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Overall performance a great little truck with nice interior and wheels.

I have a Chevy s10 that is really a nice little pickup truck. It is got plenty of power for a 4 cylinder engine. Also, it has a great transmission I have the extreme model which includes all the trim and wheels and seat covers and interior. I only have around a hundred and fifty-eight thousand miles on the truck over 19 years and it still runs great but the necessities like the air conditioning and heater have gone out and cost a fortune to replace. Also things like the CD player and the radio have quit working properly. The seats have held up pretty well I have no rips or tears in the interior. I had to have the transmission rebuilt one time which cost around $2,500 at the time I had it done. That was the only major thing that went wrong with the drivetrain.

- John D

It is top heavy and will tip over if you are driving too fast.

After 18 years and hundreds of thousands of miles being put into it, it is still a running and completely functional vehicle. The issues we are having are perfectly avoidable if you do not live in the type of area I do. In the last 5 years, I have had to replace the transmission, fix window motors and replace the passenger door because it stopped closing completely, leaving a large gap. The speakers blew out after a while and now the radio has given up with trying to work. The seats have also broken at this point and the air conditioning has stopped as well. It drives just fine but the issues I have listed are easily fixable.

- Abby P

Meh, there's better out there

Pros: Vortec 6 cylinder engine runs like a dream. The truck rides smooth at highway speeds, and makes travel relatively comfortable. Cons: The gas tank is ridiculously small. The gas mileage isn't terrible but it isn't good, so I'm stopping at gas stations frequently. The air conditioner consistently malfunctions, and it's always the same two problems (GM has a reputation for poor air conditioner performance). The seats don't have enough adjustments to get really comfortable; they don't recline at all, so I'm always sitting a bit to upright to the point of feeling like I'm being pushed forward into a bent position.

- Cynthia S

The Chevy s-10 is a very reliable truck.

I have enjoyed my Chevy s-10 pick up truck. It is a extremely reliable vehicle that runs very well but it does have its flaws. It is great for people trying to get from a-b and not trying to impress anyone. The Chevy s-10 is a small truck so I do not recommend this for bigger and taller people or families as you will feel squished. My s-10 runs extremely well, no mechanical issues in the 3 years that I have had it. There are not any crazy features with this vehicle, just a good radio. I definitely would recommend this vehicle to the right person.

- Richard J

Takes some work, but is a good vehicle.

I purchased the vehicle used and replaced various components from the motor, transmission, suspension, and sound system. Along with various electronic wirings and lighting. The truck runs great and gets decent gas mileage. There are a few things to work on here and there, but that is expected with a truck if it is age. The 4 cylinder motor gets the job done, I have had the bed filled and still been able to get onto the freeway with no issues. It is a comfortable truck and I highly recommend it as a cheap reliable vehicle.

- Ryan V

I had one with 4 wheel drive and this one dependable and durable vehicle.

As with any used vehicle everyone should know that when the mileage for older vehicles is close to 100, 000 miles you can expect mechanical problems are sure to follow as in the most common ones. than most problems can become worse depending if the person who had it prior did basic maintenance, if not it can be costly. I've done 3 alignments, 2 ball joints, bushings, and 3 sets of tires on the front, and still needs a power steering pump. Plus more to follow.

- Julie H

Chevy s-10 a good work truck

My vehicle has minor problems, It is a reliable vehicle and gets me where I need to go but. I switched the transmission in it from a automatic to a 5 speed to save on gas mileage. It is a comfortable vehicle when it is just me and one other person. The extended cab isn't very big so there isn't really a lot of space back there because it is the fold down seats that are sideways. It definitely is not a family vehicle but comes in handy for hauling things.

- Jim H

The Reliable Chevy S-10 (Go far, Go long, Go hard)

The Chevy S-10 is amazing on gas, we got it in Mass drove back to NY only burning less than a quarter of a tank, we've lugged many things in its bed, and pulled motorcycles out of difficult places twice. The heat and ac work so well we barely need either on for long amounts of time. It's a nice looking truck even if it's pretty small. Many friends pick on it for being a car but were the ones laughing when the S-10 stands the test of time!

- Lauren P

Reliable Chevrolet. Strong six cylinder motor and transmission. Good fuel economy.

My 2000 S10 is a 5 speed manual and gets great fuel economy. It is the 4.3 vortec v6 and is very reliable. It has been well maintained. Oil changes when scheduled and maintenance services when it has been required. I have never had any issues with the vehicle besides the air conditioning going out. But that has not bothered me with it being my work vehicle. Everything seems to work as it should. I would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

- Clinton A

Decent small size truck. Recomendable.

Most reliable vehicle, exterior is pretty well built. A few flaws with the interior mechanism. Overall good and reliable vehicle. Not too much mechanical maintenance required. I've owned mine about 18 years and had some clutch issues (mainly because of the my mechanics poor work.) Had to replace the alternator once. Interior mechanisms easily broken, but been a pretty reliable truck.

- Justin C

The title of my review is I love my truck.

I love my truck. I like it for things I like it for camping. Carrying pine straw. I just love my truck. I get 22 miles to the gallon of my truck. And for me that is a good deal. And it is paid for. That's all I am going to say about my truck. Okay it is very reliable. I love driving it is very comfortable we take it on long trips and it works for me. And my grandson left my truck.

- Anita V

As far as my truck in particular, just that it's just temporary until I can afford something nicer.

The things I like about my vehicle are that it runs reliably, the interior is relatively comfortable and it is not expensive to operate. The things I dislike are the fact that it is a truck, the bed gets full of leaves and getting groceries home in the rain or wind is a mess. It has also been wrecked and wasn't repaired fully (before I got it) so it looks a bit shabby.

- crystal g

Overall a good small truck for light purpose and commuting.

Pretty reliable, but was never built as a high quality truck. Have had a few problems out of the truck, but nothing unexpected, most major thing was intake gaskets. Front end has a squeak to it that no matter what, I cannot get rid of. I have changed ball joints and greased everything and it still squeaks. Extended cab gives it a lot more room which is needed.

- Nick L

A great vehicle very dependable all around truck.

I have owned this truck since 2000 it has been very dependable it is great for 4 wheeling for weather conditions for casual its been good on gas mileage and had very few repairs on it has a lot of miles and still runs great it works great for hauling things or towing like a trailer or boat easy to drive been a great vehicle to own I would buy another one.

- Diana S

It is got an Alabama sticker on the window.

My truck is a Chevy s10 pickup I use it for hauling pine straw and trash to the dump. My grandson loves my truck and so do I. It still gets good gas mileage even though it is a 2000. Have had no real problems with my truck. I have wanted a truck for a long time my husband bought me this truck for my birthday. I use it everyday to go to work and back.

- Anita S

To regularly check the oil on the car and not let it be below. If it does, you're gonna burn your truck out.

Overall performance of the truck is great. When it comes down to the driving experience, it's great. The issues I've notice as the years go is definitely a lot of oil leakage which usually is the main source of other issues that come later. Everything else with the truck just needs to be regularly maintained and this car will do you a solid.

- Moritoshi K

Better gas mileage than any 4 cylinder u will ever drive.

My truck is burgundy on gray. It gets excellent gas mileage. 5 speed. It has a brake problem but a easy fix on that. It drives and handles great. It's never let me down. It rides wonderful and has new tires to balance the ride on a short or long trip. The truck has its normal features nothing very special is required on this truck.

- Tony G

s10 is not very comfortable.

the cabin air system does not allow vent direction with any degree of flexibility. the system allows no ability to shut out incoming air when I enter a dusty area. the head rest behind the seat pushes my head forward in an uncomfortable manner. the windshield wiper switch is on the turn signal arm and is very awkward to operate.

- cha h

Why I like my s10 is the title of my review.

My s10 has gotten me to work and everywhere else I needed to go. It got my kids to college classes when their own vehicles weren't running, . It has been a great work truck. I cannot get by without it. I would rather have an older truck than the new ones that have much more to fail and are more expensive to fix.

- Janice S

The best reason to have a truck.

I have a 2000 Chevrolet s10 pickup truck, and I really love having it. I only use it for back, and forth to work. Sometimes I help family with moving chores, or maybe hauling something from a home improvement store. I. Have only the bare compliments on my truck it is not a fancy thing, but I love it.

- Greg C

It is very white and it is a truck.

My truck is great and it is even great in the snow and other stuff like that. I also love it because it is nice and small sized. It also works great chains and in the mountains and up in the snow. The performance is also great when speeding up at stop lights and has great traction with the tires.

- Courtney H

Great little pickup truck.

I have had my Chevrolet s10 for several years now. It is dependable, hauls what I need, and overall comfortable for a small truck. It has a nice overall design and has good power for a v6. It gets pretty good mileage for a truck. If the need arises parts are pretty reasonable and easy to locate.

- Laura S

Great Chevy truck perfect for a single person to travel around with.

My truck works great does not waste a lot of gas and it is a good traveling truck. The only problem with it is that the gas meter does not work but I found a way to see how much gas I need. It is only a 2 seater but it is perfect for me because I do not have kids it is a good solo truck.

- Katie H

Love my Chevrolet s 10! Couldn't be happier with my purchase for the price!

Love my s10! Bought used little over a year ago and it is very reliable and easy on gas.Haven't really had any major problems with the s10 so far. Do have a few rust spots that need repaired and does bed does rust easy. But overall I love everything else about my s10. Very customizable!

- Bobbie R

The Chevy s10 zr2 is the best small truck ever it is a great truck and really.

My truck never gets stuck when I go turkey hunting, it always gets me where I want to go, it never lets me down, and I do not have to do anything to it besides the normal maintenance, like change the oil and brake pads every once in a while, oil every 3000 miles that is all it needs.

- Paul T

2000 Chevrolet s10 extreme truck.

It's a great running truck the maintenance on it isn't hard work at all! As all vehicles they have up and down days but all in all they are fantastic trucks.! They have a sporty look that makes it even more attractive to drive around. All in all I count ask for a better vehicle.

- Misty K

to push the clutch in before you try to start it.

The truck has been a great purchase normal maintenance no major problems good gas mileage good work truck would recommend my friends to buy one my truck is been used by everybody in my family and I have had no complaints the truck was reasonable in cost and I like that.

- Dennis J T

Great gas mileage and runs good even with over 200k miles

Its gets me from point A to point B. It has over 200k miles on it and it's still going strong. I haven't really had any problems with it. I would recommend it to someone who is looking for a reliable vehicle. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. Very nice truck.

- Amanda B

Ugly date but you'll take her home

My truck has been very dependable so far I've only had it about 6 months. The fuel pump went out but that understandable for as many miles it has on it. The body is completely riddled with rust rocker panels are gone corner cabs are just a memory at this point

- Asa K

1995 Chevy s10 truck and 2000 Oldsmobile minivan.

It is a small s 10 truck a 5 speed. Easy on gas. Love the truck. It's easy to drive and easy on gas. I am not planning on selling it. I also have a minivan. I love both of my vehicles. But the van keeps running hot and it eats up gas. I love my vehicles.

- Ellen L

Overall, it's a practical, functional and reliable vehicle.

My truck runs well and is reliable. The interior is clean and comfortable, but the exterior styling is boring and unattractive. I like being able to transport items in the bed of the truck, I don't like that it tends to collect leaves and rainwater.

- Crystal S

The most important thing others should know about my Chevrolet s10 is that it is very very reliable.

I really like my s10. Any problem I have encountered with it was very very easy to fix. I have to drive miles to college everyday and my truck is always reliable to get me there and back. Very happy with it, definitely would recommend it to anyone.

- Mck H

Red Chevy s10 2000 super sport.

My vehicle is way too loud due to an aftermarket muffler that was put on it before I bought it. Additionally if the oil pan needs changed both the engine and the transmission have to be moved. The truck itself is good for short drivers.

- Terri S

Small black 3- door truck with side-facing seat.

Small, manual truck with a decent size bed. My truck gets good mileage and fills up for around $40. Had some problems with the air conditioning a while back but that was due to the age of the car. All around great and reliable car.

- Steven B

It is a maroon Chevy s10 with a good air conditioner.

It has a good working ac along with comfortable bucket seats. The drivers side door and also the tailgate is falling off. It also needs some body work done to the doghouse but other than those two things it is a good little truck.

- Charles P

This vehicle was built to last. It has made a good work truck and also a personal truck hauling kayaks and bikes when i go out on the weekends.

I love my S10 truck, it has been very dependable. It has had to have some repairs, but I think that is mostly due to wear and tear cause it has over 200,000 miles on it. But overall it has been a very good and dependable vehicle.

- Samuel P

Pleasure to drive. No dashboard network to deal with!

I love this truck! I have almost 140 thousand miles on it so it has needed repairs but its reliability and performance makes up for it. I love it's simplicity most of all...a normal dashboard and minimal computer involvement.

- tina g

It's very reliable starts up everytime very dependable

2000 Red Chevrolet S10 Pick up It runs and drives good. Interior is in good shape. Does need exhaust looked at it's a bit loud but doesn't affect the way it runs. The a/c does need a charge but the heater works great.

- Ronald J

Its conveniently small, it has good gas mileage and it gets the job done

My vehicle is a sturdy truck! I've taken it out to the desert multiple times and have only gotten a few scratches from bushes but nothing else went wrong! If you want a trusty vehicle then Id pick this small S10

- Brandon M

If you like repairs, buy an s10

Problems have included heater core, ball joints, axles, hubs, radiator, catalytic converter, MAF sensor, and intake gaskets. Vehicle has other issues as well. Don't think I would ever buy another one.

- Ken S

I learned how to change the shocks which was fun.

Haven't had any issues out of the truck. We have had to change the shocks on it though and we do have a bad caliper that will need changed but other than that it's an amazing vehicle.

- Punky E

It has been very dependable even though it has had to have some work done on it. lot of miles has been put on it and still going strong.

It's a very good truck, very dependable. a lot of miles have been put on this truck and it's still going somewhat strong. Has needed some work but over all it's been very good.

- Rachel P

i am not done with it yet,but when i am it will make a good parts truck

I have the truck form03.it has 165,000 miles on it now.The electrical has had problems from about two month after i got it.oil leaks other than that it still runs very well.

- john L

It is a two wheel drive extended cab pickup truck.

I like that it is an extended cab. It is just the right height for my wife to get in and out of because she is in a wheelchair. I wish the body was in better shape.

- Robert L

Other people should know that my truck is very dependable. It is reliable for journeys and isn't hard or expensive to repair.

I really like my S10. It is very dependable and hasn't given me much trouble at all. Everything that has gone wrong with it has been an easy fix and it runs great.

- Katie j

Is the best thing I have had.

I like everything on my truck. The tires are like new. The wheel bearings are new and the breaks are to. I hate that it shakes a little bit but I love the truck.

- Brandon B

My husband drives 130 miles round trip daily. For 16 years so we need it.

I don't it drive it very often, my husband drives it more than I do because he needs it to go to work. I have health issues that keep me from driving very much.

- Cheryl P

It has 230,000 miles on original engine. and still gets 17 mpg.

Great driving truck equipped with a 5 speed transmission and posi-trac differential powered by the 4.3 ltr Vortec (W) motor. Fun to drive and dependable.

- russell b

My Chevy s-10 is great on gas!

My Chevrolet s-10 is an ideal pickup. Great on gas, and comfortable for me and one other. Also handles really well and is also easy to work on if needs.

- Austin L

It is been through it all.

It is ragged out and barely runs. No ac. And gets bad fuel economy. The motor burns more oil that I can feed it. Need to trade it in for a new truck.

- Christopher H

Dependable vehicle that does the job.

It is very reliable cause I use it to work out of. And it has never left me stranded. It doesn't look good but it gets me where I need to go to.

- Steve F

2000 Chevrolet s-10 pick-up. Standard cab.

I think the inside space is a little tight only being a 2-3 seater. Something is causing the battery/alternator to not hold its charge.

- Kari S

It's four wheel drive and is a little tank.

I love it because it gets great gas mileage. Has a/c thats blows "snowballs"and will run you out. I have no dislikes about my truck..

- William M

Still runs decent for how old it is.

Cab is a little too small. I am also 6 4. Had to get a new transmission at 120, 000 miles. Engine still runs good at 150, 000 miles.

- Michael M

This car is easy to handle, no blind spots and also gets good gas mileage.

I like how small it is. It gets decent gas mileage. I like that its extended cab. I do not like that the radio drains the battery.

- Kelsey H

Review of Chevrolet S10 pickup

Great vehicle that gets decent fuel economy. Everything still works and all that has been done is regular maintenance.

- Silas R

You are disabled cannot easily load your power wheelchair and manual chair get wet.

I can carry things I need to carry.. It's good on gas.. Dependable all the time.. Doesn't help me with my disability.

- Da B

It's a good little truck. The right size for hauling.

The truck runs smooth and sits well. Had to have the AC replaced recently. Check the oil and other fluids regularly.

- tim g

It is a great vehicle to own and drive. I have had it for a number of years and it has served me well.

It is easy to drive around, it gets decent gas mileage. It is cheap to insure, and I can haul stuff when I need to.

- Lo K

It is a great car, which can is always reliable.

Do not like trucks too slow to dangerous over 60 mph no space for to many persons cant install nice system music.

- Jorge S

S10 4 wheel drive, making driving fun

Low mileage vehicle with 4 wheel drive which helps the 2 hour commute to and from work much easier in the winter.

- Alex C

Fluid levels and tire pressure.

No complaints runs great good gas mileage. Never fails. I built it from the frame up. I will build the next one.

- Richard B

As of right now it suits my family's needs.

It is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned have never done anything except normal maintenance and upkeep.

- James L

Very reliable truck and easy to work on.

Being able to pull anything at anytime. If I want to move I can just load up and go. No need to rent a U-Haul.

- David H

It's a very reliable vehicle

Runs good, looks goog and is very reliable this chevy truck has been a family vehicle every since great truck

- Andrew F

Like the size of this pickup

Great pick up if you take care of them make sure oil gets changed just keep it in good running shape...

- Brandon C

I have had it for a long time and would rather fix it than get something else.

Right now it is being repaired. But I like that it's fun to drive, decent on gas and does what I need.

- Dustin H

Solid truck, has lasted a lot of years, with lots of miles. Still runs and looks great!

It has lasted a long time, lots of miles, no big issues. Just have to worry about regular maintenance.

- Harla H

It is what I like in a truck.

It is nice and small. It has an extended cab to sore or carry things. It can be fun to drive.

- Bruce B

Runs well and not slot of problems. Small but mighty.

I love that it is small yet a truck. I have not had major problems with it. I love my truck.

- Deanna C

it is dependable starts every time and runs like a top

i have no complaints this is my husbands baby, but this is the vehicle that we use most

- Terri C

My truck is reliable and has held up very good over the years.

I like the long bed. The condition is very good for the year. Good gas mileage.

- Joe O

We bought my truck from a family friend, and It's proved to be incredibly dependable. I wish it had better fuel economy, but for the small amount of driving I do it's perfect

It's just as old as I am, and since I've taken care of it it still runs great.

- Drew T

Runs good. Check engine light comes on.

Gas mileage isn't very good. Air conditioner doesn't work. Starting to rust.

- William J

Is that it has not broken down once in the ten years i've had it

I like the cargo space was what I liked most and it has lasted me years

- Whitney A

Good gas mileage and handles well

It has good gas mileage It is reliable It looks good It handles well

- paul B

Well taken care of. New is not always the best. Changing the oil will make your vehicle last longer.

4 wheel drive. Dependable. Hauling stuff around. Color is black.

- Ron R

I like the fact that I don't have to spend a lot of maintenance on it

The only con is that I need extra passenger space.

- Jeff m

If you rev the engine she sounds like a race car.

- Alexandra S