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Blue dodge Dakota sport 'push pull play', gotta have it anyway!1.

The Dakota sport would not work for large or tall individuals, and would be cramped. I am only 5' tall and is perfect for me. Early on would drive 300 miles a week and was a comfortable ride. This truck has two bucket seats with fold down armrest. I have 239 thousand miles on my truck mainly around town miles and it can get up and go if needed. Knock on wood has never left me stranded. Typical maintenance repairs, belts, water pump, muffler, etc. One issue I did have out the gate was warped rotors under 3,000 miles and recalled. Brakes get hot from use, drive thru cool water thus caused rotors to warp. I love my truck!

- Jackie R

Great midsize truck with a sleek body.

The truck is very spacious and comfortable on long drives. There are a lot of cup holders and compartments to store things. The full backseat is comfortable for passengers. The bed is a bit on the shorter side. The interior and exterior are very sleek and beautiful. The motor is a v8 4.7 that is dependable and strong. I have towed trailers with it multiple times. It is perfect as a midsize truck. The transmission is also really nice. I think it is a 4 speed automatic. It is been reliable all the years of owned the truck. It is just an old truck and I am ready for an upgrade.

- Ana M

I like the truck, could care less about the salesman.

I brought my truck at northwest ride a month ago. Know I was going to have problems with the power steering, because it leaked at the time. They promised new tires for the rear of the vehicle, here it is one month and several calls later and I am still waiting on. Stopped in and talked with the manager. He gave me his card and said if they didn't call me by the next night I was to call him. Well it is then next night, and no call. So I called the manager within business hrs, no answer. That is going to keep the customers coming, right.

- Donald E

Dodge Dakota. Worthwhile pre owned truck.

I am really happy with this truck. I bought it used and in great shape. Although by now it has some rust in the bed thats not looking good. It is however a comfortable ride with enough room for the family. One issue is with the computer where the truck will sometimes stall when going in reverse or while moving very slow. Not sure if that was something previous owner did or not. Other than that its a solid vehicle.

- Hannah R

The 4 wheel-drive in the snow here in Colorado is excellent.

The vehicle was new in 2001. Only problem I had with it was the heads. They wore out after 130k and had to replace them. Other than that the truck has been excellent. The interior is very comfortable. The air conditioning works excellent. The suspension and brakes are perfect. . I have not had any problems with the vehicle. One recall for ball joints in 2006 but the was corrected and it has treated me perfectly.

- Peter N

It is the right size for the interior and exterior . It hold 5 people and haul a decent amount of weight .

It is the size not too big and not too small . It is the right height for me to get in and out of . The bed of the truck is big enough to haul whatever I need . The engine performs well and the vehicle rides and handles well . The only problem I have is the paint job which is fading and peeling . Wish dodge hadn't dropped this model .

- steve d

Reliability is key with my dodo.

Haven’t had any problems drivability wise. The truck does have a problem with rust on the rocker panels. My truck have the clarion upgraded radio collection. Performance is great the 3. 9 Is very peppy and provides great power. It is also the sport version with upgrades suspension and the interior is very different.

- Shawn S

This Dodge Dakota will get you anywhere you need to go.

I love my Dodge Dakota extended cab. It is a 4WD, five-speed manual transmission with hand-crank windows. My primary complaint is the Power Control Module and the EMP. I have had to replace those TWICE in the three years I have owned it. Whoever thought computers were a good idea in vehicles should be shot.

- Kathleen B

It is a good size and it is reliable.

I like that it has a v8 in it, I like how high it sits, and I feel safe in it. It can hold a decent amount of material. I do not like that the front end is old and worn out, so that when we hit a bump in the road, the steering wheel is almost pulled out of my hands and it becomes very difficult to handle..

- Daniel H

2001 Updated Dodge Dakota.

Equipped with 235 horsepower 4. 7 Liter v8, quad cab, manual transmission, 5. 3 Foot non slip lines bed. Runs great. Good power. 15 Miles per gallon city, 20 to 21 miles per gallon on the highway. Black exterior, matching black cloth interior. Aftermarket stereo, rancho XL 9000 front and rear shocks.

- Brian W

Reliability is great m, but the comfort is not.

The vehicle is not meant for a tall person. I am over 6 feet and it is very uncomfortable. The seats do not go far back, and it becomes hard for me when pressing in the clutch. Other than that, the reliability of the car is very good. Does not squeak, make funny noises or any of those bad symptoms.

- Christopher T

I just love the fact it is a standard.

My Dakota is a basic 5-speed. It handles really well is the v8 gets about 20 miles to the gallon but for truck that 17 years old I do not feel like that is real bad. It is a four-door full backseat. The steering wheel is adjustable and it comes with cruise control which is great for long trips.

- Heidi P

My truck is a little red dodge Dakota, it has good space.

Good seats, great space, a little small for my taste, good body, easy to drive, some blind spots, good for traveling far or going on road trips, cute little truck, gas is great, stable, good family car, does not have the best for off road options, gets stuck easy, no four wheel drive.

- Haley W

It is lime green has huge wheels and moves very fast.

It does not break down very often, though the mileage is ok, the oil has to be changed very often, the seats are extremely comfortable, it breaks down in the cold winters, very reliable in the summers, very able to pull heavy loads on a trailer the extra cup holders are a blessing.

- Trevor F

Messed up electrical problems.

Right now it is having electrical problems. We are in the process of trying to find out where the problem is. We have replaced several sensors, but the truck is still having problems. Hopefully we locate it soon because we do not have much money and cannot afford expensive fixes.

- Sandra B

She’s a oldie but a goodie.

I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle, just normal maintenance. It is been a very good truck especially for being 17 years old. I am happy that I have the extended cab and I like having the bed space. I do wish I had a larger vehicle to haul more people.

- Dawn P

Great truck with options and appeal.

I love my truck. It is comfortable and clean, almost no rust. Power everything which is nice. I also have a bed cover. I like the fender flares, I think it adds appearance to the truck. I also like the bigger tires and rims. I love the color as it is my favorite.

- Kristin T

Solid little base model truck.

My Dakota has been a solid truck. Great for light hauling and getting around town. No unexpected mechanical problems, just routine maintenance. There is not much space in the cab but that was a personal choice. The ac and heat have never given me any problems.

- Darrell P

It is a very pretty white and it has a personalized license plate.

It does pretty good but it would be nice to have something better. I really enjoy trips but it takes a lot of gas and it is very expensive to fill up. I would love to have better gas mileage so I can go longer distances before having to fill up my tank again.

- Laney S

Very pretty fire color and dark tinted windows sitting on 33"tires.

I have had no problems with the vehicle. All I have done is basic oil changes and replacing tires. It's really a great truck. Everything is in working order. Wouldn't mind have another one. Seats are cloth very comfortable for them long trips on the weekend.

- Shannon D

2001 dodge Dakota slt - very dependable.

Bought in 2011 used. Had few minor maintenance repairs. Passenger window which is electric got stuck open. Had to get repaired. Good gas miles. Good on oil. Nice bed liner came with it. Nice tinted windows. No major problems. Very comfortable inside.

- Wendy M

Very dependable vehicle. It has low mileage.

My door ajar light goes on and off. Usually it is when I go over a speed breaker or hit a bump. Told panel has to come off the door to check it. Could be expensive or inexpensive depending on whether or not the latch would have to be replaced.

- Gloria K

It's a truck but it's still a great family vehicle.

I love my truck, it runs great, and has a wonderful hauling capacity. I have the SLT crew cab, so there is room for my family as well. The only things I dislike are its fuel efficiency (or lack thereof) and a problem with the evap system.

- Tiffany L

It's mine and I'll keep it as long as I want to. No one will tell me when I should get something different.

I love the color and that I can haul things in the bed and can use it as an excuse to not have to drive people around since it doesn't have as much room inside as a car or van. I don't like that it's starting to need more repairs.

- Tracy P

It's bought and paid for. This makes it a solid investment on our life. We spend what it needs to keep it dependable.

it's a great little truck.../very dependable and we count on it. it stands up to whatever we ask of it. We take tame and spend money to keep it running at it's best and hope to have it for several more years.

- Marie G

It has personal quirks that make it interesting to drive.

It is an old pickup, but it is a 4 door. There are mechanical wear issues, but I only drive it around town for shopping and to school. It is cheaper to keep than to buy a replacement.

- alan t

It is very durable,Lasts a long time. I've had it for 17 years

I love my truck. It has ran very well since I've owed it. It has given me a few problems but have got them repaired. I like the fact that it is comfortable for passengers.

- terry h

Good performance and gas mileage it has good cold air

I love my dodge truck it has great power and performance the only problem i've had is the spark plugs and wires and the radiator other than that just routine maintenance

- Cindy G

Easy handling for parking.

Love the sporty classic lines. Still looks like a late model truck. Size is perfect. Has a great turning radius which makes for easy maneuvering into tight spaces.

- Chikako C

I don't have air conditioning and it gets very hot

I like the height of it the engine is very clean it drives great the interior is nice comfortable and clean it good on gas i just feel good driving it

- scott g

It gets me where I am going.

I like that it is not low to the ground like most cars. I wish the back seat was a little bigger. I would have liked it in a different color.

- Cynthia T

Transmission issues plus electrical

The transmission has been failing several times and the battery dies quite often. Also anything electrical goes out often.

- Luke M

Its loud because the muffler fell off.

Paint peels and the gas mileage is not good. Fun to drive and good for hauling things. It goes through tires too fast.

- Dan P

It still runs good and body is in good shape

It has a smooth ride it is good for hauling. It has bad gas mileage. It is starting to have mechanical problems

- Ken K

It is blue and it has a topper on it.

It runs fine but it is old so it always needs a little bit of fixing up every once in a while here and there.

- Carrera H

It's a great truck Its a V6 so uses a lot of gas.

No problems just regular maintenance don't have any other problems with the vehicle I hate washing the truck.

- Jo P

It is a well made truck and a sells for a fair price

It is useful and well made I like that it sits high and has good maneuverability for a vehicle of it size

- mary l

Broke! Always breaks! Don't buy

It keeps breaking down. No room. Windows break easy. A Lot of rust. 4wd is broke just by using it 3 times.

- Katie G

Is a v8 engine strong and a does not waste a lot of gas.

Is a good truck kind of old but still working pretty good over all so I can't complaint is a good truck.

- Jose E

That it has lasted a long time, and was well built.

Dislike: It's old, requires much maintenance. Like: 23 MPG, 4 door, hauls a lot. Nice to drive at times.

- Robert S

Has over 200K miles on it and still drives great. Wish they would make these trucks again.

It drives great. Great size inside. I would like it to sit higher. Replaced front end parts twice now.

- Suzanne E

It gets me to and from, protects my family and its paid off

its old and clunky. The parts are getting rusty and most of the interior is just not well made

- amber m

The gas Mileage is not very good. It is only about fifteen mile to the gallon.

I like the way it handles. It is not very good on gas mileage. It has great towing power.

- Jonathan B

It has gets good gas mileage, it is also has a smooth ride

no complaints about my 2001 Dodge Dakota. I like it and would buy another one

- Deanne K

runs great. like it. love it. want some more of it.

Roomy, solid, 4x4, long bed Do you want me to just makes stuff up?

- stephanie l

It's been durable, it's a quality vehicle, and made by Dodge.

Rusting out, 250,000 miles, 4 seater, gas mileage around 20.

- Brenda S

it gets good gas mileage.

easy pick up to get in and out of, gets good gas mileage

- Deanne A

It's old. It is having aging problems. Every time I get one thing fixed something else happens but it is cheaper to fix it than buy a new vehicle.

This vehicle doesn't age well, buy a younger model

- Freda D