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Classic ford: the stylish five hundred is roomy, with a touch elegance.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The Ford five hundred is roomy, provides plenty of leg space, and idea trunk space. The five hundred runs well after all the miles I have accumulated on the years, very reliable and good on gas consumption. Good on parts, engine as well. The five hundred has lots of durability, regular maintenance is a plus for the life of any vehicle but the five hundred has had very low impact on expenses, very thankful for this vehicle made by ford. I must say enjoyed driving it over the year and this was appealing in design and presentation. Of course at the time of purchase a CD player, car Charger, no trays for cigarette users and safety locks for kids were all a plus.

- Lamb C

Basic but reliable vehicle

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

My Ford Five Hundred is very reliable! In the past 9 years I've only done routine maintenance. The vehicle has a great deal of space including backseat and trunk space. Filling up the gas tank and getting an oil change are a bit more expensive due to engine and tank size. The car requires a quart more of oil than the standard oil change. The power controls on the seat allow me to move it both back and forth and up and down which is nice for people who are shorter. The blind spots on the car can be an issue. The side mirrors are very large and create blind spots for drivers who cannot see over them.

- Erica C

Spacious and comfortable with tons of storage, and carrying space.

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

I have had very few mechanical problems in the time I've had my car. Its comfortable, reliable, and roomy. The trunk is very spacious, and I find the car seats fit well with plenty of room for extra passengers. The radio controls on the steering wheel are very helpful in keeping my eyes on the road. The glove box and console co.apartments are both extremely spacious for storage. Overall, I would say this is a good, affordable car for a family.

- Ramie J

Ford 500 - reliable, comfortable, dependable.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

In the past two years I have put about 60k miles on it, and it has held up beautifully. Aside from normal things like tires and breaks, I have hardly had to replace anything. The car is comfortable, drives well, and has a ton of space for anything I need. The less than stellar rating is because it no longer fits my needs for work or play (I need a 4WD vehicle nowadays). Otherwise I love it to death. New to me since I was 16 and I am 26 now.

- Michelle B

Room and comfort leather sunroof, electric controls reliable, good gas mileage.

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

It has been very reliable, and only needing routine maintenance. I love the leather as it is easy to clean with kids. I enjoy having a sunroof and electric controls. I would like for the car to have auxiliary port so that I can use my phone for music if I want. The only struggle is the seat belt, as the buckle strap is short and difficult to use with car seats for young kids. Also one of the buckles sticks and is difficult to unbuckle.

- Robert L

My Ford five hundred has electric power seats. Leather interior sunroof.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My Ford five hundred is a great car. I did have to replace the whole motor last year it only had 118, 000 miles but other than that I've only had one problem with it. I keep having to replace the boots on the car. Which seriously isn't a big deal for as long as I've had the car I've only had to put around 4000$ into it and that's including a brand new motor for it. Everyone would be more than happy with this vehicle.

- Cynthia P

The Ford five hundred is a great car that is spacious and reliable.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The Ford five -hundred is a good car it performs well year round and is spacious. The only problems are when it is on e you need to fill it up quick or it will stop on you very soon. The gas mileage is good and it has a nice stylish feel to it that is not over the top but nice with a sunroof and powered sunroof and a seatbelt alarm to remind the drive and anyone in the passenger set to buckle up.

- Candace N

If the A/C worked and it turned sharper I would like the car a lot more.

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

The turning radius is awful and I have to make a three point turn everywhere I want to park. The Air conditioning has gone out on it for the last three summers and we can't figure it out and even when it did work it wouldn't reach the back seat. I love the large trunk it has and it is super spacious in the back seat for a sedan. I dislike that the car has no power, it's very slow to accelerate.

- Ariana R

Quite a good looking car. Just needs a few improvements.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Problem is that it is not great on gas mileage and that it requires a lot of maintenance. Performance starts off great but then declines if it is not kept in perfect condition. I wouldn't rate it as a reliable vehicle but also not a bad vehicle if you keep spending the money on monthly maintenance. I do enjoy some of the features like the seat warmers and the very spacious trunk.

- Anna C

Overall very good car to have and drive.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The control while driving is very responsive and smooth. The miles per gallon usually is around 25. Unless you have the plastic trim on the lower body you will have to worry about rust holes developing in near and around the wheel wells. The sunroof usually opens and closes alright although you may need to add some lubrication after owning it for a year or two.

- Mitchell R

Best Ford I Ever Owned. The white miracle car

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My Five Hundred was purchased in 2010 used with 29,000 miles on it. I now have 141,000 and the only mechanical issue I have had so far was an alternator and a air conditioner part. I drive it daily to work and for pleasure. It has been a really good car and at 11 years old it still looks almost new outside and the inside is not bad either.

- Mary W

It still makes me happy all these years later.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It turns on every morning. And has just needed routine maintenance. The paint on the back bumper is fading away. I have noticed several cars of this model have the same issue. I love all the bells and whistles in this car. I love the heated seats. The moon roof is good when you have to drive with wet hair. Leather seats are easy to clean.

- Karen A

The Ford Five Hundred is an amazing car to own! i have not had any issues whatsoever in the 3+ years I've owned it.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My Ford Five Hundred is a pale mint green shade which I dislike, but the function of the car is amazing. I bought it used in 2015 with only 12k miles on it. It has hardly need any maintenance beyond the regular oil change. It is a wider car and has a ton of room in the trunk and backseat. I have not had a problem with anything fitting.

- Michelle S

If you want this car then read this.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The bumper is made out of weak material and it marks easily. It's very roomy though and it has a decent radio and speakers system, things seem to break easily and I think the brakes are not the best. They seem to stop slow and the ac went out quick and didn't last very long and also the battery would go back a lot for some reason.

- Nikki D

A great lasting and working Ford 500.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is a very reliable car. It has been a great car on gas mileage. It has had great endurance. I love the way the car has run without constant need for mechanics always needing to repair something. It is body has remained in great shape the paint has remained a great color. The underbody has not given me much repairing needs.

- Lyn B

07 five hundred, reliable and comfortable.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

This is a very smooth and reliable vehicle. Strong engine and transmission. I've owned it for 3 years and the comfort and room is second to none. Only had to replace a few things, torque strut bushing, and control arms. Starts right away every time. Other than that just brakes and oil changes. Highly recommend this vehicle.

- Jonathan E

2007 white Ford five hundred.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My car is a 4 door sedan or a Ford five hundred. It is white, 2007, with grey interior. It has a CD player. The car was bought last June and has 132, 000 miles on it. I traded in my 2002 Dodge caravan and paid the difference upfront. I like driving my car, it's very relaxing. The factory speakers are pretty impressive, too.

- Laura B

It handles well on wet streets and stops on a dime .

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It has a good engine that is powerful but doesn't use too much gas , I like the electric windows and door locks. The seats are adjustable with electronic controls and it has anti lock brakes and skid control. This is my second Ford 500 and on both cars the back passenger side door leaks and holds water whenever it rains!

- Timothy D

Transmission and ac problems.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Transmission problems. I feel like every time I park or back up my engine revs and almost makes me hit things. The ac went out once already and had to be repaired. I do like the backup motion sensor though, and the heated seats. There is plenty of back seat space and trunk space, good for a family vehicle.

- Jamie P

Dependable and comfortable travel.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Car is easy to maintain and has very few problems. Car is comfortable and has many features that make it a great car to travel in. Has dual climate controls, hand controls for radio, CD player, and other controls located on the steering wheel. Car gets good gas mileage. Doesn't cost a lot to have repaired.

- Marsha E

Great dependable vehicle!!

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

My car runs and drives great. I've only had a problem with having to replace a new motor for the heat/air. Other than that I have had absolutely nothing go wrong with my vehicle and it has about 300,000 miles on it. I like my vehicle, it's a dependable vehicle, it's just old and about time for a new one.

- Beverly A

The vehicle is a larger Sudan, lots of legroom

2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited

Everything runs smoothly. Only downfall is the A/C isn't the greatest. However a very spacious car with great gas mileage and very reliable car. It is an older car though, so I would suggest getting one with a record of low to no accidents and keep up with maintenance otherwise you can run into issues.

- Jaycee B

I like it for one you can crank it from inside and will go dead without key.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Ford five hundred has all the great features a car needs really great comfort for traveling in style and comfortable and it drives like a charm so far has really had no problem with the car I know I can depend on it is stability I give a five star's⭐for the Ford five hundred💯💯💯💯💯.

- Daisy W

Comfortable quality vehicle.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I love that is roomy inside and that it has a large trunk. It is very comfortable even in the back seat. It gets great gas mileage. It is well built and I have not needed to pay for any major repairs even though it is 11 years old. It has a wonderful speaker system and other standard features.

- Nicole C

Not planning on selling mine.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Great and comfortable. The bumpers has taken some hits, but otherwise works well. Will need to be looking at the heating system in the next few months. Very reliable in my view. Overall it is very reliable and its performance is excellent. I do not plan on getting rid of the car anytime soon.

- Liz H

Mommy Car - Ford Five Hundred

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The car is overall an excellent car. It's comfortable (front and back seat), excellent gas mileage, and extremely reliable. I've had no major issues and the car has over 150,000 miles. It's a good "family" car. I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a practical car.

- Sarah R

It has a good engine and tons of space.

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

It is been a very good vehicle. The air conditioner is having issues but it is an older car. It does not get very cold. It is very big. Lots of room in it. Love the sunroof. The trunk is large. 6 disc CD player was cool. No aux cord port. It is a very strong engine. A lot of power.

- Ashley W

Great vehicle for long or short trips!

2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited

Like the extras! Tells me which direction I'm going, when I need an oil change, low tire, mpg! Great speakers for music! Heated mirrors and rear window! No major problems with it at all! Great gas mileage! Dials are easy to see! Windows in back lock for the grandkids! Cup holders!

- Ann L H

Good family car for multiple car seats

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

Our car has a weak starter. When it is wet it doesn't start unless gas is given to it. I do love the size of the car for a family of four. It is very comfy to fit us all in it. Drives well on the highway. It has a lot of miles on it and is still running so I'd say it is reliable.

- Jessica B

Long term review of my Ford automobile.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Only one major repair in eleven years, the air conditioning. Has good pick-up on highways and has a smooth ride. Nice interior with leather seats, sunroof and a Bose radio. Steers easily and comfortably. Model looks current after eleven years. Controls are easily within reach.

- Carol G

2007 Ford Five Hundred 4 door

2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited

Very reliable vehicle. Never a problem in winter with starting in cold, or getting around in snow. Good gas mileage. I have had the car for several years and never thought of selling it. Even though it's an older vehicle it is very dependable. Recommended for families

- Jane S

Ford 500 is the best car.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I have been having problems with the water pump and can't keep the antifreeze in. Other than that I love my car. This car rides really nice, it handles really good. I have a lot of room in the car. I have no problem at all in the winter. It is about the best car I had.

- Tammy C

Ford five-hundred is well worth owning.

2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL

I have owned my car for about 3 years and have absolutely loved it. Other than routine maintenance I haven't had to do much with it. Replaced the battery once and oil changes every 3000 miles. My car runs like a top and would highly recommend it. Thanks for reading!

- Chase V

Its a good car just put to much money into it.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I have I have had problems with the constants I have got it also I have had to redo the back in the lord control arms fail dial the bottom rusted out real bear also I need to fix the front and the brakes gone out on it also I am having problems with switching.

- Kim H

That it has just shy of 300k and drives like dream everyday.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

This car has been a gem. I have just shy of 300k. The car is like floating on air. I had to replace t. Some of the suspension and when I did I did both sides. Have had nothing major go wrong fold down back seats give me a ton of room and it still looks good.

- Steven A

Let's talk about the heated seats.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My car has all the bells and whistles. The best of which must be the heated seats. It runs well with only tires and oil changes to date. I wish it was smaller and more fuel efficient. But still I want the moon roof and the heated seats.

- Karen L

My Flour Five Hundred. A car that Four could have kept making but didn't.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The rear view mirror doesn't stayed glued in place. The car runs well. When it rains, the computer has problems. It runs but some of the dash components do not. Speedometer, mileage meter etc. It starts up after a couple of minutes.

- jim m

It still runs even though it's not the best car,

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The five hundred is an okay car. It's very roomy and has a lot of space on the side. The wood grain is pretty. The brakes seems to take a moment to stop and I don't like that. I want the car to stop faster. But it does not,

- Miki D

It is VERY dependable! I have only had to do the minimum amount of servicing to this vehicle (e.g. oil changes every 3,000 miles, new tires, new battery, new windshield wipers). And I have over 140,000 miles on it!

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I love EVERYTHING about my FORD vehicle. It is roomy, comfortable, and handles well. (I have the All-Wheel Drive feature.) I also like the shade of blue that was available the year I purchased my vehicle. No complaints.

- Brian P

This car won't let you down. If you need a dependable, not flashy car, this car is for you.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I love that it's dependable. I've had the car 4 years and never had a problem with it. I also feel like it's extremely safe and sturdy, and I get decent gas mileage. It is a bit long, so parking can be a bitch.

- Stacy H

Very reliable and dependable car. No major issues.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Very nice, comfortable and very reliable. Gets good gas mileage, drives very smooth. I haven't had many problems other than just regular maintenance and wear and tear. I have 159, 000 miles on it.

- April V

Nice sized 4 door sedan with enough room in the backseat for tall teenagers and adults, as well as a very roomy trunk

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The air conditioning compressor died, and replacements don't last and my driver's side rear brake has issues. Good mileage, comfortable, love the size of the trunk, roomy backseat, looks nice.

- Jenn S

It has been extremely dependable. I am pleased with my overall experience.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My car has been very reliable over the years. My only complaint would be how expensive maintenance is. Windshield wipers, tires, etc. all cost more than the average sedan.

- Konsuela M

It has amazing legroom. Coming from a tall person, this is important.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I love how much leg room it has. I am not a fan of how the paint started to peel before it began rusting in the past few years. The overall trunk space is awesome.

- Carmen B

I don't have anything to say, really. It gets really hot in the sun because of leather seats.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I wish it had Bluetooth, and it's big. I really like the back up sensor. The gas mileage is not great for city driving, but is awesome on highway. It's nice.

- Erin R

It gets the job done. Every day it gets me from my house to my job and back.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It was very affordable. It has been fairly reliable, I have not had to do much maintenance on it. It does the job I need it to do, get me to work and back.

- Cory R

My 2007 ford five hundred has great gas mileage!

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I have had my 2007 ford five hundred for a year now and have not had any problems with it. I bought it from car mart so it was used when I bought the car.

- Michealle L

When this car is doing freeway driving. . We get 30 mpg.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

We have never had any issues other than normal maintenance since we bought this car new. Good mileage for a big car. . Comfort. . And always dependable.

- Leslie D

My Ford Five Hundred is very reliable and a good value

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is roomy and comfortable. It is fairly economical considering the size it is. The ride is not as smooth as my previous vehicle but it handle easily

- Ima D

That it is a good family car and has a lot of trunk space.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It's an old lady car. I got it from my grandma when she stopped driving. My kids are young and destroy anything nice so this is what we have for now.

- Haley A

It is a nice color and gets me from point a to point b. As I said, it is a car.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Good gas mileage, looks good, enough room in the back seat. The air conditioning system is good. I do not know what else to tell you. It's a car.

- Kathleen M

The Ford Five-Hundred drives really smooth and lasts a long time, as long as you keep up with the occasional maintenance.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

We had bought it used so there were some issues. It needs bodywork and a new CO2 system. However, it drives nicely and can get good gas mileage.

- Clinton W

Still running smooth and strong

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It's been a very reliable car, it gets drove at least 100 miles a day. Still runs smooth and strong, I wouldn't be afraid to drive it anywhere.

- Jennifer O

It's a pretty fast car and it's not too bad on gas.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I really like the color of my car. I like how it seats four people. It does seem to take a lot of gas. My favorite car that I've ever had.

- Amanda B

It is a good car with good gas consumption.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is very dependable and I like that!.... I do not like the placement of the air conditioning vents, it blows right in your face..

- Tammy M

I hate my car. I inherited it from my mother. The trunk is so heavy I can barely open it. Then I have to put my mother's walker in there and while there's a lot of room in the trunk it's very hard to put it in the trunk. I hate having a backseat and I would rather have an SUV.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Has a heavy trunk and is not feasible for putting things in as far as the weight of the lid for the trunk. Go for an SUV instead.

- Bonnie F

It is a very comfortable car to drive.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I love the comfort of the car. Driving this car is a pleasure. It's very spacious inside, has as huge trunk and looks timeless.

- Maureen A

It is a very dependable model of car.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is very dependable, and I like that. I don't like the position of the air conditioning vents, it blows right in your face.

- Tammi M


2007 Ford Five Hundred


- diane B

Other than that it runs great.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

When I bought this car used the problems I had were broken spring, rotors and brakes and a hole in the driver's side floor.

- Ronald O

It's a beautiful car and it runs great on the road and on long trips

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I bought it used from a car dealer. It runs great and is sharp looking. The only problem is-it has many repairs to be made.

- Ronald O

The most important thing is the safety I feel for my family.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My car is a bit bigger, which makes it easier to handle and fits my size better. It has great speakers. It fits my style.

- Bob C

Made excellent, easy to drive and ride never no problems.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Wish they still made this car cause I never had any problems with it. Also it is a very comfortable car to ride it in.

- Susan K

The vehicle was well manufactured.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The vehicle was purchased used in Dallas, Texas in 2013, The car performs very well and there have been no problems.

- James w

Still running strong and smooth.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Love our car, its still holding strong and drives Very smooth. I wouldn't be afraid to drive it across the country.

- Jennifer O

Comfortable and smooth riding.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

No complaints. Solid and comfortable. Easy to drive. Interior has a lot of room. Large trunk. Fair gas mileage.

- Barbara P

It's a very reliable car, with lots of cup holders and space

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is a very roomy vehicle. It is very sturdy. It doesn't get very good gas mileage. It has transmission issues

- Rebecca K

Great vehicle and very sturdy.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is reliable and can make long drives easy, motor runs smooth. Love the interior very soft and comfortable.

- Jerry L

Me and my brother have had the vehicle for three and a half years.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Always get routine oil changes, few problems with anything else; very comfortable interior, drives very well.

- Jeff M

It is reliable and requires little maintenance. Everything I have done has been general maintenance.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

My vehicle is very comfortable to drive and has been a very reliable vehicle. I like all of the conveniences.

- Sha S

Very reliable and good mileage.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It is too big sometimes and isn't as eco friendly as I would like.

- Taylor D

If well taken care of, no problems encountered. But not so good on gas.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

First updated car I ever had. Love that it had all features in it. Comfortable, clean and drives smooth.

- Dorothea L

Good miles per gallon and extremely safe to drive.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

G=great driving car. Really comfortable for drives and excellent details. Wish they still made this car.

- Susan K

My car is very reliable in many settings. It has been in extreme desert heat and extremely cold winters and has never broken down.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Reliable, safe transportation for my family. Easy to maintain. Handles well while driving.

- Claire M

It's a very luxurious car. Uses a lot of gas tho. I actually did not purchase it. My dad did for me.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

The car has many great features. Top of line luxury. But it is much bigger than i prefer.

- Karla S

Comfortable highway driving

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Easy to drive. Reasonably good mileage on highway. Wish it had better mileage in city.

- James M

It's a great family car, and it's a great car to travel in.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is big enough for my family. It kind of drinks, a lot of gas. It's a lovely car.

- Taylor S

It's excellent reliability.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

Very reliable, handles well in both summer and winter conditions, good gas mileage.

- Gerald C

it's still running after all these years with little major issues.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It had a lot of small issues within the first year when most cars don't have them.


Sometimes when it rains the moon roof will leak because beetles get stuck in the drain

2007 Ford Five Hundred

I love my car It is perfect for me. There is nothing that I dislike about it

- Shirley j

it gets you from point a to b with plenty of legroom

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It looks like a luxury vehicle without the luxury cost. It has plenty of room

- arlisha s

While my vehicle is an older model, I have found it to be highly reliable. The only issue that irks me about it is its turning radius. It's far too wide.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It's a reliable vehicle and won't quit on you. I've very much enjoyed my car.

- Robert L

It drives very smoothly. And handles well in snow and ice.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

. Love the sunroof. Love the look of car. No dislikes about my car.

- Tina T

it is .cheap on gas,looks nice,has nice interior,just the right size

2007 Ford Five Hundred

my car drives smooth,is cheap on gas.it is just the right size.

- sandra s

It is very comfortable and not bad on gas mileage.

2007 Ford Five Hundred

It is a very comfortable ride. The trunk has plenty of room.

- Tosha B