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This car is perfect if you have children.

I had my van for about two years. Its has spacious room for a big family. Has two wonder sliding doors which is excellent access to load up. You can fold down the seats, also the seat are very comfortable. One of the beauty of this van is that you can open all the windows including the sides windows. The engine is quiet when it is running. The speakers are amazing. The only problem about this van is the electrical. Lights shows on the dashboard and we can't find the problem. And the performance. It runs great! It's perfect for a big family.

- Susan G

Buttons for average mpg, direction going, oil pressure, temperature outside car.

My car/van is large with large windows to see all around the vehicle. It is very comfortable to travel several hours in. Since it is an older model it does not have some of the more modern items but does have cruise control. Wish it had more apt plugs for phone charges. One big issue is the a/c in the back of the van does not work correctly and is expensive to repair.

- Carol K

Perfect vehicle for anyone who wants to combine luxury and practicality.

Battery is different from other minivans, and it is placed awkwardly on its side. If you do not do it right when you are charging the van, it could burn up your engine. My van is a warner bros. Edition. It has leather seats, and all the bells and whistles. It is not bad on gas, and it has approx. 135, 000 Miles. I absolutely love it.

- Susan W

2002 Chevy Venture Is A Great Vehicle.

I love the mini van I have. However after I purchased the vehicle the power steering pump went out on it. I have to save money to get it fixed. The van also has some minor issues but its fixable. The van is a very good vehicle and I love the space and leg room. I would like to be able to afford a newer version of the same van.

- Patricia P

Van is reliable. I have 290, 000 miles on it and have not had to replace any parts.

I have 290, 000 miles on my van and it still runs great. I haven't had to replace anything. I love that I can remove back two rows of seats it really has a lot of room. I get great gas mileage and drive it to work which is 100 miles round trip. Filling up my gas tank and getting changes do not cost me a fortune.

- Crystal H

It is gold and has a great design under the hood.

I love the vehicle it is very reliable for its old age. The mileage is also good and I love the surround sound. Three row seating a great family vehicle. Very roomy comfortable fit. Great for road trips. The back has plenty of space in case you want to grocery shop with the family as a hold a lot of legroom.

- Walter B

If your looking for a vehicle that will get you places this is the one for you.

The Chevy venture is a very reliable van mine has almost 200, 000 miles and is still running as if it had just 200 miles on it. In the van it has a DVD player for the back seat passengers. In the very back it has a bucket seat that can be either taken out or laid down into a small bed if wanted.

- Sandy B

Good and old faithful with a few flaws.

Not reliable at all. Breaks down all the time once it is running it will run for a little while then break down again. It does have a ton of miles on it and it was a fairly cheap van and wasn't meant to be a full to be a full time vehicle but it turned out to help me and my 5 children a lot.

- Jessica G

Was good but went bad all at once.

It was a great vehicle at first but here in the past year everything has went bad. All types of fluids leaking, air conditioning broke, windows stopped working, doors are not working properly. Some kind of water leaks on the passenger floorboard. It sounds bad and starting to smell.

- Heather R

Wheelchair Family Van Love the reliability and how well it run!

I like that it's reliable and comfortable. I have three boys, and my middle son is in a wheelchair. The only thing that is now becoming an issue, is that my 14 year old, and 12 year old who are not in wheelchairs, are getting tall, and it is becoming a little more cramped.

- Tamara W

Chevy van summary and review.

Plenty of space for everyone lots of luggage room. Parts are starting to rust from being old and living in cold weather. Van comes with an auto door that opens which makes it so much easier to have kids. The seats are pretty comfy to sit in sitz perfect to the windshield.

- Kevin S

There is nothing good about this car. It is plain and it is bulky and ugly.

It is trash. The car constantly overheats, and does not run well at all. There were brand new headlights put in less than 6 months ago, and the light covers cleaned, and still, the lights are terrible. It is definitely only a budget car, and I wouldn't recommend this.

- Nate H

The seats fold down for more storage.

It's awesome in fas and big enough for my whole family. The windows get stuck a lot and the door on the drive side doesn't auto open like it should. The fuse on the tale lights blows way to easy. But it gets us to point A to point B awesome gas mileage.

- Ali M

If my car was in good shape it would be a great family vehicle but there's too many problems with it

I like that my van has a lot of space because I have 2 kids. I also like the automatic sliding doors . I dislike that it idles high and keeps having problems. Gas gauge doesn't accurately tell me how much gas is in the tank.

- Christen H

That it is dependable transportation and it will get you from point a and b and that is very important.

It is a very nice ride is comfortable has a little breathing room for longer drives,is fairly good on gas looks good for being a older vehicle.is to bad they don't make them any longer.

- Pamela M

It's a very comfortable ride. Engine is durable. great for a large family.

I like the versatility take out the seats and you can haul a lot of stuff in it. The seats are hard to get in out of place. Plus side when the seats are in can carry up to 7 people.

- Brenda M

My car is dependable and good on gas.

My vehicle is spacious. It tells me when I need an oil change. My van is good on gas. Van is high enough to step in an out. I have plenty of room for luggage when I travel.

- Kimberly P

It's very versatile for many uses and comfort!!!

It is very roomy and it is very comfortable to drive. I have used it for shuttling friends around to moving furniture. The long wheel base makes for a very nice ride!!!!

- Craig R

Great gas mileage for a 6 cylinder vehicle

I love the gas mileage and how roomy it is. I hate that many small problems continually happen such as headlights or blinkers going out or power windows not working.

- Paul C

It runs very well as long as you keep up with basic maintenance.

I like it for the features in the car because it is a special edition but I dislike the fact that it rusted much quicker than other types of vehicles in its class.

- F T

My brakes are bad. Do not stop suddenly in front of me.

It is in constant need of repair. The door panels constantly come loose. I constantly have problems with my electric windows. None of the doors close correctly.

- Kris S

It saves on gas and the inside is very roomy. No bumping elbows.

Gas saver, dependable, and no complaints. Its very roomy inside, i also love the color which is a light gold. No major problems, just the normal wear and tear.

- Ana C

My car is very reliable also great in gas.

I like how smooth the van runs and the air conditioner works great. I do not like how the doors do not open automatically all the time and how crowded it is.

- Valerie W

A family van with plenty of space for five kids and parents!

We have experienced issues with the automatic door, as well as wiper motor issues. Otherwise, we love the space and fold down option for the back seat!

- Missy B

Dependability, roomy, stylish, good gas mileage, fun to drive and comfortable on short or long trips.

Love my van. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Dependable, good gas mileage, attractive. Wish they still made them. Will keep this vehicle forever.

- Clayton B

I like the fact the both the back sliding doors are automatic.

It's a great vehicle and has been very reliable. It does need routine maintenance though other than that it's a very great van and I love it.

- Davida B

It has many seats for passenger plenty of room for cargo and is good on gas.

Leaks oil. AC does not work. Paint is flaking and there is rust. Needed a battery and a brake light. Also makes a weird noise.

- Roger P

Not efficient for commuting back and forth 20 or more miles per day.

It isn't the best quality windows and doors. The switches seem to go out often and the parts are really expensive.

- Cyndi M

It a great tool for getting things done. It carries people, equipment.

It leaks oil and the brake light work on and off. The seat that can be removed are very heavy and hard to remove.

- Rob T

The electronics are unreliable and the build quality is not that great.

I like the room and rear air conditioning. I do not like the plastic interior or the quality of the interior.

- Stephanie M

It is a minivan it has sliding doors that can be opened with the keyfob.

I like that it gets me were I need to go. I dislike that it cost so much to maintain and keep on the road.

- Justin H

It runs well, It can haul our family easily where we need to go.

It runs well. It loses some oil between oil changes, but not sure where it goes. the gas mileage is ok.

- Krista K

It gets great gas mileage for a minivan, but it is very large!

It's very dependable. We've had it 11 years. Good overall vehicle.

- Bridget M

It is great on gas. In the last 2 years that I've owned it it has never broke down on me. It can comfortably carry my family of 6.

It is an amazing, affordable, all around family vehicle.

- Sarah B