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Roomy and Great Mileage !!

I love my 2012 Ford Transit Connect. It gets great gas mileage and with its tool bins, it is big enough to hold all my tools and equipment. It's pretty stylish looking. Sound systems great ! Insurance was not expensive for it. It only carries 2 people but I usually work alone so that's OK.

- George S

I love the way it drives.

Its spacious, comfortable and easy to drive. We can tow with it. The van handles great very smooth to drive. Not too big and bulky. It has heat features. It is wonderful in the snow. It is very good on gas. The van can be used for advertising you can have it wrapped with your logo.

- Stacey D

Vehicle review, both ups and downs.

I love the Bluetooth connectivity and wireless features. The gas mileage is a bonus. The largest issues I have had were involving the brakes as the brake pads wore out very quickly and had to be replaced. I am satisfied with the overall performance of my vehicle.

- James W

Great for going to auctions! If you need to haul more than one door, take a cube van.

I like that we have only two seats. The back is large enough that we can load and carry a 36x80 door. I wish the seat belt were a little lower so I don't get strangled if I'm ever in an accident.

- Suzanne M

versatile and flexible, roomy, runs well, handles easily

it's too tall, at 6-8 doesn't fit into a lot of garages, the newer models are better, but otherwise it's been good so far, carries wheelchair well, easy to get into and out

- joe t

The Transit-Connect is very practical for a small business.

Reliable, economic to maintain and drive. My van came with dividers for commercial use and a minimal package. I wish it had a backup cam and solid rear doors.

- jason s

Very spacious and safe to drive.

Does well in the snow and rain. Very spacious. Does not use electric locks and is outdated in general. Opening the hood malfunctions a lot.

- Savannah S