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Will always own a Dodge Grand Caravan power, safety, comfort, looks. Perfect!

I am an owner of 2 Dodge Grand Caravans. I had a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan and needed to get another car to replace my husbands older vehicle and I started looking at many different minivans. I had rented a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan and loved the comfort and safety features. As a mother of 2 younger children the convenience of the dual doors was a must. I found a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan and fell in love. It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven! The things that my kids love the best is the middle seats windows go down unlike our 2007. The Bluetooth and rear camera are also big hits with the kids. For me the rear hatch automatic lift is so important when loading groceries. With my key fob I can open the doors and most importantly I can start the car. This is so important on those cold mornings when I take the kids to school. The driver's seat is so comfortable and the arm rest makes me feel secure and cozy while driving. This van has so much room and places to store everything without looking cluttered. Any where you sit there is a cup holder and the center console has room for everything. There are plenty of places for everyone to charge their phone or other devices. The stereo is amazing and the hands free phone makes it safe to talk while driving. The stow and go seating is easy to use and allows for even more room! To top it off it looks amazing. Even my husband loves to drive it.

- Heather J

Tons of easy to use features!

I love this vehicle for my family of four! There are so many great, easy to use features. I love the touch screen dashboard - it's very easy to use and has many options. I can listen to music on the radio, Sirius XM, music loaded on the van MP3, or stream music from my iPhone. I can easily use my phone for texting and calling as well. The navigation system is very user friendly and the maps are updated in this version (they were not up to date in my last vehicle). One of my favorite features about my van is the stow and go seating. While it's pretty common for the third row to lay flat and be usable as storage space (typically just expanding the trunk) my second row stows completely flat as well. When the second row is up and in use then there is underfloor storage space - which is awesome when traveling with lots of baggage. Stowing the seats away is so easy to do! My van also has push buttons for the passenger doors and the trunk. It seats 7 - driver and passenger, two pilot seats in the middle row, and a 60/40 bench seat in the back room. The driver, passenger, and middle row seats all have the capability to be heated. All four back windows also come with built in sun shades. My van also has roof racks for more storage space on top of the vehicle. This is my second Grand Caravan and I don't have anything but good things to say about it!

- Justin V

I'm still a cool mom even with a minivan

I recently purchased a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT after trading in my Subaru forester. I was hesitant at first since I do not like the appearance of mini vans but desperately needed the space with three little ones. I must say that I love this vehicle. The trunk is large enough for a double stroller as well as items stacked on top of it. I have the drivers side seat down to give my kids more room in the back and there is plenty room for me to sit on the floor to change diapers, hold groceries and even my elderly father's walker. I love the satellite radio and CD player. I love the dual heating/cooling system as well as temperature control in the back so that I can have it cooler up front and the kids can have warm air in the back. I have had no problems with the vehicle and am curious to see how it drives in the snow but it is great in the rain!

- Christina R

This stylish van has great mileage and room for multiple car seats.

It has enough room for 3 car seats and still has room for groceries. I love the hands free side doors and back hatch feature. As well as the individual heat/air controls for the driver, passengers, and even the has a control for the back passengers. I love the safety features as well such as the special mirror to view the back seat passengers and window and locks. Another feature I like is the multiple cup holders and storage especially since we have 3 kids under 5. There's enough room for the stroller in the back and all of our bags. The last thing we I really like is how well and smooth this vehicle rides and it gets 23 to 24 miles to gallon and I drive 50 miles per day 5 days a week on average and only need to fill up once a week.

- Laura N

Rides well and looks great, but watch out for the kids in the backseat!

I love how the van sits up high, I almost feel like I am driving in my old truck. I also like the fold and go seating, although we learned the hard way that if a kid is trying to adjust the seat without pushing back on it very hard, the entire seat and headrest forcefully slams down on whoever is in the seat. Also I do not like is the air control panel is right where the kids hit their head on it every time they leave the back seats. Also there are no individual interior lights for any of the back passengers, so if anyone wants to read at night then all the interior lights have to be on. Not to mention the drivers interior light aims right in your eyes with no way to change it.

- Tiffany D

The Dodge caravan is eco friendly and has incredible amounts of space.

This van has by far been the best investment our family could have gained. The seats fit inside the floors which gives you an amazing amount of space. We use it for personal and work use. It is great on gas (for a van). Only one problem, the locks have been acting crazy and we have only owned the vehicle for a little over a year. I have no other complaints other then the electronic system. The radio sometimes will not come on when I start the van. Does not happen very often though. My kids love all the free space they have. It makes any trip; long or short, relaxing. This is the first Dodge I have ever owned and I highly recommend he newer models of the Dodge grand caravan.

- Sarah B

2017 Dodge grand caravan, great car for space and room for kids as well as pets.

I love this car it has so much room in it, for having a dog and 1 child I love the space it provides. Though I did get it used and it had a back window problem, I still love the car and I will most likely be getting a new one later on. Mine is a 2017 but when they come out with more I will be trading this one in for another one. Comfort was a big thing I was looking for and it has it the front seats are great for long distance driving as well and having the space for packing things when moving. Before I got the van I wanted a truck but since I have had this van I love how much space it has in it compared to a truck.

- Amanda S

One very interesting detail is that the DVD/CD player is hidden behind the radio

I absolutely love my van. It is a 2017 model and it's fully loaded. The color both inside and outside is beautiful. The rims and trim are black while the van is grey. It drives very smoothly and it's fast. Reliable in that it gets you to your desired destination without any problems. The interior is extremely roomy. Plenty of leg room with adjustable seats. The air conditioner works in the front of the van, so it can be adjusted for each one's needs and comfort. It has speakers in the front and rear so that everyone can enjoy the music. This can is just the absolute best in terms of comfort, reliability and style

- Renee W

Great family vehicle with a ton of space!

Our Dodge grand-caravan has been really great for our family. We have two small children who are both in car seats, so the sliding doors make it really easy to get them in and out of the van. We love the stow-and-go feature! It is really convenient to have so much space for hauling things from home depot or even moving furniture if we need to. Also, a trip to the beach was a breeze. The grand-caravan has made travel with our family of four a breeze! It is not the most luxurious vehicle, but it has everything our family needs for a comfortable and convenient everyday ride.

- Rachel S

The family vehicle with livable flaws!

This vehicle rides smoothly and can really go. The highway. It has lots of a space for large families. It had nice bucket seats and Sirius satellite radio upon subscription. It has a nice four door entry where all windows let down. It has a nice screen for the radio that also plays CDs and DVDs. It also has a rear facing camera for reverse driving. It also had an automatic trunk opened by the push of a button. Downfalls are that it is very noisy on the highway when accelerating. The DVD player only works while in park. It is very poor on miles per gallon.

- Mary C

The vehicle for serious dog people.

My grand caravan would be perfect if it was all wheel drive and had an inch or two more clearance. That said, I hunt and show dogs and need to haul gear and crates. Love the stow-n-go but would love a level deck and better clearance inside for rectangular dog crates. I love my the remote start feature on the dodge grand caravan, when traveling alone I can leave my dogs in the locked car with the air conditioning on at breaks. Love the mpg and the power and handling, this is a responsive vehicle. My next vehicle will be a dodge grand caravan.

- Pearly P

An affordable family vehicle.

My Dodge minivan is very nice. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. The interior is spacious which is good since I have two car seats installed for grandkids. It has 3 rows of seating which carries 7 people. The seats are stow and go. It has power locks, power seats, power sliding doors, and power rear liftgate. It has front and side airbags. It has a rear view backup camera. It has several power outlets. If you need a car for your family, this is worth taking a look at. It is an affordable minivan.

- Ann H

Dodge Caravan: Great for a Family

I don't have any problems with my Dodge Grand Caravan it is great when it comes to gas mileage. And the gas and break are not to touch so it drives very nice. It has a lot of space in it my family once took a vacation in it with 6 people and it had enough room for everyone to be comfortable and not cramped. And it has stowaway so we were able to put stuff that wouldn't fit in the back in the stowaway and the t.v. was a big help to keep everyone entertained during the drive.

- Jonathan C

Stow and go seating is awesome!

My vehicle is very roomy for our family. I drive my 2 grandchildren everywhere. The automatic sliding doors are the best feature. I also love the key fob that can open and close the side doors as well as the rear gate. The dash screen is awesome! I love the uconnect phone and video play capability. The stow and go seats are very convenient and useful. We get very good gas mileage with this vehicle. We chose this minivan over a SUV and are so glad we did.

- Julie E

Remote stare. Automatic sliding doors. Automatic liftgate. Lots of storage.

My van currently has almost 50,000 miles on it and I have not had any trouble with it to this point. I have had one flat tire due to something puncturing it while driving. The spare tire is located in a very weird spot and there should be some indication of this where the jack is stored. Only lower models the air pressure system does not tell you which tire is low so you have to play a guessing game. . Its reliable, comfy and has good features for kids.

- Hillary D

It has very good gas mileage. Very comfortable to drive.

Very roomy. The gas mileage is very good. Just a nice vehicle all the way around. Has some very useful. Amenities. It has a backup camera that is very helpful when backing up. It also has push button automatic door opening and closing door closures. It also is a 7 seat vehicle that we need when we take our grandchildren with us to go on an outing. Also has a very good radio system with Sirius radio that I love. Really no complaints.

- Norma B

Problems with dealership fixing problems

We bought the car used & we was told it was in a rear end collision. We have had problems with air & getting dodge to fix it right. They broke clips on a part they was fixing didn't replace them & didn't tighten the clasp on the air breather so it sucked dirt for almost 3 months & all they offer us is a free oil change. We like the look of the interior. It has been ok but switch to something else next year.

- Kayla W

Reliability/solid, regular, routine maintenance is all that is been necessary.

Plenty of room. Configuration of drop down captain chairs is most helpful in transporting extra cargo. Under floor storage and deep hatch add ideal space for bags groceries sports equipment. Comfortable seats and I do a ton of driving. Visibility is great out all windows. Extra features: backup tail camera, heated seats, DVD feature. Gas mileage is positive. Feel safe & secure while driving. This is my 3rd Dodge minivan.

- Ann-marie B

The grand caravan is a great value for families.

I love that it is spacious with loads of storage space. It has been almost maintenance free and gas mileages excellent for a minivan. It's also really comfortable. My kids love to relax on long trips. So far, we've put around 125, 000 miles on it and have had no issues except a damaged air conditioning hose. The caravan is an excellent purchase for families needing a fuel efficient minivan that doesn't break the bank.

- Jennifer B

Dashboard is very convenient and controls on steering wheel.

My vehicle had lots of room. I have 4 grand children and it is very convenient to fit them all in with their car seats. Love that I can fold down all the seats in the floorboard if I ever need to load up a large item. This is our main vehicle to take when we take trips or just everyday carpools. I would recommend this vehicle very highly. We have had this vehicle for 1.5 years with no complications at all so far.

- Shona W

Best van for handicap conversions.

My van is equipped with a handicap ramp to accommodate my electric wheelchair. There is ample room for me to get in and turn around to just the right position, behind the driver and passenger seats. The rear seats fold down for cargo in less than five seconds. The ride is smooth and quiet. I would definitely recommend this van to someone in the market for a van that converts beautifully to handicap use.

- Gail D

Making the move to a Minivan!

Grand caravan is a great vehicle. Bought it as a family car and love the storage space. The store and go option is amazing. Great for road trips and grocery shopping. Just recently went on a road trip and was able to fit all of our needs and Still have space and comfort. As a mom if I were out by myself, I am able to easily move the seats to allow for extra room. So glad we bought the Minivan!

- Heather G

This van is what I consider the �cool mom van� with its sleek body and wheels.

This is GT model. Performance is great, problems so few and far between this making the reliability great!! Comfort wise it is great. The leather seats are so nice. They would be nicer with cooling feature for those hot days, but ultimately the heated seat feature they do have is needed more in my location. Overall this van has everything you could want. You won't be disappointed.

- Kari S

Dodge grand caravan is the perfect vehicle for 3+ kids with seating for 7!

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan! It has so much space, seating and storage wise. The stow and go helps so much as we are able to store stuff under the floors instead of having everything in the trunk. The trunk is very spacious as well and the third row seat can be folded away for even more room if needed. Having 3 kids, this minivan is perfect for us and I wouldn't choose another one.

- Patricia H

Love the automatic sliding doors!!

So far I really love the power sliding doors as well as the push button rear hatch. I think my favorite feature is the remote start. It is great for when it is frozen and my van is covered in snow. The only thing I do not like about the van is no back up camera. My van comes with black interior carpet and it shows everything that gets in my car. I do not recommend that color.

- Denise D

I like it! This is the fourth Chrysler van we have owned.

I have not had any problems with my Grand Caravan. I get about 25 mph, and it runs just fine. The only thing I do not like about it is my existing add-on ski box may require modification to attach to the top. The factory roof rack is much different than my previous Chrysler van, and the landing pads do not work. We will have to work something out before ski season.

- Ray D

Stow & Go Seating is a Pro!

I got the low end model. No bells and whistles, but I do love the stow & go seating. When you fold all the seats down it's as good as having a truck bed. I have hauled a stove & a dryer in my minivan. I love the doors on both side of the van. The only thing I wish I had was the ability to lower my seat. I sit to darn high. Maybe the upgraded models have that feature.

- Jessica R

The phone system can't be counted on.

Drives well, holds wolfhounds, like everything but the phone system. When you least expect it, the system won't work right. I ask it to call my daughter, Cathy, a call that is made often. But this time the system says it is calling 911. And when I needed to call 911, it tried to call my Mother. Took me FOREVER to get 911. Hate, really hate the phone system.

- Linda M

AMAZING! My truck is so beautiful.

My vehicle currently has no problems with tires, engine, or steering power. The seats and back is very comfortable. And the inside of the truck is beautiful. Even the outside, I have no damages to the truck not dents or scratches. For 2017 truck it's beautiful I got all the upgrades, of course it was expensive but it's how I want it and that's how I get around.

- Maria L

Favorite is ability to start my van from inside my home. Use either heater, air.

It's great on gas. Family vehicle, This was bought 3 months ago. Brakes had to be replaced. Then a ghost light kept popping up, my mechanic took it off after, I had several things done, Overall it's a good van. I feel the people in my van are safe. It's used to drive 100 miles a day, it runs great. It roomy. It's a very reliable car , for 4 or more people.

- Lisa S

Fully loaded, except for charging ports.

I love the car. The car comes fully loaded and has all of the bells and whistles including heated seats and steering wheel. The only dislikes, which we found after purchasing the vehicle, is the lower than expected safety rating, and the fact that there are no ports in the rear rows for my kids to charge their electronics which is very much a necessity.

- Crystal R

I love the detail to the lighting.

It's a great vehicle. I've had it for two years and it's been extremely reliable, very roomy and comfortable for my family of 6. It has all the updated features you would ever way. I'm just so in love with the GPS and DVD player. It come with headphones so someone can watch a movie while others listen to music. It definitely is the best family vehicle,

- Katie H

Dodge grand caravan, it is easy to get into and out of! Very spacious!

My Dodge caravan is perfect for a large family! It seats 7 people comfortably with baby car seats! It is a smooth riding van! Easy to get into and out of! It gets great gas mileage! There is a lot of storage room in the back and in the floor. You can put all the seats down and have a very spacious room for load big items! I will always drive a Dodge!

- Betty K

Dodge won 2017 best mommy missile ever!

So far no problems it has a great sound system witch is stock it is so easy to store the seats just a few buttons and done I have 2 in car seats still plenty of from for everything and everyone. The height of the ceiling is great not hitting my head every time you get in and out the seats in mine are the cloth seats and they are super easy to clean

- Tia W

Grand Caravan a family car..for fun and pleasure

There are no problems.performance is super. I would drive this car all around the US and don't have any problems with it. The gas ratio is awesome..especially with the full flex..engine..very good to have.. Also got a lot of room for storage. In the front back and in the middle where the seats go down.. Good car for a road trip and family fun

- Johannes W

Versatile car that can carry almost anything and can carry up to 7 people.

We bought my 2017 grand caravan gt used and it still works great. It always turns on when I start up the car and It's fully loaded. The first two rows have heated seats and it has a heated steering wheel, which is important in the winter. It also allows us to transport any type of item because of the stow n go. I can't wait till black Friday.

- Sarah T

Coolest and most practical minivan.

It is extremely convenient, practical and helpful, especially with a family. It's comfortable and rides with ease. It's also really easy to drive and manage even with it being a large vehicle. There's a lot of space and room to move comfortably within the vehicle. The sliding doors and remote start are my favorite features and are used daily.

- Sarah E

It is reliable and I have had no engine issues a all.

I have a 2017 Dodge grand caravan that I love absolutely. I would recommend this vehicle to families with children. It seems to run smoothly and get me were I need without worry. The engine is smooth and the shift is amazing. I enjoy the body style on the outside and the inside. My car is not fully loaded and I still enjoy it 10 out of 10.

- Krystal W

My view of the new Dodge grand caravan.

It's a great van. Just got it so no problems as of now. It's very comfortable and drives smooth. My family and I love going on long trips so it's great on gas mileage as well. There's a button on the key to raise the back and that feature helps a ton. And also the remote start is awesome specially in the winter time to warm the heater up.

- Ryan H

2 back seat rows fold into floor, a space for dogs or something large.

Positives is that it is dependable, lightweight, gets good mileage, is high up so you can see well down the road, front seats are comfortable. Negatives are that it does not have installed GPS, that the radio breaks sometimes. On an old Dodge caravan I had the air conditioning broke constantly but that has not happened yet with this one.

- Brenda B

2017 dodge grand caravan, awesome I love it great family car.

I love my dodge van it is great on gas and has stow and go seating which is great for my family of 5. It does great in the snow, plus it is great for road trips we go to Mexico every year and the van has been the best one for our 36 hour ride. The stow and go is awesome for putting sports stuff in it as my kids are in multiple sports.

- Lisa G

Fun for the whole family!

It's very roomy inside, drives well, could use more insulation for road noise but is not a problem. The Bluetooth connectivity is a pain but is great once you get the hang of it. Otherwise, it's a wonderful vehicle for a family, lots of space and storage, comfortable seats, vents in all the right places and the sound system is great!

- Faith S

The price is the best for the space it offers and the mileage is as good or better than a smaller car or SUV

Sitting up high and being able to see around me is very important. It came with tinted windows, but I cannot see through them when the light is not bright so that hinders me in backing up and driving late or early. The most comfortable seat makes it a pleasure to drive, no more sore leg muscles, it is just like sitting in a chair.

- louise s

Great features - definitely recommend

I really love the fact that we have automatic sliding doors and trunk. The captains chairs fold down, as well as the back row, to make for a LOT of space when we need it. The only issue we've had is that the low tire pressure light is on, and we can't figure out which tire is low. It doesn't show which one, and all tires seem fine.

- Stephanie L

The stow-n-go seating is very useful for making space to transport items.

My vehicle is a van with many features. It has power everything, leather seats and stow-n-go rear seating. We like that the middle row windows roll down, air conditioning is in front as well as the rear and stow-n-go seats. We dislike that we couldn't get the features we wanted with paying extra for features we didn't need.

- Randy A

My caravan is a great van!

My van is reliable and comfortable for long trips. I love the remote start and other features. The seat and steering wheel warmers are great in Michigan weather. There are many safety features along with the up to date technology like GPS. The seats are easy to fold up in the back, making extra storage for carrying things.

- J G

So happy I went with the van. I love this van!

So glad I purchased a van. It's great! Glad I went with a van over a SUV. The van was cheaper than the SUV and had leather and DVD system. It gets Great gas mileage and We love the entertainment package. I don't have to worry when my kids open the door that they might hit the car next to use, the sliding doors are amazing!

- Rae N

Reliable and spacious van for a family

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a solid, reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage but is a bit stiff when driving. The interior is perfect for a family with tons of space and storage. It is equipped with a backup camera which comes in very handy. The automatic doors and liftgate are also extremely helpful when you have kids.

- Katie C

If you are looking for a family vehicle, look no further!

Our grand caravan is the only vehicle for us. Nothing can match its value to our family. The stow and go storage is very convenient for our long trips. Plenty of electrical outlets for every type of road trip entertainment. Gets great gas mileage combining just the right amount of size and interior space with efficiency.

- Douglas K

Good car, made me happy yet.

This vehicle has been reliable, smooth driving, and has had very little problems, and I have been very pleased with the purchase. This vehicle has been able to run smoothly for the past year from constant usage every day, other than human errors (running into potholes) there has been no issues with the car whatsoever.

- Ryan H

Spacious Dodge Grand caravan and amazing features

Love how it drives smooth and is reliable. This vehicle is very roomy which is nice for a big family. I can fit four car seats in it. Love the deep spacious trunk and how much I can fit in the back. Another favorite feature is the back up camera and charging your phone with just your cord without a plug in connector.

- Andrea B

Push-button/automatic doors are wonderful! Very handy if you have children!!

Reliable, comfortable, and convenient. I LOVE my automatic sliding doors/trunk door. I also like the windows in the back can be managed by the rear passengers, and that they can be lowered, like the front passenger windows. The only thing that I do not care for is the black interior, as it shows every piece of dirt.

- Chelsea C

Looks great on outside, comfortable Like the grip on steering wheel and smooth.

Had trouble figuring out how to keep overhead lights from coming on. Drives well. Love the leather seats. Seats are comfortable and heated. Ride was pretty smooth, would have liked a little more pick up when tapping on the gas. Previously drove Volvo s60 and BMW 330i which both get from 0 to 60 quicker pick up.

- Michelle H

The Pros and cons of a van

It doesn't drive very smooth, doesn't do well when the roads are wet like when it is raining or snowing. The automatic doors are a great luxury to have when you have a large family and can help be hands free. The size and space is great for my family of 5. The gas mileage isn't great thought at an average of 19 mph

- Ashlee C

Grand caravan, best choice for our family

My grand caravan is perfect for our family of five. The seats are able to fold in the ground making it easy for us to have extra room for travel. Living in AZ can be hot so the autostart is a must with little kids! I will probably always own a grand caravan even after my kids are grown because of how handy it is!

- Cassie G

It does its job, Nothing terrible, and nothing great.

So far no issues. I got the van with 12 miles on it and just had to replace the tires. I had to do a tune up a couple months ago, but so far it's holding up nicely. I have put 54,000 miles on it in 2.5 years so I hope that it holds up for a very long time. I don't love having a minivan but it serves its purpose.

- Jenna H

Stow and go seats are what sets it apart from other minivans. Plus there is lots of legroom in all areas.

I love the amount of room inside. The stow and go seats that fold into the floor offer lots of space for transporting anything. I also enjoy the Bluetooth capability and satellite radio. Automatic doors and rear hatch as well as remote start are super convenient for big families amd trips to the grocery store.

- Jessica R

What I like about my van. Best thing about it is the low load level ,

things get lost between the seats and console. Love the fact that I can see out a lol the windows. Would like to have the blind spot indicator on the side mirrors. Love the remote start. Sure would like to have a sunroof option. It would be nice to have more color selections like amethyst pearlized color

- barbara O

Best vehicle for gas mileage.

My van is a converted vehicle for wheelchair use. It drives well and has excellent mileage. Before, I had a '97 dodge ram van. The tank was huge, I pay less to fill my new van full, when almost the same price filled my old car half way. My current 'new' car also gets me farther and drives smoother. I love it.

- Stephanie J

Love the thought that went into making it an easy vehicle for moms!

It works wonderfully and is easy to clean and has so much room! The gas mileage isn't bad for a bigger vehicle either. The rims are nice on it and the remote having the start button and all the controls for the doors and back hatch is such a wonderful bonus for a mom such as myself whose hands are always full

- Hannah B

It is comfortable easy to keep clean, easy to drive, it holds 7 passengers and the seats fold down easily, it also has a lot of storage space in the back.

I love that my vehicle seats 7 people. I love that the sides have sliding doors. I love that the front and back can have separate temperature settings. most of it is very comfortable but I don't love how the headrests sit, they push my head forward, and my kids heads forward. so far that is my only complaint

- Anna H

The 2017 dodge grand caravan rocks.

This 2017 dodge grand caravan rides real smooth. I love the height of the driver seat, it helps me maneuver better cause I use a cane the automatic doors are to die for. The space in the rear after stowing the seats is awesome. I have trouble understanding the media station tm but that is the only downside.

- Darlene D

Love our 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan

This is our third Grand Caravan. We love the roominess, Stow N Go option, and the amount of storage. We were disappointed that it no longer comes with heated seats option in the middle row. Other than the "STEP" and "PHONE" buttons needing to be replaced on the steering wheel, we love the Grand Caravan.

- Dani B

The 2-2-3 seating is the best!

Very good van! I have recommended it to everyone that I know that is or was looking for a family vehicle. It has stow and go seating, which is perfect for us! The 2-2-3 seating is the best decision that I have ever made. When I need to buy another vehicle, I will definitely buy this make and model again.

- Kay W

It is an economical vehicle for the passenger and cargo capacity that it has. It's easy to drive and a comfortable ride down the road.

We bought this vehicle with the thought that it would be the last vehicle we purchased. It is ideal for carting our grandchildren around, can be configured to load bulky items if needed and has the comfort amenities that we appreciate. Our only regret is that we didn't get the tow package on it as well.

- Leonard D

This vehicle can handle just about anything.

I love that I can haul 7 people, 8 foot long boards, twin mattresses, etc. all in one type of vehicle. The seat and wheel warmer is a great feature, as well as the remote start. The kids cannot hit their car doors into other vehicles when they get out. There is nothing that I do not love about my van.

- Brandy W

The all you need family van!

The vehicle drives smoothly on the highway. It has cool features like a rear camera and DVD player but the engine is too loud when picking up speed on the road and it guzzles up gas. I like the automatic doors and I enjoy being able to roll all the windows down considering that is a van and not a car.

- Tee C

Great Dodge Van for transporting people around .

My Dodge van has been modified to transport handicapped people which my little brother falls into that category. I bought it used with only 25000 miles on it. The van has been running in excellent condition. I've only had to change the oil. I would definitely recommend this van to anyone asking.


2017 Grand Caravan has a lot of room.

When I first purchased our van the transmission pump went out, it has been replaced and seems to be fine now. I do not like the black seats in the van. It makes the van too hot. All cars should have lighter interior so it does not draw heat. The cup holder in the middle of the back seat also broke.

- Peggy P

Excellent vehicle for camping and moving.

No problems so far. I do miss having 4x4 drive, a problem in the mountains in the winter. But it is ok with chains. The size is fantastic for camping and long trips. It is a great vehicle for traveling with kids and dogs. It is great for moving household goods and furniture when seats are removed.

- Go hell

Excellent vehicle for camping and moving.

No problems so far. I do miss having 4x4 drive, a problem in the mountains in the winter. But it is ok with chains. The size is fantastic for camping and long trips. It is a great vehicle for traveling with kids and dogs. It is great for moving household goods and furniture when seats are removed.

- Go to hell B

Good cheap family vehicle.

Bought the van because it was the right price. No known issues yet. Drivability is moderate. Has decent gas mileage. Wish it had more features, ie DVD player, TVs, better sound system. Do like all the 'hidden' storage compartments. All wheel drive would be a better option than front wheel drive.

- Kyle W

Handles easily even though it's larger than some vehicles.

I like the way it handles, how much room there is to carry people or most anything I might shop for. I have driven one for many years and feel it is very reliable and keep improving It's safety features. I can't think of any real complaint I have. Have lots of extras on it that I don't use.

- Elizabeth B

I love this vehicle. I love the stow and go compartments

I have had no issues with my vehicle as of yet. I have enjoyed the many features and the roomy space. The only problem I really have right now is that the remote does not work for my driver door. It opens everything but that door. It's a problem when my hand are full and I am trying to get in

- Kathy A

Spacious, Comfortable Vehicle.

GMC Terrain is very spacious, has plenty of legroom, comfortable seating, sporty looking. Was everything I was looking for in a family vehicle. The only issues I have had since buying my car pre-owned 2 yrs ago is issues where my car would cut off while I was reversing or taking off at lights,

- Patricia B

Plenty of room for the whole family and very convenient.

I honestly love the vehicle it is convenient and easy to drive and use. I just hate that it is a minivan lol but it is one of the nicest ones that we have found! It is extremely comfortable and roomy and very easy to fold the seats up and all the doors and everything is automatic. I love it!

- Ellen P

Perks of the Dodge Grand Caravan

There are many interior features that are great. For example: Heated front driver/passenger seats, heated middle seats, DVD player, navigation system, and stow-n-go seating. So far, it has driven nicely and has been very reliable. The one thing I would like to see improved is the body style.

- Lindsey G

I absolutely love my Dodge Caravan.

I love my 2017 Dodge Caravan. I am a mother of five kids two large dogs and a husband. It is very roomy and has plenty of space and I love all the different compartments it has. I don't even feel like I am driving a Van the way the engine drives. Sometimes I feel like I am riding in a SUV.

- Elizabeth J

Quick review of the 2017 Dodge grand caravan.

It drives very comfortably. It has plenty of room for my 4 kids and has a comfortable and spacious interior. It has a touch screen radio and the controls are easily reached and easy to use. It has stow and go storage and a roof rack. It gets decent gas mileage and is an overall great van.

- Joshua U

Excellent, professional and safe and modern.

No problems actually works great smooth and fits my big family, safe for our long trips and fits the baby car seat and the stroller and suits the shopping I make. The doors open sideways which helps when we park between cars I do not have to worry about my kids hitting other car doors.

- Sandra G

Life of a dodge grand caravan owner.

Wipers are faulty sometimes in the cold, brakes are very touchy. Seats are nice, big and spacious. Fuel eco mode is nice. The seats are a little hard to fold back but with a little tug they will go. Sometimes they check engine light goes on for no reasons but we take it and it is fine.

- Barb H

My Dodge Grand Caravan is very spacious and comfortable!

I love my minivan! I like that I have plenty of room for passengers, and cargo. I like how I sit up higher than a car, and that my blind spot is not very big. I love all of the "bells and whistles" that are on it, even if I don't use all of them. I really do not have any complaints.

- Pamela W

Great family/dog vehicle!

I love the convenience with my kids and dog. The auto open back doors on both sides and trunk auto open is fabulous. I can get my kids out at drop offs easy. I can open my trunk with an arm full of groceries. The leather seats are great for messes. Easy to clean. And space is huge.

- Thea H

It has been comfortable, reliable and looks very sharp.

It has stow and go seating which is great but because the back bench seat stows we do loose some leg room compared to our previous model grand caravan. It has remote start, heated side mirrors and heat front and 2nd row heated seats which comes in real handy in Chicago winters.

- Karen m

Features of Dodge Grand Caravan

I haven't had any problems with my Dodge Grand Caravan so far. It runs really great and is very comfortable for me and my family. The backup camera is a really good feature. The Bluetooth connect is very easy to set up. There is plenty of storage space for long travel as well.

- Shannon P

Love the back up camera and auto choosing doors

I love everything about my dodge grand caravan. Comfortable, ready to drive, back up camera, plenty of room. Seats fold down into floor for great storage room or hauling room, great fuel mileage. Can fit 7 people in it, take it on road trips, never had any issues at all ever.

- Charles F

The best value for the money.

It is very roomy it fits 7 adults and one car seat very nicely, very good gas mileage I have not had any problems with my car the last 6 months I have been using it a lot to travel to Wisconsin and it is been great I love the extra hidden storage works for everything I need.

- Debbie O

Fan of the Van: Roomy, safe, comfortable and trendy.

Our minivan has been reliable so far. I love the key fob that opens the sliding doors and allows our young children to get in quickly and safely from busy parking lots. This vehicle has so much room and storage and is comfortable to travel in. I also love the backup camera.

- Alyssa M

Love my 2017 Dodge Caravan!

Love it! Plenty of interior space. Drives perfectly. Have not had a single issue since I purchased it. I get around 21 highway miles per gallon. I love the stow and go seating! It is perfect for large purchases. My only complaint is that my van does not have remote start.

- Tony D

The storage is my favorite thing about the car. And all the ceiling components.

I wish that the back seat had better positioning for car seat locks. It is very spacious and has so much storage under the seats. It is comfortable and ours came with a DVD player which has been amazing. It runs great and so far we haven't had any mechanical issues at all.

- Melissa T

An all around joy to drive.

It is very comfortable it has heated seats which is really nice in the winter. It also has automatic door which makes loading and unloading a piece of cake. I would have to say the heated steering wheel is probably one of my favorite things. The dual air is also wonderful.

- Amanda W

Best van for that big ol' fam

This van has every feature you could ever want and more! Doors open automatically and there is so much storage space. I have always said I would never drive a van, but this has become the best vehicle I have ever owned. I would suggest this van to any family bigger than 5

- Jonathan S

Highlights of My Dodge van

Van is comfortable, adjustable seats, roomy, can lay all back seat down and haul large items! Van drives really smooth. Seats & steering wheel are heated! My daughter loves the van because it's really roomy for all her friends. I love van because it looks sporty

- Tamara B

Very good on gas since I travel to Utah a lot

The vehicle is great on gas. It is also very spacious and great for traveling. Love how the seats can fold into the car so you can put big items in the van. Very easy to drive even though it is a large vehicle. The vehicle also has an echo friendly button to save on gas.

- holly L

Amazing vehicle and very reliable.

It has so much space and room for my whole family. The stow and go is amazing! It has good power and really takes off. I love the color as well. It is great to take on trips and its great for everyday use. It has been a very reliable vehicle and I am so glad I choose it.

- Courtney L

It has room for everyone and everything you may need to travel with

I like the space - I always have plenty of room for everyone and everything. I like the styling of the vehicle - sleek and modern looking. I like the automatic rear doors and tailgate - these are very handy when I have my hands full. Love the stow-and-go seats.

- Sarah S

Overall amazing mini van! Even the husband likes it!

No problem with this can, fits four children's and two adults plus groceries and school bags, very spacious. Smooth ride, getting about 28 MPG and has eco friendly gas button! Has store and go for the back five seats! The back windows go down which children enjoy

- Amanda M

Great car for families and vacations

The Dodge Grand Caravan has plenty of room for families. It easily fits four car seats. My favorite feature is that the seats can fold down completely into the floor and the trunk is deep. Perfect for family vacations because there is a lot of storage space.

- Emily H

Great multimedia features.

I love the gas mileage on the car and the leather seats are very comfortable. Very good brake and gas. Good multimedia features. I like all the buttons on the steering wheel that allow me to do things with the car but not have to take my hands off the wheel.

- Irene T

Great bargain for the money: rides like a car, holds tons of stuff, and doubles as home away from home with middle and back seats removed and a double mattress placed on floor behind driver's seat.

Like the gasoline only engine instead of stupid leftist hybrids. Like the comfortable, roomy interior. Love the good gas mileage. Love the big bed with middle and rear seats removed which fits a double bed mattress and converts van to a recreational vehicle.

- Karen F

Love my Dodge! Great family vehicle!

I love the space of my Dodge Caravan and the trunk space is nice too. Drive is smooth and breaks are great. Love how the dash is nice and big and well lit. Good air conditioning for front and back of the van. Like the rear window wiper blade for bad weather.

- Melissa C

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan.

I really enjoy having my van. With young children I feel it is a must. Travel is made more comfortable and easier with a van. I haven't experienced any issues yet other then things with a more expensive van would have gotten me like automatic sliding doors.

- Katie K

Complete satisfaction with Dodge grand caravan.

The most comfortable spacious van I have owned drives smoothly and we have had no major mechanical issues we get great gas mileage with our flex fuel option we have driven it across country with complete satisfaction and will be doing so again next summer.

- Wendy L

Stow and go had me at hello

I really love the sliding doors. Another great feature is the stow and go seating. I don't know what I would do without it. Newer models have sun shades in the back seat windows and I wish mine had that! It runs great and is wonderful on family road trips!

- Kelsey A

Great van with great added features and a safe and reliable car for my family

Love the dodge caravan because it has so much room for my twin girls and for extra people when we have visitors. It's a reliable car and I feel safe and my family feels safe The back up camera is an amazing feature along with the DVD players for the kids

- Leann A

What I like most about the Dodge caravan is it is a good size vehicle.

2017 Dodge caravan. Really nice comfortable vehicle. Plenty of room. Store and go. Low profile. Easy on gas. Good horsepower. Cloth seats. Plenty of legroom. Tv/DVD player. CD player. Cruise control. Movable steering wheel. Heated mirrors. Seats seven.

- Stephanie S

My 2017 grand caravan is loved by whole family.

I have had no problems in the first year I have owned car. Gets good mileage, is very reliable. I love the power doors and windows and it has a great audio system. We have a 5-year-old grandson and we will that he is very well protected in the vehicle.

- Billy B

Love this family vehicle!

Love that it has heated seats. Had XM radio. Big and spacious for our family. Love the stow and go. Only downfall is it is a gas guzzler. But there is a ton of storage. Doesn't sound like it is running when it's turned on. Seats are very comfortable.

- Elizabeth S

Beautiful Minivan with tons of features

This van is amazing. It drives smoothly, gets great gas mileage, and has plenty of power. It has a sleek looking interior and exterior. The feature ls are great, it has a backup camera, tons of cargo space, and the seats fold down into the floor.

- Laura L

It has great safety features.

I like that it fits the whole family plus guests and all of our stuff. Great gas mileage and affordable maintenance. Wish it had heated seats, power middle doors and it didn't make me look like a soccer mom. But it's functional for my budget.

- Jamie M

And he won most important than others know that my car is that is made for a family and that it is roomy and cost-effective. Much more stylish than one would imagine.

I have my vehicle because it is easy to drive and has enough space for my family. I wish that the stowing go with easier to maneuver and that the control panel was easier to customize. I enjoy the deluxe features and the entertainment features

- Angela D

Great family vehicle and fuel saver

I love everything about it. I have the backup but nothing else that isn't standard. The eco mode saves fuel and it drives so nicely! We have 7 people in our family so we have no extra seats...kinda wish it could seat 8 but otherwise we love it

- Melinda M

It is very reliable. Very important for a family vehicle.

Never thought I would, but I love my minivan! This one I'm driving now is a big downgrade from my Chrysler town & country so I'm not as happy as I may be with a top model. It is very comfortable, roomy & reliable. Very important to me.

- Jacki D

My minivan can actually attain high speeds, even when fully loaded

Grand caravan is roomy and comfortable in desert or mountains, handling is great, drove 3500 miles recently and had no trouble anywhere along the way, idling in line for national park entrance not a problem not bad for a minivan

- cjc c

That it is a safe and affordable option for people who need a vehicle that holds several adults.

I like that my entire family can comfortably ride in the van. I like that it is an affordable option that holds several adults. I like that the doors to the van open and close automatically, so that they never get slammed shut.

- Meghann C

Just an OK van - Could be much better!

The van feels like it could be a good vehicle if they added a few more luxuries. The radio/speakers are fantastic, but the air conditioning is subpar. Also it has a very large turn radius making it very difficult to maneuver.


You get what you pay for.

Love the comfort, drive and look of this vehicle. Only wish the overall reliability was better. Reliability issues are consistent year after year with computer problems and transmission issues being the most problematic.

- Lot K

Drives very smoothly, but does not have the immediate acceleration I am used to.

I like driving a new vehicle with no mechanical problems... I dislike the headrests for the middle & back rows of the minivan because they are so tall, as the driver, it is very difficult to see out of the back window..

- James F

The acceleration is a little slower than my previous vehicles.

I like that it's new & doesn't have any mechanical issues. It drives very smoothly. I don't like the head rests for the middle & back rows because they are too tall & block part of the driver's view of the back window.

- Jim F

it's so spacious , seats 7 . I like how it drives and rides, I like how we can put air conditioning in different parts of the car at different times.

I love that my Dodge grand caravan seats 7 people , I have enough seats to take the whole family plus my two mothers along with us. I love the price of our vehicle. I like how it handles. I like that is spacious

- anna f

Reliable when I need it to get me to work and stuff.

None it runs really well and I do not have any problems. You just want me to keep writing for a measly few cents. It is a car so it is fine. Gets me from A to B. No big deal. And it is cheap so yeah there.

- Kate G

It's easy to drive and reliable. Rides well and gets good gas mileage.

I've had vans previously but had traded for a mid-size SUV. I like that vehicle but really missed the van with the third row of seats and all the extra room. This van is great and gets good gas mileage.

- Kathy M

Dodge Grand Caravan: just right for us!

Love our new Grand Caravan. Does not have all the bells and whistles, but we need it for comfort, size and reliability. Didn't need power doors or hatch. Has everything our family needs.

- Leslie K

It is comfortable and great for hauling kids and their things around every day.

We like that it is basic and did not cost as much as the Chrysler model that is similar. The one issue that we had is that the hood started to bubble, but that was fixed under warranty.

- Amanda T

It is very comfortable & has a lot of room for hauling things!

I really like the ease of getting in & out. Has enough room to put my grandkids car seats in. Very easy to put them in. Love that the seats stow in the floor for more cargo space.

- Becky H

Enjoyable transportation which provides safety and peace of mind

My GC is wonderful. It provides quality,comfort, reliability and decent fuel economy. All of the safety features included in the vehicle also provides peace of mind in traveling

- Bob W

Premature Failure of Some Parts

We have really enjoyed this vehicle. We have experienced some premature failures of some components that should not be wearing out, but thankfully it is still under warranty.

- Christopher L

Lasts a long time I don't have to take it for repairs often.

I purchased the vn cause I wanted the back up camera. All my friends have the beep as you backup and this one did not. Don't they go together like peanut butter and jelly?

- Joanne G

For us it has everything we were looking for. The comfy room being the #1 thing we were wanting.

I love all the room and never have to wonder if the kids or dogs are comfy on long rides. It rides smooth and all the features are a def plus. There is nothing I dislike.

- lora e

It has a more powerful engine than I expected

It's well equipped and the engine is responsive. I like how comfortable the interior is. I wish I had more space in the driver's position. Outside look could be improved.

- Sam V

It has so much room and there is even extra storage under the middle seats.

I love being able to control all the doors from the driver's seat. There is plenty of room for my children and luggage when we travel. It gets great gas mileage.

- Andrea J

It has been very dependable for our family which is why we love it so much!

I like my car, it is very good for all my families needs! I can get a whole days shopping and transporting the family to and from all the many places with ease!

- Angel S

It has a lot of storage space.

It drives very smooth and is very comfortable it is very big and would be a great purchase for a family wanting to travel I would highly recommend it to people.

- Davis O

It is a great family car. Room for all your kiddos junk.

I like all the cargo room of my Caravan. There is more leg room in it than most SUVs. I don't like that it is front wheel drive and wish it was a little higher.

- Carrie D

Great van. Highly recommend.

Love the stow and go seats. Only thing that'd make it better is to be able to tilt second row without taking car seats out to provide access to 3rd row.

- Sister B

A family car that is roomy, convenient, and runs well.

The car is roomy. It runs good. It is a good family car. It is good for small children. It has a lot of trunk space. It has a DVD player. Kids like it.

- Ashley F

Loving it so far, the best!

I have only had the vehicle a few months but love it so far. The storage is amazing, the comfort level is 10 out of 10. I have had no issues so far.

- Ashley C

It is reasonably priced for all the features.

I love the room that it has. I love how it drives. I also like the stow and go features and automatic doors. It makes it so convenient for my family.

- Christina A

Safety. Large amount of room. Easy remote doors and start.

Wife and I can pack up kids easy with double sided remote doors. Has a lot of room for groceries or activities. Very smooth ride very comfortable.

- Jonathan P

It is great for soccer mom's that have to drag all of the children and their gear from place to place.

It has good power and accelerates quickly. It is very roomy. I wish it had more bonus features like backup camera or DVD players for the children.

- Timothy P

Why i love my Dodge Grand Caravan

I love my dodge grand caravan because of it features everything I need for my family. Automatic doors, overhead DVD player, comfort, and storage

- Lisa B

It is a great vehicle if you have more than two kids

I like how it has lots of room for my family to be comfortable. I like the auto start feature a lot plus being able to open doors with my remote

- Jennifer C

It is handicapped accessible so I can get in with my wheelchair.

It is a kneel van I am a double amputee. It allows me to be independent. It is comfortable for me to drive and most importantly very dependable.

- Susie W

It has great gas mileage and comfortable seats. I recommend it for a family.

I love driving my van it has a lot of legroom for the kids. It gets great mileage on the road. It is a comfortable vehicle for long road trips.

- Christine W

2017 dodge caravan GT amazing vehicle

Tons of room. It's has a DVD player with two screens. You can play 2 movies at a time which is great with kids. Leather navigation heated seats

- Joann M

That it seats 7 people comfortably.

Like that it is very roomy and dependable. Love the backup camera. Dislike that it has no ability to turn on a rear cabin light individually.

- Stephanie W

People should know that the Dodge Grand Caravan isn't the typical minivan.

I love the power seats. I love that the 2nd and 3rd row fold down into the floor. I love the backup camera. I love the built in navigation.

- Molly P

It is much bigger than a caravan.

I like the buttons for opening doors and the stow-away seats. I dislike the touch screen and the bright, reflective chrome on the inside.

- Alina M

It is the best vehicle available for families and make mom's life so much easier

I like that my vehicle has automatic doors. I also like that it can seat seven people. There is plenty of room with stow and go seating.

- minnie d

Vehicle is reliable and pretty good on gas. Love the build in TV/DVD player and navigation system. Heated seats and steering wheel with remote start is the way to go

Love the vehicle, it Is reliable, comfortable and having the TV for kids really helps on long trips. Gas mileage is pretty good as well.

- Leah F

In addition, it is spacious and comfortable. They should know that they have excellent customer service in their offices.

My vehicle I love because it is very spacious, has good suspension, is comfortable for long trips. Besides, I can take my whole family.

- Ginger J

Comfortable seating for everyone.

Love the room, comfort and convenience . This van makes traveling easier. At the end of a trip no one is out of sorts or uncomfortable.

- Joel W

That it is an awesome ride.

I love that it has enough room for my whole family to comfortable. I like the auto start. I dislike that it does not have DVD players

- Brandon N

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan: the best van ever!

This is the best van I've ever owned! I love the CarPlay option. The 30 mpg is amazing! My favorite feature is the sto and go seats.

- Oahu J

My car/van is very comfortable to ride in. It has a lot of extra things such as heated seats and steering wheel and plenty of legroom.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like that I have plenty of room to haul my family or I can put the seats down and haul large items

- Tina H

Grand caravan love it or hate it

I love my van. Everything is automatic so it makes getting the kids In and out so much easier. I just wish it were better on gas.

- Amanda A

Even though it is a van; it rides and performs like a car.

Smooth driving; wonderful for small legs to get in and out of; great gas mileage; leg room for adults in the front and the back.

- Dadrian R

Look at the back up camera for clarity.

I like the size. It has good gas mileage. I like the interior. Wish it cost less, for the price it should have more upgrades.

- Miss F

Convenience for any family.

Reliable, comfortable and convenient for a family. Easy to load up kids and cargo in the back. Would recommend to any family.

- Ashley P

It gets decent gas mileage.

1 love that my vehicle is so versatile. All the seats fold flat into the floor, giving me lots of cargo room when I need it.

- Lynn R

It freaking rocks! I love it.

I like that it can fit a lot of car seats. We have four children so that helps a lot. I do not like the gas mileage though.

- Rachael A

It's great for families the kids enjoy it.

The not great on gas. It has amazing room for kids. The seats going in to the floor help to transferring book shelves, TVs.

- Cortney G

Good handling and gas mileage.

Nothing to say about the car works well. Only thing that I would like changed is the backseats. Prefer split 2nd row seats.

- Kenneth W

It has a ton of room and great for road trips. Drives smooth.

I like that it has so much room. It will be nice as we grow our family. We will not have to get a new car for a long time.

- Marissa H

It only starts for me, very sensitive clutch pedal no one can ever start it.

I love the space. I love the doors, automatic. I love how broad the side is for my logo. I loved the price for what I got.

- Lisa R

You can fit a lot of things in it and there's more room than you think.

It has stow and go seats so you can easily fold them down for more room. It has a back up camera and automatic headlights.

- Tara P

it is handicapped accessible with an automatic fold out ramp

it is roomy, has a stiff ride. little extras that I like, calculates miles per gallon has an outside temperature gage.

- Leslie B

It is economical gas features,

Has DVD player, came with 1 year free of satellite radio, backup cameras, lots of features to use USB and other devices.

- Annette S

It is the best car to have when you have kids. the doors are automatic and it plays movies

I love that it has a built in DVD player to keep my kids entertained. I don't like that it doesn't get great gas mileage

- heather b

That there is a lot of hidden storage that makes traveling easier.

I like the room of the interior. Some of the issues we have had with automatic doors and liftgates has been an issue.

- James B

It has a great amount of interior space for a small family.

I like the amount of interior space. I do not like the responsiveness of the transmission. I have no major complaints.

- Joshua B

It is space and comfy drives great.

It gets me to where I want to go, it is comfortable and been reliable. The gas mileage I wish was better but it's ok.

- Me M

It's roomy and comfy. It's economical and it handles nicely

It's comfortable, roomy and economical. Has plenty of cargo space. It sits higher on the road than many vehicles.

- Ed M

It is fuel efficient and roomy.

I wish it had TVs. I wish it had a sunroof. I love the interior and the way it drives. It has great gas mileage.

- Erin P

Lots of room to tote stuff

It has lots of cargo room. The legroom for our family of 6 is great. I don't like that it is front wheel drive.

- Carrie S

It's a good value however may not be the most reliable.

I like that it has a DVD player. I wish it had automatic side door openers. I wish it was more like an Odyssey.

- Shannon G

Safe and spacious. Lovely color. Up to date.

It holds all my family, my kids and their stuff. It is safe, and easy to drive. It looks great on the outside!

- Sandra I

It is perfect for families, easy for kinds to get in, it cools down very quickly.

I like the room, design, automatic doors, color and the ac. I dislike the size of the gas tank and no sunroof.

- Chelsea R

The transmission is weird, it seems to slip sometimes.

I like that I can maneuver around traffic easily. I like that I can seat 7 people. I like the the sto and go.

- LisaT T

Very spacious and comfortable for a big family.

Very spacious and comfortable for a big family. Wish it had a DVD system in rear of vehicle with headphones.

- Richard S

It is a comfortable vehicle to ride in and very responsive to drive. Vehicle is reliable.

The interior is roomy. The ride is smooth. It doesn't get great gas mileage, but it's not terrible either.

- Linda H

Love it! Would buy again!

Love the feature especially the power doors and Dvd Player. This is my second Grand Caravan. Great vehicle

- kristy d

Cigarette lighter plug-holes are not reliable!

Would like. Cigarette lighters interchangeable with regular plugins like the wall plugs inside homes. . .

- Candy M

Very reliable and dependable

7 passenger van Very reliable The safety features I like is keyless entry and the big trunk very space

- Destinee A

Easy to operate, Very comfortable car, lot's of cargo space

Great car for a trip. Lot's of cargo space, very comfortable. Sometimes surcharges at parking garages

- tatiana k

It is built well. Great vehicle. A lot of space.

I love the details and products in my van. It runs so smooth. My family loves the space in this van.

- Libby S

That they are very reliable. Good on gas. Lots of room.

Lots of room, stow and go seats, backup camera. There is nothing I dislike about it. I just love it.

- Gina K

doors not automatic and no backup camera, no trip odometer

i like that I have a/c. I like that it is roomy for kids. I don't like the doors are not automatic.

- trisha k

It is a quality ride for the price.

I like that it holds everything I need it to. I dislike the way the gear ratios are programmed.

- Luke L

I fits me perfectly and fulfills all that I need it to do!

I love my minivan. Has the seating and room that we need to do the things we do everyday!

- Sherry S

Bigger than car, but not as big as a cargo van. Easy to drive.

Bucket seat instead of all stow and go seating. Seats up to 6, lots of storage space.

- Evert C

It's a fun ride that doesn't shake or vibrate much.

I like that it's comfortable and easy to drive. I don't like that it isn't a hybrid

- justin a

The can is very family friendly. A Lot of space for families with multiple young children

Love the space for my family of 5. Love the auto doors. Wish it had dvd player

- Angie S

love the room that it has for the kids and the storage

purchased to carry my 4 grandkids like the space and storage needs better fan

- Inez S

It's a very good family car.

I like the space it has. I like how it drives. I wish it had automatic doors.

- Elaine K

It's a good family vehicle with lots of room and safety features for my family.

Spacious, Tv has come in handy with kids on long trips. Love the rear camera.

- e e

Great van for anyone who has a family that will be traveling a far distance

Love the DVD player. Love the sliding doors. Love that it holds 7 people.

- Jordan C

the stow n go is awesome, if your out shopping and buy to much, no need to worry seats go in the floor

Love the fact that the seats fold down into the floor, it's all of us in it

- Jill B

It can use the cursor gas available at certain gas stations

I love that it has a lot of room. But I hate that it's hard to clean

- Ash C

Very safe and great for those with medium big families

Great pick up and gas mileage. Very smooth ride. Great air condition

- Michael R

I like having extra room. The storage space / sow n go is amazing! I like the back up camera. I like the way it drives.

I feel others should know the storage is amazing!! Great for travel!

- Rebecca R

I really enjoy the dodge caravan we own. It is spacious it is safe to drive

it is a large van, with a lot of room inside. It is very comfortable

- Jennifer C

Power, handling and sleek look, and also bad gas mileage

Like the power, handling and look. Dislikes the gas mileage.

- Derek T

Drives well on snow and ice, as the steering is very sturdy.

I like that the price was reasonable and it seems reliable.

- Jenny S

Large vehicle for midsize family. Has power side and rear doors, and seats fold into the floor.

Large vehicle, but not large enough for my family.

- Robert B

A true family vehicle with room and style!

- Lisa H