

Haven't had any problems so far. It is a very comfortable, family oriented vehicle. It has a good size trunk space and the back seats fold down for larger cargo loads. The Bluetooth feature works well and the microphone does not seem to have any difficulty understanding the voice commands.

- Cassidy W

Great family car, very spacious

Perfect family car. Great trunk space. Very spacious back seats. Very reliable, I have 110,000 miles on it and still runs great. Back windows roll down all the way which is great for my child who likes the windows rolled down so she can see. Heated seats makes it a great car for the winter

- Courtney D

In good condition, bought it used.

Comfortable and safe. The leather seats can be a little slippery. Unfortunately, no Bluetooth for music, only for phone calls. Headlights are bright and do not have to use the bright very often. Color selection of the vehicle was a wide range. Came with spare tires and decent wheel wells.

- Leah W

Comfortable SUV with many great technology advances.

I have no problems with this car. It is reliable and gets me from place to place. It is super comfortable and has many great features. The back seat slides forwards and back for more room for the backseat passengers. There is AUX and USB for listening to music and also Bluetooth calling.

- Rachel L

Chevrolet equinox life at its finest.

Everything is amazing and spacious. No problems yet and runs really good. Always, know what maintenance needs done due to digital screen. Oil last for correct amount of time and is easy to find. I cannot wait for more road trips in this vehicle. What not to love in the Chevrolet equinox.

- Kim R

Love the color and the space!

I love the space in my car. However, I did buy my car used and I had to replace my ac unit and my engine within two years of buying my car. Other than, those two thing my car is awesome! I can lay the backseat down and fit a ton of stuff. Which is great for long road trips with friends.

- Lauren F

Great on gas. *smooth ride on highways. The Equinox is safe vehicle.

I love the dependability. I have had this vehicle for three years. The back up camera is a little off sometimes, if the rear hatch is closed to hard the back up camera will not work. The ride is smooth but the interior is small. The driver's seat is close to the dash and middle console.

- Becky H

Chevrolet equinox is a great car.

No issues. Great car. We get excellent support from our local Chevy dealer which helps us like this car even more. The factory tires that came on the car lasted for over 80,000 miles. Car is smooth riding and drives nice. It handles snow and adverse weather driving conditions just fine.

- Josh P

Enjoying the bigger vehicle.

I have really enjoyed this vehicle since the first test drive. It runs smooth and the kids enjoy having extra run. The fold down back seat really helps when I need extra space. I did have an oil leak where the seal had come off but was replaced and there has been no problems since then.

- Sara B

The Equinox is the perfect midsize SUV for you and your family

I've had it for 90+ thousand miles. I've had very few issues with it. I just make sure to get routine maintenance on it. It's a very dependable vehicle. I really like the back camera and all of the various safety features on the car. It's very roomy, and generally very quiet to drive.

- Jake C

Chevy Equinox is a supercar!

I have never really had any issues with my car and I have had it for 5 years. My car is super comfortable to sit in and drives very smooth. The air conditioner is super strong and works great. I have a backup camera which is very beneficial, as well. I highly recommend a Chevy Equinox!

- Stephanie P

Air conditioning only fault

The car rides well but on recent long trip the air conditioner did not keep up. I like the room, size, and the extras the car offers. Other than the air not working well the drivers vent is set up in a location that does not allow driver to stay cool or feel air conditioning very well.

- Angie H

2013 Chevy equinox. Sits higher up.

I love my car. It's a basic model doesn't have all the bells and whistles that I'd like but I still love it. So far no problems. According to my carfax there were 3 recalls on this model. I believe all were taken care of before I bought it. I haven't had it for long but still love it.

- Kari G

A little old but good. We will continue to use the car till it gives out on us.

It getting old. Motor keeps making weird noises. Sometimes the windows do not go all the way up. It takes a while for the ac to provide heat or coolness. But it has been a while with us. We understand it from been our primary car, so we still keep on using it, till it no longer works.

- Selene P

A detail I like about the car is the remote start

The performance in the equinox is awesome the AC in it works awesome the body I feel could be made sturdier it has a rear defogger and rear windshield wipers. The interior is nice and easily cleaned. Plenty of storage in the back. Lots of legroom. Gets really good gas mileage as well

- Jarvis A

Chevy equinox 2013 reviews.

So far my car has been in good shape. I have noticed the engine does shake now when we are stopped. But can be fixed. . There really has not been any major issues outside of the normal things. As long as oil changes are kept up. The car is very comfortable and has a nice size trunk.

- Meagan C

Equinox is a dependable vehicle but could be more comfortable.

The seats are not that comfortable. It sits too low and I get headlights shining in my eyes. My exhaust system is rusting out. I do not like the front wheel drive, I wish I would have gotten all wheel drive instead. It handles well enough and starts all the time so it is dependable.

- April A

The back seat not only folds down but can move forwards and backwards.

Had engine problems. The back windshield wiper cover does not fit. No middle seat headrest. These are just a few minor things. The car runs great very roomy and good family car. Like that the back seat can be moved forwards and back. The spare tire is in the trunk space easy access.

- Ginia E

Great buy for comfort and family use.

I haven't encountered any issues. It works great and I love it. It is spacious and the back seats adjust to the passengers. The only thing I have had to do was regular maintenance. The crossover makes great use of fuel as it has an eco setting too. Good mileage in the city as well.

- Courtney R

This car is modern, functional, economical and fun for all age groups.

I really like the fact that my vehicle is roomy, comfortable, easy to get into and sits a little bit higher than just a normal car, so I can see easier. The vehicle gets reasonable gas mileage. I have plenty of room in the back for storage when grocery shopping, and traveling, etc.

- Sherie A

Reliable, makes long trips a breeze.

This vehicle is very spacious, great for children of all ages, reliable for busy people comfortable, perfect for long trips, oil changes and maintenance is a must, or u will see the performance change. Also great for big families, awesome truck space great for all type of weather.

- Sarah J

Why I love my Chevy Equinox!

It is great on gas, I love the backup camera, it tells you your oil life which is really helpful, spacious, nice looking interior, plenty of trunk space and it looks good on the road. I don't really have any complaints about it to be honest. I would recommend this SUV to everyone.

- Tessa B

Equinox yay and nay: My nugget of thought

I really like my car. It has heated, cloth seats, which is my favorite feature. I get 22 miles per gallon. The only thing I don't like is the way the seats are set up in front. There is no room to store a purse or such. The area is very compact. I miss my minivan for that feature.

- Angela K

Chevy Equinox is the best!

I love my Chevy Equinox. It is small enough that I feel comfortable in it, but big enough to drive people around, put my dog in the back, etc. I have taken several road trips in it and it is done amazing on all of them. I will probably get another Equinox for my next car as well!

- Cassie S

Equinox is a great vehicle.

Love everything about it except the wind scoop at the bottom of the bumper. It is always getting caught on parking curbs and pulling off. Despite multiple repairs it continues to get damaged when parking and leaving parking spots. The rear wiper is difficult to find and replace.

- Kathy G

Nice, comfortable, mid-size vehicle.

I haven't had any true problems with my Chevy Equinox that I can think of. It is very reliable and super comfy, and I'd recommend it to those with mobility issues. My mother liked the car because the seats weren't low bucket-style seats like the ones she had in her Chevy impala.

- Dee G

You will love the remote starter!

My vehicle is comfortable, has heated seats with lumbar support, an automatic back hatch open/close option, Bluetooth capability and a remote starter. The biggest issue with my car is the rings do not seal properly per a manufacturer's defect. Therefore, it burns oil like crazy.

- Nicole F

Reliable. No major problems. Good gas mileage.

The only problem with the SUV is the radio system. It seems to lock up or not work or freeze periodically. The backup camera will freeze on or the radio will not run on. Eventually it works properly. Dealer has never been able to figure it out. Otherwise I really like this SUV.

- Karen Z

Interior, exterior mirrors, and Bluetooth

Side view mirrors have blind spot mirrors and it might just be the best feature of this car. Sometimes has issues with Bluetooth connecting right away, but never stays for long. Leather interior isn't even necessary with the LT trim package, there is a very nice cloth interior.

- Andrew H

Plenty of Space for Family and friends

Love this car. As long as you keep up with the maintenance you should have no problems! I would like no lip on the seats though sometimes it can be difficult to slide into. It has plenty of space for kids and animals to travel. It has plenty of speed to get on the highway also.

- Carol B

Black sunroof with heated seats and backup camera.

I love my car. I will buy again. I have not had any problems. I love the sunroof and backup camera. It is very reliable we travel a lot. Gets good gas mileage. I like the heated seats and automatic door unlock. It has a lot of space in the back. The seats are very comfortable.

- Lynn L

Smooth comfortable ride. Love it.

Smooth ride. Reliable. Looks good. Awesome gas mileage. Roomy. Good storage. Comfortable ride. Sits high up. Good safety rating. Plenty of storage compartments. Feels good. Affordable. Seats 5 comfortably. Smooth ride. Fun to drive. Not sure what else to say. Love the vehicle.

- Sandy K

A great mid sized SUV for anyone

Performs well even when in Eco mode which noticeably increases mpg, the only complaint about how it drives is that the brakes are a bit too strong but can definitely get used to it. As for the interior there is a fantastic sound system and comfortable seats with plenty of room

- Karl T

The blind spot mirrors! They are fantastic and come in handy when you miss a car.

I love that I can hook up my phone to the stereo and play my music. I also love that it still has a CD player so I can play my CDs. The best part in my opinion are the rear view mirrors. They have a tiny mirror in the corners that help you see cars that are in your blind spot.

- Brittany P

Very roomy and lots of space in 'trunk'

Does not take off very quick, shifts hard at times, jumps while going 30 mph or under. Has lots of room, tinted windows. Get about 23 mpg. My son's car seat fits very well in back seat he has plenty of room back there, I really like the interior. Lots of different compartments

- Katie J

Extremely Reliable Equinox

I always drove a car, sat low and hurt when I stepped out. I bought the Equinox, sit higher and it is more comfortable. I get a much better view of traffic and get at least the mileage of my Taurus, 34 highway. It looks nice, has been reliable, and has a 5 star crash rating.

- Bob H

Started off great! Then the engine quit.

I loved my car until the engine just quit at 150,000. The dealership offered us $500 to trade it in. Chevy is no longer making the replacement engine. Prior to that, the car ran well, got good mileage, had great storage, and was one of best vehicles we have ever purchased.

- Val G

Chevrolet Equinox rides smooth.

It is really reliable and very comfortable. During a long car ride, it had enough room for five to pack, and was a smooth ride. For an around town car, it does quite well, and the car has not had any issues so far. The trunk is very spacious and the compartments are as well.

- Laurie N

Best car I've had so far!

Have had the car a year now and haven't had any problems. It has good gas mileage which is a need for me. When it is time to purchase a new vehicle I plan to purchase a newer equinox. I do wish mine was eligible for remote start from the my Chevy app but the 2014 models are.

- Destiny P

My vehicle is a 4 door SUV, can go off-road and go the mile.

My vehicle is extremely reliable especially with all of the miles I do to and from work. . Have been on multiple road trips and with the bucket seats it is more comfortable and roomy. Some of the features are seat heating and cooling and in arizona that is an absolute must.

- Karlie S

The vehicle is great for someone who is single or small family.

I have not had any vehicle problems aside from one's every now and then flat tire. The car is reliable and has good mileage. It is comfortable and fits five people comfortably. I enjoy the Bluetooth feature and the vehicle also has the option to have XM radio which is nice.

- Marilyn C

Teacher life in a small SUV.

Love it except for size of front seat needs a place to put your purse when you have a front seat passenger. . Easy to maneuver and park in tight areas. No problems as of yet. Did have a recall on windshield wipers, but that was fixed. Good gas mileage. Love the hatch back!

- Lisa M

A really great mom car for busy moms

My car is great for anyone who needs to haul anything from lots of groceries to kids. I describe it as my mom car. There was a problem where my engine had to be rebuilt which is apparently a big issue with my specific kind of car but it was under warranty and taken care of

- Carrie W

Very comfy perfect for road trips!

Extremely comfortable! The front seats are comfortable and the back seats are exceptionally large. The only issue I have is Bluetooth doesn't connect automatically I have to select it on the screen, and it's not 4 wheel drive, but other than that I'm in love with this car.

- Chelsea C

2013 Chevy Equinox. Smooth ride, no rear ac.

Car runs smooth, comfortable front and rear seats. Plenty of space in rear trunk, middle console has lots of space. Sunroof is an added bonus. Radio is very good, rear view cameras is the best feature. Down side is no rear ac and when 1 window is down terrible wind muffle.

- Michelle P

Love my Chevy Equinox SUV.

Very reliable. Small issues from time to time that are handled with regular maintenance. This is my second equinox and I love that it's a small SUV with extra headroom. Plenty of storage space in the back and roomy back seat. Comfortable ride. Great gas mileage for an SUV.

- Michal W

Comfortable, nice driving, handles well and nice family vehicle.

This vehicle rides well, has a nice radio system, is comfortable and is good looking. I would have preferred an 8 cylinder, but have a 6 cylinder. It has a sunroof and lots of power extras. It wears tires evenly. It handles nicely on the road in traffic and in rural areas.

- Rhonda C

2013 Chevy Equinox features.

I wish that the passenger seat was as adjustable as the driver's seat. It has good head room/knee room inside but could be a bit wider for elbow room. It gets good gas mileage, the back seats fold down for storage, and the backup camera, navigation, and moonroof are great.

- Joann S

Great mom car, easy clean great running vehicle.

No known big issues with the vehicle so far. I have owned it for almost three years now. It did have a recall for the windshield wiper motor but other than that it is amazing. Tons of room, and extremely comfortable. Smooth ride for the most part. Seats are easy to clean.

- Melissa C

Dependability, and great quality.

The engine shield is too low and scrapes on curbs and parking markers. Does have rear AC or 3rd row seating. Has flex fuel which has saved me a lot of money at the gas pump. When I was evacuated last year due to hurricane irma I was able to get fuel when all gas was gone.

- Karla F

Love the back up cameras it is equipped with

I have had my car for 2 years now and haven't had any problems with it. As a mom of two small children it works great. Has a good amount of space for two car seats. Also has a great amount of space in the trunk area. Amazing vehicle to own. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Holly M

The best car I ever owned.

It did have to have the engine rebuilt because of an oil issue it was still under warranty. I wished I would have got the next level with all the bells and whistles. I love how big it is and so smooth. Would still get another one. Been my favorite car I have ever owned.

- Kimberly C

Pretty okay car for it is age.

It is an okay car. Not really alright if you have children because there are no air vents in the back and the air flow sucks. Ride is smooth. Haven't had too much of a problem with it. Only recommend if you do not have small children that require a rear facing car seat.

- Margaret C

I would buy an Equinox ltz again!

Knock on wood. . . But we've had our Equinox ltz for over 5 years and have had nothing at all go wrong with it. It is our 2nd Equinox and our next one will be an Equinox too. I do recommend the 6 cylinder though if you travel a lot. And the ltz is worth the extra money.

- Carolyn B

I have nicknamed it zoom buggy.

I have had no major issues, great runner, up off the ground to make it easier to get in and out of. I like the backup camera, but wish the hands free phone features were a little better. I also wish the passenger seat was also adjustable. Other than that, I like my car.

- Melanie C

Love the way it drives. So smooth.

I like my car. I had a van before I bought this car. And at first it felt so small but I like it now. I got use to it. And it is low mileage. I love that. My van I had the transmission wasn’t working right. And it is so nice to have a car that will shift gears right.

- Joyce M

That it is AWD and seems to handle the Minnesota winter very well.

I have only had this vehicle for about 6 months. I truthfully love it more than any other vehicle I have had. It has AWD and is very smooth. It has a lot of great features like Bluetooth, heated seats and remote start. I would recommend this vehicle to others for sure.

- Megan N

Chevy equinox-best car ever

Very comfortable and reliable car. Good gas mileage. Have had very minimal repairs. Passenger seats are very comfortable too. Seats fold down so can carry lots of things. I used it to help friends move, carry plants in spring. This is definitely my favorite car.

- Barbara G

Comfortable car, runs nicely.

Oil leaks when it gets too cold. Otherwise a good vehicle. Drives nice and is very comfortable. Love the heated seats and the button to open the rear door. Like the color and how much room it has. Also like that the seats fold down and the backup camera. Love this car.

- Kevin N

The backup camera is a pretty good feature and the manual shifting.

It is in excellent condition. I love it. The performance is great. Do not have any problems so far and it is a very reliable vehicle thus far. Very comfort and spacious enough for my boys. The features are amazing. I like the back up camera and the touch screen radio.

- Jean R

A great Car. It gets great gas mileage.

It is a very popular brand. I live in a rural area of 3200 people and there are 8 people that have the same brand. It handles well, has a good ride and it good gas mileage. All 8 cars in our area are all red in color. We are thinking about trading it in for a new one.


This is a great family vehicle!!

I have not had a lot of problems. I do to have a shortage in my heat and air. When I first got the vehicle there was a problem with the gas line leaking into engine. It was causing the engine to jump. The gas also got into the oil. Once it was fixed I have been good.

- Denise M

I will drive it till it dies.

Love this car. So roomy. Back cargo area is huge and back seats can fold down for even more room. Good gas mileage. Sporty looking for SUV. Color is burgundy which is hard to keep clean. Rear view camera helps a lot. Has had some problems with wheel alignment though.

- Angela C

Good car and value, drives nicely, enjoy.

The tire sensor sometimes is not accurate. It will show that the tire pressure is low when it is really not. The car is comfortable and drives well. The radio sometimes does not work and gets locked up. The Bluetooth is not the best. The spacing of the seats is good.

- Martha M

Great vehicle for a family of any size

Few minor repairs, but otherwise very good vehicle. Comes highly recommended. Safe. Good mileage. Good for long and short trips. Great for small and mid-size families. Nice and roomy especially in the back seat. Room for children and adults. Comes highly recommended.

- Andrea B

Awesome reliable vehicle, with great comfortable features.

Great vehicle, have had no problems with it, drives smoothly, love how comfortable it is, interior is trendy, would recommend to others as well, has all the convenient and latest technology that I wanted in a vehicle, very comfortable riding and driving this vehicle.

- Kimberly K

The most comfortable small SUV with more than enough cargo space. Great ride for long distances.

My equinox is extremely comfortable. I love all the features and it has so much legroom for rear seat passengers. Lots of room in the back. Easy to travel and great for longer trips. Only issue is that it burns oil so I have to keep an eye on that. Overall I love it.

- Christopher H

Good dependable SUV, Chevy Equinox.

Nice economical SUV with decent gas mileage. Easy and fun. To drive. My daily driver. I am glad I chose this vehicle, it is low maintenance with reasonably priced replacement parts. The only drawback is pickup on the four cylinder engine, go for the 6 cylinder model.

- Alicia R

Chevy Equinox: my favorite car

My car is very reliable. I use it to drive back and forth from home to college almost every other weekend. It handles the three and a half hour drive very well. I have not had and problems with the car. It drives smoothly, is good on gas, and is overall a great car!

- Keeley W

The car has been a good car.

I haven't had any problems. It runs great, its' reliable and comfortable. The only thing I wish it had air controls and air vents in the back. The air does not make it in the back seat. Good sound system. It is a very smooth ride. I have not had any problems so far.

- Audrey J

Great on mileage. Spacious. Easy to clean.

I enjoy my Equinox, its roomy. Just right for a family of five. It is easy to drive and comfortable. Has great gas mileage. Easy to maintain clean. Its Bluetooth system is great for talking hands free. Its extended cargo in the back is very accessible and spacious.

- Alicia H

Chevy Equinox great all around vehicle.

Very comfortable car to drive and ride in. I have the 4-cylinder model with all wheel drive, and it does seem a little underpowered on the highway. Great turning ratio, easy to park, controls are accessible and easy to understand. Lots of legroom in the back seat.

- Cp P

It's a small SUV that fits my lifestyle.

After purchasing my vehicle after 2 months I started having engine light issues and that continued 3 more times but for different problems. And before a year of having my vehicle I had an oil leak. So as you can see I've had many issues with my newly purchased car.

- Rhonda D

Decent size for small family/travel.

Runs well. Radio cuts out sometimes, buttons stop working, only way to fix is to turn off car. Have had 5 years and feels a little jerky when stepping on break. Will not sell anytime soon. Will likely be driving it u until the wheels fall off. Overall, decent car.

- Kristen S

Midsize SUV very dependable with good gas mileage.

Good highway drive. No blind spots. Good turning radius. Good gas mileage. Very reliable. Comfortable seating. Air conditioning works great. Remote starting is good option. Would recommend this car to others. Why do I write a book about this vehicle. Maybe I will.

- Bob V

Reliable and cost effective.

I previously owned a Chevy SUV for 10 years and it was very reliable, so at very high mileage I traded it in for my current Chevy: an equinox. It has been very reliable, and has only required basic maintenance. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and meets my needs.

- Virginia C

2013 Equinox, great choice for families.

Love it, great on gas, love the Bluetooth radio feature, wish there were air vents in the back seat for backseat riders, does have a blind spot in the rear window, however backup camera does help with that. Love the cargo space, have not had any trouble with mine.

- Melissa M

I may just have to get another next time I buy one! I love my Equinox!

The Chevy Equinox is very stylish and a very popular SUV right now. I see them everywhere and in all different colors! The inside is very roomy for at least 5 people and all your stuff too. I love the way my car handles on the road. I feel very safe when I drive.

- Tammy R

The color of my vehicle is very nice.

It is a very pretty car and has lots of storage and room. Runs nice as well. I love the red color and shine of paint on it. I also enjoy the shape and appearance of it. Not too manly or elderly looking. The seating is all leather and comfortable and easy to clean.

- Cheryl A

Great acceleration and passing power.

I have no complaints. Before this one, we owned a 2011 equinox. If we were to get a new car now, I am sure we would buy another Chevrolet. Very comfortable to drive, decent on gas, a smooth ride, looks great, and nice interior, with everything within easy reach.

- Judith C

Comfortable but no rear air

I love how well it drives and handles in multiple terrains. It is a smaller SUV but holds everything we need and is very spacious on leg room. The only downside is that the back does not have air vents so it can be tough to get air circulating in the rear seats.

- Jasmin D

It has a lot of air bags, backup camera,

We've had 1 problem with the oil consumption, but got it fixed. It has a backup camera which makes backing up easy, Its reliable to get us back and forth to where we need to go, it is comfortable, a little to big for us know, because it is only my husband and I.

- Lois U

Buy an equinox for the win.

I love my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and goes well in the snow. It rides well. I think the maintenance is easily done. There is plenty of room for cargo and my tall husband. Chevrolet is our vehicle of choice. We remain loyal to the brand year after year.

- Lorraine C

Great and reliable car I love the camera to help you backup.

Great car, has a backup Camera to help backup has heated seats. It has a Sunroof. It will tell you how arid up your tires are. Plenty of Plugins to charge your phone. You can move the back seats forward and backwards for more Room. It has plenty of trunk space.

- Shawn R

It is very easy to go over the speed limit because of how smooth the ride is.

The car is very reliable. It really is under the SUV category. Though, on to the review. Performance is great. Handling is amazing. Comfort could use some improvements. We have never had any problems with it, and it will spoil you immensely by all its features.

- Toni R

Hands free telephone with Bluetooth.

It has been very reliable, radio system with Bluetooth is convenient. Hatch area is large enough for camping gear, back seats fold down for added room. Email of monthly diagnostics is helpful for equipment status. The gas is good at around 25 miles per gallon.

- clifford B

Nice ride for a used vehicle

Sides of seats a little high. Makes it hard to get out. Otherwise it's great. Drives and rides great. No other complaints. Not had any other problems other than the gas cap activating the check engine light a couple of times while on a trip. Easy thing to fix.

- Natalie W

Stylish. Comfortable. Back up camera.

It's good on gas. Seats for comfortably. I do wish there was a third row sometimes. It's not too bad in the winter. They body style makes it look stylish. Rear view backup camera is nice. I currently have 110,000 miles. And still running great. I have a 2013.

- Jennifer P

Very family abs gas friendly

Very comfortable to drive. Hardly feel the bumps on the road. Very spacious and the ability to be gas friendly. Dislike the fact that it's always given me problems with the timing chain. Had to repair twice under warranty. Hasn't happened since the last time.

- Cynthia E

Great for small Families!

I love my Chevy Equinox. I can start it before me and my 8 month old get out in this heat to let it cool off with the keyless entry. It has a backup camera, which I love, and need. I love the Bluetooth. If only it came with 3rd row seating would be in heaven.

- Crystal S

Needs a third row seat and more leg room in the back

I really don't have any problems because I just got the vehicle. The performance is great, it gets good gas mileage and tides really good. Very comfortable and has great features. The backup camera is a great feature to have and the seats are real comfortable

- Samuel R

Reliable, roomy and efficient!

The Equinox is reliable and efficient. Great gas mileage. I can currently fill up my gas tank for $40 and that lasts for over a week! Plenty of room for a family of five and enough trunk space for grocery shopping. Back seats fold down for even more storage.

- Selena H

My dependable Chevy Equinox

I love my equinox. Drives great!All leather interior. Heated seats for cold days. Great stereo system. Would absolutely buy another. My only issue with it is it has an oil consumption issue. No oil leaks just consumes oil fast. I just keep a close eye on it.

- Crystal Y

It has an amazing amount of legroom and storage is great.

It's very comfortable and lots of legroom. Gets good gas mileage. Sometimes the USB connection overrides the radio. Doesn't ride as my previous Chevys sometimes feels like it's going to stall. Overall very happy with it and would definitely purchase again.

- Florence D

Great Car!! Great Price!!

Great gas mileage; great value for price. Love the trim package. Comfortable ride, good space for grandchildren and fur babies. I bought it used with only 32,000 miles in 2017. Looking to buy a newer model in the next 2-3 months. Great on gas. Love this SUV

- Yvonne M

Great, reliable, comfortable.

The equinox gets great gas mileage, it is quiet, and very dependable. The oil is a pain to change by yourself so I would recommend taking it in. It is comfortable to ride in, very spacious and big. The trim package is attractive and the speakers are great.

- Erin S

Back seat can fit 6'5' adult very comfortable.

Very large and spacious back seat. Not small not big. Roomy front seats. Not too many issues. Easy upkeep. Spacious back for luggage groceries coolers. Can fit full size 6 foot adults in the back seat. Spacious back seat leg room. Car seats fit back seat.

- Mary P

It's reliable low maintenance and plenty of space for a family

Like the space the vehicle has for my children myself and work equipment Like the reliability of the vehicle and low maintenance thus far I dislike it's an older model but I like the look of the older models better than the newer style I dislike It's o

- Adam L

I have a black equinox 2013 LT with Sirius XR and a decent size trunk

I have 3 kids so car seats are a little tight I need a third row seat. The car operates pretty well and the are very reliable vehicles. Besides having a large family I would recommend to a smaller unit not a family with 3 small kids with car seats. Thanks

- Sheila C

More pros than cons. Very comfortable.

Only complaint is some of the sensors cause the check engine light to stay on. Very comfortable and spacious backseat. Love the digital speedometer. Driver side seat adjustments are electronic and convenient. Child lock on radio display is a great feature.

- Lacy R

Very reliable and good performance.

I love everything about it. Driving is smooth, comfy, and easy. Good for long drives. Spacious front seat, back seat, and even trunk. Good on gas. Overall is very durable. Radio is very good including Bluetooth. Has digital speedometer which is super nice.

- Frankie H

It's a good vehicle other than it burns oil

Burns oil and can't get it fixed in the shop because it has a salvage title. Drive good, looks good. Has a lot of room. Handles good in the rain and the snow. Back seats fold down so you can haul larger items. Comfortable to drive for a long period of time

- Brittany K

Very comfortable and reliable, nice interior.

The gas mileage is very good, I have not had many issue, and those that I do have are reasonable and easy fixes. There is a lot of room and runs smooth, great for long trips. There is a video rear view mirror that I love and is great for parking purposes.

- Kay W

I like the back up camera so i don't hit things while backing up

It's black and I really liked it at first but then started noticing how there are so many others exactly like mine on the road. Then I drove a friends Nissan maxima and really started hating my car...doesn't have the pick up and go like the Nissan did.

- Tracy J

2013 Chevrolet equinox. Very reliable.

My equinox has been reliable and gets pretty good gas mileage. The only problem I encountered was that the ac vent broke to move the vent up or down. Aside from that I love it. Its spacious and the seats fold down, which come in handy for moving things.

- Nicole L

For cool moms who need the space of a van with the look of an SUV

The Chevy is a great car for a small family (one child only). It's definitely less spacious than a typical minivan but it's less 'modish' which I love. No major mechanical issues but the engine does seem to labor going up big hills, revving quickly etc.

- Melissa R

It has great gas mileage for an SUV.

I love having an suv. I love the space, though, I wish I would've gotten third row seating. I love the dash and all the information it shares with me within a few buttons such as when I need to put air in my tires or when doors are not shut all the way.

- Ashtan a

I love it is an all black SUV. I think black cars are classy.

My 13 chevy suv is roomy. I love the drive. Its a basic car. I wish it had a back up camera and navigation system. This is what I pay for. I got it because I always wanted a SUV. I finally got one. Later I will get the car with all the amenities I want.

- Toya C

I love my equinox it is really good driving in the winter time.

I like my equinox it is Rooney, gets good gas mileage and has a lot of room for all of your family and friends. It also has a lot of room for your groceries. My equinox has a lot of storage for my items and it has a lot of spots to plug in your phones.

- Kala E

Beautiful black seating with red stitching. It is stunning.

I love my black equinox. I like sitting up higher than a car. I pick grandkids up at school. Lots of space for car seats. The back can carry a lot! I vintage hunt and I can pack lots of items in the back. Gas mileage is good. It handles well in winter.

- Pam M

Chevy: a reliable, affordable, and stylish choice.

After a very good experience owning a 2003 Chevy for 10 years, I opted to trade it in before old age caught up with it. After reviewing multiple brand options, I decided to buy another Chevy. Very reliable, affordable upkeep, and has never let me down.

- Virginia K

Good family car and I would recommend highly

Good car, reliable, gas mileage is decent but could be improved on, very roomy for both front and back seat passengers, plenty of room in the back for groceries and luggage for trips, has tinted windows which are great, moon roof is nice for good days

- Kim B

Most reliable SUV for your money!

Love my Equinox, never had any issue starting in the cold Wisconsin winters. Spacious interior even for someone who is 6'5. Reliability and performance are incredible, I typically put on 15, 000 miles per year and have had no issues with this vehicle.

- Simone A

It is a very comfortable drive.

This vehicle is perfect for my family. It is very spacious and comfortable. My dog even loves it, sometimes we put his bed in the back and there is enough space. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not have any air vents in the back.

- Katy F

Pros of a Chevrolet equinox.

Great mileage, runs smooth, operates great, has enough room to pack for a trip / vacation and its big enough to fit your whole family comfortably, it is very reliable and I couldn't be happier with it, has a big back up camera and blind spot mirrors.

- Alyssa L

Great car especially in the winter

I enjoy driving it in both summer and winter. It handles snow just fine. Gas mileage could be better but it's definitely not the worst. I also enjoy the features in my model including the sunroof and Bluetooth capabilities. Overall it is a great car.

- Justin L

Buyer Beware Oil Guzzling Motor

Problems- it drinks oil, yet oil light never comes on. It doesn't leak or blow out. Not sure where it goes. Very frustrating! If you don't keep a check on it your engine will blow. Also the USB that connects your Bluetooth to the stereo Never worked!

- Tina M

Extremely comfortable with tons of room and very smooth ride

I haven't owned the car long enough to have any problems. The seats are extremely comfortable, especially the driver's. It has many customizable features, such a lumbar support. Has majority of the latest technology, back up camera, bluetooth,etc

- Jessica P

It has a few airbags so it is a very safe car if you are in an accident.

There is nothing that I don't like about this vehicle. The only thing I would change if I bought a new Equinox is I would buy a 4WD. My previous 2 vehicles were 4WD but this one is AWD. I love the backup mirror and every other feature it has.

- Suzanne H

2013 equinox problems and review.

I really like this vehicle. Lately we have been having problems with the vehicle dying when we leave the rear door open more than 5 minutes. Also when starting sometimes the touch screen radio doesn't show all the information it is suppose to.

- Katrina P

Other than the issues with the mechanical parts it is in good shape.

Engine trouble, tires s replaced, burning oil, and the radio controls have frozen. The clock, radio volume, channel changes and on and off switch freeze and you cannot do anything. It takes shutting the car off and restarting it to clear it.

- Janet N

Great on gas and the perfect car for a small family or for empty nesters.

I like my vehicle in that it is an SUV and I am able to haul just about anything I want with ease. It is easy to get in and out of as well. The one thing I don't like is that it is very noisy. You can hear a lot of road noise when driving.

- Robin C

Roomy and comfy SUV for a whole family.

I really love my equinox. Have had it 2 years. It is a great family car. We have 2 kids and fits us great. We go on a lot of road trips with it. The back trunk or storage is so big. It fits more than a lot of my friends with SUVs as well.

- Beth N

Drives well and economical to drive and own. Handles well on ice and snow too

Love the handling and ride of my vehicle. Very roomy. Only thing I do not like is there are no air vents in the back seats. Car gets very hot or cold for passengers riding in the back. I had no idea rear vents were an additional feature

- Mindy H

2013 Chevy Equinox Exceptional Performance

The car has great features and drives really well with very exceptional gas mileage. Looks very slick in and out. Only complaint is that sometimes Bluetooth doesn't work well and sometimes can feel an issue with automatic gear shifting.

- Darnae C