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Ford expeditions are great vehicles for large families.

I love my vehicle. It has a DVD player so that keeps the kids occupied. My car currently has no mechanical issues. It has 22 inch rims and an awesome stereo system. It has heated leather seats and heated mirrors. I like the leather as it is easier to clean with young children. It has tinted windows to give the children privacy while riding. I have a large family and the third row gives everyone plenty of room. I can fit 7 passengers comfortably. I also own my vehicle so that is gives me freedom of not having payments monthly.

- Candace W

2002 Ford Eddie Bauer expedition.

My mother has owned this expedition for 16 years and it hasn't had any major issues. A few minor ones that come with any car being driven for that long. Things like the ball joint, brakes, rotors, AC. Again, all minor fixable things. This expedition has been a great gift for our family and has been passed on to me. It has a 5 disc CD changer avs. video player power windows sunroof and rides like a champ its the longest lasting vehicle in our family.

- Erica H

Great valuable and sufficient family vehicle for road trips forever.

I love that it is a higher lift vehicle. The extra 3rd row seating makes great for my family and friends. The storage rack on top awesome since the room is smaller for storage. The 7 disc CD changer is good for long road trips. I hav3 the option for a DVD player for the back. The speakers with the bass as a add on is good. Car can get decent mileage when taken care of correctly. The air conditions great as well since AZ is very hot.

- Savannah H

Awesome family car and great sports family car.

Awesome family car, very comfortable and drives great, the only thing I wish that it had was more trunk/ backspace when the third row was up, we are looking into getting a newer expedition now, we have had very minimal thing wrong with the car the most we have had to do is with the spark plugs, I just wish there was a sunroof and captain seat in the middle row (that is something we're looking for in out next expedition).

- Amy P

I love to drive the car. It is a SUV but feels more like truck with perks.

Very reliable and easy to drive. It is unbelievably comfortable and a very smooth ride. There are big seats with lots of legroom. Third row seats can be removed for more hatch room. It's a great family car with a top rack for extras on a trip. My kids and grandkids love the room so they can have fun and relax and sleep without bothering others. There are front and back air controls and radio controls.

- Tina S

Hunter green Ford expedition very good car!

It is very comfortable for our large family. It has had it fair share of problems. But all around it has been a very good vehicle. It has all the perks you would want in a vehicle. It's a hunter green love the color. Have a lot of electrical problems when it rains. Locks do not work. Also window on passenger side does not roll down and right wiper does not work.

- Polly H

2002 Ford expedition with all the bells and whistles.

The only problem that I had with it is that the windshield wiper motor got stuck so it did not matter if my truck was turned off they were still going. As far as performance that's great I have always been able to start it up and go. Very reliable. I like that comfort of the seats and how roomy it is. And the built in TV and sunroof is really nice to have.

- Felicia M

Perfect for family as well as work. Plenty of room.

My vehicle is a wonderful vehicle. It has plenty of room for the whole family and the versatility to be used as a work vehicle as well. I have had no problems at all with it aside from having to change one rotor. My only complaint is it is not 4 wheel drive and gas mileage is about 16 mpg. But aside from that it is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Rachel W

The comfort of my 2002 Ford expedition.

I have not had any problems with the truck. It has been very reliable. The size is perfect for family oriented people and people who loves to travel and shop. It is stylish and sporty but yet has a touch of luxury. The seating is comfortable for long rides. It has an ease for people with arthritis to get in and out with no problems.

- Stephanie G

Silver Ford expedition?? The car for you?

My car is very reliable it gets me from point A to point B. It is very comfortable ride it has a lot of features that most people look for in a car. Like working windshield wipers. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. It has 4 wheels and a spare underneath. It is able to tip so make sure you put your blinker on and slow down to turn.

- Bob M

It is reliable. It keeps going no matter what we throw at it.

I like the roominess of the expedition. It has enough space for our large family. I love the and and 4 wheel drive features. We are not easy on cars and it is a very durable vehicle. The biggest drawback is the gas mileage. It's be nice if it was more fuel efficient. Also if the coil packs didn't go out so often that be nice too.

- Mae B

Many electrical issues cause many problems to arise.

Many electrical problems. Lights flicker constantly. The gas mileage is good as long as oil change is good however the air conditioner is not cold even though its been tested and charged. The leather seats get worn fast. The due to the electrical problems it has check engine light but I fixed the issue and same codes pop up.

- Savannah H

A family vehicle to take your fur babies in.

It is a nice size for our family right now. It is comfortable for us when we have to go on a trip. We usually take our dogs with us and they have plenty of room in the back to relax. It does use a lot of gas but is cheaper than flying. Most car parts are reasonable enough if you can do the repair yourself.

- Denise W

Plenty of room for hauling people with seating capacity for 8.

Pros: Heated Seats, rear A/C, sunroof, performance sound system. Cons: Exhaust has a known issue with the headers creating a gap next to the engine block. Spark plugs are known to snap or strip and not careful when being changed. It is a know issue with the 5.4L engines during this time period.

- Dustin S

2002 4x4 Expedition Eddie Bauer series 8 cylinder

The Ford expedition is a very reliable car.It has plenty of room for a large family.It has a lot of luxury features.It does have a high gas cost. I have only had problem with the suspension,which was replaced.I have had no other problems with this vehicle.It does very well in weatherly conditions.

- Tori R

Amazing and works good n easy to repair.

I love my vehicle because of all the room it has its 3 rows and the 2nd and 3rd rows come out for more space. The seats are comfortable and the foot space is amazing. It also has room to store things. And also has 4x4 and worse very well so we can also have fun without getting stuck.

- Lacey V

The smooth riding expedition.

It has ice cold air conditioning strong engine all power windows seats doors but the air ride in the back has gone out and makes it for a very rough ride. Plus it needs an o2 sensor. They are inexpensive to fix and when they are fixed it runs like a dream or a luxury vehicle.

- Marisa C

2002 Ford expedition highlights review and problems.

Very comfortable for a family of 5. Has a lot of room but could use more storage. Expensive on gas and the digital mileage meter does not seem to keep up or is not accurate. On my expedition the front end has a problem which eats up my tires. Is a long vehicle.

- Kristen M

How I upgraded to something better.

My truck is a good vehicle because I put a lot of time into creating a more reliable vehicle. My tires are top of the line and engine as well. I also have a push start button and a key start button and also I can roll the windows down with my remote.

- Tyreke L

Good family car but expensive in gas

I have owned this vehicle for 14 years. It has been a great family car. It still runs great but is getting old. The only serious issue I have had is the spark plugs blow and then you have to have a certain tool to reach them. It can get expensive

- Rhonda M

My vehicle is dependable and reliable. It won't let you down.

I love my vehicle because it's reliable. It's very comfortable and spacious when taking long road trips. It drives on the highway really well. I have no complaints about my vehicle. I would buy another when I can no longer use this one.

- Debbie B

Big enough very spacious for me and the family.

Very reliable and great running vehicle. Had a problem with the alternator, but got it fixed at a very low price. But other than that a very great car and no problems. Just keep the oil changed and tires rotated.

- Eugene D

The Expedition is very roomy and great for larger families. It can accommodate several car seats.

My expedition has a very smooth ride. It is large enough to accommodate our family of 7. My only issue with it is that it is very hard to get to some parts when it's time to work on it.

- Alexis D

Lasts forever and has enough room to keep all our activity supplies in it!

My expedition is everything I'd hoped for. It's got 202k miles and is still going strong. We have had only a few repairs over the years but nothing major. It's comfortable and reliable!

- Jennifer E

Considering the age of our vehicle, it is still very reliable! That is extremely important!

I like that it has lasted so long and is still going. Also, there are some things associated with this vehicle that my husband can repair himself. I am grateful to have this vehicle.

- Deborah M

The most important thing about my car is that it gets me where I need to go.

I like the size of it, that it's a pickup frame not a car. I dislike some of the small things that are wrong with it. I also like how easy it is to get kids in and out of it.

- Jennifer D

Overall it is a great vehicle. Just regular maintenance.

Currently I am having issues with breaks. The caliper broke on driver rear and then the bleeder would not open on the other. Besides that I am very happy with my vehicle.

- Tyler P

Ford Explorers have a long life.

It has been pretty reliable. The repairs haven't been to expensive. Since it is an older model more things are starting to go in it but it still runs. Very comfortable.

- Melissa G

That it will get you back and front to way you need to be at.

Get me back and front to work and to A to B. It just don't have either room for my family I am looking for a 3 seat truck so it can hold my little family and gas save.

- Megan C

That it helps me get to where I need to get without having to worry.

I like that you have enough room to have several people with you and still feel comfortable. I dislike that it takes a lot of gasoline to run it on a daily basis.

- Yuvi G

It's a good family car especially if you have large pets.

The size on the inside is very nice. It feels safe on the road and doesn't give me a lot of problems. I don't like how it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- chad V

That it lasts over 10 years.

I love how big it is. It gives lots of space and it rides smooth. I have 2 of the same car. The only thing I dislike is the amount of gas I have to put in.

- Tiffany J

It has been very reliable!!

I feel very safe in my vehicle. There is a lot of room for people and luggage. I love that you can feel the AC or heater in all parts of the vehicle.

- Samantha W

This is my second favorite car ever. It's so easy to drive.

Large enough for a big family without the huge van feel to it. Homey enough for kids and a dog to be comfortable in transit and easy to drive.

- Laura C

Last a long time and is still in great shape looks good and is sharp

The Ford Expedition is a reliable car/van that has gone 215,000 miles without a failure NS CONTINUES TO OPERATE EFFICIENTLY AND ECONOMICALLY

- Louis A

that its built tuff and will provide a nice car ride.

I like that it's big enough for my family. I dislike the amount of room in the back and how much space the 3rd row takes when not in use.

- renee b

It is the nicest one that I've had ever. All my other cars were awful.

It gets me from point a to point b. It is roomy for my family. I love that it has 4 wheel drive and I like the style of it.

- Jamie E

The best thing about the 2002 Ford Expedition is how roomy it is and it is great for family trips.

My Ford was the best decision I have never made had no problems one minor problem a fuel pump besides that great vehicle.

- Jerry H

Big enough to fit the family and stuff.

I love the amount of space I have. I really hate the gas mileage I wish it were higher. I really love its dependability.

- Hannah P

Great and safe vehicle, very nice.

It has lots of room. It is very comfortable and has a smooth ride. I dislike that it does not get better gas mileage.

- Darrell K

Ford expedition review!!!

Very reliable. Great size. Could be improved with better gas mileage. Very safe. Drives great. Good for long trips

- Toni G

It is my truck and nobody know I have it.

Runs and drives great. Air and heat works just fine. Lots of room on the inside good for big families and more.

- Henry B

Lots of space. Third row folds to fit large items. 4 wheel drive is always a plus.

Mine has almost 300,000 miles on it. Still runs and drives great. Just gotta run thicker oil and keep it full.

- Amy B

I like it Because it's very big and spacious. And if we ever got into a accident we'd be safe

It's very spacious.and smooth driving love the 4 wheel drive. I love the stereo system. I like the high ride

- Derek A

I like my expedition and it is very roomy and comfortable on trips and gets good gas mileage

I like my expedition it is very roomy and comfortable. Very good gas mileage and great roundabout vehicle

- Patricia M

I like that it has a 3rd row seating. I don't like whenever I it breaks down or runs out of gas. No not really besides the times that it had to be put in the shop since I got the car it's a real good vehicle.

This car stalls out from time to time. I I was told that it was the anti-theft system acting up on me too.

- Joshua R

The power in my truck is second to none.I love my ford

The ford expedition is an all time classic American vehicle.It has a roomy interior and stylish exterior

- Sean D

Keeps my family safe, great for my kids.

Great for my family. Perfect to get around in. Has a lot of room for my kids and my stuff. Love my car!

- Melissa S

The seats tear easily. So I would suggest seat covers.

I like that it's spacious. But I don't like that everything seems to break fast. It has no a.c.

- Krystal R

Great family car , does well traveling and has space for luggage

Love my ford it's spacious and great for my family, easy to move things has plenty of space

- Will R

Dependable gets you where you want to go

It gets me where it needs to go however it's seen it's better days. Need cosmetic work

- Belinda C

It is a truck and has lasted a long time but will hopefully last longer.

It is old and not reliable. It is a nice color . It has lasted a long time.

- Jamie S

the A/C doesn't work very well.

It's kind of old so doesn't run very well, but it does what I need it to.

- Justin O

It may not get the best gas mileage but I feel safe and I have few mechanical problems

I like the size and dependability of my vehicle. I feel safe in my car.


It is extremely reliable and very comfortable for my family

I bought the vehicle new with 28 miles on it. I have no complains.

- Frank R

Not reliable . rust bucket . don't buy . no good investment

Junk vehicle. Everything breaks. Gas guzzler. High maintenance

- John A

I love the room and 3rd row the towing capacity. I dislike the price of New ones and want to stay with this brand but cannot afford too

Reliable tough and has lasted thru many years and many miles

- Carly C

That it's mine and that no one else should touch it

It's reliable. It has bad gas mileage. It was super cheap.

- Juan E

It serves me well and I am proud of it and I enjoy driving it.

Its big, dependable, it fits my personality and lifestyle.

- Judi K

Great family car with lots of room.

- Katie R