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Fiat 500l pop - versatility, reliability, all around positivity.

This vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. The seats in the back fold down so you can lounge on long trips or camp out in there. Performance is top notch. I have not had any problems since ownership of the vehicle. This car is very reliable with smooth driving and easy to use features. This car is great on gas and I wouldn't trade it for another car.

- Blair C

2017 Fiat 500L Compared to Toyota

Compared to my last car, 2016 Toyota Rav4, it does not drive as smoothly. It is an incredibly compact car and I love that, it is also very spacious. It just does not have the drive of a Toyota that I love the most. It is also very good on gas, but the entertainment system is not as advanced as Toyota either. The Bluetooth system is often faulty.

- Mary D

My vehicle is perfect for me.

This car offers a smooth ride and has comfortable seats. The interior is durable, and the exterior is made to withstand the elements. It does not take too much gas and is easy to have serviced when necessary. I have not had any problems with this vehicle or had to return it for any reason to the manufacturer.

- Shelly C

My vehicle is silver and is a four door with all working windows and seats.

I love to have a smooth and easy ride the car should be simple and reliable when things happen I want to have good coverage and a low enough price it should be worth the money when you purchase your car. Windshield wipers, working window, seat that rolls back, and a working stereo are things I like in a car.

- Tiffany P

This car is great and can fulfill so many other needs as well.

I like this car because it is small but has good storage and seats four with comfort. I like the body style on the design and it is fresh with paint. I also like the tires and the way the car grips the road when I drive through curvy areas. Overall, this car is the business.

- Nick D

very safe! clear view of surroundings, including a built in child mirror

500l drives great! very smooth ride and super comfortable seating! very spacious cargo area as well as lots of legroom in a smaller suv package.

- andrea s

It is fun and very roomy. Great car for the price paid.

The 500L is great. It is fun, roomy. The only thing I wish were different was of it were diesel.

- TessP P