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The GMC sierra is an awesome drive and ride.

This is a very comfortable ride. We love the heated seats and steering wheel. Seats can also be set to cool. The seats have. Lumbar support that helps on long drives. Back seat is spacious and comfortable. Pulling our 5th wheel trailer is very easy. We hardly notice it behind us. This is a diesel and I think it has more power than a gas vehicle. We were pleased that our mileage is about 13 miles to the gallon when we are pulling the fifth wheel. We have gotten as much as 23 miles to the gallon highway driving without the 5th wheel.

Terry B

If you like trucks you will love this model.

The sierra is a very good truck to ride in. The ride is smooth, your higher than most people in cars. You feel safe wrapped inside of this truck. It has power to spare and drives like a dream. It has access player which most vehicles do not have anymore. There is no cap for your gas tank. That took a little getting used to. The only problem I have is all the computerized equipment which takes a lot of time to master and get use to it.

Thomas P

It is an okay vehicle

The truck is very sturdy and gets great mileage. It is small, so there is not a lot of room in the back two seats. The seat belts always slip down, so it is difficult to find. The handle on the passenger door is loose, so I always have to roll down the window and open the door from the outside, . The truck does not go very fast, put it does have a lot of room in the bed of the truck.

Nadia R

6.2L 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is the way to go!

The truck is great! It came with the bugger motor and the horsepower is awesome! It's super quick for a truck. The leather interior feels really durable and hopefully it will last a long time. The only dislikes i have is i wish the technology could be more updated and the prices of trucks nowadays are outrageous.

David V

Excellent gas mileage and comfortable ride in town and distance. We recently traveled 3000 miles with 5 people in the truck. Great ride!

Sears are the most comfortable pick up seats I've experienced. The extra headroom in the backseat is great and feels so roomy. Gets excellent gas mileage and rides smooth. The only thing I don't like it the feel of the transmission as there are many gears and I notice the shift. Favorite truck so far!

Diana E

The air conditioned front seats are nice for hot summer days sitting on leather.

I love the way the truck handles. Gone are the days of having to start braking three car lengths back due to the weight of the truck, it stops like a car. I love the retractable runners, it really helps minimize the rust. I love the space of the crew cab, my passengers can be completely comfortable.

Kelly L

I love the elevation kit on the truck. I have 22 inch wheels with black rims.

I love the GMC sierra. It has v8 engine in it and has good pick up. I feel very safe in the truck and it has 4-wheel drive. I have the elevation kit on my truck and I get lots of compliments on it. I get good gas mileage, especially for a truck. I lease it but I would definitely buy this truck.

Riley D

Rides like I am gliding on air.

No problems. Drives wonderfully. Great on gas. Beautiful color blue. Sirius radio. A/c comfortable. Catches everyone's attention. Smooth ride, especially on the highway. The Bedford automobile in Bedford, Ohio.

Reggie H

My vehicle has a built in wi-fi hot spot.

I love that my vehicle is quiet and comfortable. I like that I have downloadable apps on the radio. I like being able to control many features from the steering wheel. I love my air conditioned seats.

Michael B

I holds its resale value very, very well.

First, I really like the exterior styling. It is very rugged and masculine looking. Second, I love the roominess and comfort of the interior. And the gas mileage isn't too bad either

Scott E

It has an extremely sturdy frame/body.

I love almost all aspects of it. The only thing I really wish the vehicle came standard with is assist steps. I am 6 feet tall and it still takes a little effort to get into.

Julian F

The comfort of driving it is incredible.

This GMC is truly one of the most dependable vehicles I have ever driven. It has no problem in an off-road setting, and will take you on a very smooth ride on the highway.

Drew T

The cab behind the front seats is very spacious.

I like that the amount of miles per gallon is still around 20-22 which is nice, considering it is a truck. I like the larger seating space in the back seat of the cab.

Zachary k

It has great styling and power. Plus good comfort.

It rides and drives great, it hauls whatever I hook it to. I have had several good comments on it. Any vehicle could always use a few improvements and features.

George P

The lane assist feature is the coolest thing I ever experienced on a vehicle. It doesn't just warn you if your drifting out of your lane, it actually corrects you by moving the steering wheel.

heated and cooling leather seats, sunroof, charging station on middle console, backup camera, lane assist. I used these features all the time and love it.

lance g

Easy to use for towing but yet a nice family truck.

The truck is very reliable and has just enough features to make it feel luxury but still a truck. We love the GMC brand because of the service.

Natalie V

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 that has lane assist and heated and cooled seats

I just purchased my Sierra and absolutely love it. It has all the features I wanted and is actually getting gas mileage that they stated.

Dean H

Great for working construction.

I like my vehicle because it is good for my line of work. I also use it for the beach. There is not too much I dislike about the truck.

Mark H

2018 GMC Sierra summit white elevation edition

I love my truck. The standard features these vehicles come with are amazing. The only downside in my opinion would be the DOD system.

Robert P

Warranty could be better 50, 000 miles warranty.

Comfortable good gas mileage lots of extras can be purchased fun to drive good financing good two wheel drive good pickup speed.

Robert T

It holds Its value and is a very safe vehicle

Like it's safety, power, structure and comfort. This truck has great trade in value. It looks and feels great on the road

Mickey L

It is a truck that rides like a luxury car

Nothing that I dislike.Vehicle has every accessory that I like. It is very powerful and rides great. No complaints at all

Mike A

It is nice and I'd like to keep it that way.

Nice truck. Perfect for towing and hauling. Decent gas mileage for a truck. Difficult to keep phone in sync with truck.

Brian B

I love the color and my sound system is great

It's a great vehicle on the road. It has great gas mileage. The inside is very comfortable. It rides smooth

Michael H

2018 gmc sierra Denali z71

2018 gmc sierra denali. Best truck I've ever owned. Cost about 60k and worth it. Go buy it! I love it!!!

Sidney C

It gets me from point A to point B

Very dependable and reliable. This is our 5th truck like this. Will purchase another one next year.

Katie B

It is a safe and reliable truck that you can depend on all year round in all types of weather

Sturdy structure Handles well on the road Many safety features Truck is rugged and dependable

Pat M

It has a great engine and the interior cab is played out perfectly.

Like the size and height the technology and the visibility. I'm not a fan of the transmission

Sam G

It has all the luxury items that a high end car has and rides nice with lots of room.

I love my interior. everything is easy to use and get to. This truck rides like a dream.

tonya m

It's a great vehicle to drive and It's very comfortable.

It's a well made vehicle. Gets good gas mileage for a truck. No complaints.

Ronda K

Very affordable for what you get. Technology is amazing and is quality built

The truck handles like a dream, gets good gas mileage and is a workhorse.

Jason T

It's a wonderful truck to drive. I highly recommend it

I like the power it has. I also love the interior. It's great truck

Brett F

Has it all. Nothing is left out of it

Love everything about it and more. There is nothing I do not like

Ralph F

That It's awesome and i freaking love it baby!!!!.It

Nope.i absolutely love the truck.there is nothing wrong with it.

Robert K