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Great all purpose family vehicle.

I absolutely love our Ford Explorer - XLT! We are a family of four, two of which are toddlers with big car seats. I love having the option of the third row if we have guests. I love taking it grocery shopping - I visit multiple stores and everything fits in the back trunk space (third row down). We have taken our Explorer on three long distance (15+ hour) trips. It handled very well on any and all terrain, our luggage all fit (even my extra packing), and we had room for extras on the way back. The gas mileage is commendable for being a SUV. We've had our Explorer over a year and it's been great, we've only needed regular oil changes, travel inspections (since we took it long distance) - which is passed with flying colors, and it's been great! The SYNC capabilities, Satellite radio, and GPS are nice added features as well. I will say the GPS does not give the multiple options for trips but it does get you there the best way it sees fit - you can adjust for quickest time or shortest distance. Also, the keyless entry/push start is great. It took some getting use to, but it's nice never needing to have my keys out. I highly recommend this vehicle!

- Amanda E

Ford Explorer - great ride for family road trips

The Ford Explorer is very comfortable and spacious. Even with the third row up, there is still a decent amount of trunk space. A drawback of having the bench in the second row instead of two bucket seats is that accessing the third row can be a bit cumbersome. Sync and CarPlay are great features. The gas mileage could be better but isn't terrible for a vehicle of this size. It would be nice to have a larger gas tank. The car has leaked oil after getting oil changes and had to go back to the shop each time, once to get the filters tightened and the other time to replace a gasket. I am not sure if this is a problem with my particular Ford dealership or a common problem with Ford Explorers. Other than that, I had one frayed wire which needed to be replaced so that the electric windows would work but otherwise no major issues. It�s a great family vehicle and we love it for road trips.

- Barbara R

2018 Ford Explorer Limited

I haven't had any problems with my 2018 Explorer so far. I recently purchased it in November 2018. The ride is extremely smooth. It�s very sporty. I love all the extra features it has. I really enjoy the heated and cooled seats. The navigation is great. Third row seats are all electric. Everything is touch screen and easy to use. I get around 22-25 miles to the gallon. It has power seats with memory. Seats are really comfortable. It also has the sync which attaches to my iPhone. The only thing I would've gotten different is captain chairs in the back rather than the bench. So far I have no complaints about anything on my car. I hope I continue to love it over the next few years. And I truly hope it continues to be a reliable and comfy car.

- Ashley G

Title: 2018 Ford Explorer is great for families!

I love the fact that my Explorer is highly up to date with technology and I am able to access my iPhone though the Explorer computer system. I can pull up maps, and listen to iTunes hands free. The third row seating is wonderful since we just had a baby and all 4 kids can ride comfortably, and we are still capable to put bags and a stroller in the back. We did not go with the leather seats, and I do not mind- the upholstery is easy to clean. . . Although I would have preferred the leather in the long run. The only complaint I have would be all the additional options such as a sunroof or heated seats were in the higher packages. I would have loved to have had heated seats on all the options.

- Nicole C

Great for the traveler or the soccer mom.

Size is great for a 4 person family, we do a lot of traveling and even with two car seats have plenty of space for luggage and passengers. Leather heated seats and steering wheel is great for the cool months of the upper Midwest winters, and easy to clean and care for. The gas mileage is about average for the size of the vehicle and engine. The front seats are multi positional and makes for a really comfortable drive. Navigation is included for the life of the vehicle which is wonderful when you do not have unlimited data to use a phone GPS, and includes easy navigation tools and shortcuts, my favorite especially when traveling is the nearest gas stations with price compare.

- J G

We own a beautiful Ford Explorer.

My Ford Explorer is fully decked out for comfort and technically. It has heated seats and cool seats. It even has a heated steering wheel. It has duel controls for each. It has all the comfortable anyone would want for traveling. It has ambient lighting, which is awesome. It has a beautiful leather interior. We have three rows of seats and the middle seat are buckets. That is very handy with the grandkids. It has lots of safety features, which makes it a very safe vehicle. It has a wonderful, easy to use GPS system. We can also use our Alexis in our truck. We have owned several ford's and honestly wouldn't drive anything else. It is a very nice looking SUV. We love it.

- Lawrence M

The Ford Explorer is the perfect car for a family on the go!

I really love my Ford Explorer. Previously, I had a Ford escape. I knew I wanted to stay with the Ford company but chose the Explorer to have more room for my family. I love captains chairs in the middle row of my vehicle. It makes getting my two young children in and out very easy. I also love the third row which allows me to transport family and friends. I can also adjust the back seats to make transporting my dogs more convenient. I love the touch screen in my Explorer. I use it to run Spotify and maps everyday. In the cold winters, I also use my heated steering wheel and seats daily. I have not had any issues since purchasing my vehicle.

- Susan P

2018 Ford Explorer Limited handles well

I've had the vehicle for 2 no thanks and so far I love it. I like that it is similar to driving a truck which is what caught my attention when I was test driving vehicles. Also, I have two children in large car seats and I am still able to fit a person or booster seat in the middle with the addition to 3rd row seating in the back for additional riders. I have the limited addition with the heated leather seats and I'm in love with them due to living in the North. I don't really have any complaints about the vehicle as of now since I've only had it for 2 months so far.

- Chanel K

I love the safety, reliability and comfort of my Ford Explorer!

Above all, I feel so safe in my car. I call it �The Tank�! I have had no problems whatsoever with my car thus far. I purchased it a year ago. My husband and I had to travel a lot recently in the winter, and that car was so reliable. I never had to worry that it wouldn't start! It sits 8 people comfortably, since it has the third row seat. I like the rear climate option since we travel with our dog a lot! It keeps him comfortable back there! I used to have an Impala and it seems like the gas mileage is comparable. (I was worried with it being an SUV.)

- Jeanie R

Easy to drive long distances, comfortable, safety ratings, fuel economy.

I have the Ford Explorer sport edition with leather interior, dual moon roofs, heated seats and steering wheel (have never had that before so it excites me), backup cam, and third row. The seats are the most comfortable I have ever sat on hands down, it drives like a speed car, and gas mileage is pretty good as well! My only complaint is the accessibility of the third row if you have a car seat in the middle of the second row. I am sure I could move it over and that would be easily fixed though. Great car. . . I leased this and plan to buy!

- Tammy L

The 2018 Ford Explorer is a very dependable vehicle.

We chose this vehicle base on the safety features and the room. I am a mother of 3 and this is the 2nd Ford I have owned. The third row seating makes it so comfortable to carry all of us. Front and rear incident monitors are huge plus as far as safety concerns go. Excellent tire traction. Heated and cooled seat with heater stirring as well. Sony sound system, dual sunroofs, sport package appearance. Led lighting, tons of cup holders which is a plus. Six month free Sirius radio package. Wi-Fi features, temp control, GPS, back up camera,

- Alicia G

Full automatic options, great for our family and price is reasonable.

We are a family of 5, which is why I've got a ford explorer which is really appropriate esp the size and it's a sport one so it also gives options for my husband if he wants speed. What I like for the feature is the automatic adjustment for the speed when you want a steady speed all throughout your travel. The payment thou is a bit expensive which we cannot control due to some issues with the credit check although we are planning to refinance it in the future. Overall the customer service is great, straightforward and accommodating.

- Roxanne C

Back up camera with double sunroofs

I have a 2018 black Ford Explorer which I leased back in May of 2018. I love the back up camera and the double sunroofs. It has 3 row seating and the seats can either stay up or put down for more trunk space. It has a digital touch screen with built in GPS. Came with Sirius XM free for 6 months. It has black leather seats which I�m not too fond of in the summer but has seat warmers for the winter and also has a steering wheel warmer. Runs good on gas while on the highway. Having my car for a car and I'm still in love with it.

- A T

Love my new Mom Car and all the extra room

I recently bought the car so I'm still getting to know it but I love it. I needed a bigger car due to a growing family and it�s perfect for us. I love how easy it is to load up and how much room it has. It rides so smooth and has a ton of great features to help stay focused on the road like the carplay feature. Also the back seat reclines kind of which would be a great plus on a car trip! Looking forward to using that as I ride next to my baby on our trips! I'm so happy we went with the explorer. Great mom car!

- Darlene V

The car I didn't want to buy ended up being my favorite purchase ever!!

Our 2018 Ford Explorer is our favorite car we have ever had. We love that it has enough space for our family plus decent trunk space. We have leather interior which makes cleaning up messes easy and effortless. We have a front and rear camera that has been extremely helpful while pulling in and out of our tight fitting garage. Our Explorer has the sensors that tells us if we are too close to an object. Our trunk has the sensor for when my hands are full I just wave my foot underneath it will open the trunk.

- Abby B

Excellent performance SUV.

I have the 2018 Ford Explorer sport 209a model. This is a top of the line sport performance SUV. This has a v6, with 250 horsepower and turbo, if needed. This has all the bells and whistles and beets out the platinum edition. The handling is right on, goes when you need it to. I have averaged 23 mpg and fill the tank about every week. This car looks sharp, classy and sporty. The seats, all leather are heated & have ac. Full roof panel moonroof. I cannot say enough about this SUV. I absolutely love it.

- RHonda E

My awesome truck is awesome because it drives well in snow.

I lease the 2018 ford explorer and I been driving it for a few month now. It has a diy moonroof and all the latest features. It came with the lease. I have driven it on the freeways and a long trip and it drives very nice, holds its own on the freeway. It works beautifully in the snow which the main reason I drive it. I drove a car in the past and got stuck in the snow often. It has many great features and I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting a truck.

- Margarita B

Highly recommend and would purchase again!

The Ford Explorer is a great family vehicle! Its user friendly and with advanced technology. It can fit my husband, 2 kids, and large dog very comfortably. We have owned the vehicle for 11 months and have not experienced any problems. We get 22 mpg. The leather heated seats are easy to maintain and the rear view backup camera give me the extra comfort in driving. We also have the automatic start which is great in the colder months with kids, leaving work, etc.!

- Kristina B

Ford explorer gets better each year.

I have had my car for only about 6 months but I have loved it so far. I get very good gas mileage for a SUV. The simple luxuries like seat warmers are awesome. It has the rear camera for backing up is a must have safety item. It seems like I do not have to get oil changes as frequently with newer model. I also haven't needed to take it in for anything but preventive maintenance. My only change would be the color. I am not as fond of white as I thought I'd be.

- Julie H

Safety and hands free features.

My favorite features are the sync hands free availability and the buttons on steering wheel for voice control of not only calls and messages but for the radio controls too. Also safety features include rear camera and alignment bars and the wake up feature if you start falling asleep or veering off it will vibrate the steering wheel and suggest you take a nap. Also alerts when there's something near your car in any direction so you can avoid hitting it.

- Sarah G

Eventually it's going be the reason you will be rear ended and possibly killed. There is no recall but lots of identical complaints online.

I had an Escape before and loved the size. The Explorer is too much like a truck for me. I have complained to the dealership about the vehicle losing acceleration sometimes while driving. I have chosen to stay off the expressway since I have come terribly close to being rear ended by semi's when the acceleration slowly drops to 0 without warning or reason. I am so very sorry I have it for a 3 year lease. I am thankful I didn't buy it outright.

- Penney V

Explorer takes the family exploring in style.

The Explorer is an excellent vehicle. The vehicle is roomy, accommodates our family on trips and around town. The back up camera is a life saver in tight spaces with the back up sensors. The few negatives items are the gas tank size, a bit on the small size. Mix the small gas tank and the lower miles per gallon and it feels like you have to fill up quite frequently. Overall I have enjoyed the vehicle and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

- Zac W

My Tank: Loving my Roomy Explorer

I have had no problems with my car as of yet. It only has 11,000 miles on it so far. I absolutely love the size. Plenty of room for my and my husband, as well as our 60 lb. D dog! Our dog loves the backseat. When we go on a trip out of town, we can either pack all of our things in the back (so much room!) or we can use the third row seating if we have extra passengers. All in all, I am extremely comfortable and satisfied with my 2018 Explorer!

- J R

Sleek dashboard with fantastic technology.

I love my Ford Explorer. Still getting used to the back up camera. And it sometimes gets foggy in rainy or cold weather. Other than that, it is great. With third row seating, that does take up some of the trunk space. Also, if you a very tall, that will limit how much space the person sitting behind you has. For an SUV this size, the interior is somewhat deceiving. I am short, so it does not affect me, but my husband is very tall.

- Denise R

Love the third row seating

My vehicle has been very reliable so far and I feel very safe when I drive it. We have only had one issue with it where we had to replace the battery corroded after a year. The vehicle is very comfortable to ride in whether you are driving or riding as the passenger. My favorite feature is the back up camera and the third row seating. I also like that the car beeps when I get too close to something when I am backing up to something.

- Kara M

My Ford Explorer was exactly what I was looking for!

I spent a long time trying to find the �right� car to meet my family's needs. When I test drove my Ford Explorer it was perfect! The captain chairs in the middle make for easy access to the 3rd row. I love my touch screen navigation. I wish the back was a little bigger but the 3rd row does lay down when extra space is needed! My daughter plays volleyball year round and I do a lot of carpooling and we all have plenty of room!

- Brittany M

Its sleek and sporty, yet has plenty of room and is fuel efficient. It's got a great system that monitors when the vehicle in relation to outside objects, letting me know when I'm too close to outside objects. The backup camera is great, and love how it shows depending on how I turn the wheel,where the vehicle is going to go.

I have only owned my car for about a month, however it's great! I have always been a truck person, but it still feels as though I'm in a truck, lots of power, it rides higher than a car, yet rides smooth. The touch screen system is very easy to use, it's very comfortable and lots of room with 3 rows of seating and plenty of outlets to keep everyone charged up. Its fuel efficient and I feel safe. I'm very happy with this SUV.

- Rachel A

Would definitely consider it.

Comfortable to drive. Gas mileage is not great. Ability to carry 7 passengers is a convenient feature. A/c is cold and had rear air conditioning. Nice blind spot mirrors. Ecoboost would have been a nice upgrade. Dash controls are ready to use. 4x4 send to work decent however being an SUV it does not have a lot of ground clearance. Work good in hard packed desert so far. Have not tried in sand yet.

- William B

Great car! Lots of extra features, comfy and reliable.

Love this car. It has been very reliable. We haven't had any issues with it so far. The interior is very comfortable. The seats in back fold completely flat for a large shopping trip. It is highly connective. You can hook your phone up to it to play music and make and receive phone calls. It has a rear camera that is a great addition to parallel parking. Overall I would buy again and fully recommend it.

- Jennifer R

Comfort in a larger vehicle.

Elegant in appearance. Smooth ride. Responsive. Plenty of room and has the third row seating. Nitrogen in tires makes for a better ride. Gas mileage about 32 mpg. Love the leather seats. Air conditioning is great and so is the audio system. What is upsetting is that now I have to use my phone for navigation because Ford is now using Waze and that is not available for upgrades to my vehicle.

- Sherry S

2018 Explorer Pros and Cons

The 2018 Explorer is a very comfortable and roomy vehicle. I love the heated seats and steering wheel. For the size of vehicle the Explorer gets pretty good gas mileage. Most importantly, for me, is that it feels like a very safe vehicle for my family to ride in. The biggest issue I have encountered with this vehicle is that gas almost always overflows when I am filling up my car.

- Kirsten N

Plenty of room for our family of 6 without having to be a minivan mom!

Our explorer is nearly perfect for our family! We have 4 kids, so 3rd row seating was a must. There is even room for all the softball/baseball stuff. I use the Bluetooth often to make calls and listen to music. When we purchase a new explorer, we want to make sure it has captains chairs in the middle. Folding the middle seats down to get to the third row is a bit complicated.

- Randy T

Great room for adults and easy to maneuver seats to carry a lot in the back.

Love my Explorer. Very dependable. It is very comfortable. My 6’2” son is able to sit in the back seat in comfort. We have a third row which helps with our family of five and a couple of extra. It is easy to lay the seats down to carry a lot of items in the back. All the rear seats lay down. The air conditioner works great and there is vents in all rows which was a plus.

- Kimberly H

Proper air condition and lights.

In terms of performance, ford explorer is the best. Also low fuel consumption. It consumes on one litre with a distance of one hundred and fifty kilometers. It also has a very good sound. And less exhaust. It does not also produce unnecessary heat even after covering a very long distance. So I therefore recommend ford explorer for anyone who is interested in buying a car.

- Isaiah D

Good Chevy truck-Silverado models are great.

The pickup truck is a standard shift and it handles well. I has had clutch and oil leakage problems but otherwise thing have been pretty good. Comfort level is good and the visibility is great since you are elevated over passenger cars. Vehicle has standard features so there is nothing special to add this review. I am satisfied with the performance of the vehicle.

- Andy N

The capacity. Space for 8 person and big trunk.

It does not run fast. Spend more gasoline. The pats or plastic rug are really good and so practical. It has capacity for 8 people. The stereo is good you can connect your cell GPS Bluetooth. The tires are small and are not good for rain. Is little expensive but if you can buy used for half price you are lucky. The color white looks better than the black one.

- Julia J

Get the XLT model with the sport appearance package well worth the little extra.

The car is perfect for a family of four I just wished the engine had more power. It is kind of sluggish for as big as it is. It comes with plenty of options for the average person and if you need more you can get the more expensive models. It does really good in the snow. I just tested it out last week and it went through 16 inches with no problem at all.

- Jake K

That it comes with safety features including adaptive cruise control.

I like all the safety features in the Explorer. Specifically, the adaptive cruise control. I drive mostly highway and this is just an awesome feature. I will not get another vehicle without it. The one feature I do find annoying is the notification if it doesn't sense hands on the steering wheel. The alert displays if I haven't moved my hands for a bit.

- Lisa F

Ford has a very impressive mid size but lacks in fuel economy.

I love my Ford Explorer it has a clean futuristic interior. The seats are extremely comfortable. Tons of leg room for the back bench seats. The touch screen that controls all of the settings in the car is user friendly and easy to navigate. My only complaint would be the fuel mileage is only 20 mpg for a car this size it should be between 25-30 mpg.

- Michael S

It is affordable and stylish.

My Explorer is the right mix of comfort and muscle. It gets great mpg and has excellent pickup. It seats 7 or both the middle and rear seats lay flat for cargo. It has all the latest technology that I need and is really good looking. I have had no problems but with my previous Explorer any problem I had was taken care of, so I have no complaints.

- Katherine S

2018 Ford Explorer great for a busy family who hits the road every weekend.

No CD player and only 1 USB point for our model which was a disappointment as we use it for plenty of road trips. However both my husband and I find it a pleasure to drive and. As a 7 seater there is plenty of space. Our particular version was recalled due to faulty coil that made battery flat however Ford quickly resolved it at our local garage.

- Emma B

I love my 2018 Ford Explorer

I love my explorer. The drive is great, the size is fabulous for our family's needs, and I can fit a lot in the back in terms of traveling or shopping. The gas mileage it gets is pretty good as well for a larger vehicle. I love all of the safety settings, especially the Bluetooth for the phones. This was the vehicle I had wanted for years.

- Lindsey P

2018 Ford Explorer (Limited) Review.

My 2018 Ford Explorer Limited is a great car. Wish it was a V8 and 4x4 or AWD. The inside is black interior; seats are comfortable. The panoramic sunroof is a nice feature. My kids love the USB charging ports and heated seats. I really like the heated steering wheel in the winter months. The cooling seats are interesting. It drives well.

- Trisha C

My vehicle is amazing from the gas, to the space. I love that everything is easy

I absolutely love my car! I'm a mom of a little baby and I feel like there is so much room for his stroller in the back and all his stuff. I love that my car is hand free, Bluetooth and everything is automatic! I love that you can move the backs seats up and back, I love that I can reach my son! We do a lot of traveling and the gas is AMAZING!

- Hannah A

Great new ford, better than the original ones .

There has been no problems thus far. I like being higher in the air than driving my other car which is low to the ground. The seats are very comfortable on long drives as well as short drives. The drive on bumpy roads are very tolerable. There are ample amount of cup holders. Over all it�s a beautiful car and reminds me of the older models.

- Michael R

Nice car, too soon to tell.

The Ford Explorer is a nice vehicle. Haven't had issues or problems with it yet. The 2017 Explorer was not so good the radio and some of the other functions would not display. I could not tell if the gears were in drive or not because they could not be displayed. This issue has not occurred with this car and I am hoping it does not.

- Alias M

Fast, safe and stylish! Get where you are going safely in style

I love this truck. I get compliments every day about how cool it looks. The color, magnetic metallic, is truly beautiful. A deep grey with a shimmer to it and matte black tire rims its very nice to just look at. But that is just the beginning! This thing can move! I like to drive fast but feel safe, and I've never felt safer!

- Katie B

Great Family Vehicle with a 3rd row

I've had my car for 1 year and no issues. Very comfortable and easy to drive. It's a great looking vehicle and easy to navigate the features inside. I have the captain chairs in the 2nd row which is great for my 2 young children since they are both still in car seats. The captains chairs makes it easier to use the 3rd row.

- Nicole P

Exploring the Explorer This car has it all! Handling, comfort, & reliability!

Amazing car! Excellent performance, looks great, easy to drive, very comfortable. Holds 5 adults easily and 2 or three kids in the extra seats, if needed. Dog friendly!! Best car I have ever had! Have driven from central Texas to mountains of New Mexico & back again. The Explorer make the drive a �cakewalk�!

- Debra W

Loving' the 2018 Explorer, platinum.

Love the massaging seats and the heat/cool seat feature too. Dual sunroof is great, and it would be great if both sections opened, not just the front. I would say the negatives are; gas mileage is not great, but in fairness running the a/c as we live in Florida. Cup holders on door only hold small drinks or bottled water.

- Nadine A

Great drive comfortable roomy for at least 7.

Drives great big and descent gas. It is great for long trips. Can charge phones even in back with the third row can fit more people or put it down and have more room to store more stuff in the trunk. Safety features r very well back up camera works great and the side alerts help the driver when a car comes out of nowhere.

- Frank M

Why I am enjoying my vehicle.

What I like most about this vehicle are the middle bucket seats. The bucket seats are very comfortable and makes it easy to get to the back seats. I also enjoy the unique features such as the massaging driver and passenger seats and the offer for the vehicle to find a rest stop if it detects the driver is getting sleepy.

- Marissa Z

Stylish for the executive & roomie for the soccer mom

Smooth ride and quiet, massaging driver and front passenger seats, XM radio, third row, very reliable, rear climate control, back-up camera, large touchscreen, XM radio. My only complaints are drink/console storage and tire pressure dropped during cold temperatures, which is common in a lot of vehicles. Great vehicle!

- Kristen W

It is reliable, spacious and comfortable. Perfect Family car, with the added features that make it feel like a splurge.

I LOVE the comfort of the seats, the quality of the leather, and the versatility of my vehicle. I have 3rd row seating, but the third row folds down flat for more room when needed. I like when the 3rd row is up I still have storage room as well. Built in Navigation, and the rear hatch opens with the push of a button!

- Melissa L

Explorer review that is positive.

The Explorer is a very good vehicle, it is big enough to carry multiple people without being too bulky. It has all the safety features and is comfortable to drive. I enjoy the features and it is very comfortable and roomy. The sight lines are good, I can the road very well and could not in some of the cars I tested.

- Bob P

I love how you can have the navigation detail.

I love the Ford Explorer. I wish it had better gas mileage, but that may be how I drive. One thing I dislike is when you have the music settings on Bluetooth you cannot change the song from the steering wheel, just makes it a little inconvenient to have to reach for the console. I love everything else about the car!

- Rachel M

It's wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a larger SUV. Great value for the cost.

I love everything about this SUV. It has plenty of space, the seats in the back fold all the way flat, it drives so nicely. My only complaints are the blind spots are pretty significant, particularly on the passenger side, and it's not great on gas -- but those tradeoffs are worth it for what I need the car for.

- Natalie A

Awesome color and extremely powerful. Has 4 wheel drive for safety.

Powerful and comfortable. Loaded with many addons. Rides very smooth. Dual sunroof is awesome. Temperature control front and rear. Very spacious will room to put many items in back area. Automatic rear hatch with motion sensor. Awesome color with built in GPS and voice activated. Good on gas with good mileage.

- Ed H

2018 ford explorer limited edition.

We have no negative issues with vehicle at this time other than fuel mileage is not the greatest it seems. We enjoy the technology in the vehicle. It has also been reliable getting us through winter and has performed well on the road. We appreciate the safety sensors and cameras that are part of the vehicle.

- Tom S

My Ford Explorer gets an A+

My Explorer is a great SUV! It�s comfortable, stylish and drives very well. The touchscreen is easy to navigate. I couldn't live without the backup camera! The remote start has been a lifesaver this summer because I can cool the car off without even going outside. The remote liftgate is also a big help.

- Gina D

Stylish all terrain SUV vehicle.

Great power and comfort. Roomy inside even in third row. Spacious headroom. Good design with rear seats for foldability. Handles well on all terrain. Efficient gas mileage. Interior gadgets and technology is advanced without being overbearing or difficult. Seating is comfy and durable from wear and stains.

- Megan D

Great car with everything you could want

Very comfortable smooth ride. Good technology package with apple play. I haven't had any issues at all as far as repairs. The trunk has a lot of storage space and I like the third row option. It�s easy to set up the third row. I also like how both the driver and passenger can set different temperatures.

- Ariel S

The Ford Explorer is my favorite car that I've ever owned so far!

Amazing vehicle! I'm in love with it. Very comfortable, and has many amenities. Love the leather interior, and the luxury of wood trim. The apple car play is great, and I love that this car comes standard with Navigation. Every Ford car that my family has owned has been superior with few to no problems.

- Tara S

Ford Explorer Exceeds Expectations

I had a Jeep Cherokee that was fully loaded. I traded it in and got a Ford Explorer, basic without all the bells and whistles. It has a third row seat which I love for hauling kids. It has my SiriusXM and that�s all that matters. I don't have the Navigation but it connects to my iPhone and works great!

- Irene R

Sporty attractive SUV with third row seating.

Nice look but drive bigger than it is the front end seems larger than actual size when parking the car goes through gas pretty quickly this is my semiconductor lease and I am pretty happy with the vehicle overall I would recommend getting bucket seats in the second row for easier access to the third row.

- Kelly S

A soccer mom car without the look of a soccer mom car!

I love the roominess and comfort of the explorer. The is so much room for hauling stuff. It is like having a truck but the comfort of driving a car. The interior is very classy and I like the access to the back through the bucket seats. The third row does fold down to give you the cargo room in the back.

- Betty H

the third row seats fold in many directions.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It is a very reliable car for a big family and it feels safe. I do wish it came stock with captain seats though. It is spacious on the inside and I love how adjustable the seats are. I like that you can control the heating and air conditioner from the middle row.

- Christina G

my vehicle is a white ford explorer with cloth seat and a very small trunk

it is perfectly fine just wish that the very back seat had more space. I also wish that I had gotten leather seats but that part is just on me. I wish it had a DVD player for my kids so that they could watch movies on long car rides. Also one last thing is I wish that it had a touch screen in the front

- maddie F

Ford Explorer likes and dislikes.

The trim on the door has started coming off. It does not have a tow package. It does not have remote start. It is a good vehicle. Great suspension. Four wheel drive. Great stereo. The rear ac/heat has issues. (it will randomly turn on and off). Overall a great vehicle but has a few manufacturer issues.

- Stephanie V

A comfortable and reliable vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my car yet. The performance is outstanding. I rely on my car and it exceeds my expectations. The seats inside are comfortable and it is very spacious. The features I love most is the reverse camera and third row seating that can also lay down to make a bigger 'trunk'.

- Molly B

i like that,Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand

- skot l

Perfect Vehicle for the Family

Needed a vehicle with lots of room and this is perfect. Roomy, comfortable and smooth ride. Love my backup camera- even has a sprayer to keep it clean! Only 2 downfalls- it's a major gas hog and my 2 daughters don't have a cup holder between them. It's on the backside of the counsel and its flimsy.

- Michelle W

Explorer- delivers a comfortable and quiet ride while you drive on the highway.

I absolutely love my Ford Explorer. Not only does it look sleek, stylish and comfortable. It is a safe vehicle as it exceeded federal safety standards. My Ford is all wheel drive. I have never had any problems with this brand of vehicles. The performance of this brand I think is exceptional.

- Jeff F

Ford Escape reliable and comfortable.

My Ford Escape is very dependable and easy to drive. Is 4wad which is a great feature to have in our pacific northwest winters. Seat warmers also help when the weather is turning cold and the air conditioning is awesome in the hot summer. The seats fold down to increase the ability to carry more.

- Diane A

Excellent vehicle with comfort, smart systems and style!

I love my vehicle! The sport trac edition gives me everything I need to maneuver the Texas terrain. My favorite features are the remote start, remove trunk lift, and heated seats/steering wheel. All areas of the vehicle are comfortable, and the intuitive system makes problem solving effortless!

- Mollie B

Love it. Some things need improving.

We love how spacious this vehicle is. The cargo area is amazing. Gas mileage is ok for the vehicle size. I can't seem to get my phone to connect to the hands free part of the stereo. And the only other issue is that the back up camera tends to not work sometimes when the back door is slammed.

- Amber C

Excellent family car, especially if you need the extra space

Tons of space with the 3rd row for extra people! The backseat fits 2 car seats comfortably without having to adjust front seats. Only downside is how much more extra features cost. The reverse camera had issues within a week of buying the car, but eventually fixed itself after a couple weeks.

- Patricia W

Overall review and my thoughts of the vehicle overall

This is a very spacious vehicle, with a smooth drive and rear backup camera that is convenient when parallel parking. Great for traveling with the kids and more than enough space. The body style is appealing and is an eye catcher. Overall love this vehicle that why it is my everyday vehicle.

- Gracie M

Ford Explorer is SO amazing I can't pick a better car

It drives so SMOOTH. I honestly couldn't ask for a better car. The white explorer is just so amazing. The black interior is very comfortable and easy to clean. It does scratch easily but is still a great car. I do recommend the dashboard wipes too. The wheel is comfy and is fun to drive with

- Chloe B

Great smartphone compatibility.

My favorite thing about the vehicle is how compatible it is with a smartphone. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you are able to access phone call/text, GPS, and music. I like that it is easy to use these features using the touch screen, and with the buttons on the steering wheel.

- Sydney S

Love our family vehicle. It is comfortable to fit everyone in.

It�s very comfortable and has a lot of room. It�s a great family vehicle, and great to travel in. It drives very smoothly even when we take it off-road. It is very easy to drive, and love having the backup camera feature. The interior is nice and easy to clean, especially having dogs.

- Courtney P

I really love my Ford Explorer.

The SUV runs smooth. It has plenty of room for at least 8 people. Plenty of storage room especially when the 3rd seat is down. The gas mileage on the SUV is pretty good. It is durable and can handle smoothly in bad weather. The truck is not too big or too small. It is just the right size.

- Nikki D

Rains on your head and shifter blocks cup holders.

If it rains, rain gathers on the top edge of the drivers door. When you open the door, the water perfectly pours on you. It lands exactly where you would naturally stand when pulling door open. Shifter between the seats really reduces passenger space. The shifter also blocks cup holders.

- Kathy K

It is very spacious and comfy.

I love my new Explorer! It seats seven which is perfect for our family of 5 when the grandparents visit. It drives great too, smooth and comfortable. We took a trip to the zoo and our friends ride with us. We were able to fit 2 regular strollers in the cargo space with using all 7 seats.

- Christine R

Ford Explorer review and opinion.

I love the technology that is together with the car. The power of the engine is really good. But the space inside is a bit cramp but all in all it is okay. It is made here so the parts are most often available. Comfort wise it really great. I think it just needs a bit of the ride height.

- Pearson L

2018 Ford Explorer police pursuit vehicle.

Vehicle is AWD, very well satisfied, vehicle is a police vehicle with the ecoboost. Wish vehicle was easier to buy, would purchase one for private use. No problems with vehicle. Very fast. Has increased suspension. Only problem noted is has a small gas tank and you go through has quick.

- Brian M

Explore with the explorer

No problems at all, just bad luck with this vehicle. Two tires had to be replaced during the first year and sensors had issues. Car drives beautifully and there is a ton of space! Third row seating is spacious and comfortable! Be sure to get tire insurance and save yourself some money!

- A R

Ford Explorer; a safe, comfortable ride for families and road warriors alike.

Great handling and very responsive. Very comfortable on long rides. Lots of high tech features. Lots of safety features. I love the key fob. The backup camera is fantastic; it allows me to get into parking areas, like parking garages, that I have previously had challenges getting into.

- Susan H

Overall great family car!

The XLT model is okay my last model was the sport and I prefer that one over all the models because of the power. It�s roomy, comfortable, great family car, looks nice has some great features. Does good in the snow the third row folds down nicely if you need to transport large items

- Khloe S

Summarizing my parents vehicle and highlights of the Ford Explorer.

My parents Ford Explorer is very smooth. Bluetooth connection is very good. Great 4 wheel drive. Also it is eco friendly. It was very affordable. The seats are very nice and the gears are very smooth. It also rides smooth. I really like this car and it rides great on long range trips.

- Marcus M

High performance vehicle that provides security and comfort for the family.

It�s a reliable car that gives me the security in knowing my family is safe and secure. It also is very fun to drive as it has so many features that help make long commutes more bearable. Also the performance of the vehicle is excellent and you never feel like you will be stranded.

- Rachel S

Explorer is best, trust me, I tried the rest.

Love my Explorer. Carries lots of people but still easy to drive and park. Body style is very nice. Automatic lift gate is a game changer! Love that we can find the seats down to carry big items if needed. Sync 3 is easy to use and incredibly useful. Led headlights are really bright.

- Erin K

I work from home and work events, seat options make it easy to fit everything.

We love the split third row seating, as well as the fact that the third row lies flat when folded down. The versatility of seating options was one of our biggest reasons for buying, along with the large trunk space with the third row in use. Love the zone heating/cooling as well.

- Amity C

Great vehicle love this car

The vehicle is nice, has seating for 7, runs very well, it's a base model but still comes with a lot of features that are really nice, such as a backup camera and nice stereo system, the seats are foldable but don't go underneath like other models, but that's ok. Otherwise great SUV

- John C

Sleek, sporty SUV with v8 power!

We absolutely love our Explorer. The sleek, sporty design with v8 power is awesome. The second row bucket seats easily allow us fit 6 people comfortably. Rides great. You do not hear road noise as you do with most vehicles. Well built. I would purchase this vehicle again and again.

- Keith K

Great family car and dependable.

My 2018 ford explorer sport is amazing. I had an XLT previously and the sport tops it with the sport pickup, and sport handling. It is great on gas, and I love the dual panel moonroof. It is super comfortable and big enough for our family of four plus space for everything we need.

- Jen C

Navigation issues with Explorer sport.

Very reliable, comfortable and smooth ride. Acceleration is great and shifts nicely. Second row tumbling a challenge unless its an electric button otherwise you manually have to fight the seat. Navigation super glitchy, that we have had ours serviced 4 times in the 5 months owned.

- Angela C

Familiarity vehicle, very comfortable, especially on trip.

My car is beautiful, it is so comfortable, it is never left me bad, I am always doing its maintenance, it is very cool for trips, very safe, I am feel secure, that my wife use it, that is very important for me, to my children very likely the explorer, it is their car preferred.

- Luis S

Xlt with upgrades pretty-good.

Engine slow, roomy and safety features are really nice. Love sync, leather seats and button open hatch. Reverse camera and alerts is helpful. Gas gauge is reliable and accurate. Free Sirius for first 6 months with lease or buy. Very roomy, seat recline is easy with the straps.

- Jess S

Ford Explorer is the only way to explore

My Ford Explorer is fully loaded. I love the safety features. I have automatic car start and can even start the car using my phone. I feel safe in my car I have sensors on my mirrors for one changes and my lights and wipers automatic turn on when it is dark or raining outside.


The seats are the same as the older model or year.

No problems we love our vehicle no problems. Drives smooth and only thing I miss is the back door does not automatically open with remote like older models. And also miss the larger inside screen for the reverse camera. Other than that everything else is fine with the vehicle.

- Rhonda C

Great family SUV that gets good gas mileage

The Explorer is a very comfortable, quiet SUV. It has a lot of space. We have had no problems so far. It gets good gas mileage and handles very well on the road. It is easy to park and the sensors help a lot. It has plenary of headroom. Overall, it is an exceptional vehicle.

- Rick J

It is family friendly. Plenty of room for the dogs and all the sports gear.

I purchased my 2018 Explorer in April and I have had no issues at all. My young children and I traveled 20 hours straight in it and couldn't have been happier with the comfort and performance. I love that I can monitor vehicle details from the Fordpass app on my cell phone.

- Megan F

Perfect family vehicle for larger family.

When having a large family we needed something to accommodate everyone. From the spaciousness of the vehicle to the front/rear a/c units we haven't had a single complaint. The trunk space is big enough for sports equipment, groceries and more. The sunroof is an added bonus.

- Lynn E

Good car but back up camera indicator malfunctions.

I really enjoy the car and love driving it but I did have one issue that I noticed very early on. The back up camera indicator goes off even when nothing is behind me and it is very annoying. Besides that it is a tremendous vehicle to drive and most likely will buy another.

- Keegan S

I like the reverse screen on the dashboard.

The first explorer we purchased had a number of electrical and software issues, but when we traded it in for a newer model those issues seemed to be corrected. . We has two boys and we also want to say third row for transportation of our dog with ample room for luggage.

- Victor E

How well the vehicle handles, the 4 wheel drive in snow is excellent.

It drives like a car. It is roomy for long trips. The sound system is excellent. I have had few problems with previous Explorers I owned other than regular maintenance. I have a 7 passenger but keep the back bench down. There is a lot of room for groceries in cargo area.

- Lisa S

Dynamic Quality and Value of Ford Explorer

It drives smoothly. I have not had any vehicle problems. It is reliable and very good on gas. It is also comfortable especially on long drives. I had leather/heated seats and GPS/Bluetooth installed which is an added bonus. The leather is beautiful and comfortable.

- Vanessa W

Great car with nice tech features. Explorer is a great family vehicle

Reliable car with good tech. Love the hands free voice activated system which allows me to concentrate on driving. The extra space compared to the escape makes a difference when driving with 4 adults. Great looking SUV that feels roomier than it appears from the road

- Casey K

Ford Explorer with kids who make a mess of everything.

Seats are nice, it's big for kids, extra seats are good but very hard to get to, hard to put extra car seats in the back. Easy to clean, gas is alright. I wish it had remote start for cold weather. Heat and air starts up quickly. Good for my husband because he is tall.

- Heather W

What I like about the Explorer.

Love the comfortable seats. Vehicle is quiet inside and feels like its gliding along the road. Plenty of room and storage for anything from carrying guests or helping a friend move. Easy to move seats up and down. Third row of seats has been more helpful than expected.

- Pat W

is very dependable, safe, spacious and roomy

well I had 6 months with my new SUV ford explorer 2018 XLT sport package black and I love it, maybe more miles per gallon but is perfect, is very roomy, drives like airplane. Feels secure when you drive it the 3er row is comfortable and very spacious.I really like it

- Daniel R

Safety first! It is a priority for ford.

I feel very safe in my car. It is durable and has wonderful safety features such as airbags and different parking and mirror alerts. I also like the body style out of my car. The features that sync making my phone a hands-free device are also a great safety feature.

- Lauren H

2018 Ford Explorer limited.

I love everything. We purchased my 2018 Ford Explorer new and I could not be more satisfied! I wish the gas pump was on the driver side, but it didn't stop me from getting the vehicle. I would definitely recommend the Ford Explorer to someone shopping for a new SUV.

- Alexis R

Good car just too pricey in gas

The ford explorer is a Great family car I really love how spacious it is for a growing family. The seats are very comfortable and enough room for the kids and pets, however very pricey in gas. It is definitely not good for everyday distance driving due to gas usage.

- Munoz G

I enjoyed the push button start.

The vehicle is easy to drive has a good ride quiet as a lotta extra add-ons that work well. We are close comfortable and well designed and built I have no problem with the product and I think that I will have it for at least two years. 250 characters is ridiculous.

- Bela S

Great for family of 4. Missing CD player and GPS.

This car is perfect for my family of 4. The 2nd row bucket seats are a lifesaver with the car seat. The featured are great with the back up cam and apple sync. The only thing this car is missing is the GPS system and I was really disappointed there is no CD player.

- Holly B

Love the third seats for my grandchildren.

My Explorer is extremely comfortable and gets decent highway mileage for my commute. It has the safety features I like as well. Front and side airbags. It seats up to seven people in comfort. There are no blind spots like my old vehicle had. My favorite car so far!

- Stupid M

2018 Ford Explorer Review

This is a great vehicle. It�s comfortable, safe, reliable, and there is a lot of room for my family and all of our things. It�s drives smoothly. The gas mileage is good, about 22 miles per gallon. I'm very happy with it. This was the best purchase of the year.

- Nicole B

Spacious cargo vehicle to have.

The windshield wiper fluid container is too small. The vehicle does not have a CD player. The space between the seats is not big enough for taller people. The vehicle I received does not have a sunroof. Wished it would have a bit more space to put your cell phone.

- Niki M

Love my Explorer! Always a Ford Lover!

Love my vehicle! I've always wanted an Explorer! I love the third row seating and all the space and versatility for traveling. I've had it over a year and not had any problems with anything so far! Fingers crossed it stays that way! I will be a Ford girl for life!

- Jessica F

Amazing Family Ford Explorer

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. It is extremely comfortable and reliable for my family of 4. We have taken it on a few road trips and it fits all luggage and strollers great. Also we love the third row seat. This vehicle has an extremely smooth ride.

- Natalie M

2018 Ford Explorer loaded.

Vehicle has a very smooth ride, it rides like a cloud. Has great acceleration and is quicker than our f150. Only drawback is that the vehicle does not coast when you let off the gas and gas mileage is not great but it has every option you would need in a vehicle.

- Marie H

Best vehicle for traveling with kids

I love that I can fit 7 people comfortably, and it�s great if you have kids that need a car seat. It�s very roomy and I feel safe traveling with my children. I do have issues with my radio, I can't seem to get a clear station. Other than that the car is great

- Victoria O

Very comfortable and roomy.

Love it thus far, wish the side mirrors would automatically fold in. Super comfortable, lots of room, love the air circulation all the way to the back of the vehicle and that the passengers in the back can control their air. Has decent power to get up and go.

- Hope M

The new, comfortable Ford Explorer

I really do love my Ford Explorer. It is spacious, even more than other 7 seater vehicles I was looking at. It looks good and has all the updates needed. The inside interior and color is good looking and the attention to detail in the stitching is well made.

- Trisha W

The car is very roomy and safe. It is very comfortable to travel in with all of the options.

My Explorer is new and only has 450 miles on it. We love the heated and cooled seats. It also has back and seat massage. The 3rd row seats folds down with the push of a button. So far this vehicle is awesome. I haven't found anything that we don't like.

- Rebecca P

Comfort and speed all in one

The explorer is very comfortable and has lots of fun gadgets. It has a twin turbo 6 cylinder engine that has some nice pickup to it, the only thing I am not liking is the bad gas mileage. So far it has averaged about 18-19 mph in town. Not very impressive.

- Julie C

Great overall car for a daily driver, it's very comfortable.

The car I drive every day is extremely comfortable, drives very smooth, I have gotten many comments on how it looks like a range rover and that its crazy how inexpensive it is. My only problem is that it is front wheel drive and that scares me in the rain.

- John G

Awesome vehicle, beautiful

Vehicle is comfortable, handles well in snow and ice. Looks great, love the bucket seats. Only issue I've had is that glass in the sunroof seems to be a little loose and the assembly rattles. I have 22k miles on it and it hasn't had any mechanical issues.

- Melissa S

My explorer! It is a great vehicle that I feel great about having my family in.

I have no issues and everything is good. The color is silver which I do not care for but it runs great. I like it has warnings on the side mirrors. I wish it had air conditioned seats. I think it was priced reasonably and the dealership was very helpful.

- Dawn P

It is a black ford explorer with leather interior and third row seats.

So far it has been good. Only had it for less than a year, no problems. I appreciate the third row seats and air conditioned and heated seats, memory seats and mirrors. The gas mileage could be better, but I guess that is to be expected with an SUV.

- Faith T

Drives well and looks sleek

Haven't had any issues yet. Everything works well. Throughout Front and back. Car drives nice. Easy to park. Great for kids and seating for the whole family. Maybe uses too much gas but that�s all. Had issues with the car dealership itself. Nice look.

- Jessica J

It�s modern and flashy but spacious

I have no Problems with this car it is a good family car with lots of room to travel and have kids. The Reverse camera is great and not blurry. It has beeping when you get too close to something. You can travel with dogs because the sites are adjustable

- Ashlyn Y

Love my explorer. Great vehicle.

It is great we love it. No problems with it so far. It is got great gas mileage. Does not need oil changes until every 5,000 miles or so. Not like the original 3,000. Smooth ride. Roomy for my kids and husband and I. Love the interior and color choices.

- Kayla B

I love the fact that it has heated and cooled leather seats.

I have had an excellent experience with my ford explorer so far! The only complaint I would have is the tire size being so large. The features on this vehicle are amazing. It also gets adequate fuel mileage for the size of the vehicle. Very smooth ride.

- Emma B

It is a great year around car because it goes anywhere no matter what the weather.

I like the fact that it is four wheel drive. It's high enough that I can see well over other vehicles. I like the navigation to use in a town where I don't know the area. There is nothing that I don't like except the temperature gauge doesn't work well.

- Lynn C

Great ride with get up and go.

This is a company issued vehicle. I recently switched from an older rear wheel drive vehicle. The Explorer is front wheel drive and rides different than what I'm used to. Ride is comfortable. Has plenty of get up and go even with the 4 cylinder engine.

- Allen Q

Loaded top notch SUV . The ford explorer.

Love this car. It is loaded with everything but a sunroof. The navigation system is superb. Easy to drive and love the heated steering wheel and cooling seats. The third row goes up and down with the touch of a button. Stereo system is awesome as well.

- Jill S

This car has everything. Cameras all around!

Love the cameras all around. Drives good. Comfortable seats. Heated seats. If someone pulls out in front of you, it automatically puts on brakes. Air conditioning seats. Third row seating. Sunroof. Also has massage front seats. It handles very well.

- Kathy C

I like it clean, dirt kicked off feet before getting in and no eating in it.

I like my car but I should have bought with ecoboost system. I do not like the fact that I do not have a space to put my foot on the left side like I had in my old car ( Ford escape). Overall is comfortable, robust and good to drive, my kids love it!.

- Monica M

Gas mileage is about 22. 7 mpg on the highway and less than 18 in the city.

I love the push button start and the perimeter unlocking system. I have owned explorers before and have found the ride and comfort far superior to my old explorers. I dislike that this lease did not come equipped with running boards.

- Kenny B

It is amazing! But it does go through gas pretty quickly.

I love that it has so much room. I love that the third row seats fold down, and that it has captain seats for the second row. I do not like how when I am playing music Bluetooth I cannot change the song from the steering wheel.

- Rachel G

It gets you where you are going. Dependable.

I like the size of the vehicle. It was important to have captains chairs in the second row and Ford offered that feature without a large price markup. The vehicle was priced considerably less than its competitors in the market.

- Lisa C

I love that there is a second row captain chair option.

I love the car so far, but I wish the certain things came standard such as memory seats. Also, the radio/CarPlay system has taken a little while to get used to since I am coming from a car that previously did not have CarPlay.

- Lisa J

This is a Ford Explorer review with details from a new buyer.

I do not like the interior color of my car. I also do not like that the back seats are not bucket. I wish the car had a foot rail to step into the car. That would make it easier. I would also like to control the backseat air.

- Nikki F

An interesting detail is that you can open the trunk by just lifting your foot

I love this car. It has so many updated features. My favorite features are the rear and front cameras. Also, the blind spot alert, and the seat warmers and coolers are awesome! So many things that make mom life convenient.

- Becca R

it has a lot of great features and has a lot of power

i love it because it is a good size for me. it has a powerful engine and is fun to drive. it has a lot of features that i really wanted: heated seats and steering wheel, 4 wheel drive, safety features and nice wheels/rims

- Heidi R

Loving my 2018 Ford Explorer!

I love everything about my car. I love the style, the brand, and how reliable it is. It is very roomie, great for families. It is affordable. Very classy. Ford is the way to go no matter what kind of vehicle you purchase!

- Jacinda H

It is a very reliable vehicle it always starts up never had any trouble with it

I liked my vehicle because it has a lot of room and all the navigation systems and it tells me the temperature outside in the compass and sign is really nice and tells me how far I've got before I have to fill up on gas

- Gary B

That the Ford Explorer is American Made and trustworthy

Have been leasing the explorer for many years. Love that it is solid, trustworthy & American made. If I had to say one thing negative it would be the second row middle seat which is only large enough for a 5 year old.

- Mary P

It is a smooth, great drive.

The drive is much smoother than my previous car (escape). I wanted more room to fit everyone more comfortably and the third row is perfect. I participate in farmers markets and the space to load my stuff is great.

- Michelle B

Ford Explorer, 2018- a joy to drive.

The heated seats and steering wheel are amazing. It is roomy and an absolute joy to drive! The only slight issue I have is that it has a little less "get up and go" than my previous Nissan pathfinder.

- Janet L

This is a great family car - it's super spacious and has storage space aplenty.

I like the sue and the looks of the vehicle. So far the ability to have the 3rd row has saved my family a couple of times. I think that it's just the right size - from a length and width perspective.

- Jack M

Over all the Ford Explorer is a great dependable vehicle that looks good too.

Great vehicle, comfortable,enough room for everyone , big cargo space side view mirrors let you know if someone is coming beside you in your blind spot. Don't like where the gas tank is located.

- Lisa G

It is probably THE MOST safest feeling I have felt driving any vehicle. I feel that in an accident, my children will be safe because it feels very well made.

I love that it is Apple CarPlay enabled as well as having its own navigation system. I love that it has 3 rows of seats because I have 2 car seats in the middle row. I love how smooth the ride is.

- Miranda K

The Ford Explorer is perfect for families!

I love my Ford Explorer! It is perfect for my family. I love the touchscreen for apps including Spotify and maps. The seats move to accommodate my needs. I also love my leather and heated seats!

- Susie P

Explorer is reliable, comfortable, and has smart cruise control feature.

Our vehicle is high tech and very reliable. Our favorite feature is the smart cruise control that controls itself. We also love the comfortability of all the seats, especially the front seats.

- Erica R

The comfort of the seats.

I have the XLT 4 wheel drive explorer. The comfort is amazing with the heated seats and lumbar.I have a very bad back and I can drive for hours in comfort. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Barbara S

It is practical. Large enough to haul several people.

It is large enough to take my grandbabies in, yet small enough to be attractive. We were able to get bucket seats in the backseat. Bit has all the bells and whistles of a luxury vehicle.

- Law M

That it's roomy without being gigantic. And that I never have any problems with it.

I like that is have room for my bulky car seats that we have to use for my 5 year old twins. I also like that I do have space in the back to pack for going on a trip or to the lake etc.

- Angela H

The overall safety features.

The safety features are incredible the interior is leather seats staged impeccably assembled the ride is smooth line spots are detected lane changes require directional signal.

- Joe D

It is bigger than it looks when you are driving it.

Still new to me but drives smooth, very comfortable, great sound. Love the heated and cooled ventilated seats. Back seat is even comfortable and spacious for future family car.

- Maura G

The back of my trunk has a crack in it.

The requirement I had for my new car, was it must have 4 wheel drive. I need to be safe in snowy conditions. I also really wanted a sunroof, and this vehicle fulfilled both.

- Jodi T

Good value SUV. Excellent ride, and a comfortable and roomy interior,

Roomy, stylish SUV. I like the power lift back, the layout of the displays, and the comfortable driver's seat. I also like the comfortable ride. I wish the MPG was better.

- don h

It is spacious and provides a comfortable and cost conscious mode of transportation.

The vehicle is spacious and provides ample room for family and friends. I like the convenience of syncing my phone. I use the rear camera and backup sensors all the time.

- Rondo M

Great ride, more like a car!

My 2018 Explorer was a lease. . So it has some features that I love like the push button start. And keyless entry. . But there is no where to put a hitch for towing. . .

- Kenny B

That it drives really nice and smooth and is loaded with options

It is roomy but not too large. It drives really nicely and is smooth. It also came standard with a lot of options and I was able to add a few additional that I wanted.

- D B

I think the one most important thing that people should know about my vehicle is that the gas mileage is great.

I am very satisfied with my vehicle. I like the heated seats and steering wheel. I dislike the fact that I don't have a sunroof right now. No complaints with my vehicle.

- Julia G

it is comfortable and easier to get in and out of for a shorter person

i like it very much, it has a backup camera and comfortable seating. we did not get the highest model, only the middle of the road, but i do like it.no complaints at all

- Marilyn P

Has a third row and seats 7.

I love having the 3rd row. With an infant car seat, my husband cannot sit in the passenger seat because there’s not enough room. He is 6’2”. That is disappointing.

- Amy W

Onboard navigation and hands free phone service so I can talk take messages or listen to messages

Has 4 wheel drive has 3 row seating for 8 people very dependable has on board navigation and hands free phone service has onboard charging for my cell phone and tablet

- Brenda P

It drives so smooth and has a touch screen with navigation which is convenient.

I love this car. It is roomy and drives so smooth. I get many compliments on this vehicle. It has enough space for the whole family because it has a third row seat.

- Nikki B

It has memory seats! The gas mileage is not that great. The Sony sound system is awesome.

I love the color of my car. I love the navigation. I love being up high and having 7 seats. But I don't like the bench in the middle I had rather have bucket seats.

- Katy B

It looks like a new cop car.

My vehicle is able to get me from point A to B. The thing I do not like about it is the problems that are always wrong with it. I also like the sound system in it.

- Michael A

There are a lot of bells and whistles you get for the price!

The Explorer is great. There is plenty of room for a growing family and a lot of storage space. It gets better than average gas mileage and and is a quiet ride.

- Jesse B

Going smaller isn't always a bad thing.

The ford explorer gives us all the room we need and a smaller size than the expedition. Better gas mileage too has made the swap over, one of the best choices.

- gail m

Strong, dependable, and very comfortable.

Not many problems, great performance, very reliable, very comfortable, offers many feature depending on what you and what you want to pay to get these options.

- John D

Wonderful car to drive, very sporty and easy to load anything.

I love it because it sits higher than most other vehicles, has lots of room to carry luggage etc. as well as carries 6 passengers. Lots of safety features.

- Lizzie R

2018 Ford Explorer - perfect

I love my vehicle. It's comfortable and stylish. It as all the bells and whistles. Very satisfied with it. Only thing I wish was better was the gas mileage.

- Jennifer M

This SUV has lots of room and keeps the highway noises outside the car.

I moved up from an Escape. It was an easy to move to a larger SUV. We travel to many NASCAR races through the years so the room in the car is the bomb!!!!

- Karen D

Great family car. Best option for a vehicle with a third row.

Nice car. Third row is great for kids and hauling around friends. Good gas mileage for its size. Easy to drive (good handling). Rear camera is helpful.

- Steve F

It's my first SUV and I love the space it provides. We don't have children but we can take other family and friends in the vehicle which has been great. We have also moved 2 times and it was wonderful!

It helped get us through a flood! We had discussed getting a car but I'm certainly glad we did not. A car would have been to small and low to the ground.

- Britney R

It's very comfortable. I feel very safe in it.

We just purchased this Explorer. We took advantage of special financing. The vehicle came with 2nd row bucket seats. We ordered and installed console.

- Ellen A

I like that it is a very smooth ride. It is large enough to fit friends/family. I like that it is roomy. I am still getting used to the push button for cranking it instead of the key.

It is a very smooth, easy to drive vehicle. The purchase process from Ford was amazing and the sales people were very friendly and not pushy at all.

- Melissa P

It is so comfortable to drive.

I love the Ford Explorer it has a great towing package for all our needs. The navigation package is outstanding in all areas. Overall great ride!!

- Sue A

The sensors that alerts when your parking is a great feature

It has massage front seats, it has 360 sensors so when parking it lets you know how close your to anything and pre accident alert to an accident

- Patricia F

Space inside is a bit cramped. But one of the most advanced vehicle of its class.

Well I think it is really updated. But I think the space or capacity is a bit cramp inside but the outside looks big. . . But overall it's great.

- Pearson L

Very beautiful and durable machine

The vehicle has spotty exterior and interior look. The seats are made of material similar to suede that makes them stylish. Very reliable as well

- Eugenia G

It is the biggest car I've ever owed.

I love m Ford explorer because I is a very. Spacious car. I can fit all my friend in it. I can go anywhere without worrying will my luggage fit.

- Carla G

Ford has awesome technology features.

I like the styling of my Explorer. I miss my sliding doors in my van and the extra cargo space. Looking forward to using the 4wd this winter.

- Amy Y

It has an automatic lighting system

I like the seat position and how I can adjust it to accommodate my neck and back injuries. I like the fuel mileage. I like the keyless access.

- Sam W

It drives so smooth and was super surprising for me .

So far I love it! I have only had it for about a month but it drives smooth, gets good gas mileage and is big. I would highly recommend it!

- Emily F

The color of my SUV is Black and I see that a lot of people are driving the same color. It is Popular color.

I really like our New 2018 Ford Explorer a lot. It rides move and comfortably. When I drive on the highway it get me to my location faster.

- janette j

My car has all of the options available at this time except for the sunroof.

I like the way that the seats adjust to my back and neck. I like the smooth ride. I dislike the front being almost buried down from sight.

- Rocky A

The Ford Explorer gas mileage is better than I expected

I replaced my sedan with the Ford Explorer. I like the size of the vehicle, especially the tailgate. I miss the sportiness of my sedan.

- josh p

Ford Explorer is the most reliable car in the market!

I have had my car for 6 months and put 495 miles a week going to and from work - it has been the best car I have had in a very long time.

- Jeff Z

Vehicle is equipped with great safety features.

I love the side mirror functions for passing other vehicles. Also the backup camera and surrounding alarm functions are really helpful.

- Connie C

It's an RV, recreational vehicle/ It's big watch out!

It's rv recreational vehicle. It's wonderful, my husband and I love it so much. It runs smoothly. Very big, huge space, like a studio.

- Margrett T

It's reliable and very stylish! Never have I had to worry about that car!

I love the Ford Explorer Sport! It is sharp, it has great pick up and it's very stylish! I love it so much that I've leased it twice!

- Suzanne R

It has a very smooth ride and is very comfortable on long rides.

I love the design of it and I love the color. I do wish it was a little bit smaller. I also love the split seats in the second row.

- cristi w

It is excellent this car very comfortable when going on very long trips.

It is excellent this car very comfortable when going on very long trips, its seats are impeccable and its sound system is excellent.

- Berry N

Takes both gas and/or e85 which is great.

Love that it uses the e-85. Large enough for our growing family of 5 soon to be 6. Great amount of room for 3 car seat side by side.

- Samantha B

It's who i am my kind of car right down to the color of it.

i love everything about my vehicle the heated seats the room in it the color and all the other features.i have no complaints at all

- linda h

Looks great. Runs great. Stylish. Very happy with the Explorer

I love the car. Very smooth ride. Still unsure of some of the features, still learning. I would definitely recommend to a friend

- Rachel R

It is a comfortable ride and handles well. All passengers seem to be comfortable.

drives good and ride very comfortable. Will easily fit 7 people. A few blind spots but the seems to be the problem in all suv

- brenda m

The infotainment system is very intuitive and easy to use.

My Explorer is a 7 seater vehicle. It has a third row and when all seats are down there is plenty of storage space in the back.

- Humberto A

Comfort and style exceeds expectation

Love the look of both the exterior and interior of the Explorer. It is comfortable and easy to handle. It has good gas mileage

- Shawnda B

Reliable, great safety features and on star availability.

I like the storage and space of the 3rd row. I also like the luxury features of heated seats, apple carplay and remote start.

- Mollie B

It amazing. It has so much space for kids, groceries and vacations.

I like that it has bucket seats in back seat. I like that it has sun roof in front and back. I like that it has cooled seats.

- Candace P

It is a little older now. No major problems.

Dislike the gas mileage but like how warm the seats get and that I had the option to do two bucket seats for the second row.

- Ashley C

Smooth ride and comfortable.

Smooth ride great features room for family. Gas mileage could be better and price could be lower but all in all a great car.

- Mike C

It is a GREAT car. It is the most comfortable car I have owned. Drive very very nice

There is nothing that I dislike. I love how it drives. It is the most comfortable car I have owned. I would buy a Ford again

- Nancy C

That is really nice on the inside

I like it's peppiness, all the luxury features & the extras. I do not like that it looks like a boring car on the outside.

- Dee D

It is a safe car and perfect family car.

I am a momma and my kids play sports to have the filing down seats and to have the captain chairs in the back is amazing.

- Jenna S

The size of the vehicle with a third row of seats.

The vehicle is the perfect size. It is not too big but not too small. The gas mileage is great. It has a smooth ride.

- Ran F

My Ford Explorer is the Sport model. It is "blacked out" and I love black vehicles, so it love the way it looks. It is very fast and fully loaded with tons of safety features. The only negative would be that it is expensive and uses a lot of gas.

It's very fast. It also has power fold third row seating with storage underneath even when the seats are upright in use.

- Richard P

a lot of space, height and is good for short height people. very comfortable and safe.

No problem. very good car and easy to own value for money. It has all the features of an expensive car with less money.

- Rishabh G

The way it looks, the way it drives. It drives very smoothly.

It's an amazing car, I love it! It drives smoothly, and if very comfortable. The look of the truck, is very beautiful!

- Alex B

Just put new brakes and rotors on. Also new muffler system.

Like the safe features, comfort. Mileage. Sits high. Sound system. Color. And I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Nancy M

It drives like a dream. Low gas mileage.

Love the speed. I love the look. I love the feel of the, ride... I do not like how expensive the gas is to fill it..

- Toni F

Ford Excellence In All Aspects

Have not encountered any problems with my car. It's exceptional. Ride is comfortable. Will purchase from Ford again.

- Linda D

It has plenty of passenger and cargo room.

Brand new so haven't had any issues yet. Hoping for extreme reliability. I purchased because of ratings and reviews.

- Crystal M

Ford gets it right, sporty and functional

I really like the 3rd row seating. Plenty of legroom and headspace, good power, just looks good, great sound system

- John N

It runs well and has many good technology features.

It runs well. I like the controls on the steering wheel. I do think the air conditioning controls could be better.

- Andrea W

Reliable and great gas mileage.

No problems. My car is brand new. Good on gas and mileage. Great size for kids and extra things. Great in weather.

- Janice S

Comfort economic pleasure to take long trips in. We have taken a 15 day trip in it. Been back and forth to Fl in it

I love my vehicle It takes me and my family where we want to go We have plenty of room to pack it up and camp out

- Joyce L

It's a comfortable drive.

It's a maroon Ford Explorer 2018. It's a sport edition with 4 wheel drive. I love the interior and touch screen.

- Karen L

It has power and is a safe vehicle.

It is big and I really need the space, drives well and I great on gas. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Sharon H

It is very spacious and has many great features.

It has many features such as heated seats and steering wheel along with rain sensor wipers that are very nice.

- Connie M

It has a pre-collision warning option. Cameras on the front and back with alerts.

I love the look and space. I like the auto headlights and windshield wipers. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Deneen J

It looks the same as the model from years past so buy the previous year to save money.

I like the space it provides for trips. It's new so don't have many complaints. Could have better gas mileage.

- Josh C

It is probably one of the best Ford vehicles out there.

It is alright, it has an extra plug, a nice engine, the wheels are 4-wheel drive, and it drives on any surface

- Noah B

The space inside of the explorer is great the ability to fold down third row when not using

It has a Lots of space and is very good on mileage Its works well in all seasons Its lights could be brighter

- Melissa M

Great Mom vehicle for fun

I love the size of my car and how comfortable and roomy it is. My kids love it and it's nice and fun to drive

- Julie l

Good car to be comfortable.

My vehicle has a great stability when driving it, you can go on a rough terrain and still feels comfortable.

- Elias R

Do not drive like a maniac if you want to conserve your gas.

Best vehicle ever. Has enough room for my family and is great on gas! Drives smooth and is easy to maintain.

- Kelly B

Eye catching, safe, dependable.

Very impressed with vehicle & dealership. Happy with choice, safe, reliable, helpful. Glad with the choice.

- Cherish L

It is good car and is still comfortable on long drives with 7 seats being used.

Have had my car for a year now and have not had 1 problem with it. It is reliable and a comfortable drive.

- Dee F

Pack up the kids with plenty of room for all your stuff

Love the size, I can fit all the local grandkids in with the 3rd row seating. Don't like the gas mileage.

- Sheila G

I am really good at driving it around my hometown

I like the screen where you can look behind you. I like the radio. I like TV to keep the kids distracted

- Jacob O

Smooth ride, 3rd seat goes done to give you more room in the back for suitcases.

I like the look and all the technology that it now comes with if you take the higher version of the car.

- leslie c

It's a Very convenient car, and on this model it's fully equipped.

Has all the bells and whistles. Very convenient. Very comfortable. Too small. Could get better mileage.

- Stephen S

it's silence although very powerful

It is the perfect car for me meets all my expectations. its speed and handling make it an excellent car

- will g

It has one of the top safety rating.

All wheel drive, heated seats and steering wheel. Collapsible back seats. Great storage. Smooth drive.

- Jenny B

Ford Explorer, quality drive

Runs great, have had no problems, comfortable ride, handling is great, plenty of room, plenty of power

- Dan D

I love the Sony stereo system also love the fold down third row seats

I love my Explorer!! It is so comfortable and rides very smooth! It is awesome for family vacations!

- Eva D

I love the size and the way it drives. It is very spacious and drives quiet.

Vents are in a weird place and do not blow directly on you, but other than this I love the vehicle.

- Ronya P

Safety is extremely important and with the equipment and size of the vehicle we feel completely safe.

Love everything about my car. I can bring all my dogs, friends, family and have plenty of room.

- Sue S

It is fairly easy on gas considering it is an SUV.

I like the style and ride, however there are certain features I am not comfortable with.

- Kari B

very reliable and for the size of the engine it is very good on gas

I really like the design of it as it looks classy and works for the perfect family car

- Joe K

It is a safe vehicle and is high-quality.

It has a great amount of space and drives nicely. It gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Kelsey S

it drives well and I feel safe also like how there is a lot of room

I like the engine, I like the room, leather, dislike - wish it had bucket seats

- jen u

The seats massage your back and your butt. Also, it is a Limited

It is the nicest car I have ever owned. It is fully loaded and is beautiful

- Kenn K

Great family truck that fits everyone

Love my new truck drives smooth good speakers love my wheels and drives fast

- Toni G

I care about the quality and resistance in all terrain

I really like my vehicle ford explorer because of its resistance an confor

- donad d

Lots of storage space, no road noise, very comfortable on long rides.

love the ride, the comfort, the stability. Just don't like car payments.

- karen k




Extra seat in the back is difficult to access

Has had numerous mechanical issues. Lots of room inside the vehicle

- John M

It has Alot of safety features such as when cars are in you blind spots on either side yellow light appears in rear view mirror

Like - dual temp control. Dislike - difficult for me to get into

- Wendy T

I would say it has all the good looks and the newest technology available in Sports SUV.

Like the look and all the features. Very good value for the price

- Peter E

Love how much head and leg room it has. It's very comfortable for road trips. I enjoy the convenience of the display that has GPS, Sirius radio, hands-free Bluetooth phone access, heated seats and optional third row seating.

That it is very comfortable and a lot of legroom for tall people.

- Kim B

It's a great family vehicle and affordable for most

Great ride, good on gas, very spacious and comfortable. Stylish.

- Diane S

It is priced accordingly and very reliable.

Good in the snow. Very smooth riding. Very quiet while running.

- jerry m

it has fairly good gas mileage for being a SUV. Most dont have over 300

no issues at all. one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

- keith m

Reliable. Comfortable. Worth the price.

Has cooling and heated seats. Remote start. I love my vehicle.

- Patricia G

it is spacious and ride comfortable

it have a child reminder it have reverse camera it is roomy

- tara h

So far, it has been dependable.

It has a smooth ride. It is fuel efficient. It is very roomy.

- Gerald S

My car has extra safety features

I Love almost everything about it but I hate the high payment

- Michelle O

Safety features, how many people I can fit. Gas mileage

Great ride; gas mileage could be better. Has plenty of room

- Courtney G

It is very spacious. The seats are very comfortable too

Love it! No complaints! Wouldn't drive anything else!!

- Sandy C

It has a lot of safety features

I like the tech and style, it's quiet and rides high.

- George L

Cargo space isn't what it seems

Nice car, nice ride. Fit and finish could be better

- Penny R

practical for size and luxury

I like the size and amenities which is right for me.

- Richard A

That's it's very comfortable.

I love how roomy it is and how smooth the drive is.

- Rachel T

It fits 6 people comfortably.

Fits 3 kids. Don't like the small cargo room.

- Nikki C

It's safe and comfortable

It's comfortable. Smooth ride. And the best AC

- Francesco S