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Dodge dart - great gas mileage and performance.

My Dodge dart is a amazing car. I average 33-36 miles per gallon, which is amazing. My daily commute has me driving approximately 200 miles per week not counting any additional stops or errands before or after work. I also drive to my parents’ house frequently, which is approximately 200 miles round trip away as well. The fuel consumption is a huge factor for me to purchase this car. It is also very comfortable to drive. I can comfortably fit 2 adults in the back seat without a problem. I travel frequently all around the state of Illinois for order of the eastern star meetings and events. When traveling with others, I am usually the driver and we take my dart. It is great that we can fit 4 adults in the car without a problem along with all of our bags – especially our dress clothes lying flat in the trunk. We also appreciate that I can fill up the tank and unless we are stuck in major traffic or construction where we are at a standstill, we can make the trip – home and back – without having to stop and get gas. This is a huge advantage when you are traveling late at night. There is also a lot of get up and go in the engine. I do not have the turbo, which my husband wanted, but it still has a lot of great pick-up as you are entering the interstate or any busy road. I have over 117,000 miles on it and I haven't had any major issues. I even still have the original brakes! If you do all the basic maintenance this car will run forever I think.

- Martha B

Excellent commuter car awesome gas mileage!

This car is an excellent car! I have really enjoyed all of the features that it has. I do have two children, that is the downfall of this car. Their car-seats take up a lot of room for the small backseat. Yes, the backseat is very small. My husband and I are tall people so we have to have the front seats scooted back. Which makes for cramped spaces in the backseat. My husband mostly drive this car to get back and forth from work. It has great gas mileage! That is one of the best things about things about this car. The very best feature in my opinion this car offers is the backup camera. If you have kids, the backup camera is excellent! We live in a rural area, which makes it hard in the winter time. Yes we do have a truck but this car being the main commuter car, snowy slick roads are difficult. This car does not do as well as I personally would like it to do. As long as your driving responsibly the winter roads are not to bad. You do need to take your time. It does get stuck which most cars do so keep that in mind. My husband custom ordered this car in 2013, it has been a wonderful car for us! It really has great features & also runs great if you take care of it!

- Whitney W

The car with a unique look, and cool custom colors everyone will like.

My Dodge dart is reliable car and it has great gas mileage and it is a 4 cylinder car. When I first bought the car it had a year free of Sirius radio, and the sound system within the car is really good. There is no Bluetooth connectivity however it does have an AUX cord that easily connects to your phone, or mp3 players. The comfort of the car is perfect for a family of three, the trunk allows you to store enough for a vacation. Under the passenger seat it is an extra storage bin to help store additional things. Rear defrost and standard features are featured in the car. however, the only problem I had with a car was the check passenger seat belt light comes on and I have taken to a dealership and they were still unable to find the problem because the computer system was crashing when they tried resetting it. Other than this my car is still running smoothly and I do not plan to get rid of it.

- Renee P

My favorite is the ability to shift between automatic and standard transmission.

My car is the very basic model but I purchased it used for a great price. I love having the ability to switch between standard and automatic transmission especially going around people! I do not like the 4 cylinder engine. We have a lot of hills and I feel like I have to force the car up the hills. It also has a lot of features in the dashboard about mpg and you are able to clear and reset it to see what you get in the city as opposed to the highway. I keep two different trip meters so I can see the difference between my miles. I get about 35 on the highway and city driving I am about 22 mpg. It is a good little car just wish I had more of the features that dodge offers. Like steering wheel volume controls, heated seats and my husband wishes we had the fancy gps radio. My advice splurge on the options. Basic is ok but kinda leaves you wanting more.

- Jessica E

Fun to drive, nightmare to own.

I purchased this vehicle used about two years ago. I needed something that was good on gas and comfortable and fun to drive. This car is the 6 speed manual transmission model with the 1. 4l turbo engine from fiat. I have had many problems with this car from the electronics on the interior of the car shorting out, the back up camera turning off while I am driving the whole navigation screen reboot in traffic, overheating, serpentine belt, fog lamps shorted out, panel for the power front seat broke in half within the first month of ownership, the cars had the ignition coil replaced 7 times in 2 years, throw out bearing for the clutch and clutch diaphragm springs are faulty and screech in cold weather. The car is fun to drive it is got some pick up to it but if I could go back and buy something else for the same money I would in a heartbeat.

- Joe D

Backing up and parallel parking is a breeze

It is very reliable, and quick. The seats and space inside are very comfortable and spacious. The controls for air radio are nice it also has a touch screen radio where the controls can be accessed as well. Bluetooth capability is a plus you can also navigate the controls by speaking and it's pretty accurate. The only downside for my vehicle which I didn't purchase new the touch screen part on the radio screen is touch and go where as I feel like it freezes I'm not sure if it's an update that's needed so the Bluetooth speaker comes in handy for that aspect. The back up screen and guide are extremely accurate for someone like me that is terrible at judging distance it helps tremendously. I also really enjoy the color of my vehicle, the Dart rallye edition comes in unique bright colors mine is orange.

- Anna R

Almost six years later, I'm still having a love affair with this car!

I love my Dodge Dart Limited because it's super comfortable and has been a really reliable vehicle with good gas mileage which is a necessity with how much I drive. Aside from routine maintenance and some issues with the center console in the first few years I owned it, the car has been stable and really wonderful. One thing I do have an issue with is whatever material the break pads are made of as they seem to squeak a lot but going to a dealership or car shop tells me they have nothing wrong, it's just the material but it makes you paranoid. The leather interior is super comfy without being too hot and the internal sync and gps is life. Also the anti dim mirror make night driving so good.

- Meredith S

The best thing about it is the sunroof and the smooth ride and comfort of this car,and knowing that it is a very reliable and dependable car.

My Dodge Dart is a great small economical car. Great gas mileage and easy to park due to its size. But yet big enough for comfort. I have and will continue to enjoy all that my car has to offer. It has all the extras in it. I have traveled many places and have as of today encountered no problems. It has a spoiler and sunroof. I will most definitely consider another Dodge Dart on my next purchase. It is low cost maintenance and requires very or no extra maintenance. I purchased my car off a used car lot. They had thoroughly went through this car before placing it on lot for sale. If Dodge did anything right,it was brining the dart back.

- Carla G

4 out of 5 review on 2013 Dodge dart.

I have a 2013 Dodge dart. I have had it for almost five years. I have had little to no problems with the car. I do not like the electrical aspect of the car because within a year, the cords were messed up, and our passenger seatbelt sign has been on for four years straight. I also had some issues with my key fob and had to replace it. The cost was outrageous. Other than that, everything else have been great, and I just had to replace my first battery last month, only after I left my car sit in the hot sun for over a week straight. I give the car a 4 out of 5.

- I S

Decent car. No major problems.

I think it is okay. It does have some creeks when you turn while going slow. Like out of your driveway. It has pretty good acceleration. I like that. It handles pretty good. I give it an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. We maintain our car regularly. If there is a problem we get it fixed right away. It did have several recalls. It seems the airbag light went on frequently. It had to do with a sensor under the passenger seat! There were other recalls too. Maybe, 3 since we bought brand new.

- Scott R

2013 Dodge dart: great car!

Reliable car, great gas mileage, comfortable interior, easy to drive. We purchased this car used, and were told that it was good to go, however within months of purchase the transmission failed and we did have to fully replace it. This was just really on the dealership for selling it in that state and not disclosing that. Other than that the car is really great. My husband plans on selling and buying another in the next year or so, which disappoints me because I really do love the car.

- Sara W

Dodge dart comfortable drive poor maintenance.

I love how it drives smoothly and the gas mileage is great. There is no cruise control so that I miss and the shift is a bit funky but otherwise the car itself is great. Breaks are a bit iffy, we bought the car pretty new but it started to have some break problems within a year. We paid more than we should have for the car since it does tend to have poorer reviews (which we found out after we bought it. ) Had to replace the tires after about a year as well but that is pretty normal.

- Victoria D

Looks nice.. But it's cheap..

This care looks nice.. and has a lot of gadgets, but overall it's a cheap car. I have replaced my center screen/computer 2 times! Luckily under mfr warranty, but now my backup camera displays upside down.. and it's out of warranty now.. Also, my passenger side seat belt assembly and air bag sensor has been replaced twice.. It just seems like I hit a bump and the car is just gonna fall apart.. But it looks cool I guess. Honestly, never buying an American car again.

- Molly R

Love my 2013 Dodge dart it's a great car and I could trade it for a new one.

The Dodge dart has been a very reliable car not many problems and if I did have problems I could take it back to the dealer and they would fix it. I have had no major repairs done on my vehicle which I've had for 5 years now I've always been able to get into it and just crank it up and go. The seats adjust to your comfort and the Bluetooth ability allows you to take phone calls, you can change the radio station and the volume on the steering wheel.

- Pat N

I love my sporty dodge dart.

I purchased a 2013 dodge dart a little over a year ago. I was looking for a small car that was good for commuting. I am very pleased with the car. It gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway. I spend a lot of time driving so comfort is important. The driver's seat is very comfortable. I also was looking for a decent sized trunk since I travel so much. I am able to fit everything I need in my trunk. The car has a sporty look that I like.

- Laura C

It honestly has great gas mileage and is just an all around awesome family car if you have a small family.

I've only had my car since January of 2018 however it has been so reliable since! After purchase I did have an issue with the turbo and it had to be fixed which was annoying. But after that it's been smooth sailing. My husband drove the car all the way from California to Texas with great gas mileage and no issues whatsoever. And just recently we made a car trip from Texas to Tennessee and again it was all smooth sailing. I love my car!

- Keandra T

2013 Dodge dart se: problems.

Loved it when I first got it but at 33k miles the heater core went out, 45k miles the shift linkage cable broke which is super dangerous, 60k miles the windshield wiper switch broke and 70k miles the window button broke off. Lots of other little issues and 3 recalls so far. Would definitely not recommend to anyone. Motor has made it to 81k miles as of oct 27, 2018 so that's why I give it a 3 out of 5. It has been mostly reliable.

- Shay G

The ultimate, sleek,and sporty looking dodge dart. The dodge you've always wanted.

I have not had any problems with it so far. The maintenance is fairly easy, although I must admit I do not like the synthetic oil that is required. It is quite pricey. Next time, I would look for a car that has more features like Bluetooth connections or cruise control, if that is even still a thing now. I commute 2 hours a day and using the cruise control helps me stay out of trouble. (speeding).

- Crystal A

It has a red glow around the dashboard easily seen at night I love it.

I love my car I wanted it from the very first time I heard that dodge was coming out with them. My car is great but it has a vibration in it when you go 65 mph or higher. I love all the screen options on my dash where I can see almost everything going on with my car whether it is psi, fluids, oil change all kinds of stuff different speedometer options. The hidden seat compartment is great as well.

- Katrina A

Great vehicle to own for a long period of time.

My dart has been extremely reliable. No issues. Common replacements such as brakes and snow tires for winter. With proper care, such as getting an oil change and car washes, this vehicle runs incredible smoothly. Takes normal gas and has a touch screen to navigate through music/radio, heat, settings, etc. I have not had any issues with my dart since I have owned it in the last 6 years.

- Shannon T

The vehicle that gets the looks and mileage.

I love that the gas mileage is up to 34 mpg! It is very comfortable and has a nice interior. It drives smooth and makes sure that if something is going wrong it will tell you on the message board. One time I got a flat tire and it instantly told me that my air pressure was going down. It is roomy and nice looking. I would recommend this car to anyone. All of my friends love it.

- Bailey W

My life with a Dodge dart this far.

Great gas mileage. Without regular maintenance and preventative maintenance you will face a lot of mechanical problems. Comfortable seats that wrap around you and perfect for traveling. Has decent size trunk space for groceries or other purchases. Has a pretty decent setup for a sound system being 100% stock. Easily customized. Pretty quick on the road so is easy to control.

- Tyler M

This car is very good on gas mileage. I know that Dodge makes a solid car and sometimes they can eat up your gas, but I have been very pleased with this car's performance.

My Dart is the Rallye version. We bought it used, but it runs beautifully! The drive is very smooth! Gas mileage is great. The only negative about it is that recently some of the electronics have begun to go on the fritz and repairs are expensive. But, if you can live without the extras, it's really not a big deal. I have over 100,000 miles on it and she purrs like a kitten!

- Mary P

Love my Dodge dart aero. Affordable, reliable, comfortable and sporty.

My Dodge dart aero is a comfortable ride, I get great gas mileage, I love the large touch screen with backup camera, it is, turbo charged and has been reliable. The sound system is good and I love that it has a CD player as well as sd slot and usb. The trunk is spacious as well. It does require synthetic oil but the nice thing is that you go 10k miles between oil changes.

- Jen H

The touch screen is definitely a plus and makes for easy navigation through the radio, satellite, heating/air, and many other settings.

Since 2013 was the first year they rolled out with the Dart after many years, it seems to have a few bugs that needed worked out....i have had a lot if issues with updates, transmission, heating/air, and radio. Unfortunately the only things fixed my manufacturer are the ones related to safety. Because of this I have put a bit of $$ in to my car that I should not had to.

- Michelle W

Dodge dart great reliable car.

My car is going to be 6 years old and this is the first time I have ever had a problem. My brakes are starting to squeak. The performance of this car is excellent in all conditions including snow. Dodge darts are very reliable. I get between 35-40 mpg on the highway. The only problem I have with this car is sometimes the blind spots are bad. Other than that a great car.

- Al S

It will get you from point A to point B.

It's a great car with black exterior and interior. Cloth seats which I prefer. Great sound system with AUX ability. The down side to the car is that I believe one of the tire sensors is out cause no matter how many times I fill them up the light won't go away. Also the check engine light keeps coming on for some reason. And my cruise control only works when it wants to.

- Brenda M

Fun ride with all the issues related to new car designs.

There are a lot of recalls on the dodge darts but they are fun cars to drive and were very stylish when they came out. Tire purchases can be expensive because of the odd size rims and the use of fully synthetic oil for the engine. I am still very taken by my dart and love to drive it. The windshields are easily broken and hard to replace because of the low front end.

- Karla L

I own a manual 2013 navy blue Dodge dart.

The vehicle is perfect for a younger teen just starting out and wanting a manual car. Though for an adult there is not enough room. I have had little to no issues with the engine. Though the hood underneath, the bolts became loose and had to be tightened. The only thing I would change about this car is the oil change pricing. Due to it being a full synthetic car.

- Nicole A

Highs and lows of owning a dodge dart - would still recommend.

Noise in interior, had issues with windows not working within first three months, truly reliable car, comfortable but would prefer leather seats, economical on gasoline, had issues with the recall on brakes whereby the fix was done by the dealer however, when descending on the freeway, the brakes rattle the whole car..I do not feel very safe in these instances.

- Lillian J

No need to Dodge this dart. Reliable and ready to roll.

The ride on the car is very nice. I have had no mechanical issues with the car. My biggest complaint about the vehicle is that the stereo system will randomly shut off for no reason. It doesn't seem to be weather related but it is really frustrating when it happens. The car gets excellent gas mileage and has plenty of space in the trunk and in the cab.

- Stefan B

The Dodge has been great. God willing I hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

Thanking god this has been a great car. You always have to do routine maintenance so other than that god has truly blessed me to have a good car. Since purchasing it I have not had to do any major work to it fill it with gas and drive. I have driven it practically everyday back and forth to and from various places such as work and play since 2013.

- Betty R

Shifting gears in a dodge dart.

I love that my car is a standard as I love to shift gears. Overall I enjoy the performance. But I have experienced difficulty with my clutch soon after purchasing. It is frustrating that you can only obtain most parts directly through the dodge dealership. Even simple items that I can do for myself which greatly increases the cost of maintenance.

- Tammy S

Nice interior. Black leather with red stitching. It gives it some style.

I haven't had any problems with the engine. It just needs to have its spark plugs replaced. It is a very reliable car. It is comfortable to fit one car seat in the back. It has a small back cabin so it is a little tight with kids and cars seats. It has a backup camera that I absolutely love and black leather interior with red trimming.

- Connie P

It is really a good car besides the previous things I have mentioned good gas mileage and runs good.

For the most part it is a good car but there has been some problems in the past few years of owning it. The main thing is the cruise control it doesn't always work and the dealership can't seem to find any problems the other main problem is the radio doesn't always work and the dealership also can't seem to find a problem with it.

- Robbie C

The speakers are very good its the best thing about the car.

Really good car great speakers and rides very smooth. Nice size good for a first car. Only thing is the car sits low so the bumper is going to scrape on things and get messed up. The speakers are the best think they are amazing they are loud clear and just great. The car is not very fast it only goes to 120 mph which is not fast.

- Tatiana G

Dodge dart real review, no holds barred.

The glue on my rearview mirror and my visor is weak and fell off while I was driving one day. Now everything is held up by duct tape because I cannot afford it to be fixed. It was best when I first bought it and all the problems seemed to happen all at once. I'll probably be looking into a different car when I get my income tax.

- Ashley G

Great and reliable car, runs very well!

Sometimes I'll have a flicker of power on my car. I love my dart though, because it feels huge but it is a small car. It is a comfortable car and easily manageable. The extra features (used car)are an added bonus. I am able to get 2 toddler sized car seats in the back. But there's not much room for anything else on the floor.

- Erin H

2013 dodge dart review. Pros and cons.

It does not have any issues with functioning really. I have had only minor repairs done like a new battery and spark plugs and a windshield when a rock hit it on a dirt road. The seats are very comfortable and it has a amazing stereo system and the trunk has plenty of space. The only downside is it is not very spacious.

- Bryant S

Gas mileage is great on this car!

This has the most comfortable seats I have ever had in a vehicle. Great for traveling purposes. This car gets great gas mileage and I always offer to drive anytime we make a trip somewhere. I purchased the all black Dodge dart that has black interior. I haven't had any issues with it so far and I have had it since 2014!

- Monica S

Leather seats. Heated steering wheel and seats. Autostart. Sunroof.

Great compact car. I absolutely love the limited edition with leather seats, heated steering wheel & seats. Great touch screen stereo. It is a great vehicle for long distance. Super comfortable and great on gas. I definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a fully loaded reliable vehicle to last for years.

- Demi D

An interesting detail is the cup holders light up at night!

I love my dart. It is great looking and is fun to drive. I have had no mechanical problems either. The sunroof if fun. The few negative things I would say are the ac is not that great and I would have purchased the bigger engine because her pickup is a little slow. I would also have purchased the navigation system.

- Annie B

Great Dodge dart has twin cam engine.

No problems with the car whatsoever and I love the twin cam engine and how much speed it has with leather heated seats and power everything along with hidden CD player and USB port! It's a great little car and lots of power. It's a car that caught my attention on the lot just by the color. Not like any normal dart.

- Shannon E

Great Sporty Car Good on Gas

I love my vehicle because it is a sporty car with 400 miles and around 28-30 miles per gallon. I have not had any issues with it since I have had it besides one recall. There is some weird sound when I turn, i did not know that I can not put power steering fluid inside to make it stop because it doesn't have that.

- Rex E

Check your facts before buying one of these.

Right now I have to have it boosted to get it started. don't know right now if its battery or something else electrical. Its loud. It also has three recalls on it I need to get fixed when I can find time to take it to another town where dealership is. I love the inside of the car but its been a lot of trouble.

- Donna K

Dart great vehicle and reliable.

Love my vehicle had minimal problems with it the past 4 years I owned it very reliable and strong vehicle very comfortable inside very nice touch screen backup camera would definitely purchase another one if the opportunity came up would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a good vehicle.

- Chris C

Alice, the basic(ly) awesome redhead!

Bought brand new. Have had 3 expensive repairs - two of which ended up being recall fixes, the third was due to teaching a teenager how to drive a standard transmission. Base model with only basic frills (elec locks & windows, ac, cruise control, etc), currently has over 150k miles and still going good!

- Jen Z

It is really good on gas.

I like that my car has a backup camera... I also like that my car has a large backseat... The main thing I do not like about my car is that recently it has had some trouble going in and out of reverse. I have taken it to the dealership to see if they can fix it but they cannot figure out what is wrong..

- Jamie C

It is slick looking, it is fast, great on gas.

I have a 2013 silver Dodge dart sxt. My car is absolutely amazing on gas, it gets me from point A to point B safely. I do not have to worry about my car breaking down, one thing I do not like are how expensive my oil changes are, I am used to paying around 30-40 bucks on one now I am paying almost 100.

- Alia B

Extremely smooth feeling even when hitting high speeds.

I have had no problems with my vehicle in the time of my ownership. The performance is great and has not changed. It is very comfortable and lots of space with great features. I would recommend for anyone who is looking for a compact car, yet still great for road trips-- and a vehicle that is reliable.

- Lilli H

Great vehicle for the first time car buyer!

The Dodge dart was my very first vehicle that I bought when I was 16 years old. It is the perfect vehicle for a young adult who is just now starting out. I have never had any issues out of this vehicle the entire time I have had it. If you are looking for a reliable and safe car, this on is for you.

- Bailey T

I would give 5 star recommendation on my car and the color of it.

I love my car I would recommend this car to anyone that is in need of a vehicle it is very reliable and the payment was very reasonable. I love the color of the car and the interior of the car to. This car gets me where I need to go. I would tell anyone to buy one even if it is for your teenager.

- Ashley B

Very reliable. I had my car for 3 years and I only needed a tires and a battery.

Putting transmission fluid in you have to take it to a dealership. There is definitely a problem with the transmission control module. So it has been sitting for a good 4 months. All due to getting a new battery. Apparently you have to back up the memory in the car when you change the battery.

- Tia G

Dodge dart is alright for a family.

Car is good family wise but is starting to act up. It is been in the shop at least 3-4 times this year alone. Needs new brakes and rotors, needs new tires and a transmission cleaning and a new air filter. Needs new rim covers and needs cosmetic attention from a couple of dents and scratches.

- Kathryn A

Average vehicle, would not purchase again.

Very comfortable vehicle. Great gas mileage. However, key fob went bad within a couple of years as well as back up camera. It's had normal wear and tear issues struts replaced, oil gasket. Sometimes electrical system goes wonky but comes right back. I would probably not purchase again.

- Johanna C

It has auto windshield wipers & bright lights.

I loved this car when I first purchased it but I have only had it a year and I have had my turbo go out, my transmission had to be rebuilt, my better had to be replaced, and I have had to replace the headlights twice because they stay on all day. Other than that though I love the car.

- April C

I like my dart it's red like my second favorite color.

I enjoy my car I prefer not to walk so I like to drive every chance I get when I go out I prefer to go w friends we do everything in my car pre turn ups to orgy I prefer the gmc jimmy for those and overall very fun memories that last long w friends who are there to please your needs.

- Oscar Z

For its price it is a great car.

Overall the Dodge Dart has been pretty reliable for going from point A to point B. The biggest issues with it are they went cheap on the interior. The visor broke after my passenger tried to turn it a little. My power mirrors stopped working after about a year. And no cruise control.

- Bruce J

2013 Dodge dart rallye problems.

I have had nothing but problems with this car. Had to replace the clutch at 58,000 miles. The turbo went, ac blower motor, tpms sensors, speed sensor all went out at 57,000 miles. This car was horribly made and I would never buy a dart again and I do not recommend anyone to buy one.

- Alexis T

This is probably one of the best cars in my family.

I love this car. There are very few problems with it however we did manage to blow out one if the speakers so that is fun. It does not get to uncomfortable on lengthy drives and it gets great gas mileage. How ever you cannot use synthetic gas because it would mess with the turbo.

- Kristina D

The vehicle is fast and it is fun to drive. You can drive in manual or automatic.

Overall the car is well made. It does ride low to the ground so I have had a few issues scraping the front end pulling in and out of places. It has been reliable, but for a car I do not think that the gas mileage is very good. I average 30 on the highway and about 19 around town.

- Maury D

Great car for those who loves driving!

I love this car. It is small and convenient. With great gas mileage. I even drove through the snow with no snow chains on. Not that anyone else should do that for safety reasons, but I have not had any issues. This is a great car, and I would recommend it for those that can fit.

- Shan W

Dodge darts are nice comfortable cars.

Our Dodge dart is a really good vehicle it is very comfortable, it is good on gas especially on the highway, we haven't had any trouble out of it outside of having to take it to get the transmission updated, I recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a nice comfortable car.

- Mary T

2013 Dodge dart - silver se.

Good gas mileage, poor heat for the feet, not a lot of power with the 2. 0l engine, affordable, goes through tires quickly, handles well, pretty good in the snow, decent looking car, with the fold down rear seats you can carry eight foot long lumber completely inside the car.

- Joe O

The 2013 Dodge dart: most reliable sports car.

It is a very reliable car with very decent mileage. The driving feels extremely smooth and reminds you why some people actually enjoy driving. It is very comfortable and the interior is attractive as well as the exterior. It offers a digital dashboard which I find very nice.

- Madison B

2013 Dodge dart limited review.

It has random electrical issues and is very small. It gets great gas mileage on the highway and in the city. It is fully loaded except for leather but the hands free feature does not work and the car is very slow. My traction control light randomly comes on for no reason.

- Ryan M

My car is great just needs a new battery and maybe a new CD player.

Okay so all our cars do need their oils changed but also new battery's as well. The truck needs new front and back windows. The Pontiac needs to be flushed. The Dodge just needs a new battery as well as the Mitsubishi. All our cars are really nice to drive great mileage.

- Victoria P

To summarized my vehicle has some interesting features.

I do not have many problems with the vehicle. I did have some problems with the shifter cable. It could use a little more room. But overall the car is reliable especially when it comes to starting up. It is generally comfortable. There are no major problems with the car.

- Quentin R

It's reliable and comfortable. It gets super gas mileage.

My dodge dart has a slightly sporty look, and in over 2 years I haven't really had any issues. It's reliable and durable. The only thing I'm missing is fog lights and cruise control. And my check engine light stays on, just like my previous vehicle, it was never off.

- Catherine T

The car that looks like a mini Charger.

The vehicle works great I have over 100 thousand miles and real problems besides dealing with tires. It rides smooth and is nice and comfy for a smaller car. It get up to 40 miles per gallon and does great in city driving. My favorite car I've ever owned to this point.

- Michael M

Look around first before you buy.

Many of the sensors malfunction and cause the engine light to turn on making you take it to the dealership more often. The car does also have low profile tires which means if you hit a lot of potholes your more likely to continuously change them which gets expensive.

- Angela B

2013 Dodge dart performance.

I love this car, it is very comfortable and I am able to take long trips without worrying about the durability or performance of the vehicle during that time. The stereo system is really nice and passengers always compliment how music sounds. I am happy with my car.

- Tara T

Great appearance not so reliable.

Very comfortable I enjoy the warm seats and heated wheel features the most amazing sound system with strong base. But not the most reliable not the cheapest to fix. The mileage is pretty decent but not a great commuter car. The physical appearance is a top 10/10.

- Angeles G

It does extremely well with highway mileage

To me my car takes me from point A to point B, but the features are poor and the car does not drive comfortably/quietly. The car has held up well through 75,000 miles. The trunk is spacious, but I hate that the seats don't collapse when loading my car to capacity

- Frank B

Good performance and power.

My vehicle is really economic and speedy. It has been almost 5 years, I didn't get any issues with my vehicle. I can change engine oil by myself and rotate the tires. If you purchase Dodge, you will never regret. I think the company is getting better and better.

- Jason K

Great car definitely would recommend the car to anyone.

Car performs well never had no problem since I have had it and I would recommend this car to anybody. Great for traveling and also great for a started family. Gets up to 27 miles and city 39 highway miles mpg great upgrade for my last vehicle and fuel efficient.

- Kimberly P

Great gas mileage, quick handling, low maintenance

My 2013 Dodge Dart is a reliable vehicle. I average about 22 miles around town and over 30 on the highway. It has basic features - cloth seats, no scan button on the radio, very good speakers, cold A/C, and is overall a comfortable and responsive car to drive.

- christopher p

Always a winner in the race.

I love this car. It is been the best car I have ever owned, it is comfortable and the perfect size for me so I can maneuver between other vehicles or small areas. It is great on gas, I only fill up one or twice every two weeks depending where I need to drive.

- Olivia M

Great gas mileage. I drove this car for two weeks and found no Cruise control.

The one thing I like is the awesome gas mileage. I average about 35 miles to a gallon. I do not like the fact that it does not have cruise control. I have over a 100 thousand miles an just put brakes and rotors on. I also just replaced the original tires.

- Rebecca S

A decent car that can get you from point A to point B.

My dart does have a lot of issues with it. The computer sometimes stops working or the engine has stuff wrong with it. The issues started a couple of months after i got the car new but since I had warranty everything was cool. Overall I love my dart.

- carolina c

Great ride drives nice. Awesome features included great sound with your jam.

Has leather seats with a hidden hiding place by picking up the passenger seat in the front I love it I store my kleenexes. Has built in GPS another great feature. Charger plug in for your phone. Keyless entry and trunk. Nice ride and easy on gas.

- Patty A

It gives very good mileage per gallon. I usually fill up the tank once a week with in town travel.

I like the style of the car and the color, dark gray. I love the gas mileage and the low maintenance. The ride is smooth and it has quick brake stop, which is frequently used here where I live. The air conditioner works great, as does the heater.

- Christine Z




The entire design of the dart beast. Good horsepower for a 4 cylinder, good gas mileage, comfortable. And not too expensive.

My dart has been an incredibly reliable car. I've had it 3 years, only minor problems that aren't serious. The interior plastic is kinda cheap, but it's not too expensive of a car. The worst part is the se doesn't come with cruise control,

- Bryce J

It gets over 30 miles to the gallon and preforms/handles well at high speeds.

It gets pretty good gas mileage on the highway and has good acceleration. It doesn't have a lot of room, though, and my husband is 6'2" so he is not very comfortable riding in it. I am having check engine issues the older it gets as well.

- sUE R

This vehicle gets great fuel mileage and comfortably seats adults.

I like that the vehicle is very roomy for being a midsize sedan. It gets great fuel mileage. The seating is comfortable and can accommodate adults well. One complaint is that is often throws a sensor for the air pressure in the tires.

- Sarah W

It is great on gas and does not take a lot to fill it either.

No problems yet brakes are starting to get bad but that is to be expected with any car, good mileage on gas, perfect for a family car, the inter is easy to clean, drive nice on the highways. It is a very popular car from what I see.

- Porsche H

It is a good economical car to use for commuting. It gives you a good amount of space and good driving ability.

I love the Bluetooth feature, mileage per gallon, and driver seat in the vehicle. However what I don't like is that it is a tight squeeze to get a car seat behind a seat if it's back all the way. Also wish it had more trunk space.

- Amanda S

It may be small on the outside but it has everything you want inside.

The car has all of the nice electronic features built in. It's comfortable, gets decent mileage and is small enough to get around in city traffic yet has plenty of room to carry cargo and passengers. It's fun, yet practical.

- Lon W

Fun car with transmission issues.

I really like the car. It looks good and has lots of extras. The touchscreen is great. The dart has transmission issues. I have had it replaced twice in 5 years. The turbo runs a little weird with a delay when pushing the gas.

- David A

Low to the ground, scrapes the ground when pulling in or out of parking lots

I like the size of the vehicle, it was a perfect first time car. I don't have air conditioning in this car. I had purchased it brand new and was unaware that it did not come with air conditioning. It has been a reliable car.

- Faith W

Love the size. I am only 5 ft tall so its perfect.

Had my vehicle for 5 years and haven't ran into any problems. Great on gas, smooth ride. Stereo system is great. Love the Bluetooth connection so I can be hands free all the time. Would buy same car again in s newer model.

- Melissa T

Dodge Dart Color Options are Great

Only issue I have ever had was after using slapstick and it resolves itself and does not occur unless you have used the slap stick feature. Comes in a wide variety of colors; including colors not often seen. Great on gas.

- Rachel H

It is very affordable due to reliability and gas mileage.

I like that it has been very reliable with few maintenance issues. The car gets very good gas mileage. I like the visual design of the car its is a mix of sporty and sedan. Only complain is I wish it accelerated faster.

- Mike G

Fun car with transmission issues.

Really like the car. Looks good and has a lot of great amenities. The Dart has transmission issues. I have had to replace it twice in 5 years. The turbo also runs wired. It had a delay when pushing in the gas pedal?

- David A

Its economical and equipped with a lot of options

I like the design and the options it came with. The price was reasonable. It scored high on the crash test for protection during a collision which gave me a discount on my auto insurance. Gets really good mpg

- Davene F

Hi-Tech Starter Car for Beginners

My 2013 Dodge Dart has a lovely touch screen device for multiple functions such as a GPS, a radio, and BlueTooth syncing. Dart is a great starter car for young people and reasonably safe if accidents occur.

- Calen W

Great Starter car. Looks good in red too.

Haven't taken it to the mechanic yet. Outside of battery issues which was of my own fault. Good gas mileage and pretty quick on its feet. Heater feels like a furnace in dead winter it's amazing.

- Joseph K

It's the worst car to ever buy. Don't buy it unless you want a headache everyday

I hate everything about this car. I've had so many problems with it since the day I brought it home. I bought it brand new and it was like buying trash. Would never recommend this car to anyone.

- Meghan H

Great gas mileage!! I get more than 38 miles per gallon on big trips. I usually only have to gas up once a week which is really nice since I work about 100 miles away from home.

I have no complaints. It has been the best vehicle I have ever had. I have never had a problem with it whatsoever. It is a shame they discontinued making it because I would buy another one.

- Ryan C

It is dependable and reliable and safe on the road.

I like the black color of it. I like that after 5 years I have not had any problems with it. I don't like that that the oil uses synthetic oil instead of regular oil when doing oil changes.

- Jan G

My car is a competitor of Corollas and Civics, so you shouldn't expect much from it.

I like that my car has 4 doors, a good amount of space within, and a sleek exterior. I don't like that my car isn't very fast and the gas mileage isn't what I want. Also no Bluetooth or GPS

- Joseph C

It has a back-up camera and heated seats.

I love the back-up camera, and the signals that alert me when someone is in my blind spot. It has good gas mileage. I like the design, and the trunk is bigger than what you would expect.

- Haley S

It breaks really easily and the parts are very expensive to replace . Also the fuel tank is hard to open in the winter because the latch freezes shut.

I like that it's fuel efficient , however it's very fragile and breaks a lot . Also it's so low to the ground it scraps a lot of stuff on the road it's not meant for driving in cities.

- Kam D

Great value Dodge dart. Gas mileage is the best performance.

It is an excellent car! After 5 years I still get 38 mpg on the highway and 29 in town. No issues or problems. Does great in snow. Still looks good even though it is driven every day.

- Michelle B

It has great gas mileage and rides smoothly. It's a great little car to drive.

I love the look of my vehicle. I love that it stands out because it's bright green. I also love that it had navigation, backup camera, heated seats, auto wipers and auto lights.

- Raquel W

That is reliable with 193,000 miles.

I like the interior. I like the color. I dislike that there is no cruise control. I dislike the visuals, there are a lot of blind spots. I dislike the size, I want a bigger car.

- Sheridan F

2013 Dodge dart 4dr family car stylish and comfortable.

I love this car its great. Family friendly and very comfortable. Driving it could get most into trouble if you have a led foot. Great gas mileage and handles great on the road.

- Jordan S

My Dodge dart has amazing small details that add to the overall look of the car.

Super comfortable to drive! I would get in my car and drive anywhere! The features are top notch! The only issue is my husband is very tall and does not have enough leg space.

- Leanne D

Good economical, get around town type of car. Doesn't have great power for going up hills.

The car is economical and gets good gas mileage. It didn't have cruise control, so we put in an aftermarket one, which isn't the greatest. The console sits pretty far back.

- Karen M

My Dodge dart has a turbo.

Problem with clutch getting stuck down especially when you first start it from overnight or when it is been sitting a long time. And some of the electrical goes in and out.

- Alexa M

Surprised that it had a back up camera and it has Bluetooth.

At this point we have had no problems with the Dodge dart. It needs to be a little roomier but other then that. We love the back up camera, and we like the stereo options.

- Karen R

Comfortable interior, easy handling, user-friendly interface.

Has user-friendly interface. Sunroof is nice on hot days to get some fresh air. Handles comfortably. Like the Sirius XM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS navigation.


Great fuel efficiency but engine loud and not peppy

Like the fuel efficiency and the comfort of the interior. Very few mechanical problems. Don't like the car's performance in snow and the interior seats are easy to stain

- Ryan H

I haven't had any problems, but I have read that this year car has had electrical problems in the past.

I like Dodges and the way they ride. I also own a Dodge truck that I've had for quite a while. I really don't dislike anything about my Dart other than the bluetooth.

- Bud T

2013 Dodge dart best car I done had so far.

I love my Dodge dart. It is very comfortable or me and my wife. Very stable and comfortable turns. All wheel drive. Very good traction control. Overall very good car.

- Byron E

Beautiful exterior and interior also a very reliable car.

This vehicle is the perfect vehicle. The performance overall is excellent. Gets you wherever you need to go, I have traveled over 1000 miles in a day to visit family.

- Camille T

That it is a limited edition with extra convenient features.

Love the turbo engine which gives me power to go up hills. The 5 speed transmission and automatic combined is an excellent feature. Love everything about my Dodge .

- Cherie L

The key is not a real key, it is plastic.

The Dodge dart is an amazing car, the only downfall is the size occasionally. When I have more than 4 other people we do not fit but other than that is its amazing.

- Andrea A

Cheap great running car that fits 5 comfortably.

Great gas mileage up to 40 miles a gallon on the interstate and can use E85 gas option which is cheaper. Comfortable and bought all upgrades for less than 22,000

- Matt W

The most important thing others should about the Dodge Dart is that it can only seat five people.

I like the dark seats in the vehicle. It feels very smooth to drive the car. But it is a little tight for a family of four. There is a pretty roomy trunk though.

- Janette P

It is good on gas and drives well on highways and in town.

It drives good. It is small, and easy to get into and out of spots. It does unfortunately have quite a bit of blind spots. Sometimes too small for bigger people.

- Sarah P

It has been very reliable. Has over 130,000 miles and have not had any problems with it.

I bought the car 5 years ago because of the gas mileage. I average 35 miles per gallon. The car is too small now and looking to purchase new car within a year

- Mark V

The info about the backseat would be most important: no leg room & no air flow.

It is just mediocre. Not enough power. The interior is too small to fit an adult in the backseat comfortably and there is no airflow to the backseat as well.

- Michelle A

Overall it is a good car with minimal blind spots.

I love the size of the navigation screen, the heated seats, heated steering wheel, and sunroof. It doesn't seem to run very well and that makes me nervous.

- Jessie G

The seats are not comfortable.

I like the good gas mileage. I do not like how small it is. I do not like the full synthetic oil requirement. I do not like the expensive headlight bulbs.

- J B

It's a great car very reliable great gas mileage affordable

I like the good gas mileage its very modern I like having a backup camera seats are very nice and comfortable lots of storage and lots of rooms for drinks

- Miranda T

That it really is a great, reliable car.

I have never had any serious issues with my car. It rides smooth and it is great on gas. Only complaint is that the low performance tires pop very easily.

- Amanda P

My amazing vehicle the dodge dart

It's an amazing car. Spacious interior, great air conditioning, the engine is quite efficient and still gives plenty of power to make the drive enjoyable

- Ail P

The car is great on gas and the a.c. gets cold quick.

I like the back up camera and satellite radio. I don't like that the trunk pops open on it's own. I don't like when the camera glitches and shows black.

- kash s

This car has several maintenance issues that are followed up by many complaints online by many people

I like the looks and smoothness of the ride, and all the bells and whistles of this vehicle. Dislikes about this car involve several trips for repairs

- Connie S

This car is very nice. I would recommend it to others. You get a very comfortable ride in this vehicle.

I love the way my car rides. It is the perfect sized vehicle for me. The only problem I have had with it is not being able to connect to bluetooth.

- Carol M

It gets really good gas mileage.

I like the reliability. It gets great gas mileage and I often don't have to worry about it. I do not like the power it has. I wish it had more power.

- Miranda H

Great MPG, little to no blind spots. A+ safety ratings.

Love the gas mileage, only complaint would be room in the back seat. Although, when purchasing I was not aware I would need to haul a family around.

- Katie R

Avoid if possible, good starter but beware

This car looks nice outside and in. Then the driving the car has little to no power and is very slow accelerating. It does get decent gas mileage.

- Evan C

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the good gas mileage. I like the roomy interior . I like all the technical extras i.e. navigation system and bluetooth. I like the styling.

- Dee B

Luxurious dependable family vehicle.

Very comfortable, luxurious with leather heated seats and steering wheel. Backup assist with navigation and Bluetooth. This is the ultimate car.

- Misty F

It is dependable and easy to drive.

None love it and I got a good deal it is great on gas n maintenance is good too like the idea of having a good day so far and I will be there.

- Regina H

Love almost everything about my Dart

I wish they could do something about the odd actions of the transmission. I have heard I am not the only one that thinks it needs attention.

- Eric L

It's reliable. Aside from basic maintenance and upkeep, I haven't had any problems.

Car rides smoothly at high speeds. Seats are comfortable and it is fun to drive. My Uber and Lyft passengers regularly give compliments.

- Nick G

It has a lot of good safety features which is good!

I like that it's cheap on gas and it's compact not like my truck which is big and long. I like that it's smooth driving and easy to park

- Ursula G

It is an average compact car with decent cabin space and respectable fuel economy.

It saves me money in fuel costs. It has backup camera. It also has a remote start key. I don't really like that it is not very spacious.

- joavanna m

It is perfect for any young driver who doesn't have a lot of money. It is safe for being such a small car.

It's a small car. It is also very low to the ground and scrapes a lot. Other than that I like that it is very good on gas and was CHEAP.

- Bennet W

That it is a great, safe car.

The vehicle handles well all driving conditions. I have had easy and low maintenance needs and costs. Lastly it has decent gas mileage.

- Pat M

I have had no problems with this car. Great gas mileage

I like everything about it. I like the color. i like the look. I like the color. I like the way it drives. I like the gas mileage.

- Elizabeth G

It is good on gas it does not give me any problems a all.

There is nothing wrong with the car. The performers is great and I love everything about it there is nothing wrong with the car a all.

- Christine D

The car saves on gas a lot of time.

I like my car it saves on gas most of the time. It gets me to my destination. I like the car for its model and the way it's designed.

- Elizabeth G

It's a comfortable car safe for families and friends.

Minor problems. Air conditioner. Bad tires came with it. Mpg is dropping. Rattles when you go over bumps. No stair came with the car.

- Frank L

An interesting detail about my car is the color, its bright blue.

I love the dodge dart so much, the color is really sharp, I have a deep sea blue. The comfort level is amazing and it drives smooth.

- kassandra o

very low miles. rare color, almost new looking

love fuel mileage. had to replace the turn signal switch very expensive, the front of the car is turning a different shade of color

- dale b

Awesome car great on gas!!

The Dodge dart is awesome. Really great on gas mileage. And most of all its bright orange. I love everything about the Dodge dart.

- Dawn G

It is a good looking car. The backseats are very roomy.

The transmission went out after 5 years. I like the style of the car and the color. Mine is red. I worry what else will fail soon.

- Christine D

the car drivers very nice

what like is that its new vehicle compared to what i had.the car has air conditioning and power windows. it's very good on gas.

- dionne l

That it is very reliable.

My car is good on gas. I have to get my rim fixed. I hate that it rumbles when I go fast. I have to fix my Bluetooth in the car.

- Chris G

Sporty look, turbocharged fun.

For the price or does not have a lot of features. I love the dash and x. Convertibility features. The gas mileage is wonderful.

- Heidi F

My current car is very fast and reliable. My car get me from point A to point B.

I love the seats the space and how well the car drive several cars but this one is my favorite I love everything about my car.

- Ebony West W

My car has good gas mileage.

It is a very good car. It has very reasonable gas mileage. It is also easy to get around with. Does not have many problems.

- Jaycee B

It has good gas mileage and is reliable.

I like that it's been reliable and hasn't needed many repairs. I like the gas mileage. I dislike how few features it has.

- K G

good car. love the leather seats

Good reliable car. haven't had to repair it yet. i think it will last many more years. a little cramped in the back seat

- shandi n

It gets up to 40 mpg, is very sporty and I look sexy in it

I love my little dodge dart, it is cute, gets awesome gas mileage and has been a great car for me with no real issues.

- Cheryl M

It has great gas mileage.

The center does not have a tone of buttons. I love the large touch screen. I love the backup camera. I like Sirius am.

- Jessica C

It is very roomy and reliable.

I enjoy my car. First car that I have owned on my own. I do not like that it feels heavy. Not much power in the motor.

- Rose R

Very comfortable to drive.

Have had many computer issues. The Bluetooth function continues to stop working and must be taken back to dealership.

- Nicole P

It's very reliable and drives smooth also the radio is loud

It is very small for a family of 5. It drives very well and is really good on gas the only downfall is it begin small

- Tesseana W

It is to low to the ground and hard for me to get out of

I hate that it has so many bells and whistles that I don't use. but it's a new car I have ever owned so I like that.

- Rea L

That it's a very sporty and fuel efficient car which gets great gas mileage and for the price it is a great choice.

I like the gas milage, and the looks of the car. The Insurance is quite high and I have had trouble with the brakes.

- Seth W

Great gas mileage, don't have to fill up often.

Great gas mileage I can go about two weeks without filling up, smooth drive, sleek appearance. I absolutely love it.

- Alex T

The Great wonderful Amazing Dart

I love my car its amazing I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world nothing wrong with it it's working just fine

- John C

2013 dart with many mods to make it go faster.

The car drives great but the computer is very sensitive and difficult to modify with aftermarket performance parts.

- Chris A

I dislike that the wipers have a dual switch with the blinkers that is costly to repair. It is an ok compact car...gets me where I need to go.

Good on gas. Handles well in the snow. It uses synthetic oil which is a downside as its costly to change the oil

- Nicole R

It is great for someone who is looking for a smaller vehicle.

Love the gas mileage on highway and in the city. Easy to drive. Seating is not great for long amounts of driving.

- Sarah F

This dart is very cost efficient.

The Dodge dart is the best car I have ever purchased. Price and performance is an a+! It is very cost efficient.

- Barbara S

Unreliable use of the car.

Unable to run right I got into an accident and now I have to fill it up with water to even make it to the store.

- Barbara B

The factory tires always have issues.

It's a great car. Gets good gas mileage only think I dislike are the cloth seats. They are super hard to clean.

- Darcy H

Dart: The next millennial car

It has a good performance, is great on gas, gets me to and from school. It also has a nice radio. I love my car

- Elizabeth O

It was designed in Italy and has an Alfa Romeo chassis.

it is sporty, spirited and very practical. I love taking it on long trips. It is everything that I could want.

- Robert T

Good gas mileage is the most important item.

Has very good styling. SXT model 1.8 turbo engine and "slap shift" auto transmission. Mileage is very good.

- jim S

Dodge Dart Tires get bubbles

The tires always get bubbles in them then end up with flat tires but I love my Dodge Dart I had it 4 years.

- Angela M

I love the gas mileage. It is a very smooth ride.

The car rides very low, you scrap the front end on curbs, and steep angled hills or the start of driveways.

- Bobby T

It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel which are nice in the winter.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage, is fun to drive, and is comfortable.

- Lesley J

Great on gas. Perfect for small families. A lot of storage and hiding spaces.

I like it's perfect for family. I dislike it's a little small can only fit 1 extra person. No complaints

- Abigail M

The car gets great gas mileage and it is comfortable.

There is something wrong with the computer and the air conditioner doesn't work right. The radio either.

- Melinda K

It is good in gas but it does break down a lot too

I just use my car to get around. It doesn't have good features and breaks down a lot. It is good in gas.

- Beth S

It has back-up camera! Love that feature!.

Nothing but problems. Been in the shop multiple times. Bought almost new. Ready to trade this thing in.

- Ashley C

its small but still has enough room to be comfy and is fast

it's the perfect size for me and my girlfriend. it fits all of our needs. it's comfy and easy to drive

- cameran r

It has been reliable. It is synthetic oil only, but when maintained it runs well.

It rides really low to the ground. The mpg is not great. It is comfortable and it has been reliable.

- Maury H

For the cost it is very affordable car. It's able to handle daily use/ travel without issue.

I love the gas mileage it gets. The car has a very smooth clutch. It's a very good looking car.

- Jon G

Gets good mileage when I take it on trips. The cruise control helps a lot!

Nothing really that I don't like. Love the mpg I get with it on trips. Love the look of it.

- Sandra W

It does not have cruise control in it unfortunately.

I love my vehicle so much. It's reliable and very efficient. Super stylish and a smooth ride

- Tiffany T

Very reliable and a lot of features for the price. Very fun to drive and I have not had to replace anything on it since I've owned it

My car has been very reliable....no issues in the 2 years that I have owned it. Good on gas

- Misti S

I like that it is small and compact. I can fit into places other larger cars can't. I dislike that it is a little slow and I don't have a lot of features.

It's safe and built sturdy.It will be your reliable transportation for many years to come.

- Brian B

The dodge dart is reliable.

Great reliable car that gets me where I need. Very nice amenities. I really like the car.

- Logan K

It's pretty cool and makes you feel like you are in a sports type car.

I like it's drivability and it's sporty. I don't like that it's kind of touchy and loud.

- Wendy D

Classy and fun to drive. Makes you feel good when driving fast

Fun to drive the air conditioner does not work very well. Miles per gallon is dropping.

- Tom M

It is reliable and fast. A good car for highways. But very prone to hitting the number on any slightly elevated surface.

I like the highway mpg. It is very sporty. I don't like that it's so low to the ground.

- Lauren P

Wonderful vehicle, lots of room and has all of the gadgets.

It a very nice car with low mileage, low maintenance, but the payments are killing me.

- Candi T

A mid-size car with style!

It is stylish and has many advanced features that I really enjoy having in a vehicle.

- Tobey W

excellent gas mileage for a non hybrid car

excellent vehicle but they stopped production. gas mileage is superb. No complaints

- john A

That there is a never ending string of little repairs that always have to be done

Small repairs are a constant from fouled plugs to broken cables to stick hold latch

- David S

I love that it is easy on gas. I love how comfortable it is to drive, especially on long trips. I like that it's an automatic.

The most important thing about this car, is that it gets great gas mileage

- Ronda P

It's fun to drive and cute. It's comfortable and easy to drive.

I love the color and the ride. However, things are slowly falling apart.

- Anastazia W

It's small, not enough horsepower or whatever it's called. There's always a mechanical problem with it.

The most important thing about my Dodge Dart is that it's still running.

- Jessica W

The car is q lemon. Too many issues with engine. Car us a lemon

I like the on screen backup camera. The color. But the car is terrible

- Gayle M

this car has good fuel mileage and a good amount of cargo space, good for traveling.

overall I mostly like my car. I wish it had a little more horsepower.

- Benjamin s

The main things I don't like about my car would be the space in the back seat. There is not much leg room. Also it has more blind spots than I would like. I also have the dart with the turbo engine and the turbo is very jumpy when it kicks on and off

My car has been very reliable in means of the engine and the interior

- Kaitlin M

i probably get better gas mileage than you like it or not

It's awesome i love everything about my car especially gas mileage

- kyle g

It is a reliable means of transportation. I would recommend it.

Drives good. Could get better gas mileage. Needs some body work.

- Dewayne M

So far very reliable car. Just love it. Very stylish, rides and drives great.Inside is very comfortable and roomy the features are great wish I had cruise control, live the built in bluetooth.

Very reliable ,stylish, great gas mileage. It drives very well

- Anita C

It is a compact car. this survey is stupid that i have to use so many spaces

The transmission has a recall and was fixed. I like it a lot

- Andrea S

I like my car, however I do not have cruise control. I like the good gas mileage. The traction control light keeps coming on when I'm driving down the road. Has not had many problems.

It's almost paid off!! It has amazing gas mileage.

- Jessie W

I love my vehicle, it is black. It is fully loaded! Great gas, great car!

- Stephanie G