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Best traveling family vehicle around!

I have owned my van since 2014 and it has been a very solid, reliable vehicle. I just now changed the alternator and battery, but other than that I have not done more than the basic maintenance to it. We do a lot of traveling as a family and our van is a comfortable ride with a ton of storage. We have the stow and go storage in the middle and of course the trunk area, which holds a lot. We are a family of 5, plus we take our small dogs and there are really not many complaints comfort wise. We live in the mountains and our van stands up to the many winding hills, up and down because with the automatic, you can switch it into gears to help climb. In the winter, we've never had an issue with our automatic doors freezing up, like some other types of minivans do. . The heat and air work excellent and you can control the heat and air in the front per side and the back can control their own air or it can be controlled up front. I think my favorite part of owning the grand caravan is that it affords us the ease and comfort in traveling. The kids can charge their electronics in one of the many ports and there are a ton of cup holders and spaces to put their belongings. I love my van so much that I tease my husband that I will drive it till the wheels fall off. Every family with kids, especially ones in sports, should give it a try.

- Athena B

I could literally live in this minivan.

Maintenance on this particular car is very low. It's very dependable, I drive from Texas to Louisiana with my children and feel confident. It's loaded with extras like a DVD player and a blue ray, it has 2 drop down screens and the best part is that is has wireless headphones, so I can listen to my stereo at the same time. It has Uconnect so I can make emergency calls, dual ac controls are great. I get great gas mileage. The storage under the 2nd row seats is a lifesaver. Push button controls on my key fob are great for loading things in a parking lot, push a button and the back hatch raises. The first and second row seats recline for comfort. You can fold the 2nd and 3rd row seats down into the floor so you have the ability to load large items or a lot of average size items. I'd recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for dependability, comfort, low maintenance, other than the typical such as oil changes etc.. Best car I've ever had. Trust me this isn't your grandma's minivan...

- Barbara G

Comfortable. Roomy. Decent mileage. Few repairs over the years.

Since we started buying vans, this is the only model we go with. We are down to just two of us now but we travel a lot and this vehicle is comfortable and gets decent mileage. There is plenty of room and we love the stow and go seats. They are easy to adjust which gives us more room to pack. If they are upright there is ample space to put items below and if you put them under, which we have to do when traveling with our larger dog, there is still plenty of space available. I am short and the front seats adjust to my size easily so I can reach pedals and see over the hood. We have had very few mechanical problems with the three we have owned and recommend them to families. I feel as safe as one can in any vehicle while driving this van and was protected by the airbags when someone rammed into the back driver’s side and into a pole.

- Mary E

Great in the snow with studded snow tires here in Maine even though it is just front wheel drive.

I purchased this 2014 Grand Caravan from a salvage dealer for $3,895. Low mileage but hit on the driver's door. I am disabled and needed a vehicle that my Service Dog could ride comfortably with me. With the help of family & friends, we replaced the door and the side curtain airbag. The repairs were less than $1,000. With only 20,740 miles on the odometer, this van was like new. It is easy for me to drive, Plenty of room for my Service Dog. It gets 28-30 mpg. The Stow-N-Go seats fold down so I can carry larger items in the back. I have absolutely no complaints. I would buy a new Grand Caravan or Chrysler Pacifica in a heartbeat. The only thing I would like to have is power sliding doors and windows in the rear that would open. This is more for the comfort and access of my Service Dog than it is for myself. It's a terrific vehicle.

- Bruce S

Great family rig, but has issues.

My van performs well. It has developed issues. I had to replace a fuse in the engine at 80,000 miles that would have been about $800 at the dealership. The seal on one of the sliding doors is loose. I have had to have the motor in the driver door for the window replaced. That is a HUGE mess to have done. Window still doesn't seal correctly, but the pulley system it uses is a joke. Also, the rear passenger door doesn't lock and unlock with the rest of the doors. I love the stow and go under the middle seats, and having the two captains chairs in the middle is great. There is lots of space and it runs rather inexpensively. It hasn't ever left me high and dry, and I did two 24 hour driving stints last summer. Overall I am very happy with it.

- Rob J

Good family car with many technical features and storage options.

Problems: the battery connection is not great and has caused vehicle to shut off while stopped quite a few times. At approximately 85,000 miles (we are the second owners) the transmission has started to act up as well. . Comfort: this vehicle has adjustable seat, steering wheels and pedals. Seats are relatively comfortable. Features: all the buttons to close the doors and trunk are great as well as on the remote. . Vehicle comes with a tv/DVD built in and a media center for mp3 to save in it. Stow and go is a plus. The only thing I really do not like is the backseat not being as full of a back seat and car seats are not very well accommodated and the second row of seats is missing the top latch connection for car seats.

- Page B

Easy to reconfigure the interior to suit all your needs.

I love the stow and go seats in my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan as it is easy to put the seats away and you can store items in the wells when the seats are up. I do wish that I had gone up a model so that I had the remote start, automatic side doors, automatic lift gate, and that the second row windows rolled down at least half way, like my old van. I do not like the blind spots that I have discovered as I have come close to hitting people. I have considered adding a towing package, but it costs too much right now, but would be nice to have or the luggage bars across the rooftop. I did add a DVD player to help with long trips as this van did not come with one factory installed like my other van.

- Denise C

Do not buy this vehicle unless you are able to keep up with paying for the vehicle to be fix. If you do not have the money to fix the vehicle every few months, then you shouldn't buy it.

This van was great when it was first bought. Within the years of having the van, the radio stopped working for no reason. The Bluetooth at the time still worked. After about 3-4 months, the Bluetooth just stopped working as well. So now I have to carry a speaker with me to the car so my family can listen to music together. Also recently the driver side switch to roll the window up and down, and to lock the door just broke. Luckily we were able to fix it after about two weeks but this van seems to be a good vehicle for a short time. After that short time is up, the vehicle always needs to be fixed. It is a real inconvenience to have to got get the van fixed almost every few months.

- Jade D

Love my minivan and would buy another one in a heartbeat

Love the space inside and the stow and go seating The power sliding doors are a must and so is the remote start especially living in a cold winter state. The power rear gate is a great convenience. Easy to get in and out of especially for my elderly parents. Seats are at the perfect height for them with bad knees. Use the backup camera every time I am in reverse. Also glad we got the navigation system and the easy of using it. Glad we also got the Sirius XM radio and now and hooked and a must have in my next Dodge. Heater works wonderfully especially here in Wisconsin where the cold stays around too long. But the flip side the AC works just as good

- Jenny B

Love my 30th Limited Edition Dodge

I love how spacious it is. My vehicle is fully loaded. It has a wonderful flip down screen with a DVD player, great for my toddler. I am self employed so I am always on the road My vehicle is white on black. Very stylish and very sporty. Everyone is always looking. The van is super great on gas. And the space is so great when you fold down the back row and the two back seats. We are a family of 5 and we have plenty of room. It's a great traveling vehicle. Our trips to NYC and back home to ATL are a breeze. What I do not like is that it's had electrical issues and the plastic on the side of the front seats are really cheap and already hanging off.

- Evelyn G

a lot of room, storage space, comfortable.

We needed a better van then the one we had since we became a family of 5, we looked around at a lot of other vans but fell in love with this one because it had stow and go, captain seats in the middle which makes it easier for our 2 oldest kids to get to their seats, and it has a big hatch space! Having this van made it so much easier when we moved houses because we just folded all the seats down and away we went. Everyone is comfortable when going on trips and we have storage space to put all of our stuff. We don't have a DVD player or back up camera which was a few extra things that we wanted but all around it's been an amazing van!

- Cassie K

fuel efficient with plenty of room.

My Dodge Grand Caravan handles very well and is fuel efficient. It affords plenty of seating for the kids and pets, with a third row seat. All rear seats fold flush into the floor so that it also can be used to haul supplies and even replacement doors for my home. It is like having a pick up truck that is closed in. The automatic doors open and close with a push of a button making it very easy to open with my hands full. The only negatives are that the seat covers are hard to get fur out of and the drivers seat does not go back as far as I would like for my long legs.

- Darlene G

Good for travel and cargo.

The stow and go areas really help with storage for traveling. They also help with being able to transport large items by putting the seats away. The back up camera is great to help with seeing behind me. The DVD player is also nice to keep my kids occupied on long trips. The only problems I have had are some sensors go bad and the passenger door does not unlock as easily as I would like. It is also nice that you can control the climate in your area of the car separate from other areas so you can stay comfortable without being subject to someone else’s comfort zone.

- Lois B

I absolutely love the automatic door buttons.

Most of the time the van is great. Love the storage and foldable seats available. however, there are electrical problems with this vehicle. When underneath the van gets wet it malfunctions. Sometimes the buttons will quit opening the doors. Once I went through a huge puddle and the van completely died. I was on the side of the road with 3 kids by myself. After about 10 minutes it was like nothing happened, the van started right up and has not happened since, but I get very nervous when it rains a lot and I will not take it through an automatic car wash.

- Amanda L

Great vehicle for big families.

My grand caravan has been very reliable and has not had any problems in the 4 years I have been driving it. The seating is comfortable for my family and there is plenty of cargo space. We've taken road trips with 3 kids and 2 dogs and there has been enough room for all of our luggage no problem. It does well on gas; I only fill up about every other week with my usual driving habits, which usually consists of just taxiing the kids around town. The dual screens and DVD and blu ray player have been favorites on long trips.

- Elizabeth M

Versatile with some minor design issues.

Stock tires do not last and warp under the weight of the vehicle; plan on purchasing new within 2 years. Trim pieces on both front doors are held on with plastic clips; both of which have fallen off. Comfort is wonderful and the seats stowing into floor is amazing. I have hauled 4x8 sheets of plywood and all sorts of gardening items. This van so is versatile. Spare tire is under the front seats of the vehicle and you must remove part of the center console in order to access the release. It is quite a poor design.

- Angela A

Great Dodge caravan review

It's my moms van and it's really nice for a big family. But obviously not the best for me. Has great features, especially the touch screen and how everything is electronic. No big problems I can think of. The seats are comfortable and I like how everything is leather or removable because we make a lot of messes. Like my sister spilled melted ice cream all over the front cup holder area and we just removed the inside and easily washed it out. It's the small things like that you don't even realize are the best.

- Lily C

Drive a van without losing the cool factor.

My Dodge Grand-Caravan has been a great purchase. I love the automated features, the power, and comfort. As a mom with young children, the automated doors provide ease of getting them in and out of the vehicle. In owning a van I do not feel I have had to compromise the get up and go of a smaller vehicle as the Grand-Caravan's engine is powerful enough. The van is very comfortable to drive and seats up to 7 people which is great when you have children with friends. I am very pleased with my van.

- Angela G

2014 grand caravan uses, needs and wants

I really love my 2014 dodge grand caravan. It has built in gps navigation, usb adapter for your ipod/phone for your driving needs. It can seat 7 comfortably and both side doors open on each side. You can take out 2 and 3rd road seats to have a bigger back area. It has a stow in go compartment for storage. It's a very good van to have and the color is a dark greenish blue with flakes in the paint. The paint is beautiful. It drives well and gets decent miles per gallon. Overall it's a great van


One of the best features is the ability for the seats to fold easily.

The best feature I love about the grand caravan is in the ease of which the seats fold down. The grand caravan drives with comfort and ease. The driver's seat is comfortable with the seat positioned just right for long trips. The dash panel is appropriately lit well. Getting in and out of the side doors of the vehicle is easy for adults or kids alike. There is also a good amount of legroom in the very back seat. Another nice feature is the deep storage in the hatchback.

- Heidi B

Comfort, Great Storage, but Blind spots!

I purchased my vehicle used in 2014. I was thrilled. I love how I sit up higher when driving than I would in a normal car. The stow & go is a definite plus...able to fold down seats to help move family members & find room to pack more comfortably when taking extra family members on a trip. I immediately discovered that there are blind spots on each side, so I must watch out when traveling, especially on the interstate. I wish Dodge could alleviate this issue.

- Kathy F

This is a great family vehicle. It is Versatile and reliable.

I have owned the vehicle for two years and have not had any issues, only routine maintenance. I like the electric sliding doors and hatch feature, however, the electric hatch sometimes fails to open. It works with the manual lever but occasionally the button fails to open it. I love the option to fold down seats and stow them away. I can haul large items without towing a trailer. The gas mileage is excellent. It has excellent reliability.

- Jessica W

2014 grand caravan is a great vehicle choice for busy families

I love the stow and go seats. It's so quick to get more or less seats depending on how many passengers I have. I used to have a different grand caravan that had automatic back doors, which I really miss. The rear view mirror has an auto dim feature so bright headlights don't blind you. The Bluetooth (uconnect) drives me crazy when I try to disconnect my phone from the van, asking all kinds of crazy questions. Mostly I love my minivan!

- Elizabeth L

Reliability and great performance.

In the four years since we purchased the Dodge grand caravan we have not experienced any problems or performance issues. It has been a very reliable vehicle. It has been of the utmost comfort when we have taken it on personal trips. From the comfort of the black leather seats to the comfort level of the a/c and heater units. The only thing missing is a GPS system, for one that isn't good at reading a map, that is a major down fall.

- Robin K

We love our gran caravan it is reliable and has the seating.

I really like this vehicle, it is just what we needed. We wanted vehicle without the extra electronic options. And bought it because we needed extra seats for car seats for grandchildren. This is just the basic model no bells and whistles, exactly what we wanted and is very reliable. Only issue that we have had is using the back stow and go seats. They can be difficult to move from the 'stow' position to the upright position.

- Ann F

Great value, convenience and performance. Dodge Grand Caravan.

Engine is much stronger than I expected. The acceleration is very strong when you need it, and yet The car normally drives easily and smoothly. Fuel economy is quite good especially on the highway. 30 mpg is easily achievable. The amenities and conveniences are second to none. Cup holder everywhere, and sto-and- go seating? Phenomenal convenience. So far I have had no problems with it. I am very satisfied with this van.

- Guillermo G

This van has lots of nice details/features

Performance on this van has been great. It gets good gas mileage and I love the option that I can use E85. The added features like the DVD players have come in handy on our many road trips. Multiple USB charger ports are also very useful. We have a large family so having the room and extras was important to us. Seats are extremely easy to fold down into the floor and can be done by one person. Very happy with this van

- Laura T

Decent price for almost everything I wanted. Beware of the leather interior, it really isn't worth it

I like that it has both seating for all 7 people in my family as well as storage room for my work bags, groceries, luggage etc. I love the stow and go seats and the automatic sliding doors and trunk. My biggest dislike would be the interior. I bought the car with leather thinking it would be easier to clean. However the leather was not good quality and starting cracking and pulling after less than 3 years.

- Angie W

Family of 5 love their 2014 Dodge caravan.

I have had a couple problems with the vehicle in the 1 year that I have owned it. A couple months after purchasing it from the dealership a cylinder head went bad. Just recently (a year after purchase) the flex plate went bad. Other than those issues, it drives great, has good gas mileage and fits our family perfectly. Seats are comfortable and there is enough room for my 3 kids. My kids love the DVD player.

- Nicole L

Great family vehicle, perfect for our family of 6.

Slow and sluggish on acceleration. Pulling out onto major roadways from a stopped position is difficult and can sometimes be dangerous. Jumpy transmission when going from park to reverse. I do love the layout of passenger rear seating. It allows for kids and adults to climb back easily. The show and go collapsing seats into the floor boards make for a complete flat cargo area- perfect for hauling or camping!

- Mia J

It is very reliable transportation for a family meeting the needs of your everyday life.

This is the third Grand Caravan we have had in the last 15+ years. We have bought them all used, and had tremendous success with each one. The vehicles have plenty of space for all our day to day activities, and fit our family well. We have been able to travel almost literally coast to coast in these vehicles to enjoy several vacations. I have no dislikes or complaints about the Dodge Grand Caravan.

- Alan S

our dodge caravan how it's family friendly it is also good for trips and moving.

it is a 2014 dodge grand caravan it is a minivan that fits about 6 to 8 people it performs well with very few problems. It is a very reliable van. The comfort is great Has good a/c an am/FM stereo with CD deck. It has power steering and is an automatic gear system. Great for taking the whole family on vacation with and it is red in color. Can carry a lot of stuff if you take down some of the seats.

- Trevor C

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Issues

Loved the ride, the room and especially the leg room. Have had problems with the rear blower-expensive. Also the sliding mechanism for the rear passenger door. Needs to be kept lubricated. Serious issues with the transmission/power train. Had to be replaced. It was not the transmission only. Replaced that and the shifting still would not work. Engine ran but no transfer of power to rear end.

- Terry G

Great vehicle for a big family.

It's very spacious and I love that because I have three kids that are all in car seats. Great gas mileage. Easy to clean. A ton of compartments. Haven't had any problems and I've had it for 2 years. Even if I want to take a trip with other people, my vehicle has enough room for an extra three people. I love it even though I never wanted the soccer mom van, I love it out of any vehicle I've ever had.

- Jordan O

Great size, automated, lack of strong air flow.

I really love my minivan. So much room! So much automation! I traded in a tiny, manual vehicle for this and I can't get over the size! I didn't have a CD player before so I'm enjoying it too. I wish the vents were easier to manipulate though. I feel like I can't get a good breeze on my face from the AC on a hot afternoon. But if that's all I have to complain about then I'm doing pretty well!

- Cha H

The vehicle has flexible space that can be used to meet a variety of needs.

I love the space it has. I can fit my whole family of six and everyone has their own space. It is not as cumbersome to drive as an SUV. It's also easier to get kids in and out of car seats than an SUV. I love the storage space. I have driven a lot of cars and the van is one of the easiest and most enjoyable to drive. I can't think of anything I dislike. It meets the needs of my family well.

- Tiffany M

Good vehicle but be prepared for the unknown.

overall it a good van for me and my family. However, my radio stopped working. Lately when I am just sitting in the van with or without the doors) open, you would hear knocking coming from the passengers side in the back. I would tell people that is my “imaginary friend” trying to get out. The van also have some knocking under the hood. Now I am hearing knocking under the hood.

- John C

Great for cargo or people.

No mechanical problems that is a lot of room in the vehicle.. Stow and go seating. It is easily convertible to cargo for people. The ride is smooth and steady with room for your legs.. It is great for my wheelchair and walker and other people. Well suited for family, cargo pockets or in the back of the seat. That is great for putting small things like that for a long journey.

- Renee P

You get what you pay for!

There are not enough car seat tethers. Everything is cheaply made. A cup holder broke within a month of owning the vehicle. Cosmetic parts of the car are just cheaply made and easily break. The engine runs fine, but the cosmetic parts are just easy to break. The protective covering of the door wires broke within a year. Weathering strip of on the door came off within a year.

- Michelle M

Feel safe in bad weather.

I love my vehicle. I rented one to drive from ca to NV and the weather was terrible. It was not only raining but the wind was whipping the semi trucks around. I had my nine year old in the back. I have never felt so safe in a vehicle before. My daughter fell asleep watching a movie and slept through the worst of the weather. It handled great and that is why I bought one.

- Kelly W

Affordable stow and go with econ fuel options.

It's an inexpensive option, I like that its American made, gets relatively good gas mileage with the econ button, especially considering its a minivan. The stow and go seats are very convenient and I like the look of this van above all other vans. I did wish it had more of the bells and whistles particularly a movie player, but the affordable price makes up for that.

- Stephanie S

why I like my dodge caravan

i like the room inside, the way the seats fold into the floor or if the seats are up I can use the places they fold into as hidden storage. i enjoy the way there are cup holders and sections in the backs to use. it has been a good vehicle so far. Durable and has taken all that we have dished out for it. I use it to camp in and have enjoyed that the floor is flat.

- martha R

Mostly love for my car, very dependable some issues that are very manageable. Kids love all the room they have and the tv

It's very comfortable. Sometimes when I have to get up and go to me it feels like it puts strain on it then stinks like something burnt. Love all the plugs in the back for charging. The tv makes for a quiet ride with kids. Very roomy. Storage under the seats. The vehicle is absolutely horrible at coming down mountains or big hills as the brakes don't do well

- Amanda P

Travelling with ease with children.

I really love how much storage we are able to use. We travel a lot and to have 3 children it can get cramped but with the under seat storage and trunk area we are able to travel without feeling too cramped. We also love the map feature in the van. It helps while we are traveling to find local restaurants gas stations etc. It even gives us average prices.

- Jordan S

Attractive, comfortable, reliable, and practical all in one vehicle.

Comfortable ride. Nice looking interior and exterior -- red outside, and dark seats. The front seats are comfortable, and the back has stow and go seating. There is lots of room. The body of the vehicle has two sliding doors and a rear hatch, which makes it convenient for hauling furniture, eats. And, a 6 cylinder engine with good pickup and performance.

- Cal M

Family van that does not make me feel like a boring soccer mom when I drive it.

It is very roomy fit all 7 members of my family. It's quiet and comfortable for long trips. It has the option to drive, it is an automatic or standard and has a button to push so you can save gas. It has great gas mileage. Seats fold down for storing luggage or moving. Gets up and goes very fast. Stereo sounds great. Rides smooth and drives effortlessly.

- Christina C

Great van with great features.

We have never had any issues with the vehicle. It was purchased because of the automatic doors and rear gate. It also gets great gas mileage and has plenty of storage room. The DVD feature is a nice addition as well. It is a smooth drive. For the price of the vehicle you receive a lot of added features that most do not include or have to pay extra for.

- Brent S

Recall and Dodge companies.

The only problem is there was a recall for the tire pressure light and they have refused to fix it. I have had it checked out numerous times and my mechanic has been unable to find the reason for the tire pressure light to remain on. I have called numerous times to the Dodge company and they have refused to fix it even after I received a recall paper.

- Michele R

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it has a surplus of space in it for the whole family.

I like that it has plenty of room for my whole family. I also like that it has plenty of room for trips where I need to pack bags and a stroller. The DVD feature keeps my kids entertained on long drives, and I control it from the front seat - so there's no chance to fight over it. The back up camera makes backing out of parking spaces a breeze, too.

- Cassidy C

Very pleased with Dodge Grand Caravan

With regular maintenance our Dodge Grand Caravan has been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Very convenient for car seats and big kids. I love how the back seats and center row seats fold into the vehicle. Lots of room for gear or groceries. We will be hitting 100,000 miles on it soon and hopefully many more after that. I highly recommend.

- Kate L

Affordable Minivan Review

I have had my van for almost 4 years now, and I love it! It's very comfortable to travel in, whether short or long distance. The affordability of it is what appealed to me the most. I would recommend getting automatic doors and back passenger windows that roll down. Those are the only 2 things I dislike about my van, everything else, I love!

- Carissa B

Great Vehicle for Busy Families

Very smooth ride and dependable vehicle. The seats are comfy for very long rides and the folding seats in to the floor gives plenty of space to transport large objects. We average about 30 mpg and in the 5 years that I have owned this vehicle I have only needed oil changes. As a busy Mom with three kids this vehicle is perfect for my family.

- Nikki M

this vehicle is very comfortable for long travel with family. it fit me and my 3 kids with all of our things for a 2 day drive without being crowded

this vehicle is a stow and go which was the main feature that i wanted in getting a van. it has the ability to fit larger items when the seats are down and can fit my family of 5 comfortably when the seats are up. i would like a little more storage room in the back when the seats are up but here is only so much room in a van with many people

- E W

Dodge Grand Caravan has plenty of room.

The Grand Caravan had a lot of space and we really like the stow & go seats. The transmission died at 68, 000 miles but was completely covered by the warranty. I don't like that the second row windows do not go down. The heat/air condition controls are nice so you can split it on either side in the front and the back has it is own control.

- Shannon L

Dodge Grand Caravans are reliable solid and stylish minivans.

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan for many reasons. It's a reliable company and worth the value. It is stylish but still rugged. It has all the amenities and cargo that suits our family's need. Everyone can have their own air control and cup holder. The driver seat is adjustable making it easy for a 4'11" person to reach the adjustable pedals.

- Jasmine N

Great Family Vehicle Around Town or on Vacation

Love roominess, nice to drive, heated seats and steering wheel, reliable. Only thing I dislike is voice command calling as never work took back to dealer and they were unable to get it to work also even when brand new. Also, like the when folding back seats down they are stored in floor. Van is great for traveling, also like DVD players.

- Sandra Y

Dodges best success/ the grand caravan.

This is the 3rd grand caravan that I have owned. I love the comfort and the extra features if the caravans. The best are the stow and go seats. It makes traveling with extra cargo easy and very convenient. Other than routine maintenance, I have not experienced any mechanical issues. They are roomy enough to carry 7 passengers in comfort.

- Marilyn J

Perhaps that it is a safe vehicle.

My van is roomy, comfortable, runs quietly and is fuel efficient. I like the buttons on steering wheel it makes it safe and convenient for radio and volume! It is easy to get in and out of with children and elderly parents. I suppose the only complaint I would have is that I didn't get the loaded model mine is basic but more affordable.

- Eva M

2014 Dodge Grand caravan se

It's a good vehicle for the family with plenty of storage. Rear stow and go really helps when needing to haul small items like clothes or dressers and still needing to bring kids along. The kids love it and it's comfortable all the way around. There is great performance in horse power and the echo boost really helps on highway driving.

- Robert A

I like the electric windows and automatic back doors and my spaces for storage.

I love my dodge grand caravan. We got it for the room. It seats eight people and has room for cargo. I like the middle seats they fold into the floor if you need the room. You have space to store items in the floor if needed. It also has cargo racks on top of van if you need those. Electric seats electric windows automatic back doors.

- Gena D

Our van is dark red and it is been an amazing reliable vehicle.

We have had a couple different problems. Minor ones though like recently the tire light keeps coming on for no reason. It has never died on us or quiet running and we've had it for 3 years. It is very comfortable to sit in for long trips we've been in it 8 hours straight before. We have a DVD player and it is one of the best features.

- Ashley C

If you are looking for a van for your family, the dodge caravan is what you need.

My dodge caravan is just beautiful! It rides very smooth and it is very stylish. It is so convenient when you have lots of kids, like we do and it is so comfortable with lots of room! The undergo storage os a lifesaver and makes going on trips so easy! The seats are very comfortable. I love the camera when you are backing up as well.

- Jennifer T

It's great for multiple kids but it needs to be more reliable.

The motor in the passenger sliding door malfunctioned and I can't open it remotely or roll the window down. The starter went out, I have an oil leak. The door trim flew off while I was on the highway and to replace it is costly. Sometimes the sliding door will not activate the safety feature where it stops when a body is detected.

- Jamie S

Incredible and spacious family van

An amazing car for people with a family. Tons of room for everything you need. The seats fold into the car itself so there's no need to remove them ever. It's fast and simple to do. The vehicle runs amazing if well taken care of. I drive this car on a road trip, over a thousand miles one way, and back and had no problems at all.

- Kristen G

Great family vehicle roomy comfy! Great on gas in hwy for travel!

The only thing I do not care for is the economy fuel system I do not always use it b c I have less power up hills and upgrade! Other than that it runs great and I have plenty of comfort!! It has a 3. 6 liter engine which has fair gas mileage!! Not as good s I would like but it is a van so I have to take this into consideration.

- Joyce M

Great family vehicle, also great for road trips!

I love that the back doors and hatch are all automatic, and the space the vehicle has. However I am not a fan of the center console or the fact that the radio has the button to use Bluetooth from your phone but mine doesn't have it installed so I can't use it. The space in the trunk with the third row down is incredible though.

- LaRissa K

It runs great, is really reliable, and meets all my space/storage needs. Also, even though it is a big vehicle, it fits me - a petite 5-ft - really well. I have no visibility problems and never have a problem getting things in or out of the van.

I like the accessibility of it. I like the stow and go seats and how easy it is stow them. I do not like where the gear shift is - up near the steering wheel. But at the same time, I do like that there is no console between the front two seats - allowing me to store whatever I need there. I also like the storage capacity.

- Kim R

The Great Dodge Grand Caravan.

Great all terrain vehicles. Great on gas and I love it! I've had it for five years. I love the all wheel drive and air conditioner. The sunroof is just the right sizes and has moon door cover. The price was inexpensive considering all the features and comfort available.in love its traction in the snow and in wet weather.

- Anne C

The Dodge Grand Caravan has been a relatively reliable vehicle at a reasonable price.

The 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan has several features that I like, including the seats that can be folded into the floor, the middle windows can roll down, and the relative price of the vehicle. I have had 2 Grand Caravans, both have developed problems with the heating system. The overall quality for the price is good.

- Reed k

Although it's a stereotypical "mom" van, it truly has something for everyone. The stow and go seats allows my husband to haul lots of tools and building supplies for projects, the kids can watch movies and have extra friends go out with us, and I love all of the space it allows me.

I love all of the amenities of my van. My favorite function is the stow and go seating of both the second and third row seats. I also enjoy having the ability to open and close every door with a simple touch of the button. I only wish I could listen to my music in the front while the kids watched a movie in the back.

- Elizabeth H

My vehicle can seat up to 7 people. It has a lot of space. A lot of legroom.

The only problem is the way the seats feel. They are very uncomfortable. The performance is great. The reliability is on the high end. Comfort just alright. The Sirius in the car is really cool. I also like how in the car it has a built in phone and heated seats. That's pretty much the pros and cons about my car.

- Justin F

Comfortable and convenient.

Love the stow and go seats. It really adds a huge amount of space to the van. I have helped move people's belongings, and even put furniture purchases in the back. I also love the sliding doors on both sides of the van. So very convenient. This van is very spacious and would be very comfortable for long trips.

- Kelly S

Perfect vehicle for families with children of any age.

Seats 8 comfortably, very spacious and love the stow and go. Great gas Milledge and flex fuel option is a plus. This vehicle is perfect for long road trips especially with children. The luggage rack is also nice. Frees up space in the vehicle while traveling. The trunk is the perfect size for a larger cooler.

- Julie M

So far so good. A decent vehicle for the price!

So far our Dodge is good. One thing. . No ac in back. It dies get hot. Other than that. . Pretty satisfied. Would own another. Will make sure there is a/c in back especially with kids in the summertime. I would recommend to anyone. Drives smooth. I did notice a jolt driving yesterday. Will keep eye in that.

- Jamie C

Very spacious, smooth ride.

Love the space of my grand caravan. The only thing that has caused problems is it seems that Dodge makes the parts difficult to get to if you need to repair something. My husband even struggles when changing the oil because of the placements of the bolts and such. Other than that, I definitely love my van!

- Melissa P

The blue van that keeps surviving.

It runs good has a great v6 engine and plenty of room with the fold down seats with the cargo storage. We also enjoy the ride itself and all the features it came with for a se base model. Got it used with some mileage but outside of accidents (we're not our fault...) It's been a fantastic vehicle thus far.

- daniel C

The van is wonderful and I would never buy anything else.

It has amazing storage. Good gas mileage. The automatic doors are so helpful. It is wonderful having a DVD player for my kids. The air and heat work great. I love that is had satellite radio. I also has uconnect. I absolutely love this vehicle. I wouldn't buy any other one, now that I have owned this one.

- Darcy D

Good size for families, some minor problems.

We loved and needed the space and seats for our large family. I have never had a problem with the van in the snow. I have had a problem with the tire light and engine lights being on all the time. Had the car checked and there is no problem, but the lights just come back on soon after they are turned off.

- Denise J

The van we couldn't seem to fix.

We have an air conditioner that blows out hot air and the heat blows out cold air sometimes. There have been some other problems with this vehicle. We have a bigger family anyway, so plan on getting something bigger to ride in. To me it does not have enough power for going up hills when we used to travel.

- Jennifer C

Dodge van is great. Two thumbs up.

Basic and boring minivan. There is not a lot to say about it. We move all of our kids with it and it is a great family car. I would definitely recommend. If I was to buy another minivan it would definitely be a dodge. I have never owned a dodge prior to this but would consider them first for another car.

- John K

I love the bright red color.

This vehicle is very reliable. It is fast off the line and has a lot of get up. It is very good on gasoline and I love the stow and go. You can fit just as much in the back with the seats down as you can with a truck. Lots of room for a large family with a lot of pets. It also has a good stereo system.

- Brian L

Great family car with great safety features.

We had a transmission issue under warranty at 40, 000 miles that we didn't have a car for a week. We love having the TV for the kids. The seats are great and it is a an amazing car for a family. Love stow and go seating! We can have 4 car seats and the anchors are awesome on the seats for extra safety.

- Jessica C

A family van that is not to be mistaken for a typical grocery getter minivan.

It has over 100,000 miles. No major problems. We have three children and the interior has held up fair. The vehicle gets outstanding miles per gallon. The engine is surprisingly powerful to be in a family van. It is the 'store and go' edition so there is enough room for the entire family plus luggage.

- Rodney D

That the stow & go seating is wonderful.

I like the dependability. It's a very reliable vehicle. I have it it for almost 4 years & am only now having any maintenance issues & it's for a recall issue they will repair. The only thing I did not like were the extremely cheap tires that were on it at purchase they were balding before 5,000 miles.

- Lisa M

Amazing spacious and roomy van.

Very roomy for me and my boys. Very reliable, black and drive good. Windows could've been tinted a little more but overall I like it. Wish it came with a navigation and backing near the radio but I still like the set up in the inside of the van. The trunk space once you lay the seat down is awesome.

- Candy L

We love the stow and go. Makes traveling and moving items so easy.

It has been a very reliable car for me and my family. Runs well and is comfortable as well. My kids like all of the space it has. The stow and go is also a great feature. It is easy to use. I'd highly recommend the vehicle to anyone with a family. Space is great and the ride is smooth and quiet.

- Erika O

Dodge grand caravan best minivan for price and storage options.

Great gas mileage, love the store and go feature which can also be used as extra storage when middle seat is up right. The sound system is really nice. We added window tints and a touch screen stereo with carplay, DVD capability and gaming built in. Which makes it feel like a luxury vehicle!

- Jennifer S

Running on empty all of the way home.

So far we haven't had an issues with our minivan except for the once created by the garage. We took it in for an oil change and the oil cap was not placed back on and all of the oil ran out on the way home. By the time I got home the oil light was on and it had to be returned to the garage.

- Robin K

It is a good utility van.

Car rides up there is plenty of room in the back it is very good on gas the air condition works well it has 360 visibility the engine has been reliable people will not steal it because it is ugly it is big enough for six people to be comfortable it does not go fast it is not very pretty.

- Ed G

Grand Caravan: Family car.

This car performs very well, I drive twenty minutes to work every day and have never had trouble. Very roomy to hold two car seats and still maintain room for groceries and other necessities. Not much to complain about, other than the fact my windshield liquid does not dispense anymore.

- Lauren D

I love my Dodge grand caravan. It is a reliable vehicle for daily use.

I love how much room it has. The stow and go seating is convenient. It has a great stereo, heater and air conditioner. It is a very safe and reliable van for my family. Great gas mileage. I also really like that it alerts me early if a problem is detected such as low tire pressure ext.

- Darcy A

Great for a family! Very roomy and comfortable!

I love how comfortable my van is. It is great for kids, very roomy. The middle seats are even adjustable for more legroom. The navigation system is very helpful for trips. It has been a very reliable car. I have not had any mechanical issues with it and am currently over 105000 miles.

- Gina K

The best family vehicle with great gas mileage and comfortable space

I not exactly a vain person but it doesn't feel like driving a van, super spacious for kids, never had any problems with it and I've had it for a couple years. I would say it's very reliable definitely helps when you have kids. Electric doors, seats fold down easily, good gas mileage

- Alexis W

Lots of Bang for your Buck

Great value for the money. Stow and go is great for carrying things around. Can easily convert from passengers to hauling stuff. Safe and reliable van. The 30th anniversary edition is a nice trim package. We have traveled all around the US in this Minivan. Great vehicle for families.

- Phil R

Delightful Dodge Grand Caravan

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan. It's roomy. The seats fold into the floor easily allowing for maximum cargo space. The vehicle is very reliable. I have never had any problems. The gas mill Ave is good, averaging around 18 mpg. I would definitely purchase the same vehicle again.

- Dawn T

Stow and go seating makes for lots of potential space when needed.

I like that my Dodge Grand Caravan holds a lot, so I can haul things without having to own a truck. I like that it sits high, so I can see out of it well. I don't like the not so good mileage that it gets. I also no longer have small children, so don't need such a large vehicle.

- Cindy r

Safe when driving and that there sensors that go off when something is wrong or needs to be fixed.

I love the space we have for our large family. The trunk space for stroller and groceries when needed. Most of the seats recline. It's great for long travels with the family out of state. Don't like that seats in the last row don't recline when we have little ones who fall asleep.

- Carmen C

The stow n go feature is amazing and gives so much extra room when you're hauling around kids to all their different activities.

Great van. Super convenient for taking kids to school, sports events, practices, and other activities. I can't live without the stow n go feature. Very reliable and safe for the whole family. I love my van and would definitely recommend it to anyone with active on the go children.

- John P

Looking for a family car go with a minivan.

Great vehicle for a family! I love that I can just push a button to open my side doors and my near door. I love that the bucket seats fold down flat. DVD player is awesome for my kids. I love the deepness of my trunk. Also love my starter button, great for hot days and cold days.

- Jo J

Great family car, and great for hauling cargo.

Comfortable, lots of room for people or cargo. Stow and go seating. Average gas mileage. Reliable. Power outlets up front and in third row. Lots of little storage spaces, multiple cup holders. The basic model has these features and there are even more options available to add on.

- Amber H

Plain Jane minivan but great for kids.

Recently have had issues with a misfiring cylinder at 75,000 miles. Cost $2,500 in repairs so far. Comfort is okay and never had issues prior to this issue. Loved the comfort of a Nissan more than dodge. Is great for long road trips and carrying kids and luggage/strollers around.

- Melissa W

Keeps my kids entertained.

I just got this car about 6 months ago and I have no problems yet, I love it and it fits everything I need my two children and my two dogs, it keeps my kids entertained with the DVD player in the back and they can watch any movie they want it's nice when we go on long car rides.

- Corinne M

For the size of the vehicle it gets very good gas mileage.

I like the size of the van because I can get in and out without banging my head. The seats are comfortable especially on long rides. It is very efficient on gas usage and gets good mileage per gallon. My only complaint is that it has black interior which shows off the dust.

- Marge w

It is a nice van. Lots of room for family and storage.

No problems. Gets great gas mileage. Lots of room for people and storage. Great van to use going long distances. Lots of legroom for when the children get older and taller. This van does not have all the upgrades but it stills get the job done. I would upgrade to a van again.

- Sarah G

Roomy, lots of storage, convenient for families.

Car runs well. Very smooth. Hardly any technical issues. Great for traveling with all the extra room. Convenient with kids because of power doors and TV. The storage underneath is very useful. Lots of little compartments for storage and places for chargers, makes life easier.

- Lindsey G

It's very roomy and comfortable. I love that the middle and rear seats fold down to accommodate large things I may need to transport

I've found the Dodge Grand Caravan to be a very comfortable vehicle for my family while traveling long distances. My last dodge grand caravan was struck in the side and the safety features were impressive. It save my life and my daughters. I will always only buy dodge now!

- Catherine S

The interesting feature of this vehicle is carry as much as 8 people..

The performance of this vehicle is very good. It performs well on a daily basis and there's no maintenance issues with this vehicle. The only thing is it a gas guzzler but overall performance is extremely good. But even though it burns a lot of gas I really love my vehicle.

- Cynthia P

A good van for a busy family.

It is a great family car. The stow and go seating is really helpful when moving big pieces or just needing more space for cargo. However, only having one latch system in the back bench and being off center makes it difficult to seat passengers when a car seat is installed.

- Tracy J

I love the three rows so much

I love my vehicle. It's very roomy and I have 2 kids, and plan to have another so I knew having 3 rows would be best. It drives super smooth and the vehicle all around has been a wonderful experience! I recommend it for bigger families or just someone that wants more room!

- Deborah V

Wonderful family vehicle for a family of 4

I love my van! It is wonderful for a family of 4. It has heated seats, heated steering wheel. Everything is electric in the front for the seats. All windows are electric. I love how much room I have in the van. All the seats in the rear can be laid down for extra storage.

- Celeste O

Highly recommend 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

I love my dodge grand caravan. It has room for all my kids to not be all crammed in the van. I love to great gas mileage I get now compared to my old truck. The one downfall is that the interior is all black so any and all dirt shows constantly. Highly recommend this van!

- Megan P

Stow and Go is perfect for my family!

I do not have any problems with my van. I purchased it 4 months ago and the only thing I have had to do to it is get the oil changed. Everything about this van is perfect. The compartments are perfect, I have 5 kids and we are always needing places to put extra bags.

- Jessica F

Drives like a car even though it is a minivan

Good performance. I have had typical repairs such as new brakes and battery, along with tires. It has a small oil leak which I will have to address. I have had no major problems. It drives well in rain and snow. It also has good pick up and gets decent gas mileage.

- Kelly H

Best Buy for a Family!!!!

I own a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. We have bucket seats in the center, and a bench in the back. The Stow and Go is a lifesaver. We have power doors, windows, locks, and liftgate. My children love the single DVD player, which helps make trips so much easier on Mom and Dad.

- Heather E

Comfortable large minivan.

I love the comfort and size of the van. It is well equipped. The gas mileage is not bad for a full size van. The seats are easy to lay down. It is also has a large interior for moving big items. The side doors slide easy for getting people in and out of the back seats.

- Vicky M

It is rare to have such an amazing vehicle last so long.

I like my van because it has a lot more room in it than my last ride. My son likes it because it has a tv and he can watch DVDs or hook up one of his many game systems and play them. My family likes this van because you can charge your electronics while driving/riding.

- Ginger P

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan AVP

The van having third row seating is perfect for my family. The store and go in the van is a great room saver and perfect for going grocery shopping and on vacation. The Bluetooth feature is also very nice because in the state I live in, it's a hands free state by law.

- Brandon S

Grand Caravans are the most versatile vehicles around.

No problems. Excellent company to work with. Great on space and gas mileage. Feels like a luxury car minus the luxury car price. Love the collapsible seats. It makes it easy to convert into a modified pick up truck. Able to haul a dull sheet of plywood ad 10 ft studs.

- Amy G

The automatic doors opening are great for kids and groceries!

I love this vehicle. Great gas mileage, automatic windows and doors, comfortable for the whole family on long trips. The seats fold down into the floor making it convenient to haul large items. I don't have anything bad to say about my purchase. It rides like a charm.

- Angela L

That the seats fold down into the floor making for a lot of room.

I like the way it drives and how you sit up higher I like having a lot of room and storage and having the seats fold down into the floor. I dislike not being able to see real well backing up and wish the gas mileage could be some better. But overall pretty satisfied

- Becky T

Convenient and lots of room.

I love this grand caravan. It is very convenient to have doors on both sides that open automatically. I also like that the doors also have windows that go up and down. The stow and go seats are awesome! When down, I can move furniture or lots of boxes with this van.

- Kelli S

The reason I love my Dodge Grand Caravan.

This vehicle is very roomy and nice for long trips. 3rd row seats makes it nice. Does very well on gas averages around 24-25 mpg on the highway. Seats lay down and makes it very easy to haul items in it as well. This vehicle performs well. I recommend the caravans.

- Sheila S

A car that is great as a family can.

I love that it has Bluetooth capability so I can make calls completely hands free. Having controls on the steering wheel is also helpful. Having three kids, the stow and go for seats has been useful as well as remote control and one touch door operations is useful.

- Tracy J

It is red and beautiful I love it.

There is nothing wrong with my van! The newer the better. It is great it fits my family of 7 with a new baby on the way. It rides smooth I love my card own side my radio do not work but minor things are always need to be fixed. Nothing new with owning your vehicle.

- Andrew L

Lots of storage underneath the seats

Enough space for passengers and bags. Extra stormy underneath the seats. Quiet engine. You can fold the seats and turn to a big trunk. Good for trips or big families. Comfortable to drive. Good for kids car seat. Mirror so you can look all the way behind the driver

- Isabel G

Great van for families or anybody needing traveling room.

This car is perfect if you have kids who need separating on long car trips. Also the seats in the back go down for stow and go meaning you can use the van to move things with ease. It has a good amount of airbags and the sound quality of the speakers is fantastic.

- Kelly K

A reliable, comfortable family car.

I enjoy this van because it has been very reliable. It is quite comfortable. I love all the storage space, especially with all seats stowed. It drives smoothly and easily. To this point it has needed few repairs needed and the maintenance had been fairly easy.

- Jennifer S

Plenty of Great storage available.

I love the amount of room available for kids. The storage that I have under the seats. The versatility and space available by moving and folding the seats makes it easy to travel or just load things for transport. Deep floors to store under floors or in back also

- Megan B

My 2014 dodge grand caravan.

It runs good. Its spacious and big enough for my family. Comfortable on long road trips. However, I wish the middle windows rolled down, wish the air conditioning cooled in faster, wish it had Bluetooth and GPS and with the doors opened and closed using a button.

- Cynthia A

Great minivan-grand caravan.

It is a great car with lots of room. I wish it would get a little better miles to the gallon or that there was a hybrid vehicle. It has lots of room. It is reliable and very comfortable. No major problems. I would definitely buy the vehicle again. Great minivan.

- Marc F

Dependable with ample storage.

My Grand Caravan is pretty basic, with little to no add-on features. So far it has been reliable with no required repairs. Decent gas mileage, could be better. I love the stow and go seats, very user friendly. Vehicle is spacious and works well for our family.

- Katie G

Overall it is probably one of the best bands they make.

I actually like my vehicle. But it has a lot of unknown dings in it. I bought it used and it has bad tires. It does have a lot of pick up and go through. It has over 130,000 miles but it still seems to have a good engine. I like this stone go seats very much.

- Beverly O

Very easy to maintain and very comfortable to travel in with all the room.

Best car we have ever had. Very comfortable. . Great gas mileage. . . Low maintenance. The van is very easy to drive, very easy to take care of and rides like a dream, we love the room it has because we like to have our grandkids with us as much as possible.

- Nancy R

I love the look of the Dodge grand caravan! The way it drives is nice.

This van has been great! I will get another one of the price is right when we are in need of a new van. We do have had some problems with the brake light icon coming on inside the car as we are driving (the break is not engaged when this happens). Love it!

- Christy C

The van with options for room in the back

Our van is very comfortable and great to drive. We have enough room for our growing family and we love the stow and go options for more room during vacations, moves, ect. One of my favorite features is the buttons to close the sliding doors and the trunk.

- Kayla C

Seating versatility makes the Dodge Grand Caravan a good choice for families.

The stow and go seating in my van makes it easy to change the layout of the van based on what or who I need to haul. It has enough amenities to make it fun to drive. The only thing I'm not fond of is the interior is black and it shows sand all the time.

- laura w

Nice family friendly vehicle.

I haven't had many problems with my vehicle. It has been very reliable. The original tires lasted 4 years. Haven't had to do much to car other than the normal upkeep of a vehicle. The kids complain that the only air vents are in the front of the vehicle.

- Carrie C

Stow 'n Go is a lifesaver!

Once I bought this can with stow n go, I decided I'll never buy another type of van! With 3 kids and a dog, it's so easy to change seating configurations to make it more comfy for everyone. We have performed basic maintenance and have had zero trouble.

- Michele C

Black with black leather. Power locks and windows. Has navigation/DVD player.

Great family car! Plenty of room. Love the navigation system. Comfortable even for people with long legs. No blind spots and rides smooth. Love the stow and go seats. Works out to be the size of a pickup bed when seats are down. . . Great for hauling.

- Gina K

It's a great value and versatile -- good for work, kids, road trips.

I love that I can see over the cars in front of me. It's big enough to transport all my kids, groceries, work materials, etc., but not so huge as to be hazardous. Good gas mileage. I do wish it had a back up camera, but other than that, I love my car.

- Christine Q

Great van for work or family use. Great van for the money!!

It is great for people who do farm markets, craft shows, or kids around. Has room in back for tables, chairs and a canopy plus boxes of products. I can care three or four people as well. Great on gas mileage. I can use e85 or reg. Gas in this van.

- Elizabeth S

The caravan has tons of storage and all the seats tuck into the floor.

One problem is that it is not too great on gas mileage. Good things about the Dodge caravan is that it is very comfortable. Big enough for a family of six. I love the rear view camera that helps you see what's behind you. Overall great family car.

- Amber M

The car is larger and a bit difficult to park in smaller spaces.

My favorite thing about the Dodge Caravan is the amount of space! I love the fact that there is enough space for everyone to get our mail. Also love sliding doors is very convenient when trying to get for children in the car at the same time.

- Pamela A

The door sensors don't work properly in the heat.

I love that it's a minivan, the sliding doors eliminate the worry of kids flinging their door into another vehicle. It's cheaply made and we have had several pieces fall off or crack. We've also had difficulty with the sliding door sensors.

- Christina L

It is AMAZING! There is a TON of room in the vehicle, plenty of room inside for people and plenty of room in the back for groceries or sports equipment as well.

I have only had my vehicle for a couple weeks now, so it is still pretty new to me. I think my only dislike would be that it is not all wheel drive. I have been loving the power sliding doors since I have multiple children in carseats!

- Heather B

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan great family vehicle.

We have liked our van due to having a big family. Great gas mileage. We have had trouble with the o2 sensor in our van. It has been broke down 4 separate times and each time the dealership couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

- Jill E

Lots of storage for travel. USB ports in back and up front.

Very nice vehicle. Only problem is the back windows don't open because of recall and the weather stripping is falling off. But with 5 kids I wish it was bigger. Love the sliding doors. I hope one day they'll put them on a suburban.

- Jackie D

Great gas mileage and plenty of seating for an expanding family.

It has plenty of room for my family. The gas mileage is great for a low income family like mine. My only complaint is that I do not have a tow bar, or hitch, and very little room for camping supplies with 3 kids in car seats

- Amber B

It fits a family nicely and comfortably. It is a good size, but still gets good gas mileage.

I like that my minivan has somewhat of an suv look to it. It has backup sensors which are very useful. It also has adjustable pedals and automatic doors. I don't like that it has black interior because it looks dirty quickly.

- Jessica S

If you are a person that wants a car with fantastic gas mileage this is not one for you

Along with myself and my wife we have to somewhat large dogs the sometime travel with us and each one of us have our own seat with plenty of room. Have not had any problems other than age related that you have with any car

- James M

Easy set up for multiple car seats with a captain chair option.

A great vehicle. We love our captain style seats and stow away options for our growing family. This vehicle gets decent mileage on long trips. We like the option of using flex fuel, which helps when gas prices get higher.

- Nicole Y

The stow and go feature is amazing! I fold down one seat in the second row to fit my once a month grocery haul!

I love all the room we have! The second and third rows fold all the way down. We can store things under the seats when they are up. The two front seats are not comfortable at all! Needs more lumbar support for us parents.

- Trisha O

It Runs! (And I no longer drive a vehicle old enough to vote)

It's a replacement for a 1996 Dodge Caravan that we loved. This one is bottom of the line, and isn't as high quality of a vehicle with as many upgrades as our previous van. But, it's newer, with better mechanical parts.

- Jennifer J

It has a fairly smooth ride, and is roomy. It is a reliable vehicle and the local dealer is very reputable.

I like that it has a lot of room to haul things. I like that it sits up higher than a car. I don't like that the fact that it really isn't "cool" to drive a minivan. I don't like that it is not great on gas.

- Cindy P

Its reliable. We do like that it always starts. It does well in the snow.

It fits our family very well, The only thing is the back seat isn't very useful for car seats. Sometimes they don't buckle in well and we do need to have some back there so we have to adjust and move around.

- Karen C

I have been economical to run and still does what I need it to do.

I love the van. It has been very reliable, except when the transmission went out at after 130,000 miles. It hauls everything I need it to and tows our camper. And can get up to 30 miles to the gallon of gas!

- Lowell T

It drives well and is perfect for a family with small children, or families that need space for sports equipment.

I love my van! There are sliding doors on both sides that are automatic which makes getting the kids in and out very easy. I have a hard time remembering how to set the cruise control but otherwise love it!

- Sam B

Comfortable and Versatile

The stow and go seats really make this a versatile vehicle. I love the ability to move the gas and brake pedals forward and with the power seat I am able to drive and see out of the vehicle comfortably.

- Belinda B

Greatly increased horsepower means this van can scoot.

A comfortable driver for a tall person. This model year has significantly increased horsepower which is welcome. Front and rear AC make Texas summers tolerable. Cruise control will be nice for a road trip.

- Daniel E

Great storage space for taking long trips or having multiple kids.

I love the cargo space that my van has, and the comfortable seating with the stow and go. I don't like that the back row middle seat is barely a seat, no one can really fit in it, let alone be comfortable.

- Ashley A

The radio is a "uconnect" and historically stops working after a couple of years. A replacement is about $500 - $1,000.

I like that I have not had any major issues. I do not like that the radio has broken and the window switch has broken. Also, there cheap plastic embellishments in the interior that are now broke as well.

- Michelle D

That the transmission isn't smooth

I like all the room it has for my family. The stow and go storage is great for when we go on vacation. The only thing I don't like is the transmission. It drives very jerky and it worries me at times.

- Alesha R

It is the best way to travel with a family.

I said I would never drive a minivan. However having three kids it makes it easiest for traveling and sporting events. I do like that both the side doors and the back door open at the push of a button.

- Chris S

Rides like a luxury car with room for the family and loads of storage

Tons of room, lots of storage. I like that there is extra hidden cargo storage and seating for 7. It is all windows with very few blind spots. The van rides like a luxury car with the room for a family

- Patti W

It is reliable and spacious.

I love the reliability of it, it is never given me any problems. As our family has gotten older i have found it is too big for us and that is the only downfall, other then that i absolutely love it!.

- Kaitlyn M

It has the space needed for a family with children.

I love that I can easily fit all 3 of my kids and everyone has plenty of legroom. I also LOVE the remote key that can open all the doors with a push of a button. Lastly, I love how smoothly it rides.

- Kat M

It has a poor transmission but is otherwise a nice minivan.

I like that it is very spacious inside and that everyone fits. Despite Its size, it handles more like a car than a truck. I also like the entertainment center. I don't like that it doesn't have AWD.

- Greg T

Spacious with so many options

Love the spaciousness of the Grand Caravan. Love that it has lots of seating options but also everything shows so easily and quickly for other options. It drives nice. Haven't had any repair issues.

- Katie S

Tons of storage for riders and personal belongings.

I love all the space and stow and go seating. I wish the parts that set the seats (plastic) were sturdier, they have cracked under normal use. I love the automatic doors. I wish it had a tow hitch.

- Meggie H

It is an efficient and cost effective vehicle. It has given us no mechanical or electrical problems. We are very satisfied with it.

My van handles nicely and has plenty of space for the family plus luggage. This makes it an exceptionally useful vehicle because we travel often. It is economical and comfortable to drive or ride.

- Donald E

7 passenger van with stow and go

I really enjoy All the space. Has 7 seats rear and front air conditioning heating that can be monitored either up front or in the back the seats are stow and go makes it very easy from shopping

- Stacey R

Dodge still has a transmission issue. I had a caravan from the 90s. I remember all the transmission issues. I'm thinking my 2014 will have the same issues.

I LOVE the stow and go seating and the gas mileage is decent. I dislike how the transmission seems finicky, and it seemed, at the beginning, like it needed an awful lot of repairs for a new car.

- Ra A

It has been a really good car so far!

We really like our Grand caravan. We have a great video system for long trips with kids and stow n go which lets us move seats around to accommodate other people or large thing we have to move.

- Alison B

My vehicle is user friendly; it has seats that fold all the way down into the floor for a flat surface.

I don't like owning a van, but it was the only affordable vehicle we could purchase that could hold 3 car seats with the latch system. I love my van now. It is the best vehicle for my family.

- Sherylin D

Comfortable and lots of room to carry people and or furniture.

I like the room to carry 6 of my 8 grandchildren I do not like the carpeting or upholstery to hard to keep clean I do not like that it is not an open view all around as my Honda odysseys was.

- Lucy G

The stow and go seats are amazing for storage, and created a ton of cargo room.

I love the cargo room in my minivan and it rides really smooth. The interior is comfortable and love the remote start. One thing I don't like is the radio antenna, it's so old and old style.

- Christine F

It has convenient stow and go seating. It operates well. It has very good sound quality. It does not get very good gas mileage.

I like that it is long enough to fit our tandem bicycle in. I also like the stow and go seating. However, the seat is not very comfortable. The gas mileage is not as good as I expected.

- Naomi H

It is a good all around vehicle. It has a lot of room and gets good gas mileage.

I like all the room my van has. I like the way it drives and it has plenty of power. It also goes well in the snow. One thing I did not like is it needed new brake rotors at 11000 miles.

- Robert G

Has a lot of pep for a van. It can really accelerate when needing to pass.

Great van that really holds a lot of luggage when we are traveling. Love the stow-and-go seats, so that when we get to our destination and unload the luggage, there is room for 6 people.

- Joanne T

Efficient and looks good.

The car has a multitude of elements that are great for not only the driver, but the passengers as well. Such includes multiple charging stations, backseat ac control, and movie screens.

- Brenda W

If you can afford a fancy van, go for it. If not, go for this.

It has been very reliable. Seats are comfortable, great for large families. One complaint I have is that the built-in NAV system stopped working one day and now requires an upgrade. $$$

- Mary K

It has good gas mileage, drives nice and is reliable.

Love the stow and go storage and how the seats fold flush in the floor. Real smooth drive. Nice that oil changes are not as frequent as older model vehicles. Very roomy and comfortable.

- Sheryl B

It is a good family vehicle.

My minivan is just ok. It drives like a truck, not very smooth and it just has basic features. However, it is pretty spacious and fairly reliable. I like the stow and go seating.

- Deb P

Storage, storage, storage it's been amazing! If you have a family, this is the best go to vehicle. Highly recommend if you travel a lot!

I like the space of the vehicle. The store and go makes traveling so much easier with kids and pets, hello storage! I don't like how loud the vehicle is when driving on highways.

- Liz A

It has been very dependable with no major problems.

The Dodge Caravan that I drive is very roomy and comfortable. It has stow and go seats that make it possible to haul lots of sports equipment. I do wish it had a back-up camera.

- Wilma H

Good family vehicle with minor issues

I love the features. It is a safe vehicle and convenient and roomy for a large family. It does seem to have quite a few electrical issues and service lights that always come on.

- Melissa L

Perfect and comfy for those long trips when you have a big family.

Perfect for my family, also comfortable. DVD player for kids to enjoy in those long trips. Very roomy and you also have the option to stow away the seats for more room.

- Ashley M

It's very reliable and safe.

It handles great. Perfect for my big family. Very easy to drive despite the size. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who has a big family and needs lots of space.

- Evan T

Smooth driving minivan perfect for a family.

I cannot think of any issues with this car, except there not being more car seat hooks in the 3rd row. It is a smooth driving van and accommodates my family very well.

- Kari A

Dents and all, it is a good reliable machine.

Great spacious family van, but could be better on mileage. Likewise, the large internal space means it takes to long to cool down the interior in the hot Texas summer.

- Bobby S

This van is affordable and reliable. It can tow and store.

I love the price, dependency, and convenient this vehicle. I have never had any problems with this van. Is not super expensive so it is affordable for my large family.

- Natasha F

Our van fits our 2 children and 2 in-home daycare children comfortably. There is plenty of room to keep the van stocked with snacks, toys, extra clothes and diapers, etc. This saves me so much time on daily trips because I don't have to over pack a diaper bag for every trip. We love it.

It is very roomy. Lots of space for storage and bulky car seats. The stow and go seats are also a nice feature because it allows for even more space inside the van.

- Nicole G

For the size of the vehicle, it gets amazing gas mileage.

I like the way the van drives. It gets great gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. It is difficult to work on because there is not much space under the hood.

- Brad M

It's a decent car. No major issues so far in the past few years

In general I like the car. It fits all of us inside; As soon as the warranty ended, warning lights started to come on. It's not too fancy, but gets the job done.

- Susan S

Go! Go! Stow-and-Go Seating

We bought our pre-owned Grand Caravan about a year ago. It has been a very reliable vehicle. We love the stow-and-go seating when we are packing for road trips.

- John C

It gets great gas mileage.

Like the leather captain chairs and they the seats fold down. Great gas mileage. Automatic doors. Do not like it is all black. Sometimes does not get up and go.

- Elise D

It is very spacious for 2 or more kids. This vehicle is super easy to transform into a open back and you can always pull the seats back up

I like the room and the ability to store stuff under the seats. I love the way it handles, and how it rides on the highway. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Joe S

Great for large families or transporting goods!

Very roomy, comfortable with a family and a lot of room for shopping and transporting! The folding seats make extra room or extra seating for more passengers.

- Dawn G

Excellent fuel economy. You asked me the one most important thing yet require 50 letters. That's ridiculous.

Like captains chairs. Like leather seats. Like remote start and fuel economy. Don't like no arm rest on both sides of front seat. Don't like no heated seats.

- Elise D

All the back seats fold completely flat into the floorboard.

I like that we have room. There is plenty of space for our 4 person family and a few friends. I don't like the fabric and how delicate the middle seats are.

- Lynsey N

The safety standard is very good. there are airbags all over. not enough room for big dogs. Good for long trips.

I am not a fan of mini vans. But we had to purchase it for the room. In my opinion though there is still not enough room. It it good on gas which is a plus.

- michele h

Very long car. Parallel parking can get tight.

Large, holds seven people comfortably very spacious, affordable and reliable. Proper maintenance and no major issues. Air conditioned from front to back.

- Aussie F

It is very Reliable. Gives no problems. Can drive many miles.

Have had not problems. Wish it had roof lights where passengers can switch on and off themselves instead of having the whole function in the drivers side

- marisol b

The Dodge Grand Caravan meets the needs of all people-from the busy parent to the adventurous traveler!

I think the Dodge is reliable and durable for travel or work. It is roomy enough to fit a family comfortably. This van is the best vehicle I have owned!

- Cristy S

I love The Grand Caravan & will continue to purchase this vehicle in the future.

this vehicle has the R/T package. It has been a very reliable vehicle. It is super comfortable for traveling, room to pack everything needed for trips.

- Linda F

Great riding vehicle. Lots of room.

I like the room that we have. It is comfortable for daily driving as well as long trips. The leather seats the leather interior makes it ease to clean.

- Ad S

It is a jeep. I thought they were durable. Does not seem so durable.

It sits up high and I can see very well around me. I have a big family and with seating for 7 its very nice. I also have room for storage on vacation.

- Michelle F

It has lots of room for growing families.

I love how much space we have. There is a lot of storage under the seats and in the back. I love the DVD for long trips. I wish there was a sunroof.

- Jordan S

It was easy to modify for transporting me in a wheelchair.

I have the van modified for my wheelchair. It is an easy vehicle for the numerous people who drive me to use. It's a good value for what you get.

- Sheila P

It is versatile for everyone to get what they need.

I love that the seats never have to come out. Fold and go is the best. Everything is easy to switch around and plenty of room for everything I need

- Robin L

It can be used for many different purposes, from people to cargo.

It is a very functional vehicle that can be used for many different functions. It's a very good road trip car. It can also handle a lot of cargo.

- Gary B

Lot of issues, air conditioning, mechanical doors , so I belive are better vehicle with excellent features

Not work the way I would like it, air conditioning is not working properly, the automatic doors also not work, but has great space when traveling

- Dulce m

Dodge has a transmission problem and have not figured it out yet. They also have poor customer service!

Transmission blew on the van with only 60,000 miles on it. Both dealership and company giving us the run around and going back on what they said!

- Rebecca M

It drives well. The separate climate controls are good.

This car is very comfortable. The stowaway seats are very nice. The gas mileage is poor. There is adequate leg room in the back and front seats.

- Susan V

The seats fold flat for storage.

Like cargo room; room for car seats; sits up off the ground; tailgate rather than trunk; seats fold down for more storage. Dislike gas mileage.

- Cindy J

Lots of storage under the floorboards, but it can be difficult to get to.

I love the under storage I do not like the way the seats snap down. A foot has been snapped pretty hard while the seats were being folded down.

- Laura L

The pedals actually move closer for the shorter people.

I like the stow and go. I like how easy it is to fold the seats down. I dislike that there doesn't seem to be enough space for all my kids.

- Sheena M

The back chairs fold in easy as long as you clear the area before trying.

I like the storage, how smooth it drives, and the comfortable seats. I do not like how silly I feel driving such a big car while I am alone.

- Wendy S

Excellent gas mileage. Very spacious and accommodating for a family of five

Absolutely love the dodge caravan. My only complaint is that the back seat isn't wide enough to safely accommodate three car seats across.

- April S

Great vehicle for everyone! Any needs you have, this vehicle delivers.

Q pleased with how much stuff we can carry. Powerful engine for a minivan, great road feel. Good for long distance drives and cruising.

- Asa J

It is very comfortable for the driver and passengers. Even on long trips.

I like being up high, the comfort of the seats, the room for passengers and room for gear. The gas mileage is not bad for a big vehicle.

- Julie L

Great vehicle for a family. Weather you are just starting your family, your family is growing or your their almost grown!

It's great for putting lots of people in it. There is a lot of room for extra things in addition to the people. Seats are comfortable.

- terri h

It's great for road trips because it has so much room, yet it gets almost 30 mpg.

It gets good gas mileage for a minivan. I like having all the room, and I like sitting up high to drive. It's easy for me to get into.

- Shirley R

It's very useful and functional. It isn't stylish but who cares.

I wish that stow-n-go was standard. I like the way it drives. We have had little trouble with it and that was covered under warranty.

- Laura A

It seats 7 and seats are easy to adjust. It drives down the road good.

like the style and fold down seats. It has 60,000 miles and has had many repairs. Now a wheel bearing is bad. Reliability not good.

- Judy F

It is a comfortable ride.

I like the room for my family, leather seats, dvd player and stow and go. It is a very comfortable ride. It also has a lot of storage.

- Jen K

My van has seats that fold into the floor

I love my dodge grand caravan. What I love most is the fold down seats. This makes it very convenient to haul things. Great van!!!

- John b

It is spacious and comfortable.

I love the space available in my Dodge Grand Caravan. I can accommodate up to 8 people. The space comes in handy when it is needed.

- Barbara B

spacious and perfect for entertaining

i love the space in the vehicle we are able to fold down all the seats . the stereo is great and the dvd player is perfect for trips

- matthew b

It is a safe and reliable vehicle for your children.

I like the easiness of the van. The automated doors/trunk is very convenient with kids. I do not like how it takes off in the rain.

- Lisa H

It is a tank. I feel safe driving it compared to a sedan.

Nothing to dislike. It fits my whole family and it is safe as well as gas efficient. The caravan is the best van I have ever owned.

- Mitchell H

It is great car for families and those who need a lot of room

I like the features including GPS and DVDs player. I like all the room and ability to change the seating. I also like how it drives

- Denise D

It is a great vehicle if you have kids because of the features.

I like the automatic doors with having a kid. Also the store away seating is great. I don't like that the lights are not automatic.

- Katie M

it cost less than their car

I like the interior room. I don't like the remote keyless entry only opens the driver side doors unless you push the button twice.

- Dab I

It has three row seating.

I love the stow and go. I love my van. The dislike is that there is no room to put stuff in between the driver and passenger seat.

- Michele B

It makes traveling easy, and can store a lot of items.

Air conditioner does not work was fixed 5 times and also had a 2006, where the air also did not work even after being fixed a lot.

- Michelle P

It's a good car- with the room a family needs to live life at their leisure.

Drives well, it has no automated doors or TVs - which I did not want. Lots of room for a growing family or just an active family.

- maria h

Captain seats allow room for front seats to have room with rear facing car seats.

I like that it had room for all my kids, comfortably. It has room for all we need to pack for kids. Easy to drive. No complaints.

- Stephanie W

Excellent vehicle to own.

Excellent vehicle. Low maintenance. Excellent gas mileage. Like the Stow and go seats. Excellent in snow. Comfortable to drive.

- Craig F

Gets good gas mileage, it handles great, I drive a little faster than I should.

It is been very reliable, it rides well and gets good mileage. I have driven 117, 000 plus miles (I drive a lot) and I love it.

- Jeanie J

Comfortable car ride and passenger room.

Very basic model and very comfortable easy to drive. Family car can easily fit 6 full adults or 2 adults and 5 small children.

- Chris C

How roomy it is. Can hold a lot of stuff including large dogs

Love the ride, so smooth, the gas mileage is great and it's so roomy for our Great Dane Dog Don't really have any complaints.

- Linda C

The stow and go seating is great. Easy to move and use.

It has been a great vehicle for me and my family. Seems to run well and is reliable. I wish it was a little better on gas.

- Erika O

If you have a family on the large side and a budget on the lower side this is the perfect vehicle.

It's a great family vehicles. It's reliable and not too expensive to maintain. I do wish it had better gas mileage though.

- Daniel F

It is great for long road trips with the family.

I like the space and the sound system that is included with the vehicle. My only dislike about the van is the gas mileage.

- Thomas D

It is a great family van for us.

I like my van. It is gets my kids to school. Gets me to work. My husband drives uber in it. Keep us safe from the weather.

- Michelle C

It is customized very for easy access by wheelchairs.

It is a minivan modified for wheelchair use.It has a ramp that extends for loading. It also kneels to make loading easier.

- john j

You can open the doors handsfree while carrying the kids!

Overall I really love my van, it has been fairly maintenance free. I just wish the doors didn't rattle as much as they do.

- Kayla W

It is good on mileage. Easy to drive, nice compact car.

The features are pretty basic. I would like to have more options for convenience and safety. Gas mileage could be better.

- Christopher C

For such a large vehicle it drives very smoothly.

I like to be able to open doors and hatch with the key fob. The drive is smooth. I would like it to have better mileage.

- Rebecca R

Great storage and it is reliable.

I love that I can seat 7 people. But still have lots of storage in the trunk. I also love the stow n go under the seats.

- Lindsay J

Dependable good gas mileage good safety features.

Runs forever. This is our third van. Helps me with my mother and her powerchair; easy to load roomy enough for everyone.

- Sharon B

It goes faster than you think.

I hate the cargo you have to take out to access. I like the motor in it is also in an avenger. I like the eco friendly.

- Trevor C

Stow-n-Go seating is phenomenal.

Like variable seating arrangements. Like ease of entry and exit. Electronic controlled transmission is iffy at best.

- Ron S

I love that all the seats can fold flat into the floor.

I love the space and storage areas. I think it could have a more smooth ride. I have been having transmission issues.

- Nicole P

Don't want to sell my vehicle

I'm not interested in selling my vehicle so no idea why you would want me to describe it to sell. Don't want to sell.

- Judy H

It has stow and go seating. This makes it easy to haul things.

I love the stow and go seats, it gives us extra room. Cloth seats are very comfortable. Lots of legroom in our van.

- Sharee R

That it has stow and go feature which means all the seats fold into the car.

I like the stow and go feature. I wish the driver seat could be raised and lowered. I also wish it had automatic door

- Elizabeth C

This large caravan handles well for the size and roomy/comfortable, plenty of room for passengers

stow and go allows lots of packing room for extended vacation wish it could have a handle above front passenger door

- Lucille W

The power tailgate sound gets quieter as the car gets older.

I like the back up camera. I dislike the vinyl seats. Also the automatic doors are nice. I like the power tailgate.

- Rebecca S

that it is the perfect car for families

I like how It has automatic doors, the back windows can open for my kids and I also like how high quality the van.

- Dangelo C

Great for taking a family and a few friends where they need to go.

I like the storage space in the back and the ease of folding down the seats. I wish I had daytime running lights.

- Nancy D

Don't buy grand caravan. Chrysler doesn't seem to care about making a quality dependable vehicle.

It has required more work and had more issues than my husbands 2000 odyssey with 260,000 miles and counting on it.

- Amanda M

The Dodge grand Caravan actually has quite a bit of power behind it. And it's a very smooth ride.

The overall performance is good. I don't think the seats are very comfortable but it works for our family of five.

- Jenny D

Great mileage for a minivan. Smooth ride. Lots of space.

I love that I have stow and go seats. I love the built in DVD player. There's nothing that I dislike at this time.

- Mahri S

It is economical to drive

It is very comfortable to drive. It carries up to 7 people comfortably. It carries almost anything I want it to.

- Dan B

The most important thing others should know about this vehicle is that it has many safety features.

What I love about the vehicle is that it has tons of storage for my family. Going out of town is now a pleasure.

- wendell m

IT is durable and it is great for long trips.

It holds my kids and their stuff. We have a lot of stuff. We've had it since January and we have no complaints.

- Jamie B

Dodge Grand Caravan review

I love my dodge grand caravan. It drives very smooth and is very comfortable. It is a very dependable vehicle.

- Jodi C

Dodge Grand Caravan Owner review

very comfortable. Handles well, great gas mileage, break holds on hills. fun to drive. I highly recommend it.

- Amanda C

It is a great family vehicle! Works so well for having small children!

I love all the features and it is great for 3 kids. Using buttons for the doors is the best feature in a van!!

- Erin L

Quality, storage options, reliable.

Our van is very reliable, it fits our whole family. Great for road trips. Stow and go seating for extra room.

- Tiffany J

It's nothing fancy but it's big enough to carry around a big stroller and all your kid's stuff.

Not super comfortable. I bought the basic model. I wish it handled better. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Lori E

That it does not take up that much of gas on the road.

Room for family. No automatic doors. Drives great. I do not have any complaints. I drive it almost every day.

- Sarah G

A happy minivan owner who uses it in everyday life not just for travel.

This vehicle has tremendous storage space for the kids. I love how grocery store trips are no longer a dread.

- Faith M

It drives great. Looks great.

Not roomy enough for the driver. Not enough legroom in back. Mechanically Its great. Comfort could be more.

- Cheryl W

Sporty, comfortable and very reliable family vehicle!

It is a nice, roomy vehicle. The stow and go adds lots of extra storage which is really great for families!

- Alison S

a very spacious ride for a family . I feel it is a very safe van that comes with a lot of safety features

it has plenty of space . Gas isn't to bad either. I don't like that this one doesn't have automatic start.

- teresa O

Not a sports car, does not have a lot of power for great acceleration.

Great minivan. Decent gas mileage. I wish I got the power rear doors. Would love to find a center console.

- chuck L

Very reliable and gas mileage

I do not like that it doesn't have automatic headlights. Love the room. Love the automatic doors and gate

- Tammy B

It has stow and go seats which makes everything easy.

It is comfortable, dependable and plenty of room to carry around my beach gear and do all of my shopping.

- Mary Z

It is very spacious. And there are many compartments for stashing things out of the way.

I don't like the black interior. And I wish it was a newer model. However I do like the room and space.

- Jessica S

It is an amazing and beautiful car.

Our grand-caravan is amazing we do not have many problems with it and the car is very smooth and quiet.

- Zoe D

it is very reliable. I love having a lot of room and storage.

I love my vehicle. it has plenty of storage. the seats fold down into the floor.the seats are heated.

- debbie m

It's spacious and comfortable to transport larger groups.

The car is spacious and comfortable for traveling with a few kids. There is a good amount of storage.

- Connie L

comfortable and reliable, smooth ride. very functional

i love the stow and go seats. The back windows open. Easy to get grandkids in and out of car seats

- Angelina G

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I have never had any problems with this van. The gas mileage is pretty good too. Also it looks good.

- Thomas M

So much space! Stow and go is a must have for traveling families as well as the DVD players

Love the space and storage! DVD players are great. Holds our rather large family comfortably

- Lauren R

It is all that I want in a vehicle. It meets my needs.

It is comfortable. It has plenty of horsepower. It can haul large items. The AC blows cold.

- David T

I love the caravan because it is easy for me to get in and out of. I have bad knees. We transport from 2 to 4 children, our grandchildren every day with plenty of room. It is not bad on gas, averaging 20 miles to the gallon...It is great, comfortable and handles great on trips and also in traffic.

It is roomy, comfortable and good on gas. I would recommend it to anyone who has a family.

- Bonnie R

it's the best price for a great car that saves gas on the freeway has video for the kids in the back seat

I like the smooth ride it gives me. I do not like that the seats don't go back far enough


It's not a boring soccer mom car

It's huge on the inside. I love the dvd player. It gets good gas mileage. Comfy interior

- Taylor H

I love the automatic opening doors. I use the stow and go feature quite a bit. I dislike that my car radio went out.

It is very convenient for busy people.You can carry a lot of load and it has good power.

- Hilda G

There is lots of storage. There are plenty of seats. The seats could be more comfortable. Love the travel pedal.

Tons of storage with stow and go seating. Haul around quite a bit of stuff and people

- Noe V

It has great safety ratings and great mileage and very spacious

I think it's a good vehicle. It spacious, great when we travel, safe and reliable

- Amanda H

plenty of space inside for comfort

Have plenty of space for traveling when the wife and I take our 2 dogs with us

- James S

Lots of room for kids and their stuff

Like the store and go storage. Like all the seating. Hate the econ button.

- Noe D

It's a great size, and the technology inside is incredibly easy to use and handy. It has a great amount of compartments, and works amazing for my family of 7!

It has an abundance of room and compartments, perfect for a large family.

- Rose C

The Grand Caravan is roomy and spacious, and great for moving around a lot of people. Gas mileage is decent for the type of vehicle. However, I've had to get it repaired a few times already.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is great for families who need to get around.

- Paul H

Tough to get three car seats across the back seat

Leather seats and DVD player for kids. Wish the back bench was wider

- Matthew r