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Good looking. Comfortable ride. Pain in the butt.

The 2016 Chrysler 200 is a good looking car, however, there have been some issues in the two years my family has had it. We have had to change the sensor for the thermostat, along with the thermometer itself and a few other things. It does have some sort of transmission issues too. It jerks slightly at random times, but especially when driving at slower speeds. It is a comfortable ride, and very spacious. The trunk is decent sized. Purchasing tires for this car is affordable as well. The Bluetooth feature is nice-- you can listen to music from your phone, make and answer phone calls, and have messages read to you. However, when playing music, it will play/pause as it pleases, and will shut off the "shuffle" setting on its own. Changing the songs from the steering wheel usually causes it to switch back and forth between the same two songs.

- Tatiana D

Review for the car Chrysler 200 in a 2016 model.

My car is the 2016 chrysler 200. I have the basic package but it still comes with everything that I needed in a car. My car has a back up camera and Bluetooth. It also has a touch screen. The car comes with either a small touch screen, or a large touch screen. Mine is a small one so it only lets me click on radio stations, climate control, and also my settings of any sort. The big touch screen comes with a lot more options such as navigation and satellite radio. My interior is all black. I do not have leather, I have cloth seats. I wish my seats were a little more comfortable though. My car is known for transmission issues but so far I have had no problems with mine. I did buy the extra warranty on it so if I do have a problem, it is completely covered. I would highly recommend my car.

- Madison S

Our 200: comfort, style, & solid performance.

This is our second Chrysler 200. Our current 200 is a sporty model in a beautiful blue color. The seats are wonderful with the driver's seat being controlled electrically. The gas mileage is good and the handling is excellent. The environmental controls are easy to use and are very responsive. Of course, even this care is not perfect. I am 5'3'' in height and my wife is even a little bit shorter. This car fits us perfectly. We have had friends who are six foot plus in height who have had difficulty getting in and out of the car. This is not a sports car and the power is a little sluggish going up hills. This is the fourth vehicle we have owned/leased that is a Chrysler/Dodge product. We really like this brand.

- Charlotte M

Do not settle for boring. Buy a Chrysler 200s.

I purchased my 2016 200s new in 2015 and it has never disappointed me. Do not be concerned about comfort, as the luxurious leather seats wrap you in comfort in the cockpit like interior. All controls at your fingertips, or you can use the voice recognition system. On board GPS navigation helps you arrive at your destination. You had better hold on because you will be surprised at how fast this car with all wheel drive accelerates in a short period of time. I like the unique Chrysler body style and with the custom tinted windows this car looks impressive. Would I purchase it again? Yes I would.

- Dennis L

Chrysler 200 2016. Good gas mileage. 16. Gallons. 30 mpg, Family car.

Chrysler 200 2016 is a good car to get from point A to point B. I drive between 300 to 400 miles a day and 5 to 7 times a week. Gas mileage is roughly about 28 to 32 mpg so it is pretty good as well. If you need a car for gas mileage and you are not too picky than it is great but if you need a car with space for moving or gas mileage worth it than you may need to look into others. Engine, transmission, and all the most important parts of the car runs great. Breaks take some getting used to has little to no problems that you'll face.

- Laura P

2016 Chrysler 200 limited.

Reliable car. I have had it for two years and it has never broken down. I got in an accident a while back and the car was hardly damaged while the car that I hit was almost totaled. It has a nice sized screen for backup camera, radio, etc.. But is not very compatible with iPhones. I can connect my phone for calls and music, but it will not read my texts or allow me to do a voice message back like I have seen in other cars. It is good on gas mileage and heats up/cools quickly during winter/summer.

- Cheyenne W

Chrysler 200. A sleek, reliable car at an affordable price.

My car is very spacious and comfortable. It runs very smoothly and has a nice, sleek appearance. It has a large touchscreen pad to control the temperature, radio and phone. It also has a large backup camera. The key fob is not needed to open the doors. As long as it is on the person who is trying to open the doors, it will open. The seats are a nice gray leather. The only negative comment I have is that the driver seat, when raised for shorter people, leaves little space to get out.

- Melinda B

Best car in the world that looks fancy and affordable.

The Chrysler 200 limited is the best small car I have ever owned. I love the luxury look it has and the sporty feel. It is great on gas and roomy too. I love taking it on road trips because it is a comfortable long trip car. Best part about the car is that all of my family fits in it. Like all 5 of us. But not just that it's Bluetooth ready so I can listen to music all day long and never lose connection. Best car ever in my eyes and in many more people I have spoke too.

- Juan J

My Chrysler 200 - great car!

My car is very good on gas. It is a very comfortable ride and drives very smooth. The front seats are adjustable and give the passengers plenty of room. The back seats are a little small but can fit 3 people somewhat comfortably. It is a very reliable car and I have not had any issues within these 2 years that I have owned it. If you are looking for a good reliable car that looks good and does not cost a lot, the Chrysler 200 is a good car to get.

- Amy B

I would say the gas mileage would be the most important.

I really love my car. It rides really smooth and is a quiet ride. It is amazing on gas. Only takes about $30 to fill up. The trunk is a nice size as well as the backseat. It has a lot of legroom. Heated seats. It is very comfortable. I have had no problems with it so far and hopefully it stays like that. I love the backup camera, compass, Bluetooth and so much more. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking.

- Selena V

Push button and remote start are great features.

I really like the sporty look of my Chrysler. It accelerates very quickly. It has cooling and heated seats, and a heated steering wheel. I have noticed one problem with my car and that is the speedometer not matching the speed I am traveling. I have been driving and I can be going 55 mph and the speedometer needle will show 30 and it will stay there or increase very little even though I have accelerated quite a bit.

- Troy V

It doesn't have great resale value but I don't care. It's great mileage, safely features and ease of use make it the car I plan to keep and enjoy for many years to come.

I love the console and the large screen for the radio and backup camera. The camera allows me to use my neck with less stress while making sure the area is clear for problem free backup. The trunk has plenty of room. Gets great mileage. It's a beautiful red color! It's got airbags all around including the back seat which would help keep my family safe! I didn't need all the extras when I got it, but it's all mine!

- Rhonda C

Great car for home health nurses.

Problem is does not have the get up and go when trying to merge onto the interstate. Very reliable. Very comfortable I work from my car, comfortable for hours of driving. Features are great except it does not have a CD player, so you need xm, iPod, or Pandora for music. Heated seats warm the whole seat instead of just the seat. Navigation system is optional I currently don't have it but could pay for the option.

- Stacy B

Best car I have ever bought. 2016 Chrysler 200.

It is a really fun car to drive. It holds the road well. It is got aux hook up rear and backing it is very good on gas also. Low maintenance is a plus for me. It is quite roomy on the inside. Holds five passengers comfortably. Just to prove how much I love this car this is my second of this kind. My first one I bought in 2016 got totaled and I bought the same again. I highly recommend this car.

- I C

It's lovely grey color interior always catches my eye.

It is comfortable and the right size vehicle for me. Its compact and has good quality interior. It has a good gas mileage as well as a well running ac. I would recommend this also because its safety features are unbeatable. It also makes a great first time car or its a car made for anyone. It has no faults and has always been reliable means of transportation.

- Norma C

Have not had any trouble with the car at all. I would title my review crystal.

I have owned this car for a year. I am really enjoying it. I get very good gas mileage. The car has a smooth ride. It is big enough for me to take 3 friends out to eat. The trunk is much larger than it looks. It can hold 4 suitcases easily, I have only taken the car to the dealership for regular oil changes etc. Have not had any trouble with it at all.

- Maxine H

It is a nice vacation car or a 2-4 people kind of car.

I think it is a great car for a single or a two family car it is very cozy and comfy and it is such a great model it is very smooth never bumpy it will always last you a long time if you take car of it as if it were to be your child. I really recommend the Chrysler 200 since it is the most recent new car not to expensive but not too cheap either.

- Evelyn N

It gets very good gas mileage.

I genuinely like my vehicle. One of the only issues I have is that it is very basic. I do not have sensors to tell me when I am getting close to another vehicle. My car does not have a backup camera. It also does not have Sirius radio. My car also does not have a CD player. I like my car, but I wish it had at least a few of these things.

- Cassidy D

90,000 miles this car is great. It is been very reliable. Bluetooth is awesome.

I have had very few problems with the vehicle very few maintenance issues and I am at 90000 mi so far. The only thing I had that fell under warranty was it 27000 mi and I had a hug go out and they had it fixed put me in a rental in the meantime at the dealership. This car gets relatively good gas mileage and has been very reliable.

- Michelle A

Rides good very reliable low maintenance.

Rides smoothly has good bass in the car have problems with the rims had to get new rims and tires twice in one year not really any maintenance needed good for long distances ( 1 or 2 ) easy GPS system and syncing your phone very reliable this is my 2nd 200 last one was a 2014 very nice car had to get it an upgrade overall good car.

- Mark H

2016 Chrysler 200 most excellent way to travel.

2016 Chrysler 200 excellent vehicle smooth ride. Very comfortable great on gas, and very durable. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for something durable and most importantly affordable. If I had to name what I love the most about the car it have to be the backing navigation and stereo system.

- Brigham M

Okay car. Nothing too special.

Okay car when it comes to reliability. Able to get from one place to another. Haven't had any major mechanical failures other than airbag light. Not a fan of cars with computerized engines. Have to take to shop for computer updates which can be costly if not under warranty. Overall an okay car. Nothing special.

- Raven H

All features and gas mileage.

My Chrysler 200 has the best performance. It has great gas mileage, great heating and cooling systems, we driven it out state twice there were no problems, gas indicator is wonderful, the remote starter is great for winters and comfortable seats. I recommends the vehicle for anyone that is looking midsize car.

- Yvonne S

Chrysler 200s: not worth the price.

Looks good; GPS not so good; under powered; electronics confusing. The seats are not particularly comfortable and they have limited adjustment options. The trunk is good sized and the spare tire is full sized. The jack is easy to use. I hate the wheels and the tires are not especially good. I hate the wheels.

- James E

Power, windows,locks, keyless entry, s,back window defroster, cruise,tilt wheel.

Very comfortable ride, love the car over all it has very dependable is loaded up on all the extras.. Over all love this car. The driver seat is very comfortable has air in the, love hands free phone and it even reads your text messages to u.. Could have a little more power but is very nice for a long ride.

- Tammy G

Chrysler 200: basic inside car.

It is a wonderful car. I do have one of the basic ones, so it does not have a backup camera or sensors. That is one thing I would change. I would like for these things to become standard in cars. There have not been any problems so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed my car and will not buy a car for a while.

- Cassidy D

Chrysler 2016 model make vehicles.

I absolutely love it. I do not drive much but when I do I enjoy it. Smooth runnings very reliable. It has a really nice interior. I practice safe driving so I never had an accident. The car had amazing features and thus far I never had any major issues with it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

- Sarah L

Vehicle is really smooth driving.

Really dependable vehicle, excellent on gas and highway miles. Push to start is very convenient when in a hurry. How ever in the instance you lose your key fob for the vehicle, it can be really pricey to have a replacement installed with labor cost $300. Sometimes I wish I still had a regular key inset.

- Salvador R

be aware of the size, the back doors only go out so far so you might have issues loading items you buy in the car. also no nav system, no diagnostics via app

it drives ok beyond some kicking. mine is the base model so I dont have the ability to remotely start my car via an app, can't run diagnostics, and don't have a built in nav system. i also don't like the size of the vehicle, i would have gotten something slightly bigger if i could have afforded it

- Dan S

Chrysler 200 is a great choice.

It is a really nice car with cool features. The best thing about my car is the back up cam, heated cotton seats, the gear switcher (which is only a nob) & there is lots of hiding places in there. Not to mention it is really roomy. It is a gas saver too! $25-$30 dollars will fill your tank up.

- Alexis L

A very nice car that is good for parallel parking.

Back up camera good for parallel parking. SXM radio with 50s and 60s music. Driving with ease and such. It is the car I passed the driving test with. I wouldn't have passed the driving test, if it wasn't for the backup camera. Parallel parking is not easy without a backup camera installed.

- Tri A

Extremely reliable vehicle.

I absolutely love this vehicle. It is great on gas mileage. It has lasted me over a year and a half with no issues at all other than tire replacements. It is very reliable and durable especially compared to vehicles I have previously owned. I have loved this vehicle from the day I got it.

- Taylor C

About my 2016 Chrysler 200.

The features on the car are excellent!! The only problem is that it is eats up gas, it is very hard to clean the interior, and it is easily scratched. I have little scratches that I have no idea how they got there. Other than that it's a beautiful car and it gets me to where I need to go!

- Hassan B

Chrysler unexpected luxury car.

I love the gas mileage and it's a comfortable car for its size and I love the electronics in the car the only thing that could help a bit is the speaker system being a bit better. It's a nice smooth ride and it rides like a sportswear even though you could never tell that it's a Chrysler.

- Jacqueline V

Great ride and good look!

I have almost 90,000 miles on this vehicle - I have only needed normal preventative maintenance and tires. I still have the original brakes on it and have it checked with each oil change. I am very satisfied with the performance of this vehicle and would recommend it without hesitation.

- linda B

Great car for the working city people

I personally don't like how low it hangs to the ground but I'm used to driving bigger cars this is the first actual car I've had. It's a very comfy car I like the way that the seats are adjustable the way that they are it has really great gas mileage and it looks like a really cool car.

- Cheyenne R

Driving really comfortable.

The back up camera is really useful for parallel parking. It comes with a Sirius XM radio feature that includes different decades of music. It is really easy to put the parking break on compared to my other cars. You can use an AUX cable for playing music from an mp3 player or phone.

- Patricia A

It is a very good car which is very silent when I drive.

I really love my car it is performance is amazing. It is very silent when I drive. It is fast and I am comfortable with the car. My seats are easy to clean. The air conditioner gets really cold. Even though the car is a nice size for me the trunk is a little small I need more room.

- Nikki L

Fast yet smooth ride with great features.

Like any car owner wishes, my car has great reliability and performance. It rides incredible smooth, and accelerates and brakes smoothly but sharp if necessary. I love the back up camera and all the features my dashboard displays letting me know about my tire pressure, speed, etc.

- Autumn N

The most important thing is watch your speed!

I have had my car since august 3, 2018. So far I haven't had any problems with it. I have already taken it on road trips and it rides very smooth. It is good on gas depending on how much you drive around. The only problem with me is, I speed so fast because the car ride so smooth.

- Love W

Chrysler is an amazing brand.

Amazing comfort and rides smooth. Awesome gas mileage. Looks expensive without it being expensive. Too bad they no longer manufacture this car. I would definitely buy a newer year within the next five. I have only had to replace something in the three years that I have owned mine.

- Nadine B

The seats and legroom are great.

My car is so comfortable, i can sleep in it. Its seats have a warming component and leg room is spacious. It runs smoothly. It operates great. The seats raise lower. There's a compartment for my. Cell phone and ive never had a greater car. I recommend my make of car for anyone.

- Kim E

Business yet relaxing car.

Within 2 years already had to change thermostat. It is very good on gas. Very comfortable seating. The car has all your basic controls such as cruise, Bluetooth,GPS if you wanted to purchase it, comes with 3 year warranty. Has ac/and uconnect. Power steering and power windows.

- Christine F

It had low ratings on consumer reports. this is a good car and I love it. It deserves better ratings!!!

I LIKE the storage in the front. Plenty of space for cell phone and storage. I like the console and ease of use. It has a nice ride. It makes a funny sound in the console area when the car is started. I wish it had better gas mileage. That is my biggest complaint.

- abby f

Keyless, back up monitor, smooth ride.

Has a lot of bells and whistles, smooth drive, gets me from a to b, keyless, seats easy to move up to down, great breaks, back up monitor, air conditioner works real great, radio system top of the line, large screen, system for tires work well, comfortable seating.

- Donna W

Great little car for long commutes.

So far I have not had any problems with the car. The performance has been great and I like the features that it comes with. I enjoy the pick up of the 6 cylinder engine. I wish that it had leather seats rather than cloth. The back up camera is also really useful.

- Brian J

All wheel drive Chrysler 200 s.

The car height allows taller vehicle lights to shine directly into your eyes. The dimmer on the rearview mirror helps slightly. The material in the steering wheel is already fading/ rubbing off. The fake metal finishes scratch easily. I would get windows tinted.

- Constance T

Love the alloy wheels they came stock on the car.

Excellent car; excellent power; excellent gas mileage; good handling; excellent amenities; comfortable; excellent storage space; excellent dealer support; fun drive on long trips; love the backup camera as I am an older driver makes me feel safe when backing up.

- Paul B

Love this car! Has everything you need.

The car runs great! I have never had any problems. Gas mileage is amazing!! It is comfortable and drives smooth. It is very roomy and the trunk is very big, which is a plus for me!! The only thing I am disappointed is there is no navigation or satellite option.

- Sierra A

2016 black Chrysler 200 w/silver trim.

Jerks too much, runs out of gas quickly. Loses tire pressure too quickly. Lock buttons do not always work. Cost too much for the quality. Stops on its own sometimes with no warning. Very loud. Rough ride. Do not like the maintenance costs. Parts too expensive.

- Brittany W

If you are looking to buy a new car a Chrysler 200 is what you should invest.

This car is awesome it drives really good it's fast it has a lot of compartments in it I love it. Great car for family and kids as well. It has a console in front and back electric everything there's really nothing else to say about this car besides I love it.

- Kristina H

Dashboard tells me everything I need to know about the car.

Good gas mileage, comfortable for long trips, does well in snow, tires are expensive as well as oil changes. Free Sirius radio when bought the car. Rear view camera comes in handy. Truck space is good for grocery shopping as well as camping for a couple days.

- Cody M

It's very spacious and if you don't have tinted windows, then ringing them is a definite must especially if you have children. I think that the gas mileage is also very important and great so far that I've had it.

Well I love my car because it's way newer than the last car I owned and was driving. I also love that there are no problems with it and it gets me around safely. One thing I do not like is it sometimes has weird issues with the radio and the radio monitor.

- Jacqueline A

Not dissatisfied, just unimpressed.

I continue to have issues with the cabin air filter. Access and lifespan alike. Sounds odd but true. A/c had to be repaired before 30,000 miles. Not much pick up. Love the cockpit feel of drivers seat. Back seat is roomy for adults and the trunk is huge.

- Brooke N

Smooth comfortable reliable ride with great quiet pickup

It has the larger engine - which was hard to find. Love the quiet smooth ride and my sunroof. The only thing I would change would be the navigation system. I would like a better one in which I could ask for alternate routes in case of traffic jams.


Chrysler 200 great starter car!

Very spacious for a small car and it gets great mileage. The trunk is quite spacious and fits large luggage. The backup camera is great and helpful. My only complaint is that very specific parts are hard to find since the car is no longer being made.

- Sam G

2016 Chrysler 200 is a great car!

Have yet to have any issues with my car. Love the features! Runs smoothly! Reminds me to lock the doors and if I left my keys in the car, it will not lock and a beeping sound will begin. Many ways to adjust seating. Touch screen to adjust settings...

- Kay S

It is safe. It tells you when something needs maintenance.

It is very stylish and sleek. I love the aesthetics of it and the size is perfect. I love the knob they put on there for the gear shift. It is very different. I love the push to start. The only thing I wish is that it and with remote start as well.

- John B

If you were debating whether to go with the 200 or the 300 I would recommend to go with the 300. It's worth the money more.

It's a nice car but it's classified as a luxury car and it is most definitely not worth the money. The gas cap is always coming loose which then thorns on my check engine lights all the time. I also hate that this car doesn't have a CD player.

- Nicole M

It is dependable but no fear windshield wipers limits view in rain

Smaller than previously driven. It does have front wheel drive which is a must but no back window wipers. The side mirrors are too small. Even after 2 years I am not comfortable with the side mirrors smallness and not have g read super blades

- Pat G

Great family car, perfect for all ages.

I really like how much room there is inside. I also like the key fob instead of a regular key. Even though it is a 4 cylinder moto 4, it has all of the power I need. There is a huge trunk and the back seat folds down for extra storage space.

- Barbara C

The Chrysler 200 I purchased is a basic model.

The car is a good size. It has fur doors which I prefer. It is a basic model. A base model Chrysler is very basic unlike cars other cars. I would go with a different car with a better warranty if I could do it all over again.

- lisa s

My car is GREAT on gas & has been super reliable - roomy!

My car is very sleek and sporty looking, it features bluetooth, sirius radio & has the best backup camera I've ever used. I wish I would've known more about blind spots when purchasing because that's the only problem I have.

- Kalei D

That the gear shift is a turn knob and not the tradition gear shift.

I love the make, model and style of the car. The inside is really nice, i like and dislike that the gear shift is a turn knob, It's easy to use but scary if you forget the placement. The car runs smooth and is very spacious.

- amber l

I love that the car does not have a gear shift but rather a knob. It's unique and easy to use.

I love how smooth my car drives. The seats are very comfortable, but the back seat is a little uncomfortable for taller people. The road noise is fairly quiet in the car. I haven't had any mechanical issues with the car yet.

- Michelle h

That it makes me feel very safe to drive it...while in town and out on the freeway.

I like the sleek lines that it has and the added chrome. It is a very smart looking car and especially right after a wash, it looks gorgeous. I like the way it drives and handles on the road. It has a lot of get up and go!!

- Rebecca D

Intelligent and interactive, the Chrysler 200 makes for a smooth ride.

The Chrysler 200 runs amazingly. It is acceleration hits race car rates, 0 - 60 in seconds. The interior is beautiful, black on black with a full size screen equipped with app store, Wi-Fi hotspot, and a back up camera.

- Brian M

It drives really nice and smooth

I like that I don't have to take the key out to start it or open the doors or trunk. I just need to have the key in my purse. Sometimes when I accelerate the car hesitates a little too much and I don't like that.

- alice H

The push button start and overall passenger space is comfortable.

The push button start took a little getting used to but I really like not having to use a key and keeping my key fob in my pocket. I don' t care for the rotary knob style gear shifter. But so far I like the car.

- Tim M

It's very dependable. I never worry about getting to and from where I am going.

The 200 is very roomy - both the front and the back. The ride is extremely smooth. It's a maroon color which everyone that sees it loves it. It's our first car with a back up camera which my wife just loves.

- bill S

The only good about my car is it gets us to places safely.

I hate my car for several different reasons. One being the turn knob, two being it cuts off when you are driving. The display screen is not big enough. The car itself was discontinued m, so that says enough.

- Martha M

Smooth ride, easy to use touch screen, and comfortable.

Comfortable, love the touch screen because it's huge. Good sound system, comfortable drive, good gas mileage. Love the sunroof. Built in navigation would be good. I have to buy the program to get that.

- Geoffrey R

It is dependable and is a v6.

I like that it is a more luxury vehicle. It has a back up camera and better safety features. I like that the car has a roll bar built in. But, I also dislike that because it makes the car feel smaller.

- Jennifer B

Gas mileage is great it will go and go.

It is ok there are a lot of blind spots. I like the gas mileage it is great. Would rather have something that does not have black inside because it gets really hot when it has been sitting in the sun.

- Terrie G

The vehicle feels like luxury and rides very smooth.

The performance of the vehicle is very nice. It is smooth and start up does not feel rough or loud. Very reliable and does very well on gas. I love the look to the vehicle and how modern it looks.

- Sora S

It does very well on gas along with being very large.

It is a really nice car it looks nice and handles very nice. Shortly after I bought it I noticed that the new nice speed transmission began to shift very rough in 5th gear and has done so since.

- Elijah L

It jerks when you press on the gas hard. Other then that it seems like a great car

It is affordable and luxurious to me. I have had any problems until this year. The tire sensor...windshield wipers stay on unless you take the fuse out and the air conditioning just went out.

- Samantha B

How quiet the car is overall.

I am very pleased with my Chrysler 200 it gets great gas mileage. Very reliable and lots of legroom in the front and back. And it has a nice screen display for the radio and all the controls.

- Lisa S

The important thing others should know about my car is that its beautiful.

I dislike that it has a dial/knob and that it is oil is very expensive. I like that it has Bluetooth and radio. I dislike that it does not have a place for CD's. I like that it's beautiful.

- Betsy A

Powerful but economical car.

This car is small, cute car but roomy on the inside. It is good on gas and has a lot of horsepower. I feel like I am driving a race car in this car that is how much power and speed it has.

- Tee L

Chrysler 200: Basic Vehicle.

It is a great vehicle. I have not had any problems with it. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is very basic. It has nothing in it like a backup camera, or things like that.

- Cassi D

Chrysler 200 short review

It's a comfortable car, although a very limited space. The trunk is pretty big and I like that. Also I think changing gears is pretty dangerous when it's a knob instead of a gear stick.

- Andres D

Don't Buy This Car Its a Waste

I love the design of the car that what's made me pick the car. I brought the car in 2016 i loved it for a while now i see a lot of issues with the car and I'm ready for something new

- Fantacee D

Reliability is key. We have no issues with it.

Reliable, safe for my kids. I have never had an issue with the car a all. Great on gas. The inside does tend to get very dusty for some reason, more than other vehicles I have had.

- Elizabeth S

Great budget midsize sedan.

Great 4 cylinder, good pick up. Comfortable seating but slightly backward center console. Large trunk space and spacious back seat. No major problems with over 70k miles thus far.

- Brittany T

This car gets great gas mileage. But the tank is on the passenger side!

The car Shifts hard from 4th to 5th gear. It's not meant for car seats as they don't fit properly and my kids lean. I have the S model so that may differ from the regular model.

- Kelli V

Great buy Chrysler 200!!!

I love the Chrysler 200. I love it's sleek look and style. I have had no issues with the Chrysler 200. Wished they still made this version as the 300 model is too big for me

- Cinde C

it has a 9 speed transmission engine so it has great speed for a 4 cylinder engine

It has some good speed to it for only being a 4 cylinder. The tires had to be replaced after 2 years so that was bad. The 200S is a great small car at a affordable price.

- m s

My car is very easy to control and maneuver in traffic.

Its is a very nice car and it is stylish and has a lot if room. It is very reliable but maintenance is costly and very frequent. I love my car but it is kinda expensive.

- Mason S

Chrysler 200 varies: There have bad reviews and some good reviews on these vehicles

Jerks when shifting at times, has some electronic problems, it is very comfortable, gets you to where you need to go. I never had any major problems with the car.

- Shakweeta W

Invest in a higher quality car.

The thing I dislike about the vehicle is that it does not hold any resale value at all. Great car otherwise, but not worth a dime once you drive it off the lot.

- Charity L

The model is sleek. The modernized design is a new innovation for the Chrysler.

The make and model is reliable and dependable. The inside of the interior is spot on. The functionality of the new style gear shift wheel is very interesting.

- Victor N

Love my Chrysler 200 and its features.

This car is great. It has a ton of trunk storage and backseat legroom. The touch screen is easy to use and the car gets great gas mileage. Love how it drives!

- MaKayla H

Has a GPS, cruise control, automatic, leather seats.

I have no complains the car is fantastic for its price; is modern and it has a lot of gadgets, GPS. Bluetooth. Is not a fast car though is just for cruising.

- Han M

It has a very comfortable atmosphere. The seats are like a hug

I like the sophisticated body style compared to relatively inexpensive price. It's a very nice ride, very smooth and has a good amount of updated technology

- Elly J

Really good performance! Has really good safety features.

It is well built, and is really safe. I feel like I can drive without worrying if I will be in danger. It is also family friendly. Also it drives smoothly.

- Cecilia G

Nothing Special. Best for long trips.

Lots of legroom. Good for long trips. Mediocre mileage in city. Had to take it back to the dealer 4 times in 2 years for 4 different airbag system issues.

- Marty M

The resale value is awful! When it was only 1 year old it was only worth a quarter of original value.

I love the technology and interior. I do not like the 8 speed transmission. The resale value is terrible and would have never bought it if I knew that.

- Jenna H

It is reliable and safe. It has a moon-roof that I definitely love.

It is smooth. It is enjoyable. It is nice to look at. It is technologies are much needed and is a comfortable handling experience when driving the car.

- Christopher L

It is a big car so watch your surroundings.

I like that it is a push button to start it, it is a very pretty car, I enjoy the backup camera on it, the door locks and all the bells and whistles,

- Jessica H

I love UConnect...it's great starting car from anywhere to get heat or air conditioning going before getting in.

I've owned my car for two years. I've never had any issues. It drives great. I love my heated/vented seats, automatic starter, gps & and rear camera.

- Hannah M

my chrysler is reliable and i would overall recommend except for those who have a need for speed.

it works well when i drive to and from school, and lasts pretty long on a full tank. it's a bit on the slow side though, so i want to buy a new one.

- sophia d

It is a lot nicer and better quality then what some reviewers said about it

It's very attractive, drives great, very dependable. Only dislikes is the rear seat access, which is rarely an issue since I normally drive alone

- Michael C

I have had it 2 winters now. Both season, I got stuck several times. Once I was only in a 1/2 inch of snow in my driveway when I got stuck.

I like that it is sleek both inside and out. It is fast and has a good sound system in it. It also is good on gas. It is horrible in the snow.

- Theresa S

It always starts, even in single digit temperatures.

Drives like a sports car. Has great fuel mileage and plenty of power. Comfortable car to ride in. The only complaint I have is the battery life.

- Michelle R

Transmission issues are reported and shifts hard as result.

Has power and is comfy and looks nice. Different options. Transmission issues are reported. Parts are expensive. Extras like GPS are expensive.

- Karen K

Chrysler's 200 is the a sureshot!

Great car, this is the second Chrysler 200 I have owned. The only thing I'd change is to upgrade to the 300, simply for the upgraded features.

- Debra D

It is really good on gas which makes it really economical

I like that it is comfortable to travel in and is really good in gas It is cheap to repair and rides really well in the highway

- Heidi L

The a/c works awesome. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Down here in our south Texas heat, consistently in the 100s, the a/c has kept us cool.

I like the fuel economy, reliability and general quality of the car. I dislike the interior proportions. They are a little tight.

- Steve C

Good gas mileage, not jerky, driver friendly.

It's a really good vehicle with good gas mileage and it's an efficient vehicle for everyone. The Chrysler is a very good vehicle.

- Samuel P

It is safe I love it but why.

Love it why did you call me to call you tomorrow morning and you call me tomorrow morning and you can come get me tomorrow night.

- Aurora C

Not dependable jerks when applying gas.

Cannot see over right side of hood. Tires are always deflating. Does not run smooth. Windows fog and does not clear for a while.

- Linda S

It is mine!! And I love the rear view camera.

Comfortable, quick, love the big touch screen, smooth ride. No real dislikes. Car was very affordable and gets good gas mileage.

- Geoffrey R

It is fun to drive and has all wheel drive.

It is comfortable and fun to drive. It was a good price. It has all the features we need. I do not have any complaints about it.

- Lindsey H

It looks great and is very comfortable!

It looks great and has plenty of power with the V6 engine! It is very comfortable with leather seats. It has good fuel economy!

- Michael G

My vehicle has a sunroof.

My vehicle is a Chrysler 200 2016, it is in the the color space gray. this has been my best purchase , I love this car so much.

- Canihua D

Not a good buy for comfort!

High dollar cost but made cheaply and not sporty looking. Middle size car but is very small. The seats are very uncomfortable.

- Loretta M

My car is easy to drive but has not outstanding features.

I like the size and how it drives. I have had a mini van for a long time and wish it was higher up and had a back up mirror.

- Sherry H

It is very safe and has lots of air bags!

It runs smooth! It has a 295 horsepower 6 cylinder engine! It looks good, is very comfortable, and has good fuel efficiency!

- michael P

Drives great. Looks awesome. Great mileage.

I have no complaints. I love the way it looks and drives. I l9ve all the features that it has. Heated seats, back up camera.

- Joyce P

That it gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in.

I get great gas mileage with my car. It handles good and is just the right size for me. It has a very spacious trunk too.

- Luan H

That it is my car and to back off.

No complaint.. Its fast and smooth.. I love the color.. Its has a backup camera and touch screen.. Its fast and beautiful.

- Sharon W

An everyday comfortable car

The Chrysler 200 has given me limited problems, is comfortable, and drives smooth. I've used it everyday since I got it.

- Chris H

There's no CD player! For a person that doesn't like listening to music from my phone, this is hard

Is perfect for what i need. I don't need a ton of frills. I do wish i had back seat vents & backup assistance though.

- Christi L

Just relaxing and reliable.

It's the best car I own, no issues, its comfortable and a great brand. I have 2 kids and so much room in the back seat.

- Brad T

The Chrysler has a charging system for phones and tablets

This van has a TV,surround system, a pair of Bluetooth headphones,wifi, bass,a charging system for phones and tablets.

- Natisha B

This is a great car and worth buying i did not have to put a lot of money into it.

I like how it drives and the smell of the car. I hate that it already had a defect and i had to take it to get fixed.

- Whitney R

they no longer make this car so if someone wants one they shouldn't wait

I really like the digital display that it has also It's just all around nice but I wish mine was a 6 cylinder not a 4

- jacquelyn H

The turn dial shifter and transmission are laggy and slow.

I like the styling, comfort and technology. I dislike the transmission, engine clunkiness and the turn dial shifter.

- brian o

I like its size and that it is a little sporty. I dislike that the radio always turns on when you start the car. Even when you turned it off when you last got out of the car.

This car is nice and sporty, however the the low profile tires suck if you live in a area that has a lot of potholes

- Sierra C

Everything folds flat for easy packing.

I love everything about my car. It's comfy and small. It's very convenient I drive it everywhere. Great purchase.

- Iris S

If you are looking for good gas, buy this car.

Love the ride and gas mileage. Hate the sound of the engine. Love/hate interior headspace and rear seats legroom.

- Timothy H

It has and electric transmission.

I do not have any complaints at the moment on my current car. It have been very reliable. Been so good so far.

- Ashley E

30 mpg highway, 24 mpg city.

So far it is a pretty reliable vehicle there is a small problem with the parking brake coming on when in park.

- Richard J

Short review of Chrysler 200

Great trunk space, roomy interior. Not the greatest on gas mileage.Overall it's a good car at a decent value.

- Shamieka K

The electric gear shift is really cool.

Very reliable. No issues. Good on gas. Very comfortable. Feels like a luxury car without the luxury price tag

- Jordan S

Nice family car for a small size family. Good gas mileage

I like the fuel mileage I dislike how roughly it shifts gears I dislike where the emergency brake is located

- Gidget M

2015 chrysler 200 summary

enjoying the car, nice looking, easy handling, good fuel mileage, comfortable seating and great heating/ac.

- karen h

Clean, sleek, comfortable

Really love the body shape on this vehicle. It rides beautifully, the interior is very modern and beautiful.

- Breanna U

I think the most important thing is safety features.

Styling, power, instrumentation, mileage, handling, stereo system, roominess.. I dislike nothing about it..

- Phillips J

It gets me places and its mine.

I like that it is new and is good when it comes to transportation. I hate that it costs a lot to get fixed.

- Arabella R

It gets great highway gas mileage. The in-city mileage is decent too, though.

It's a very sporty vehicle. The look from inside and out is gorgeous. It also gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Cody R

Comfortable and safe. It has phone connection and wifi.

This car is comfortable and has a lot of room. Keyless start, performs well. I have not had any problems.

- Judy K

Great gas mileage, I average between 27-35 miles per gallon. I have had the car for 3 years and I have not had any issues with the car at all.

It rides really nicely and gets great gas mileage. It has all the extra features that I wanted in a car.

- Stacy M

The road noise in that car is terrible it makes it hard to hear the stereo at a decent level.

I like the look of it. I do not like the road noise and the stereo system it comes with is terrible.

- Cheryl B

Great car, good value for the vehicle

Have not had any problems, gets incredible gas mileage, comfortable ride. Good looking body style

- Anthony F

it's amazing on gas and it has a gps, moves quick and it has an extended warranty

it is brand new i love it, all the gauges work and when i hit the brakes, it just stops no noise

- emily c

It is very good on gas. Rides very smooth. And it looks nice

My family has outgrown the car. The backseat is not very big. And it doesn't have a sunroof

- Bridje L

It is very good on gas , only use about $20 to pump a full tank , very convenient and has a good looking interior

What I dislike about it is that it doesn't have an auto start button , no Seat Warmers .

- Anairam V

The mileage. Since gas is expensive. People would definitely appreciate that.

Like how it is quiet. I also like how it is pretty fast. The mileage is great as well.


It has good gas mileage and economical.

The car is nice. It does have road noise. I like the sleek look. Gas mileage is good.

- Gelaine M

great value nice ride good on gas reliable stylish

i like the gas mileage i get i like the push start i like the space in the car

- kristie a

Love the look of the car and interior. sleek, modern and spacious without being too big. Wish it was a little better in gas

Modern and incredibly spacious. It looks good and rides very well

- Alo N

It is good election to buy because is economic and good designer and impressive performer

I like it very much, it is comfortable and spacious and economic

- Carmen A

the car will send you a monthly report on the car's systems

need more room like the style like automatic door unlock

- tom w

I love that I can talk on the phone while I drive without having to touch my phone. My car has a push button start but it won't start unless the key fob is in the car. I can use my phone to lock , unlock, and find my car.

It has a lot of different safety features that alert you.

- Monica R

great vehicle, at a great price. it's also good on gas and has great interior options.

I like the comfort and price but I wish it had more power

- tony t

Bad transmission, hard shift

Like style, hate that I have had 3 engines put in it

- Ellen C

Reliable, mileage friendly, full size car.

- Amanda P