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Reliable basic transportation

Mechanically the Accent has performed well with no major repairs as of almost 5 years and 91000 miles. Replacement parts, when needed, are pricey- I usually end up finding a mechanic who can perform a 'make-do' solution. I get about 37 mpg, 41 mpg on a longer trip. Mileage goes down pretty dramatically with extra passengers. I'm 5'5' tall, so find it comfortable. My sons who are over 6 feet, not so much. You shouldn't plan on teens of adults fitting comfortably in the back seat. Ground clearance is a problem as most parking lot curbs are just the right height to hook the bumper. I find the cup holders to be very awkward in front, and there are none in the back. It's a good basic vehicle to get you from place to place, best if you're travelling alone, or with one other moderately sized person.

- Noelle L

Good car for beginners, great gas mileage.

The 2014 Hyundai accent is the best car for when you are a beginner driver. It is not very wide which helps when you worry about parking of staying in your lines. It has Bluetooth capability which allows me to listen to my Spotify playlists, but the car does come with satellite radio. It also helps during the times I am using google maps as it prevents me from looking at my phone so much. I wish the seats were a little better in terms of fitting the body it's a little flat cushioned. The car has a handy "eco" mode which helps reduce gas consumption which does not actually make a difference since the car gets really good gas mileage.

- Jordan D

Great on gas, reliable, cute small car

Good reliable vehicle, great on gas mileage, and small car so replacing things on it isn't too expensive. Good for small family or couples/singles with 1 or no children. I haven't had any breakdowns or problems with the engine in the 3 years I've had the car. The only things I've replaced is the tires for the typical reasons to get new tires. As of late the only issues I'm having is the automatic windows and lock buttons aren't unlocking right now and there isn't a arm rest on the driver seat along with no cruise control. Other than that, fantastic reliable vehicle

- Samantha E

Cheap feel and a bit small, but overall good car.

The car's problems are that it seems to be cheaply made. The inside designs are easily worn/scratched. Performance is good- it gets decent gas mileage, and it is a pretty comfortable car. Not super large in the back but I haven't heard many complaints. Would buy a larger car next time though. I like the hatchback, it is pretty roomy. I also really like the bright color of the car. It has not had any problems in the four years I have had it so seems to be pretty reliable so far. The only things I'd change are a less 'cheap' feel and make it slightly larger.

- Jane S

Small, gas saving car with plenty of room

So far I've had this car for 3 years. I've never had any problems other than the battery it came with stopped working after a year. I don't really blame that on the car however since it was a pre-owned vehicle. The car is a great gas saver; I only ever spend less than $20 a week or 2. Since I'm currently expecting a child the back seat has enough room to add the car seat and other small baby items i'll be needing. It has great trunk space. And even though it's a small compact car, it still has so much extra room on the inside.

- Alexis V

I love the trunk space of my car.

I love my car. I just wish that it went a little faster. I recently started feeling as if it were buckling or the transmission was slipping but I took it to the dealer and they said it was fine. Not sure if the didn't want to fix an actual issue because my warranty is almost up or if there really is not an issue. However I do not think I am delusional. One thing I love about my Hyundai is that it came with roadside assistance so one time I forgot my keys in the car and they sent a tech out in 30 minutes to help me.

- Angela G

Great, reliable car with basic features.

There has been no mechanical issues with my car. It truly is a great, reliable car. It gets great gas mileage and is extremely comfortable, even for a 12 hour car ride or everyday back and forth to work! There are basic features such as cruise control, an auxiliary audio output, overhead airbags, traction control, side airbags, and power windows. The only downfall are the seat materials. My Hyundai Accent has a light grey interior and it shows everything! It stains extremely easy. It even shows watermarks.

- Alexandria H

Sporty economical Hyundai.

The vehicle has an eco option so it saves gas and ultimately money. The vehicle runs smoothly, clean and without delay. It's very reliable and is quick to notify you if something is off (I.e. tire pressure, low oil). The inside of the vehicle is spacious and simple. The material inside the vehicle is also very easy to clean and upkeep - allowing the vehicle to look newer longer. Additionally, the vehicle has sporty look to it with its long headlights and sleek doors.

- Jennifer C

If you are looking for a car that is good on gas this is a solid purchase.

It is good on gas, and it was a fairly good price. If you are looking for a simple vehicle it's perfect. Nothing to flashy about it. The body of the car is easily damaged I scratched it scraping snow off of it. And the bumper clips are easily broken so try not to mess with it. I drives well, I had it for about a year and I haven't had any major problems with it. Be sure to do regular maintenance to make it last longer.

- Shelby W

Hyundai Accent - performance, honest review.

I love my car. It's fuel efficient, and gas is on the cheaper end. It runs well, and I've has zero problems with it over the last few years. The only thing I've has to do with it is getting new tires, because the dealership sold it with not as quality ones. I like that the car is compact and small, good for one person to drive, or couples that do not have children to travel in. It's the perfect size.

- Claire W

Very good car affordable reliable.

This is a wonderful car I never owned one before great mileage very dependable comfortable plenty of room the hatch back is great rear seats go down to make room comfortable for long trips easy to drive one of the best car I have owned. It is a very reliable vehicle and I have made many long trips with it to visit my grandchildren plenty of room for them too it can sit five very comfortably.

- Margaret P

It's a very good reliable and economical car.

This is the 2nd Hyundai Accent I have owned, I had my first one for 12 years and had no problems at all. It was economical, easy to take care of. I bought my 2nd one 4 years ago and again I am very happy with it. I bought it new and have had no problems with it so far. I have the oil changed every 3, 000 miles and take good care of it. I get very good gas mileage, better than my 1st.

- Linda S

Interesting detail, the higher than normal insurance rate.

The vehicle handle really well. Upkeep and maintenance has been very easy. Inside controls are easy to get to even for a short person. Sound system is also very good being it is a small car. Of it is one major issue with the car, it is the insurance. We lived in 3 counties in gab and our insurance for the car was very high. All 3 times it was said it is because of the model.

- Ricardo S

The miles per gallon in the city don't match what was advertised on the sticker. It should be 27 mpg but is more like 21.

This vehicle gets low miles to the gallon in the city. It is very low to the ground and I continuously scrape it on the curbs. It doesn't have much power and it is slow merging onto the freeway. The good thing is that it starts reliably every morning. I have had the same battery and tires since buying the car which currently has 55, 000 miles. I would not buy another one.

- Mary Y

Comfortable compact vehicle.

It is a good compact vehicle. The vehicle touches the ground when you brake suddenly. Other than that it is easy to drive and comfortable. The vehicle is reliable. I have never had problems with it expect having to change the battery. The vehicle has automatic windows. It does not have a lot of luxury features but I mostly purchased it for the price not for its features.

- Eliza D

My Hyundai accent workhorse.

So far, my Hyundai is super reliable. I put a ton of mileage on it. 45 minute commute one way (no traffic). It holds up well. I haven't had a problem with it since I got it. I only changed the breaks for the first time like a month ago. It gets great gas mileage. All I do is change the oil regularly. It is a little underpowered, but I wasn't expecting a race car.

- Antonio R

Great car for a small family

Too low its nose, I always hit it at curb -> bumper is coming apart. Also very low everywhere- I must be very careful if the road is unpaved or the asphalt/concrete is not smooth. Engine is okay, but weaker than my before car's engine (I had a Mazda 6). I had to change its battery, when it was 3 years old. Now, it is 5 years old, but so far, nothing problem.

- Pearl G

Brown 2014 Hyundai accent with tan cloth interior. Bluetooth capability.

I love my car. . . Just Hyundai has a weird warranty policy. Like I bought my car in San Antonio, Texas but since I moved to El Paso, Texas. . . The oil changes are only free where I bought the car not at any Hyundai location. Also the spare tire option is weird. I didn't have a choice but apparently you do. You can either opt for a spare tire or the air pump.

- Monica B

A reliable vehicle for a low budget buyer

This is a very basic car. It doesn't have any fancy gadgets, or even things that should probably come standard like cruise control. But it has been very reliable. I've put over 100,000 miles on it with the only thing being replaced being the battery. I think it's a great commuter car or a college student car. Gets great gas mileage and at an affordable price.

- Josie H

I like the overall look of my car, sleek design inside and out.

The gas mileage is good but I feel like it has a very small gas tank so you find I still fill it up too often. The interior is comfortable. The car over all is pretty small but roomie at the same time. The ac and heat work great when I need them too, the oil stays good for a while and all the fluids are stay good for a long time if you maintain your vehicle.

- Katie S

That the gas mileage is pretty good.

I like that it gets good gas mileage, and it has a decent amount of space in the cab, as well as a large amount of trunk space for the size of the car. One major dislike is that it isn't very high off the ground, so the front end has scraped a couple of times. One other dislike is that the windshield wipers, even on the fastest setting aren't very quick.

- Elizabeth M

Treat your vehicle good and it treats you good

I am 6'2' ,my vehicle is a bit small for me but it is very dependable. The motor is quiet the steering is smooth as it has good pick up and it always gets me where I want to go good suspension brakes are fine I really enjoy this vehicle. All the oil changes are on time and I keep the maintenance up this is a very dependable vehicle .

- Scott A

Great little red car that people like to try and hit

Hello. The car isn't really that bad. It's great on gas, parts aren't too expensive to buy, it is a 4 cylinder vehicle so it doesn't have much get up, and it is kind of small. Perfect for just two people unless you're short. Would be for if a family that has a newborn or any kids because it's hard getting them in and out of the vehicle.

- Stephanie B

iPhone compatible and great on gas

Super smooth drive, reliable, great on gas. I love how I can hook up my iPhone and play music as well as charge my phone. Plenty of room for 2-3 passengers in the back. I only use $20 to fill my tank up every week. I enjoy the comfortable seats and cup holders. I never have any issues with this car. Never bumpy, always a smooth ride.

- Samantha B

Great small car, even for the mountains.

This is a great little car. My only qualification of that statement is that because it is so small, the tires are equally small and not always in stock. I was surprised that the battery cost in excess of $225 but have since learned that all car batteries are more expensive than they used to be. I heartily recommend this vehicle.

- Patrice J

It is great on gas and mileage.

Rare problems, very basic car for a first beginner who does not travel or care for the fancy things. The reliability is everything and more, it gets you where you need to go. The comfort is amazing, the seats are comfortable. I am not your typical driver, but with the seats I have in my car I do not mind the drive to anywhere.

- Kennedy A

Great and reliable vehicle, will last longer than you expect.

My accent has been wonderful since I bought it in 2014. I drive a lot for work and heavily rely in my car. Recently I had to change my catalytic converter but that was the only physical maintenance the car endured since purchase. I routinely get my oil changes and simple maintenance done regularly. Great car, real reliable.

- Michael B

My new toy accent is a pleasure to drive. Had my other car for 12 years.

Easy to drive. Wish it had a trunk opener. Headrests on back seats are high and hard to see over. When driving on rough streets, car is lightweight and bumpy. Good gas mileage.. Uses regular and the cheapest. Holds 10 gallons. Love the color red. Easy for other cars to see. Like the ability to adjust the seat height.

- Hanna A

Saving money on GAS is the best detail!

It's a very small vehicle, perfect for me. Very good on gas which is also very important to me. I haven't had a problem with it at all, and I've had the vehicle for 5 years now. I get my oil changed every 3,000 miles and so far I've had to pretty much buy new tires every 18 months or so, however I also drive A LOT.

- Vera D

This car has a nice EcoBoost option and is really good on gas in general.

I love the fact that my car gets really good gas mileage as long as it's kept up. I bought the car in a sticky situation and honestly regret it. The car is much smaller than what I ended up needing, and it also didn't come with even the smallest bells or whistles. The nicest feature on it is probably the ecoboost.

- Corrine M

Hyundai accent: fast, class, easy on gas.

It's been the most awesome car ever and when I trade it up I am going to buy the same exact car just updated version.,...It looks great, handles total safe in bad weather and never skids. It is really cheap on gas, and very comfortable to drive in. It is very comfortable to drive, and the ac and heat are perfect.

- Cynthia N

Pretty decent for price. Purchased car with alloy wheels so they won't rust.

I get decent gas mileage and a fairly comfortable ride considering the fact that it is a compact vehicle. It is a light gray color which does not show the dirt. It handles well. The front end could use a beefier suspension. I got the alloy wheels because they will not rust. Also got fog lights. Price was right.

- Sue D

Hyundai accent good budget car.

Very good mileage, six speed automatic transmission for a comfortable ride. Good heating system for winter and good air conditioning for the summer. Satellite radio is also good, speakers sound satisfactory. Pretty good side trunk. Good for someone not willing to spend a lot on car. To me the car is reliable.

- Angel M

Great car to have overall.

I really enjoy this car, it has a fold down side arm rest for the driver which makes longer rides easier to manage! I also enjoy the fact of how small the car is because it fits great into parking spaces. It is also very good on gas. Overall I would recommend this car to anyone looking for something reliable!

- Cynthia L

The great thing about this car is that it cools down quickly.

I love my car but being that it is lower to the ground it can scrape on speed bumps and higher pavement if your not carefully. Also causes a bumpier ride. The seats are comfortable but the back seats are smaller I do love that the back seats go down for transporting longer items that do not fit in the trunk.

- Ananda H

Car has major issues, sucks.

The car has what I call a stalling issue which has caused accidents and near accidents. Dealer says cant find anything, other people with accents only have issues. Has other issues to like fender falls off if hit bump. Window rattles etc. I would never buy another accent again especially from lester glenn.

- Bob H

Dependable, but not your forever car.

My Hyundai is reliable, but basic. There are not many features inside. It is dependable and great on gas. It gets blown around a bit when it is windy and is not very quiet inside. The ride can get bumpy and tends to not be comfortable with the seas. Also, the gray interior is easily stained, even by water.

- Ali D

Very reliable car! Drives amazing, mileage is great!

I am in love with my car! Drives amazing very smooth. I've had it for about 4 years now and it's still like it's brand new, even after I had a mini wreck there was no damage done to the car! I highly recommend getting this car!! I will definitely be passing it on to my niece when she can finally drive!

- Aliyah W

You can buy a used car that is great.

It is fun to drive, gets pretty good gas mileage, is a nice looking vehicle. Has power steering, windows, etc. Air conditioning. Compared to our last car, a 1992 Corolla, this seems like a luxury car! It would be nice if it got great gas mileage, but there is nothing so far that I dislike about my car.

- Linda r

You can lay down the seats in the back.

There aren't a lot of problems with this vehicle. It's performance is great, I love the fact that I can turn on the Eco and keep the environment. It has never broken done since we have owned this vehicle. Comfort is spacious for a small compact car. Features that my vehicle have are aux and USB plug.

- Camille H

Best family car for the commuter!

The car is reliable. It has gotten me through rain and snow storms. It is the best commuter vehicle with fantastic gas mileage and never any issue as long as you maintain good maintenance practices such as oil changes and also tire care. The inside is a little tight but holds a family of five well.

- Dominique S

Good quality car for anybody

The car is great. The pick up speed is a little slow but overall a great car. Very comfortable and good car. Haven't had any problems (knock on wood). The radio and CD player works well along with the Sirius radio. The car still drives the same when I first got it but must keep up with the car care

- Alton K

It's a great, affordable little car.

I love that it is a small car so it's easy to drive and park. It's an automatic. It doesn't have a lot of power but is good on gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have any extras like a GPS or remote starter. It also doesn't have an alarm But, you get what you pay for. It was a cheap car.

- Bonnie M

The spaciousness is unmatched for a car of its size.

My car is reliable and gets me from point a to point b with no trouble. I got it for a great deal and I adore the way it feels and drives. It has comfortable seating for 4 and a spacious trunk that I can fit many groceries in. I really can't think of one bad thing to say about the entire thing.

- Raven D

The positraction helps greatly in snow.

My accent is a very reliable vehicle. It is equipped with positraction so it gets through snow easily. The gas mileage is almost 24 highway which is great. The dealership I purchased it from has been helpful the time I needs a replacement part. It was still under the very good warranty period.

- Debbie Y

Red Hyundai Accent Review

It is an extremely basic vehicle, so I would like more stuff in the inside like Bluetooth but it is a great car aside from that. I just bought the vehicle so I have not seen any problems with the vehicle yet. It runs really well. I wish there were more spots to rest your arms in the car.

- Darian J

The most important thing you should know about my car is that its fast and small.

It is a stable car and it gets me to where I need to go but, if I were to buy a new car this one not be an option on my car-buying list. It has good gas mileage, and it is cheap to take care of but, when it comes down to it, I travel a lot and it is very expensive to get my oil changed.

- Rylee S

Great, dependable vehicle, we would own another one in a heartbeat.

We love it, we have had no problems, good on gas mileage, comfortable, reliable. You can have Sirius XM if you want, it has CD player, AM-FM radio, large hatchback for storage, back seat will lie down so you have room to put large items in, love the color of the outside and inside.

- Rebecca T

The Hyundai accent, a reliable small college car.

The Hyundai accent is really reliable and has been a great car. The only downfall of this car is that the model that I own does not have a cruise control ability which makes long drives really stressful. Other than that, the quality of the car is great and I love the sound system.

- Kathryn V

Best value in mileage and upkeep.

I have had no issues. I put approximately 24000 miles on a car/ year and I rely on the vehicle to be dependable. Most of the parts are still original, to include the brake pads. The car has been the perfect balance of cost and mileage economics that I expected when I choose it.

- Jason H

Compact, affordable, and has high mpg for the cost.

We have had a couple minor repairs done to this car since we bought it 2 years ago but nothing big and it usually costed us less than $200 to fix. We had to replace the tires pretty quickly but that was because the dealership didn't fit it with new tires when we bought the car.

- Stephanie M

The goods of a Hyundai car.

You can listen to music with AUX cord, its an decent size, very comfortable good air conditioning and heat for different reasons nice truck for small grocery shopping fits for a small family small trips it doesn't much to fill up the car, keep it in good shape you'll be okay.

- Nae S

My speedy Hyundai Accent GLS

The Hyundai is great on gas. It is the perfect size for single adults. Very reliable I have had no problems in the 3 years I've owned it. Just keep up on the basics and it runs great. Features are decent, for the year the car was made I might expect better radio or Bluetooth.

- Rebecca C

Easy on gas for road trips. Needs better seats.

Does not have cruise control, seats are not comfortable, car is stock. Needs better air, and better sound system. Good mileage, could use window tint. Not very roomy for passengers. Small truck space, could use cup holders in back seat area. Gets me around town so I am happy.

- Gloria B

Hyundai is the best car I have ever owned.

Runs great has great on gas. Lots of trunk room, and can seat 5, with gas prices being so high one tank of gas can last me almost 2 weeks of running around, also a very nice looking car, used to have a van but as soon as I got my Hyundai loved it so much got rid of the van.

- Chris A

This vehicle is reliable and sporty.

I bought my car two years ago and I have had no real problems. The only repairs have been due to the wear and tear of driving to and from work. It is 44 miles each way which can take up to two hours in atlanta rush hour. I have had absolutely no problems with this vehicle.

- Debbie D

Great car for two, would recommend for young children, but not a family of five.

Very reliable. Good gas mileage. Uncomfortable seats. Nice color. 4 Doors. Fabric seats. We got the windows tinted and it looks nice. Not a lot of room in the backseat. Big trunk. Durable. We bought used for about 11, 000. Would buy again. Maybe a different model though.

- Stephanie C

Highly dependable, 2014 Hyundai accent!

It is a pretty good price, very reliable, very comfortable, has eco boost, its great on gas mileage, has a Bluetooth radio with great stock speakers, it even has voice command! I have had no problems with it at all and I highly recommend it if you want a dependable car.

- Justice M

Hyundai has been a great “accent” to our life’s.

I haven't had any issues that weren't caused by accidents. I love this car and the gas mileage is really amazing. It is a very reliable car that we have had for over three years and it has been nothing but wonderful for us. We have taken it to California several times.

- Geoffrey E

My car, the Accent is a great car. The.

I do not have any problems with my car. It drives very well. It has never stalled. It is comfortable. It has a good radio. It has am and pm and a good sound. It is a pretty metallic light blue color. The mirrors are perfect. The leather interior is easy to keep clean.

- Virginia M

Hyundai Accent 2014 very basic car

It's too small and basic. I'm wanted something bigger with more features like Bluetooth, back up camera, etc. my car is very boring and basic, but the car is reliable and extremely good on gas, but I have a toddler! He's getting so big so we both need additional room.

- Kira H

Zippy. Gas money friendly. Compact but not too tiny.

I absolutely love how much I have saved on gas, after driving an SUV. It is compact so it is easy to park, and the trunk space is bigger than some smaller vehicles. It also came with a year subscription to XM radio. And the anti-lock brakes are great on rainy days.

- Joyce B

I love my 2014 Hyundai Accent

The only problems I have had is with the battery, which I had to replace after weather was below zero degrees. Other than that, I love my car. It is cheap to fill up and has great mileage. It is comfortable for the long drive I often make from Virginia to Georgia.

- Caroline R

Happy Hyundai owner. It is a very reliable car and easy to maintain.

It's a very reliable car. It's a 2014 and I purchased it in 2017. It runs very well and I haven't had any major problems with it. I've just had to do basic things like oil changes, new tires and brakes. The car gets very good gas mileage and maneuvers very well.

- Fatima L

It has lots of safety features.

Dislike has huge blind spot and back seats could be little lower for visibility... Love all other parts of this car. Great size and great price and great on gas and awesome company and service and warranty. I love this car most of all.. My car I have ever had..

- Christina C

Decent beginner car for someone owning their first car.

My car gets really good gas mileage. I wish it had a console in the middle instead of a single arm rest. I have put 100,000 miles on my car and I haven't had any major performance issues. All in all, it is a very decent car for someone getting their first car.

- Melinda E

Reliable economy choice for the budget-conscious!

Reliable economy subcompact with more room in the cargo area than you would expect! Easy to fit two full-size suitcases in the back. It does transmit every single bump, pothole, and shadow you drive over straight into your seat, but at this price, who cares?

- Annelise G

Too many issues with this car.

Too many problems to name. I've had to replace the alternator, the brake pedal squeaks, it has a sound that sounds like a diesel engine. I can't tell if my eco is working because the car still takes in a lot of gas. The list goes on. This car is not for me.

- Nikki K

Things I would like to be improve in the car

It's kind of small, would be nice to have where to charge your phone in the back and more comfortable back seats especially in long rides, sits also are too low inside, the trunk is very spacious, performance is very good very resistant and low gas spending

- Eli E

Warranty issue - they found the problem only after the warranty had expired.

The bearings were bad on the right front and I took it to the dealer, but they could not find the problem. However, they were able to find the problem after the warranty was up so that I could pay $ 900 to get it fixed. How convenient for the manufacturer.

- Kristin N

Good and comfortable we can have.

Good I like it is not expensive and it is very good for traveling where do you want I accept it because is comfortable I like that and I don't want to change it is very cheap and it comparative with others and it is very in gas we consume less than other.

- Isabel I

Great on gas, great first car for teens.

The car is great on gas. The body is not as strong as I expected it to be. The day I bought it I hit a racoon and it practically ripped off the front right fender. I had it fixed and it has been a problem continuously. Cheap brackets and not very durable.

- Amanda S

Good car. I am enjoying it very much. Handles beautifully.

I have simply loved my car..Easy to keep clean, Gets 22 mpg 25 on highway. Steers beautifully.. My one complaint,It is very low to ground. I have run over countless curbs, This is not to my liking at all. Other than that I recommend the Hyundai Accent.

- Joyce C

Accent A Great Car to Buy.

I love my car it is great on gas and since I am the second owner I would say the car was in great shape. I would have to say that the previous owner took great care of the car. I would say yes this is a great car for anyone who is looking for a bargain.


Good, economical, and reliable transportation

A stylish compact, roomy inside. Lots of compliments on the color! Large trunk space for cargo. Comfortable and reliable, five years ownership with no major maintenance issues. Good on gas mileage, best on highway. Fun to drive and comfortable on trips.

- Dawn D

I love my Hyundai accent!

I really love my Hyundai accent. I bought it used, but it was like brand new. It runs very well, and has great air conditioning and heating. There is a outlet for an AUX cord and a USB which is appealing to me. My only complaint is no cruise control.

- Clara M

A city car that travels well on country roads!

My car is economical, compact, and meets all my city driving needs! I can park it in small parking spots, but also take it on long drives without taking into consideration the amount of gas that I will use because I know that it will be very little.

- Erika A

It is the smoothest driving vehicle I have ever had the pleasure of driving.

It is very basic, as I wanted the base model. To some people, including myself, less is more. I didn't want all the bells and whistles, so I wanted this vehicle as it is simple and sleek with an excellent design and drives so smooth. No complaints.


Best economy fuel vehicle

I love the fuel in this car it saves us a lot of money. It's a small car for first time family. It has lots of room and the ac works good it keeps everyone cool. My car is a hatchback and I love it. Plus there a place to put up a cargo frame.

- Shannon N

I love my car it goes fast like 170 miles a hour.

I love the hwy gas mileage, as well as the fact my car fits me, where as other cars often feel too big for me. What I do not love about my car is how easily things adhere to the seats. I feel the cloth-type could have been improved.

- Ellen J

It has great value with a 100,000 mile warranty and great gas mileage

I like that the hatchback provides me with almost as much storage/cargo space that my SUV did. I like that it gets great gas mileage. I don't like the stigma and wish that there were more options to modify the vehicle.

- Maria B

This car has proven to be very dependable and gets very good gas mileage around town and on the highway.

Car has been very reliable. Gets really good gas mileage, particularly highway miles. Is fairly comfortable and very easy to maneuver. My only regret is not ensuring the car had cruise control prior to purchase.

- David P

Fuel Efficient and easy to maneuver

It is small enough to fit in small places. Has an eco button and is fuel efficient. I wish it had more trunk space or a rear view camera since it can be hard to see. I do love how it runs and the compactness.

- Ana R

It is a good value for the money.

I like that the vehicle is cheap and has a good warranty. It has decent aesthetics and utility. Some of the exterior and body trim is a little cheap and easily damaged, though. It has low clearance.

- Patrick C

my car is bright green with 4 doors

2014 hyundai accent hatchback. very reliable gets you from point a to b easily. very spacious however missing a few newer details that newer cars do have. however you can always add features in

- torya s

The cat drives very smoothly.

The accent is a great small car. Very roomy. Comfortable and does not feel small. Drives smoothly and has a lot of power. Trunk space is spacious. Can get over 350 miles on a tank of gas!

- Laurie C

Hyundai accent drives well

I enjoy my Hyundai accent. It drives well and I have had little to no issues with it since I bought it used a few years ago. The only thing is that I wish it had come with cruise control.

- Kenneth H

It is an excellent car and i have had no issues.

I like how small and easy it is to maneuver in small spaces and traffic. I wish i had more space in the backseat and trunk. I really like the car overall and it has been very reliable.

- Kate M

2014 Hyundai Accent Hatchback. Like having the hatchback.

It is a small car and therefore gets very good fuel mileage. It has plenty of power for what we need. It isn't good for a tall person like my husband. It sure is better than walking.

- Christina M

Great, fuel efficient car

It is a small car. It gets really good gas mileage, about 38 mpg and since I drive a lot for work it is perfect for me. I wish it had cruise control though, that's my only complaint.

- Elizabeth D

I feel like it is a great family car. If you have kids this is the car for you unless you have more than three kids then you need to get something bigger.

I don't really have any dislikes about the car. I do however like a lot about the car it drives very smooth and comfortable. The look is amazing it's not bulky nor is it tiny.

- Chanelle P

It's small but it has room for the size but to expect the car to be good with full with people over 6 feet tall.

I love it never had any issues with it being the secondary owner there was some small outer damage before I got it. Other than that it has been a good gas saving vehicle.

- John R

How to change oil or tire basic things.

I dislike the size, need a bigger one but like the car all together after that. If it had navigation that would be even better and maybe a arm rest on the passenger side.

- Taylor D

It helped me pass the parallel parking part of my driver’s test.

My vehicle is small yet comfortable. The tank can fill up with only $20 and the gas is very long lasting. It comes with seat warmers and a Bluetooth/phone charging dock.

- Frances N

It has Bluetooth and satellite radio

Really like my car but I have 7 people in my family so when we go anywhere we have 2 kids that are squeezed in. On the upside it's great on gas and easy to get around in

- Kelley S

That it gets great gas miles I don't feel like i pay a ton every week.

It a really nice small car. It is easy to drive with it, I could park it ever where. It gets close to 40 miles to a gallon. Repairs have been cheap for the most part.

- Samantha D

It's a stylish, gas efficient hatchback.

Most gas efficient vehicle I've ever owned. It's reliable, easy to drive, and it's dependable. It's a hatch back, as well as a manual transmission which I love !!

- Betty H

its mine and I like it a lot good cheap car to drive to work

this is the first Hyundai I bought. I love the car and the dealership and service that I have received. It is an awesome car for gas mileage and great small car

- jon f

Hyundai accent review: a nice car.

Look it is a nice, comfortable car. Does not guzzle gas and is easy to drive around. Does not look particularly good but that is not why we buy this car, do we?

- Ted G

It is great on gas mileage and easy to drive anywhere

I love my Hyundai! It is a great little car for my realtor business with awesome gas mileage and not a lot of maintenance other than the standard to keep it up

- Lorie W

It takes me to a lot of different places all the time.

Hyundais get good mileage. They are reliable and economical, very fuel efficient. They also last for a long time. I would prefer a Honda, Toyota, or Tesla.

- George H

The frame is actually like a more durable plastic. It will dent easily and will scratch easily

I enjoy that it is a compact economy car. The fact that it is fuel efficient makes it easier on my pockets. I do however dislike that the car is cheaply made.

- aliyah b

It is good on gas mileage and does not need much maintenance.

I like that it has not had any problems, I haven't spent any money on major repairs. I do not like that it is small and I cannot fit more than three people.

- Colleen K

It is efficient. It fulfills its purpose of taking me from point 'A' to point 'B'.

I like that's its small and compact. I suppose I wish it could speed up faster. I would like to have volume controls on my steering wheel and seat warmers.

- Mel M

It has a great system rating for safety.

The check engine stays on. It is not a good family vehicle. I like that it is cheap to fill up but I do have to get gas often. I wish it was more spacious.

- Erin M

Small, affordable and cute.

I love the looks of my Car. It's small...just the size I want. Easy to drive but doesn't have a lot of power. Good gas mileage. It was was a good price.

- Bonnie M

Great Gas mileage and very affordable and spacious. Great car for a younger driver

This is a very reliable car that is idea for someone who is buying their first car. The gas mileage is great and it has all kinds of space to store things

- Jordan S

It offers exceptional value for the price.

I like the compactness of the car. There's enough room to put things in but is still easy to park. However, I do not like how low it is to the ground.

- Mary S

Affordable for now but might have problems in the future.

The compact car is affordable and has all the basic necessities. I bought a used one that had 50k miles on it and have no problem with it whatsoever.

- Nana N

My vehicle gets excellent gas mileage and is well-maintained.

It is functional and gets good gas mileage. There is not much exciting about it, it is basically a bare-bones vehicle with an unimpressive engine.

- Owen F

I don't have cruise control.

My vehicle has great gas mileage and is reliable. The only complaint I have is that because I have a base model I don't have cruise control.

- Allison R

A perfect car for a student or single man/woman

I think is a really good car, I don't have any problem with the car and is not expensive, easy to drive and it doesn't consume a lot of fuel

- Cristopher M

The bumpers are cheap and plastic yet expensive to repair.

I like size and color and not many mechanical problems. The body is cheap and falling apart. The interior is crap and It's uncomfortable.

- Jennifer M

The back seat is very small.

My Accent is very low maintenance. All I ever have to do is change the oil. It gets great gas mileage. It was also very affordable.

- Johnathan M

Gas mileage is most important to me and room for my family.

Love the gas mileage and the way it handles in all weather. Dislike needs Bluetooth. Could also use a backup camera. Better rims too.

- Eric C

Customer report for Hyundai accent.

Sits too low to the ground, great, on gas, like the blue lights dash. Hub caps none. Only 4 lugs to take off. But so far great car.

- Vernon A

2014 Hyundai Accent: Reliable

I currently have a 2014 Hyundai Accent that I got about 5 or 6 months ago from a dealership and so far it's been good and reliable.

- Scott M

Blind spots with people in passenger, and car is low to ground.

I love my little car, has some major blind spots when others are in the car. I like driving the car. I would recommend to others.

- Kit D

Very low entry cost and very low cost of ownership.

I love the gas mileage it gets. I love how reliable it is, not a single repair in 70k miles. I love how cheap it was to purchase.

- scott s

Great starter car for teens

Great little car for a first purchase. Great gas mileage. Small for car seats. Comfy seats. Surprisingly large trunk space.

- Ashley F

Used, only one previous owner, great condition

Great performance, consistent fuel mileage each fill up, easy maintenance to do at home and not need to take to a dealership

- Nicole M

Gas mileage is great, and the gas tank is not large.

The gas mileage is great. It is small and can fit in small places. It is leaking a little transmission fluid. No complaints.

- Rica S

Parts for this car are very cheap. If you are a college student or someone trying to save money on gas, this is the way to go.

My car gives me really good gas mileage. It certainly does not perform as well as a VW going uphill but it does drive nice.

- Gerlin J

It was sold at a good price and has been virtually worry-free.

Has been very dependable, mechanically, but lacks a lot of modern conveniences. Plus the cloth seats are easily stained.

- Chris R

This is a very good car to own

Very reliable, comfortable to a point, the gas mileage is a very big plus, low maintenance, and very easy to work on.

- Alexandria T

It is small but not too small. I love the hatchback trunk. It seats 5 comfortably. It does not require a lot of gas. A full tank of about 12 gallons can last for 8 hours of driving at highway speed.

It's comfortable. It is not high end with the latest technology, but it has what you need for a comfortable car ride.

- Kristin M

That it is very spacious inside seats for extremely comfortable.

Size, the drop down back seats allow for versatility.... Gas mileage.... Interior work is cheaply made and attached.

- Randy N

Rides great . Good gas mileage. Couldn't ask for a better car.

My car gets great gas mileage. It's a good riding car. I will buy another one because I have no problems or company

- Rose F

It gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It is a good car if you do not have kids. Does not have all wheel drive. Dash is dated.

- Ryan J

That it's practical and reliable

It's very practical. Small with good gas mileage, but can still hold a lot of cargo. Easy to park in big cities.

- Brett R

Very cost and gas efficient

This car has been very gas efficient and has only required regular maintenance to run smoothly for a long time.

- Amanda N

It is basic. There are no super fancy features on my car, but that is not a complaint.

This is a new vehicle that I have had for about 3 weeks now. Has fantastic gas mileage and all around good car.

- Amy R

this is a decent little Budget Car for the price point. Overall, it has been pretty reliable but the engine has very little pickup. If you are one person on a tight budget it is a decent car for you but I would recommend an Elantra.

For the price it is probably the best buy out there. It is good for City driving but not good for the highway.

- Cher M

I trust it. I feel that i will not have problems in the road if I am driving it.

I like the that it drives softly in the road, I feel secure in it. I would like it have a retro visual camera.

- Marta R

That it is comfortable. The get up speed isn't the greatest but other than that it's a pretty good car to drive and have.

I really like my car. It is not too fancy but just right. It has great gas mileage and seems to work smoothly.

- Aulton K

This car has great fuel economy and is comfortable to drive

I like the fuel mileage and small size. Overall I am happy with it. I wish it came with remote locks, though.

- Christina A

Reliable and affordability

I like the pricing of the vehicle and low maintenance. My only dislike is the front seems low to the ground.

- Josie J

It is comfortable and sporty and it get great gas mileage

I love my Hyundai Accent. I has peppy pick up and the style is very sporty. It has a comfortable interior.

- David B

Bumper made of very cheap quality. Very low so it hits anything.

I love my Hyundai. The only issue I encountered is that the car is very low so the bumpers are now mess up.

- Monica G

I have no problems with this car.

I have no problems with my Hyundai other than normal maintenance such as inspection, oil change, new tires.

- Virginia M

That I would recommend Hyundai vehicles to anyone. It's a good brand

My Hyundai was moderately priced. It's a fairly fuel efficient car. There isn't much power unfortunately.

- Melissa B

It has Great gas mileage, and is very small. I would recommend it.

Small, compact, and easy to drive. It's easy to get from point A to point B. And it's great for parking.

- Hunter P

It better that most people think , just because it's a small car

I like the warranty that comes with it . I also like that it gets great gas mileage . And it's sporty

- Gary S

Great mileage. Good if you want a compact car with good raid control

It's a great car great in has but it's. Little lightweight for me. Blows around in the wind too much

- Jacci D

Doesn't have the best acceleration and suffers going uphill.

It's a small four door hatchback that runs and has air conditioning and gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Lewis D

the car does do well at being fairly fuel efficient.

the car gets good gas mileage. i would prefer it to have cruise control. overall it is not too bad.

- ste b

My car was not expensive. I can afford to make my monthly payments.

I like the size of my vehicle. I am pleased with the color of my car. And I get good gas mileage.

- Queen Y

Way too small for anyone with a family or considering one

It is far too small for my needs. My family doesn't fit in it. It runs well but that isn't enough.

- Stephanie D

The gas mileage is amazing, it gets around 40 miles to the gallon

The engine is jerky. The care is light and is hard to steer in the wind. It has no cruise control.

- Ryan M

The car is fuel efficient and hasn't given me any issues since I bought it used at 43,000 miles. It's not the most comfortable or luxurious model, but it's excellent for its price point. No real complaints other than it's handling in the snow. It's a light sub-compact so you have to be careful driving around in bad weather.

It's fuel efficient and affordable. It has everything you'd want for a cheaper model sedan.

- Thomas R

It's a good basic car. A to B transportation with everything you need.

Good gas mileage. There is enough room for 5. It could have more power and luxury features.

- Jason M

the car gets very good gas mileage, about 38 miles to the gallon

my car is a small hatchback. it gets great gas mileage and gets me from point to point b

- Jeff J

The vehicle needs infrequent repairs. So far, I've only needed to general upkeep.

It's great on gas. The trunk is huge. The replacement tires for the car are cheap.

- Heather G

It gets me to where I am going and starts when I need it to start.

I like it is fuel efficient. It has nice features. The stereo could be better

- jared M

It dents easily because the body is made of very thin metal

I like the color. I like the style. The body is not as sturdy as it should be

- deb m

I think people should know that the price is worth the quality.

I love that it is a very reliable car. The car is the best quality and price.

- Taylor J

The mileage is great compared to other cars 27mpg..

Great Mileage. Low maintenance cast. plenty of room. very little noise.

- K T

I love the 10 year warranty, however, it is pretty much only the transmission that is under warranty for the full 10 years.

It is reliable. I have only had a few minor repairs in the past 6 years

- stefanie s




It's a small hatchback, but four doors. It drives very nice. It was affordable. It's great on gas. It is very low maintenance.

Affordable car with very low maintenance and great gas mileage.

- Johnathan F

the quality has gone down compared to what it used to be for this model

a bunch of things are going wrong with it at the same time now

- D D

It is faster than it looks. It can hold more stuff than i thought it would.

I love the look. The size is perfect. It fits my personality.

- Kittim D

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it's great on gas.

I love how it's good on gas. It's compact. And drives well.

- Patricia K

it gets great gas mileage

i like the gas mileage but It's too lightweight for winter

- Jacqueline D

It's cheap for a reason! Be sure to save extra money for repairs

It breaks way too easily like the breaks, the mirrors.

- Hope Z

Good mileage, good standard features.

Good mileage. Reliable. Can't see hood from inside.

- Denis A