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It is that safe in all types of weather snow, ice, and freezing rain.

The truck is the most reliable even though it is so aged. We have not had any major problems with it and it is wonderful as long as we do regular maintenance on it. It is very comfortable to drive and right in you do not feel the bumps and it is a 4 wheel drive 4 by 4 so we're able to have other people than just those sitting in the front seat truck. The truck has a c 4 wheel drive cruise control DVD/ tape player which is normal for a vehicle at that year.

Debra M

My 2003 Dakota 4WD is a reliable truck.

My Dodge Dakota is very reliable, a 4WD with regular maintenance and good fuel mileage. Able to tow and haul. It runs and drives great and with 4WD, able to go in bad weather. I am able to haul things in the back, as well as the room in the back seat. It has been very reliable with regular maintenance and tires. I haven't had any major problems with my Dodge, plus it looks great.

Margaret H

Wouldn't buy again. Breaks down all the time.

This is definitely not a truck I would ever buy again. Not smooth, not as powerful as I had wanted, and most importantly it broke down constantly. Not a reliable truck. The gear shift on the steering column is a little temperamental and requires perfect placement before finding the right gear. Traction on wet pavement and snow is weak when the bed is empty.

Kris B

Dodge Dakota 4. 7l a true beginner truck.

Nice efficient truck. The 4. 7 motors are not powerful at are and should not b a v8. The fuel pumps go quickly. And I have problems with the evap system. Which turned out to be the evap canister and a bad filler neck but if your looking for a truck for just traveling and not off-road adventures then these trucks are great.

Shawn M

Best truck in the world!!

We love this truck! It easily carries anything we put in the bed of the truck. It also has decent room in the cab and is safe for my daughter's car seat in the back seat! We hardly ever have any issues at all with it! The seats are also very comfy! And its decent on gas mileage for a truck of its size.

Chastity H

Beautiful vehicle to own.

Great vehicle. Good Versatility, off-road capability is great once you get the proper tires. You can also modify the vehicle very easily if you know what you are doing. Also very easy vehicle to learn basic mechanics with. The only bad thing is the electronics are hard to deal with.

Nathan P

Great lines the body style is very attractive.

Reliable, comfortable, perfect size, made in Canada, it is a midsize truck with a matching topper that I had put on, 4 door, all wheel drive, as well as 4 wheel low and 4 wheel high, it has done well towing and on long trips across the country, 4 wheel disc brakes are nice too.

Ian K

Good all round work and pleasure truck.

Sticking transmission valve. Loss of fuel pressure after sitting overnight. Good pickup and passing speeds. Truck is a four door model with plenty of legroom in front and back seat. Overall performance is good. The gas mileage is not that good. I get about 15 mpg.

Pete U

Get yearly check-ups on the transmission. It is had problems in the past.

It is a mid size truck, 4 door and it has a v8. We use it to pull trailers. The seats are very comfortable. It gets about 27 miles a gallon. It is my second Dodge and it has never failed me. I have never had a new truck if I did I would pick Dodge.

Charlie R

I think that it is very reliable, however, it does not get great gas mileage.

I really enjoy my truck. I have owned several Dodge Dakota models before. I think the Dakota models are really reliable, and affordable to maintain. It has basic features for a truck built in 2003. It is comfortable and easy to drive.

Kenneth M

window regulator in a dodge Dakota

regulators on window had to be replaced due to breaking and fatigue you have to replace the whole window unit which was 750 each for the front two windows but they did not match the tinted windows on rest of my truck fixed at dealer $$$

melanie A

Fits short people.I'm 4 foot 9 women..love this truck

Dodge Dakota truck it's a great truck for a short persons.it fits me perfect I stand 4 foot 8 and I can reach and feel great driving it.it rides very smooth runs like a charm.it's a very dependable truck.I love it

Regina R

Even after realigning the tires, they will un-align themselves rather quickly.

I have had the vehicle for almost 2 years, I have had to do a total of $5000 in repairs to fix my steering(which is still messed up), my heating/ac has went out for the second time now as well.

Fallon H

Reliable and Long Lasting

I love the reliability of my truck. I have owned it for many years and only had to do routine maintenance. It is durable for taking on construction sites and comfortable for my family.

Jon S

How to tolerate an inherited vehicle.

It is a good truck, good mileage, not too many repairs, has delamination issues and cannot find a body shop to repair since it is not an insurance issue. I prefer a Jeep.

Dina S

15 years old still going strong

Not fast starting off the line recurring problem with AC line stopping up. It's got 103000 and everything else is still in good working order. I've had about 8 years

Charles N

Perfect combo of everything you need in a truck.

Perfect size to fit three car seats in the back but still have a real bed while still fitting in a normal garage. Bad gas mileage.

Greg S

It's reliable and very dependable

I love the style and the features. I hate the rust it has developed. It is 15 years old and still going strong. Easy to maintain.

David C

comfort inn drive all time

is so great for company and conford in drive for other people is a nice cars ever i am so happy for own thanks you.

Walter S

It is a great vehicle. Drives smoothly and is great for delivering big items.

My only complaint is that it is older so it makes noises and creaks, and occasionally needs a repair.

Tress S

it is my pride and joy, I would be lost without it, it has made me feel extremely safe and secure in any weather conditions

I have loved my truck since the day i bought it. Very safe and dependable, never lets me down

Amy A

My vehicle is a truck that actually gets used as a truck so it isn't pretty but it does get the job done

it isn't pretty but it gets me where i have to go , its reliable but needs work

rich s

It is older but still drives like new. But it is a gas hog.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It is easy to drive. It is very dependable.

Beth Z

It's reliable, very dependable, easy to maintain

I love it, nice features, great handling. Only dislike is wheel rust

david B

It has less that 100,000 miles.

I wish the paint job wouldn't have faded. Love my truck.

Larry F