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Reliability and great gas mileage.

Car is roomy. The cars back seats go down for hauling bigger items. The car has great gas mileage. The car has been reliable with no major repairs. My favorite car I have ever owned. The car has lots of room in hatch back for groceries. Has a backseat also. Looks smaller than the car is. Car can have 4 people ride comfortably. Only have to fill up with gas every 2 weeks. Cost to fill up approximately 30 dollars. The car also has 4 cup holders. There is storage on both inside car doors. The car has great viability out all windows. Will definitely buy another car like this.

- Frankie L

Tiny car but a big impact.

Parking is amazing. I have fit in the smallest of spots! You would look at the car and think it is really tiny but it feels much more spacious when you are in it! The seats are comfortable, the dash is easy to navigate. The window buttons are in the center and that still takes time to get accustomed to. It drives well and gets great gas mileage. I loved this car so much that when my first was totaled in an unfortunate collision due to the other driver, I went and bought another one. I am sold!

- Kaitlyn L

Short, sweet, and reliable.

I absolutely love the look and feel of my car. It is small so it is not suitable for certain travel unless you are by yourself. I have had great compliments on my vehicle. It was a used vehicle, so it has some wear and tear, nothing too bad. I got it from Hyundai of Decatur and my suggestion would be to get a car from another dealership, they did not want to assist on anything especially my car maintenance. Other than that, the car is well worth having.

- Twyla P

Great little car for a great price.

I really love my vehicle. We purchased it because of the price and because of the gas mileage it gets. I fill up once a month for 25-30 bucks. I have the 500 sport package so it does give it speed. Really enjoy this feature. The only con I would have is taking this car on a spontaneous road trip. Yes it gets great gas mileage and the driver and passenger are comfortable, but the back seat passengers not so much.

- Alison P

The shape of a fiat 500: perfection for one person.

I love the size, color, 5-speed transmission, and shape of my car. I am comfortable driving it. I can hold a lot of stuff in it because the back seats fold down. It is perfect for a single person because of its size, ease of driving and maneuverability, yet there is enough space to carry friends, animals and lots of stuff that I take to the dump. I am cleaning out my house so I go there frequently.

- Kyle B

My economic fiat, cute, little and very fast.

My fiat is a very small and economic car, I have saved so much money with gas. It is very easy to park or find parking spaces. Also, I live the inside, it is very cute and fancy. The only issue now is that I bought the car as a single girl but now I am married and have a baby and it is super complicated to put my baby in the back seat. Now thinking about it, I should've have gone with the 500l.

- Michelle E

The warranty isn't long enough. It should be for at least 4 years 48,000 miles.

My car is falling apart. It has approximately 37,000 miles on it and it is deteriorating and unfortunately I have no warranty left. The wheel cover fell off and broke and wasn't under warranty. The molding around the window frames is disintegrating. I had to replace all four tires at least 6 months ago. And I've noticed recently that my gas mileage is getting noticeably worse.

- Ron M

Horrible acceleration and handling.

I understand this is a small vehicle, but the acceleration is terrible. Especially trying to accelerate into traffic on the interstate. Also, this vehicle handles horribly with just a light layer of snow on the roads. The snow was u expected while traveling. Driving 15 mph just to stay on the road while others were flying by. This was with brand new tires!

- Sandra K

Fiat 500’s fabulous details.

The fiat 500 is really quite comfortable. There is plenty of legroom in the front - surprisingly. Being in Minnesota, we worry about driving in the snow and ice, but it handles very well in bad driving conditions. I really love the setup of the buttons and knobs - the window controls are in the center, which is actually quite convenient. Smartly designed.

- Jessica T

Great car but a little tight.

Reliable, cannot move seat back, armrest is delicate and only one seat has one. Otherwise very convenient, but a little tight with leg room for adults in the back. The computer system is very integrated into the car, I know what my tire pressure is at all times, when I need an oil change it alerts me, it far surpasses just the normal check engine light.

- Jazz J

A tiny car with a huge impact.

This vehicle is one I feel safe and comfortable driving. It handles pretty well for its size in various types of weather conditions - snow, rain, you name it. I also enjoy how it does not cost me much to fill up my tank -- great gas mileage. The only thing I wish it had would be better speakers, but other than that I do not really have any complaints.

- Caroline H

It's small but mighty and I've never had any trouble with it. It's also fairly unique in my area. Other people are driving gas guzzlers but my car is great on gas. Big plus!

It's a surprisingly comfortable little car with just about everything I need. I love the sound system, its get up and go. The only thing I don't like is the passenger seating in the back is cramped, but since I don't have a ton of people to transport, that's not much of an issue. The back seats fold down nicely to provide enough room for groceries.

- Emily R

Excellent car - tires are a worry.

The major problem with my fiat is that the tires pop very frequently in the city I am in and due to the fact that my fiat does not have a spare, it is quite the costly venture. Mpg is excellent as well as long term comfort with the bucket seats, but I am always on edge regarding tire pressure, quality, and the effects of the road on my tires.

- Taylor P

Very good, I did not really expect it to be that way.

For a family of 2 it is enough, it is strong, reliable, it saves gas, it looks like a brick, when it falls in the holes it does not feel and it is also luxurious it is also small and can be parked everywhere, 108/5000 The only bad thing is that people abuse and get in, they want to get you out of the way, like all the little cars,

- Me M

Compact car with excellent gas mileage.

I love my fiat for the reason is it gets really good gas mileage. It is a small car that I love. It is a pretty comfortable car for two short people. It has cruise control in which I love. It has a speed button. Windshield wipers front and back. Has a Bluetooth. It has many more features that I believe you would love.

- Regina L

Pros and cons of a fiat 500.

I love how Versatile and fun my car is to drive. It gets great gas mileage which means I only buy has every two weeks. The back seat of this model is pretty tiny, so I treat it like a two-seater. The front seats are actually very roomy. You can also fit quite a bit in the car by holding down the back seats.

- Rachel J

2015 fiat- fun safe car to drive!

I like the small size of the car and it is surprisingly roomy inside. The main problem that I have had is the hubcaps fall off easily. I am down to just one. It has great gas mileage and dries very easily. The stereo also works great. Always really easy to find street parking with such a compact car.

- Ashley S

It is small but very spacious and very good on gas.

It is more spacious than originally assumed. Very comfortable and reliable. I have had a few problems with rear and front heads lights going out suddenly. Also, the front bumper is very testy because of how low the vehicle is so you must be extra careful about parking but otherwise it is a good car.

- Grace L

I love my fiat 500, you should get one!

The fiat has great gas mileage, easy to use functionality and average acceleration and breaking. The size of the car is not an issue for me, there is a spacious backseat and trunk, and all seats are adjustable. My fiat is a convertible which is my favorite feature and is easily usable for anyone.

- Mackenzie W

Sassy, sporty & fun to drive!

I have enjoyed my 500 fiat since I bought my first one in 2011. I replaced it in 2015 and the sport model had the heated seats feature that comes in handy in the winter time. It handles well and I love it too because I am able to maneuver in traffic and parking very easily because of its size.

- Mandy B

I love fiat cars, because of how efficient they are.

I do not really have problems with the fiat. I love it actually. I love the sound it makes and how it can easily fit in a parking space. The features are absolutely beautiful and the colors are gorgeous. I wouldn't change anything for my fiat. Although, I do wish the mileage would be better.

- Montserrat M

The Fiat is a car that feels both retro and modern.

I love the sporty feeling of the car. It's also fun to drive, because I feel like I'm driving a car with a lot more horsepower. Also really like the sound system. The one downside of the car for me is the overly tetchy electronics. Blew out a module while simply replacing the battery.

- Bill D

Very tiny car, able to zip in and out of traffic with ease.

Love my car, just bought it. Handles well runs well. Very dependable. Very cute. Bought it from CarMax. They make it very easy to buy a car. The car is in great condition both inside and out, like new, even though it is an 2015. Power windows, a. M. FM radio CD player.

- Tina P

It's got a lot of energy and fuel efficient packed into a small bundle

I love how it's a lot of power in a small body, it's great for city travel and fitting in tight spaces. One downside is that the overhead clearance is low, as someone who is 5'8" I'm left with just a few inches of wiggle room. One big pro is the gas mileage is excellent

- Amanda S

Good on gas, small and compact vehicle.

Great little car, good on gas, only downfall not a lot of trunk space, but overall very satisfied with my vehicle. Low maintenance so far, I've had my vehicle for three years now and I haven't had any major issues with it, one more issue not very roomie in the back,

- Louise C

A small economy car can go fast, handle well and seat 4 people and STILL have room for groceries.

I love driving my 1959 edition--it has incredible pick up and goes really fast. It looks fantastic after my husband put a neat blue wrap on the white car, and we get compliments on it all the time. The manual transmission is amazing, and it is an overall winner.

- Betsy A

It does not initially accelerate as well as you would think it does.

Small car that fits in tight spaces than most. Parking (especially parallel) is a breeze. There is more trunk space than you would assume, but not as much as a standard sedan. Very reliable. Minimal problems with it during my 2+ years of ownership.

- Tabitha L

Fun, easy to drive, cute styling. All in all a great value.

small, easy to maneuver, great gas mileage, comfortable, inexpensive to purchase...all positives. not a quality product, we call it a disposable vehicle as resale value is poor. fits our needs well, would consider purchasing again.

- roxie a

The Champagne of Cars....The Fiat 500.

I love my car and driving it everywhere. My car motivates me to want to take road trips. Unfortunately, my car drives fast. Such as smooth ride, but have not idea I am speeding. That is why I love my car.

- Jeanetta R

It may be small, and look cramped but it's actually really nice!

My vehicle is bright blue which I love. It's electric which I like too because I'm very passionate about eco-friendly things. The only complaints I have would be the interior accessories and cooling system.

- Lindsey P

The most important thing to me is it gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is small, has good gas mileage, fits into tiny spaces. Love the color I chose, hardly any issues with car. What I do not like is it is a two door, with growing family it makes it hard.

- Regina M

It is great on gas mileage.

I love my car because it is amazing on gas and it is small. I drive a lot and it gets me where I need to go. One thing I do not like is that it is expensive when anything goes wrong with it.

- Stella M

The one most important thing that someone should know about my car is that as an electric car owner you should download many different apps that tell you where a charging station is. Also, there was some apprehension on my part and using charging stations. But to my the light after using a charging station a couple of times there's no fair at all any longer.

I love my Fiat 500e. I don't pay any gas. My electricity bill has gone up minimally. The only thing I don't like about my Fiat 500e is that it only gives you a charged enough to go 80 miles.

- Betty H

Stylish and practical small vehicle

It's super cute. It's very comfortable for two people but too small for any more than that. The color options are great and the dash comes in the same color as the outside -- very stylish!

- Amy P

It's a pretty good, reliable car that won't break your budget.

Good gas mileage, surprisingly roomy in the front seats. Back seats are mostly useless, we've removed them entirely. Cup holders are only able to hold short cups, which can be annoying.

- Brian B

Sofia. It's fast people think it's slow but in that slow it's really fast

It's small is perfect for me and my wife two kids in the backseat they wish it was a little bigger we love the speed love that we said save money on gas color answer the cute little car

- Renee C

The most important thing others should know, really depends on what they consider a priority. I personally think it's important to consider how much the car's maintenance will cost, which can be costly because it's an import.

The only complaints I have is that maintenance can be rather expensive, otherwise I love my car. It's good on gas and sporty. It's small but quite roomy on the inside.

- Courtney F

Easy to park and save fuel especially if you are living in big cities

Problems: Too small and people can barely sit on the back. Pro: But if you are single like me and the car is mostly used when shopping, then this cat is recommend


Small gas efficient vehicle.

Small but great on gas. Reliable and if bought new free oil included. No problems except gas pedal was loose but they fixed it and not to great with accelerating.

- Eva M

It gets 43 mpg. And it runs on battery power when it needs to.

I love that it gets great gas mileage and how cute it is. It has seating for 4 people. The only thing bad is there are not a lot of places that will work on it.

- Paula R

It is low riding, once you get use to it, it's a great little car.

Emission leak error code constantly due to gas cap looseness. The battery was costly. I got the car two years ago and really have not had any other issues...

- carly O

The maintenance can get a little pricey without extended warranty.

Very nice little car. The gas mileage is wonderful. No major problems to date. I would recommend it for short term for high school or college students. .

- Helen M

Fiat 500 pain in the butt issues

Well there isn't too much room for more than 2 people although there is a back seat and to put the seats down is in the middle so it hits u in the face

- Samuel C

Fun, love, a blast to drive.

I love driving this car, named her lily, she's smart, cute and can really take the turns. Gas mileage is great, and do not have one complaint.

- Jackie C

It is cute and trendy, and has a really good fuel efficiency

I love this vehicle. It is a compact car, so I am always able to find parking. It also has a lot of fuel efficiency. It is also very trendy.

- June B

the fiat brand is a guarantee of quality and safety

The car is comfortable, equipped, with an excellent quality / price ratio. The interiors are treated and the materials of first quality

- Daniele C

My driver side seat can lift up and down, the seat belts on the side.

I love my car, it is really nice Bluetooth is a little sketch. The tires pressure is strange. I wish the trunk space was bigger.

- Megan K

It has very limited trunk space, and the tires have to be changed at the dealership.

It's rather small, but it does the job. We use it mostly in town for errands. I like the compact size when it comes to parking.

- Michael m

Fiat 500 - fast and fun fiat

Excellent fuel mileage. Good performance. Plenty of room for a small car. Split rear seats that fold help on trips.

- JoAnn J

Amazing gas mileage. Fun to drive.

Amazing car! Most favorite I have owned. Gets around 30 mpg. Lots of legroom for a compact. Love the trunk space.

- Houston S

The color is a wake up it's coffee colored and 4 door ready for pleasure trips.

Great on gas comfortable, but hot I will never buy a sunroof ever again it has turbo and can really move fast.

- Nancy S

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. I like the body style. It is very small so transporting large items can be difficult.

- Alice H

It is very comfortable to drive.

Easy to maneuver. It gets great mileage. It is fun to drive. It is easy to park. The sunroof is fun to use.

- Deb O

It's small enough to weave through traffic and it gets ok gas mileage.

I dislike the handle to make the seat go back. It's hard to get to. Also not a fan of the stereo layout.

- Amy M

It's a fun car to drive and it's very very affordable.

I love that it's small, gets good gas mileage, easy to park, cute, inexpensive, and is a convertible

- Evonne W

Highlight is not easy to tell.

No problem. Cute. Charming. Easy to drive. Small. Easy to park. Eco. Maintenance free. Fast. Quiet.

- Will H

Very fun to drive and gas last a long time. Easy to take anywhere

I like the fact that it is small and compact. Great on gas and fun to drive. Manual transmission

- Michaela B

It's compact and fun. Decent gas mileage. Great technology

I love the fun and uniqueness of the vehicle. It has great technology for the price.

- April M

It is all electric. I plug it in at night to charge it.

I love that it is electric. I do not have to buy gas or get oil changes.

- Helen P

It gets great gas mileage. It is sporty but not supercharged

I love the gas mileage it gets. But i do wish it could go a bit faster

- Allison B

Great on gas easy to get around the city.

Too small. Great on gas. Easy to maneuver. Would recommend.

- Cole G

Fuel economy and warranty.

Like fuel economy. Like warranty. Like the way it handles.

- Beverly A

It's really cute. It doesn't have much power. I love the convertible roof. The paint on the plastic part of the convertible roof is flaking and peeling. Great design - very retro looking on the inside.

It's really Cute! I love the retro feel of the interior.

- Carrie W