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Wonderfully safe commuter car that looks like Kermit the frog!

I chose the 2011 Hyundai accent because it is a great commuter car. It is comfortable to drive and has a larger than expected trunk, with a cover to prevent visual access from outside the vehicle. It is small enough that it is easy to park in large cities with minimal/small parking. It has aux, CD, and XM capabilities in addition to am and FM radio, however my specific model does not have Bluetooth. My model specifically is also manual for all locks, windows, headlights, etc., however the transmission is an automatic. There is no "cruise control" on my model of Hyundai accent, which is frustrating for longer drives, but when using it for daily commuting I do not need it anyway. The car has absolutely wonderful mpg highway and city, and is fairly inexpensive to fill up (about $25 in my local area). The back seats lay flat for extended space, which was extremely convenient when moving. I have had no mechanical issues beyond normal wear and tear, and am the second owner of the car (purchased as used in 2013). The car also has 15 airbags and held up extremely well when I was hit head on by a moving vehicle while parked. The repairs were fairly inexpensive and quickly done, and nearly all damages were cosmetic. My model does not have an alarm system, but it would be rather inexpensive to have one installed. When driven at high speeds for an extended period of time (6+ hours) I do have some issues with the tire pressure sensor turning on and off.

- Sydney D

An economy car worth considering.

My car has fantastic gas mileage, about 34-36 mpg on the highway and I have had very few mechanical issues. The alternator died at around 70000 miles, and I have also had to replace an ignition coil and the brake light switch. It handles okay - it is not a luxury or sports car but it is not awful, either. For an economy vehicle it has some nice features such as satellite radio, an AUX jack, an iPod jack and both front and side airbags. It is somewhat cramped but not terribly so, and though the interior is not fancy in any way it is functional. Overall, nothing amazing but a good little car.

- Adrian L

Small, reasonably efficient, and dependable.

Rides and handles well. Gas mileage is very good but not quite as good as some more recent year vehicles--between 32 and 34 mpg. Has enough power, but is no muscle car. Maintenance has been low cost, but one has to figure replacing timing belts and ignition coils at prescribed intervals, and neither is inexpensive. I drive it nearly 3, 000 miles a month, both local and longer trips. It has a limited amount of room. My 6 ft. 5 inch tall son barely fits in. Overall, however, the vehicle gives very good service at reasonable cost. I would buy another vehicle like it for a small, personal car.

- Ben T

Reliable and comfortable.

I bought my hyundai accent about 4 years ago, and it has been quite reliable. With the right and constant care it could last many more years. It's a four door, pretty decent space, in front and back seats. The trunk is also very spacious. . 4 cylinders, so if you fill up the tank it could last you two to two weeks and half depending on your commute. The model is not the most luxurious but when you don't have time for luxury, the reliable part comes in. And like I said before, with the right and constant care, the car is the most sufficient and reliable of them all.

- Ana L

It is affordable and car parts are affordable as well. It is reliable and is a perfect first car.

I like that my car is affordable and reliable. I like that its car parts are affordable and easy to change on my own. I dislike that its features are simplified. For example, I have to manually adjust my rear-view mirrors whereas other cars typically have buttons at the door-side to adjust the mirrors. I also have to manually move my windows up or down which I also dislike. I like that the car runs smoothly and is small. This was my first car ever and it taught me to be humble while being safe in a reliable brand.

- Christina M

Small, efficient, and flexible.

Performs well for small sub-compact, is fuel-efficient averaging 34 mpg. I have taken it on extended trips, 1100 miles round-trip and rides comfortably well. I drive a 5-speed and love the control. It gets crowded when I take others, esp. My 6 ft. 4 in. Teenager. Is a bit tight for larger people. Maintenance costs are about what is normally expected. No outstanding problems.

- Benjamin W

Hyundai is acute care! My Hyundai accent is a sparkling blue color.

The Hyundai accent is a great little car. Very dependable, good mileage, comfortable and cute. I have over 100,000 miles on the car and it still runs fine. If you keep up with regular maintenance, the car will run for a long time. I enjoy driving the accent, it maneuvers easy and can fit it tight parking spots. Easy to drive. Would be a good first car for a teenager.

- Kathleen S

ignition coils will go bad, beware of this! and I have not been able to keep fully inflated tires.

wished it had a sunroof, and also a center console. While it is a subcompact and I do love that, I do wish it had a little more trunk space. I do like it for the most part, but the tires keep getting low on air all the time and also the ignition coils have been replaced 2x's in 6 years. This costed me $600 earlier this year and was just replaced in 2015 as well.

- dave S

Good overall for individual or small family

I have a commute to work so our car has relatively high mileage. Seems like we have had to replace several engine coils over the years because they are cheaper parts. It's a small subcompact car which gets decent has mileage but we are quickly outgrowing it since we have 2 young kids and another on the way. Overall it has been a good car for us.

- Avery D

A honey of a Hyundai! I call my car my bunny rabbit, because of her cute shape.

Hyundai accent sedan is a reliable, comfortable ride. The car is spacious, often transporting four people. One of the best features for me is the lumbar support in the driver seat, and the height of the roof which does not crowd my head at all. I will buy another Hyundai when the time comes. My little car is still going strong at 167,000 miles!

- Alma S

The perfect little car that lets you get where you are going without a fuss!

It is a great little car that gets pretty good gas mileage! I haven't been driving for very long but I feel comfortable with this car. It has a nice sound system and drives smoothly as well. It is a bit old and the windows are not automatic, but that is okay. The air conditioner works great and I haven't had any real problems with it.

- Kelsey W

Others should know that this car is highly reliable, has little problems, has good gas mileage, but it pretty bare bones in terms of features.

I really like my car, I've had minimal problems with it, aside from standard maintenance. It has really good gas mileage which is important to me. However, I really wish that my car had automatic windows. Another thing I dislike about my car is that the sealing around the doors has been peeling off for years.

- Racquel F



- susan m

Its white with four doors. It's really good on gas.

I really haven't had many issues with my vehicle. It has been pretty reliable. I've had the timing belt changed. I will need brakes and new tires soon. It's very comfortable. One issue I have is with the seat. They stain so easily. Even water stains the seat. I am planning on buying seat covers.

- Sherry C

Efficient! Great gas mileage!

The gas mileage is great which makes gas not very expensive. It has an eco friendly setting for long trips or if you drive on the freeway a lot. It is super comfortable. For a small car it is very spacious. The trunk fits more that you think it would. It has a car charger, AUX and CD option!

- Haley S

Economical and great to drive.

My car has given me very little trouble over the six years I have had it. I bought it July 1012 with 30, 000 miles on it. I am just under 100, 000 miles right now as I do not drive very far. Great on gas. Comfortable and easy to drive. Would consider another Hyundai in a heartbeat.

- Kim S

Bought this new in 2011 it has 48k I have had very little that needed.

Actually very reliable good on gas bit small I do not feel safe spent v ty little on maintenance love the hatchback back seats too small to hold passengers fill tank up once a week. It is a four cylinder so not much pep in the mountains for a small hatchback can fit quite a bit.

- Marl H

Love the color blue on the 2009 and 2011 models.

I loved the first used accent I had but I was rear ended and it was totaled. I found this one same make and model and color so I bought it, found out after it has a few problems I can not afford to fix. But I love Hyundai vehicles. Has others and all ran great.

- Lena H

My nice car: I am very pleased with my Hyundai it looks good and runs good.

This is a fine car which I bought from a used car lot. It is very nice looking and quite dependable. It gets very good gas mileage, and provides very good performance, it is a nice car, fun to drive, and one of the favorite cars I have ever owned. Love it!

- Frederick N

The greatest car in the world.

It is a large car and very comfortable I have two kids and they have a lot of room balanced between each other. Also it is just a great car in general very generic and I believe than many more people should buy this car due to its great accessibilities.

- Cody F

Has good gas mileage and is officiant.

It gets great gas mileage. Has not had to get much fixed on it. Like how it drives and the price was economical. Has good safety features and lots of airbags. Was rated highly. I like that it is a small car but can fit my big dog. Has a very big trunk.

- Erik M

It does drive well on the highway with medium pickup.

My car is fairly comfortable as seating goes. There are quite a few seating adjustments.The air works great and cools fairly fast. It does have a large trunk for a small car. So far it has run well with the regular upkeep and maintenance.

- Tamara O

That it's a reliable and economical car. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

What I like is that It's small and easy on gas. It's almost too small and low to the ground for someone who is tall with bad knees. It's kinda expensive to repair, but some repairs I've learned to do myself. Overall a good car I must say.

- Steve H

Great mileage for the size of car.

Cost for maintain easy, great gas mileage and like the body style. I do wish it was roomier, not enough room in back seat with a car seat. Then person in passenger seat, has to sit way to close to dash, if car seat is behind them.

- Anita J

Gets great gas mileage and ive never had a problem with it.

I love my car. It is a nice little size so it's easy to parallel park if needed or pull into tight parking spots. It gets very good gas mileage which saves me lots of money and i have never had any major problems with it.

- Amanda H

Hyundai accents make reliable vehicles.

I have driven two Hyundai accents this far as different year models. I find the no be exceptionally reliable and have had no issues. Overall performance is good as I have kept the cars in good condition with maintenance.

- Danielle A

Compact. It's a small car. The back seat would not be too comfortable for long periods for anyone over 5ft tall.

I like the fact that my car was cheap, my other vehicle was done and I needed a new one quickly. It's red and has tinted windows. I do not like that it feels cheap and accelerating over 70 doesn't feel safe at all.

- Jodie C

Economy , very economical when driving around town or stuck in traffic .

Small compact easy for driving around town and parking , Very economical on gas. Reliable , great for quick shopping trips. Downside is snow , does not handle well when driving in snow. Easy to clean and maintain .

- William B

In need of maintenance (need to get a new car really).

Like the fuel economy. Like the ability navigate and park in smaller spaces. Dislike the poor mechanical quality (lots of repairs required for this make of vehicle). Dislike the lack of storage space.

- Phillip L

Keep proper maintenance done and it should last for over 200k miles.

This car has been a great daily driver. Had the previous owner done proper maintenance I think it would be in great condition. Have had to replace alternator and other parts, but fairly reliable

- Jax D

It is good on gas and the maintenance does not cost a lot either.

It is a good car cheap on gas. Drives smooth when I first got it. It is cheap on the up keep to. It's perfect for a small family like my child & myself. It fits in small parking spots.

- Natalie G

I love the navigation and the heated seats equally.

It is reliable and wonderful on gas. It is low maintenance. The only thing that I dislike is that everything as far as windows and locks are all manual when I would rather have power.

- Courtney N

It is reliable and I have had no problems with it .

There are no complaints it is a very good car. It is efficient and gets me from point a to point b. It also doesn't have any extras like power windows or doors which I like.

- Nemo M

4 doors are convenient for getting things out of the car

I like that my vehicle has 4 doors. it makes it easy to get things in and out of the car. my car reached 80,000 miles and is now having some troubles and I don't like that.

- katie J

Reliable and effective car

Overall a reliable vehicle, but has problems accelerating on inclines. Not a luxury vehicle by any means, but definitely meets the basic comforts of those who travel often.

- Cara W

The ignition coils go out almost at the same time and there are 4 of them.

I dislike the fact it is so cheaply made, everything on it is fragile and expensive to replace. However i do like how small it is and that it gets great gas mileage.

- Shelvy M

This car has good gas mileage.

I like that it ha good gas mileage. I only need to fill it up once a month. I don't like that it is has very basic features and takes a long time to get up to speed.

- Stephen K

Great warranty and good gas mileage .Priced affordable and reliable.

It is a dependable car with little maintenance needed .It is very good on gas and has an excellent warranty.I would recommend for value for the dollar spent

- Steve M

Great on Gas. Get 38 to gallon. I love the way it drives

I love my car because its compact. It is great on gas. And it only had 80,000 miles on it. And it has lots of room in the back when I put the seats down

- Gail L

Compact and great value!!

Loved it. Aside from issues due to long term use that every car has, it's a great little car. Good on gas, cute, everything pretty much works great.

- Racquel M

it's dependability and easy of driving are great Good gas mileage - upkeep is affordable - like the no problems

it's reliable and great on gas mileage because of its size, I can easily park in condensed parking spaces. easy to drive and love the dependability

- jean s

Know that coils will go out and the company won't do anything about it.

It's a great car. I've had it for 5 years now. The only problem is the coils keep going out, told Hyundai about it but they won't fix the problem.

- emily t

I had an accident with my car and it protected me nicely.

This is a small car and it is very convenient to use it in an urban area (easy to park). It is not very comfortable to drive at long distances.

- Cansu k

The only downside is that there is no hot and cold indicator for the engine so would not know if it is overheating

Reliable car. Fairly affordable. The maintenance on the car and upkeep is not extensive. Have over 100,000 miles still running strong.


It is a gas saver and is a smaller size that I can fit in smaller parking spots.

I love the economics of it. I love the size. I don't like that the brake line is so close to the fuel line that I cannot get it fixed.

- Inez M

It has a lot of miles on it since bought back in 2011.

I like that it is a small car that does not require a lot of fuel. It is a good car for a single person. Maintenance is not too bad.

- Sara J

It is a small car and it runs well on mileage.

It runs ok but there are issues just like any car. Tires are to thin and puncture easily. The starter and battery burn out fast.

- Jennifer B

Small, easy to find parking, reliable, good gas mileage.

It doesn't get up to speed very fast, but I like that it is small and reliable. Good gas mileage. I feel safe when driving.

- Katie Y

Economical and easy driving, and parking.

This taking longer than stated. Easy to handle, plenty of pickup, good gas mileage, plenty of trunk space and comfortable.

- Tom M

It is comfortable and reliable!

Nice little car. It is loud inside. I do love the spacious feeling inside. It is a cute car. I will buy another Hyundai!

- Alma S


I highly recommend a Hyundai Accent especially to anyone who lives in the city BECAUSE it can fit into hard spots

- andrea s

It's a very good starter car.

I love the miles per gallon. I like how easy everything is to fix on it. I don't like how rough of a ride it is.

- Derek A

The Little Compact Car by hyundai

At the beginning my car didn't give me any problems, but at seven years I started to have problems with my car.

- stephanie h

That it runs well and is very dependable

It was bought by my wife she liked it gets good gas mileAge and runs well it is mine now since she passed away

- Tom B

Relievable Mustang that looks great.

It constantly burns out the coils in the motor. About every 6 to 7 months I have to replace at least one.

- Liz F

Reliable! This car will make your life better. No worries.

It is very reliable. I have had other Hyundai's and they have all been reliable. Decent gas mileage too.

- chris h

Great on gas. I get 34 mpg. XM radio is a plus.

Cheap on gas. Perfect size for our little family. Not expensive to fix. Wish it came with more options.

- Crystal T

It 'smooth over bumps. It feels comfy and makes you feel just right.

I like the colors and layout. I dislike that it does not have tilt steering nor electric side mirrors.

- Stephanie R

My Car is a very fine car. It looks good and runs well.

It is really a nice car It's compact, very attractive, gets good gas mileage, and has good performance

- Fred D

It gets me from point A to point B, but the tires leak air, crumbling steering wheel and things fall apart.

It fell apart easily. Crumbling steering wheel, visors won't stay up, roof light fell out.

- Jessica L

I love everything about it. Cheap on gas and comfortable to drive short or long distances.

Love the ways it drives , feel comfortable behind the wheel. No complaints or dislikes.

- Pamela H

Cheap on gas and very comfortable car to take on long trips.

I like gas mileage. I love the size of the car. I wish it had more options to it tho.

- Crystal T

Great gas mileage good Warranty and so far very reliable

Too small back seat cramped hard to get out of. Feel not safe in event of accident

- Marlene H

reliability in everyday usage, navigates well on snowy roads, easy to drive and economical

like it being a smaller vehicle like the hatchback would like 4 doors, not just 2

- Marie S

The pick-up is very slow; it goes from 0-60 in 15 seconds.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like the size or speed of the car.

- Alexa S

I was not a fan of Hyundai until I purchased one. I like it.

It has lots of power. Easy to drive, comfortable. Can service engine easily.

- Robert P

Good on gas around town and on the highway. It is a beautiful blue color

It's small, has xm radio but can only unlock doors with a key on one side

- Donna P

Its comfortable and easy to drive. It also costs less or is very affordable than the higher end cars

Ease of drive. Very simple to maneuver and low maintenance cost

- Santhosh A

It drives very smoothly. It's comfortable and a nice color.

I like that it's small. More modern than my last car a 1998.

- Abria D

It's ok mileage for the year and reliable food the most part

It's brake run down pretty quick and dealers charge

- Bob J

This car is Good on gas and is cute.

This car is great on gas and good in all weather.

- Laura B