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The Dodge grand Caravan is great for anyone looking for a larger vehicle.

The thing I love best about my grand Caravan is the room. I have four active teenagers so the three rows of seats make our ride so much more comfortable. And the stow and go seats make transporting band instruments and football gear a breeze. My biggest complaint is I wish I could get better gas mileage. I do end up filling up twice a week. When I first got my grand Caravan it was experiencing a rough idle. It turned out to be a problem with one of the cylinder heads. Fortunately for me the drive train was still under warranty and I was able to get it fixed quickly. The performance of the grand Caravan is good for a vehicle it is size. It handles corners and curves very well. The braking system is very good. I have never worried about not being able to stop. The grand Caravan accelerates well for it is size. I live in the mountains so I am constantly going up and down inclines and around corners. The grand Caravan has always handled well and I have never had any problems with it in that regard. My teens love the grand Caravan. They are constantly trying to borrow it despite having their own car. They love that they can fit a lot of their friends in the grand Caravan and the look of the grand Caravan is not "old". I have been very happy with the Dodge grand Caravan. It has the room I need for my family, it has been very reliable and handles well. There have been mechanical issues, but they were handled quickly and I haven't had problems since then. I would recommend the grand Caravan to anyone looking for a larger vehicle.

- Cole G

The seats storage works like magic they just disappear into the floor.

The problem with the Dodge caravan is that is a little tall. So getting in and out of the seats are a bit of a struggle. The van performs well and has plenty of power in the engine I sure it could tow a trailer with ease. It also has plenty of features the best of which is that the seats fold into the floor making is very convenient to stow them away and take full advantage of the cargo bay. Fun fact is that the back seat can be folded out in such a way that you can have comfortable seats facing out the back of the van’s back gate (a little-known feature I discovered in the owner’s manual). The steering wheel has buttons that give access to the radio dial and volume very convenient and safer when driving. As a passenger there are many cup holders and places for beverages to be store so you do not have to share and avoid fights over the only two good and convenient cupholders in our last vehicle. We have had a little problem with missing panels, some of them dropping off and will not snap back into place even though they do not seem to be broken. I have heard better sound systems in other brand (Honda come to mind) but it is adequate especially for audio books. The automated buttons for doors and gates work well and seem sturdy. The mechanism that open and shut the doors work better with the button than with the handle that also activates the operation.

- Julie M

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a mother�s savior!

I absolutely love my Dodge Grand Caravan! Our fancier rims help take away the 'minivan' feel! I'm a mom of 3 toddlers and the amount of things I need to bring with on the go is incredible. That's where this van becomes my life saver! I'm able to pack folding chairs for the entire family, our double stroller, a cooler and a beach bag if needed. Not to mention, the seats all fold flat into the ground, which is great for hauling but when they are up in the sitting position, it leaves a nice area to store things under the floor and out of view! I love having the ability to adjust our seats as well! They slide back and forth a few inches and they recline! My back up camera is a god send! It's saved me from quite a few fender benders and relaxes me in parking lots with people walking by! We also have the TV/DVD player to entertain my kiddos on long trips and it's definitely saved my sanity! The only things I would change is I wish I had bought the model that comes with the powered doors and powered front seats! I will definitely be staying with a Dodge Grand Caravan in the future just upgrading a few features to spoil myself!

- Jennifer L

Plenty of room and automatic doors!

Great vehicle overall. Easy access to change your own oil and filter. Engine is quiet which is nice. The back bucket seats and bench fold down into the floor which is so convenient when moving furniture or random things. To put the seats away it's an easy numbered pull system that requires little to no effort. Plenty of cup holders and compartments throughout. The ac vents r well placed with rear controls you can lock if needed. The rear windows also go down unlike some vans. Also the rear vents are electric. My favorite part though is the automatic doors and rear hatch. Groceries, kids, dogs, and everything else is that much quicker to load and unload. All doors are smooth and quiet when operating. Rear hatch beeps so you don't hit your head. Very thoughtful.

- Josie M

Dodge caravan vs. Family of 6.

My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our 4th child so we decided to upgrade our Dodge journey to a Dodge caravan. First off, due to financial restrictions we decided to purchase used instead of new and unfortunately the caravan we chose did not have all the fancy features like the rear automatic doors (which would've been awesome since three of my four children are under the age of 7. Rear automatic doors should actually be a standard feature if you are purchasing any type of van / caravan, but that is just my opinion). But I must, that is my only complaint. The Dodge caravan is roomy yet sleek, meaning I do not feel as if I am driving a big bus all over town. My family of 6 really love our Dodge caravan.

- Carla P

I love my minivan! Great space and comfort for the price!

I love our minivan. I never thought I'd say those words. It's super convenient and comfortable for our family of 5. We have room for car seats, toys, school bags, diaper bags and everything else for a day about town. Plus, there's room for groceries and other goodies. Our Grand Caravan gets great gas mileage, similar to the car I had before. I also love the sliding doors (no door dings with busy kids), the remote door opener for both side doors and back door. There are many options for car seats too. We've had many different configurations of car seats as the kids have grown and it has always been convenient. I would recommend this vehicle to any family, especially if you have two or more kiddos.

- Amanda B

Cup holders, Folding seats and more!

I love the Stow and Go seating in my Grand Caravan. It makes it very easy to reconfigure seating while on the go. I also love that the middle row seats slide to provide additional leg room if needed. There are cup holders everywhere in this vehicle. Makes it easy when traveling to have drinks and snacks. Visibility is great! There are no blind spots when driving. For a larger vehicle, it is easy to drive and park compared to other large vehicles. If I could do it again I would still get a Caravan, just more options like automatic sliding doors and leather seats. I am very happy with this van and all we are able to do. With 2 young children, sports and friends we are able to easily take people.

- Alison P

I love my Dodge grand Caravan!

I love my Dodge grand Caravan! Where do I start? Tons of room for kids. Plenty of space for groceries. The stow and go is great to store seats when hauling bigger objects. The r/t engine is nothing like other minivans! This things has the get up and go! Not sluggish at all! The back seats offer plenty of legroom for teenage boys. I love that I was able to save all my music to the hdd. I have no problem getting within reach to strap two littles into car seats. Plenty of plugins for all the tech stuff. The absolute only negative I have to say is it is not great on gas mileage! Highway mpg is ok, but riding around town it is definitely a gas guzzler.

- Sarah S

2016 Dodge grand caravan rx.

My Dodge grand caravan is a comfortable vehicle for both myself and my children. The features I enjoy the most are the hands-free doors, touch screen, leather, heated seats, and the ample amount of space that the caravan offers. The only issue I have had with my vehicle since owning it is the sliding doors will sometimes stop working. I am not sure for the reasoning behind this, as they will start working again after a bit. I enjoy the feeling of safety that the caravan offers. I am at nearly 100, 000 miles without any major issues so I am confident in my decision to purchase my second Dodge grand caravan.

- Courtney S

Dodge Grand Caravan: A spacious, comfortable family friendly vehicle

My Dodge grand caravan is a great,family friendly vehicle. We love the space the most as we have 3 young children. It's great that all the seats fold down so it becomes a van, great for moving furniture! We even managed to fit a couch in it. The kids love the DVD player & I love the reversing camera. It makes me feel a lot safer reversing such a big vehicle. It's such a comfortable, easy car to drive. The sliding doors are also excellent with kids & they can't slam doors into other cars in car parks. In addition to these features it is economical to run & has good performance.

- Lisa G

Dodge Grand Caravan is the perfect family vehicle. Minivan mom for life!

I use to say i'd never be a 'minivan mom' but I love my Grand Caravan and never want to drive anything else. It is so roomy and is perfect for all the long road trips we take. One of my favorite features is how the captain seats in back and the bench seat all stow and go. I can fit more in my van than my husband can in his truck! When the seats are up, the storage cubbies are huge. Love the ease of having power sliding doors and liftgate, it makes life with kids so much easier. Plus, it is honestly a really nice looking van. I feel safe and I know my family is safe when we are traveling.

- Denise H

I am now a converted van-owner and love it!

We've had zero issues with our van. The doors and back open with a push of a button, so I do not have to put a kid down to open the door. We do have a flip down tv inside which is handy for long trips. The ac and heat work great in the back keeping the kiddos comfortable. . Cons: when the tv is playing in back, I wish we could have music or silence up front when driving but it is so-able. . Pros: comfortable, quiet drive. . -I can put all seats down, folded into car to haul. -we put a towing package on ours and can haul a small trailer which is very handy. -easy to clean and keep clean.

- Ashlee M

My favorite part of the van are the stow away seats.

I love my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. I really enjoy that my family of 6 can comfortably fit into this van with ease. I love that all the seats can stow away into the van and I never have to worry about taking out my seats if I ever need room to transport bulky items. Gas miles are decent considering we live in the city, however amazing when we travel far. The back up camera is a nice image and there are sensors to notify the driver when there is an object close by. I really appreciate the lights on the side mirrors that illuminate when there is a vehicle in your blind spots.

- Lorena G

Stow and go. Difficult car seat install. Difficult fold up/down back seats.

Love the stow and go storage. However, several things were not disclosed to us upon buying, such as: the screen and system that should allow for GPS and phone connection does not work, and we were told it would, and it has to be completely replaced to do so. Also, bought another van for maximum child seating, and quickly found that the 3rd row only has legitimate car seat latches for one seat. And the car seats are extremely difficult to get attached, not because of the seats themselves, but because of the vehicle design (never had as much trouble with my old Kia Sedona).

- Alicia M

The van is spacious and realistic

I love my van. It seats all of my kids but also gives the two older boys a chance to stay separated from the little kids by having access to captains chairs. One complaint that we were seeing before our purchase was the road noise that you can hear inside the vehicle but we have not had an issue with it. The slight bit of road noise that we can hear actually helps the little ones sleep on long drives. It is a great van to take on road trips. There is plenty of cargo space and the seats fold down flush to the floor so I can load and move just about anything.

- Victoria B

The flexibility of seating is perfect for a family with over 3 kids.

I love the automatic sliding doors to open from a distance with the key fob, the mirror on the sunglasses holder that lets me see all my passengers in the backseats, the fold flat back seats that mean I don't have to find someone with a truck to haul stuff, the flexibility of putting some seats down to haul stuff and people, the space between seat rows and in the trunk part, and pretty much everything about it. The only improvements I hope for next time I buy a car is a backup camera and heated seats.

- Megan T

Has a lot of space very reliable drives great. Ac and heat works really good

I love my dodge caravan because it's a really reliable vehicle. It has a lot of space for kids. Seats are very comfortable especially on long trips. Ac and heat works very good. Has a backup camera which is really helpful for blind spots. The middle seats fold all the way down into the floor of the van so you have more space to haul big things if need be. Only thing I don't like is it doesn't have a DVD player in the back that folds down from the roof for the kids to watch.

- Casey H

It�s the perfect vehicle for kids and busy families

We have owned our vehicle for a little over 2 years now, and it hasn't required anything beyond typical maintenance (oil changes and new tires). It has been extremely reliable. The van does great on wet roads, although I haven't driven it in serious snow conditions yet. With a little slush and snow on the road it has done very well and I feel safe. Everything is easy to operate - from the doors to the trunk to the seats folding up or down. It is perfect for kids!

- Rachel C

One important thing is when the van lets you know when the motor is on.

The problems that our family van has is lights from the inside of the van flickers after having it for some time. The comfort of the van is alright just the backseats are a little discomfort I prefer to lay done on the seats but not safe at all. One of the features I love is with the click of a button the back doors just slides open or you can do it by hand. Also the back seats could be folded back so you could have space for shopping bags or any other thing.

- Nora V

Great family vehicle with plenty of storage

Very comfortable as a driver and passenger. Plenty of legroom even in the very back. Great space for storage under the seats as well as the back cargo space. Seats fold down easily when needed. Had an issue with one of the sliding doors failing to work. Vehicle warranty and dealership too care of that with no problem. Have had no other problems. Bought my van a year and a half ago due to growing family, and I've loved this vehicle since the test drive.

- Megan L

Great for children growing into teens and need more leg room.

I have 55,000 miles on my vehicle and have not had any problems. It is great for taking vacations, plenty of room. Seats fold down so it can be used for hauling items. Runs great. Seats are very comfortable. Radio works great. Nice having two glove compartments. I like sitting up in a vehicle. It was easy for my elderly parents to get in and out. With seats up, plenty of legroom for passengers. Air conditioner and heater work well. No complaints.

- Kathleen Y

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

I love my Grand-Caravan! Having the automatic sliding doors make dropping my little ones off at school much easier and quicker. The Rear DVD/Entertainment feature keeps everyone happy and entertained on long car rides. Auto-start and the heated steering wheel and seats keep use comfy and happy in the cold winter months in our state. I would highly recommend this vehicle to any family looking for an affordable and reliable family car.

- Cassie B

Not your typical minivan!

I love my Dodge caravan! It is a smooth ride, stylish, and so much room! The storage in the stow n go is unreal. I am able to fit all the extras that are needed for emergencies and having 5 kids in tow without taking up any space in the van. The black leather is trimmed with red thread and looks sharp! My kids love all the cup holders and storage for snacks and toys. They also love the blue glow of the lights along the roof.

- Laura G

Loving my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan.

I purchased this vehicle used when my household suddenly became bigger. It has been reliable so far, no major issues. It has plenty of room for everyone in the household, including 3 car seats. We love the push button sliding doors and trunk as well as the seats in second and third row being able to fold into the floor if needed. Has pretty decent gas mileage for such a large vehicle, and has a fairly smooth ride on decent roads.

- Brenda B

It's terrible. Don't buy it.

I like that my whole family can fit in it. However, my 3 boys are all teenagers now and none of them have enough legroom in the very back seat. The van sucks - it has a burning plastic smell and the dealership insists they can't replicate it. I've seen many complaints about this online. It has lousy gas mileage, blows around in the slightest wind, and has poor acceleration (I have to turn off the ac to even get on the highway).

- Amber D

V6 engine in a minivan is a plus!

I am happy with my. Dodge Grand Caravan. It performs great. I really like that it has a V6 engine so it doesn't take too long to take off and get to my targeted speed. It is my first van, and I have 4 kids, so I am a huge fan of the sliding doors. I don't have to worry about my kids opening the door and ringing the next car. The only complaint I have is that the gas mileage is not that great. But, overall, I love my van!

- Jasmine M

My 2016 Dodge sxt review and features.

The ride is soft and smooth. The gas mileage is 22 to 24 in and around town. It accommodates my wife and me and four dogs. Love the automatic rear gate lift and the stow and go seats for added cargo space. I have 34, 000 miles on it and the tires are like new and the handling is smooth and effortless. Now looking at a new one as I just paid this one off and I get a high trade in or private party price that the best.

- Scott C

Family friendly...great cargo space and stow and go seating.

I love the over all space in the vehicle and ease of getting in and out, especially my kids getting in and out easily. Love the sliding doors and remote features. Only complaint is that there is no feature to let you know if a door is left open...you can lock the vehicle even if one of the sliding doors is accidentally left open and nothing alerts you that it is/no feature to stop locking when sliding door is open.

- Erin G

Excellent vehicle for the cost, features and reliability.

For the money we love this vehicle! The only issues we have had is one of the automatic doors once locked shut, and prior to that the same door closed on my child's hand. There's supposed to be a safety feature that prevents the door from closing on a hand, so that's now a fear. But outside of that, the DVD player continues to work great, gas mileage isn't phenomenal, but its a van so I guess it's to be expected.

- Amber T

Families who are thinking about an SUV, I would recommend the van instead.

I absolutely love the amount of space in this vehicle! With the stow-and-go, we can fit everything we need for a family of 4 (including our German shepherd). We haven't had any problems with the vehicle yet however we've only had it for a few months. The van's performance so far meets our expectations. We got a basic model van so it does not have many of the bells and whistles, but we love it all the same.

- Kimberly E

American Value Package is versatile and affordable!

We have zero problems with our vehicle; however I wish I would have invested in a better 'trim' package for more comfort. The AVP was the most economical for us at the time. My favorite part is how versatile the back seat storage area can be! We have used it to haul large furniture because you can fold down all the back seats. You can fold down one or both and the bench in the middle can even be removed!

- Amanda J

Summary of grand caravan, worth the price.

It is very reliable for myself and my family. It is easy to maintain and is comfortable in all areas of the car. We often take the car on long trips and everyone seems to have a good time. The car is great in the winter and it turns right on when its cold weather. In the heat the car cools quickly and is very comfortable. I also like the phone feature is great to connect it to the Bluetooth is amazing.

- meg C

Easy to drive, easy to load. Doors open easily.

It is roomy, the seats are easy to maneuver even though I have a disease that causes pain and stiffness. Plenty of storage for long trips. The gas mileage is fair. Dials easy to read. The cup holders can be difficult to get large cups in and out of. If you lay a card down on the front console sometimes it will slip between the lid and into the back. Getting to the spare tire takes some effort as well.

- Sarah M

Awesome Dodge Caravan that everyone should have.

Our van is perfect for us. It has plenty of legroom in front, back and far back in the third row. It has stow and go seats in the center which is easy to do. The third row folds down easily for large loads. The best part is the side window roll down on the sliding doors. Plenty of storage under the middle seats also. Easy to get in and out of for elderly people because of the handles to hold on too.

- Deborah H

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. A must buy for big families

No real problems yet. Performance is average of a 6 cyl minivan. 14-20 MPG. Has good get up and go for a van. In car DVD PLAYER is great for the kids. Dual climate control and rear is a MUST. Overall a great vehicle however my only complaint is that the automatic doors used to be standard and now they're not. I'd rather have a lower power 4 cyl and power doors than a 6 cyl gas guzzler.

- James S

Spacious family friendly dodge grand caravan.

It has lots of room, great for a big family. It drives great and has amazing gas mileage. Has a/c and heat controls in the back and a vent for each window seat. The truck/back area is quite spacious. Fits a double sit n stand stroller and groceries. There are two storage compartments in the floor under the back middle seats. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a big family.

- Victoria G

Overall it's a great value

I have been driving Dodge or Chrysler minivans for 20+ years. This 2016 model represents the top of the evolution of the vehicle. It has decent seats, but they could be improved.with a little extra cushioning. The mechanical system is smooth, but it would be better if they could have retained the Mercedes Benz designed transmission of a few years ago . Over all I am very happy

- Calvin R

2016 Dodge grand Caravan with handicap futures review for under 50,000 miles

While still under 50k, side door doesn't lock, problems with airlock on gas cap, makes whistling sounds when running a/c Otherwise it runs pretty smoothly I'm very satisfied at the moment this vehicle was especially equipped for moving electric wheelchairs and it was not put together correctly at the factory and a fix on the radiator hose had to be done early in this life

- Jeffrey H

Lots of benefits and perfect family car.

Car makes a noise when slowing down--sounds like a bird, but I cannot find anything wrong with it. Other than that, I love the car, and it is exactly what our family of seven needed. Love how the seats fold into the floor to make room for large items, but when the seats are up, you can use the storage underneath. This comes in handy when traveling or going on vacation!

- Karen M

Lots of work had to be done.

There have been many issues with my car that have been exhausting. Failures from the manufacturer. A crack in the rear transmission; the sliding door stopped working, first it wouldn't stay closed and then it wouldn't open; the oil had a leak. So many things wrong and within just 1 year. There have been more on top of that but it's too many and I don't remember.

- Christine D

Being able to store things in the floor is an interesting feature. Its wounderfur to be able to hide little gifts in there right under the kids nose and they never know it!

I absolutely love my Dodge Grand Caravan. It runs great and it's one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. I have 3 boys & their friends that I run around to sports events, and there is plenty of room. I love the fact that there are doors on both side so there are no arguments over who is getting in first! The only setback is there is no backup camera.

- Drucilla H

Best family van out there!

I am very pleased with my Dodge caravan. The stow away seating is an added plus for our family of five. This van is great on gas and very comfortable for our long family trips. I totally recommend the DVD package. Your kids will thank you later and you will love the peace and quiet! I recommend this van to any family. You will not regret your purchase!

- Felicia M

Review of my grand Caravan.

I have had no problems with my Caravan, it has good performance and is very reliable. It is very comfortable and roomy. I have many features on this vehicle. Power windows and doors, rear view camera. It has the very performing six cylinder engine package with all the power I will ever need. Many of the tech features I opted not to have on my vehicle.

- Dennis S

The Dodge grand caravan has comfort and lots of space

This car is perfect for having children. It has been reliable and the tvs have been a lifesaver. The headphones that come with the tvs are poorly designed. We haven't had any real mechanical issues other than the door mechanism went bad this was frustrating because we couldn't even open the door manually, which is not convenient with car seats.

- laura h

Great value! Dependable & nice.

Very comfortable seating! Gas mileage can be pretty good. Transmission lags a little sometimes when accelerating but no major issues. Very reliable vehicle. Huge amounts of space & love the stow n go seats. Maintenance is pretty easy & low cost. It doesn't handle that great in the snow though but that's to be expected with a minivan.

- Theresa B

Great customer service and warranty.

I have had issues with the automatic sliding doors and issues with cylinder misfires. However, Dodge has really been helpful and corrected any and all issues involved in the vehicle. They are very supportive. Also, we have 3 children with one on the way and the van is perfect size for us and the kids enjoy watching movies on long road trips.

- Randall S

Great car, fuel efficient, spacious , comfortable

Great car ! Very smooth ride. No major problems or work have been done since I had it for 3 years. Very spacious inside. Carpets are a bit hard to clean because of dog hair. Great sound system, stock radio is good enough to keep. Nice speakers nice bass. Accelerator is a quick pickup, maybe a bit touchy but doesn't affect how I love the car

- Clifford H

Comfort and lack of problems.

Van has pretty much been problem free, I have owned it for over a year now. The only thing I have a problem with is the lack of ac vents in the back of the van. It gets a bit hot in the back seats, which is not something you want when you have kids ages 10, 9, 6 and 1. Add vents to the back and my rating for the van would be a 10/10.

- Diana G

It is a car and to be used as such.

The noise level at high speeds is a little annoying. Power is good. Handling is good, a/c is good controls easy to use. Radio controls for volume is large audio needs work, seat is comfortable, controls for doors are easy to use, interior lighting should have use same lights, incandescent and led, s are a distraction when needed.

- Michael E

2016 Grand Caravan - Must have vehicle!

The 2016 Grand Caravan is the perfect vehicle for a growing family. It is very spacious and can sit up to 8 people easily. The selling point for us was the stow and go feature that allows for us to put chairs not in use below the floor. This is the first time I have owned a van and I don't regret ever considering this vehicle.

- Rudy R

Navy blue family van but not for short person.

I am only 4'10' tall and have problems getting in and out of the van. I like the amount of room it has and the extra seating. It is a comfortable ride once I get in. I find the automatic doors easy to use. I get good gas mileage. The color of the van is navy blue and there are a lot of van of that color in the parking lots.

- Carol W

Great car, perfect for families.

The performance of the car is really great. T's getting older so it does have problems every now and then and have to replace the brakes often but overall it's great. I love the view from the driver's seat, I have a wide range of view. The size of the vehicle makes it a little hard to park but that comes with practice.

- Abigail S

I love my dodge. Grand caravan

I just bought it 4 months ago and love that it had Bluetooth for calls. I love that it had a stow and go third row seat. I wish the windows come tinted on it but the one's I looked at none had it done. There have been for recalls on this van so far I found out so I need to call and make sure they were taken care of.

- Amber S

Luv my Dodge grand caravan at 68.

No problems at all. Highly dependable. Great ride and comfort. Love the stow and go seats, heated side mirrors and especially the rear air. Would like the radio and time visuals in a color that can be seen more clearly. Good cup holders and would like some better cup holder in middle seats, perhaps one in armrest.

- Michael M

It has tons of room. Mine seats 7, and I was able to foot a whole door assembly in the back

I love my van. There's times of room and it rides well. It's not as quiet as I expected, and I wish I had gotten one with a few more bells and whistles. For example, the only vents ate in the front and it takes a while for the whole cabin to cool which is not good in the Florida summer. But, I would buy it again.

- dina y

Great benefits of the Dodge Grand Caravan.

It is roomy for my family of six. It is very dependable. It is not equipped with all the navigation and push to open or close buttons. That is really my only complaint about the vehicle but that does not affect the great performance. It really make a great family vehicle plus we use it to move things as well.

- Valerie D

It is a very good car overalls.

There's a car with plenty space but sometimes it's takes to much to increase the speed when you are entering the freeway. I love the seats features so you can hide very easily if you need. The distance between the brake and accelerator pedals is not very comfortable because you have to bend a lot your knee.

- Mai G

Doors open by remote and close I also like the steering wheel feature also.

No problems as of yet it is very reliable & very comfortable you can change the radio station and control volume from steering wheel and the spare is under the van you can drop it down from the inside under the middle of the front seats it also has sores on the radio so you can receive music from satellite.

- Michael R

This vehicle is operationally sound but the interior just simply below par.

Interior is sub-par. Side panels on seats are poorly designed and very poorly constructed. Small, plastic clips broke barely two months after purchase. Seat upholstery material is easily spoiled and very difficult to clean. Otherwise the exterior is fine. Operationally the vehicle is without trouble.

- Bill F

We love everything about our van!!

I love my van! My favorite part has to be the heated steering wheel and heated seats. My girls love watching movies too! We have the two TVs and blu ray player. I love the stow and go seats. . . Makes it easy to load the van up with whatever we want. It is great for traveling to our vacation destinations.

- Susan O

Great for families on a budget!

It is spacious. We can fit a family of six, a stroller, load of groceries, and a friend. It is good on gas. The seats can move or be folded down easily. It has Bluetooth which is of course nice. The only problem we've had, currently have is the rear air conditioning not working. Very costly to get fixed.

- Tiffany B

My personal opinion about my Dodge grand caravan.

I really like my van but I do not love it. I am more of an SUV type of person but this car was a gift, so I am using it for the moment. So my opinion is more like personal preference as opposed to what how the vehicle is performing. I have had it almost a year and haven't had any major issues with it.

- Jasmine R

Dodge grand caravan review: perfect family vehicle.

Good performance. Great for taking kids to events, getting groceries, etc. Remote trunk and door open is convenient. Only drawback has been consistent erroneous change oil message, and erroneous low tire messages. Lots of drawers and side pockets to store snacks, store purchases, etc while on the go.

- Kelly K

Lots of room for a big family

The stow and go is a great feature for loading the van. The isle makes for very easy access to the 3rd row which is much easier for my 2 older kiddos to get in and out on their own. The auto opening doors make loading 4 kids a breeze, and there is plenty of room for their backpacks and sports gear.

- Jennifer G

Dodge Grand caravan 2016- a wonderful choice for our family!

We love our grand caravan. With two little kids in car seats, it's easy to get them in and out. The back up warning system has been great for me, since I don't have good depth perception. It feels roomy inside, without feeling large to drive. It is very smooth on the road and has been dependable.

- Daily E

Extremely practical, easy to drive, good looking

It is very easy to get in and out. I love the GPS and hands free phone in my van. The space I get when I fold down the passenger seats is amazing. I even transported a 3-seater sofa in my van to move it from one place to the other. It drives like a sports car when I push the gas saver button out.

- Sandra S

Nothing too special but everything you need

It is an overall good value at the price point for a minivan. The rear seats lack comfort and the transmission can be a little loose and jerky. The available seating, storage, fuel economy make up for the few shortcomings. It is what you would expect from an American vehicle in this price range.

- Jarrod W

My happy place! Dodge Grand Caravan.

This Dodge Grand Caravan, is my happy place, it is a dream to drive, gets 20 mpgs, a whole bag of safety equipment, that has a brain of its own. One great ride. Prior to this Dodge, I purchased another Dodge caravan, 2006, it was the main reason I chose another Dodge. All have a lot of legroom.

- L D

Reliable, comfortable and safe.

I am really pleased with the overall performance of this van. I purchased the van used, and it has needed tires and an air conditioning repair, but it has not needed other repairs. I feel safe driving this van, and I believe it to be reliable. We plan to take it on a few long trips this summer.

- Emily J

It is a very smooth car ride on the freeway and on city streets.

I love my vehicle because when we go for a long drive my kids can watch a movie and the gas mileage is perfect. Also the back seats are very roomy for anyone to sit back there even adults can be comfortable. The air condition can be controlled from the front of the car and in the back as well.

- Cynthia A

Perfect for a sports family of 5.

Our dodge caravan is perfect for our family of 5. We have 3 boys who all play sports. It is very comfortable and reliable. We love the stow and go seats, they make more leg room for my oldest son who is 6 foot 2. It has a DVD player, which is nice for long trips. And I gets good gas mileage.

- Angela A

It's a mini version of a rocket ship

It's spacious and comfortable. It is a smooth drive. It is a great family car! We drive this car everywhere and it gets us where we need to go. It is a great vehicle for road trips. It does take about 60 to 70 bucks to fill up the gas tank depending on where you live. It is a eco friendly.

- Valerie G

Dodge caravan for the win!

Very low maintenance. Great mileage for a van. When shopping for a car I wanted something my entire family could fit in and the caravan gave my family that. It also has full folding seats so traveling with a lot of items is a breeze. The cleaning of this car is also very easy to maintain.

- Carolyn T

This vehicle is great for trips!

Good heater, defrost, air conditioning system. Have had no problems with the engine or transmission. Runs better on higher octane gasoline. Haven't really tried ethanol in it. Headrests are not that great, but I carry pillows to use on long Journeys. Good power in west Virginia mountains.

- Laura F

Nice vehicle for a good price.

I did not have any problems with a car. We traveled from Nevada to Washington and later to Los Angeles. Both trips were safe and comfortable. It is very powerful and roomy. I think it has a great value for a great price. I was a little skeptical before buying it, but I am glad we did it.

- Alina S

Very comfortable and spacious.

I like the convenience of the automatic doors, it is a very quiet and smooth ride. The back row folds completely down which is handy for going grocery shopping. I wish it had remote start as I enjoyed that with my last vehicle. There’s a lot of space and storage which is nice to have.

- Chanel O

Red Dodge grand caravan minivan 2016 make.

We have trouble with transmission and alternator. It only breaks down occasionally but when it does it takes 2 weeks to repair. Gas goes pretty quick, whether you drive it a lot or not. It doesn't like hills, sometimes you have to push the gas pedal a little more to make it go uphill.

- Miranda B

Great family car and love the automatic doors!

Really enjoy the ride of it. The separate driver, passenger air controls. The space in order to get to my triplet girls. The automatic doors. All the cup holders (that's a big one for my family)! The storage compartments that you can close so people can't see what you have in them!

- Jessica D

A spacious and efficient soccer mom van

It's obviously lacking features; it may have some small electrical issues that may need to be fixed, but they're not too expensive. Other than that, this car is reliable and decently efficient. It is comfortable; it features much more space than I have personally seen in other cars.

- Malek H

Best price for a large family on a budget

This has been a great van for the price! Wish the back door windows rolled down. The middle half bench seats first two rear facing car seats. The gas mileage has been great on trips and with plenty of room in the rear for two booster seats. Overall a great car for our family of six.

- Julia R

We love our Dodge grand-caravan.

Very convenient for taking the kids places. Also great while grocery shopping or doing any other kind of shopping. We love the power doors. The fuel economy is good. We've never had any problems with our caravan! It is been great. We would definitely recommend the caravan to others.

- Casey B

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is Grand Family Vehicle

Gas mileage isn't great but ok. Adjusting backseat a little difficult. We have the DVD player which helps with children on all long car rides. Only came with 2 headphones and can only listen to radio if headphones on. Overall comfortable car and the family is very pleased with it.

- Brian Z


I have the base model so it is okay for the most part. It drives smooth and easy to maneuver. It is descent with gas especially highway miles. I have a wheelchair so the only thing I do not like is the manual ramp and the manual trunk. I would have liked those features automatic.

- Genessa D

Comfortable and quiet vehicle

The engine has a funny sound. Something is loose, but it can be fixed. Other than that, it's perfect. It has 2 DVD players and is quiet inside. I like the Econo gas button. Ours is black and shiny. I like the auto doors and auto back hatch. The hidden key remote is great, too.

- Kelly C

Unreliable air conditioning.

It is a comfortable ride but could have better mileage. The air conditioning has not been entirely reliable. We have had good experiences with the Dodge dealership. The air circulation system has vents in only the front seat. The front seat passenger seat is very comfortable.

- William D

Dodge grand caravan and it is features.

I really like my Dodge grand caravan and would recommend it to others. It has seating for seven and lots of cargo space. We took it on vacation with five of us and all our luggage and we still had room for more. If you are looking for a family vehicle this is the one for you.

- Florence Y

Life in a grand caravan with 4 kids

Very comfortable and fits my 4 kids. It also holds my 2 dogs comfortably. The only thing I don't like it the interior color. It is a light tan color which isn't the greatest with kids but that is easy to get a slipcover. It drives very smoothly and haven't had any issues yet.

- Holly M

This Dodge has it All, try it!

Comfortable ride for over 4 hours, great surround sound, radio. Great all around! Black interior,skylight, Great tailgating, 2 screens for video, and movies and movie screen in front when parked. We had a free year of Sirius radio. Heated seats and steering and side windows

- Stacie A

Reliable and safe, fun to drive

The car is reliable, it has lot of room, has good gas mileage and a big gas tank so you don't have to get gas very often. Have not had any problems in it and I feel safe driving my daughter in it. Everything works great and it runs smoothly. It is overall a good van to drive

- Katy J


Car runs well. It suits my family. Runs awesome. Nice speed for a van. My favorite is u can put the seats down under floor for space in your car. I recommend this for large families. It does use a lot of gas when driving. But overall it's spacious and reliable for my family.

- Dana V

Bad transmission, great auto.

2016 model and I had to have my transmission completely replaced in august of 2018, but otherwise it has been reliable family van. It is very comfortable for my family. I love the auto start, navigation, DVD player and automatic doors and rear hatch. I just miss a moonroof!

- Nicole S

Love the handle of the load. I love the space especially the fold and go.

I love my car have been driving it since 2016. I have not had any maintenance problems. Has lots of room, I do not like that it does not come in leather seats so we had that added later on. I do not like how the Bluetooth works it has a delayed response when answering it.

- Misty D

The stow and go is the best feature of this vehicle.

I love the show and go and the room this van provides! It is perfect for a family as well as pets. It sits 7 people and they are all comfortable. There is a lot of room for everyone and everything. The price is much better than the town and country and I love the design.

- Nicole O

The family friendly minivan

It is perfect vehicle for a large family. An amazing vehicle to go on road trips with your friend and family. Has enough space for luggage and even a family dog while the rest of the family is still comfortable enough to join their road trip. I definitely recommend it.

- Alberto G

2016 silver Dodge grand caravan.

No problem as of yet. Rides very smooth, clothed seats, all back seats folds completely down to the floor for more room. Good mileage only on the highway. Both side doors opens/close with one click. The back truck door does the same thing. Holds approximately 8 people.

- Jason T

DVD player will save your sanity!

My package included the DVD player which saves my sanity with the kids in the van. Love the power doors and liftgate. I also have the stow and go seats which gives us extra room when needed. My only issue with the van is that it does not show air pressure and oil life.

- Jewel L

Dodge handicap conversion vehicles are among the longest running and cheapest in the market.

It was affordable, it's reliable ,and it came fully equipped for my handicapped needs. Downside is that it is a rear entry vehicle and if I ever get my driver's license I would have to get another car. But the trade in value or resale value is great so I'm not worried.

- Juan M

Stylish with great storage potential!

Our family takes a lot of pride in our R/T Grand Caravan. It handles exceptionally well, the exterior finish and interior accommodations are stylish, and the storage options are unparalleled. We used our van to MOVE CITIES without having to rent a truck. Just awesome!

- casey L

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan, with stow n go seating

This car is really nice for a minivan. Great sound system, runs smooth, and enough space to seat 7. Seats stow down for more room, or stow space in second row. Has touchscreen with Satellite radio, as well as Bluetooth compatibility. Overall an extremely reliable car.

- Emma T

Very good seat functionality

The car has already had some issues with the engine/transmission. And the armrest has started tearing apart. I do love the comfortability of the vehicle. I have 4 kids and they love the space. I also love the convenience of being able to put the seats down easily.

- lamar B

Great family van. Easy stow and go seating. Spacious interior. Love that all the doors are auto. Love that all the windows open. Love the alerts.

I love the van except for 3 things: 1) It has a really sluggish get up. Takes forever to get going. 2) There is no spare wheel if I get a flat. 3) There is very little leg room. I love all the auto doors. The stow and go seating. The layout. The spacious trunk.

- Shanna W

Remote start runs for about 15 minutes. Two DVD players.

Engine breaks down often, ac doesn't work well. Shakes when it's in idle. Great family vehicle though. Kids like the DVD system. Two DVD players with one in the back row, one in the middle row. Doors are convenient. Remote start is nice on cold days and hot days.

- Tawnie T

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a comfortable, roomy and affordable van.

I have a family of 5 so we need a bigger vehicle and the Dodge Caravan works well. It is an affordable van that I have no complaints with. The only reason I did not give it a 5 is because I wish it was more fuel efficient like the Priuses I have previously owned.

- SK B

Love my Dodge Grand Caravan

I have only owned my vehicle for one month but so far I love everything about it. The flex fuel option is a big plus. It is very spacious and roomy. It's a seven seater vehicle. It has the back up camera option. The radio can receive satellite services as well.

- Jeanne V

The family van that won't disappoint.

This is a van with a lot of room... storage for all passengers. A 110 outlet. Large side windows that roll down. All rear seats fold flat easily with the pull of a few tabs. Rear view cameras for reversing. Would recommend the dodge grand caravan to any family.

- Amanda P

What I love about my Dodge.

It is an awesome car to get me to and from where I need to go with the kids. We feel safe and they are happy and comfortable in long rides with their electronics. We can listen to radio and they watch TV shows and have room to spread out and relax after school.

- L P

Riding comfort and ease, even for the big guy like me!

Plenty of legroom. I am 6 plus feet tall and 300 pounds and I am very comfortable in my van. Great gas mileage rides very smooth with the addition of touring tires. Plenty of storage room for strollers and wheelchairs. It can fit 6-7 people no problem at all.

- Bob M

All of the safety features.

Being able to open the back with a button is very useful. I love that you can have multiple temperature settings for different passengers. That economy button is very interesting too. I also like that you can see how many miles you have left on the dashboard.

- Travis S

Extra room and storage available

Great family vehicle. Awesome service at dealership. Great for more than 5 people. Comfortable, back seats can be hidden for extra room inside. Lots of storage compartments. Drives smoothly. Easy to maintain. Design is more modern. Overall is a great vehicle

- Ana G

Sporty, practical, and reliable

My vehicle is very comfortable, spacious, and very practical. It gets very good gas mileage, and is great for long or short trips. I have been driving my vehicle for approximately 8 months now, and have not experienced any problems, and have no complaints.

- Michelle M

Awesome, easy stow and go seats

Really like the Grand caravan. Plenty of cargo room with easy stow and go seats! Love not having to have to lift and take the seats out. Also the automatic sliding. Doors and automatic rear hatch make it super easy to load the car when your hands are full.

- Michele S

Vacations. Plenty of room for luggage, souvenirs, and extra friends to join along.

My Grand Caravan is very reliable and is very comfortable. This vehicle has great gas mileage. Took it on vacation this past summer and met almost all of our needs. However, my Grand Caravan does not have a backup camera so it sometimes difficult to backup.

- Stephanie M

2016 dodge grand caravan. Great purchase!

Great vehicle. Rides great. Awesome for small to large families. Gets great fuel economy. Transmission shifts when it should. Had issues with pulsating brakes. Had issues with front and rear ac/heat actuators. Temperatures not working properly. Recommended!

- Chuck K

The Perfect Family Vehicle

Perfect vehicle for a family. Vast amount of space. Has run perfectly every day. The Caravan has enough power to get the family moving. Stop'n'go seats make transitioning different seating patterns easy and quick. I feel safe with my family in this vehicle.

- Dave F

Our choice for comfort and safety.

This is the 6th dodge grand caravan we have owned. It is at the top of our list for quality and reliability. The van offers room and comfort and handles exceptionally well. We are already planning our next vehicle and it also will be a dodge grand caravan.

- Ron H

Air-conditioning issue with 2016 Grand caravan

I really enjoy this vehicle, the only downside is that in less 3 years we have had issues with the air conditioning. Passenger side sometimes only blows hot air. Rear is always hot air. The passenger side seemed to get better after we recharge the coolant.

- Crystal L

It may be a minivan but it is a big-deal.

What really sold me on my van, was it having a built in DVD player for the kids to watch movies. I also enjoy that all the back seats fold down into the floors. I was able to move a bed to a new house with my van! The eco-friendly gas mileage is great too!

- Danielle D

Electronic locks on all doors do not last very long

I really enjoy the space inside my van it is really comfortable. We have had issues with the electronic door locks not working properly. One of the sliding doors will not open at all because lock is stuck. Truck does not always opens when you push button.

- Tarah T

The only windows that open are the 2 front windows. (I would not have purchased this vehicle if I had known that, it was a huge issue for me when I found out only after I bought it and was stuck with this very expensive purchase)

I like the amount of space inside to fit my family and dogs and still have room for whatever I may need to transport in the back. I like that middle and rear seats all fold into the floor. I hate that the rear windows don't open and only the front 2 open.

- Donna P

Pros and cons of Dodge caravan handicap vans.

Very comfortable to drive. It is a handicap van and accommodates my grandson's wheelchair very nicely. If I were critical of anything it would be the gas mileage. It is low compared to comparable vehicles. Also the headlights don't turn on automatically.

- Clayton S

Spacious family vehicle!!

I really love my Dodge grand caravan. It is such a spacious vehicle. Having two kids using car seats was just too crowded in our old car. Getting this van has been a life saver! The ride is also incredibly smooth. It is a joy to drive and take on trips.

- Paul P

Gives and gives up of switching to a minivan.

The best is the space, the driving is much better than I thought I'd get when transitioning to a van- granted its 6 speed. The door and hideaway seats are handy. The downside is the gas mileage. It is much more expensive than the Malibu I used to drive.

- Mandi G

It is a great vehicle for a large family.

I purchased the vehicle used and it had some things that need to be fixed. One of the seats wouldn't stow and one of the doors wouldn't lock. It has been difficult getting these fixed. I feel like there's always something little that needs to be fixed.

- Melanie T

Sweet ride, easy adjustments, total comfort.

I love my Dodge grand caravan, it is one off the best vehicles I have owned, it is a dream to drive, it gets 20 mpg. If needed we could spend a few nights, in a comfortable large space with all the seats lowered, by the way, that is an easy task also.

- Linda D

Not just for soccer moms! The versatile seating makes this an ideal vehicle to haul both people and things.

I love my Grand Caravan because it is so versatile. The back seats fold into the floor if needed making it easy to haul things, even a sheet of plywood. The van is very easy to drive, with windows all around. I have not had any problems with it.

- Deb M

It actually gets great gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

I love my Dodge Grand Caravan! It has been a great vehicle to transport my family in. It is a safe ride and large enough that we can take a few additional guest on our adventures as well. I like that it is a smooth ride. I have no dislikes.


Perfect family vehicle! Growing family of 4 approves.

I'd recommend this to anyone! I have 2 children under 3- the space is worth everything! Makes car seat installation a breeze! Room for strollers, high chairs, and pack n play when traveling. Will still be comfortable as our family grows!

- Susan V

Mom with 3 kids: Best minivan (mine is the basic model with power doors)

The power doors is the best feature! We have three little ones and I can just push a button up front and either or both back doors automatically open for ease with the kids! I also love the storage up front and back hatch storage space.

- Amy C

It is a great vehicle for families with kids.

I love how much room it has and how many people we can fit. I love the automatic side and truck doors are and how accessible the seating areas are. I also love the stow and go seating. I am not a fan of the gas mileage but it is a van.

- Shannon P

Changing oil for your car. Getting gas when low. Tires check.

Vehicle nice with great condition and, long lasting gas hold, good smooth drive on wheels, look good inside with everything work radio, air/heat nice tire size for this vehicle fast and good drive condition oil is in good condition.

- Ameer B

It is a nice family vehicle and can fit all three car seats are kids need. It is also a comfortable ride.

I really love every aspect of our van except the transmission. We already had to have it replaced and that should never happen with a new vehicle. It was very frustrating and costly. But the other aspects of the van are great.

- Angela O

The interior is spacious with a sporty looking exterior.

My van is highly versatile and good for every day use in any situation. It has been highly dependable and has needed no repairs. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for something that looks great and is fun to drive.

- Mike L

The most important thing others should know is the stow and go feature of the seats. You can easily haul most things and don't have to worry about removing the seats with this feature.

I love all of the space and room there is. Even with a car seat we don't feel cramped and my whole family plus others can fit comfortably. A minivan like mine is great for a growing family. It's great for this season of my life.

- Kaitlin S

Great space and love the Stow and Go

I love everything about my van and the space it offers me with having 4 small kids. I dislike that there are not latch hooks for car seats on every seat. And that all the vans are so expensive so I have a very basic model.

- Nicol S

Minivan that seats seven very comfortably. Has room for storage, even under the front passenger seats. Seats can be put down to cart items as well. Rides well and is great for traveling.

We have the basic model of the Grand Caravan. It has performed very well. In fact, we have not had to take it in for any major defects. Just replacing tires (we travel quite a bit). I would definitely recommend it to others.

- Andrea D

Very convenient that the seats close and store separately.

Not really any major issues except for the rear door does not automatically go back up if it hits something when it is closing. The screen for the DVD should be off to the sides not in the middle it blocks the driver's view.

- Anna S

The dodge grand caravan is family efficient and is extremely reliable. Also good on gas mileage

I love that it has 3 rows of seats leaving plenty of room for my family of 6 to ride comfortably. If I need more space in the trunk I am able to remove the second and third row. It also drives marvelously. I love my van.

- Deborah T

It is reliable with few repairs other than the usual maintenance.

Like the ease of getting in and out, but harder to do than the older models because the seats are set further in. Like the steering. Like the space and the store and go seating. Don't care for the look of the back outside.

- Jill B

That I am insured. I am 52 and carry good coverage with nationwide.

It is a good and reliable vehicle. Practical for driving kids to activities and like the sirius radio. I wish it had better gas mileage. I also have some issues with the electronics as they are not always in sync.

- Christine M

It is amazing. I have not regretted buying it for one moment. I would highly recommend to EVERYONE.

I love this van. It has all the seats and storage that I need to haul around my young family. I have three little children and this van is perfect. WE bought it new, and will drive it until the wheels fall off.

- Paula S

Its cost efficient, good mileage, lots of room in the van as well as in the trunk.

I like the space it provides for my family of 3. How easy it is to adjust the seats to go down. And the look and appearance of the van, makes it not seem like a "mom" car. On top of being highly affordable.

- Ashley A

Everything is at my fingertips.

I love my van. Everything is at my fingertips. It is super easy to pull up and put down the seats. I can haul more than I thought possible. My only problem is connection ports for all the teens I transport.

- Kristin G

Great on gas, very roomy. Feel very safe. Great in winter weather

I love my van, it is great for the 4 grandkids when we all go out, it has multiple ports to charge tablets, phones which is very helpful. The grand kids are 2.5, 4, 6, and 10, gas mileage is great, 24mpg

- Mary P

It's a great family vehicle! Plenty of space and the options are great!

I love the amount of space I have for my large family. There is plenty of legroom, storage space, and it is easy for everyone to get in and out of. I love the Stow N Go seating and the backup camera.

- Liz W

My Dodge Grand Caravan is very family friendly, and those with families should consider purchasing one.

As a busy mom of soon to be three children, my van is a lifesaver. I love all of the space that it offers. My favorite feature is the automatic sliding doors. It is very helpful when my hands are full.

- haley K

This minivan has everything you need for day to day driving and long drives as well.

I love that the doors are automatic, and open/close with just the push of a button. The stow and go option gives me so much room and options. The eco drive feature helps to save gas which is great.

- Dustin I

That even though it may not be the most stylish, it is very functional and convenient

I like that there's plenty of room for passengers and in the trunk. I like that the seats fold into the floor. I also like that the key has buttons that open and close the back doors and the trunk.

- Carlita G

2016 Dodge grand caravan.

I love that my family of 6 fits comfortably in the vehicle along with my dog. It has decent gas mileage as well. I don't like that my blind spot is even bigger due to the setup of the back windows.

- Caitlin N

It is a great family car and is a good vehicle for road trips with my husband

It is a van so it is good for hauling things and people. I still have college age children and like to travel so it works well. Not the best gas mileage and I hope it lasts until it is paid off

- Cheri S

Roomy and great value for the price. Has good trade in value.

Comfortable with plenty of storage room. Feels like it drives itself. Just enough gadgets to not be too ridiculous. Good dollar value. Has plenty of room to carry six people with great comfort.

- Dave A

Comfortable and roomy van

I love the interior room, for passengers and cargo. I love the technology in the vehicle. I hate that it is so horrible to drive in winter conditions (and we have a lot of that in Montana).

- Jennifer B

It's a minivan and it's better than a pickup because it has more room to haul than most pickup trucks

I really like that it has the room that I can haul things. It has enough room to be able to haul beds and dressers etc. It also has enough room to haul all your kids and their friends around

- Kelly P

It is a quality auto that has a nice interior and can be customized to meet your needs.

I like the roominess that the minivan gives me to transport things or people. I like the pickup that the vehicle has. I don't like the gas mileage it was over stated on the selling sticker.

- Andrew K

The stow and go seats are great if you want a flat space to move things.

We bought it used and ever since we have owned it does not seem to shift right. It is an automatic so it is supposed to do it by itself, but it just does not seem to change gears properly.

- Gwen I

It's great for a family. Seats seven comfortable. Keeps kids occupied.

I like how spacious it is. I like that DVD player in the middle. I like the bucket seats in the second row they are high enough for my son to see out of and feel like he has his own space.

- Casey G

No issues with this Grand Caravan.

I haven't really encountered and issues yet, however, I would prefer an in dash navigation similar to other brand models. Also, built in DVD system would make long trips more comfortable.

- Lisa O

It is very spacious and we can fit 7 people comfortably.

Never had any problems with my van. It is comfortable and has a touch screen radio. I like the dvd player feature it is convenient for my kids. The automatic opening doors is very nice.

- shannon P

Great vehicle for a great price

I haven't encountered any issues, as of yet. I love the grand caravan. My only "qualms" would be it doesn't have in dash navigation that most competitor brands have in similar models.

- Lisa O

It is cheaper, and has more room than a standard cargo van.

The vehicle is very versatile. We use it as a combo personal, work and travel vehicle. Great for taking long trips. Starting to become a little concerned on how the trans is shifting.

- Mark C

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan RT

I am having a problem with the seal around the windshield coming off. The rear passenger side doesn't lock. Instead it makes this horrible noise. Otherwise love the stow n go seating.

- Matthew W

It's very functional as a family vehicle. It has the seats, the space, and the flexibility to fit what you need without being too flashy.

It's the right size for our family of 2 adults and 2 kids. It has enough storage space for us to take it camping and hold all our gear. We haven't had any problems driving it so far.

- Lauren W

It has Lots of storage and holds 7 people comfortably.

It has power everything which makes getting kids in and out easy. It has tons of storage space. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't take off fast, but it drives great

- Lo I

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it drives very smooth.

I have had some problems with water leaking in through the back hatch, we believe the seal is loose. I love being able to hook up my phone through bluetooth to the audio system.

- Janell M

It's now a handicapped accessible van! Love being able to take my kids places!

I like my van a lot! It rides nice and has a lot of features on it that I didn't have on my other vehicles! Its comfortable and has lots of room for luggage and bigger items!

- Jennifer R

It is great for kids! It has great safety features and all car seats fit great.

I love the automatic side and back doors. The remote start and heated seats is a huge plus. I like the stow and go seating. The only reason I do not like it is the look of it.

- Jori P

Once you get used to having all the space with a van, you will never want to give it up.

I love the stow and go in my van. I can have all the seats down to move furniture, then an hour later bring my kids and their friends someplace. I also love the Bluetooth.

- Meaghan C

Do not get one without the vents in the back.

I love the reliability of the van and the storage space. I do not like that there is no vents in the back and the door windows do not roll down. I love the color of my van.

- Daniel F

Grand-caravan lives up to its name!

This vehicle is very reliable. We purchased with 20k miles and have had zero issues since purchase 4 months ago. Looking forward to having this car for many years to come.

- Christa A

stowaway seats, no bluetooth

Like the cargo space and stowaway seats. Don't like that it's fancy enough for remote opening doors, but doesn't have bluetooth for a phone, a usb port, or even a compass.

- Jim L

Minivans are not soccer mom cars they are great vehicles to have and you can tell a lot of stuff in the back of that man once them seats or down

I love my van because it has a lot of storage it is a comfortable ride it has some get up and go when I need to get on that Highway and they've always been reliable for me

- Allison M

The space is amazing. I really enjoy being able to load everyone and a lot of gear . There room for everything.

I like the size and space for the price of the van. I enjoy being able to fit all my family in one vehicle. I dislike the road noise and that it is not Bluetooth capable.

- Jessica C

My sporty Dodge Grand Caravan.

My Dodge Grand Caravan has a very smooth and comfortable ride. It is great for my 4 kids to have their own seats and ease of access with the captain seats in the center.

- Jason B

Very flexible use for families and seniors who need wheelchair or other equipment.

I love my van. It is a flexible for travel and gets decent gas mileage. It accommodates a big crowd and large cargo. I just wish we could have bought a different color.

- Susan W

It has a lot storage that may SUV's don't have. It's the only feature that makes a minivan worth it

We purchased our van just because we needed a new vehicle and with four kids really our only choice is a minivan...which is. Bummer because they are not stylish at all

- Amanda Z

The most important thing to know about this van is that it is versatile and practical.

I love this van because it is versatile. It is ideal for a medium to large family as it seats 7. Also, the seats easily fold down for the ability to haul large items.

- Justin G

Its my car. I put time and effort in my car and it's like family.

It's the best car that I have ever owned, it beautiful and it does what its suppose to do. If I had to get another car and I would buy the same make and model again.

- Scott I

There's always enough room for my whole family. I have a lot of kids and we travel with a lot of stuff.

My van offers a lot of conveniences, especially with my kids. It's easy to load the kids in and out of the van, spacious enough to hold all out stuff, and reliable.

- Linda M

The most important thing about this car, is it is a great running car, until this issue with the transmission came up.

My vehicle has transmission issues and other minor issues that need addressing. This vehicle was bought new, I am not happy with this car, still making payments.

- David R

Well made and very reliable

It is a handicap conversion to benefit my brain injured grandson. It rides nice and accommodates his wheelchair perfectly I only wish it got better gas mileage

- Clayton S

The car is best in class for technology and will be the best in industry.

Like that it is new. Easy to use and that it has enough space for all of us. I dislike that it has just the basic features and the ride is not exactly smooth.

- Amanda M

Great for Kids and long car rides to their favorite destinations.

It is extremely comfortable. Great for long car rides. I do not like that there is no spare tire or place to have a spare tire in case something happened.

- sheri r

It is good in gasoline, has a lot of room and storage. Great for road trip.

The performance is great. It is good for road trips. Has TV for the kids. Has multiple USB ports. Reverse camera, folding seats and extra under storage.

- Martha S

It has a great amount of space and it gets your family where it needs to go.

I like the storage and the space in it, but it is a very loud vehicle when you are driving it. I am surprised any vehicle didn't come with Bluetooth.

- Amber D

Gets me where I want to go with no muss or fuss. Has sto and go seating which actually make is a work van with very little effort.

Just the right size to carry my windsurfing boards ( inside). Price was cheapest of all Minivans with just as many features. Last on I had for 15 yrs.

- David c

If u can't stand the heat don't buy it cause air conditioning is always broke and heat doesn't work right either.

I like it's roomy...I hate u can't see out of it. It doesn't work for air conditioning...temp in general has issues. It's not comfy worst choice ever.

- Danielle H

It holds up very well over time.

It does great on gas and can carry a lot of stuff and people. It has Bluetooth and satellite radio, which is great because I love listening to music.

- Morgan M

Dodge grand caravan review

Have owned our Dodge grand caravan for just 4 months. But have not had any trouble with it yet. There is however a recall due to the cruise control.

- Andrea S

Tons of space in this vehicle

I love the stow and go seats. The 3rd row also folds down, giving enough space for a full size mattress if need be! Comfortable and highly spacious.

- Lisa C

It is a flex fuel vehicle,. which is better for the environment

It is a flex fuel vehicle, I like this fact but it is also hard to find places where we can get it filled up, most stations don't offer this option

- Tom J

Heavily driven. I drive 1000 miles a week on average. In a little under 18 months I have put 70,000 miles on my van

My only complaint is that it's not the color I would have chosen. I love the automatic doors and back hatch. I love the room it provides my family.

- Kristi R

Good gas mileage, safe for other car doors with kids.

The console is not large enough compared to the Town and Country. Can't reach the cup holders in middle of van. However does get good gas mileage.

- Erica D

It's a good family car with easy open doors accessible from key fob

I like the features backup camera, smooth ride automatic doors. I dislike the space, I thought it would have more room for getting kids in and out

- Laura S

The van has a lot of storage, so you can haul anything with you on vacations.

It's easy to drive. It has all of the features I'd want in a vehicle. My only complaint is that the gas mileage in the city isn't the greatest.

- Jessica L

Sometimes the side doors might not open when push button.

We love the cargo storage. We also like the captain seats. We don't like how the door gears are wearing out and don't like entertainment console.

- Chris B

It is a reliable vehicle with a nice build.

Like: DVD player, leather seats, storage, fold and go seating.. Dislike: sits low to ground, hard to keep clean, makes me feel like an old lady.

- Katie M

Convince for Family of five

We love how the seats fold down. We use that feature all the time between school, sports, and travel. The space is good for our family size!

- Keri M

How convenient my van is and how I can make my vehicle work for my needs.

I love the convenience of the minivan. I love to be able to flip my seat down and make enough room for my kids. I also love how my van drives.

- sandy d

Adjustable seating makes traveling great and helps when we are transporting lots of things.

It's comfortable. I like the rear camera option. My kids love to watch movies while on long rides. I like the different media outlets as well.

- Jennifer M

It is a great, smooth ride and gets lots of miles to a gallon of gas.

I like all he gadgets that came with it, like gps, DVDs players etc. I love the smooth ride. The gas capacity and the mileage I get is great.

- Tina L

Enjoy big comfort vehicle, easy for dogs and children

Large vehicles work better for myself and don't give as much issues as smaller vehicles seemed to have more issues getting parts for vehicle

- Monique B

Automatic doors are my favorite.

Spacious. Comfortable. Lots of storage space. I love the automatic doorstep. Just press the button and they open. Great when you have kids

- Christina C

It is very spacious. Drives well. Anyone looking for a family vehicle, would definitely recommend this

My van is amazing. Have had no problems or issues with it. Best driving vehicle I? have ever owned. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone

- Jennifer A

this is the second dodge I have owned and very reliable

My wife and I enjoy the ride an reliability on this vehicle. We also travel frequently and enjoy the room for children and grandchildren.

- Neal n

I dislike that i bought it without bluetooth and tvs. With children these add-ons come in hand a lot of times. Otherwise I love the gas mileage for road trips. The amount of space, the fact the seats fold into the floor. The trunk space is a major upgrade from my previous vehicle.

You do not need to have multiple children for a vehicle like this. It's convenience, lots of space and gas mileage are amazing luxuries.

- Allison R

It is safe and easy to drive

It is Big but easy to drive It is Safe It has Flexible uses like driving kids to school or moving lumber traveling cross country etc...

- N H

All rear seats fold down good mileage.

Over priced fixing to get repaired other than that it has lots of room runs well and is very comfortable we've not any trouble with it.

- Michael P

It is an affordable family vehicle. Gets good gas mileage. Comfortable and roomy. Great for vacations. Store and go is great, lots of extra room.

Van is so roomy. Kids have plenty of space for themselves and sports equipment. I have room for groceries and great consignment finds.

- Sarah K

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan has 70, 000 miles. Nice beginning to have issues.

Engine light came on tonight. Just had to replace coil pack. Has 70, 000 miles on it and afraid it is going to be trouble from now on.

- Teresa C

I had it modified at the time of purchase to all leather.. Interior.

I like that it is spacious. I like that I can have satellite radio. I like that it has air conditioning controls for rear passengers.

- Ashley L

Great family van for just about anyone.

It is extremely comfortable. Fits the whole family. Plenty of storage. The middle and back seats fold away which is nice for luggage.

- Michael J

It is roomier than it looks.

It is very roomy. I wish the mileage was better. We have had problems with the ac from the get go. Dealership was great to work with.

- William D

Gas mileage is better than you'd expect for a bigger vehicle.

I love almost everything about it. Sometimes it has trouble making it up hills in the snow. Everything else is perfect for our needs.

- Rebecca C

Eco efficient options and handles well.

Love how the seats fold in for more space. Can use it for hauling large items. Dislike how there are no air vents above back seats.

- Rachel G

It's really a cool car even though its a minivan.

I like the size and the gas mileage that I can get. I do not like how long it is sometimes because it can be tight in parking lots.

- Summer K

GO Dodge they are some great cars and have been nothing but good to me.

I love that is has remote entry. Overall this is a Grade A car. I don't like that DVD system wasn't built in. I love the company.

- Tyler A

Very adaptable to whatever you needs may be. Fun to drive.

It is a very dependable vehicle. Love that you can stow the seats away to make more room. Love the smooth ride that it provides.

- Marilyn O

Space comfort all sets go down good for cleaning and traveling long ways.

Great for families and taking long trips very good on space.. gas does good on long rides but not that good for everyday driving

- Kerri L

It's not a gas hog. Also, its extremely comfortable.

This vehicle is extremely reliable and believe it or not pretty decent on gas. We use it for all of our family trips quit often.

- Pauline R

It is fun to drive. There is a lot of room to haul things in the interior.

I like how roomy it is. It drives smooth. I do not like he poor gas mileage it gets and how much it costs to fill the gas tank.

- Stevie O

Probably the most important thing about my vehicle. Is the power doors!

I like the fact that it has power doors. It comes with power windows and the middle windows open to. And it uses fuel flex gas.

- Bernis K

Very reliable. With few repairs ever needed. Also, a number of nice features.

There is not anything I hate about this vehicle, may the cost. I love the way it drives and the DVD player in for my children.

- Corinthian M

Check that the spare tire is included. The safety features on the back doors are great

Great family vehicle, got a flat tire but turns out spare was not included with our vehicle the opposite of what they told us

- Barbara B

Its a Dodge and has Dodge power and engineering.

I like the comfort of the seats. The power of the engine is great. The fold and stow seats are wonderful. I enjoy driving it.

- Cyndy R

That the car is a basic model without any bells and whistles but runs good.

I dislike its lack in modern features and technology. I like that it fits my whole family. I like the leg room and storage.

- teresa r

Caravan - comfortable and roomy

dependable, good gas mileage, comfortable, easy to drive, plenty of room, and seats fold down to have a lot of storage area

- marge R

Love of the Dodge. Great family car.

I love the space and legroom it provides. The stow and go really adds to the capacity of luggage. Just been a great vehicle

- Jeremy E

Your going to need snow tires. Being front wheel drive and light eight it was a struggle going up snow covered hills

I LOVE my minivan. I can strap the grandkids in and away we go. It sits up high and is comfortable travel after a new hip

- Diana V

there is lots of room if you have kids or a big family then this is a vehicle for you

i love the space that it has. i love that the seats go down to have extra room and that theres a dvd player for the kids.

- kristen k

Large storage spaces and reliable.

This is a basic vehicle and drives well. It does have a lot of storage spaces which is the biggest plus that the car has.

- Dominic D

It is fun for everyone to drive. Even my hubby loves to drive it.

It is the first van we have owned that I love. I love how much room we have. I love the seating. I love love driving it.

- Mimi P

Holds 7 comfortable. Fast van.

I love that it is a r/t. Drop down DVD player. I do not like that I have to tune into a radio station to play a movie.

- Teresa B

Fits family of 6. Powered doors are amazing. Love the interior and design and the look of the grand caravan. literally one of my favorite vehicles and I was afraid to be a minivan mom!

It's perfect for busy moms with multiples but still sporty and edgy for young moms yet great on gas and SO comfortable

- Elissa S

It is an excellent family vehicle and make traveling a breeze.

It is not that bad on gas. It works for my large family of 6 and is comfortable to drive. It is also easy to maintain.

- Carol S

You should buy a dodge van.

I like how roomy and reliable my van is. It's great for vacations or just driving around town. Decent gas mileage too.

- Kim C

It's a comfortable car and easy to drive.

I like the comfort and how it fits my family easily. I dont like the black interior - too not and shows dirt easily.

- Kimberly l

It is great for my family. It may not be luxurious, but it's practical.

I love that it is so roomy for my family. It is convenient and easy to load and unload. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Leah J

It's wheelchair accessible and has a lot of room. It gets good gas mileage.

I like it is handicap accessible for my wife. It gets great gas mileage. I dislike don't have automatic doors or ramp

- Jeffrey H

Its super good for families needing more room.

I love all the room it gives my family! Drives smooth and handles well. Super comfortable seats and lots of legroom.

- Andrea T

The Stow n go feature is great for functional space. We love the overall room and versatility of this feature.

I really love the room it offers. We love the smooth ride and comfort. We have 3rd row controlled air which is nice!

- Jacqueline B

Lots of room. Rides great on both the highway and in town.

It has plenty of room in it. It rides comfortable. It is reliable. Wish it was a little better on gas but it is ok.

- Debra R

great for a family of 5 and a grandparent. i can fit 2 strollers in the trunk

tire sensors show low pressure after a change in temperatures. this sucks when living in a climate that changes

- aniela t

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan.

I love the stow and go, the center console, the air-conditioning all around, the back windows that roll down.

- Jenny L

It is safety features and design.

I love the space it has inside of it, but I do not like the fabric interior. I wish the interior was leather.

- Chelsea S

It is dependable. I have never had any serious issues in the two years.

It is roomy. I love the color. It gives a smooth ride. It is great on long trips. The radio has a good sound.

- Margaret M

I feel very safe driving my children around.

That it has back camera. It has a DVD player for my children. I wish I had gotten the automatic door opener.

- Doreen D

It is an awesome car, it drives great and gets excellent gas mileage.

My vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. It is a wonderful ride. It is stylish and gets great gas mileage

- Gloria S

Great family vehicle for traveling. Able to move seats around, lots of room

I love the space and cargo areas. I hate that it's a minivan and wish the technology was a little better.

- angela l

It seats up to seven people which works perfect for my wife, kids and myself.

I have a larger family so it works perfect. Very good gas mileage. Never have had a major issue with it.

- Nathan W

The most important thing about the van is that it is easy for a family to use, it is very versatile

I like the space. I like the stow and go seats. I dislike that I did not upgrade to get the power doors

- Sandy K

This is not your mother's minivan.

Ease of access when loading two kids in car seats. Handled well. Looks great. Acceptable fuel economy.

- Shanna J

Dodge grand caravan is very safe and reliable vehicle

Have always bought Dodge. Van is reliable, great gas mileage.Love the sto and go. Rarely has problems

- delinda d

Does great on the highway with gas. 1 tank lasts me almost 2 weeks.

Good gas mileage and handling. Nice audio quality with built in DVD player. No major issues noticed.

- Dustin B

Stow and Go seating is perfect for our family. We takes lots of trips to several states in this vehicle. We love it. Plenty of room for our family and our stuff.

Very reliable to get us from point A to point B. It is our families primary vehicle. We have 3 kids.

- Adam V

great to travel with, and when you have it set to economy mode, you can get close to 30 miles per gallon

good roominess, great gas mileage, lots of storage. a little concerned about the transmission though

- mark c

very dependable easy to drive and comfortable backup camera great

ride is comfortable sliding rear doors are nice backup camera is great seats are very comfortable

- stanley k

It is a mini van. Seats 7. Stow-and-go seating Power everything.

Gets.more people than a car places. Has room for other stuff. Good gas mileage. It is a van

- Rick D

They should know when to have it serviced and what the lights on the dashboard indicate.

It's roomy and comfortable. It has a rear view backup system It has cell phone connection

- Marlene B

They should know that this is a great family car

I like the space it offers, ability to save music to hard drive. Wish it had a sunroof

- Sara F

I like how comfortable the car is to drive. I like that the car has all the features I wanted like automatic doors and tv and very convenient with a child. I do not like that the car gets foggy when air conditioning stays on during a humid day.

This car is convenient with children and feels like driving a small car not a van.

- Cindy H

It has a lot of room and is very comfortable. It runs smoothly and is a one of a kind van.

I love my handicap Dodge Grand Caravan. It drives smoothly. It has a lot of room.

- April s

It is a very good family vehicle.

It is a great family vehicle. Plenty of room and seating. Big trunk/storage area.

- Kimberley M

Has zero-effort steering module

Steering is loose and It's difficult to keep windows clear in humid conditions.

- Jeff S

It is really nice. Has stow and go seats. Has lots of room for all the kids and their friends.

It looks better than my old one. A lot newer too. Love the push buttons doors.

- Kim W

It regularly carries children

I like that I can fit all 4 kids in my van but it only has 3 car seat hookups.

- Kat B

The engine is surprisingly powerful for a car that's considered to be a soccer mom vehicle

It's a spacious car. Perfect for a family. However, it's horrible on mileage.

- Joanna R

I love my van! The sliding doors make it easy to get my son in and out in tight spaces and I don't have to worry about wind blowing them shut. The stow-n-go is my favorite feature allows us to have lots of space to move things, like our washer and dryer. Or we can have more seats for when Family comes to visit.

Stow-n-go is amazing!! Provides space for all the groceries moms have to buy!

- Katelin A

The most important thing others should know is that my van is safe and comfortable to drive in.

I love how it handles and the show and go. I dislike paying to maintain it.

- Angelica B

that It's a nice looking designed vehicle and love the body style and design

wish it was a little more roomier and bigger but overall it is fairly good

- will b

Gas consumption is mediocre. It is a large vehicle.

I like the flexible seating. The ride is comfortable and it handles well

- Pat K

It's a minivan that is great for hauling grandkids, or stuff that needs to be hauled.

I like having all that space.I dislike that it is a low options model.

- Mary H

I love this large, decked out minivan. Some may think of it as a Soccer mom van, but it's up to date with technology and I love it.

It is large, but stylish. Great speaker system, I rock out!

- Kim L

It is a good running car. It gets good gas mileage. I can fit the whole family in it for a trip

I can ring the whole family together. It is economical

- Ronald B

It has a good gas mileage and it is very spacious.

It's reliable, spacious and have good gas mileage.

- Melvin G

Not sure what your asking.It seats 7 and has stow and go seating.

It is a Mini Van.It seats 7 and has a built in dvd

- Stephen D