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My great smooth looking car.

I love the car it drives well it looks really nice also I love the black leather seats with the red stitching the sound system sounds terrific. It also has a wonderful dashboard love the way it tell me everything input the car tire pressure, gas and all sorts of things love it. The car drives very smoothly and my passengers love the leg room they have. I also love the size of the trunk. This car is also economical when it comes to gas Usage. I also like the shimmer on the paint color of the car. Everyone says that the car is beautiful and classy looking. So far the problems that I have are the constant air pressure problems on my tires also I am having an issue I was told that there’s something wrong with the transmission. I did get the extended insurance for the car so I am hoping everything goes well with that. I really do love this car over all. I have the 2015 Chrysler 200 with metallic brownish gray color that I would recommend this car to anyone. Over all I would give this car an eight out of ten. Hopefully everything goes well at the dealer when I bring it for repair because I plan on keeping this car for a very long time. I hope this survey helps I tried to give my honest opinion on this beautiful car.

- Evelyn M

It is a great car and features are great. However, maintenance can be expensive.

This car has touch screen and back camera. It is very roomy inside the car, and there is a lot of storage space in the console. Sirius radio compatible, also has AUX port for iPod or phone. This car is also Bluetooth capable for hands-free calling. All controls are located in the center by the console. The gears are not your average gear shift, it is more a knob. Push to start vehicle. This car has a very smooth ride and accelerates well. Very reliable car. Has a screen on the driver's side that tracks every detail of the car: tire pressure, oil life, oil temperature, coolant temperature, fluid quantities, average range, mileage details, etc. However, this care is very sensitive. Warning lights will come for the simplest reasons, and some of the fluids (like coolant) are hard to find outside of the dealership. So maintenance can be expensive.

- Candace F

I love my 2015 Chrysler 200 for it is looks and reliability.

This is the second Chrysler 200 I have owned. I also had a 2011 that I recently sold back to the dealer, as the condition was pristine. I have never been let down with this car. I have followed all maintenance regularly. I feel the comfort is excellent, as I drive long distances to visit friends and family. I only experienced a problem early on which turned out to be the computer needing to be reset. Truly recommend this car. The looks of the car is what drew me to it when I went to purchase a second car in 2015. I looked at other models, as I am a Chrysler /Jeep /Dodge buyer for many years. I like to keep it looking new and love the color of bold blue I chose. Over the years I have owned this car, I find that the features and looks stand the changes in cars to remain very well-liked and I feel good driving it.

- Anne C

Stylish and luxurious but hard to fix.

I love the way my car looks it is very stylish and luxury looking. The interior is part leather and part cloth which I enjoy. The features of the vehicle make it worth your while. However when it comes to routinely fixing your vehicle it can get extremely expensive nothing for this vehicle is cheap starting with headlights. The cheapest headlight available is 59 bucks. I find that in any Chrysler vehicle in general is a pain to work on as well. Everything about it is just difficult and expensive. Where this vehicle is a 9 speed the transmission tends to have problems shifting all of the time. (unless you drive it in stick mode.) I guess if you do not mind paying outrageous prices for routine fixes this car would be great. Because other than that I absolutely love it.

- Kayla M

Chrysler 200 is a decent car.

The vehicle is decent. I purchased the car brand new after 2 years my heating and air started to go in and out; though it never went out completely, I feel this is not problems that a new vehicle should be having. Upon researching the vehicle I found that a number of these cars have had the same problem. Another issue I found to be problematic was the transmission sticking at times also a known issue of this car. These are major issues that could cost someone a lot of money. The car gives a comfortable ride, holds the road well, and has very good features. I give this car a rating of 3 because of the issues that could be costly to those that have this car. All in all, this car is reliable.

- Lucian R

Amazing 2015 Chrysler 200

I have owned my vehicle for almost four years. During this time I have replaced the car battery, the battery for the key, and had regular oil changes to keep up my car. I know if you go to long without an oil change the car will try to shut off on you while driving or not even start. If you do not replace the battery for the key in a timely manner you will not be able to get into the car without the alarm going off. The key sensor must connect to the car in order for it to become drivable. This can be extremely frustrating so just get it done. The car has good gas mileage in the city and highway. Car features are up to date with Bluetooth connection. Overall, I do not have any complaints.

- Ashlee H

Overall, a car I'd recommend.

It's a very stylish looking car. It has great handling and is very comfortable to ride in, especially the driver's seat as it can easily be altered to your comfort level - even lumbar support! I am not a big fan of the dial for a gear shifter. It takes a lot of getting used to. And since the radio volume control dial and heat/ac dial is very near to it, I have found myself grabbing for those on accident when going to change gear. The biggest downside to the car is that it has a hiccup when switching into second gear. It is a bit laggy. I do not know much about the mechanics on vehicles to be able to get into those aspects of the car, but overall, it is a very stylish, comfortable car.

- Buffy T

I love my Chrysler 200. I plan to purchase another Chrysler after this.

I bought my car after someone had leased if for about a year. I love my car. The only thing I have had trouble with is the airbag system. The sensor on the dash turned on out of nowhere but one day and kept coming up on and off. Took it into the shop one day and they told me that it was because I had a water bottle on the floor and it rolled under the seat and hit something... And expensive trip for something so little. However, when I made sure that I didn't leave bottles loose, the sensor came on again. I checked under the seats and nothing was under there. Eventually it turned off again. It just turns on and off with no explanation.

- Kate S

In the 3 years I have owned it there has been absolutely no issues with this car, just change the oil and go.

Great value for the money. At the time I purchased it it was recommended to me by a friend as I was fresh out of school and on a tight budget. While I have not regretted the purchase it was a very basic car (I limited the options selected). I like the MPG and the smooth ride. I isn't the largest on the inside and didn't help much when I moved across town a year later. Sadly for future grads this car is no longer in production so they will have to find another value car. I would purchase it again in similar circumstances. But since my income has increase it will probably be replaced in about a year with a small/medium SUV.

- Logan J

Love hate relationship- reliable vehicle, too small for family of four.

I love that it is good on gas and has given me minimal issues mechanically. I like that it has Bluetooth and keyless entry. I dislike how small it is (only due to the fact I have two small children) it is a very nice looking car and has been extremely reliable for me. I drive this car everyday and it is the primary vehicle we drive as a family and gets the most mileage put onto it. I have only had to replace one major part which was my water pump and have owned the car almost 2 years. I have done minor things like oil changes and a battery but those are expected things with any vehicle.

- Sarah W

Light-colored leather is the only way to go in Sacramento!

Love the white leather interior with the dark red exterior; it's too hot in Sacramento to have a black interior! Love the backup camera! I couldn't live without it now. Sometimes I wish we'd paid more to get the navigation package, but it was ridiculously expensive. Our biggest complaint is that sometimes the car doesn't want to take off, and when it does, it kind of jerks forward. I believe there was a recall on this when the car was new, and it seemed better for a while, but I've noticed this several times lately. Love the roomy interior of the glove compartment, too.

- Alice d

Is not such a bad car it is a great looking car with nice gas mileage

I love that my car is #1 rated as the safest vehicle. I like the push to start, the middle console and gas is great. I dislike many things about this vehicle because 1 I don't like the transmission it gives out very quick and it's electric, the touch screen radio gave out on me very fast as well it's not working and it cost way too much to fix it. Another thing is the ac vents they could of added more to the back because my children always complains it's to hot back there and that's a big problem to me. They made it way to cheap for people to pay a lot of money on it.

- Maria C

It's simple, smart, fuel efficient, and comfortable.

The car has a comfortable interior with splendid hands free features that allows the car to uphold a standard of quality with an affordable price. Furthermore, parts for repairs come relatively cheap at most popular auto part vendors like autozone which I use the most. To add to that, the car rarely experiences any issues and the seats fit great for both smaller and larger passengers. The full electric driver side control is very convenient and allows full control of the vehicles functions at arms length. It's overall just a great car, simple and enjoyable.

- Daniel P

Be comfortable getting in and out of this vehicle. Do not buy because of looks.

Likes: it handles amazing, the features are wonderful, I love the panoramic roof, and great sound system. It's a smooth comfortable ride.. Dislike: the transmission- it jumps as it shifts. I nearly has 40,000 miles an although the transmission has loosened up a little it still has bursts of speed an you speed up as well as coast. The Bluetooth connection does not always work the greatest. Sometimes it will not connect or it takes a long time for it to connect. If you are a taller person you will likely bump your head or knee getting into the car..

- Sara W

Beautiful interior design and good performance but expensive gas/parts.

The car was already used when we bought it (second hand). The performance during the drive was good. The interior design was definitely nice. I really like the way it looked. There are also a lot of drawers, which I really like because for me, I could put a lot of things, instead of those being scattered on the car. However, there was this time that the bulb was broken and had to replace it, we found out that it was too expensive. Especially that only one bulb had to be replaced. And filling the gas to full tank is a bit pricey.

- Liz C

It's a gas saver and a money saver.

This vehicle is Great when you need to travel. On just 17 dollars I can make it to Fort Wayne Indiana all the way passed Wooster Ohio an half way back with the gas it conserves its amazing. Even in the winter this vehicle is great. Heats up really fast so you really don't have to worry about having the heat blazing the entire time you're going place to place. Though I'm not 100% happy with the cars radio system, cause the car only has two speaker in the front in the doors. But it does have great features with voice command.

- Erin S

Push to start and remote start are good features

I have had to purchase 9-10 headlights in a course of about 12 months, at the dealership they are 90$ a piece, and the are not covered under the extended warranty. The engine burns oil at 2x the rate that it is supposed to, because of how the engine was built, also not covered. There was also a carbon monoxide leak in my vehicle, I was passed out, and found by a police officer in my car, after going to the ER, they confirmed I had high levels of carbon monoxide in my system, and Chrysler said nothing was wrong with my car.

- Alicia S

Not the worst but not the best might be an accurate

Not the worst but not the best might be an accurate—if less than dazzling—description of the 200. It offers a competent chassis, an intuitive infotainment system, and plenty of storage, yet it lacks the refinement of its competitors. A 184-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder, nine-speed automatic, and front-wheel drive are standard; a 295-hp 3.6-liter V-6 and all-wheel drive are optional. It's a pleasant sedan for commuting and household chores, but poor sales meant that 2017 was the last year for the 200.

- robert t

Chrysler 200 is like a sports car for a soccer mom. The best of both worlds.

I really enjoy my Chrysler 200. It has a lot of bells and whistles. I like how smooth it rides, the comfort of the leather seats. I have dual heated and cooled seats which work great! The car has lane sense, which is handy but I do not care for it too much so I shut it off. It jerks too much for me to keep it on. The only real complaint I have about the car is the tires. They are skinny low profile tires and I live on gravel. I have to replace them every year or more. Overall, I would buy this car again.

- Lea A

Stylish, sleek Chrysler 200 that screams style, versatility and comfort.

I love my Chrysler 200 because it is a luxury car sedan. My vehicle is a 4 cylinder vehicle and good on gas mileage. Automatic, front wheel drive. The contour is sleek, my vehicle information me of oil changes, tire pressure, and has Bluetooth connection. The interior is comfortable, cloth and durable with buckets seats it gives a family feel and fit for the riders. The shape of the body speaks volumes because of the body and style of the car. The sound system surrounds the entire inside of the car.

- Rachel K

It has wonderful gas mileage, even though it is an all wheel drive.

My vehicle has tons of luxury features including, heated seats, dual ac, Bluetooth capability, automatic windows, sport mode, navigation, electric seats, and so much more. The 200 also has tons of power that allows you to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 7 seconds. The sport mode allows you to drive the vehicle in manual mode, which is great for people that like manuals yet want the capability to drive in automatic as well. It has a very sporty and clean interior look as well as exterior.

- Kayla M

Very reliable easy-maintenance vehicle

I have owned this car for over 2 years. It has been extremely reliable. I just replaced the battery for the first time. It does not have a CD player but has hands free phone capability, and satellite radio. I personally do not like that the radio comes on automatically when I start the car, even if had been turned off when I left the car previously. The trunk is quite large, so it has room for a lot of items. Based on my ownership so far I expect to be driving this car for several more years.

- Kathleen A

My Chrysler 200 drives so smooth and has so much room inside.

My Chrysler 200 is a really great car. When we got it we were surprised at all the room in the car. It rides really smooth and it's quiet too. My only complaints are the blind spots are hard to see around, up by the windshield and when you turn your head to check if cars are beside you. The other complaint I have is the radio went out on it and we can't figure out how to fix it without taking it to the dealership. Other than those two things, I would recommend this car to anyone who asks.

- Kirby H

A great car that is valuable and reliable

This car is great on gas, roomy inside, runs very well. Trunk space is amazingly big. Backup camera is a great help. Connections are in a hidden console underneath the cup holders so you can hide valuables if needed. There are many outlets for chargers and also a USB connection that connects directly to the radio. This car has a great sound system. It also has the option of internet radio. The electric panel is very informative. It tells you if fluids, tires or the engine has a issue.

- Davina R

Chrysler: one of the best cars you might own.

It honestly has no problems at all! The most unproblematic car my family and I have owned. Fits all my needs considering space and width. Best little car ever. The speakers from the radio is unbelievable, best bass in a car. The interior is possibly my favorite part of the car. It looks so modern, even compared to my friends brand new Audi! The only thing that was a little difficult getting used to was the prndl 'stick', it is a dial, but once you get used to that, it is all good.

- Wendy M

My Chrysler 200 is very enjoyable and sporty.

I really enjoy driving my Chrysler 200 it is sporty, it is roomy, it is comfortable and has a rear camera which is very helpful when backing out of a location, I like the extra details that were added to the front lights, along with the fact that I have the white bright lights instead of just the dull normal lights, the leather seats are very comfortable and easy to wipe off, I enjoy the new knob used to change the direction that I would like to drive instead of the normal stick.

- Mary R

Comfort, style, and fun in my little Chrysler 200

My Chrysler 200 has been a really great car to own. I has the outward feeling of a small, compact car but with plenty of room inside. It has enough power to get up and go when I want it to. I enjoy the smooth ride when I travel. The interior is room and comfortable with aesthetically pleasing design in the interior components. I like the way the body looks with a nice line to the design. It is a fun little car that gets me all the places I need to go in comfort and style.

- Jenny P

Chrysler 200 c all wheel drive good review.

The 200 c is a all wheel drive, 6 speed transmission. The transmission had a bad seal in it from the factory, the transmission was replaced., the computer that controls the transmission had to be reprogrammed in the first year. Otherwise the car get great mileage on the road at 32 miles per gallon. The 200c has crisp steering, no slop to it. The all wheel drive performs very well in snow, and under ices conditions. Overall the handling of the car is good.

- David S

Comfortable and reliable car.

The car is definitely what I paid for and expected. It has Bluetooth capability which is helpful for my commute to work. It also is a color which I definitely appreciate, black on black. No major problems, although I will say after a small fender bender the front end pretty much tore off completely which cost 2 grand and a month to fix because of the lack of available parts from the manufacturer. Overall though, very reliable, very comfortable car.

- Nathaniel O

The aerodynamic design The turnstile knob feature

I love that the Chrysler are luxurious cars without the price tag of a really expensive car. The turnstile knob feature was what completely sold me with my car, it's so fancy, different and stylish! The aerodynamic design gives it a run for other fancy foreign cars. And the glossy pearl white finish that's implemented makes it the most beautiful white car I've ever seen, and this is coming from someone who ONLY liked all black vehicles.

- Edmond G

Think it over before making a decision.

It has a lot of updates. Many times I am not aware until I take the car in for repair or oil change. Sometimes the transmission will cause the car to jerk and I am unsure why. The car is reliable, but if I could go back and do it all over again, I would pick something else. I also was not aware that my oil change on the car would be $75-$80 every time I go in. I also was not aware that it takes 6qt. Of oil instead of the standard.

- Tiffany T

Chrysler 200 is comfortable and pretty reliable. It is visually in great shape.

My 2015 Chrysler 200 visually is in great shape. However, it was a fleet vehicle before I purchased it, so sometimes I have problems, such as the tire pressure decreasing quickly, the ignition coil refusing to fire and an airbag service light coming on frequently while driving that alerts me with beep. The car is very comfortable, and it has awesome features like a touchscreen, backup camera and Bluetooth settings for your phone.

- Aubrey W

great look and luxury but not a very sturdy, long lasting or safe car

Has great features, such as the radio and steering wheel control systems. Also has a very large trunk which is great for my lifestyle. But it uses up an insane amount of gas and it seems to fall apart pretty quickly. Not even a month in to owning the car did the rear view mirror fell off and the window chipped. Now i have issues locking doors and lowering the windows. Plus the engine and tire alignments are always having issues.

- Jazmin S

It is an all around decent vehicle.

The Uconnect feature can be troublesome at times along with the 9 speed gearbox but overall the car is comfortable and reliable no big blind spots plenty of room once the seats are adjusted and head room for me even though I am over 6 foot the car info features in the command center are great they show useful temperature of trans oil and coolant along with tire pressures and oil life this really is an all around decent vehicle.

- Sam H

2015 Chrysler 200c - Special Review!

My car drives very smoothly and the interior is nearly one of the kind (cream seats and sunroof) so it grabs attention to those who rides along. The car however, requires a lot of electricity and after driving from the dealership the battery lost power completely. Additionally, the tires gets air bubbles frequently, thus it is very hard to find replacement tires and have to get them ordered and shipped to my dealership.

- Asia M

I work at night and I do not like how low the lights are located on the car.

I bought my car used. It was about 2 years old when I got it. I had you get the engine replaced within the first year of having it. The warranty was almost up on it. I barely made it on the powertrain warranty. I guess that this could be put more on the dealership that I got it from. Also I got I had issues with it running hot. This was also a mess to deal with. Other than that I do not really have any issues with it.

- Sonya P

This Chrysler is a great mileage vehicle.

Good looking car. Wanted this great gas mileage. Just drove over 1000 miles. Averaged 37 mpg! It is low getting in and out of the car. Seems like plenty of front seat leg room. I little tight for our 6’ tall son in back seat. We packed over 2 weeks supply in the trunk. That all being said this car has had several recalls. Which in the beginning was very inconvenient as they didn’t know what was wrong at first.

- Irene S

Sleek head turner with all the necessary comforts for a very enjoyable ride.

Sleek black look with a very quiet ride. I enjoy that while I'm driving all the Buttons are easily accessible. It's performance overall is very nice. The seats are leather with heat if preferred. Drives very well in the snow. The exterior design is very comfortable, and the outside is very sporty. The look of this car turns hard for sure. Not had many mechanical problems AT ALL IN THE 3 years I've owned it.

- Diana D

Transmission and electrical.

The transmission stalls in the winter. I have to let the car warm up for at least 10 minutes everyday in the winter or until it gets to about 60°f. If I don't do that I'll drive down the road and as soon as I hit the brake the car stalls then stops. Had electrical problems too. The lights on the dash flick on and off. Also the screen sometimes doesn't work and goes black, but I can still use the buttons.

- Kristen L

Not the car I had expected upon purchase. So research before purchasing.

Cars radio stopped working months after purchase. Have also had issues with windshield wiper fluid and windows not working properly. Issues with key fob as well not wanting to work after continued battery changes. Would not recommend if you are looking for a reliable vehicle. Have had nothing but issues since purchased also gets decent highway gas mileage but not good in city limits. Roughly 18 mpg city.

- Cody W

Very nice luxury car with black interior hands-free

It's a nice car, looks great very reliable, the downside is gas you fill it up and before you know it it's on empty gas goes fast, and when your taking off and when you give it gas, it does not take off at first it jerks off then go. I think they should cover the knob gear so no one can touch it while you are driving. And replace the buttons for the windows they are easy broken by kids playing with them.

- Sandra W

The vehicle indicator lights

I love this vehicle. The car drives well, very spacious and have not had any mechanical issues. A nice family sized sedan. Very dependable vehicle. Great on gas. I also love the body of the car. It's very sleek in appearance. The features are amazing and very easy to use. It drives well and there are plenty of indicator lights and functions to notify you if and when the is an issue with the vehicle.

- Jacqueline K

The smoothest ride I've ever experienced from a vehicle.

I absolutely love this vehicle. I've been driving it for a little over three months and it is the smoothest riding vehicle I've ever driven. It shifts smoothly, accelerates over large inclines without becoming sluggish. I love that it has to push to start and remote start. It also has the backup camera which is so convenient for backing into a parking spot. I would pick this car five out of five times.

- Nikki P

Modern car: dual temperature controls, built in Bluetooth, rear-facing camera.

I have had this car for over two years. I love it! It is very reliable and requires basic maintenance but I have never had any major issues. It is roomy and comfortable with adjustable seating and great for multiple family members to enjoy at the same time. It does not have a CD player which is the only downfall but I can attach my phone via Bluetooth or AUX cord and play music from there.

- Olivia E

Great first starter car. Has pretty sound system. Bluetooth, and backup camera.

It's a 2015 Chrysler 200, four door, front wheel drive. Has Bluetooth, automatic seats and windows. Has a backup camera. Great sound system. Great first started for a family. I've personally been growing out of it where my family is growing. I also live in Maine and front wheel drive isn't ideal I would prefer all wheel for my kids. Never had to do any work other than normal maintenance

- Taylor M

My husband found having heated seats interesting

This car is great on gas mileage has plenty of room. But with us purchasing this vehicle only in January and already having a malfunctioning issue with the radio. Its keeps going off and coming back on every minute hopefully with a fuse change it will resolve this issue. This car has a lot of room just not enough for a family my husband uses it to get back and forth to work and loves it.

- Gina G

Blue and Sleek with Optimal MPG

Since buying this car, all faults have seemed to have stemmed from dealership overlook. Sometimes in the cold, it freaks out and near-stalls upon startup. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle during our regular 600 mile travels every couple months for the past 11 months. Surprisingly, this car is almost as roomy as a sport SUV. I highly recommend for low gas mileage and sleek look.

- Chloe B

2015 Chrysler 200c is awesome!

The vehicle is top of the line. The leather interior is very nice. I have the heated and cooled seats and use them all the time. My car also has the automatic cruise control and it is very helpful on long road trips. The audio package is sweet factory and doesn't need additions. My only problem is the gear shift from 4 to 5 randomly shifts very hard. Otherwise overall driving is great!

- Scott E

Great gas mileage. Roomy trunk space.

Great gas mileage on the highway. We averaged 36 mpg up to 39 mpg on our last trip. Comfy seats. Plenty of room in trunk for suitcase and 2 weeks of extras for our trip. Has a few vibration noises thou. Has had too many factory recalls. Purchased the gold warranty and the check engine light comes in do to oil pressure switch needed to be replaced. It was not covered. $600+ To fix that!

- Irene S

Great but has many flaws.

The car possessed many perks in terms of technology and provided a luxurious feel to driving. It did have its issues though, the car has had many safety recalls and one issue caused the car to lose power to drive which left me stranded on the side of the freeway. The technology contained in the dashboard is very nice but requires a monthly subscription to fully access all its features.

- Jerry R

2015 Chrysler 200 Review on Vehicle

Steering wheel has been locking up whenever turning. Other than that car has been great to drive and reliable. If I can fix the steering wheel my rating of 1 out of 10 for the vehicle will be 10. Car is nice sized and comfortable. Features of connecting to my phones Bluetooth and the push start are my favorite features. As well as the vehicle unlocking on its own when I near my car.

- Jada S

Chrysler 200 2015 car review.

The car drives well. Has good pick up. Very sporty looking and plenty of legroom. The seats are well made and comfortable. Plenty of headroom. Seats are adjustable which is great since I am short I can adjust it higher. I love the keyless entry and the push button start as well as the dial shifter. I use e85 gas and get pretty good gas mileage. I like that I can use regular gas too.

- Patty L

It is easy to drive especially because I am a small person!

It is cozy, right size, love the inside interior. Not too fancy for my liking. First time car I am trying to own. No problems I have endured just yet. I have owned it for less than a year now. I am still also making monthly payments for the car. The performance is really smooth. No engine noises. I do need to clean the ac though because it is giving off a weird smell when it is on.

- Marie G

It has a touch screen in the front, it acts like a phone so you do not need yours.

I have had my vehicle for a couple of years now and the only thing that went wrong was the brakes. I had to get new brake pads. Other than that, I have had no problems with my car. It is very spacious inside and it has a back up camera which is very convenient. It also takes gas e85 which is much cheaper than regular gas so that saves me money. All in all, I really like my car.

- Jennifer S

Would NOT recommend, there seems to always be issues with this vehicle.

Have had many issues with this vehicle, rather it be simple things like the headlights needing to be replaced, or the rotor going bad at 16,000 miles. The transmission shifts hard and vibrates when it's idle. Pressing on the gas pedal it jerks. The seats are hard and not very comfortable. I honestly wouldn't recommend this vehicle it has caused me and my family many problems!

- Jeanette R

Chrysler 200 has great on-board technology.

I like the features & controls it has. Radio button on steering wheel as well as cruise control. Tells you when you need air in your tires. Bluetooth capability & hands-free calling. The car does vibrate when idling, but as the driver, I do not notice. The passengers notice. I wish it would accelerate quicker as well. Smooth driving, plenty of backseat room & trunk room.

- Christi L

Super comfortable and affordable for a luxury type vehicles

I love that this vehicle is a luxury one! Very comfortable to drive and the sound system is amazing. The only problem is there does seem to be more than a few recalls on parts of the vehicle. The gas mileage is great I don't have to fill up as much as in the past with other vehicles. Overall this vehicle is really nice it's a very comfortable vehicle in almost every way.

- Ashley B

4 door sedan very spacious trunk and cruise control rear view camera and sunroof.

I like my car because its good on gas its comfortable and it's a nice looking car. . It run very well and so far nothing has gone wrong With it. Is a 4 door sedan it has speed control and also has the camera to make it easier to go on reverse. It can seat up to 5 people including the driver. The trunk is very spacious with plenty on room to carry stuff when you travel.

- Virgin Q

One of the best cars I've ever had

The car has been super reliable for the last three years. The backup camera is very helpful when reversing. The car is a spacious five seater. I haven't had to bring it in for maintenance besides the oil changes, brake flush and windshield wipers since I've owned this vehicle. It's great on gas especially on long car rides. It's one of my favorite cars I've ever owned.

- Caroline M

Great drive, and look. Though tires should have been 17 inch and not 19.

It is a very comfortable and great driving car. I love the interior and the way it looks. I just wish it was a 6 cylinder and not a 4. It drives great though. I like how it handles and it is roomy inside. I like the shifter being a knob and not a stick. The one thing that I do not like is the tires, they are 19 inch rims and make the drive noisy and a little bumpy.

- Elizabeth B

Best I've had since the 70s

I love my car with the exception of the transmission, sometimes the transmission shifts to the sports paddles when it's not supposed to. it's not the most comfortable car but it's fast and that's what I like not the greatest gas mileage but that's on me for driving if the way I do. Other than the transmission shifting I have no complaints whatsoever about this car

- Marie C

Great Chrysler 200 I love it.

It is very fast, it is reliable, it lets me know immediately if something is wrong. It is a smart car and very tech savvy, the sound system is amazing, it is very good on gas, the car has a lot of space despite looking like a smaller sedan, it will not allow you to lock the keys in the car by accident, it has Bluetooth connection, the Uconnect app is very helpful.

- Lex B

Love the sleek look of her!

So far it has been a very reliable car. I like the look of it. I like the features it has like Bluetooth and USB port. I like how it tells me all the fluid volumes and tire pressure. I wish it was a little more spacious. To fit 3 people or kids in the backseat is difficult. It's a tight squeeze. It lacks horsepower. When trying to accelerate it is kind of slow.

- Jacquie W

Great gas mileage. Possible annoying gears

First off the car stutters. It is really annoying and I find it very dangerous since it hesitates as I press on the gas. You can feel the low gears jerk when you pick up speeds from stop position. Those are my biggest complaints of the car. However, I do love the gas mileage it gets and I like the feature that it tells you on speedometer how much gas is left.

- Aaron C

I love my Chrysler 200, its sporty but also a mom car.

I fell in love with the total look of the car. The speakers sound pretty good for being stock which is a big deal to me. The knob gear shifter also was a huge plus for me. It lets you know tire pressure & when you need to add more air and how much to add. I think what spoiled me the most is not having to water the speedometer because it has electric numbers.

- Whitney D

Love the blue light up dash.

It is very comfortable and quite. I love the light features on the dash and I really like the steering wheel and all the features. It is very reliable and easy access to get . My granddaughter in and out at school. No problems that I know of yet and hoping there will not be. Everyone in the family loves to ride in it. It is like your riding in a luxury car.

- Chalone B

Love the sporty look of my vehicle.

Love the sporty look of my Chrysler . It does have a slightly sluggish transmission. I like the stylish interior. All gauges are easy to reach. Love the transmission dial. Touch screen is easy to navigate thru. Tires on the car were cheap. Already had to replace with less than 30000 miles. Also already replaced battery. Guessing they used cheap parts.

- Beth W

4/5 stars for my Chrysler 200.

It is a good looking car, comfortable, has a cool shift change (knob), I like the Bluetooth capability. I need to put air in the tires often but that may be because I live in Arizona. The car is reliable and performs well however when my key fob battery was low, I didn't have any warnings. So when the battery died, I struggled to get home one night.

- Lacey S

Wonderful family car or starter car for someone

It is a great car for someone wanting a smaller vehicle, it drives smoothly and has more than what I expected of space in the trunk. I myself think it is a little to small 'space wise' for my family and need something a little bigger to more fit 6'5' & 6'3' people and 2 toddlers but for someone without those problems it would be the perfect car

- Sandra G

4. 5 stars for the Chrysler 200.

The technology features are great; it makes it a lot easier to check vehicle info. I like that I can use Bluetooth for my phone. The car is spacious, and the design is great, including the knob for shifting gears and storage space. The one thing I do not like is that when my key fob had low battery, my car did not warn me before the batteries died.

- Lacey S

Chrysler 200s is a reliable car.

My boyfriend and I have really enjoyed owning and Chrysler 200 it is been a pretty reliable car thus far, however it is a gas hog for the mileage. When in sports mode we have noticed the smell of oil burning as well. Those would be the only complaints I can think of at this time other than that it is been a positive experience to own this vehicle.

- Kayla H

If looking for a reliable basic car then the Chrysler 200 may be an option.

The Chrysler 200 has been a reliable vehicle. It seems to need oil changes more frequently than past cars. It gets very good gas mileage when driving in the highway but it is not great when strictly for driving in the city. The sounds system is good. The 4 cylinder is not great when it comes to power. It is a very comfortable car to drive through.

- Ross S

My review of the chrysler 200. Great gas mileage.

I love my Chrysler! It is a great car, I have had it for a little over 2 yrs now and haven't had to do any major repairs on it. Gas mileage is pretty decent, I drive around 60 miles to and from work a day and I fill up once a week. I have had trouble with the ac-v plugins in my car, they do not work at all anymore. But other than that, I love it!

- Dominique C

I love the features of my vehicle and how fun it is to drive.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. I do love all the features in my car (heated seats, nav, Bluetooth, Uconnect, of many others) another perk is you can register the speed so that if you go over the speed (i.e.: 4 mph over) the car will notify you what the speed limit is on the road so that you will slow down. That helps with insurance:).

- Alexis A

Pros and cons of a Chrysler 200.

I will never purchase a Chrysler 200 ever again or any other car made by Chrysler. The car battery went out in less than 3 years. I was told that the car battery for this vehicle will die every 2 1/2 years. To fix a headlights you have to take it back to the dealership & the light is very expensive. The pros about the car is that is good on gas.

- Tiffany P

Very good car great on gas and is a very good looking car!

My car is a very reliable car, it saves good on gas, has not had any problems since I got it. It is a very good luxury car! The inside is all leather which I like because it's easy to clean, it has seat warmers and is very comfortable to be in. The radio sounds good and you have a touch screen in the car with a camera for backing up to help you.

- Jay H

Most repairs I have had to do on Chrysler/Dodge have been expensive.

Transmission could be better the car lags. Overall the design is nice sleek and modern. Interior is very nice but could use some upgrades. The lug nuts on the wheel are custom to factory and tend to swell causing one to have cut them off and replace them when going in for a simple tire rotation can turn into something major. As did in my case.

- Gloria G

2015 Chrysler 200S is great!

I really like my Chrysler 200. There is a lot of great technology that is generally only seen in a more expensive vehicle. As far as reliability is concerned, the car has been great as the only work done on the car has been routine maintenance. The seats are quite comfortable and the heated seats and steering wheel are nice in the cold weather.

- Jonathan L

Chrysler 200 s recall issues.

I bought my vehicle in June of 2018, it is now April of 2019 and my car has been broke down a total of 4 months of that time. This was mostly due to negligent mechanics who didn't actually fix the recalls on the vehicle. Overall the car has been fine. The interior is perfect, it has a beautiful body style, but it is just not mechanically sound.

- Corinne F

Looks nice but not so great running

I really like the way my car looks and I feel like the inside is well done. However ever since I got this car ice had problems. It's been in the shop twice for the check engine light. Thankfully they were covered under the warranty. Also the car doesn't have much power and sounds like it runs horribly and it's only been 3 years since I got it.

- Bobby F

I really enjoy my Chrysler 200!

My car runs really well, I have never had a problem out of it. I typically put e85 gas in it and that fills my car up for less than unleaded. The drive is very smooth and the car system always lets me know when there are problems going on. I love the fact that I am able to adjust the height of the driver’s seat because I love to sit high.

- Elisabeth J

Great car no maintenance problems.

Good mileage, handles well comfortable ride all the bells and whistles heated seats sensors on tires headlights electric trunk door locks power windows monitors oil changes power seats trunk pass through etc. power mirrors ac venting to rear seat. Tilt steering wheel cruise control Bluetooth phone individual climate control satellite radio.

- Kelvin R

Great car for great price!

The vehicle is very good maintenance wise, hasn't cost me much money! Just simple things like an oil change, new tires, and a light bulb. I'm at 70,000 miles. Mileage is pretty good. I would like it better, but who wouldn't. Overall it's nice, friends say it's spacious in the back. Touch screen is awesome. Good car! Especially for price.

- Kameron D

My review of the 200!! Which I love to drive on hills.

I love my car but I haven't had it for over 10 years and I already have to change the motor mount which I think is odd and the breaks as well. I have also notice it take longer to pick up speed. Other than that I do enjoy driving the car. The features on the vehicle are really nice I added led lights and the car looks amazing at night.

- Arlene I

Love the technology but don't like the power going in and out

I love my car because it has all the technology that you want in every car. The only thing I really don't like about it is the window powering goes in and out when it wants to. It won't let me play my songs that someone sends me through text. Also the gears sometimes don't shift the right way and you feel it jump into the other gear.

- Katie M

The cool thing about the car was that it has a touch screen radio.

I had very few problems with my car. It had 5,000 miles on it already when I bought it but I had to get the ignition fixed once. It wore out because I was driving it a lot. Other than that it was actually the best car I have ever owned, and I recommend it to everyone. The cool thing about the car was that it had a touch screen radio.

- Nicole P

My vehicle is very comfortable and peppy to drive.

Over all, I have been very happy with my Chrysler 200 ever since I ought it in 2016. The main issue I have with it is the lack of visibility from the inside of the vehicle. It is lower profile than I realized, making it so that when I sit high enough to see the hood of the car, the rearview mirror is in the middle of the windshield.

- Bethany H

Great running car , a good little family vehicle

The car is great no major problems so far. The gas mileage isn't that great but that could just be because we need to get the car checked as we haven't had it looked at in the 2 years we have had it. My only problem with it is that we are over paying for it but that was simply due to our lack of knowledge at the time of buying it .

- Sierra J

Comfort and budget friendly car

Transmission problems will be faced after hitting couple thousand miles each services but most likely fixed free in the car dealership. However, the car is amazing technology and the overall comfort. The car saves you a lot on gas, which is a huge additional feature to the car. The sport trim has pedal shifter which I quite enjoy

- Joe S

It�s a good car with great features. Voice command is my favorite feature.

If you have a growing family then I'd recommend a bigger vehicle. The backseat is small and uncomfortable for adults. On the other hand, if you are a single person this is a perfect car for you. It rides very good. The features are good. Heated seats, rear camera, Bluetooth compatibility, with voice command. No major problems.

- Alicia G

The newer ac coolant is more expensive and can only be charged at a Chrysler dealership. Other than that it's my favorite car!

I love that it's a decent sized car that looks nice with good gas mileage. I get 30ish mpg. Its comfortable on long drives. 3hrs of the heated seats and steering wheel is great during winter. The only thing I don't like is that the newer ac coolant is so much more expensive and can only be charged up at a Chrysler dealership.

- Ariel S

Great car style and ride.

I love the car. It looks great. The Bluetooth allows hands free phone calls. I like to keep it clean and looking good. Great highway mileage 28 miles per gal. Love to drive it for short errands and long day trips. Plan on longer road trip soon. Trunk is big. Seats are comfortable, friends comment that they like looks and ride.

- Paul L

Love my Chrysler 200, sporty, classy and snazzy!

I really love this car, it is great on gas, looks super sporty and handles amazing! The only issues I have had is sometimes when taking off from a stop the vehicle seems like it hesitate and I really have to hit the gas, and when going downhill even without pushing on the gas the car will accelerate as if I pushed on the gas.

- Tracy D

New problems have started.

Since buying this car, I have had few problems. It gets great gas mileage, everything has, up until this point, worked the way it should. But recently, It seems like my fuel pump may be going out. Chrysler dealership can't seem to find the source of the problem. The car sometimes stalls out if the tank is less than 1/4 full.

- Becker R

Great small family or starter car.

My Chrysler is by far my favorite car so far. I have had no problems aside from normal maintenance and wear and tear. It seats two car seats comfortably. The only thing I do not like is that it is all electronic and if the computer goes down, the entire dash does as well-radio, air control, even the electronic parking brake.

- Jack K

That the car is overall great but have minor issues that can be fixed

The only problems that I have with my vehicle is when you turn the car on and decide to put it in drive to take off, the car jerks. Other than that I love my car, it's very reliable but takes up a lot of gas. The car rides very smooth and very big in the inside. The car can pretty much go at a high speed in very short time.

- Johnson D

Excellent family travel car

This car is great for long drives, easy to get comfortable. The trunk is huge. You can easily load an entire family belongings for travel. Love the keyless entry, so simple when grabbing groceries. The sound system is great. Love all the features on the steering wheels. Only downfall is the car with be jumpy when shifting.

- Jaime S

My car is great! I love it.

Love it, I wish my note was cheaper though. I got my car last year and haven't had any major problems besides oil changes and things like that. I love everything except my monthly payments. I wish I could trade my car in sometimes for a cheaper note or just kept the used car I had so I wouldn't have to worry about a note.

- Kier B

In love with my Chrysler 200

I have no issues with this vehicle! It does need some time to warm up when you first start it, but it's a smooth ride and extremely reliable. The Bluetooth feature is really nice especially for long trips, and the gas mileage is awesome. I can confidently get where I need to go without worrying about gas every other day.

- Gabrielle B

The 200 is the way to go hand down.

A compelling vehicle that offered great crash test scores and excellent but all in all it infotainment system and if properly equipped great driving dynamics and an upscale interior what with horsepower four cylinder engine a nine speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive it include a USB port Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

- Norris C

A great vehicle with a modern design and comfortable features!

It is comfortable, and has great mileage-I pay about $30 a week, and it's filled every time. It's reliable, and hasn't disappointed me yet. Love the Red color, and Bluetooth connects nice and quickly. Bluetooth is really important to me. Also, the parking brake button and ignition button are some nice, modern touches.

- William H

Nice for longer trips - comfortable and stylish.

My only complaint is to enough pep from a full stop. Otherwise: great gas mileage, comfortable on trips, good interior and trunk space, stylish interior and exterior and great colors, fabric on seats is easy to clean, nice option package. Really like all of the plug-in options and placements for digital tech devices.

- Beth H

Mid size car great for a family, nice style.

Great family vehicle size is just as t good. . Lots of room in the middle console and under where the gear shift is located which is like a dial up. Nice audio system with a GPS screen of 8 " . I only had an issue with the transmission but it was cover by the guaranty or warranty. Since then I been enjoying the ride.

- Martin G

Chrysler 200. A car with decent design but can have some screen technicality.

Accelerates pretty well, has had problems with the screen tech. Seat warmers is a huge plus! Sound is usually pretty good, decent bass. Middle console is spacious. Pretty reliable, though sometimes the system screen takes a few minutes to activate. Bluetooth is good, there is a slight delay when playing music though.

- Sheila P

Uconnect issues in Chrysler 200

The uconnect Bluetooth system is terrible. It takes forever to connect your phone to it. Your phone won't connect when you want it to and connects when you don't want it too. You also have to change the vent setting through the touch screen controls instead of having a button conveniently placed like all other cars.

- Morgan H

My vehicle has a trunk big enough to pack a weeks worth of vacation necessities!

Some things I like about my vehicle is the backup camera which makes it easier to see what is behind me and easier the parallel park, the push start feature because I can start my car as long as my keys are inside and can lock the car and take the keys with me while it is running, and the touch screen stereo system!

- Tori W

The most interesting detail of my car is that it has four doors with no dents.

It was stolen in 2017 but the seats are very comfortable. The car's heater gets hot fast and the window fog easily. I love this car and the car came off a lot so no damages when I purchased it. The car is not old and is gray. Four doors, cup holder in middle console and in the back of the backseat. Spacious trunk.

- Cheyenne D

Great road trip vehicle for a family of four.

Con: the thermostat does not last long and so the car tends to run hot. Pros: comfortable on long trips, great gas mileage, takes e85 so it is environmentally friendly and gas is less expensive, allows you to connect your phone to the car for hands free, seats 4 comfortably, a lot of trunk space, great in snow.

- Mona L

Voice control features and a sleek interior and exterior design

No real problems, there was a recall at one point. Nice interior, leather. Push button start up with remote start. Large interior that can accommodate up to five people. Ample cup holders and storage. Includes a touch screen system complete with voice control features in which you can connect your cell phone to

- David P

It drives so smoothly. That is one thing that is important to me.

I wish there was a backup camera. At times it is very difficult to see behind me when I need to backup. I would also love a stereo system that is louder than it is. When I put my windows down and I put the volume to max, its seems like it is on mid volume. I am looking to get another system or speakers put in.

- Yolanda F

Great Value / Classy / Affordable

Handles great with lots of user friendly features such as U-connect, stereo control on the steering wheel, dual climate controls for driver and front passenger. Automatic heated front seats. Would be nice for rear seats to have heating feature as well as climate control. The only issue is blind spots are bad.

- J B

Great car! Amazing actually.

I have no issues with the vehicle it is actually a great car the car works fine and has only given me one issue and the was power steering fluid which was easily replaced and never caused me any more problems. Love the car it is a great model and a long lasting car it was worth the money that was put into it.

- Jasmine S

Do research before you buy.

The year of the 200 had many transmission problems. Also the headlights blow out every year. And for some reason the injectors clogged up. Other then that. The seats feel good. Push button is ok also the rear view mirror I don't like. It's right there. You can't see on the right side got to look down to see.

- Tim F

Chrysler 200 C. Reliable, comfortable and affordable

Good mileage. Reliable. Initially had problems with the transmission cause of the dial to shift gears. Aside from that it runs as would be expected. Acceleration is slow but for a 4 cylinder it's able to respond when traffic compels it to. Trunk space is good. Headlights (right one) went out around 60k miles

- Israel G

The perfect car to drive. It is luxurious and classy.

Great gas saver, have to get oil changes more regularly than normal, great vehicle for self or family, internal features are awesome, Bluetooth capabilities, backup camera, USB connector, spacious, adjustable seats, vehicle awareness, tells you when your tires need air or if it is flat or when you need oil.

- Ashlee D

Great car to drive, has a lot of pickup, and is easy on gas.

The Chrysler 200 is a beautiful car to drive. Being a 4 cylinder it has a lot of pick up and if not careful can easily find yourself speeding. The only problem that I have had with it has been with it not wanting to start on occasions. If the break does not engage and its not on and then it will not start.

- Kanda K

The Chrysler 200c, a beautiful, luxurious sedan.

My review of my car is as follows: beautiful leather seats, heated and vented seats and a heated steering wheel. All wheel drive, nice smooth ride. Comfortable. Has rear camera, sensors all the way around and automatic everything. There is also a. C. For the backseat passengers. Very thoughtfully designed.

- Lisa K

The stereo is my favorite. Its sound is crisp and clean.

I love this car. I love all of the features it has, just wish I would have gotten leather seats. I have not had any trouble so far and I would recommend all my friends such a fabulous car. I think it drives itself. I want my husband to have one to. I am the only person I know to have one. No issues at all.

- Rachel L

Can't go wrong with a Chrysler. 2015 Chrysler 200 runs so well.

My transmission slips in low gear if I take my foot off the pedal. However, it has never been a problem. It really runs like a dream and I am very satisfied with driving it. My favorite thing about it is it senses cold and when I start it from my house and then get in, the seat and steering wheel is warm.

- Lora W

The Chrysler 200S is a great sporty car with awesome features

The Chrysler 200s is a sporty car that drives very well and fast. Love the voice recognition feature. You can tell the car what radio channel you want rather than trying to distract yourself from driving to look for one. The lights on the car don't point too far out to see ,or of the road better at night.

- Tammie W

200 dark grey with electric windows.

This is the 2nd Chrysler 200 that I have had in the last 5 years, my 2012 was totaled by a deer and drunk driver, I liked the 200 so much that I got another one at that time. The only issue that I have with the 2015, there is no DVD player, which I would never have got the 2015 if I would have known this.

- Sarah R

Do not purchase 2015 Chrysler 200.

These cars are really not worth buying. Out the blue they do not want to crank. The starter is in a very unusual place. The motor actually has to be lifted to take the starter off. The parts and labor are expensive. The car sometimes has a hard time pulling hills and will sometimes cut off while driving.

- L W

Great car, very reliable.

I have driven this car for three years and it has been very reliable. Some things I do not like is how the transmission shifts. It is a electronic shift and can be very jumpy at times. The gear ratio just does not feel right. I have put 70,000 miles on it. Many family road trips and the car still strong.

- De'Andre B

Lots of things going wrong with this car

Transmission is terrible, during hear changes it often skips and jerks. I have already had to replace all 4 tires because they wore down when the car came out of alignment. I have also had to replace the battery as well. More things have gone wrong with this car in 3 years. The car is good in the snow.

- Elizabeth K

The tires on the Chrysler 200 year 2015 get bad quickly.

The only problems that I have had with the car that I have had for about a year now is the tires and the sensors for the front tires show up as the back tires but the tires I have had to change about eleven times because they've gone flat and etc. other than that I really haven't had any other problems.

- Morgan V

Good car for small family.

I bought my car used. It seemed to be a good deal, but now it is having problems. There is a sensor that went out and cannot be fixed. It has had issues with the cooling fan going out. At this point, the car is now not big enough for my growing family. It does not fit three car seats as I need it too.

- Julia K

Smooth drive. Reliable. Affordable maintenance.

Very reliable vehicle. Very comfortable driving. Smooth ride. Love the backup camera. Maintenance on vehicle is affordable. This is by far the best car I have ever driven and my favorite. I use this car to drive for uber and everyone loves the ride. I love the sleek sporty look it has. Best in black.

- Cilla L

This car is an excellent choice for cruising.

This car has some sped once you get it going. Has a very smooth ride and it looks sleek. Not the best handling in the snow/rain. The heat and air conditioning are excellent. The back up camera is a great feature and the seats are super comfy. I like the led lights and the speakers have great quality.

- Sierra N

Black, Smooth and Sophisticated

This was my dream car that I've wanted for year. In my opinion, the car rides really smooth. It also has low maintenance and, built in information. Like it tells you anytime you car needs something on the dashboard. I also like the push to start and the interior/design of the car. Looks like a luxury

- SeQuoia M

The Chrysler 200 is not a great family car.

The car jerks a lot when going and stopping. The trunk is nice and large but the room inside the car is not big enough for a car seat. We cannot put the driver's seat all the way back. Gas mileage is great. Neither of the mirrors have lights on them. Overall an ok car but would never purchase again.

- Kimberly H

It is a black, full size car that rides smoothly. It has a backup camera.

I currently do not have any problems with my vehicle that I currently drive. I love the way that it is smooth on the road and I love the fact that it has a backup camera inside the car. It has really nice features and I man looking forward to the next form of the car that will be made in the future.

- Darryl D

Chrysler 200 A great car for close to home commutes or road trips!

My Chrysler 200 is a smooth ride and has reasonable leg room and a spacious trunk. 3 Car seats do not fit side by side, but there is room for 3 people to sit. The Bluetooth is a great addition as I do most of my phone calls in the car during my commute. It gets great mileage in the city and freeway!

- Naomi B

Perfect 2015 Chrysler 200

my vehicle has 216, 00 miles on it and I do not have any major issues with it. I keep up with a Maintenance schedule which entails more preventative measures than I probably really need. I consider my car to be my office so it has many new updated forms of technology which help me get through my day

- Alan B

Great on gas! Interior and exterior of car is also great.

I love it! Drives super smoothly for the most part. Great on gas. Has a really decent sized trunk for traveling with family. Speaker system is great. I love having the hands free calling and text messaging. Touch screen is amazing as well as the option to Bluetooth connect your phone to the cast!

- Makayla B

It is inexpensive and was ready to purchase.

Too small. The vehicle does not have much space for family needs. The repairs on the vehicle needed are a bit complicated. The vehicle has bad shocks after not much wear and tear and the color of difficult to keep clean. Oil changes are expensive and the air filter costs more than what I expected.

- James B

Family car with lots of safety features.

This is a very large and safe and economical family car. The insurance is very cheap so this is a big plus factor for any family. We love car and it is also nice for long Journeys too as it is so comfortable. It has extra air conditioning vents in the back which is perfect when living in Florida.

- Jonathan B

Compact car 2015 Chrysler 200

This is a very compact feeling car and you can feel every bump in the road, I don't like care for this. I would perfect a longer, bigger sedan as this one feels like cars are driving on top of me and I can't see around the frame of my car when I am checking next to me to pull into the next lane.

- Brook P

Chrysler Hit in comfort and safety.

I really love this car. It has had some transmission issues in the past. But Chrysler was very helpful in get that fixed. Winters are very cold here and it starts with no issues to the battery or ignition. The dashboard shows clearly. The seating is comfortable. The backup camera is very clear.

- Chrysler K

My car is fast and beautiful.

I love the design and interior of the car. My favorite is the blue accent throughout the car. It's also very spacious and I get compliments on it all the time. The radio and speakers are fantastic and have amazing sound quality. This is my favorite car out of the three cars that I have owned.

- Carlos C

Car looks great inside and out just some flaws.

Bought this car 2 years ago idles very hard the car shakes when stopped, trouble switching gears with the transmission the car lunges sometimes when stopping. Bluetooth has never worked even after updating a lot of static that you have to remove from the Bluetooth to even have a conversation.

- Samantha L

Poorly made vehicle no reliable and waste of money.

Transmission was repaired 3 times within the first year. Vehicle was poorly made from trim of the vehicle missing clips, passenger overly closed causing chips in the paint, passenger door handle fell of within the first week and was defective. Multiple recalls. Car jerks randomly. Over heats.

- Carla G

I like the gear shifter, shape/style of the headlights are different and unique.

My car had the same problem repeatedly with the spark plugs flattening every month for about 7 months. The problem has not occurred again since the last time getting it fixed. The engine is very small, kind of creates problems, I should have gotten one with a bigger engine for a better drive.

- Jordan H

This is a fun to drive Chrysler.

The Chrysler 200 has great pick up, a smooth ride, a sporty interior, a great stereo system and up to date tech features. The heated seats and steering wheel are a great feature for the Midwest winters. Have only had a few repairs; all wheel drive unit and oil filter. Overall I love this car!

- Leslie A

Saves gas money, and very comfortable.

It is really soft driving, very comfortable inside, love the extras that it has and it is very futuristic. Another good thing it has is that I save a lot of money on gas. I only put gas once or twice a week maximum if I use it to much since I've bought it I had not to do major repairs to it.

- Navy C

All around good commuting car

I have really enjoyed having this vehicle. I have had no issues with it for the entire time I've had it. Bought used with 10,000 miles. T gives me a good balance between power and gas efficiency, gets me around town and up the canyon. The seats are comfortable and it feels very roomy inside.

- Angela R

This 2015 Chrysler 200 is all around a great car to have.

I have not had problem out of my car since I bought it. I love my 2015 Chrysler 200!! It drives smooth and his enough space. Sound system is awesome! Very comfortable. It has a touch screen radio Bluetooth compatible. Great on gas I get about 32 miles on the highway and 27 miles in the city.

- Michael P

Sharp looking but also very economical

I really love my car. I commute about 40 minutes every day for work so I drive quite a bit. I have put 60,000 miles on my car since I bought it and the only thing I have done besides normal maintenance is get new tires. There are several recalls on my car but I have not had any problems.

- Jamie P

The Chrysler 200 s has been a reliable car to own.

My boyfriend and I have enjoyed owning the Chrysler 200 s so far it has been a very reliable car. The only issues I have are it is a gas hog and can be expensive to fill up. My boyfriend has noticed that in sports mode when he goes fast he can smell oil burning and that has bothered him.

- Kayla H

My Chrysler not perfect, but its overall a good car.

The transmission tends to be a little lagging. Service airbag lights come on and off randomly. Had some problems with automatic windows. I really like that it tells you when to change the oil. Looks are nice and comfort is also good, it has been a reliable source of transportation so far.

- Michelle M

It comes with a new interior seats.

My car is in very good condition it is a lease. I have to get the breaks fix. It has over 200, 000 miles. It is comfortable it glides through the snow. It comes with a recliner view that you can see out from the roof. It is black a very nice size not too big but nice for a family of four.

- Jade C

All about my Chrysler 200.

I really for like my Chrysler 200 it works well yet there is a slight hesitation when first pulling off. Drives well music in car works well. Great on gas. The leather in the car tears easily. Oil change can run u up to 100 dollars per change. But once accelerated it drives like a dream.

- quinn L

The ride is smooth and the gas mileage is reasonable.

The design is not comfortable, I am short and I bump my head getting into it. There are too many buttons, the gear shift is a knob on the console which looks just like the temperature knob. This is not safe. It is too easy to change gears when you think you are adjusting the temperature.

- Rebecca D

I like that I can view the tire pressure, oil etc.

On the steering wheel I am unable to change my song on Pandora, that is just my personal car I could get it fixed. It would be nice if the seats were leather so they don't stain as bad. The center council could be a little larger but it does come equipped to charge phones which is good.

- Marissa C

2015 Chrysler 200 limited.

I have had my 2015 Chrysler 200 limited for almost 1 year now and I really haven't had any issues with it. Just the normal wear and tear of a vehicle with 100,000 miles. It is a very reliable car. I have kept up with the oil changes and tune ups. Overall I am very pleased with the car.

- Haley M

Absolutely wonderful car ever

Man where to start... Everything about this car is amazing... I'm not really good at explaining things so bare with me... You will absolutely love the smooth and laid back ride you'll endure when you're in this car. I've had many cars in my lifetime and nothing compares to this beauty.

- Mitchell L

A luxury car review of the Chrysler 200.

It is ok not bad for a Chrysler. The body style is attractive but I am having problems with the airbag system and brakes. Otherwise it is a fine car and very spacious large enough for my family and groceries and so much more. I love the color which is black and a beautiful looking car.

- Virginia B

That there’s 2 models, a bigger and a more compact version.

The Chrysler 200 is a midsize car that is good on gas and is a smooth drive. What I dislike is the compact seats in the front seats, does not seem enough room to maneuver. An additional plus is the heated seats that they provide in the winter and an amazing radio / rear camera display.

- Ryan S

Wonderful car but had a couple of problems.

I purchased my Chrysler 200 used but only had 13000 miles on it. There is a problem with the transmission. It hesitates then jerks into gear. The car itself is beautiful, heated leather seats warm up quick, the remote start is absolutely wonderful especially since I live in upstate NY.

- Yvonne B

Blue Chrysler 200 is still running after 5 years though

Air conditioner is weak and does not have power to accelerate on inclines but comfortable interior. Frequently needs maintenance and replacement of tires. Windshield wipers not durable and not modernize much to accommodate current phone gadgets. After 21000 miles it started jerking too

- Rae T

My vehicle is silver with silver rims and untinted windows

I love my Chrysler two hundred. it's a very reliable car and I have had no issues. My 200 has 94,000 miles and still runs like it is brand new. I took it down to Fort Lauderdale with 0 issues and it has great gas mileage. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for something new

- Alex R

Highlights great on the highway.

I have a 200s which has the shift pedals on the steering wheel. I always hit it and it is annoying. Its a 4 speed vehicle, they didn't have 6 speed when I got mine. I also do not like the radio in the car. My car Bluetooth randomly disconnects from the car. Other that I love the car.

- Morris A

Midsize sedan which gives the middle the feel of luxury at an affordable price

The Chrysler 200 Sedan is a five passenger midsize auto perfect for a family as well as business. It gives the appearance of luxury which is with an affordable price. Plenty of extras including plenty of legroom, trunk storage, sunroof and heated seat. It gets reasonable gas mileage.

- Faye J

2015 Chrysler 200 sport vehicle review.

No problems it is a wonderful car drives good great gas mileage have kept up on maintenance it will run forever heated seats a/c in the seats GPS heated steering wheel overall it is a great car perfect for traveling and an everyday driver it is the sport addition and it is so nice.

- Cameron J

My Chrysler 200 is a beautiful car runs smooth and has good gas Mileage.

My 200 is a beautiful blue in color it is a smooth ride and gets you to point b in time and hardy using much gas. It is a electronic push start which you hardly hear and runs like a dream you only have to steer and look out for the other guy on the road. I would recommend it fully.

- Dara T

2015 Chrysler 200 limited sedan.

My sedan has a sleek look with comfortable interior. It gets great gas mileage and seats 5 people. The interior matches the outside. The engine size is perfect for the size of the car. It also has Bluetooth and leather seats, to add a bit of comfortability and lifestyle to the car.

- Abby M

Overall performance of the Chrysler 200.

I do not like the fact that is does not have a CD player I prefer the 300 but it is a good car I have not had any issues with this car everything runs really good on it. Nothing but regular maintenance I would recommend Chrysler brand in general to any one of my friends or family.

- Candice G

Love this car. The design is incredible!

Great on gas, very reliable, strong. The maintenance is extremely easy (oil changes). Very comfortable and roomy. I love the fact that the gear shift, brake among other features are slanted in the middle . Makes it easier to handle. Nice smooth ride especially on the highway.

- Chris L

Gas and space, is good for me and my family

This vehicle is good for a small families, is good in gas, we don't have any problems with our car. Have good space in front and the back seat. Have enough space in the trunk. I love this car because I'm a petite woman and is perfect for me. Is very economical in gas make 32 mpg

- Chrysler C

Pros and cons of the 2015 Chrysler 200.

The car is very pretty. It is sleek and I love the interior. The back seat is very small. There is a terrible blind spot on the passenger side. The car is fantastic on gas mileage as well. Overall this is a great car and I would more than likely refer this car to my friends.

- Crystal F

- the door opens automatically with the key sensor. -

The Chrysler 200 is a car with lots of space both inside and I the trunk, has incredible air conditioning, has a reverse camera, thrifty in gasoline, has six speeds, 2.4 engine, has Led lighting in the lights, the gear lever changes to spin that gives the car another new twist

- Maria J B

My vehicle is debonair and smooth. Sporty with a dash of cool.

I like the way the car rides. It rides really smooth. I don't like the fact that is doesn't not have more than one charge port for my phone. It's great on gas. A full tank cost me about $30. Another feature I like about the car is the sports mode. All and all the car is cool!

- Bryan D

Big body sedan, good on gas, satisfying for a cheaper car.

This Vehicle had a recall on the transmission, which makes it jerk when you press on the gas. It's pretty good on gas. The transmission cap is sealed which makes it very expensive to have it serviced. The features in this car are great, It's beautiful just lots of problems.

- Chris D

Awesome car in its class!

Very reliable car, haven't had any recall issues. Great on gas mileage, holds its resale value really well. Looks like a sport car. If there’s ever an issue with the car Chrysler will hold true to there warranty. Has an awesome GPS system and push buttons to start the car.

- Linda O

Car review of a 2015 Chrysler 200 limited.

My 2015 Chrysler is great. I love the interior as well as the exterior. It is comfy to be in especially when I have so much to do that involves me being in my car for a long period of time. It drives really smooth. I love the feature of the back-up camera it comes in handy.

- Monica R

My car has the gear shift which is a knob like feature rather than a handle.

My car is amazing besides the headlights. The high beams are great but the normal headlights are not strong at all. This causes difficulty seeing at night and in the rain. Also the windshield seems to pick up dirt very easily and I find myself constantly cleaning it to see.

- Kale H

Cost effective 4/5 passenger vehicle.

Great creature comforts, roomy passenger space, great radio sound system with adaptations for a smart phone, roomy trunk, less expensive vs other fleet cars of the same class, has had a bad reputation, may not be totally deserved, good fuel economy, reasonable upkeep costs.

- Matt K

The little engine you shouldn't.

I have had numerous sensor issues which have caused countless amount of problems. The transmission needed to be replaced at forty five thousand miles. The volume button has not worked in years. I have had to replace the tires three times in two years. Worst car choice ever.

- Mary C

I love the interior of the car, the leather seats are extremely comfortable.

The Chrysler is a great, reliable compact car. I bought my car in fall of 2014, and have had no major issues with the car. The only maintenance I have had to complete was normal brakes, tires, windshield wiper blades. The car get great gas mileage, and is very comfortable.

- Chris K

Great sedan with power and excellent features!

It runs great and has quality features. I am in a wheelchair and the trunk is big enough to accommodate my chair. I also love how it gets excellent gas mileage. It is a really great vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone. I really like the remote start feature as well.

- Nicole B

I use often to get back and forth to and from work.

The car performs very well, and it is comfortable for long periods of time. I have not had any problems with the car as of yet, I have only had it about a year or so. It has great features such as the material for the interior and dash. Love the heater and air conditioner.

- Sharon L

Small but large interior.

Great model to drive. Small but can fit reasonable amount of people in it. Backup camera is clear and correct distance picture quality. I have both cloth and leather seats and the balance between the two is perfect. Feels like a compact car but definitely a luxury vehicle.

- Brittany B

Sleek design, comfortable with heated seats. Great sound in radio.

Great car for the most part. Only downfall is since it's a 8 speed car there is hesitation in shifting and when stopped then press on gas car jumps. Great gas mileage. Comfortable and sleek. The car does seem to burn oil faster than other vehicles I have owned in the past.

- Ashley W

I like the sporty look that it has

It is a good car. Good on gas, it's a pretty easy car to drive. Only issue that I do have with it is that it has had previously electrical issues that cause the car not to start or hard to break at times. This may be just my car that is bad. Other Chrysler's might be good.

- Joel C

Nice vehicle, pleased with our purchase

Love the vehicle overall. Smooth ride. Chose this particular car because of the Pearl Blue color. Like the look of the car and it has nice features. My only complaint is that the transmission sometimes shifts hard, like it has trouble shifting from first into second.

- Kelly J

2015 Chrysler 200, best car in world.

My car is excellent. I have not had any problems with it all. It drives really smooth and I love that it is all electric. I have only had to replace the headlight bulbs. I keep the maintenance up on it every month because my job cause me to travel. I love my Chrysler 200.


My highlight to the vehicle is that it has a really good sound system.

Vehicle has a kick when shifting from 4th to 5th gear. I have addressed it to the dealership but cannot replicate the issue. I have had my TCM go out twice within a year, thankfully I wasn't stranded on a dangerous road. Reliability is good overall even with those issues.

- Luke A

I like my car I hope why is AC works now I wish I had darker window

Air conditioning is not working only the heater But everything else is good. I also wish my seats were leather. Also I wish my windows will be more tinted darker for the hot sun in Las Vegas. I like is a 4 cylinder and also like my car is White I wish it had a window roof


2015 Chrysler 200 review!

I really like my 2015 Chrysler 200, the only probably that I have is sometimes when I'm at a stop then take off my car feels like I stepped on the gas hard and it takes off really fast. I love the heated seats and the air conditioner runs very well. Very comfortable car!

- Rebecca H

The Chrysler 200, is a great car to get and I love it.

I really do love my car, I think it is comfortable and easy to drive. I love the fact that it has a camera on the back not all of the cars do, also I think that it is gas does not run out fast. I live in a hot weather and the fact that the seats are not leather is great.

- Ruby A

Gas saver. Weird gas flap. Useless 'paddle shifters'.

The motor is a little sluggish when you pull out. The transmission sticks when you have fast stop and go situations. The wiring harness has a recall problem that left me on the side of the road. Once the recall was fixed, I haven't really had much problems with the car.

- Ben C

Backup camera and Bluetooth are the features I use the most.

Smooth ride has a lot of new age media features such as Bluetooth with a middle hidden compartment under the drink holder which has an aux and car charger plug in. The seats make a long car ride feel easy. The gear shifting knob makes it easy to get in and out of gears.

- Xavier B

A car for performance and style.

Car gets excellent gas mileage. Performance is good except a little jerky on some gear changes. Very pleased with comfort level. Front seating is a little crowded. The car has a good and attractive design. The included features meet my needs. I would recommend the car.

- Victoria G

The car is very spacious. The truck is huge.

Whenever you put on the air or switch the position that the air is coming out, the vent will make a clicking noise. Even sometimes when the air is not on, it will still make the clicking noise. Also, the door handle that is on the passenger side, comes out of its tray.

- Ashley R

It is not reliable and not worth the cost. Be sure to buy the extended warranty or you will be out even more money.

This is the most unreliable car I have ever owned! It has left me stranded on the road several times. It has been in for service more times than I can count. In addition to being unreliable, it is not very comfortable. The roof, especially in the backseat, is very low.

- Ann F

Chrysler 200 Awesome Review

This car is okay nothing special, the parts on the car last for a long time if you drive the car properly. Make sure you are taking your car to get updates often. Chrysler isn't the best brand car but it will do the job. It is comfortable to drive and also good on gas.

- Jessica J

The moonroof is an excellent addition to the car.

Have had zero problems thus far. Love the touch screen features for the radio, heat and air. They connect system is great. The heated can vented seats are great in different weather conditions. This model has a heated steering wheel, which is wonderful in the winter.

- Amy S

My car that I love ever so dearly.

I really like my car it feels great to me I love listening to my Audiobooks in my car and love the miles per gallon it gets I also love the color of my vehicle which is black I also love taking people for rides in it and I currently take my car to work every weekday.

- Rose B

This car is very reliable. I have taken it to many road trips over the years.

It is a great daily driver. It is efficient in gas, though it was better before. It is a 4 cylinder. I find it comfortable and has enough space. It was also affordable for me. It is low maintenance so there are not many times I would need to take it in for a service.

- Meg N

As long as they're making the Chrysler 200, I'll be getting it

My Chrysler 200c is a wonderful car. The air conditioner works great. It's very comfortable and spacious. Smooth driving. This car extremely reliable. I love the Bluetooth connectivity. The back seats are comfortable and relaxing. The car is great on mileage and gas.

- Heather B

Description of my Chrysler 200.

The electronics go bad quickly such as sunroof, car is loud to be a 4 cylinder sounds as if something is wrong all the time. Everything is so costly about this car especially insurance. It has the highest rating in insurance. Other than these flaws it is a sharp car.

- Michelle F

Will love my Chrysler 200s for years and years to come.

The seats are really comfortable. Great size too. Only complaint is that the transmission can be a little jumpy sometimes. Love the design though. Great luxury details without the luxury price. The style of this car is also very timeless. Will never go out of style.

- Natalie S

It is a heavy car & feels very safe.

My car runs very smoothly. The headrests are weird though. Also the clock is not digital, which makes it hard to change 2 times a year. So far it is very reliable. It is a heavy car, which makes it feel safe. So far I am please with it. I would recommend it as well.

- Valerie B

How Casey likes her new to her car.

It has heated seats, remote start and heated steering wheel. Also has a touch screen along with Bluetooth capable. It does have a strange delay in accelerating when it is cold. Dealer mechanics claim it is normal but seems to be getting worse. Love all the features.

- Casey L

Chrysler 200 with tinted windows.

It is sounds pretty loud but you realize it is just the engine. The seats are definitely more comfortable for a smaller person. I also love the up to date technology and entire style of the car it is very good on gas. Very stylish and the car will not get old soon.

- Jasmin F

Awesome. Very spacious. Overall I am very satisfied.

Nothing yet. It is smooth driving, easy to handle. I never thought I would get a car. But I test drove it and fell in love. I am still learning all my features in my car. It has a lot of room in the back seat and in the trunk. Most of all it is a cool looking car.

- Diana M

Chrysler 200 is meant for driving with style and class.

I think this car is very nice the body style is luxury like and drives awesome! It has many great features such as driving in sport mode, Sirius XM system. I would recommend this car to anyone interested in driving in luxury and longevity. You will not regret it.

- Rachel M

Small car, good value for the price.

I love the fact that the vehicle gets good gas mileage. I wish it had a few more features such as heated seats and rear view camera. The seats are cloth and seem to stain rather easily. The road noise is also very loud. Otherwise I love the feel of the small car.

- Carla H

Love the interior but not worth it

Dents easily but all in all I love this car. Transmission is iffy. I may have issues with it soon. Resale value is horrible but the inside is what's worth it all to me. Very comfortable and sleek looking. Still overall wouldn't recommend just for value purposes.

- Emily C

The most interesting detail about my car is when something is wrong.

Whenever something is wrong with my car it shows me on my screen exactly what it is. That is one of my favorite features about it. Another is that trunk is has enough space for all my groceries. It also has enough space in the sitting area which is a good thing.

- Joanna A

Love the color and drivers seat.

No problems with this car, good ride and many creature comforts, need to keep the oil changed, 90, 000 miles only new tires added, plenty of trunk space, as studied for use as a fleet car, was several thousand dollars less than comparable Chevy or Ford vehicles.

- Matt K

Nice car with nice features and comfortable.

The check engine light keeps coming on other than that I love the features and the gas mileage it gets. I love the back up camera and the touch screen. It has a lot of trunk space also. The window dogs up really easily during the evening and early morning hours.

- Savannah H

Chrysler 200! Love my car!

8/10 times if something is wrong with it, it is usually a sensor! Can be a pricey fix unless you know someone! Nice car! No key start or entry! Push button start! Bluetooth! XM radio. Plenty of little bells and whistles you will find along the way! Love my car!

- Cassandra S

It is a reliable vehicle, great for small families.

This vehicle is very reliable and safe for families. It has a beautiful red paint job and tan leather seats. One things this car is not missing is speed, if you have somewhere you need to be this car will get you there fast. I have no complaints about this car.

- Lexis R

Chrysler 200s: Love it every season except the winter!

The Chrysler 200s is an beautiful car. The interior is sporty and spacious with blue accents that I LOVE. Runs really well, but it's not good in the winter. It's pretty easy to slide around on slick roads and I've gotten stuck entering our driveway a few times.

- Amy L

Awesome car would buy Chrysler again

Awesome comfortable car. Gets great mileage. Smooth riding. Best performing car I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Great car for kids also has many special features includes child locks on windows also. Con is tire sensors seem too malfunction on occasion.

- Kimberly G

There is a small blind spot for me which is caused by the rear view mirror. But for people shorter than me 6' 2" should have less issues with it though.

We have owned our car for three years. It has worked perfectly since purchasing it. We have had no problems with it and we have only needed to bring it in for normal oil changes and just recently needed to replace the tires. We currently have 36000 miles on it.

- James B

The tires on the front keep wearing down fast

I just purchased a 2015 Chrysler 200 beginning of the year and it's been good so far. I haven't had no problems out of it. Its takes about $30 to fill up and gets 32 miles a gallon. To be a mid size sedan it has plenty of room for the family to ride comfortably

- Timothy H

Pro and cons of the 2015 200 c.

I find the engine takes a little to long to start. Body is made cheap- I have a rust spot on the top of my car and paint on bottom frame is cracking. Transmission shifts hard. I do like the look and comfort of the car. Inside has plenty of sitting/leg room.

- Ravin A

No complaints. I love my 2015 Chrysler 200 limited!

The only complaint so far is the temperature sensor going bad. I bought my Chrysler 200 used, with 50,000 miles already on it. The ride is nice with enough leg room in the front and back for a 12 hr trip to Florida with hardly no complaints from my passengers.

- Regina H

Great car, but awful tires!

Love the car itself. I am not a fan of the abnormal low profile tires. I have had to replace those more than 2-3 times a year since purchased new in 2015. Not cheap! Super comfortable for long trips. Nice and roomy. I love all of the bells and whistles it has.

- Jeff L

Love the Chrysler 200. Pleasant experience.

This is a reliable car. We take long road trips and I am surpassingly comfortable. The seats warm up during the winter months and warms me up right away. We have never had any car problems. The stereo system is also good quality. I would buy this car again.

- Angie B

White Chrysler 200 201 5

Love it so much! Good leg room In the back, not to uncomfortable up front. Has so many great features. Heated seats, dimmed rear view mirror, great head lights, remote start, back up camera, great truck size. Downfall tons of blind spots and little mirrors.

- Audrey B

I absolutely love the backup camera and Bluetooth.

It has approximately 120,000 miles on it now and we have had the transmission replaced already. It is reliable for most part and gas mileage is decent. The color is a beautiful blue. It has a back up camera which is an amazing feature, I absolutely love it.

- April M

The inside is the best I've ever seen.

I love my car. It drives so well I have had a battery problem once, bought a new one and it's good to go. It's so big and I absolutely adore the inside. The Bluetooth is awesome and the mileage is great! I have never had any serious problems with the car.

- Allison D

Smooth. Slow . Comfortable . Reliable.

I like the body style of my Chrysler and some technology like the key sensor. I have been dealing with some transmission problem. My transmission keeps slipping ever since I bought my Chrysler. It is smooth car to drive & it is average on gas mileage.

- Danny D

Good on gas takes e85 with gas price is cheap.

Really I do not have any problems with my car it is a great car very good on gas never had a issue with it every sense I got the car it have back camera which is really helpful for reversing satellite radio the factory speakers are amazing loud and clear.

- Benjy J

Reliable and reasonable vehicle

Nice, reasonably priced car. No issues with this car. Decent features. Very comfortable and drives nice. Good gas mileage. Very reliable vehicle. Non-performance issues at all. Sleek and modern look. When purchased there was still a warranty period.

- Lorenzo A

The wonderful Chrysler 200

Been great since I've had it, no major issues and great on gas! The car is extremely comfortable to ride in and is really easy to clean. Absolutely love my car and have been very happy with it since I got it. Definitely made a great choice. Awesome car.

- Jordan B

200s still running well, haven't had any problems out of it.

Comfort is great, performance is great, reliability is great. I am over 100,000 miles and it is still running very well. I haven't had any problems out of it. Expect for my key fob battery dying and I couldn't start my car because it is a keyless entry.

- Lisa M

lovely style and nice features

I believe it wasn't completely done when I purchased. What mean by that is that there are certain issues like rug inside passenger side was not attached to, air conditioner come and goes. Other than that car features are better than some newer vehicles.

- Felix M

Safe for children and very reliable with no problems.

We just got the new car when we found out I was pregnant and needed a safe and reliable vehicle. Good size trunk room that fits a stroller. Safe car with good reviews. Very comfortable and smooth ride. Dislike that there isn't more space in the backseat

- Brooklyn C

The baseball and football mom car.

It has great pick up. Rides smooth. I wish it had heated seats. I do not have a sunroof either, which I prefer. I am not crazy about the push start - I like a key. I have had no problems with the engine or anything. I do have the oil changed routinely.

- Michelle W

issues with car seats, weep holes and an awesome driving car

love the car but issues with the weep holes in the doors... water gets trapped, never had that problem ever with a car. It drives wonderfully and has great room, Car seats are a little challenging since the seat belt is a little awkward for a car seat.

- maui A

Loving the 2015 Chrysler 200

The 2015 Chrysler 200 is a great, reliable car. Highway mileage is convenient. Interior is very comfortable with seats adjustable to users liking. Car comes equipped with power windows and power locks. Includes rear camera and Bluetooth/phone hook ups.

- Victor H

Fun comfortable big feel for its size.

Excellent fuel economy, ride, comfortable, good sound system, roomy trunk, electric seats work great, tons of room in the back seats for your friends fast engine, responsive steering Bluetooth works great, nimble, great on the highway and in town, fun.

- jeff V

Why I rated my car a three

The car stops running when you get down to a quart of oil and water gets in the car when it rains. The phone Bluetooth no longer works because of this. It sounds like something is in one of the tires when you drove it. Other than that the car is fine.

- Crystal W

Great for a short period of time but it might not be the best

The car looks amazing. It's great on gas very affordable! However, the car has a lot of problems. I've only had the car for 3 years and it already needed a new battery! For most repairs it has to be taken to the car dealership which is really pricey !

- Anisha T

It's got great gas mileage, unless you're sitting still then it will destroy your average miles per gallon which throws off the amount of gas and miles left.

I like the overall quality of this car. I enjoy the maneuverability of the car in "tense" situations. I am not a huge fan of not being able to see very well out of the rear window while backing up, even though there is a backup camera, it feels weird.

- Kyle M

A great car with awesome features

Great on gas mileage. Car is black so very hard to keep clean. Great fractures. Love the backup camera. Happy with overall purchase. Rides smooth. Love the digital dash. Notifications. Hands free talk. Bluetooth option. Owning it is even better.

- Angela M

Mary's review of the Chrysler 200. Love the backside camera.

I have not have any mechanical problems since I purchased it. However I do find that it tends to pull on occasion. Overall I do like the car and it is really good on gas. Also it takes the e85 gas which costs less than the traditional unleaded gas.

- Mary S

It's fuel efficient, spacious, stylish, and luxurious.

My car is gas efficient and runs very smoothly. The only problem I've had was a malfunction with the coolant thermostat that caused the engine light to turn on but the warranty covered the entire repair and provided a rental car for the time being.

- Jazmine V

It's a good family vehicle and it literally last a week with a full tank.

My car is great on gas, I love that I haven't had any serious problems with it and I have had it for a year the price was well worth it. I have enough space for me and my friends to sit comfortably. I love how smooth it rides. It's a great car.

- Charmaine L

Very reliable and comfortable to drive

Haven't had any problems with my vehicle. Only issue is how expensive it is. We did get in a car wreck a few months after buying it so the value ended up dropping more than what the vehicle is worth. Still love it and how reliable it has been!

- Hannah R

It is a little difficult to get use to the shifter, but I like it. It is pretty difficult to get a car seat into the middle of the backseat.

I have had a couple recalls that I have gotten taken care of, but overall it has been an amazing car. It is very comfortable car and I love the features and the way it looks. It is a very reliable car and it does get up and go. It isn't slow.

- Elizabeth B

It is well used and has given us 6 years of use.

Feels like it was made specifically for me!! The seats are so comfortable and adjust to fit my size, petite, very well. Interior colors are easy to see without being too bright. Handles like a charm, great acceleration for a 4 cylinder.

- Connie N

Chrysler 200 is not for tall folks.

At 6'1" tall, it is very difficult to get in and out of the car. My biggest complaint is who quickly and dramatically the resale value of the car fell. The car is pretty basic including technology. Other than that, it's an ok car.

- John C

Chrysler 200 - affordable speed

I like my car because it is fast and sporty looking. As for problems, its had some transmission problems which were covered by the warranty. Comfort is fine for me but if you are taller than 5'10" you will be cramped in the car.

- Becky M

It is very reliable and gets better gas mileage than expected.

I find it very reliable. I've owned this model before and predecessor models and enjoyed driving them. I don't like the UConnect interface. It doesn't work correctly with storing names in the address book, just phone numbers.

- Lisa D

it looks good on the outside but under the hood it is not so good.

my vehicle had around 2000 miles on it and I had to have the transmission replaced. I am still having problems with the transmission and they cant find anything wrong with it. I have had problem after problem with this vehicle.

- michealla h

It is had recalls on parts.

I have had this car for 3 years bought used. I have had no problems with it during those three years but the car did have a recall on a few parts. This is a very comfortable car but I have been told that the back is very small.

- Jen E

All in all, It's a decent car.

I like the design, it's a classy car. However, after buying it brand new from a well known Chrysler dealer, I had to have the transmission replaced due to it being faulty. It was a nightmare of an experience, to say the least.

- Ann D

This vehicle cuts off when there is no oil in the car.

I like the sleekness of the vehicle and the features like the backup camera and sunroof. However, i do not like the gas consumption and how small the engine is. The vehicle is a midsize car and has an engine of a compact car.

- Destiny M

It is well-equipped and safe.

I love the features of the vehicle. The blind-spot assist, the lane assist, the assisted cruise control, etc. The engine (v6) also fits very well with the 9-speed transmission which allows me up to 29 mpg in a performance v6.

- Joseph C

Beautiful car with a powerful engine and a smooth, luxury ride

Love the color, the engine. The vents don't hit in the right places, it's a challenge to adjust them so that they're effective. When the windows are rolled down the air flows strangely so there's an annoying noise level.

- Colleen K

This make if car is very comfortable for everyone ,

It is large enough to hold the walker my husband has to use to get around. The trunk space is the main reason that I purchased this vehicle. I do not particularly like the key fob , I still think an actual key is safer .

- Diane S

The car sometimes hesitates when starting up after a stop.

My car is stylish and functional. I never liked a car as much as I like this one. Fuel economy is good especially considering the size of the car. One problem is it will hesitate sometimes when stopping and starting.

- Dawn A

It has no power to it. If you are trying to get up a hill, then push the gas down.

I do not like that I had to replace the battery within the first year of having it because I was having to jump start it every time I got in it. It does not go well at all in the snow, mud, or rain. I do like the looks.

- Alexia W

It feels like a pretty high-tech car, and it is extremely fun to drive.

It rides pretty smooth and has a lot of power. The inside amenities make it enjoyable to drive. I did get the assisted parking system, which is supposed to essentially park the car itself, but this doesn't seem to work.

- Pat S

I did pay for the heated seats, which is by far my favorite features.

No real problem except for the key fob refuses to do remote start sometimes. As well as the (outside) lock button on the drivers door do not always work, sometime I have to reopen and close the door to get it to lock.

- Natalie A

It's the safest car I've ever owned or driven. My family and I fit comfortably into the car with no restrictions. It's safe, reliable and I wouldn't trade it for anything other than a newer year of the same model

I love my car. It's super safe a very reliable. I haven't had any major issues to date and I've always felt safe driving it. It has a great stereo system in it and I feel like my family is safe when we're in the car.

- Kathy P

when you Shift into gear it sticks at times and the engine revs up.

It has some great features including, park assist, crash protection, lane change, backup camera etc. but I do not like the size and the way it drives. It sticks in gear changes at times and Chrysler can not fix it.

- sandy h

It's really good on gas. It rides very smooth. It has a good radio system and it's a push to start

My vehicle is very reliable. It only came with 48000 miles on the car. It rides very smoothly. I haven't had maintenance problems besides oil changing. It's only 40 dollars to fill up my tank. It's a very good car

- Sherell S

Chryslers are Great cars!

our car was bought used two years ago,it has been a great car,only real problem was replacing the battery,which was normal wear and tear.the car is serviced at our local Chrysler dealer.No major problems at all.

- saul g

It gets good gas mileage, especially on the highway.

I never thought I would be old enough to drive a mid-sized sedan. It has good pick-up, gets excellent highway mileage, and has a terrific turning radius. It looks like every, other, midsize sedan, on the road.

- Bob M

No key hole just a remote. Button start. Very nice.

I like it more dependable than my other cars. I like It's newness the way it shifts gears, all control on the steering wheel, and the whole car itself. I don't like the way it bucks when taking off from a stop.

- Ruth E

Very good car for a nice price.

No problems so far, do not need a tune up until after 100, 000 miles. Great on gas, very comfortable driving long and short distances. Nice sound system. Can be driven in manual mode or regular, very sporty.

- David H

That this car gets great gas mileage.

I like the style of the car. I also like comfortable feeling I get when I am driving and the ease of handling of my car. The only complaint that I have, is the amount of blind spots there are with this car.

- Kathy R

Cheaply designed, but fine.

My vehicle is cheaply made in quality; all pieces are very plastic and come apart very easily and are damaged very easily. It is a comfortable car, but I am not sure how reliable it will be in the long term.

- Caroline G

How reliable it will be. Does it have certain things that typically go out on the Male and model.

I got the vehicle in 2017 certified pre owned and dealership had my car for at least 3 mo. And ended up replacing the whole transmission. The car jerks at times and does not want to go. Would not buy again.

- Lori T

It is the only way I can transport my kids.

I like my car because it is a reliable form of transportation for me and my children. I do not like my car because it has reoccurring problems, it needs extra time and effort to keep it continually running.

- Andrea W

the length of time it takes to warm up - It's not a cold winter car

I do not like that it has the knob shifter and it takes so long to warm up in the winter - I have sat in the parking lot for work after the car has been running over an hour ands it still wont go into gear

- kindy m

It is a great, reliable car but it is definitely more of a highway vehicle.

I love the look and comfort on my vehicle. The gas mileage on the highway is fantastic. My one complaint is the transmission; because it has a 9 speed transmission, it can be jerky while driving in towns.

- Ashley D

I expect it to last for at least 10 years without any major repairs. I expect it to be dependable.

I will be very happy if my car is dependable and lasts for at least 10 years... I am not interested in It's style, extra features, or anything beyond what I need to do basic driving. No complaints so far.

- me m

The car burns a lot of gas when the oil needs to be changed.

I don't like that it was a trial vehicle. Meaning it was the first model with the turn button for the gears. I do like that I was the first owner of it and I do like that it looks like a luxury vehicle

- Valerie W

Like a smart television only its a car!

This vehicle is awesome. Heated and vented seats, all wheel drive, automatic lights, wipers, etc. Rear back up camera and sensors all the way around. Very comfortable and has driver 1 and 2 preferences.

- Lisa K

Uses a lot gas on low roads. But it is good in highway miles. I can fill up and take a 3 hour trip and still have a little under a half a tank.

Gas goes quickly and works best with mid grade. I've used 87 and it started to act like it want to cut off. Smooth driving, and has a lot of space. I haven't had to do too much Maintenance to it do far.

- Courtney J

Nothing comes to mind in particular. It's a pretty standard car

For the most part, it has been a reliable car to get me from point A to point B. I like the feel of the car and the look of it both inside and outside. The only issue has been some minor engine trouble

- Luis P

A well built vehicle for this price range and overall a pretty good value!

The car is really a pretty well built vehicle. I love the sports car aspect but I would have loved to have the all wheel drive on my model. Features are nice and the car can take a pretty good beating!

- Zachary W

It's not perfect but it's mine. It is good looking and I pay more than I should for it.

Sometimes I wish it had a backup camera, but other than that it's great. I had to get used to the blind spots. It gets me where I need to go and barely requires maintenance. The sound system is great.

- Stephanie K

Possible airbag issues with the car.

I have had many problems with the airbag system in my car. It is a nice looking car but I question Its reliability since it was less than 35k miles and has had three airbag issues and several recalls.

- Andrew B

This is the best car I have ever owned.

Like its elaborate design, interior mat design of a sky line, unique curves on the exterior of the vehicle. Dislike mileage isn't all that great. The rear view camera doesn't beep when your too close.

- Arianna D

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is useful and can be converted to have a large carrying area in the trunk by letting down the rear seats.

I love that my car has a gear that allows me to quickly speed up when passing. I love that is has a Satellite radio and a Navigation system. The only thing I would say I dislike the the fuel usage.

- Robert C

It can withstand a crash. I got rear ended once and I nearly got a scratch.

I like that it has seat warmers and wheel warmer when it is cold. I also like the vented seats. I do not like that the ac does not reach the back passengers much and that I run out of gas so fast.

- Daisy M

2015 Chrysler 200 - wonderful car and am sorry they do not make it anymore.

This care is totally reliable. I have had absolutely no problems with it and I have owned it since it was brand new and had it for 4 years. The only complaint is that it has a lot of wind noise.

- Darlene W

Great gas mileage and the safety features are nice.

I like the look and style of the vehicle. It gets great gas mileage but the engine does not have a lot of power to it. The transmission is also a little touchy between the first three gears.

- Matthew M

Very comfortable and fun to drive.

Great gas mileage and a very comfortable drive. Enjoy short trips and long vacations. Temperature. Controlled seats and variable air conditioning and heat. Easy to handle and very reliable.

- Donna H

It has a dial as a shift gear.

What I like about my vehicle is how fast it can go whenever I need it at times. I also like that it has a dial as a shift gear. What I do not like about it that it does not have a sunroof.

- Will P

The vehicle is reliable. The vehicle gives excellent gas mileage.

No complaints. I like the gas mileage. I like the front lights. I dislike the car as a whole. I dislike the size of my car. I dislike the color of my car. I dislike the interior of my car.

- Marie W

How reliable and safe my car is.

I like that the vehicle is sporty and safe. I have never had any problems with the vehicle. The only thing I do not like is how the car shifts, it can make the vehicle not drive a smooth.

- Shayla S

The gas mileage and the easiest in which it drives.

It is a nice compact car. It has good gas mileage and it rides very smooth and comfortable. It was a car we got a very good deal on so now that we have it I do enjoy having here to drive.

- Theresa R

Not only is the car reliable, but it is spacious for a sedan.

I have owned my car for a little over a year and have had no issues at all aside from routine maintenance. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Abigail D

The resale value of the car is horrible.

I am a big guy and it is difficult to get in and out of the car. Also the value of the car depreciated much faster and more dramatic than expected. I am pleased with the mileage we get.

- John G

That it makes car maintenance easy because you don't have to guess when it is needed

I love the back up camera and the digital dashboard. It tells you when you need maintenance air in you tires everything. The only thing I don't like is the cloth seat are hard to clean

- Erika G

It's a mid sized sedan, it's not going to be super spacious.

Overall it is a very solid vehicle. Good engine, sound, etc. for its size. The only complaint I have is the transmission is a big wonky. Seems to shift a bit unexpectedly at times.

- Sean H

Best decision my 19 year old self made.

Extremely reliable, kinda hard on gas. Seats are exceptionally comfortable. Ac and heat works very fast. Car picks up really quick. Does not take long to pick up and go when stopped.

- Nicole S

It had the top safety rating in its class when it first came out.

I love how spacious the inside of the vehicle is. I also love all the storage options inside the cabin of the car. My only complaint is the gas mileage but even that isn't terrible.

- Nicole H

It gets very good mileage. On a trip across country there were long stretches which I averaged over 40 MPG.

I enjoy driving my car. It is relatively light and somewhat responsive. It has quite an array of features which I use regularly. I think it could be a little quieter on the highway.

- Bri M

It's pretty good as fast as safety in crash tests. It had air bags all the way around

The design, or the drivers e experience from the front awsy isn't very thoughtful. There is nowhere to put my phone holder for hands free. I don't like the uconnect system either.

- Van G

Great on trips, good gas mileage and comfortable.

Very comfortable. Heated seats, adjustable. My only issues is the sides wall of the vehicle is too high. It give it a great safety rating but the visibility around the car is poor.

- Melody L

It has a decent amount of space and you can pull down the seats to the trunk to make more space if need be.

My vehicle has cruise control but sometimes it turns itself off if I drive over a pothole or something to that effect. The car rides nicely and it has heated seats which is nice.

- Adriannah B