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Beautiful, roomy, comfortable vehicle!

The velour seats are extremely comfortable! The air conditioning works very satisfactorily. The heating system no longer works the way it should, but it can provide much heat after the automobile has been running for a long while. I like the lift gate very much, although I have to push it up very hard. It does not stay open as high as it used to so I have to be careful not to hit my head! Ouch! The electric windows stopped working many years ago. My husband, with very limited knowledge about cars, was able to tear off the door panels inside and somehow repair the windows. He left a mess inside the minivan, though, and it does not look as pretty as it used to. The paint has worn off the roof, hood, and in other places. The color is a slate blue, beautiful when we bought it new in 2001, but it needs a paint job now desperately and we cannot afford to have that done--ever. The headliner above the front visors is falling down, we have had to tack it in place so we can see through the windshield, I like the way the minivan steers and handles. The brakes could be a little more sensitive--scares me a little bit when I have to push kind of hard, we do keep this vehicle in good working order. We see the same mechanic that we have seen for decades and we trust him to keep our car safe. We have all repair work done that is needed. We have had this minivan, bought new, since the summer of 2001. It still has less than 100,000 miles on it! My husband had to drive this vehicle for a while a long distance to a job and it never failed him. Then he got a different car to drive to work so we would not wear out the minivan as we both like it very much and we want to keep it forever! The seats fold down in back. The two back seats are like new because we two are almost always the only passengers. But we like being up high, not low as in a sedan, and we love having all of the storage area in the back. We can bring home almost anything we buy: tables, chairs, desks, large boxes, and certainly all of the groceries we'd ever need. Acceleration is still quite good, even though it is no longer our new baby. I love the color of this minivan!

- Michelle B

Low mileage for an older vehicle.

I like the size, that there are sliding doors on both sides of the van. I also like that for an older vehicle it still has low mileage. I dislike that I have to hike to get in because I am short. I also dislike the fact that the sliding door that should be powered to open and close no longer works and no one can find the right parts to fix it. I also don't like that the hatchback has lost power and will only unlock and open with the key.

- Sandy K

It's a bit small for a big person like me.

My Chrysler is old and is needing lots of repairs. But it has lasted a long time. The Hyundai has done well. No major repairs and the dealer handles them fine. It is comfortable for the passengers but the driver seat is not very comfortable for me to drive. But my wife loves it. Over the road driving is very nice. mileage is good.

- John B

Still running strong, going on 18 years.

It is been in the family since 2001 and with general maintenance has never had any real big problems. Surprising how well this van is made, I never thought I would have it over 10 years and we're going on 18 years. It is super spacious and comfortable. It has 160, 000 miles on it and still runs great!!

- Kristen O

I would say it will continue to perform with proper care and maintenance

My van is comfortable and reliable. I keep the rear seats out of the van and use it to van camp or travel with my dogs. Even though it is old, it runs great, air conditioning is cold. I bought it used with overt 230,000 miles and only done tune up. It has minor electrical issues but performs excellent.

- jose c

Just how comfortable it is for long rides. So much you could do with a van.

I love how roomy it is. Can fit 8 passengers. Removable seats to be able to move things. Good on gas. Wish for more ventilation. The second row seating can open some windows. I love how the spare tire is under the vehicle and out of the way. I have nothing that I dislike about my van.

- Mary P

An awesome minivan! Perfect for traveling.

Van is great on gas has a lot of room nice air conditioner and sound system am FM radio with cassette player great color maroon has a smooth ride we travel a lot and have 2 dogs and a cat that always go with us plenty of room for all of us paid a reasonable price for it.

- Richard W

2001 Chrysler voyager van.

Great on gas lots of room for kids and passengers and or a pet. The sliding door you have to shut hard and then it sounds like your ripping it off. All around great van. Just have to keep up on the repairs and fluids get changed every 3 - 6 months. Would buy another.

- Melissa C

A out standing built van, fewest problem vehicle i had for along time.

At 296000 miles, except require regular maintenance the van has been an excellent vehicle. Most vans i had about 200000 miles the transmission started to break down. This vehicle shift just as good when i first receive it from the dealership.

- Dennis H

Handicapped van. Our relative has MS and this makes life easier for her.

Engine still hums along even with 200,000+ miles on it. Adapted,to become a handicapped van so it now seats 4 and carries the wheelchair. Very useful although we are wondering when we need to replace it.

- Cindy M

With proper maintenance, this car is long lasting.

I like the ease of driving and the comfort of this car. It is easy to see 360 degrees. I'm not crazy about the design of the windshield wipers,they Could have more efficiency.

- Dody M

Both side doors open car seats built into the first row bench seats

The 2001 Chrysler grand voyager se is a great vehicle It has plenty of room for adults and kids features front and rear air-conditioning also is rather easy on gas

- Kevin W

Roomy and almost no problems.

I love my voyager. It's very roomy and the fold down seats are super convenient. The only issue I had was with the Cadillac converter or whatever it is called.

- Jennifer R

The vehicle that keeps on going and going.

Very few problems and great fuel mileage. I did have to replace a motor once at a large price but the savings on fuel has paid for it.

- Phillip H

Its outstanding safety rating. The storage capabilities are surprisingly spacious.

I like the storage capabilities. I like the safety features. I like the gas mileage/consumption. I have no complaints.

- Jack B

Gas mileage comfort and easy to drive .,easy maintain

It's great in gas milage easy to handle room enough for everyone . Is the best one out there is great for the price

- Linda L

It accommodates seven of us.

Our van has transported our family for 17 years and counting. We hope it will last another 5-8 years.

- Amy P

I has a lot of brake lines (8) and when one goes the rest will follow.

when it breaks it's hard to get replacements parts. Like - lots of room and it's higher than a car.

- Patricia R

It's absolutely Horrible on gas. Do not buy it!!!!!!!

It's roomy. It's horrible on gas though. Lots of space.

- Dorothy A

Holds seven people . Seats come out easily for hauling . I play in a band and it can fit all the band equipment and my drums .

Like the room and seating . Dislike nothing

- Steven f