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2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD,4WD, heated seats,diesel, ext cab, well maintained

My truck is a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD. It has a diesel engine. I love my truck for many reasons. I love its red color, the fact that it is diesel and gets good fuel mileage. I love its large size but I don't like that often it is hard to park. I love the heated seats in the winter time and the fact that it is 4WD.

- Patricia M

My truck has an extended bed, so with the slip tank I don't lose too much space.

So far my GMC runs very well, I am now only needing to put new batteries in her, and a fuel pressure regulator. But I have driven that truck all over, from Colorado to north Dakota and haven't ever had any major problems with it. I would like to purchase a new Duramax, with an Allison transmission in it next.

- Rachel G

It reminds me of a tank because it is so sturdy.

I really like this vehicle. It is reliable and sturdy. It is really nice to have around for hauling things. The air does not work so that kind of sucks. And it is really expensive with gas. But other than that I really enjoy this truck and it is good to have around.

- Julia H

It is a large and in charge truck.

I really enjoy driving my big truck. It is like driving a tank and it is really good for hauling stuff. It is a great daily driver or a great vehicle to just keep around the house. In case you need to tow a car or if you want to go back roading or off-roading.

- Julia H

Very dependable. I've had it a long time and it's still going strong!

Actual primary vehicle is a Hummer H3 but that wasn't an option. Love everything about it, especially the zero turn radius. If they still made the H3, I'd upgrade to a new one. GMC 2500HD is secondary vehicle. Love everything but gas mileage isn't good.

- Dona T

Every average American working class needs something with brute work force power.

If you are from the back roads or just cruising through town, the 2003 GMC sierra is the truck for you. With it is 1000 allison transmission it is ready for the long haul plus much more!

- Ashley W

It is a very good truck to have around because it is reliable.

I like this vehicle because it really big. It is easy to manage and it makes me very visible on the road. Only complaint is that the air conditioner has gone out and been a pain to fix.

- Julia H

My custom truck! I love the loud noises, and it uses diesel so that saves on gas in long run

I love my truck, I bought it used but it had already been set up custom. The tires were new and the rims as well. The muffler was custom and I live the roar it makes.

- Lauren M

the truck is very reliable and will get you where ever you need to go

my truck is awesome. it rides very nice with the independent front suspension, and the 6.6 duramax motor has plenty of power

- alex c

Rust is a big problem up north with older gm vehicles.

It gets terrible fuel economy and is rusting. That is what happens with a lot of gm vehicles from 2003.

- Brandon M

I love my truck and will take care of it and will refer to it by a nickname.

Fuel Prices are high right now. Few cosmetic repairs needed. Antifreeze is burning off.

- MaKaela H

Handles Colorado Weather. Good through snow.

Big, Powerful. Fun to drive. A few more mechanical problems than expected.

- Kirk T

It has 6 seats. It is 4 wheel drive. And nice radio.

Dislike Seat belts get stuck. Its messed up in front

- Jessica A