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Reliable, comfortable ride

Purchased in 2010 for $3600. 169000 miles, one previous owner. Very clean. AM/FM, CD player. Independent heat and cool controls in rear passenger seating. Power windows, power door locks. Open/close passenger side glide door with either power button from driver's seat or a button just inside the door itself or manually. Reclining front seats. Power driver's seat. Second row fold down (useable 'tabletop'), bucket seats each with 2 cup holders. Pocket storage on the back of the front seats. Fold down rear bench seat. Lots of room! Hatch door on back. Lift up door for Storage and/or grocery stabilizer in back . Front door hard pockets. Pull out two cup holder in front. Regular sized water bottles will fall out. 6 cyl automatic, rear wheel drive. Cloth interior, very comfy seating. Luggage rack. Flip out glide door windows. Driver can open far rear windows with a power button. Digital direction and temperature display. Two trip meters and oil change tracker. Also digital avg mph, fuel used ( in gallons), and more. Since having this vehicle, I have replaced the a/c compressor, the fan motor switch, and I also had the transmission rebuilt at 238000 miles. It's a good one and I'm still driving it. I don't drive far but I do drive a lot.

- Eva B

Chevy Venture Looney Tunes Version

Bought the car used so I don't know what it was like coming straight from the manufacturer. Gas gauge no longer works so you cannot tell when it is low on fuel. Seats do not fold up properly (some of them). I wish that it had seats that could be folded down into the floor. I really do not like the seating arrangement (3 in the middle, 2 in the back) as it makes it difficult and time consuming to have to fold seats to allow passengers into the back, not fun in the rain. The kids do enjoy the VHS player but I wish it could be upgraded to DVD

- Joy M

2001 Chevrolet venture, has already lasted our big family of eight adults.

Have to replace the muffler and brakes once a year. Electrical issues. Cannot use the drivers side door. Other than that we keep good tires on it and it plunges through the snow like a champ. We have had this vehicle now for about 8 years and it comfortably fits eight full size adults.

- Diane G

A old woman with an old car both run along with a little help.

I have only had this vehicle about four years and it has not given me a lot of problems. The floor board is rusting badly and this does concern me greatly. In addition, the heating system is giving me so problems. Other than a few maintenance issues I am rolling along quite nicely.

- Judy S

It's paid for. No renting. It's my car. I'm not driving a car I can't afford just to pretend I'm swanky.

It's roomy. It's economical. It's comfortable. It has arm-rests, and support handles on the ceiling. Plenty of room for luggage and the captains chairs in the back are more comfortable for passengers. Love being able to adjust the seats. I wish it had lumbar-support though.

- Janet S

It's a good car, and holds everyone I need to.

Its big and has room for my two car seats, but I got it used. And if the previous owner doesn't tell you, you'll hear this weird sound every time you start. don't worry it's just the air compressor in your car incase you want to blow up a swimming tube or air mattress.

- Mo L

It fits all the people I need to transport.

Even with proper maintenance, I have experienced overheating of the engine, fuse shortages causing the radio not to work. Also all of the a/c vents do not blow air. The side door has also had issues opening. The back tail lights have also experienced shorts.

- Mendy H

Is was poorly designed, and you can't find a Chilton Repair Manual for it.

I like that it has the travel display in it, showing gallons used, mileage, temperature, ect. A few things I dislike are the design of the wipers, and you can't reach the a/c charge port, without severely burning your hand, and can't shake the can easily.

- Carla F

2001 Chevy Venture Poorly Designed

The wiper blades are a pain to change, because you can't pull the arms out too far. The a/c recharge port is almost impossible to get to, and when you do, you'll burn your hand. To access the battery, you have to completely unhook the engine fuse box.

- Makayla F

Raggedy van broken down van.

Needs service constantly always breaking down. Transmission went out valve cover gasket. . Burns too much gas. Windshield. I have to spend money every summer every fall every winter. Not sure what you want me to say. . The car is not reliable.

- Joyce R

Comfortable transportation for the whole family

2001 Chevrolet Venture Warner Brothers Edition is comfortable, quiet and still responsive for a bigger van. It gets better than expected MPG with all the comfort. VCR player and small screen keeps the kids happy on longer trips, 4 out of 5

- cecil g

This vehicle is a pain to work on but a decent family vehicle.

The Venture is a good all-purpose family vehicle. The seats come out easily making it easy to haul things. It is fairly comfortable. My main complaint it the weird way the engine is arranged. It is hard to get to the battery.


If you ever get one, be sure to coat the underside with rust-resistance. Stuff falls apart way too easy.

I've had to fix it way too many times. I've had it for three years and I paid $4,500 for it. I've put about that same amount into upkeep, and I hardly ever drive. I drive about 1,500 miles per year.

- Ryan F

You will almost guaranteed need a full mechanic to fix any issues that occur

This vehicle was reliable while it worked. However it's problems are not ones you can fix on your own due to poor engine design. Even the battery is placed under other parts

- Andrew B

It is comfortable and has served me well for its lifetime.

I like my van. It is the right size and utility for my needs. What I dislike is that it has gotten old and worn out and I cannot replace it.

- Mary B

Don't ever buy this model , and buy newer vehicles too

It's a family van, but it's old and used. Many things don't work well, such as the electric wiring (lights). The battery dies too easily too

- James S

The venture is a great family vehicle, economical and great handling.

I like the fuel economy, I like the feel when driving and how it handles on the road, I like the interior of the vehicle it is comfortable.

- Steven M

Good on gas mileage and love the way it drives for the year it is.

Love the way it drives and handles on the road and is easy to load and unload my mobility scooter. Pretty good on gas mileage also too.

- Roberta A

Spacious and a good family van.

I love it. There is plenty of room for kids and groceries. It has some electric issues and most of them do with the back side doors.

- Danielle R

Its dependable, comfortable, and drives smoothly

It's good transportation for a family with more than just 2 people. The seats are easy to fold down to make more room.

- Krystal B

Overall great traveling van

It's an overall great driving van overall the only problems or overheating of the engine and blowing head gaskets

- Anthony M

It isn't very pretty to look at, but it gives me a sense of freedom when I am driving the minivan.

I like how dependable the van is overall. The gas gage is wonky, but it certainly can haul when I need it to.

- Kathleen L

It is high profile which means it will tip over easy and reacts to the wind.

It gets fairly good gas mileage. It is a soccer mom type of vehicle. It drives well, does not hydroplane.

- Jason B

Has plenty of room for kids and groceries.

Its too old. Things keep going wrong with it and it is not very good on gas. Has plenty of room though.

- Danielle R

The engine compartment is a mess. There is nothing you can work on yourself.

Love the room and handling, but hate that nothing can be worked on outside of a mechanics shop.

- Ky C

Well made and runs well with little repair and service

Has worked well for years and is large enough for all I need to transport.

- Mari C

It is very comfortable 7 passenger van. It still runs even though it has 194,000 miles. I wish the seats were heated.

It's a dependable vehicle that a family can be safe in.

- Wendy B