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The trailblazer is a perfect car for outdoor enthusiast.

I have owned my car for roughly four years now and it has been running almost perfectly since. It drives very well in the winter. It handles perfectly when the road is slick and the 4WD never lets me down. Commuting to and from college is not an issue until I fill up the gasoline tank. From empty it will cost me around $65 for a full tank and seems to be empty in three days. The computer says that I get 15. 2 miles to the gallon but I think that is a bit high. Now that she has some mileage under her belt some parts tend to go faster than normal; ball bearings and oil. But other than the repetitive filling of the tank I love my trailblazer. It is the best for when it comes to road trips because I can pack it full of gear and still fit three other passengers comfortably! In the future if Chevrolet makes a newer trailblazer with better gas mileage I would consider buying it. Coming from my personal opinion, if you are an outdoor enthusiast or have a hobby that requires room for transportation I would totally recommend the trailblazer. However, if you are commuting and do not like to go on weekend outings I would not consider this car.

- Kurt B

Some pro's and con's of the best midsize SUV I have ever driven.

It has been a great all-around vehicle, done everything from loading up for college to going camping in some remote areas, unerring throughout cities and cross country trips. I have received many compliments about how smooth of a ride it is, how comfortable it is to sit and/or sleep in, and how much it has been able to carry. Be it people or items it has enough room for it all and then some. It also has a nice towing capacity. It is not great at acceleration, which is as to be expected since it is an SUV, but it is highly durable in a crash as it received very minor damage while totaling the other vehicle. After a few years though it does develop an electrical issue I haven't seen in other vehicles. Such issues include the radio/speaker system going out, the wiper controls mixing with each other such that trying to use one setting uses a different one, the wipers activating upon startup of the vehicle and persisting for anywhere between 2 minutes and indefinitely. Overall I'd give it a 9/10.

- Christian L

Overall, great and reliable vehicle if properly maintained.

All in all, I would give the 2006 Chevy Trailblazer a 4-star review. I absolutely love the fact that it is reliable, very safe in extreme winter weather, and is generally low maintenance (If it is properly and consistently maintained). That leads me to another point - keep up on the maintenance!! If you do not, you will find yourself in one headache after another with this particular vehicle. Proper and timely maintenance will keep this vehicle running for a long time. My fiancé and I have almost reached 250 thousand miles on ours! The one part thing that can be a tad bit annoying is that the water pumps tend to go very quickly on these, and they're not very cheap to fix. Other than that, we are happy with our Trailblazer.

- Ren P

Chevy trailblazers are the best SUV trucks.

I love this vehicle because it is very reliable. Good on gas for it to be an SUV. It is performance in the snow is amazing! This vehicle is very roomy, fitting maybe 6-7 people. Lots of room in the rear for groceries. I had this vehicle for about 2 years, I brought it used at 130, 00 miles. It now has 200, 00 miles and the engine still runs strong. This vehicle is can take a licking and keep ticking. If you maintain this vehicle, it will take you a long way. The only thing about the Chevy's is at some point you will have problems with many of the sensors or even making sure you keep the throttle body clean of gunk. But it will last forever if you maintain it.

- Lisa H

Limitless possibilities: an interesting detail is the smoothness of it.

My vehicle is very reliable and drives very smoothly. The only thing I'd say is that it takes a lot to fill up this kind of vehicle. I love the fact that this vehicle has a lot of room throughout the vehicle. You can fit three people in the middle with extra space in the back as well. This vehicle is very reliable with minor to no problems. I did have a problem with the air coming on normally when I first got the car but, now things are running much better. The seat feel extremely comfortable and I love that it has 4 wheel drive so that it is safe to drive in the winter months as well.

- April A

Overall the Chevrolet trailblazer is a dependable, spacious family vehicle.

The trailblazer has not had many main problems just the water pump and gear shift has to be fixed. The vehicle is spacious for a family with lots of trunk space which is always super helpful. It is very comfortable and we have leather seats which are nice. There's lots of legroom. To me with lots of body room and trunk space this makes it good for travels. Also we have a sunroof but hardly use that at all. So I could do without it. Not a feature I would have to have. Seat warmers in the front seats are cool. The individual air controls in the back seat are a plus as well.

- Melissa V

Reliable transportation with DVD player to keep the kids occupied.

I love my Chevrolet Trailblazer I have been having my Trailblazer for two years and it is very spacious. I have four kids and they sit comfortably. I have only had a few minor problems but that is all. I keep the maintenance on my vehicle up because if you do not you will have problems. I have put a new alternator, spark plugs, fan belt, brake pads, windshield wipers for the front/rear and keep the oil changed every three thousand miles. The Chevrolet Trailblazer is a great travelling vehicle as well for me and my kids.

- Selina J

Great mid-size SUV...2006 Chevy trailblazer ls.

It has a wonderful ride. Comfy behind the steering wheel. Well balanced vehicle. 4x4 on the fly but 4x4 selector switch keeps selecting transfer case gears by itself. After 12 years of driving this rig I finally had to replace the transfer case last fall. The transfer case shifted itself from 2wd to neutral and stuck the transfer case shifting mechanism in the case. We even took the �encoder motor� off and tried shifting it manually. It wouldn't move. Now it is back on the road again with know further problems.

- Donald T

Why I chose to buy my car. Good gas mileage. Good trade in and or resale value.

It is good on gas mileage. The ac and heater work great. It has a good trade and resale value. The CD and radio work fine. Mine is a silver in color which makes it cool in the summer. I see a lot of them on the road. Buying a car is very important that is why I checked around and found that this car was the best of the best. I have had this car for almost 3 years and I just love it. If I had to do it all over again I would make the same decision.

- Kay N

Gas mileage. Check for any issues prior to purchase.

I feel like the performance I great. A lot of thing that could go wrong are easy fixes if you know the right people. Its comfortable, has a pretty great sound system and it just makes you feel like a big dog because its high off of the ground, has 4 wheel drive for the winter months. It's not bad on gas. The gas is expensive but I only fill up once a week and it gets me where I need to go. I love this car and wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Alexis B

Gas guzzler! But very reliable during cold winter months.

I am a musician so the interior has enough room for hauling gear. The road clearance is also ideal for traveling in snow and to remote places with unpaved roads. The only thing I really hate is the gas mileage. This vehicle is a gas guzzler and for someone who travels a lot this is not ideal. It costs about $60 to completely fill it. Overall, this vehicle has been completely reliable especially during the cold months of the winter.

- Laura S

The Chevy Trailblazer the perfect family SUV.

My Trailblazer has a little over 175,000 miles on it but it still runs great. The only issue that I have is that it makes a whining noise and my husband said that it is related to my power steering. He is supposed to be fixing that, once he does that then I will have no more issues, it runs great, it is roomy and spacious for eight, for an SUV does not take a lot of gas, I spend about $140 every two weeks on gas.

- Anita H

2008 Chevy trailblazer still going strong.

My SUV is over 10 years old but still runs like a champ. Many of the dashboard lights are on, but I understand from my mechanic that this is typical of this particular model year. The fact that the speakers have quit working is the biggest issue I have with my vehicle. After driving this vehicle for almost four years, I will only purchase SUVs in the future. Hopefully my next one will get better gas mileage.

- Shawn S

Saab 9-7x a comfortable, luxurious, and powerful ride

I technically have a Saab 9-7x which is a rebadged trailblazer. I love it. It has been mostly reliable and what has broke my dad and I have been able to fix. I plan to keep this car as long as possible. It has the 5.3 vortec and I've used it to tow a loaded trailer from Illinois to Florida twice without any problems. It rides very smooth. It has an in dash navigation and satellite radio.

- Branden B

It's a reliable vehicle that handles well in inclement weather.

I drive a Chevy Trailblazer EXT. I like the extra length as I do a lot of hauling furniture and items inside the vehicle. I also like that it is an all wheel drive vehicle which helps in the Minnesota winters. Things I don't like: the seats don't fold flat, so it can be difficult loading large items in the car. Also, the heater and air conditioner are not that powerful.

- Susan F

It is very dependable. Love all the extras it has.

Like the vehicle itself. Front end went out at over 100, 000 miles. Chevy replaced the gas sending unit, the module for the light and the driver side door panel. All in all it has been a great running vehicle. I have never been stuck in the snow. I get good gas mileage if u do not stick your foot in it. I bought it second hand . But it was very well maintained.

- Frances R

Chevy trailblazer a vehicle for everyone.

I absolutely love my Chevy trailblazer. It is the perfect size to fit my three kids and it has been a wonderful vehicle for the last three years that I have owned it. The only issue I have is under recall which is the driver side door window operations unit does not function correctly because of a leak. Other than that all it has needed are minor repairs.

- Misty M

The most important thing is it sits high and performance overall is great.

My vehicle is a Chevrolet trailblazer the problems I have had is the battery but no fault of the company just the type of battery the other party is selling. Overall the performance is great. Comfort and features are ok. The CD player has been giving me a lot of issues. The sound goes in and out and only gets better when the vehicle gets warm.

- Cassandra L

My SUV the thing that I really like is the sunroof,

We bought the car new in 2006 and at this point we really have not had any major engine problems, it is a comfortable riding vehicle and we get good gas mileage. The only minor problems was the ignition switch. We have a sunroof in it which I really like. Also with being able to put the back seats down it gives us a good bit of hauling room.

- Ruth B

Strong vehicle. Always upgrade to seat warmers!

My trailblazer is a very strong vehicle. I have had it for 6+ years and only had to do routine maintenance on it, minus upgrading to satellite radio on my main dash and upgrading the small plastic panel on my driver's side seat cushion. Cannot say enough positive things about comfort- heated seats are a godsend in winter months where I live.

- Erik B

2002 Chevy trailblazer lt.

It is had a few recalls but other than that I love it. Very comfortable seating. I have had it for 5 years now and only have had to do regular maintenance. The only problem I have had is with the sunroof the bars need to be greased regularly if not it will break mine broke the dealer wants 2,000 to replace it the blazer is worth about that.

- Melissa A

Great car for smaller families.

The only problem I ever have it with the lights flickering at night. When I roll up or down the window the headlight will flicker until the window is all the way up or all the way down. Its is a super comfy car with plenty of space great for small family's. Great for street driving and also dirt roads. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Erin D

Decent gas mileage for the size of the vehicle.

It drives good air conditioning works but air blows on the dash the gas gage does not work it is very roomy it holds up to 8 people it even has air in the back the back area for storage is a decent size holds a lot to of stuff gas on the interstate is not bad for the size of the vehicle can use a lot of gas if drove in town a lot.

- Sharon G

I haven't found a vehicle I like more than my 2006 Trailblazer.

My Trailblazer is reliable and just the right size. I am sometimes responsible for taking grandchildren to lessons or appointments and everyone fits. My repairs have been nominal. I have no intention of selling or trading it. I also like my 4 wheel drive, living in Wisconsin. Before I retired, I had no difficulty getting to work.

- Jamie N

the Trailblazer is not blazing any snow trails. This vehicle will do great all year long except winter.

This vehicle has lasted us about 8 years, which is pretty good. I like the amount of room inside for our large family. access to the back row of seats if pretty simple as well. My only downside is... it is horrible in snow. maybe the wheelbase is too wide. My trailblazer just doesn't turn well in snow over 4 inches deep.

- matthew s

Family vehicle with power and storage.

The 2006 Chevy trailblazer is a great family vehicle. It has a large storage area for the groceries and for anything for the kids. It has power when needed to accelerate onto the highway or need to pass someone quickly. Has a limited amount of features compared to newer cars but still a good amount for being 12 years old.

- Sara P

Telling customers my experience with my 2006 Chevy trailblazer ls.

My 2006 white Chevy trailblazer is nice ac heater for me and my family great on gas but did have problems one of my windshield wiper blade stop working so you could only imagine how it was in the rain had to fix the interior was nice but the door panel did come off loved the sunroof it had other minor problems had to fix.

- Kristen Z

My reliable trailblazer.

No major problems. So far my vehicle is very reliable. It is also very comfortable when driving long distances. One major thing is I feel very safe in this vehicle. I change the oil every 3, 000 miles. This vehicle came in very handy when my boys where in sports. I would buy this vehicle again if they were still made.

- Vicky V

The most important this others should know is our vehicle is a pretty reliable vehicle!

I like our vehicle because it has been pretty good to us through all these years with not costing us much. Only been in the garage for problems a few times. My complaints would be that we have no radio, and the windows on the driver side don't work. All in all It is a great vehicle, especially with having 5 kids.

- Michelle K

Great Chevy Trailblazer LTZ

It runs well, snowstorms are a breeze, doesnt burn oil like most cars and it's a sharp looking suv. The only problem I've had is the electrical. The ac was blowing out but that was a glitch that chevy never solved so I bypassed it with a pulley and took out the ac unit, Now it runs great AND has more power

- Virginia S

Great smooth ride, nice and quite.

I love this truck, had taken my family across America. No bid problems, did baring work, alignment. Works great in the snow. Always a comfy drive. Plenty of space for the kiddos. Cleans up easy. No rust I keep it clean in the winter. 3rd row setting helps keep the children from fighting. But hard blind spot.

- Teal B

Great for winter weather, good on gas.

Slight problems, typical wear and tear for an older car, nothing major at all. Very good on gas for an SUV, never had a problem getting in it and starting it, perfect in winter weather. I have tinted windows so the sun does not beat in very hard. I have a sunroof which I just love. Lots of cargo space.

- Sally N

Why do I like this vehicle so much.

Not a lot of issues. The thermostat has had issues and it needed to be replaced. The little gas engine light will flip on when the weather changes. Passengers sear plastic around the seat has broken. I love driving the trailblazer and am having issues on what to trade for sun they stopped making them.

- Meredith W

Trailblazer can be off road too

The 2006 Chevy Trailblazer is great for a number of reasons. First, the ride is very smooth. All the seats can be folded / removed which makes for great storage. It is also very fun to outfit the vehicle for off road usage. The maximum suspension lift size without getting crazy, however, is only 2.5"

- David L

My vehicle is a golden giant of gas drinking machine.

It drinking gas. Its is great if you have a large family. They are roomy and has a deep trunk. It's good on oil. It provides a height up view of the road. An with the windshield wiper blade in the back window is very helpful. An the all around tinted windows is also great cause it keeps the SUV cool.

- Anthony J

Great, dependable vehicle.

My car has been wonderful, has not given me any problems. I would recommend a Chevy to anyone looking for a new car. It is good on gas and drives smooth, definitely works well for my needs. My commute to work is fairly short but I travel as much as I can in the weekends and she’s held up great!

- Jay R

I love my Chevy Trailblazer.

I love my Trailblazer. Very reliable and when something does give out it's usually not to hard to replace by on your own. I had a blow out going 80 mph and was able to maintain control and only fender was damaged. Very roomy enough room for my family of 4 and other 2 dogs am does well on mileage.

- Rhiannon H

It's the greatest family vehicle fit for all without breaking the bank on all the extras.

It has the space to take all my family and plenty of extras. It has a high enough clearance so that I can get into some tougher places. My dislike is that they have a notorious problem with the gas tank that has the ball sticking and my gas gauge is worthless unless I replace the whole thing.

- craig c

Trustworthy Chevy trailblazer.

My vehicle is twelve years old and runs great. It needs fixing up on the inside. My car needs a new console because the one I have is cracked and missing cover. It also needs new carpet and seat covers. The only thing that has been replaced is timing belt and water pump. This is a great car.

- Brenda J

I love my truck and do not want to drive anything else right now.

I love the size of it and how many people I can haul. I love that it is 4 wheel drive. I wish had it radio controls on the steering wheel and that it was easier to access the 3rd seating. I love the sunroof and the radio. I love that everyone in the vehicle can control their own temperature.

- Emily L

Comfort and very reliable.

This car is very reliable and comfy at the same time the radio is good and it has cruise control, which is good if you take trips saves on gas but it does drink a lot of gas. The radio is good but the speakers depending on how loud you like your music might need to b replaced in a few years.

- Ashlee W

Even though the gas gauge says so, we're not low on gas!

It's reliable, but definitely quirky. Right now, I'm having trouble with the gas when I take a sharp turn or come out of a stop at an uphill angle. The windshield was just replaced a few months ago, and now there's a high pitched screech when I'm driving 70 mph. And the gas gauge is broken.

- Jenny C

Trailblazer is a comfortable, roomy, yet sporty such. It's not your mom's minivan! The LT versions have luxurious leather seats and Bose radio and sunroof!

I love how safe I feel, it accelerates well, I have been in more than one accident with this make vehicle and it has kept me safe. I love the room I have to take stuff with when traveling. The trailblazers I have had are reliable. The factory radio is very good. Has cool air and great heat.

- Lisa V

Chevy trailblazers is a very secure car.

It is too high for me to get in it. And waste too much gas. But I like the feeling of luminous and makes me feel secure in it. The rear door is very hard for me to lift since I am disabled. I sometimes cannot find the right buttons for certain things. Roomy enough for 5 people comfortably.

- Victoria D

Reliable vehicle and room for your family and toys.

The Trailblazer is a good vehicle for day to day running. I have had no major issues since I bought the truck. It holds my family and their stuff easily and comfortably. The only issue I have had is the power steering pump and that was fixed easily. I feel safe and love driving this truck.

- Melissa K

I would say that it would be the energizer bunny because it keeps going.

Not many the engine light is on and will not go off. Had a issue with my window component needed to be replaced after we replaced it I then got something in the mail says that there was a recall other than that it is been a real good car to my family as well as others who have borrowed it.

- Debbie D

Radio does not work, something with the speakers.

Great car had to replace gas tank due to leak and the track lights are on continually. Radio does not work and heat and air only work on setting one and three. The car functionally is so7nd but the extras are an issue. I only drive it back and forth to work so it is really not an issue.

- Diane P

Best mom car I have ever had.

The only issue I have had is the shifter linkage breaking causing the vehicle to be stuck in neutral. $15 fix and it was over. Super reliable, comfortable seating for the whole family. Mine is four wheel drive but I have yet to use it yet. Definitely a great choice for all sports moms.

- Britt F

Blazing trails with the Chevrolet trailblazer.

I love my Chevrolet trailblazer. It is reliable, comfortable, roomy, I have done few repairs, smooth ride. Nice family vehicle. We have taken many trips with this vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to other families. It is a great mid size SUV! It is worth the money I paid for it!

- Linda S

An Always Reliable Chevy Vehicle

Vehicle performs great; does not use up oil very fast; have gotten less gas mileage throughout the year; had a recall on the open door lights above the dash, never had issues with reliability, has a sunroof and power windows and locks; comfortable with electric buttons to adjust seats

- Ashley R

Chevy Trailblazer, the perfect family car.

I love my Chevy Trailblazer! It has been an excellent car with only minor issues. The only concern I have with it is the fact that there is a recall due to a leak around the drivers side door. Other than that and a few issues with my wheel bearings it has been an excellent vehicle m.

- Misty M

I guess it could be worse!

Well I bought my truck used in March. The same day I got it the alternator went. Now here we are in September and it's about to go out again, my speakers are only working on the front driver side. One of my tires are worn and constantly loses air and only one on my tire sensors work.

- Andrenetta G

Chevy trailblazer great vehicle if your looking for one that is worth the money.

Love it haven't had but a couple of little issues with it nothing major would buy another when I needed one comfortable and roomy only thing that is needed to add is a ashtray power locks lock as soon as u put in drive I like that feature love the spare tire underneath the vehicle.

- Tammy A

Big enough for my big dog.

It drives nice. The engine light comes on and you take it to the shop and they fix it. Had to replace struts, got new tires. The spare tire gets rusty underneath and it makes it hard to get apart so I put the spare in the back it has 210,000 miles and it is still going strong.

- Debbie S

Chevy Trailblazer, the car to get. A great SUV.

I have had zero issues with my car, it runs great. It is all around a great, affordable SUV. I want Chevy to come out with a new, updated version of the Trailblazer because I love the car so much. I recommend this car to young teens and adults. It is a great car for all ages.

- Sage O

It was designed to be an off-road vehicle, but it has been a great family car.

It has been a great car. Still works like a dream. Will probably pass it on to my daughter soon. Regular maintenance has kept it working great. Twelve years and it is running like new. I still haul my children and grandchildren around in it, pull trailers and move recycling.

- Jeannette S

Room for the dog, especially if you have an German shepherd.

It is real good on the road. There's room for a big dog. Keep the vehicle maintained and it will keep you going. The daytime driving lights are a big help. It would be nice if they made an v6 engine that is good on gas. The back seats fold down, so you can haul more things.

- Debbie S

Great space for myself and passengers.

It has been very reliable over the 8 years I have had it. I have had to put some work into it but overall it has been a good car. I wish the air conditioner worked better. Takes a while to cool off. Back defrost has broke. Overall love the car. I wish they still made them.

- Amanda G

Chevy trailblazer, give it a try.

The Chevy trailblazer is a very decent vehicle. It is not to big and not to small. My Chevy has a lot of miles however, it is very reliable. Keeping up with the maintenance is really simple and continues the life span. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to a person.

- Derrick B

Roomy and comfortable sitting area.

Had to replace the whole underneath in the front after 130000 miles. Headlamp modulator had to be replaced and the gas sending unit but gm had to pay for that. All in all it has been very reliable and roomy and comfortable for traveling pretty reasonable on gas mileage.

- Frances R

A Trailblazer of a Tale...

I love the way my vehicle handles all weather. The vehicle does have problems though with something leaking in either the roof or sunroof of the vehicle. That is very frustrating. It has also had quite a few recalls. Not very comfortable if you plan on using all seats.

- Mom G

It is the perfect size for a family of 4.

I love the size and ease of getting my kids in and out of my trailblazer. The back end is also the perfect size for everything I would need to carry, whether it is groceries, the dog, or luggage for a road trip. The only thing I would change is having a backup camera.

- Vanessa P

Good vehicle roomy and safe.

I really like my trailblazer because it runs well, it is roomy and it looks really good. What I do not like is the gas mileage. I wish it was better but it usually does not deter me from driving. Also repairs are pretty expensive too. It is solid. I feel safe in it.

- Lisa K

It is a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer.

It is a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer and it has a lot of room for a family. Also, it runs really good and has decent mileage. It has a lot of space to put personal items in it. Not only that, it can resist inclement weather like rain etc.; it has new tires and alignment.

- Nelson L

My reliable SUV. I don't require bells and whistles. Air, heat, radio.

Own outright- no payments. Able to haul furniture, children. Reliable. High mileage but good maintenance record. Use for frequent mountain day trips. Wish it got better mileage. Travel daily commute to work 20 miles. I am handicapped with decal. It is easy to park.

- Julia T

Details of a twelve year old vehicle.

My vehicle is getting older and trying to keep it running. It has been very reliable to get my family around to the places we need to go. Our vehicle is starting to feel a little crowded inside. The inside is worn. The console has fallen apart, the seats are worn.

- Debbie T

Chevy is built to last...

I love my vehicle. It has held up really well. We have had to do some minor work on it but it has 223,000 miles on it and still going strong. We keep the maintenance up to date which I think has really helped. Would definitely buy a Chevrolet for our next vehicle.

- Nora L

Chevy trailblazer reliable and sharp.

My trailblazer is roomy and comfortable. I enjoy how it looks a. It has been very reliable and the four wheel drive is the best on snowy Michigan winters. The sunroof is a nice feature and the kids like the DVD player. Enough room for all and hasn't let us down.

- Elizabeth M

Safely transports my son and his hockey equipment.

This vehicle is very dependable. It is heavy and safe, with 4 wheel drive. Living in NH, that's very important to me. My trailblazer is 12 years old, and I still enjoy driving it. The space in the trunk area is very roomy. Easily fits my son's goalie equipment.

- Jodi S

My car holds a lot of gas but gets bad gas mileage .

My car has lots of problems the engine makes noises, the doors make noises too, but the spare tire is always going flat when it is cold outside, my other tires also loose air when it is cold, out it takes 65-70 dollars to fill the tank, it gets bad gas mileage.

- Kris H

Affordable family SUV Chevy trailblazer.

Leather seats are wonderful and easy to clean. The back of the vehicle is spacious enough for a sports family like us. . The kids love to plug their headphones in the back and listen to music while the adults talk in trips. This is a nice family vehicle!

- Tab P

My vehicle is everything I need, room in the back has plenty of room for guests.

The only problem I have had is all the internal parts are like Rubbermaid plastic. I have had this vehicle for 10 years and it is performance and reliability have been great. It does not have a ton of features. . . But it has everything I want and need.

- Melanie M

4 door, SUV with power seats and a luggage rack for traveling.

I bought it used in 2006. It has comfortable, power reclining seats, the back seats fold down for transporting long objects. It has been a good SUV and haven't had any major problems with it. Only thing I do not like is does not get good gas mileage.

- Cathy G

It is without a doubt the most reliable car I've ever owned.

It is a very good reliable vehicle. It's good for dirt roads and bad conditions, it's tough and can survive a few bumps and scratches. The only downside is that it is quite old and worn at this point, so the steering and breaking isn't phenomenal

- cole r

Be prepared to put at least sixty dollars to fill up the tank.

I like that my car has plenty of space, it has 4 wheel drive and does great in the snow. I don't like that I have a check engine light on all the time and it is a sensor that would take more than 6 hours to replace so I live with it on my dash.

- Meridith B

it is a safe family car with good features

I like to drive a mid size suv so this vehicle meets that standard. it gets decent gas mileage and as a smooth ride. i like the color. i don't really have any complaints other than the check engine light coming on every time the gas gets low

- melissa g

Good starter car but not a family vehicle

This SUV is very comfortable seat wise but it's a very rough driver. I also have had a lot of problems with it. Every time something gets fixed something else messes up. I have the basic model so it doesn't have any features to comment on.

- Victoria C

This car has everything you need for a family car, space, leather, entertainment and leg room.

I like a Trailblazer because it have looks of room and is big enough to hold everything I need. It even has a DVD player so my daughter is entertained in the car. I dislike that the gas mileage is horrible at about 12 miles to the gallon.

- Shawna G

It has over 150,00 miles and is still in relatively good shape.

I like the roominess. I like that it can hold 7 passengers. I don't like that when the seats fold down, it doesn't form a fully flat cargo area like my Dodge Durango did. I don't like that it has a second fuse box under the back seat.


That my car is one of the most average SUVs that you can get.

My vehicle is a white SUV. I personally really do like it as it is a nice practical care for me. I can have multiple passengers and hold whatever I need in the trunk area. My only complaint is that it isn't the most fuel efficient.

- Zane R

A Reliable Old Workhorse.

My vehicle has been pretty reliable over the years without any major issues. There is the usual car maintenance, such as oil and filter change, tire rotations, etc. I have never been in a situation where the car has broken down.

- tim r

Stylish and versatile, this vehicle is a gas hog but will get you there in style

I love the look. Capacity to haul most things I want. I don't like that it has so many issues that seem to be manufacturer related. Recalls for 2007 and beyond and this vehicle seems to have issues similar but no recalls.

- Leah S

My vehicle has a stereo that lights up with several different colors.

My vehicle is a gas guzzler at 15-17 miles per gallon. I also think it is too big for me. Closing the cargo door is difficult, as it is high and heavy. The doors swing open to wide to close comfortably without stretching.

- Jackie P

Old faithful, tried and true.

One of the most dependable vehicles I have ever owned. Of course, with it being an older model vehicle small things have had to be fixed but nothing major so far. My only complaint is gas mileage is not too good.

- Amanda F

It has not required lots of maintenance.

I like that it is roomy. It is easy to drive. It's good for family and outdoor activities. It has held up well without a lot going wrong with it. The gas gauge stopped working and that is very inconvenient.

- Mary S

The most important thing to know about my car is the how durable it is.

I like the four wheel drive aspect of the vehicle. The vehicle is a sporty looking vehicle that gets a lot of compliments. I have never liked the gas mileage it gets. It could be much more fuel efficient.

- amy c

It still gets me where I need to go even though it is not a new car.

I like the fact that my car automatically turns on the headlights when needed. I like that it has 3 rows of seats. My only complaint is the clear coat is starting to peel on certain areas of the paint.

- Harvene F

A good suv that is reliable. It has been a good suv with 4 wheel drive, it does seem to wear tires.

Good vehicle with lots of room, 4 wheel drive, back ac control, towing, good ac, have not had any major repairs since I have owned the vehicle. It has a roof rack and newer cars don't seem to have them.

- Christy B

It gets 16 miles per gallon and takes a lot to fill it up.

I like the extra room but it is very long and I get nervous backing up. The center console and back windshield wiper are broke which is annoying. I kinda like the color, it's a dark red/burgundy color.

- Shanna G

It's very dependable and is an all around great family car

I love this car! I've drove it for almost 2 years with minimal problems and very few repairs that were absolutely needed. The for wheel drive didn't work when I bought it, but that never bothered me.

- Kayla O

There is plenty of room to carry luggage and transport various things. It drives really well.

The gas mileage is very good and efficient for highway miles. The water pump has been replaced twice which is a recurring problem. The vehicle drives really good and handles curves extremely well.

- Adrian S

Our trailblazer is very reliable but makes a lot of noise.

Our trailblazer is a very reliable car. After 20,000 miles its still going well enough. However, we've had a few issues with the level of noise it emits. Sounds like a diesel truck while driving.

- Cynthia E

I consider it to be a safe vehicle to transport my family in.

I like that it has a/c. I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I like that it has power everything. I dislike that it is bad on gas. I dislike that it is an automatic. I prefer manual transmission.

- Tracey S

They should know about the less than stellar gas mileage.

Our trailblazer is a luxury model. It's got leather seats, power everything and even a DVD player. It's very comfortable. My only complaint is the gas mileage. It's not fuel efficient at all.

- Jamie S

Roomy love that it is tall and not bad on gas

I love the fact it sits high and if I would get in a accident I feel safe also I have a lot of room for my grandkids I personally think it really is not bad on gas either I really do love it

- Renee S

Gas mileage sucks on this car only 15 miles to the gallon of

I like the size. I dislike the gas mileage 15 miles to the gallon. It constantly needs repairs. Have to actually figure when I need gas as the repair to make it read will cost over 800.

- Helen M

How reliable the trailblazer is and the space in the extended.

I like the trailblazer as it is durable, roomy, great driving and riding. It gets okay gas mileage, reliable in running and getting to locations even with the mileage on the trailblazer.

- Vlenda D

My vehicle is extremely roomy and comfortable. I don't mind going on long road trips.

My vehicle is roomy and comfortable both inside and in its appearance. I do dislike that it doesn't have a touch screen with GPS, radio, etc. Other than that it's an AWESOME vehicle!!

- Jennifer M

I don't have negative things to say about my Trailblazer.

I bought my car new in 2006. I really like it. I haven't had too many big problems with it. We had a new starter put in last year and have always kept up with the 3000 mile oil changes.

- Ruth M

I love my trailblazer! I have never had any problems as long as regular maintenance is taken care of. It's not too wide like many SUVs and has plenty of room for cargo and passengers.

Take care of your car because it carries you everywhere. As long as I get regular maintenance, oil changes etc., I have never had any problems. For a 12 year old car that is amazing!

- Brandie T

Complaints about 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Power steering pump has been replaced 4 times. Vehicle has 160,000 miles on it. Also had an issue with the fuel level sending unit where the gage would read empty while it was full.

- Kurt D

It has been a dependable way of transportation. It drives well.

I like the way it drives. I like the gas mileage I get. There needs to be a little more room in the seat area behind the front seats. The front seats need to be a little wider

- Robin R

Good for hunting, camping, and most other outdoor activities.

Gets through the harsh winters of NY and has plenty of space for people and storage. Does seem to have evap codes showing and other issues such as the gas gauge has quit working.

- Jason O

Its big, roomy, good for commuting, still has decent gas mileage.

I like the height, can see over cars on the road.. I like the size of the interior.. I dislike how often something breaks.. I dislike the age.. I dislike the boring grey color.

- Melissa B

Keep her oil changed to keep her running.

I enjoy my trailblazer. She has been good to us if you do not consider the average wear and tear problems of a vehicle getting older. I hope she can last another twelve years.

- Pam H

it lasts you a very look time! I would definitely recommend it to others.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and has lasted me for years. I like the color of my vehicle . My only complaint would be that it does not have a AUX plug in for devices.

- l s

It is dependable and last a long time. Made well and would recommend.

The trailblazer is a great vehicle. It has high miles because it has lasted a long time (12 years) and is still running great. I dread the day I need to upgrade vehicles.

- Nicole D

Smooth drive. Uses a lot of fuel. Easy to operate.

It drives easily and smooth ride. I hate I'd so high above the ground, makes it hard to get in and out. It uses a lot of fuel.I feel safer since it's a larger vehicle.

- Peggy Z

Good model for a family vehicle.

I don't really care for it because it is old and falling apart. It has a lot of miles on it so my fear is that it will die soon. I do like all of the space and the 4WD.

- Melody M

Our grandchildren go-getter.

We purchased a larger vehicle to accommodate our grandchildren, our pets, and to move and haul some larger objects. Drives well. Has a few problems. Overall we love it.

- Michele O

That it's safe and that its big enough for everyone.

I like the size able to carrier lots of stuff. Dislike it is starting to nickel and dime us with repair. I love being able to switch from 2wd to 4wd grate in the snow.

- Todd L

A reliable, small SUV that is great for winter driving

It is a smaller size SUV. Fairly comfortable to drive, the 4WD works great for small SUV. It is prone to brake issues - wheel hubs/bearings especially. So-so on gas.

- Jill D

It's great for a family of 4. It's practical and perfect for grocery shopping and traveling.

I love that it has many features that are great for me and my kids. It has DVD player, great ac and 3rd row. My only complaint is it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

- cheyenne F

To know Chevy is to love Chevy.

I disliked the purchasing of it only because the man who sold it to me lied to me about the company I was purchasing it from. The vehicle itself, I absolutely love.

- Cassandra P

I rear ended someone at a light and there is a small crack in the bumper area.

I like my vehicle and it drives great in snow but I do not like the size of the truck or where some parts of the truck are like the panel under the passenger seat.

- Alexis K

They should know that it is big but doesn't feel like it is a monster. Perfect size.

My trailblazer is a really good car. I like that it is big for a family car and also hold stuff in the back. I don't like the work that I have had to put into it.

- Vicky A

The problem with the headlights and my car does not even have 80, 000 miles in it.

Constant problems with the headlights going out. They've recalled this year but it goes by the vin number and mine wasn't included. The parts have been expensive.

- Mary B

How dependable and comfortable it is to drive.

I bought my Trailblazer in 2006 & have loved it since day one! I have over 190,000 miles on it & it ti still going strong!! I hope it lasts another ten years!

- Jane S

Love my Chevrolet trailblazer.

Never had any issues just had a water pump replaced a long time ago. It's very comfortable and easy to drive. Has plenty of cargo room and back seats fold down.

- mary t

This vehicle has a smooth , quiet and comfortable ride .

I bought my trailblazer used , it has a v8 engine which I like because it is powerful . Even with the big engine it is pretty good on gas and I love the ride .

- Dee G

It gets me from place to place. It is most often reliable

It's a good vehicle, but is very bulky and J wish it had better gas mileage. In the past, air conditioning fans stopped working because the circuit was fried

- Nicholas M

That it is reliable and that repairs are few and when needed can find repairman easily

I need a four wheel drive and it performs well in that capacity. I like that it has a higher profile. However it can be hard to get into with my arthritis.

- Bonnie P

The car has so much space and very comfortable to be in.

I like the space and how big it is. Can take the whole family where I go. Also very great car hasn't messed up on me. Only bad thing is wastes a lot of gas

- Jessica R

The engine is awesome. It's a v8.

It is a trailblazer ss. I don't like it as much as our old car that we used to have. I do like that it's higher than cars. I like the space in the vehicle.

- Nicole F

Everything has broken on it at least once and is costly to repair.

I like the four wheel drive. I don't like the broken door handles and how quickly things rusted. I so like the size of back it fits a lot of groceries.

- Becky T

It is a good quality vehicle.

This vehicle has been very trustworthy. I have had it for 12 years now and it has run well since I have gotten it. It is very nice and has plenty of room.

- eric G

It has almost 200K miles and still runs perfectly.

I like the reliability. I think it rides smooth. It can be used for family travel or for doing labor and hauling stuff. Gas mileage isn't the greatest.

- Shane C

Keep up oil changes, tires rotated.

Best SUV I have ever owned. No problems except coder failed once. Just did standard maintenance done every 6000 miles 160000 miles on third set of tires.

- Edgar H

It's a great vehicle that runs consistently.

It starts consistently, but if you run out of gas it takes about 7 gallons to be able to start it. The fold down back seat makes it easy to carry things.

- Jesse H

It is a very reliable vehicle and drives like a newer model.

Love how it drives. Still so smoothly for its age. Love how it sits up high and I can see far and wide. Hate how it is not equipped for satellite radio.

- Betty C

the vehicle has great pickup.

It has great acceleration. if your a bigger person it is very hard to get into the back door opening. it also is hard to use the seatbelts in the back.

- Guen H

My car has been reliable and works well for my families needs.

Good running vehicle that is reliable. As the suv gets older things are wearing out and need to be replaced. No bells or whistles; basic in every way.

- Kassie B

It is a great little SUV larger than a car so not as cramped

Very dependable good on gas rear storage is large size only thing I would change is the front seats are not comfortable for a ride of more than a hour

- Alissa L

It is dependable and comfortable to drive.

It has good traction and control. It gets crappy gas mileage. I wish it had a moonroof. And wish it accelerated faster and had bigger wheel wells.

- Jacob B

Having any car is hard work with lots of upkeep but it is worth it.

It is spacious and very roomy. I am enjoying it immensely. I had problems with him when I first got him, but now it is amazing and drives great.

- Pamela L

It is very dependable and long lasting. It hasn't had any major issues

I like the total size of the vehicle. There is plenty of room in the front seat and the back. Also good trunk size. It has been very dependable.

- Ryan K

I am not understanding why I am giving this information.

First, I am not trying to sell my car. Next it needs some repairs and I am not sure what it needs. I have to continue to drive this car for now.

- Cheryl O

They tare threw pumps regularly.

Several issues with sensor issues the hi low locks up and won't let you put it into gear. It loses power frequently. Other then that decent SUV.

- Ricky O

Their is very room seating and cargo space

very comfortable, runs great after more than a dozen years, adjustable seats, cloth seats, good view through all windows, roomy cargo area

- Carla P

That it has been a really reliable car, hardly any issues just regular maintenance

I LOVE my car. Good size for traveling and transporting animals. My only regret is that it is getting older and will soon need to be replaced.

- Linda B

the car is big and heavy so if they get in the way and too close it would be bad for them to do.

I like that it is big enough to get in and out of easily. I don't like that it uses too much gas and oil. I like that it rides comfortably .

- doug b

It is a good quality car and very roomy. The back of the car hold a lot of groceries.

I have always liked my vehicle. It has been good to me. The only thing that I dislike is that it is 12 years old and has a lot of mileage.

- Carol C

Great truck, although it is cheaply made.

Great engine and drivetrain. The interior is kind of cheap, all plastic, difficult to reassemble. But overall good quality for the price.

- James M

It's storage capabilities. It has a decent amount of room with the back seat up but can haul even larger objects if needed.

I like its compact functionality with the back seat being able to fold down. I like the comfort of the seats and its overall appearance.

- Kay L

It is built well and is a very safe car to drive

I like driving a large vehicle because I feel safe in it. I do not like the gas usage of the vehicle. It costs too much in fuel costs

- Nancy M

They don't make them anymore, traverse has taken its place

I like the comfort of my trailblazer. I like that it fits my family comfortably for trips. I like the trunk space. Nothing I don't like

- Emily H

It gets me where I need to go and is decent on gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable and has enough room to perform for me daily. Ie get kids to school, go to work, pick up large items when needed.

- Trey G

It is long lasting and drives well and looks like new inside and out.

I have always loved it. It has lasted so long and still feels like brand new. I've only had to fix a couple things in all these years.

- wendy n

It is very reliable and I would not sell her.

I don't have any complaints. I has been a very reliable vehicle. I have done roads trips with my family. My vehicle has a smooth ride.

- akeera C

Rides nice, is great winter car in snow.

It is getting old. Would like to have better gas mileage but does ok long travels. It has been a great car and would love a new one.

- Frances N

It is a good car it just needs to be maintained and it will keep running.

I like the dependability and the longevity of the car, I do not like the frequent a/c issues and how much oil it takes to refill it.

- Glenn B

It has a good motor for its age.

I like that it is roomy. It sits high. I like the Chevy brand. I like that it handles well for its size and it has third row seats.

- Stephanie H

The most important thing about My car is that it is very reliable

I like that the vehicle is spacious. I like that it is high off the ground because I am tall. It is great on gas. I feel safe in it

- Tiffany W

It has a great running engine. With proper maintenance this vehicle will last you a long time.

It is a very safe and good running truck. I never hesitate to put all my kids in and go. The gas mileage is also great for a truck.

- Janine F

it is gold with black trim and looks nice

words can only imagine what use i get from this comfortable,spacious, smooth vehicle in terms of storages, comfort and reliability

- Joe D

It's reliable.threw the toughest and hardest of times

Chevy's are amazing no matter what my trailblazer gets me everywhere it's very reliable.i have amazing memories with this vehicle

- Joni T

Love the leg room it has I'm a 6'7" tall guy so the room in it is amazing

Trailblazer has lots of room in interior, it's very reliable I've had my trailblazer for 12 years and I would def buy another one

- Travis L

Great car, little to no problems

It's honestly a great car, not a lot of problems as long as it is taken care of! It is comfortable and has lasted me a long time

- Maia O

Very dependable. Safe getting old so things are starting to nickel and dime.

For its age it is very reliable. It has a clunk in the front when I brake. 4WD is awesome in the winter. I just feel safe in it.

- Todd L

A great family car. We have taken many family trips.

It has good driving.the sound system is good but broke due to a wreck and a short somewhere. Not easy to switch out headlights.

- Briana P

The tank holds a lot of gas and will last a while but it's expensive

I like the mileage and the size of the car. I also like that the car is reliable and safe. I dislike the seats within the car.

- Megan O

Lots of room, gets great gas mileage.

Very little problems, does great on gas mileage and has third row seating. Plenty of room if you have children or make trips.

- Betsy D

Amazing vehicle, highly recommended.

This has been the best vehicle I have owned. Spacious for all passengers, 4 wheel drive, dependable. Sad its no longer made.

- Trisha K

The tranny's are known to slip.

I love the 3rd row seating, and that everything besides the seats are power. I with it had a spot for a aux cable however.

- Kira A

That it drives really nicely for an older truck.

I love the truck but it has a lot of expensive issues so I do not like it for now. I will love it again when it is fixed.

- Danielle M

Great family vehicle. Great on gas miles.

I love my trailblazer. It is very comfortable and roomy. I haven't had any big problems. Mainly small things like shocks.

- Noelle R

Chevrolet Trailblazer with 3rd row seats

I love my car! Not great gas mileage, but very roomy for my family of five. No significant problems since we have had it.

- Kimberly H

handles great good in nasty weather affordable reliable

reliable comfortable affordable dependable cost efficient easy to handle great in nasty weather handles great looks good

- dar c




It may have a lot of dents but it is well loved.

I love the leather heated seats and sunroof. However, it is older and I worry about maintenance and the long term cost.

- Natalie S

It needs to be bigger. It will seat 7 but with car seats it is crowded.

Not big enough for my family. It does great driving and has a DVD player. Goes through the gas. Just needs to be wider.

- Lisa T

The brakes make noise. but they are not failing at this time

It is older and runs well. It is big enough for my kids and I. BUt it isn't big enough for us to take their friends too


The old brown that chews through gas.

The truck consumes gas like I consume tacos. It has nearly 200, 000 miles on it. Its near it end. Hold like 22 gallons.

- Dylan A

I adore this vehicle! I love that it has 4x4 drive and that it is roomy and comfy. Tons of cargo space, four doors, runs great.

That you feel safe when you drive it. I've watched my car model in a roll over accident and everyone walked away fine.

- Kelli C

Its paid off and has 104,000 miles.

Its old and needs work.. Window and door issues. It smells a little bit.. Does get me from point a to point b though..

- Mark H

It's not a taxi. It takes gas and repairs to go places. Rides are not free

I like that it is good on gas, It seats 4 comfortably' I don't really like newer cars. I don't like that it is not 4x4

- James N

It is a safe car to drive and ride in. It can seat approximately 5 to 6 people.

I can only think of one thing I do not like about my vehicle. It is a gas guzzler. Other than that, I love my vehicle.

- Susan B

Fun for the whole family guaranteed.

My car is a SUV, it is comfortable and classic with lots of extras. It is sleek both inside and out. Worth the money.

- Marty D

It is a 2006 model Chevy SUV.

It runs really good and it has a lot of space; also, a good family car and resist clement weather in good condition.

- Nelson L

Problems with headlights. They kept going out.

Too many repairs and hardly any miles on the car. Already put brakes on it. Spent hundreds on faulty relay switches.

- Mary B

Great truck, possible transmission issue

I love my trailblazer. She's always been reliable, but recently started with a noise that may be the transmission.

- amber l

The drive is great. the towing capacity is awesome. the vehicle comfortably 7-8 passengers. We have owned our Trailblazer since 2006 & it has 125,000 est. miles of it & we will easily get another 75,000.00

after 12 years the a/c has broken and leak after spending $500 is unable to be located. we need to replace the ac

- traci m

The Chevy Trailblazer is an oldy but a goody!

It's a very reliable vehicle. It is comfortable to drive and rarely has mechanical issues. I have no complaints!

- Tonya N

they comfortable seats and large cargo area are ideal

the chevrolet trailblazer my soulmate vehicle, it is so comfortable and spacious, cozy, and comfortable to drive

- JOe D

Lovely SUV that I am stuck with.

A. C. Is out comfortable and reliable but bought it used and had a great deal of trouble with it to begin with.

- Sammi J

Safety because of size of vehicle.

Safe size and lots of cargo space. Hate low mileage. Needs rain guards on windows. Sunroof not used in heat.

- Brenda H

I like the room and big back for hauling things

I love my trailblazer. Issue with the radio I believe this is a Chevy issue.i've had friends with this issue

- John S

155k and still going strong

Very reliable! Currently 12 years old with 155,000 miles. Routine maintenance has kept it working very well.

- Melissa H

The reliability and low maintenance of this vehicle

I love my trailblazer it's great for any weather,it is very reliable,low maintenance,cost efficient vehicle

- Jennifer H

Nothing really it is like any other trailblazer.

Drives good in winter. Can go about anywhere. Do not like it not having air when it is over 98 degrees out.

- Norma T

It's comfortable and reliable. It has the room for all my family. The back it roomy for storage.

Runs and drives good but constantly dealing with air flow issues. So I have the check engine light on a lot

- Keri M

Love the cargo area, easy to turn and backup.

This car is not roomy enough. Needs more space in the back seat. Needs better cup holders in the backseat.

- Mindy O

Its reliable, easy to handle and maintain.

I don't like the abs system. I don't like factory radio. I love how it handles. Love how it drives smooth.

- Cris O

Dependable, Chevy and we love it

Really love our trailblazer, we have traveled a lot in it. Very dependable very spacious. Love it love it

- Angelic F

Can't wait to get a new vehicle

Used to be a great truck, after I bought it from my dad, it's been in and out of the shop a couple times.

- Bianca K

Has new battery and runs consistently good.

Handles good. Comfortable seating. Uses a lot of gas. Needs an alignment and brakes need to be upgraded.

- Judy C

Chevrolet Trailblazer is awesome vehicle!

My vehicle is Chevrolet Trailblazer 2006 performs well. It's reliable, comfortable and has no problems.

- Yuliya E

It drives fine and gets me were I need to go.

Two of the cylinders in my engine went out and causes my car to shut down randomly and not start again.

- Amber C

Roomy, not great on gas, easy to maneuver and wipers won't shut off

I liked my vehicle until a few months ago when the wipers will not shut off. So I no longer drive it.

- Heather H

My Trailblazer is amazing

Trailblazers are great vehicles. They are safe, reliable, comfortable and has a good amount of space.

- Darcy N

it is reliable it has 160000 miles on it and rarely needs repair

it has 160000 miles. it is reliable,. it's good on gas itihas room in the back for hauling things

- rudy h

It's dependable, good looking and gets us to where we are going

It's big fun and useful. I am able to transport friends comfortably. I feel safe in a heavier car

- Carol P

It's has a lot of room it has a third row seat

I sent like the fact that it costs a lot of money to fill with gas every week. It's falling apart

- Christa S

It has lots of room and I 've had it for 10 years,

It is getting older. The paint is chipping. I've had to replace a few things. Overall Love it!

- Melissa D

We have replaced a lot of parts in our car so it is almost like new

I love that my car is safe but I just wish the back seat was a little bigger for the kids.

- Traci H

It is well maintained, and is serviced regularly

Rides really well. Plenty of cargo space. Sound system is good. Gas mileage is not so good

- Timothy P

Great SUV with 4-wheel drive. Loved by all who see it.

Great design. Great power from the LS2 motor. Superior handling. No complaints at all!

- John j

It's important to get bucket seats when you have more than 1 small child. The 3rd row isn't useable once you put two car seats in.

It drives smoothly. It's spacious. I get good gas mileage. I love the leather interior.

- Logan M

It has been dependable. It is high mileage and uses very little oil.

It has been durable and dependable. Don't like that have had air conditioning issues.

- s b

No gages work so if you don't like doing math then this is not the car for you

It is old and dirty The gas gage doesn't work. So I run out of gas often It runs ruff

- michelle K

My trailblazer uses a lot of gas

I like It's usefulness. I hate the gas mileage. No real complaints other than mileage

- Clifton H

Don't move seat and don't leave trash in it. Always change the lol when it is time for the oil to be changed and always put gas in it when it gets to one quarter full.

I love the way it drives. It will make really sharp turns.It gets good gas mileage.

- Alma B

Goes thru deep snow with the four wheel drive with no spinning of the wheels.

The best car I've ever had. It has all the necessary features. It goes anywhere.

- Roger T

It is a gas hog. The suspension is spot on. One of the few vehicles I can sit in the back seat without getting car sick.

I love it. It's not quite as big as I would like, the back is tight with 2 kids.

- Amanda S

It's a great car. You can have up to five people in it, with extra space in back for luggage.

I love the sunroof. I also love the heated seat feature and the big back trunk.

- Karissa E

That's basically a part of the family.

It's been a truly reliable and well made truck. It's lasted for over a decade.

- J.W. M

It is paid for and gets me from point A to point B.

I wish it had a third seat. Gets pretty good gas mileage. It rides smoothly.

- Lynne E

It's name is wolf and it's big and comfy and cozy and nice

I like my car. It's big and comfy. It runs well but it needs some fixing.

- Becca D

Economical and low maintenance. Excellent gas mileage,

Had it over 10yrs. No major problems. Feel very safe with all the kids.

- Kay b

It is good for snow driving with the 4 wheel drive.

Old and starting to rust. Gas mileage is not very good. Like the 4WD

- Latricia B

Water pumps go bad after one hundred k miles. Headlamps go bad regularly

Faulty water pumps. Cheap plastic exterior body. Tires wear out fast

- Alberto J

The Stabilitrak option sucks. Buy the 4x4. It really is a garbage suv.

Nice car. Looks good. Too many problems arising after 60,000 miles.

- Roger L

It is very reliable and safe. It can be used for lots of cargo space.

It is a very reliable vehicle that I have had for some time now.

- eric w

It is not very good on gas mileage and uses a lot of oil.

Like the build and 4 wheel drive. Not very good on gas mileage.

- Andrea S

that it fit my kids in it that are very tall with long legs

nothing I like or dislike its like all the other cars out there

- dawn l

it drives great and easy to maneuver

it drives great. love the sunroof. have plenty of legroom

- clint M

The type of engine and quality of the inside of car

Gas MPG is a killer. The truck rides a little rough at times

- Tom C

I love how much room it has. 3 rows of seats. Power windows, DVD player. Four wheel drive , it is a must in the winter where I live. Decent gas mileage.

Lotsa room. Decent gas mileage. Four wheel drive. DVD player

- Kim T

I like the size of my Trailblazer, its large and higher up from the ground. One of my favorite features is the sunroof! My only complaint would probably be the money it takes the full my gas tank, ouch.

The brakes need to be replaced, take it easy on the stops!

- Maggie M

It's big. Has 3rd row seat. Gas hog. But it's 4x4 which is awesome.

Fun to drive. Leather seats. Loaded. I hate it's a gas hog

- Sarah M

Dependable and good for everyday use. Good to pull a trailer

Could have more get up and go, but overall a good vehicle

- Anna B

Very dependable. No problems.

Easy to drive and plenty of room for hauling things.

- Sue J

it has lots of room inside, therefore legroom, room to put things easily in the back. it is not small & cramped

I have no complaints at all. I love my trailblazer.

- Debbie B

It is red and extremely old.

Old and giving problems. Comfortable. Good I'm snow

- Jason L

it is my car, for me to drive

It gets me where I need to be and is reliable

- Dean F