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Feels like a luxury sports car

I love my car ... problems and all. I bought my car second hand from an individual. It currently has a valve cover leak and needs a new EGR valve. However, even with those issues my car still runs really well. It has a little difficulty with wanting to stay running when first started but after warming up she runs beautifully. I just replaced the starter in it at 91,500 miles. This car sits rather low to the ground and rides more like a sports car and not a luxury sedan. You do feel all the bumps and bangs as you go down the road. My car has an am/FM stereo with a CD player. There is not an audio jack to plug in an AV cord so therefore I cannot play music off of my phone. The car comes with xfinity speakers and the sound is fantastic. There are radio controls on the back of the steering wheel which makes hands free driving much easier. Bluetooth is not available in this car. The car does have excellent heat and air. I have cloth seats, no heated or cooled seats. Electric windows with auto roll down on the driver's side. It has a sunroof which is nice; however I don't use it much. My car is only 2 doors and makes it a little more difficult getting in and out of the backseat ... especially for adults. Taller individuals may find the ride in the car a bit uncomfortable. My friend at 6'3' has to lean the seat back a ways to sit in it comfortably ... if in the backseat that is not possible to do. The trunk is very spacious.

- Wendy B

My 2003 Chrysler Sebring lx.

I love my 2003 Chrysler Sebring convertible. It is a little older, but it still runs almost perfect. It is a great car. I would make sure that you take very good care of the rag top because it is prone to tearing if not up-kept. I have had it for close to two years and so far it has not caused me any issues. One problem with the car is that it has a few design flaws. The check engine light comes on sometime, and although I have had it checked, it will not turn off. Another issue is the airbag light turns on and off a lot. I have done my fair share of research on these problems, but it seems it's just a manufacturing issue prevalent on most of these models.

- Lauren P

2003 Chrysler sebring convertible.

I really love this car. It is a lot of fun to drive. Not so fond of where the battery is located. It is under the wheel well. If it needs to be changed it is a real problem. It has cost me a large amount of money in repairs. Not that it wasn't maintained, it is just not such a good car as far as mechanics. Multiple auto repair shops have told me I should get rid of it. That this year of the sebring wasn't mechanically sound. But I enjoy driving it so I am not going to get rid of it. The convertible top is what makes the car for me. The paint is not wearing so well. It needs to be repainted. It faded and peeled in multiple areas. To me it is worth painting.

- Denise W

The heating/cooling system worked well throughout the different seasons.

I bought my Chrysler Sebring convertible (2003) used in 2017 and I absolutely love it. The only true issues I had were my check engine light was on and telling me that oxygen sensor 1 needed replaced when t was oxygen sensor 2, and whenever I was listening to a CD and hit some potholes the radio would cut out for a moment. My car drives amazingly and for a convertible the air conditioning/heating system worked amazingly year round for me.

- Hannah D

2003 Chrysler Sebring - issues.

I really enjoy the power that my car has. I love the v6 engine, and it really seems to have a lot of "girth". This car has nearly 200, 000 miles on it, and it still going strong! It does have a few problems as far as performance goes, as is to be expected. It lurches forward when accelerating and lunges backward when slowing down frequently. Not sure what the issue is there. I also love the Infiniti sound system in it!

- Jenna C

It is a sporty convertible.

Reliability I'd say is the biggest downfall of owning a Chrysler Sebring. Since it is a convertible I love it. But mechanical issues are a huge factor in owning this car. There are a lot of electrical problems as well as with suspension, brakes and especially the water pumps in sebrings. Although I do love the style of the car I find it very difficult to maintain it considering all the issues that come with it.

- Tammy P

Very good car for kids to drive as it is reliable and fun to drive.

I really enjoy this car. The only problems it has is it sometimes has trouble driving in the snow. I have also had some problems with the headlights going out. For a small car it is not able to take very sharp turns. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. The car is very low to the ground and takes a while to get used to. I would like if there was an AUX plug in for the radio.

- Ellen M

03 Chrysler sebring honest review.

My 03 Chrysler sebring lx runs very well, rides nice, and the interior is more spacious than expected when I purchased it. The only problem with this model of sebring, which I have noticed a lot in my line of work, is that the window control panel for the driver and passenger door caves in, the plastic breaks, or both. Otherwise I do enjoy having it as my daily.

- Aaron E

Chrysler Sebring 2003. Silver rims.

My 2003 Sebring has good mileage and good performance. I have not had any major problems. The interior is cloth. The seats are comfortable. When I purchase another vehicle it will probably be a Chrysler. This vehicle had been very reliable. I usually keep up maintenance because that is the core of any vehicle durability.

- Betty C

Review of Chrysler Sebring convertible.

Really overall, happy with Sebring convertible. Has been dependable, mostly routine maintenance, one issue is placement of battery over drivers side wheel, inconvenient location have to take tire off to access. Power top easy operation and fast. Very good motor runs cool even in Florida s heat.

- Gregory I

Nice red car that last for a long time.

It red as has a drop top .tinted Windows. Buy it from this man that his wife has died and want to get rid of. He sold it for 2,000 it was in a great condition. Brand new tires great radio system. Has new tires great engine. Only one small rust of the side of the door. Under 15,000 miles.

- Ann L

Its overall a good car in perfect condition.

My car is a two door vehicle. The guy that I got my off of fixed it up so there is no problems with my car. It gots brand new tires, rotors, breaks, it looks good on the inside and everything else. Its silver in color it's perfect for a little family could be better if it was two door.

- Anita C

The good news is that I have had it for 3 years.

I have a 2003 Chrysler that needs constant work. Just spent $700 on work done by a certified mechanic. I now have problems with the tire also I was informed that I need bearings for my transmission. . Although the car is very reliable I do not understand why I keep needing work done.

- Jeanne L

Good car

The car then good condition. Although I have just had a lot of work done on it with seems to be in pretty good shape. The only problem I have now is a front end driver side that hit a curve and has never been fixed. The car drives good on the freeway or turnpike without any trouble.

- Doreen L

Reliable but consult after awhile

It's a great car and is very reliable but it sometimes has issues accelerating uphill and also once one thing breaks and needs to be fixed two other things break, and it also seems to overheat faster than other cars, but it drives great and the brakes are some of the best I've had

- Sky E

Okay convertible with somewhat leaky top.

It is convertible with a soft top and the top leaks a bit at the front when it rains, so there is likely a hole in it. The steering wheel squeaks a bit as well, but other than that it does not really have many problems. It is comfortable and is convenient enough for my lifestyle.

- Elizabeth B

Long lasting reliability and comfort

Transmission lasts for quite some time. Look over the sunroof. Doors are a bit heavy for me personally. Easy to drive and convenient. Love the large trunk with plenty of shopping bag space and also worked out great for road trips and vacations out of town. Safe and reliable

- Victoria W

Good old car was moms know it will last a while.

Car is older low miles runs well easy on gas a little low to the ground but comfortable have had very few problems power windows not very high tec handles well stops well not very high performance but meets my needs four door sedan should last a long time.

- Ron M

Old Chrysler car still works. It is fifteen years old, but that does not stop it.

My car is fifteen years old. There is something wrong with it but it still runs. It starts and then goes a little then dies. I am working on fixing it though. Solid as a brick.

- Amanda O

That it gets me to where I need to go.

All my tires are bad. The dash is cracked from the sun. Somebody cracked my windshield. The transmission is going out, and the car is knocking like it has a blown head.

- Anthony R

2003 Chrysler Sebring lx. Fast and great running.

My Chrysler Sebring is great car but I does have front end problems and I bought it like that I love my car but hate how much money I have to put into with 2 kids.

- Tyler B

It's good for a single person without kids.

I like that it's a convertible. I like that it's a little car. I like that it's good on gas. I don't like that it's small and not enough room for my kids.

- Kira S

The gas mileage is amazing.

I like the interior, it drives smoothly, and it is reliable. I also love the gas mileage. I dislike that the air conditioning sometimes does not work.

- Julia B

It has to be consistently maintained.

I like that my car is sporty looking and that it is a convertible. My dislikes about my car are that does not handle well in bad weather.

- Tammy B

It saves money on gas and is a safe car. The parts are also relatively inexpensive.

and is good on gas mileage. I would just like a little bigger car maybe an suv type. This car doesn't have enough storage room.

- cindi c

Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Good running car but leaky rear glass.

Convertible glass leaks around seams. Everything else is pretty good. Battery located behind front tire which is inconvenient.

- Tim H

Smooth ride great climate control good sound system.

It is a very well balanced car that is very nice to ride in and I have had little problems with it as far as maintenance.

- Michelle L

I love my car. It gets good gas mileage. Still runs well after all these years.

The body is well made. All the electrical systems still work. The convertible top works with no issues.

- Debi S

It gets over 30 miles to the gallon of gas

I like that it gets good gas mileage.I'm not crazy about the color. It's easy to maneuver.

- Nancy B

It is reliable. It was made in 2003 I purchased it in 2006.

I have had it since 2006. It is reliable. I did need to make some repairs.


He's been through a lot with me, and even though his body is slightly not as new as it used to be, he's still mine.

It's been with me for a few years, and we've gone through a lot together!

- George s

It's a safe drive. Good brakes and easy to maneuver.

It's a nice little car, good on gas and enjoyable to drive.

- Cindi T

My car is a fabulous car.

Good on gas. Heated seats. Overall a great car.

- Debbi B