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2015 Ford transit connect titanium - does more than you'd think it will.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

Overall, I love the van. It is small enough to get into tight places but has a tremendous amount of cargo space. It can easily carry 6 people or 7 if a couple are small. I use it to pull a lightweight trailer for my motorcycle, at or hay. It can pull 2000 pounds. For the most part it pulls really well. Only issues are when the load is very large (40+ bales) and going uphill. Then it has to be pushed. We have the titanium trim and the heated. Leather seats are great. Issues are putting the middle seats up and down. The latches are very tight and you have to work to complete the process. Other issue is the plastic around the front seats has broken at the front corner by the doors. Several times they have been replaced under warranty. They are not made to used by large people and we break them. No real impact other than it does not look good. I would buy it again.

- Don G

Too Tall, But Still Strong

2015 Ford Transit Connect

Overall this car meets our family's needs and my business requirements, especially in how many miles to the gallon you get. However, many people seem to feel that the height of the car/extra headroom are a benefit - it isn't nearly as much as you might think. The extra height doesn't provide great benefit, especially if you're trying to leave your back window unobstructed. However due to the increased height of the car, you feel gusts of wind tugging at the car while you drive very strongly.

- Amanda S

Good and Bad but I love it still

2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT

This van is remarkable. It is comfortable. The only thing I don't like is how they organize certain parts in the engine. For example the battery is very un accessible. That cabin filters also very hard to reach and change. I have a big family and the back a/c makes a lot of noise but blows little air.

- Mariana G

Great everyday vehicle that is very reliable and handy.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

My 2015 Ford transit connect xl cargo van is very reliable, no problems mechanically so far, great looking vehicle, very good gas mileage, lots of room to carry various items in the cargo area. Also has a small ladder rack on top to carry ladders around. All in all very satisfied with this vehicle.

- James W

It's the perfect van for work or leisure if you need some extra storage space versus a typical SUV.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

It has a lot of storage space in the back for its compact size. The gas mileage is great and the front cabin is spacious and comfortable for a passenger van. The biggest drawback is the breaks are constantly squeaky that I've heard from dealerships is an issue with these vans.

- Michael M

This car is great on gas!!!!

2015 Ford Transit Connect

Love this vehicle bought it used with only 8,000 miles and have been from Pennsylvania to South Carolina 5 times without any issues. Haven't had to have any major repairs done and it's great on gas. It's a great vehicle would recommend it to any one looking for a new vehicle


It is a nice vehicle of all

2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT

Doors don't work right. Have small leak. Need to in better fuel mileage. Seat belt brake easy. Lots of seat for my family. Need GPS and better speakers. Need to have wireless start. It has lot of window to look out of. Needs to have more back sport.. I like the van over all.

- Matthew A

2015 transit connect good school bus.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

Car is not as good on gas as I thought it would be. Only gets 23. 7 mph also is not as comfortable as I would like prefer side by side rear cargo doors not the hatchback on this one looks good lots of head room not as peppy as my last transit love the third row seats.

- Mike A

Great inside space and money saving tank

2015 Ford Transit Connect XL

It is very reliable and great on gas. I love how the seats fold down into the floor so you have the option of commercial or passenger use. The space makes you feel like you're driving something bigger but the feel of the drive is very comfortable and safe.

- Jamie P

It is a car that I use like a pick-up.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

This is the most versatile car (not truck) I have ever owned. I can put two full bales of hay in the back. Several animal carriers, lots of dogs and groceries. The car is comfortable. I have a very painful back. The lumbar support is great.

- Linda F

It will start 7 and a dog.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

I like the room. Very easy to back up. Gas mileage is great. Lift tailgate is very handy. The only thing I do not like is the weight of the tailgate.

- Sharon S

Transit connect out is this world.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

I travel a lot and carry all my business in this van only having a 4 cylinder this van pulls like a champ. I load it down and it does not bother it.

- Bryan A

Ford transit corruption scheme.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

The vehicle was great till I reached 85k then engine died. The interior started falling apart. Not the quality I expected.

- Willie M

That it is over all a great car.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

The heat doesn't get to the back seats very well. I is very spacious. Good gas mileage easy to park comfortable.

- Jane W

Safety, roomie, comfortable, great on the highway, manageable.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

If you want a dependable vehicle, good gas mileage, stylish, up to date technology, great customer service.

- Sheldon B

A lot of space to haul kids and other things.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

It has a lot of space. It gets good gas mileage for a larger vehicle. I wish it had all wheel drive.

- Joshua D

that it's safe and spacious and kind of affordable.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

I like the size. It's not as comfortable as it could be. I like the connectivity of the vehicle.

- Anita M

easy access to the interior.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

like it all. good room inside, easy to drive

- richard Z

Ford transit connect: a utilitarian alternative to an odyssey or sienna.

2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT

- Sarah H