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Good for families, long lasting and helpful!

This has been a good vehicle for our family. It has a little extra room the rear, more than the comparable vans from Toyota or Honda. This has been great for our busy lives. It has been reliable and average in repair needs and costs. The only problem we had was with the sensor in the side doors. It has sliding doors on both sides, which is great for when we have to park in the city and you can have kids get out on whichever side is safer. However we did have trouble with the sensors in the sliding doors not recognizing when the doors were shut and singing as we drove down the road. We attempted to have this fixed several times but the error came back. We eventually deactivated the sensors and we open and shut them manually now. The seats have been easy to move and the roominess has kept up with our kids growth. This model still has a CD player and a DVD player, both of which still work. The back up sensor has been super helpful. I also enjoy the height of the vehicle in traffic, it makes it easy to see and confident to drive with my kids on board. We will be passing this vehicle on to our 16 year old son as he learns to drive. We feel it is still a safe and reliable vehicle for him to start is his driving lessons on. Gas mileage has been consistent also.

- Lisa G

Chevy Uplander - Great Longevity

My Chevy Uplander is an extremely comfortable and versatile van. It seats 6 passengers, 1 driver. The 2 Captain's chairs in the middle and the bench seat in the back fold down to make a very spacious cargo area. I use my vehicle for driving to work, animal rescue transportation, and Lyft driving. I bought it used with over 100,000 miles on it and was concerned about how well it would hold up. It now has 161,000 miles on it and is still reliable for all my needs. For an older vehicle - with 1 previous private owner and a previous life as an Enterprise rental vehicle - it has needed surprisingly little repair work. In addition to normal maintenance and tire/lamp/brake replacement, I have only needed to replace an engine mount and the heater core. My only complaint would be that there seems to be an issue with the onboard computer alerts to the dashboard; however, this is not affecting driving performance.

- Peggy T

Great van/utility van. For work of family or both.

I love this car I got it for very cheap do the body damage. But I was more interested in the engine and transmission. With 180,000 miles I was wondering what kind of problems I would have. But so far nothing has gone wrong. The drive is smooth and it is great on gas. 20 mpg and nothing less. I have always wanted something I could jump into and go across the country without worry of being stranded on the side of the road. As long as you keep the oil clean and keep the rust in check I feel like this car will last me years. The room in the is very nice. I have the seats out and a ladder holder on top. It looks like a utility van. Honestly I can do everything a truck can do. And if I ever need to I can just pop the seats in less than 20 minutes back to a family minivan. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for something they can depend on.

- Joseph L

Its smaller than it looks.

It's a good car other than it has no extras other than power windows. The front seats are comfortable but the middle and back seats are awkward and uncomfortable to sit in especially for long car rides. The ac works great if your sitting up front but for the other 5 passengers in the back it sucks because there's only 4 vents upfront and you can not feel them in the back. There's also isn't any legroom in rhea back between the front and middle or the middle and back seats. It's really hard to get the seats in and out of the car because they are super heavy. Its ok on gas, I believe it gets like 20 miles to the gallon. Tune up are expensive! The motor is turned sideways you gotta pay the mechanics extra money because they have to unbolt the motor and turn it so they can reach the other three spark plugs!

- Tori C

Very reliable car with lots of pep and get up and go. We have many enjoyable years of using it with few repairs. I am sorry they don't make and Uplander model any more.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. We have only had to make about two repairs since we bought it. There is a problem with the back sliding door closing and opening multiple times instead of one. I hold 7 people which is helpful because we have 16 grandchildren. The seats are very easy to fold down to put up the extra seats. It has good energy and start up. We enjoy the video player for our grandchildren to watch while we drive them to the places we are going The windows work well and the automatic mirror as very helpful when we are driving. I do wish it has a tape player like cars used to have. I would be happy to purchase another chevrolet car as this has been very reliable. It had over 100,000 miles and still has the pep and energy we like in a car.

- Barbara S

My super uplander is always there when I need her.

I decided to purchase my uplander after months and months of research. My son is disabled as well too. The uplander has the perfect amount of space to hold his wheelchair as well as mine. I knew the van would need to be modified with a ramp so my son and I would both fit safely in it. I like that the middle row was captain's chairs so they could be pulled in and out easily. The only trouble I have had with it is since the exhaust had to be lowered to put the ramp in I have had to put in a new muffler twice. My uplander is very reliable. I live in New York so the winters are rough and my van always starts. I like the feature where the index spells out what's wrong with it for me in plain English. My van has performed quite well over these last 7yrs.

- Michelle E

Reliable family vehicle for budget conscious people!

Very reliable and simple minivan. The doors don't open or close automatically and it can sometimes be difficult for young kids to get them closed all the way. We have been diligent with routine maintenance including oil changes. The only things we have had to fix are due to hitting the curb in a snowstorm and needing new tires from wear and use. I wish there was a DVD player for the passengers in the back. The air conditioning and heater work great. The seats are fabric. I enjoy the auxiliary cord option to be able to listen to music from my phone. Great family vehicle for someone who is budget conscious.

- Rebecca B

Reliable 'sporty' minivan

I bought the car with 46,000 miles on it. I really had no major issues with it until it had 125,000 miles. It has been reliable, even after multiple trips out of state. I like that it's a minivan that can seat 7, and even though it's smaller than a normal minivan because it's considered 'sporty' there is still plenty of room to feel comfortable. The 3rd row seating has cup holders and a charger outlet for your phone. There is no center console, but there is a net between the 2 front seats to hold items. Overall I have been satisfied with this vehicle.

- Ashley R

Our new-to-us Chevy uplander.

All doors work fine, but seals tend to detach or not work properly. Seats are comfortable and the back seats are removable for extra space. Console controls are easy to use and understand. Any mechanical issues that have come up (brakes, tires, etc) have been easy to fix at a low cost. The color of our vehicle is nice in that it does not draw attention, but the interior is a light color so the seats do not retain heat from the sun. The back windows are tinted, making trips easier on my children.

- Tamara H

Issues with the 2008 Chevy Uplander

Pros, great ride, seating is comfortable, gas mileage is very good for a 6 cylinder. Cons, just over 123000 miles and had to get new transmission, problems with back passenger sliding door not wanting to work all the time. Dummy lights for traction and low tire pressure always come on and there are no issues per mechanic. Back wiper always stops working and then works just fine. Personally for all the issues I'm having, I wouldn't buy this vehicle again.

- Christine M

Good car but makes clunking noise after change of parts.

I have a 2008 Chevrolet uplander, I purchased this vehicle because I have four children so it was enough room, the car is a really good car, it gets good gas mileage on city and highway driving, I had to change the rotors and a arm thing, it now makes a clunking noise everytime I put it into drive or reverse, I had it looked at multiple times by different people and no one can figure it out. So I will just have to drive it until it dies.

- Jamie W

Overall it is a great efficient working vehicle and gets me to where I need to go safely and has a good amount of room for passengers and baggage/stuff

I like that it has enough seating available for 7 and I also like the built in booster seat feature in the seat back. I like that the second row of seats are not together but are 2 separate seats. I dislike that the third row of seats has no lower anchors for car seat latch system. I dislike that the glove compartment was just held on by a tiny sleeve/groove. Also there are no cup holders in the doors.

- Nad J

Good reliable vehicle comfortable ride.

The seats do not go in and out very easily it is hard to unlock them and get them out and just as hard to get them back in. It is comfortable though and a pretty smooth ride. Good for driving a big family around but the "trunk" space could be bigger. Been a very reliable minivan no major engine issues. The battery space doors not make much sense because there is nothing to hold the battery in place.

- Elizabeth K

The reliability and longevity of the Chevy Uplander

The Chevy uplander is a reliable vehicle with no added unnecessary features. It has never broken down and is maintained with the proper oil changes and checkups. I love the uplander. It has 150 thousand miles and is still going strong. I have named her Brownie to match her beautiful sheen. I frequently take her on trips hundreds of miles away, and have never encountered any problems.

- Travis V

My Chevy uplander is the perfect family vehicle!

My Chevy uplander is very reliable. It has plenty of space for my family. I have three daughters and a husband and there's still room to spare. No mechanical problems that I have noticed. It could do better on gas, but it is an older model and a large vehicle so I understand and accept it. I would definitely recommend an uplander to anyone looking for a family vehicle!

- Kate C

Great for room, not so great and fully functioning.

My vehicle comfortably fits 7 passengers. However it seems to always have engine problems. As well and electrical problems. The rear lights ie brakes are constantly going out. The rear window washer works when it wants to, and sometimes when you turn the vehicle off and remove the key the music is still running. This is also after you have already exited the vehicle.

- Shannon L

Reliable, sturdy, vehicle.

Good, reliable and roomy. The traction and stability control are good to have on the winter roads. Removable seats provide lots of room for large items. We've done the regular oil changes and tires and have had no issues with this vehicle breaking down. It's a plane Jane, nothing fancy in this model, but has been a good reliable vehicle on long and short trips.

- Denise R

About my Chevy uplander 2008 like tan color.

I have had Chevy uplander for 6 years it is gave me good service it is roomy. The work I had did was transmission and water pump and now the fuel pump other than that I have been satisfied I had for 3 years before major work hope this is helpful before that rotors and brakes it is got a good CD player radio seats are comfortable good air conditioning.

- Brenda W

Uplander smooth rider holds seven comfortably.

Uplander is a very comfortable riding vehicle. The vehicle gets good mileage. It has required very little maintenance. The space inside is very flexible you can put the seats down and haul small things or put them up and carry seven people. The body has stood up very well. The material on the seats has stood up well and cleans very easily.

- Larry M

2008 Chevrolet Uplander is a great family vehicle that fits up to 7 passengers.

I love my uplander but I've had a lot of electrical problems. The motor is a great model too.I love how much space I have. The other problem is I don't feel like there is enough trunk space. I also wish the battery was easier to get to. The electrical outlet could also be in a different spot I feel it is hard to reach being so low to the floor

- Nicole B

Suspension system in this vehicle has glitches but otherwise very dependable.

Has been very reliable vehicle had fuel pump replaced common problem I found out. Traction control, stability control seem to have some glitches in them but so far other than these few things it has been very reliable. Interior has good space and the air conditioner and heat is fantastic in this vehicle. Stereo system isn't bad either.

- Meredith B

The many things you can use it for

It's very roomy. Good on gas and reliable. The speakers are loud in the van. Enough leg room for everyone. There is room to be able to load a lot of material into it and people as well. The a.c is very cold which is very good to have in the summertime. There very many things you can use this van for just depends on the person.

- Rodrigo S

We've had several years with it and hope to have it for at least 2 more.

I was warned not to buy it. That there were too many things that were noticeably wrong. I love it. I have had the normal wear and tear repairs and some issues at the beginning, but it has been a wonderful family vehicle. We had to replace the starter & the transmission, but those were the only things that were "big" fixes.

- Kirsten K

The transmission issue is very common.

Have transmission issues that has been the same ways for several years it revs into the 3000 rpms before switching into overdrive and is a very common issue with this model according to all the research I have done but other then that its an awesome vehicle and have no other problems it has plenty of space and.

- Christina S

Automatic doors and DVD player. It makes trips so much easier with my children.

One if he only issues I have is small electrical failures or faults. Sometimes I have lights pop up on my dash when nothing is really wrong it is just sensor issues. Or my bell that indicates my automatic rear door is open will activate for no reason. Other then that I love my van it is perfect for my family.

- Kaitlyn C

Good engine, but no trunk space.

Our Chevy uplander has been a good family vehicle for us. We bought it for it's engine. It has good guts! The thing I dislike the very most about the van is that there is zero trunk space. A family vehicle needs storage space. It's a very basic vehicle, but it fits our family and was in our price range.

- Melissa A

This is a great family vehicle.

Vehicle drives great. After sometime the door mechanics have gotten weak causing the door to not close completely at times. There has also been a problem with the air not working in the back of the vehicle however I am sure that is just do to age and use. The DVD player is a hit with the children.

- Elizabeth M

It gets me to and from work. To and from my errands. Is a major gas guzzler.

There is not much room in the van, the captains seats are too close to the front. There is no trunk and the van rusts easily. Great fact that is has traction control and is amazing in snow. The mileage is awful and most of these vehicles are not on the road anymore due to the build of the van.

- Amy P

This is not your typical minivan

I love the style of the vehicle, it is not your typical minivan. It sits high and is really roomy on the inside. I wish this car model was still available, possibly with the revision of stow and go seating in the back. I have driven my car a lot, it currently has over 225k miles on it.

- Jessica S

The one most important thing that other should know about my car is that it comfortable sits a family of six and luggage when traveling.

I like that it is large enough to hold our whole family. I also like that it came with great features like a dvd player and cd player. I do not like that it doesn't get great mileage. I also do not like that little things like the radio, and certain switches are starting to break.

- Serena W

Runs good but has few little issues.

Haven't had much problems. Only things is computer seems messed up, had to remove fuse to automatic doors, oils pressure goes off randomly, the power steering is supposedly going out, so it makes a horrible noise when it cold. The CD player does not work. Crack in the wind shield.

- Amber S

Great value. Great price. Great for your family

Very reliable. Good family car. Haven't had any mechanical issues since purchasing second hand. Comfortable and fits my family of six. I have raised four kids with this car and it has always done us justice. The space for people and items is great with the folding down of chairs .

- Kelsey M

Spacious vehicle for families on the go.

This vehicle is very reliable, enjoyable to drive has removable seats to make it easier to haul things and has a DVD player to help keep the kids entertained on long car trips. We take it on many trips. Throughout the year and the kids have plenty of room to relax while traveling.

- Marie W

The Chevrolet uplander - a versatile van.

The Chevy uplander is very versatile van. It has plenty of power with a 6-cylinder engine but it gets very reasonable mileage too. I can transport 6 people, or I can fold down 2 or 4 back seats and have plenty of cargo space. I really like this car and am very happy I bought it!

- Sherry B

It is nice and burgundy. It is big enough for my family of 4.

Needs tune up and rotors, backed up into a pole and broke my back signal light. I have to give it a power wash in the inside to clean carpet. Side door makes noises but it runs really good besides all the issues it has. I have had it about 2 years going on 3 years.

- Mary A

My amazing 11 year old Chevrolet uplander

I absolutely love my vehicle. Although there are problems with the fuel pump, and you never know how much gas you have, I haven't had any other problems with it. I'm almost positive that one I get that fixed it'll be running like new when I purchased it.

- Crystal B

Still a tank after 10 harsh Minnesota winters.

Comfortable, spacious, reliable, well built. Great gas mileage. Still drives well after 10+ years and 200,000 miles. Only annoyances are the floating gas gauge that is typical of Chevys and the location of the battery beneath the fuse box under the hood.

- Bridget W

Seats 7 and all rear seats come out, great for transporting.

I've been driving this car for 8 years and only done regular maintenance. No real problems or issues. It has good pick up and decent gas mileage. Sliding doors are heavy and a pain for kids. Also none of the rear windows roll down. Ac doesn't cool great.

- Kelly M

poorly made and regret purchase

every other month something breaks. Automatic doors quit. DVD player quit. Door panel falls off. Captain seat won't recline or adjust. Horrible vehicle. back windows don't work and quality is poor. Parts are extremely expensive or just not made anymore.

- kayla Z

That I love to drive to see friends & family. My husband & I travel a lot too

I like using my vehicle to travel to see my parents in Columbia, TN, which is about 75 miles. I use my vehicle to go to the store & I use my vehicle to go out to dinner with my husband. The is not anything I dislike about my vehicle. No complaints...

- Kristina M

My van can hold a lot of people and cargo, and does great on long car trips!

I love the space inside for all the passengers, the exterior color, and the ability to easily see to reverse, and the ability to easily see in general. I dislike the mileage on gas it gets. We were thinking it would be better on gas than it is.

- Mandi S

Very basic van but very reliable. Great family van.

I really like the spaciousness of this van, I do wish that the seats folded down and into it like the town and country does. Performance wise it is pretty good, the traction control occasionally kicks in when I go over speed bumps at an angel.

- Joy V

It's a comfortable ride with great space unlike other minivans.

I like that it fits all of our children and still has a lot of space in the back. I dislike that the seats are in the way when you fold them down. Also don't like when the sensor in the sliding door doesn't take and will beep incessantly.

- Olivia M

You get what you pay for, and I'm beyond pleased with my Uplander!

Very spacious vehicle! It's wonderful for big families or road trips. My children especially love that they can watch movies, while we are in the car!! I couldn't picture myself in another vehicle, I love my Chevy Uplander!

- Amanda N

There's a reason why Chevy isn't making minivans any longer. The Chevy Uplander is pointless.

Our van has been sufficient, but as of late has cost us $200 a month to be repaired. I wouldn't buy a chevy ever again. Our sliding doors do not work, and the brakes give out or do not function properly if it rains.

- Kaitlyn S

There is a lot of room for people and if you don't need to use the back seats, you can put them down and you will then have a lot of room for stuff!

My vehicle is older than I'd like, but it works great for it's age and I believe that I will have it for a while longer. There are a lot of things that it currently needs, but it doesn't affect how the van drives.

- Brittany S

Very roomy. Very reliable. Gas hog.

Very roomy, reliable, very few problems mechanically so far. Gas mileage is not good. Use about $80 a week in gas for a very short commute, then fun on the weekends. Overall i'm satisfied with the vehicle itself.

- Roseanna F

The space without the seats in the back is Huge! And when all seats are in, you can travel with a large group comfortably.

Aside from age and general wear and tear on the vehicle that just requires regular maintenance, the van is great for large or growing families. It is comfortable for long road trips and reliable for in town use.

- Teri L

It is very spacious and seats 7 total making it great for large families.

We have a lot of space in it for our family and it runs very well. Since purchasing it we have had no major issues with it other than regular maintenance. It drives well and is perfect for bigger families.

- Tricia M

We bought it with 8 miles on it and I now have 175xxx. It has been a good vehicle for a van.

I do not like that it is a minivan...my ex husband picked it out but I am now stuck with it. It is a gas hog and there is no cup holders or arm rests for the middle row seats. I just really dislike vans.

- Lea T

Roomy, Able to hold 3 children and not have them fight because they are sitting too close

I love all the room that it has in order to transport my children and myself places. Also love to be able to go somewhere not so distant and be comfortable and not all right up on one another

- Charli H

Chevy Uplander 2008 is a good family van

This vehicle is comfortable and has a lot of space. We got this van used, but in good condition. So far, we haven't had any major issues with it. Seems to be a good vehicle for a family.

- Kristin Q

It has decent gas mileage.

The air does not work very well and it needs an alignment done. Other than that the only thing I do not like is I can either haul kids or groceries. Not both. Needs more cargo space.

- Catherine W

Chevy Uplander - Family Car

It's a nice family vehicle. For being ten years old it is still fairly reliable. However, there are several issues now with the brake system and sometimes the engine light comes on.

- Lynna M

It drives and handles very well on the road really well!

I like that it drives nice. It also has A lot of room. I dislike that the light on the dashboard seem to come in all the time and the sensors are bad so it Always reads low tire.

- Jennifer W

Uplander great for families and anyone who needs extra space.

Lots of room for up to 7 passengers. Good space for carrying items with fold down seats for larger items. Easy access side doors and back access. Front and back air conditioning.

- Debra M

Loads of room with comparison mph

It has 7 seats including the driver's seat. The fuel mileage is good in comparison to other vans. And it has loads of room for me and my family when we go on day trips.

- bobbie h

She has easy access from to sliding doors and a back hatch.

I got it used and it has came with bad tires and bad wipers and needing an oil change most of Its problems has to do with a bad dealership. overall It's a good vehicle.

- Victoria I

The Chevy Uplander is a hardworking vehicle with plenty of room and a nice ventilation system.

I like the sheer amount of space my minivan has. I wish it had a remote dongle so I could unlock it before I got there. But all in all, it's been a reliable vehicle.

- Shondra S

It is roomy. Love the power windows and doors. Back seats need armrests.

It is a good ride. It is a excellent traveling vehicle. Good for families. Very reliable it has been for my family. I do not have any bad to say about it.

- Renee M

quality design and dependability over long haul inexpensive to maintain

excellent maintenance record. it is both comfortable and designed for carrying heavy loads. the only drawback is it does not get the best gasoline mileage

- william h

That it is a good riding van and carries a lot of people and cargo but it is not real comfortable.

The repairs on the front end and the braking system is terrible with this van. We have replaced this three times and there is only 60,000 miles on it.

- Kevin b

That it does not look like it but its powerful.

I like the size and room in the vehicle. I do not like the fact that it is low to the ground. I also do not like its age. I would like a newer model.

- Kathleen A

It drives easily. Sometimes hard to see out of the back.

I like that it fits the whole family. I like that it had a tv/DVD player. The seats are cool comfy. I do not like that the antenna is broken off.

- Damars W

It has room when you have 3 children or more. I do like the sliding doors. They are convenient when dropping off or picking up children in the car line at school.

The vehicle was bought used so was in used, good condition. I really don't like driving a van but I do have four children so the space is nice.

- Miranda B

Outstanding fuel economy and safety features

Comfort and safety are great. For a mix to large suv fuel economy are very good and maintenance outstanding. Purchase price was a little high.

- Helen m

It keeps me moving and I can't wait to get a new model

I really enjoy the great highway mileage. I like that it rides so smoothly on the highway. I like how It's compact, but gets me to and from.

- Ken D

It's outstanding. My only regret is that they no longer make the Uplander.

It's comfortable. It has been reliable. And there's a lot of room for the grandkids. I like the way it handles and the gas mileage is good.

- Mike S

My minivan has seen every kind of weather and road terrain and been driven into a house. It still works and drives well.

My van is very dependable and reliable. I like the amount of storage it holds, how easy it is to maintain and how much leg room there is.

- matt h

My wonderful 2008 Chevy Uplander.

My Chevy is flawless and performs wonderful. It gets 21 mpg. My chevy is blue and had new tires and struts also has 127,000 miles on it

- daniel k

My vehicle provides the quality I am looking for in a minivan

Great van. I love the ride especially seeing how I have 5 kids in total. The van is spacious and the upkeep is not all that expensive

- Shamekia S

general motors doesn't make the uplander anymore but they should

performs great, love it, is very comfortable general motors doesn't make this model any more but they really need to bring it back

- Lisa L

I would prefer a vehicle that does not have automatic doors as we have encountered many problems with the passenger doors sliding on the electric tracks as the car has gotten older. I have 183,000 miles on my car and it has served me very well! The undercarriage does rattle a bit, but I live in an area with many potholes, so I guess I can't complain about that.

The Chevrolet Uplander is a great family car. My 7 family members fit in it very comfortably (and three of them are over 5'11".

- mellonee d

The most important thing it is about recall manufacturing, I want to get notice when the recall pop up.

I like it because is very comfortable. Also it is gas saver when driving on highways. And the most is very stable when I driving

- Mario L

It is a great car for larger families to have.

Love that it is big. Hate when I have to clean it out. Also hate how much gas it takes to feel up. Otherwise it is a great car.

- Veronica J

Do not buy it! Half have cruise control and half does not. Mine does not.

Electrical systems going haywire.. Still runs well.... Driver side switch not working.. Dash lights and gauges haywire.

- Lisa C

It gets me from point A to point B.

I dislike owning a van. It is necessary for my family size though. It is cheaper than an SUV in a similar size as well.

- Megan B

It's reliable and it gets me and my kids from point a to point b without any problems.

Very reliable and affordable. It has no problems or down comings. I can't get any better with this reliable vehicle.

- Brian A

It is a reliable car that is great for family trips!

I have personally owned this vehicle for 10 years. It has been a very reliable car and needed minimal repair.

- Ann S

Its dependable. I love how much room we have in it.

I love my vehicle. Its roomy, and runs extremely well. It has last on many road trips and I'm thankful for it.

- Tracy H

I like how it fits my whole family and is very versatile with the seating. I dislike the issues with the transmission and check engine light.

It is very easy to drive and handles well. Pay attention to the check engine light, and don't ignore it.

- Stacy l

It's the perfect size for a family.

My vehicle is roomy. I love the size, it's perfect. I find it to be smooth riding and easy to handle.

- Jo Ellen L



- dONEVA s

Chevy Uplander AC Issues.

The vehicle runs great, the only issue I am having is no AC. The compressor was blowing many fuses.

- Rob S

Minivan. Roomy and big, high miles which consists of 141,000.

I like the fact it is big. It has plenty of room. I do not like that it is older and up in miles

- Thomas W

Repairs to the additional features such as the automatic doors are expensive to repair

I like the gas tank size, the amount of passengers I can carry. It has not aged well, however

- Nate T

The gas mileage is terrible! But it is a good driving vehicle!

I love my vehicle! It is spacious, and has 3rd row seating, and 2 sliding side doors!

- Nathan A

Minivans are good for young families with children.

It's a minivan. I don't love it. I don't hate it. It could get better gas mileage.

- Yvonne J

It is a very reliable van. Helps to have the extra space and does not used to much more gas than a car.

Comfort is great. it makes you feel relaxed no matter what you are doing for the day.

- Rodolfo L

It drives like a small sedan and the visibility is great!

I love the removable middle seats. The trunk space on the standard model is abysmal.

- Laura p

The glove box breaks very easily! The abs/ traction control system/ and stability control system fail and need to be serviced!

I love the large size/ capacity of this car! i don't like the broken glove box!

- john s

It is a very durable vehicle.

It has a lot of space for a family. Get good gas mileage. Drives very well.

- Aaron L

It's roomy and good on gas

I love that it has a dvd player. It's roomy. Drives good good on gas

- Jennifer T

That is comfortable and great on gas. I also like the how it handles.

Like that it is roomy. Can fit my whole family in it. Good on gas.

- Carmen M

For such a large vehicle, the gas mileage is not too bad.

It's too large to park. I like the DVD player & 3rd row seats.

- Summer A

Older but good shape Body good Tires and battery new Has lots of miles left in it if cared for Will not replace if at all possible Model is one we really like Very roomy to transport family and guests Comfortable rider Easy to get in and out of Cost efficient and very affordable to operate Color was one we like Affordable for us

Easy to get in and out Comfortable ride Good mileage Roomy

- Larry L

It is dependable and versatile, with good fuel economy

Good fuel mileage, lots of room, drives and rides smooth.

- Stuart N

It can fit 7 passengers and it has bench and bucket seats. And has a big truck for storage.

I like that it's very spacious. And it has a been trunk.

- Samantha C