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The Chevy Uplander is a dependable vehicle that rides very comfortably.

My 2007 Chevy Uplander has been a good, reliable vehicle. It rides very nice with easy steering. It did develop a hole somewhere in the line of the air conditioner so that no longer works. The wheel bearings and tie rods have to be replaced quite frequently which is a bit of a nuisance. And expensive. My Uplander came with a built in DVD player with two headsets so that was nice for the kids on long car rides. The color is navy blue which is hard to keep clean. The interior is a light gray. This is an older vehicle so there are no modern technologies other than the DVD player. It does have a CD player. Separate controls for air and heat in the back. The seats fold down in the back for more storage space if necessary. There is a luggage rack on the top. There is an automatic sliding door on both sides make it easy to get in and out. Although the sliding door on the passenger side malfunctions from time to time and we have to push it shut. There is a button on each side of the car to open them. Two above the drivers console and also two on the key fob for easy opening. The van comes with the option of On Star. The ABS and Traction control sensors also malfunction a lot. When working properly these functions really come in handy on slippery roads in winter. Despite all the malfunctioning parts the Chevy Uplander has been a good vehicle for our family.

- Rebecca L

2007 Chevrolet uplander minivan.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is 11 years old and has about 125, 000 miles on it and it still runs very well. One thing that I do wish I had was a little bit more space. I have four children and it is a little tight sometimes. I love that it has a sensor that beeps when you are backing up and you are getting too close to something. I also really like the statistics that it gives you on the dashboard, for example the oil percentage left before you need an oil change and how many miles you have until you run out of gas.

- Kelsey W

I like the way the passenger seats fold down, can even be removed to haul cargo.

I purchased this vehicle used and the only real problem I have had is an acceleration "jerking" as if a belt is slipping when taking off after a resting stop. Dealer said it was there, but couldn't figure out what it was. Now, of course the warranty has passed, so they wouldn't fix it anyway. The vehicle served me very well when I ran my daycare business and has continued to be reliable. Wish it was a little more gas efficient.

- Patricia C

I love my uplander overall. Just a few things I would make upgrades to.

It is very bumpy and you can feel every turn and pot hole in the road. If I could change that I would. Also the seats could be more comfortable and the seatbelts do need to be better positioned for the strap across your chest. My children and myself complain about them a lot. They should have done a better job with car seat child restraint safety. My sons car seat leather is such a hassle in the uplander.

- Constance C

Chevy uplander, a pretty good van.

I have three children so I love that I can load them all up opening one door. There is also a lot of room in the back when the seats are down. That has really helped me when I have to move large items. The very best thing about my van is the gas mileage. The only complaint I have is that the automatic sliding door feature does not work. There is some sort of glitch in the electrical layout of the vehicle.

- Kathryn S

Old Chevy Uplander White 2007

it's old, so of course it has its problems. Been working fine getting me to and from work and family/friends, and appointments. It does have transmission issues and you have to slowly start accelerating otherwise the vehicle won't move, so you can't pull out in traffic, even if the car is a mile away. I wouldn't ever want to change that. The muffler has also come off, but that happens with time.

- Danielle L

The uplander is a great family vehicle that you and your family will enjoy.

This is an older model. It does get me from point A to point B. Since it is older, I have had to get some repairs. All in all, I think it is a good vehicle. It has buck seats, automatic windows, removable seats for more storage or you can fold them down. Rear heating and cooling and plenty of storage space. This vehicle is over 10 years old and still going strong. Very reliable!

- Sheila R

I love how much room I have in my vehicle.

It has a lot of room it runs fantastic I can fit laundry groceries and five car seats in there and still not feel crowded. Exposed wires under driver floorboard, and a few other issues including throttle body heating issue, and the struts. But the vehicle has been previously owned for over ten years and honestly I think that is very little issue for a long term used vehicle.

- Lindsey L

The design still looks like a new vehicle even though it's many years old.

I love this vehicle. It's lasted well through the years with little regular repairs needed. Still appears new. Interior is very durable and has been well used with many children and adults. Great for traveling, the DVD system is my favorite, as a driver I can mute the movie from the steering wheel and the kids can still enjoy it through the headsets.

- Mary C

My Chevy uplander, i'll never want another kind of vehicle.

I love my Chevy uplander! It has great gas mileage, very smooth driving. Has lot of room for family trips. I haven't had any issues with it at all! It's a great investment especially if you have a big family and do a lot of driving. Only downfall to mine is there isn't an auxiliary cord for music, or a tape deck. I am old fashioned I know.

- Jackie B

The Chevy Hollander has been a great reliable vehicle for my large family!

The Chevy Hollander is very spacious even for larger families. It rides smooth and is great for long trips. The only downfall is that it does not get good gas mileage. There are bucket seats in the front and middle. And a bench seat in the back that folds over flat. The bucket seats in the middle can also be removed easily for hauling.

- Nicole D

Lemon of a van warning do not buy.

Transmission went bad, heads cracked and I only have 76000 miles on it. I wouldn't recommend the van to anyone ever. It looks great fits my family but the engine problems have cost way to much for a van with so little miles. Do not waste your time on this lemon of a car. It will clean your savings out just to fix the issues.

- Autumn H

Very noisy on the road and not great mileage.

Large seating capacity. Good vehicle for family vacations and long trips. Has problems with transmission solenoid. Not great gas mileage average about 23 mpg in city and 23 mpg highway. Also can be very noisy at times. Window seals went out after just a couple of years. Some rust spots on frame and exhaust hangers.

- Robert S

I like the handling of the vehicle when I am driving it around.

It drives great, and running like new. Good seating and comfortable handles well driving on the road. Has no problem stopping on a dime, nice gas mileage for the vehicle it is. Good for traveling even, just a two door though but works well for driving around. Chevy makes good cars, and trucks so come and buy one now.

- Wayne W

Do not buy a 2007 Chevy uplander.

I would never buy another vehicle like this, the electric doors stopped working the day after I bought it, the windshield wipers broke, my husband's had to fix everything on the whole van so it is definitely not my vehicle of choice.. Also the fuses blow all the time so I have to pick between my wipers or my heater.

- Melinda B

It doesn't have great gas mileage. It seems like every once in a while, the van just does a random fuel dump.

It's the basic model of the Uplander. No bells or whistles. I've had it for almost a year and it seems like this might be the year things start to go bad and/or fall apart. Thankfully, those things have been minor. I do like it though, and as soon as repairs are able to be made it'll be a great van again.

- Maggie R

Reliable van with lots of cargo area

Dependable comfortable roomy classy great gas mileage great price. No problems noted. This vehicle is very reliable. This vehicle is well made. This vehicle looks great. This vehicle has a lot of room this vehicle has gold down and removable seats for extra cargo space. This vehicle is easy to maintain

- Pamela S

Problems with 2007 Chevy uplander.

Loose front fender, no front speakers, no center console. Drives smoothly, speaker sound is good just only back speakers. Would like to have rear windows that roll down. Brakes are squeaky and not the greatest. Location of the battery is rather difficult to get to and not fun to take out and replace.

- Bely R

All occasion vehicle, need new one I have 249,00 thousand miles on 2007

Very reliable, bought new, I can haul horse feed, dog feed, chicken feed and deliver it to barn. I can drive off-road around my farm. I can haul my bikes to trail ride, I sleep in Van when camping. Love the 7 passenger seating for hauling my very tall grandsons, we have used for vacation trips

- Sandra H

Bought used but she is a good one!

We bought it used, it runs great. Needs detailed really bad. Gets excellent gas mileage, holds to the road really well. Air conditioner works well. Haven't had any mechanical problems with it. Has OnStar available in case of emergencies. I just wish we could have bought a new car.

- Pam C

It is got a lot of space and it is not good on gas.

It is not very good on gas, but otherwise I like the space it has. I also like the space in the trunk it is very roomy for if you have kids. It also has a lot of space for big bulky car seats. I mostly just like the space it has. I do not like that it is not very good on gas.

- Jess V

Unreliable front end. Front joints keep breaking down, tires and brakes wear.

The two rear doors never worked properly. Had to bring it back to the dealer many times. Finally disconnected the automatic function and now manually open doors. The front joints that control the van have had to been replaced several times. The engine is basically reliable.

- Eugene R

It is a comfortable, compact vehicle that is fairly reliable and performs good.

It is a good vehicle, it is fairly reliable and it performs good but it is not the type of vehicle that will last forever. We lived in a rural area when we first got it and it is not built for country roads. Now that it is used in a city setting paved roads, it does better

- Donna W

Up until now, it has been a very reliable car. Lots of room and smooth riding.

Overall, I am very happy with the van. It is getting old and starting to give me problems. The fuel pump when out a few months ago and yesterday the transmission went out. 2800 to fix. We are currently trying to decide if we want to fix it of just get a new car.

- David B

It has a third row of seating.

It is kind of nice but we got it used and it has issues. We have had to replace the gas tank and there is something wrong with the door. It acts like the transmission is slipping but we don't have the money to take it into the shop to have it looked a.

- Jen R

Make sure it is parked flat as often as possible. It has a floating gas gauge.

It is shifts hard. And although the seats fold down in the thesis row, I often find I don't have as much space as I'd like. Also the hatch does not stay open on Its own anymore. I didn't even know that was a thing to happen.

- Amelia S

Since I've had this vehicle it's been problems but it's got my girl to to and from work until the starter just went out it's been a help to us other then the problems and really would love it to be in working order again.

It's got over 200,000 miles on it and the starter just went out also the camshaft position sensor.its leaking oil and needs tires all way around it's a hand me down from mom and pretty much gets me from point a to b

- Joshua P

It has been a pretty reliable vehicle.

I love almost everything about my uplander, except the middle seats are so uncomfortable especially during long rides. The back seat humps up in the middle. It makes no sense and no one ever wants to sit there..

- Alicia R

Just as handy as a small truck and things won't be in the weather.

I like my vehicle because when I put the 2nd and 3rd seats down it holds as much as a small pickup does. I also like the fact I sit up higher like you do in a pickup. What I don't like is the blind spot it has.

- Claudia B

I think I got a lemon in my uplander van.

It is a great sized van but its transmissions gone out and the heads cracked so it's not a great car I guess these are known issues now but my car only has 75, 000 miles and that seems like a lemon to me.

- Autumn H

As long as you keep up on the maintenance your car will last more years than most.

I love my vehicle it's been very manageable compared to Chevys in the past. It's the typical soccer mom van. The only thing I don't like only are the brakes. Those seem to lock up quite a bit.

- Brandi T

There is plenty of room in the car for more people has good amount storage space.

It has room for more people it has a CD player it has air conditioner there is nothing about the car that I do not like it is perfect for my family of four people and my best friend as well.

- Melanie R




Very good vehicle for long drives and for just running around town

Seat 7, back seats totally removable, 2nd seats fold up to make more room if needed. Came with a DVD player. Very comfortable driving and seating in both front and middle seats.

- Kathy G

It has 7 computers onboard which makes it very expensive to repair.

I like the storage room and I love the heated leather seats. I like being able to see all around me. Seems like I always have a check engine light on, and repairs are costly.

- Pamela W

You need to keep the automatic doors well greased.

My 2007 Chevy uplander is my dream car. It is roomy, comfortable, and makes getting from place to place so much easier. I have had few to no problems since owning my vehicle.

- Samantha M

Spacious 2007 Uplander that brings great joy to our family.

My Uplander is 11 years old. We bought it 1 year ago and absolutely love it. Love the spaciousness and comfortability it gives us. Especially love the center captains chairs.

- Loren C

It's a great car for hauling kids and cargo, providing comfortable seating for seven people

I like the large cargo area and passenger space. The transmission is going out so that is my biggest complaint. I would also love it if the passenger windows would go down.

- Barb C

My Chevy uplander is a great, cost effective vehicle.

My vehicle drives great, and is easy to maintain. The vehicle is easy on gas, it cost less than 60 dollars to fill it up, and I get great mileage on the interstate.

- Ronnie N

The motor runs fantastic, I have 245,000 miles on this van & it still runs like new

I like the space it has on the interior. I can use this van for carrying up to 7 people, or I can fold the seats down & haul 4' x 8' plywood or drywall for work

- Brin T

It's been a great car! I've been driving it since 2009 with normal repairs and maintenance! It drives so smoothly! So much room inside!

I love my van so much! It has so much more room than most minivans - the kids have so much room in the back. The trunk space is probably my only complaint.

- Lorie B

Its reliable, Its gets me from point A to point B with no problems.

I love my vehicle the only problem with it was needs new tires it gets low miles on it still all the seats. Fold down and remove Its what I needs.

- Danielle W

It is a decent van, just wish it was a little more reliable

When I first purchased, the back driver side brake would stick. Now after tune up and oil change, teh low oil pressure sensor keeps going off.

- Trinity S

I should know that the oil needs o be changed every year and a half

There are many things to love about this particular model of vehicle, the chevy. one thing i love is the amazing handling and 4 wheel drive.

- Abdullah G

The Chevy Uplander van is very spacious.

I dislike that it doesn't get very good gas mileage. I love the amount of space it has. I also love the two sliding doors on both sides.

- Lisa R

This vehicle runs great and is comfortable enough for long trips with the family.

Low gas mileage. Very spacious and comfortable. Drive smooth and rides smooth. Folding seats in the back makes it easy to haul things.

- Nicole D

It is good for large families

I like that it's a family car. I am able to fit my family of 5 in to the car and travel anywhere with enough leg space for everyone.

- Kobie B

That it is no longer in production so even buying a used one wouldn't be the best option.

I like that it is a spacious vehicle. I don't like how uncomfortable the seats are. I would not like to use it for any road trips.

- lisa a

Dependable. Most auto places can fix the car without a lot of down time.

It is paid for. It is roomy. It burns too much gas. I like not having car payments. The air conditioning does not work properly.

- Brenda S

It is a very reliable family vehicle.

I love that it is a van that can seat 6 passengers, so there is plenty of room. I also love that it is great on gas mileage.

- Elizabeth W

has lots of space to load groceries and other items when shopping

It's roomy and comfortable. Could get better gas mileage so I dislike having to fill up so often. Handles well for driving.

- luci z

It's a cross between a van and a truck and has a very unique profile for a vehicle of it's type.

It's a long lasting truck that just won't die. I've had to replace a few parts over the years but it just keeps on running.

- John D

That it has plenty of room for all my stuff.

I trust the brand. It rides nice and has plenty of room. It is ok on gas mileage. I can pack a lot of things into the back.

- Lynn D

it has mechanical issues sometimes like the front door but it does run good and the ac works great

I like the room it has and it runs great but everything is messing up like the dvd player and the driver door sticks

- jennifer b

Fold down seats and rear air/heat

It is a good van overall. It has rear air/heat, seats fold down. Has lots of room, we have stored lumber inside.

- Angie Y

It gets me where I need to go and It seats my family

It gets me to and from places but it is old and I am afraid it is going to break down. But it runs.

- Karen H

We did buy the van used but it was a great value. We have had it for about 2 years and we love pretty much everything about it.

I love that this minivan has a similar look to an SUV. I love the space it has with folding seats.

- cindy b

Uses a lot of gas. Problems that are typical with other owners.

Roomy. But uses way too much gas. And have had a lot of problems with it in the past 3 years.

- Kim A

It was pre owned and we do not plan on selling it. We also would like air throughout the van

We love our van. The only thing we would change is to have air vents in the whole van

- Stephanie W

It's great family vehicle with lots of extra room, but the trunk is small.

I love all the extra room the van has. I would like an SUV in the future though.

- Ashley F

They no longer make Van's like this. The newer vehicles with third row seating are not as comfortable or spacious

Large van very comfortable. Seats in back are removable. Poor gas mileage!!!

- James R

Gets good gas mileage for a van, roomy and practical for traveling

Room, being able to haul a load of things, sitting higher up able to see more

- Linda M

it's got lots of room and is comfortable to drive

It's comfortable and has lots of room inside. I don't like small vehicles.

- Sara P

It's been very reliable and have had it for several years

Holds 7 passengers, good gas mileage and like the body of it

- Tammy H