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Mini-van with dodge three year warranty which includes roadside assistance.

Roomy inside, 3rd row of seats folds down into floor. 2nd row of seats come out if you are needing more room for hauling items or if you plan on going camping. Backup camera is nice to have as well as phone connectivity with your dash. USB plug for media playback of a flash drive. Audio plug for your mp3 player. Seats are comfortable and engine has plenty of pep going down the road. Dodge has a very nice 3 year warranty so if you have problems on the road you have roadside assistance,

- Rosemary G

Great van with lots of space for kids!

This van is awesome it has built in storage where the seats just fold down into the bottom the floors. I also love that you can open all the doors with just a click and close with just a click, o and I also love the keyless start option, it locks your car doors, turn the car on, and will also turn off if your car has been on too long like this and the doors stay locked. Great van for kids lots of space and easy to get small kids and car seats out!

- Maria M

Dodge grand caravan. Do it all. DIY.

I have been a dodge grand caravan driver for a number of years. My father owned one. Later one was assigned to me as a work vehicle, and now I proudly own my own. Its comfortable, versatile, drives well, is good on gas and can tow gear comfortably. As a musician, it serves every work and personal need I could ask for. I am disappointed that they are being discontinued!

- Dan O

2018 dodge grand caravan fits family of 4 comfortably.

It works great and fits so many things, but this winter the window on the driver side door has a grinding noise. It still works but I am sure my glass will over time show scratch marks from whatever it is. As for drivability in the winter and I have and snow... Yeah right it is horrible traction and the back up cameras have a huge blind spot.

- Erin M

Is not a bad van if you want a stripped down version.

I have had no problems but it was listed as stow and go and the second row of seats is a bench seat so it is not stow and go. It gets fairly good gas mileage. The radio does not get the best reception. So far it has been a pretty good vehicle. I have only had it a few months so still finding out things about it.

- Deborah S

How smooth and comfortable the ride is.

The comfort when riding in a Dodge caravan is fantastic. They are such a smooth ride. The amount of space each person has is perfect. The seats conveniently fold into the floor so you can haul large things. There is stow and go under the middle seats which is perfect for storing small suitcases when traveling.

- Stacie M

A Van that Suits My Family's Needs

Van is large and roomy inside. Rear seats can be folded and stowed for a flat surface (more room for Ikea runs for example) or tilted backwards to sit facing out of the trunk (for tailgating or watching fireworks). It has smooth acceleration and braking; for the short time I have had the vehicle it is perfect.

- Kaitlyn K

8’ bed for home depot runs. Low to the ground for pets. Great for handicap pets.

No issues. I would like a feature change. I would like driver side controls to auto close all windows. I have forgotten the passenger windows were slightly opened. It rained and well. You know how the story goes from there. I would like standard adjustments pedaled and this time navigation was not an option.

- Nicole B

Seats fold down into the floor... Extra seats larger print on display window!

Absolutely love it! Had it 1 week! Had 13 miles on it when we bought it! We traded in a 2017 dodge ram truck in on it! The van has so much more room for us as senior citizens! More leg room more storage room and I love the way you can fold the seats down in the hidden compartment in the floor out of the way!

- Charlotte B

My dogs got a new vehicle and they love it.

Lots of storage room for my dog show items. It is very easy for my dogs to get in and out of. 2 crates fit very nicely in the rear. Seats are very comfortable. Only wish had better turning ratio. Love the way the seats store. Gas mileage is ok. Even with a few down things it is a great vehicle for the price.

- Stacy S

Great features, runs amazing!

I love how it drives, haven't had any issues. The rear view camera is awesome. It can be hard to get kids out, I have 3 and it will be more difficult when my baby goes into the next seat up. The electric seats are great because I am short and my husband is tall and we can both set them to be comfortable.

- Carol B

Smart computer on dash that holds memory.

There is a hesitation when trying to accelerate quickly while on the highway. Very reliable. Cannot watch videos on dash dvr while driving. The passengers cannot watch. The van is pretty. The seats fold down in the floor so there is no lifting. The seats are comfortable. Great vehicle for road trips.

- Katherine W

Accidental damages cause major problems.

The car runs great but for a first car that is supposed to take a lot of dings and a few knocks it kind of fell apart after one simple fender bender. If one part in the front gets slightly bent up or ruined the alternator fails quickly like it doesn't even have a chance to stay on.

- Khris T

It has plenty of space for a family with several children.

I love everything about it. The seats all fold into the floor. The third row of seating. The power the engine has will get up and go. If I have any complaint it would be that the steering wheel feels slippery. But that could just be from the newness!

- Shaun S

One of the most important thing that I tell others about my car is that it drives great and has a lot of power.

I love the stow and go seating and the bucket seats for the 2nd row. One of my complaints would be that the rear view mirror is pretty large and it seems to block some of your vision when making turns. It takes a little bit to get used to.

- Cassie M

Stow and Go for a Large Family

Very spacious and accommodating for a family of 7 and a growing dog. We don't experience any problems with performance or reliability. The stow and go feature is perfect for traveling with sports equipment.

- Auriel b

It is a great van for families.

I like that there is so much space, tow and go seats and the trunk space is awesome. The built in hands free phone system and DVD player are great too. I also think that the van is really good for camping.

- Renee F

It's easy to drive and can carry a lot of stuff.

Vehicle is stylish and I like the color. Inside very spacious. Fairly peppy with instrument panel fairly easy to understand. Only complaint is black color interior - shows every spec of dust, grass etc.

- bob M

That the middle row doesn't fold down unless it is captains chairs. And that the lights aren't automatic.

I love the space it provides for my family and my stuff. I'm a single mother and I'm able to fold the seats down to put stuff in. I do not like the fact that it doesn't have auto lights.

- Sherri Y

Same as the last 10 years. Interior hasn't changed a whole lot.

We've only had the van for about 2 months. No problems yet. It does start a little quicker than I'm used to, which causes me to peel out sometimes. I like that it has satellite radio.

- rochelle y

I love the mom mini van life!

I love my van. I love how much room I have. I love my backup camera. I love how high i sit in the van. I wish a few of the upgrades came standard. (like the auto doors on the sides)

- maggie f

Great for large families!

The Grand Caravan is very roomy and seats 7 passengers comfortably. The seats fold down or and/or can be removed for easy storage. The ride is smooth and I feel safe in my car.

- Michelle M

It's very roomy, very kid friendly. The downside is no spare tire and it isn't great on gas.

I like how easy it is for my children to get in and out of. I love that it has a dvd player to entertain my kids. It is very comfortable. There is a huge cargo space.

- Kristie C

It is a great vehicle for families that need room to grow and travel.

The only problem I have had with my grand caravan was with the navigation system not working. I got my van in the next day and the navigation system was replaced.

- Robin P

Comfort and space and I feel safe driving it on the highway.

I owned a caravan for 15 years before I bought my new one. . Like its ride, ok gas mileage, the space in the back when the 3rd row of seats are down is great.

- Marilyn S

The spaciousness of the van was very important to us and has not disappointed us at all.

I absolutely love my van it is perfect with my two children. It works perfectly with my disabled daughter and her wheelchair and is super comfortable.

- Katrina L

Easily seats a family and easy to get in and out of.

The Dodge grand caravan is a reliable van. Runs good and handles road well. We have bought several Dodge vans and they are very dependable vehicles.

- Sheila C

Lots of room and space for everyone and everything.

I really enjoy my new van, it has great style. I love having all the seating and available space. It gets good mileage and is great to respond.

- Deb W

meets the needs for my large family

enough room for everyone. has fold down seats and stow and go for extra storage and room. back up safety camera which is a great piece of mind.

- Felicia A

I would recommend it highly to people with a large family.

I love my van it's perfect for my family and job. Tons of storage and space for my kids. Pretty good on gas and a lot of features that I like.

- Jenny C

It is roomie, fast, and comfortable. The seats all fold down for maximum storage.

I love my van. I just wish it had an automatic lift gate, a middle front console, and choice of interior colors. The a/c could be colder also.

- Melissa P

Everyone loves it even dad who said he would never drive a soccer mom van.

Love the extra space. T. V. 's helps on long car rides. The headphones for the kids is amazing so I can still listen to the free Sirius radio.

- Lacey D

Great van, nice details, quiet drive

I really enjoy my vehicle so far. I wish it add some additional features and more horsepower, but so far it's very reliable and drives nice.

- Becky M

Solid, affordable minivan.

Drives well, roomy, but have only had it a few months, so not sure of long term issues. Body seems a bit weaker than my previous car.

- George T

I am loving my new vehicle!

Love the remote start. Runs smoothly. It has a lot of trunk space and fits my family of 6 perfectly with plenty of room to spare.

- Crystal J

great van, reliable, comfortable, little noisy, nice stereo system, black carpet, nice leather,

Would like less road noise Reliable comfortable nice leather seats heated steering wheel Miss having a tv in the car

- Brandi W

Our car is affordable and can accommodate our whole family and more.

I like that the seats stow away. I also enjoy the seating it allows. The van is good on gas and a comfortable ride.

- Wendy H

It is equipped with Stow-N-Go seats. It also has a backup camera

I like the amount of cargo space. The fold away seats are great. It rides beautifully. I don't have any complaints.

- Hermann T

It is a comfortable and practical car for many people. I recommend it.

Lots of room cargo. No spare tire no trailer hitch would be nice having better gas mileage. Has good dash read out.

- James J

Keep it up.. It does not like cheap gas..

I like the roominess and gas mileage. I hate that not all the seats are stow and go as they were advertised to be.

- Deb S

Very roomy and comfortable.

Very comfortable, lots of room. Good gas mileage. Love the backup camera. Do not have any complaints about my van.

- Debbie J

How much space it has! And storage.

Lots of space, rides smooth, comfortably fits my family. The car does not accelerate as quickly as I am use to.

- Amber S

Good safety, has rearview camera to help you pull out and see where you're going.

Very nice! Has latest technology and plan came with a year of SiriusXM Radio. Had a brake recall recently.

- Ally S

The back seats flip backwards so you can sit on the and watch a ball game.

It is roomy and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage ,and we couldn't beat the price that I paid for it.

- Mackenzi T

A good buy for the year of purchase.

Very effort on gas, and easy ride no constant bouncing when on a bumpy road, comfortable seats for travel.

- Erica S

Comfortable to drive and the passenger seats can be reclined.

It is a minivan that can carry 6 passengers. The second and third seats can be folded away for more space.

- Rose S

It is a family vehicle. It takes us where we want to go safely.

It is great vehicle,. It drives smooth. It has a DVD player that allows the kids to watch movies.

- Susan W

ease of handling the van gets good gas mileage the color is great

the way it looks ease of handling the color of van no complaints

- charles h

Great on gas for the size with great option. Lots of storage space with the sto-and-go seats.

Good on gas for the size. Flex-fuel option. No navigation built in.

- Jacqueline H

Get the dodge caravan so your kids will stop poking each other.

- Joanna E