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Chevy Uplander Minivan. Good for camping, & or for going on family vacations. The DVD Player really makes road trips allot more easier

I bought it from a used car lot approx. a year ago. The reasons why I decided to buy it are because I liked how it looks sporty. The windows are tinted & the tint is still in tack. It seats 7 people which I really like because I have Grandchildren & that leads me to another reason I bought this van. The DVD player. It's seated upfront on the ceiling between the driver & passenger seats with easy access to push play, pause, & stop. As well as easy viewing for those riding in the back. Another feature I like is that it has 2 sliding doors making it easy when hauling passengers to get in & out of. I also like the hatch back it makes it easy for hauling groceries without them falling out & rolling all over the place. Other features it has are #1) Cruise Control (Still working) #2) Air Conditioning (Still working) #3) Electric Windows (Still working), Side Mirrors (Still working), & Locks (Not working from drivers side door, but still works from passenger side door), #4 (Digital info button displays on dash. with the option to choose your language)

- Karla M

Our Uplander has been steady and sure over many years and many miles. Just as awesome as the day we brought it home!

Although my crossover vehicle is over 10 years old and has over 150,000 miles on it, I still love it as much as the day we drove it home. Aside from new tires, and basic maintenance, we have never had a major mechanical issue. We have driven it from Missouri to Florida seven times two of those times we pulled a small trailer with it. I love the automatic doors, those have been the only issues we've ever had in that sometimes the van thinks the doors are not closed and makes the alarm sound when, in fact, the doors are closed and everything is fine. We find the solution is to just turn the automatic door open/close feature off, check the fuses, replace as needed and go on with our lives. Our Uplander has a DVD player, but it also has inputs that allow us to connect our portable hard drive--that way we don't have to rely on skippy DVDs on long car trips. And...ten cup holders is glorious. We love our Uplander!

- Ann S

For a minivan it actually gets very good gas mileage.

It handles well while driving you feel secure like it is ripping the road. I like that everything is automatic and easy to control and I like it has a DVD player in it. I do not like the fact that it does not have a lot of get up and go. Having six children that are tall people it does not feel like the manufacturers of minivans take into consideration real people sitting in the chairs, it could have more leg room and it could have more headroom.

- Tracy B

Chevrolet is in it for the long haul.

I have driven this van since 2006 and it has almost 240k miles. The body still looks good with just a tiny rust spot and the transmission is acting up a little in cold weather but this van has done amazing by me and my family. I would definitely choose a Chevrolet for my next vehicle as this one has been a great purchase for me, you couldn't ask for much more than what I have gotten out of this vehicle in the past 13 years.

- Jill B

Not for traveling! But otherwise a decent van.

Not a very smooth ride, feels more like a truck with less than optimal suspension. It really lacks in the back cargo area. We have a family of 6 and we fill it just on a normal ride- so traveling is over packed and we are always having to climb over and around luggage. However, outside of having to pack anything extra is seats us comfortably. Not my favorite purchase, but gets us where we need to be, reasonably.

- Erin H

Very reliable for a family vehicle with plenty of room for the kids and pets to be comfortable as well as removable seats to haul just about anything you could think of. A great all around vehicle.

It is very accommodating for a large family with plenty of room for up to 7 people and still some storage space beyond that. It has the horsepower of a truck, it is our go to vehicle for moving family member on more than one occasion. It has been the most reliable vehicle that our family has owned in years, have replace two other vehicles due to breakdowns during the time period that we have owned this van.

- VR H

First car for me with over 125, 000 miles, and still runs so well.

I bought this car used, with not many miles. First car I have had that now has over 125, 000 miles on it. Even if I live alone, my grandchildren and children come to visit, and I need a van. Plus, I travel quite often between houses, and love the capacity of it, as I like to take certain things with me. Plus, picking up and bringing children and grands to and from the airport, with luggage, is easy.

- Audrey A

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

The uplander is an amazingly sturdy vehicle n will go thru anything type of weather. It is durability is amazing n when I need to get up n go it has no problem getting up to speed n gets me where I am going quick. I have got 2 smaller children and am constantly carrying others w me n I feel safe as can be n no worries of any of us being in harm's way w my uplander der.

- Laurie F

My sanctuary: I used to spend my lunch hours in my van reading and taking a nap.

I have had my van for 12 years. I have had to have some bigger repairs on it throughout the years, but mechanically it is still in good shape. My biggest complaint about the van is the windshield wipers which fold down under the hood. It has plenty of room in it and I have used it for my kids, my grandkids, girl scouts and traveling. I love my van!

- Angela S

The ups and downs of the uplander.

The car rides nice and smooth, but I wish it had the update software as newer models, it has a DVD player on this model but I haven't been able to get it to work there wasn't a manual for the car. It is spacious but I need a little more space. There is only 1 automatic sliding door & it needs to have it on both sides.

- Tamara V

A very good van for my purpose.

I have drove it for 6 years and have had no major problems it's great for all the great grandkids it have to care for very room easy to drive would buy another one when it is time to trade it is very roomy and has cargo space to carry thing I need can't say had any problem took care of it and it been good.

- Rita P

06 Chevy uplander ls problems.

Don't complain about it too much. Just the way the suspension is set up along with the placement of the fuel pump it causes the gas to run away from the pump so it runs out of gas very easily. Like most chevys also the alternator dies very quickly and the placement on the motor is very difficult to access.

- William B

The Chevy Uplander is great for style and comfort.

The Uplander is comfortable and seats seven. My Uplander is good on gas when driving the highway and has lost of storage space. The air conditioning as well as the heat work great and steady. The Uplander can be very spacious when seats are out or folded up. Enough room to sleep or to haul things.

- Rhonda R

It is easy to drive and easy to keep clean.

I have had to get the transmission changed already. Otherwise it runs very well. I do feel like perhaps I need to get the oil changed more often than what is normal. It is sturdy and holds a lot of people. It is reliable and easy to drive. Easy to keep clean if you have pets as well.

- Kirsten M

Best family oriented vehicle.

It has almost 200,000 miles I have no major issues ever and it is a daily freeway driver love it best vehicle ever. Built in car seat was great for the grandkids as was the built in DVD player with drop down screen and wireless headphones. Room for the whole family and great on gas.

- Pamela S

Very dependable and never lets me down.

Very reliable very comfortable for all my children and grandbaby and they can watch DVD on trips. Good on gas. Never had a lot of problems with it. Back seats let down so I can load big stuff in the back or haul things to big for a car. Automatic sliding doors and automatic lights.

- Patricia B

Chevrolet uplander is a really great family van.

I love the DVD player for my children. Plenty of room in the back for groceries and folding back seats are great to. The air conditioning works really well after all these years. The sliding doors are also really easy to open for my children. Over all a great van for my family.

- Irene W

This is a very reliable and dependable car.

No major problems with my 2006 uplander. It has been a good reliable car and very good seating. Plenty of room for my grandchildren. Oil changes and new brake pads is all that has been done. I would recommend this uplander for anyone that wants a reliable and dependable car.

- Fern J

Very dependable van. For a family.

I have 180000 miles and had no problems with it. Is very reliable. I have had no performance problems,l really like the third row seating it gets very good gas mileage. It's very roomy, with three teenagers l need all the room l can get.I like all features it came with.

- Chuck M

Children enjoy DVD player.

Very reliable, roomy enough for grandkids. Never let me down. No major issues. Not a gas guzzler. Easy to handle, enjoyable to drive. Easy to maintain, handles well on long distances. All the drivers love the way it handles. Will keep it for as long as it runs well.

- Mar H

I have problem with the power steel.

I have problems with de doors, they stuck a lot, the power steel is my big problem, there are cost to much in repairs. And the lights,I do know is something with electric problem, but they turn off a lot, every light cost almost 20 dlls. And the labor is expensive.

- Brenda R

Good on gas and built in dvr.

My vehicle is a van and it is big and roomy comes with built in dvr it is performance is really good on gas it is 12 years old and still going strong has a front and back air conditioner power steering, tinted windows, and has cruise control, variable speed wipers.

- Cindy S

The van is very spacious with folding down back seat for more cargo space.

Too big, bad gas mileage, very comfortable, spacious can fit 7 people. Ride is smooth, nice luggage space the back seat folds down for more storage. The reliability is very good I have over 130,000 miles on it and plan on driving it for a couple of more years.

- Eric R

I like that my seats fold down if I need the extra room.

Its roomy for all my kids and extra things I need to pack up. I also love that it gets decent gas mileage. It has a TV, headphones, lots of storage space. I only ever need an oil change or small maintenance things done to it. I rarely ever have major issues.

- Whitney W

When we go on long trips, , it has a dvr for passengers. Riding in the back seats.

I like that the passenger doors slide open and shut. Automatically and that it has backup beep which. Sounds when I am backing up and am close to the. Car behind me. I do not have any complaints about. My vehicle. I do not want another vehicle at this. Time.

- Susanne S

It's been a good, reliable van for the last 12 years.

I love my van! It's so open and roomy in the front and tons of space in the back. The only thing I don't like is the windshield wiper blades. They tuck down under the hood and you can't pull them out to clean snow from under them, you have to open the hood.

- Angela V

This is the most reliable company I have ever dealt with.

I have owned this van for over 10 years and it runs the same as when I bought it. I do all routine maintenance and take care of it. I don't misuse it and it hasn't given me trouble. I have always owned Chevy vehicles and they are just a reliable vehicles.

- Robin P

Chevy uplander: a little something for the whole family.

I own a Chevy uplander 06. It is a great vehicle for the family. Mostly for the kids. The DVD player with headsets are perfect for the young ones. I personally like the all wheel drive aspect of the vehicle. Kind of delivers a little for the whole family.

- Jon R

It has many good qualities it has a built in DVD player good its good on gas.

My van has very good gas mileage, and it performance is great, it is very roomie and we have never had any problems with anything, we enjoy our rides very smoothly and it has dual air conditioner, it seats 7 persons comfortable on a long road trip.

- Cindy S

There are two seats in front and two back and a bench seat the back of the van.

The van is easy to drive and drives smooth. It is great in gas mileage. I really like how spacious it is. I also love that the air conditioning goes all the way to the back of the van. It has a front end problem but that can be fixed.

- Carmen S




How much room you have inside the van.

Like the way it sits above traffic. Like the way it sits on long rides. It has plenty of room for all the grandchildren when we take them on vacation. It is easy to see around other cars parked next to you.

- Brenda B

Ideas for updating vehicles with the newer technologies.

My Car is reliable and runs with ease, it is maybe a little outdated. I wish it had some of the new technology as the newer cars. On screen audio system with connectivity with Bluetooth availabilities.

- Tamara B

Good small family car. Reliable.

I travel back and forth to Omaha and my 120 lb. dog rides comfortably in the back to accompany me. It's comfortable on these 6 hour trips and I have had no major issues as long as I have owned it.

- Nana J

It is a great family car.

There is plenty of room for all 6 of us. It is comfortable and rides smoothly. The automatic doors malfunctioned all of a sudden, but I don't mind manually opening and shutting the side doors.

- Jocelyn D

It is a sturdy, dependable vehicle.

It dependable. Low maintenance costs. I can use it to haul large items and groceries. It starts up every time I get in it to go somewhere. Which is important for a caretaker of family members.

- Chris R

Not sure. Everyone's needs are different.

It is a nice vehicle but actually a little small for us. But doing what we have to do. Cannot fit my son's specialty wheelchair so had to get him a travel one. So it fits with his hoyer lift.

- Terry B

It is one of a kind and you have to have a taste for that kind of vehicle.

It does not run terribly but the transmission is starting to go and my heat doesn't work. Neither does my radio. It is reliable to get you to where you need to go but it is a beater for sure.

- Alexis H

Very reliable van with very few problems. The problems that I have encountered were normal maintenance issues. Great vehicle to have.

The Van drives very well. When there is a problem, it alerts you in a specific manner so that you know which direction to go in to fix the problem. The alert sound is very very loud.

- Sharon W

Overall, it's been a good vehicle, dependable (but it's older and I want a new one).

It's an older vehicle but still runs well. Haven't had many big problems with it, although there is some rear end weirdness. Had to change rear tires more frequently than I would like.

- Sherry N

The DVD player is great and my son likes the built in car seat.

I love my uplander. It fits all of my kids and is great on gas. It also has a built in car seat for my 4 year old. And it also has a built in DVD player which is great for road trips.

- Brooke S

It a great family vehicle and easy to install car seats in.

I like the space the islander provides for my family of 5 (plus my husky). I dislike that the gas mileage is not the greatest. I like that the car is reliable and low maintenance.

- Kayla W

Needs undercoat sprayed to protect spare tire and prevent wrench from corrosion

Love the engine and how it drives and handles. Needs better turning radius and better way to carry spare tire because wrench carries and cant get hook with spare tire to drop

- Allen L

it runs good and save you money on gas

I love my van, there is plenty of room. It has not given me any problems. the only thing i dislike is when the dvd player in the van makes the dvd's hot when they come out.

- mary t

It has tons of cargo space.

I like the cargo space. The van is unreliable though. There is also a transmission problem that never seems to be resolved. Overall it has been a good car though.

- ali m

It is very roomy and holds seven people.

It is too big and hard to find parking spots. I inherited it because I was responsible for taking my parents to appointments and it had a lift seat installed.

- Diane D

Even if Its got problem it allow you get from A to B.

The car I drive is Chevrolet Uplander Its a ride a person could depend on to get from A to B. I love my ride Its never let me down. Never had ride this good.

- Annie T

It gets good gas mileage, especially on the highway

I like that you can control the rear door locks from the front . I like the way it way it handles. And I like the way it drives. I have no complaints

- Dora M

a lot of seating. Good. For people with children. It has a built in car seat.

A few problems is it has trouble moving up hills. It is comfortable and can fit 7 passengers which makes family trips easy. It is very roomy.

- Brooklyn V

Chevy Uplander: A great family car

Great milage, power everything, good features like DVD and CD player, anti lock brakes, buttons to control the radio on the steering wheel.

- Donna S

i take care good care of my van and enjoy it.

i have no complaints about my van. In fact my granddaughter loves it and calls it her bus. I am retired and use my van for personal use.

- Linda s

It gets good gas mileage.

I love the DVD/gaming system and The extra storage in the back. The only thing I dislike is that it feels a little small for a minivan

- Miranda S

The Chevy Uplander is a great vehicle

I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander. 3.5. It seats 7 people. Has all wheel drive, has very cold ac and heating. It's has 175, 000 miles on it

- Chawndrey G

Works great for a family.

My kids love the DVD player. We use that a lot. I like that I can open the side back windows but I wish the middle windows opened

- Theresa S

I has lasted well over the years and has only needed basic upkeep.

I have had this vehicle for 11 years, I has been good to me. I haven't had any major repairs needed. Overall a decent vehicle.

- Faith R

That its a dependable vehicle that allows you to have 6 extra passengers

I like the way it comfortably rides, and the room it has for extra passengers. There really isn't anything I dislike about it.

- Anna V

It has amazing gas mileage.

I like the size. It's comfortable to get in and out. Too wide turns. Good on gas, and so far at 150000 miles performing well.

- Mary H

Is that it fits seven people in it.

I like how it gets me from point a to point b. I hate that it randomly stalls. Sometimes the radio and clock resets as well.

- Victoria M

It is Good for families, lots of room for all our stuff

The minivan has lots of room for family and hauling our stuff. Runs well. It is a little hard on gas and a bit unstylish.

- Thomas H

The most important thing I would like others to know about my car is that is has amazing room. It is a great family vehicle.

I love all the room I have in my van. I've never had trouble with my Chevy Uplander. I dislike that it is not a gas saver.

- Tiffany R

It handles great in the snow. I never had a problem with it in the winter.

The van is great. Good on gas. The only problem is that I had to replace the transmission 2 times in the past 4 years.

- Jennifer H

Love the space each passenger has

I love it. Very roomy and I have huge grown kids that are very comfortable in it. I will purchase another after this one

- Pamela F

It's great dependability. I have had it for 11 years with no major repairs needing to be done.

I love how roomy my vehicle is and the fact the back seats fold down. I wish the vehicle had stow and go seating too.

- Carrie C

Gas mileage is awesome, very efficient.

I like the 3rd row seating. I like the side arm bags and automatic doors. I dislike that it is not all wheel drive.

- Patricia R

It's great when needing to pack but savings gas.

It's a little touchy on the gas but over all runs great. It needs a new oil filter and I just replaced the bulbs.

- Randy T

Having purchased a used van, I would definitely purchase a brand new one, however it unfortunately is not being made anymore.

Seats easily come out for extra room, great visibility, rides comfortably & smoothly, has lots of "get up & go"!

- Roxy P

the most important thing is that my car runs it will get you there and back with no problem

likes it runs good enough It's clean dislikes has stain carpet that won't get clean it has dirty water smells

- zennia H

It can seat 7 people and has a very smooth ride.

Love how many seats there is. Love how quiet and smooth it is. Hate that all the electronics on it went out.

- Katie V

Reliability never lets me down and it affordable to fix when it needs repairs.

My Chevy uplander is the best minivan I have ever owned and I have owned fords and a Dodge before this one.

- Charlotte M

This Car does not work properly. It constantly needs work.

It always breaks down. I have put way too much into it. The transmission has been replaced multiple times.

- ann S

It is nice with little kids. It is convenient and easy to get the kids in.

I like the 3rd row seating. I like the height of the van. My dislike is that it is not all wheel drive.

- Patricia B

The abs light is on, so we gotta take it to a mechanic soon.

I enjoy being able to seat my kids comfortably. There's so much space for all 3 of my kids plus a dog.

- Veronica V

It is a great economic vehicle. Great for road trips, which I take often.

The kids loves the DVD we love our ride. Reliable car we love it. Great car. We having air in our car.

- Robin L

She is sturdy and roomy. She is comfortable and has a wonderful DVD for the kids

her name is Bessie and she has been such a good car. She keeps on trucking. holds my whole family.

- Debbie H

The passenger space is great. The van is mechanically reliable.

The passenger space is great. The rear storage space is not great. The power doors are unreliable.

- Jonna K

It is used for travel - it has over 300,000 miles and still runs well.

Ideal for me with a few problems. It's white and runs well. It's a cargo van so it only seats two.

- Larry H

Overall a good dependable minivan

Lots of room, good engine power, ride a little stiff, goes through brakes a little fast

- John T

watch dashboard for information on services to be done

I love the space and how it rides. Love taking it camping. Never had a complaint.

- June C

It is roomy and has plenty of space for six passengers.

It's comfortable and handles well. It does not get good gas mileage in town.

- Jean H

It's a family vehicle but surprisingly has a lot of power.

It is roomy. Big enough for my family. Seats are difficult to remove.

- Jodi F



- Christine H

it has plenty of interior space and gets good gas mileage, good vacation vehicle

like the space and comfort of the interior, get decent gas mileage

- rod f

Good gas mileage.and comfy I love take on vacation to disney

It has a lot of room in it.what I dislike had put 3 transmission

- Debbie F

Extended minivan works well for our family!!

- Michelle O