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The most interesting thing about this car is the large size and fair gas mileage.

I have been driving this car on and off for about 5 years now, and I have not had any big problems with the car! I have driven this car both locally and on small (2-3 hour trips). The tires are the only things that I have needed to get replaced within this past year. I have really loved driving this car. I have found this car to be very good on gas (for an SUV), safe (high above the ground) and good for highway/city/off-road driving. This car is also very comfortable as it has leather interior, front seats that go back a good ways and back seats that fold down to make a lot of extra room. After driving this car, I do not think I will ever go back to anything smaller!

- Abigail D

Tried and true tried since 2010 and consistently been true to my needs.

My 2010 Santa fe has never let me down in mechanical, safety, or comfort. I know it is getting time to think about trading in for a newer model (maybe past time) with less mileage, but I have sat in newer vehicles and the comfort is no way comparable to mine. When I decide to go on a trip I always have my oil changed and everything checked over. My mechanic has never found any troubling issues that would postpone my plans. If and when I do decide to go for a newer vehicle I will look at the Santa Fe first. If not to my liking I will look into the same make of vehicle.

- Marty R

It is decent on gas mileage.

It was not the car I chose, the bank decided what I could get. I do not like that it is very basic and not unique, as far as exterior looks. It is okay just not striking. I would have chosen a bolder color, like red or cobalt blue but I got stuck with ice blue. I like that it switches to eco fuel but I wish it had more power, it is only a 4-cyl and I would have chosen 4x4 with 6-cyl so I can snowboard during the winter. Overall it is just a basic car that is not bad but I was not what I would have chosen for myself.

- Tamara V

It is compact yet roomy... I love that it has wireless features for the phone.

I really love my SUV. It was a gift for my son and daughter-in-law. It is a smooth ride, I love that it is high up off the ground but not too high, and how smooth it rides, this is the first vehicle that I have owned that has a rear view windshield wiper which I like. The car or SUV is smooth on the road the only thing that is that I had to adjust to is how quickly you get to the speed.. It is roomy to carry the children and yet there's plenty of room to put stuff in the back all in all I really love my vehicle.

- Loretta D

The Santa Fe is a stable and roomy vehicle with plenty of cargo space.

The Santa Fe really handles well. The car is stable on turns. Some SUVs feel too top heavy but this one really handles like a dream. I am very happy with the features that are available in the car. The only thing is that I wish that I had the in car navigation. However, that is not a reason to dislike the vehicle. It is roomy and I have plenty of room to haul items. It is very important to me because I have a son involved in sports that there is enough room for piling kids in for events. It sits 5 comfortably.

- Jennifer L

Santa Fe great for both passenger use as well as moving.

I have had very few issues with the Santa Fe. It is very comfortable and drives smoothly and has been a great car for long distances. I have enjoyed the sunroof along with the seat warmers. The only complaint that I have is that there is a slight rattle in the sunroof that they said could not be fixed. It has been a great car as far as loading it up, be it a tailgate, move or hauling bags of mulch around. Easy to fold the seats down to make room for transporting large objects.

- Laurie L

The interior lights around the cup holder and dash all light up blue.

Performance wise this vehicle has great “get up and go”, it drives smooth and breaks well. The steering wheel in my model is a little rigid but you get used to it. I do not have any problems just a few things I would like to be different. I am 5’8 and I wish the seat would slide further back. Also the vehicle monitors your miles to empty. But stops at 30 miles, I wish it continued past that.

- Porsche S

Great battery life, great vehicle overall.

I feel that this is a very reliable vehicle. I have owned it for 3 years and only recently have had to put any money into it. The first thing I needed was a new battery. When the mechanic removed the old battery to install the new one he mentioned that the battery was the one that the factory installed when vehicle was manufactured. I would say that is a pretty good testament to Hyundai vehicles.

- Patty F

The car is a beautiful reliable statement car.

Very comfortable and roomy and spacious. I have never had to take my car in aside from the routine checkups and maintenance. It is very reliable and has the never failed me on a long road trip or through harsh climates. The car has over 100, 000 miles and still runs like a dream. Very good car for storage and for fitting and carpooling 5 people.

- Madison C

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a reliable vehicle to own with routine maintenance.

It is reliable and no mechanical issues beyond routine maintenance. There is plenty of cargo space. It seats 4 comfortably. It handles smoothly. It corners well. It does well in snow when equipped with snow tires. It can tow a small trailer. There is a roof rack for additional storage on long trips. The stereo system controls are user-friendly.

- Connie J

Great move with my trade-in, now I hit the road in comfort.

The vehicle is really reliability, better than my last one which broke down almost everyday. Since I had the vehicle, I had only one flat tire. It is good on gas and drives great on the highway. I like its size too, not to big or small. When I let my friends drive they enjoy it. The a/c blows great cold air which I need living in Florida.

- Tiffany P

Hyundai is a good buy for a solid, consistently performing vehicle.

Needs more legroom, a little wobbly on corners. It gets good mileage and I have been happy with the low service needed beyond oil changes. Some of the finishing features are starting to fall off, seats are comfortable and the seat belts better than Honda. Good storage area for hauling and I like the trunk feature for hiding purse, etc.

- Michelle J

Hyundai Santa Fe used 2010.

It looks great on the outside and inside. I love how the back seat folds down. However it sounds cheap while it running. It has a problem with emissions parts currently. I keep taking it in to a mechanic to listen to the sounds when it is driving but they are telling me there is nothing wrong. Makes me feel like it is not reliable.

- Brandy L P

Nothing else to say about my vehicle.

Bought the vehicle for my wife back in 2010. She drove it for 4 years until she died of cancer. It was a very good car with very little maintenance problems that I fixed myself like changing oil and wiper blades. Mileage was about 23 mpg all the time. It is a good running and comfortable vehicle and hope it lasts forever.

- Ed D

It is a good quality vehicle overall.

Overall it is s pretty good vehicle, it is nicely made and the interior and exterior quality of the vehicle is good. Needs more leg room in my opinion, but I am quite tall so it may just be me. So far it has been a very reliable vehicle, did have the fuel pump go out last month but other than that all is good thus far.

- Jessica R

Our car is reliable and a part of our family. It gets us where we need to go.

I love my car. It is spacious and has all the needed room for my family. It drives smooth and works well. The only downfall is the body of my car. It has an old exterior so it has seen better days. The bumps and bruises tell our story and where we have been. They are apart of our car now like it is apart of us!

- Stacy K

Extremely satisfied with my Hyundai Santa Fe.

Very reliable, comfortable, roomy, gas mileage is pretty good. Been very happy with this vehicle. Purchased new. It has great cargo space. Not looking forward to replacing it. I would definitely purchase another one. Sits high enough to see in traffic, some of the newer models do not seem to sit as high as the 2010.

- Kelsey K

Great car, I love it so much!

My Santa Fe is a great car. I recently was rear ended by not one, but two cars. I thought the damage to my car would be extensive but it really wasn't bad at all. Just a slight dent. I haven't had any issues with my car at all, it was previously owned and it has over 150, 000 miles on it and it still runs great!

- Hilary D

Great car for moms without the look.

I have never had any problems except wear and tear. Runs great I feel very safe and comfortable. I live where it snows a lot and haven't had any issues during the winter with the car losing traction. Also the seats in the back recline very far so when I have to transport bigger objects it is much easier.

- Ashley B

Favorite car for my entire life!

I love the car all in all. The brakes do need to be replaced but still work well. Interior is extremely nice and seats are a high comfort level. Steering is easy and light but not out of control and too loose. The trunk/back space was enough room to put almost all of my college dorm room belongings.

- Alexa W

Reliability in a beautiful package!

My Hyundai has been problem-free and reliable since I bought it. No maintenance at all besides regular oil changes and new tires. This us the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. I bought it because I'd read rave reviews about its reliability and safety record, and I haven't been disappointed.

- Lisa W

Reliable for a long time but starting to get old.

The vehicle has been very sturdy for a long time but I recently had to replace the alternator and timing belt all at the same time which was quite expensive. I also have some warning lights that have turned on and I cannot get to turn off. However, before this it was very easy to keep up with it.

- Kyle H

It gets me where I need to go when I need to be there I am comfortable in my car.

Good gas mileage, heats up quickly, many great features, gets me where I need to go every time, shows me. Miles till empty, average gas milage and the current mph with the touch of a button. I love the color of my car and how easy it is to drive I love that the driver seat has power controls.

- Bella C

It's been super reliable and handles well in al weather.

I love my Santa Fe. It is easy to drive. I only have one small blind spot, seats are comfortable, and has cup holders. I have had no problems with it. I did have to get the ignition replaced but that was under warranty. Love that I can connect my phone via Bluetooth to listen to my music.

- Michelle R

Slick design small looking on the outside but roomy in the inside.

I love my car!! Sometimes it's rough driving on the highway, but all around very comfortable, easy maintenance car. Gas mileage is great. No problems fitting my whole family in it. Great looking body on the outside with a light baby blue pain. Would highly recommend it for people to buy.

- Tanya G

Smooth ride. Really enjoyable.

I really have not had any problems with my vehicle. It runs very well. It is great on gas. It has a lot of room. I am very comfortable driving it. I like the way it looks. The Bluetooth feature is great. My kids love riding in our vehicle. This is my second Hyundai and I am very happy.

- Jennifer G

Spacious crossover SUV perfect for small families or young adults.

The AUX output is messed up so I have to plug in my charger halfway into my phone as well as the six cord. The battery also dies frequently despite preventative measures and I have replaced it several times and it still does it. However the trunk is huge and I love how much it can fit.

- Sarah M

Love Hyundai's very dependable.

Great little family car. . I had this vehicle for about 3 1/2 yrs. Very dependable, good gas mileage, rides smooth. Cons about this car every time I have had headlights or running lights go out, I have to take to dealership to replace, for the inconvenience of putting them in myself.

- Hope E

This car is great on gas!

I love that the car rides smooth even with high mileage. Great on gas especially for an SUV. There are some electrical problems. Passenger side door does not unlock. Also, USB port is disabled. There’s plenty of trunk space. The car is high but not too high for a shorty like me.

- Jasmin E

First time SUV

Great on gas. Reliable; only had to replace tires. Bluetooth enabled but sort of a hassle with the commands taking so much time to process because you can only talk after the beep; repetitive. Heated seats. Sunroof. Spacious trunk. Tinted rear windows. Back windshield wipers.

- Jasmin E

Saves money and keeps on going.

I love this car because it handles better on the road than a SUV and it has the same amount of cargo space as many SUV's. It is lighter and therefore uses less gas. It is more affordable than most foreign models and so far, I have had no mechanical failures with this vehicle.

- Connie J

First time financier happy buyer.

Love the size and handling. Gas mileage is good. Features include heated seated heats, Bluetooth, sunroof, power windows and driver seat. 60/40 rear seats. Extra storage in back is good as well. Looks great. Handles easily. Pricing is reasonable. I really love this vehicle.

- Kaye M

Great car to have as a cornerstone for the "Brand New Family" starter pack.

This vehicle seats our small family and pet perfectly. There is plenty of space in the back for us to transport luggage on long trips, and a roof rack on top if necessary to add additional storage. We've never had any problems with it mechanically and it performs great!

- Robert C

Car is good for short people.

It is good for short people like me. I can see around headrests and over hood. It is spacious enough for my family and 2 big dogs. I love that hooks up to my phone, and can hook kindle up to AUX cord to listen to my music. Has numerous ports to charge electronics.

- April S

Hyundai have really come along way since I first had one in the early '90s.

This vehicle has been good to me over the years but has been having major issues that has been expensive to fix. It might be time to say goodbye but & time to get a new vehicle. I have no real complaints about this SUV. It has treated me well for all these years.

- Oliver J

The eco feature for gasoline is my favorite feature.

The gas mileage is efficient and the eco feature helps to almost double my mpg. It is at about 150, 000 miles, and there have been no detrimental problems. Small tune ups are required, however that is true with any car. It drives well in the snow as well as rain.

- Madison S

The most important thing others should know about the car is the blind spots.

The car performs pretty good. I have not has any unusual problems. The one thing that bothers me is that it does have a lot of blind spots. I find it very comfortable to drive even on long drives, with plenty of room for luggage and whatever else I want to pack.

- Cheryl G

It drives very smooth and safe.

I love this car, but had to get it fixed after I bought it because the all wheel drive gear was stuck on so it made the car thump when it drove. It is all fixed now and rides like a champ! It is the perfect size for my little family and it is safe and reliable.

- Chelsea P

Reliable with very few flaws.

Well on off terrain and in climate weather. Gas mileage could be better, full tank lasting at least 4 hours. Seats are comfortable. A/c gets kind of annoying blowing on you constantly. Plenty of storage space in the trunk, great for camping or round trips.

- Asia F

My Hyundai is an awesome vehicle.

It is a very comfortable ride. The seats are extremely comfortable too. The gas averages 18 mpg city driving and 24 mpg on the highway. It has GPS, rear camera, sirius radio and USB and iTunes plugs. It looks amazing. I have experienced no major breakdowns.

- Pat E

Great car, keeps on running!

I take frequent long road trips around the country and appreciate having the space to take my 70 pound dog with me. I also like being able to pull a small popup trailer for camping trips. It's been very reliable for me over the past 7 years.

- Alison R

The trunk has huge trunk space!

I love how big my car is for being a crossover SUV. It is super spacious and I can fit anything I like - great for moving purposes. I also love how it drives. The car does not require hard pressure when breaking, but it is not too sensitive.

- Sarah M

The Santa Fe is reliable and comes with the country's best warranty.

I love how reliable my Santa Fe is. It has over 135,000 miles on it and has given me zero problems. It is good on gas as far as suvs are concerned. I will most likely be getting another Santa Fe in the next few years.

- Nicole C

It has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned!

I love the size of it, I can put so much in the back with the seats down, it's amazing. The gas mileage is pretty good but I feel it could be better. The way it still rides after 8 years is amazing! Highly recommend!

- Dawn A

Being able to operate things from steering wheel

I really like my SUV. I love the features. Being able to talk on my phone without really being on my phone is great. It is totally dependable and has a good cargo area. The dealership has been good about maintenance.

- Debra E

It has a good smooth ride and is quite

l like the way it rides, it is very smooth. Also, i like that it has a very long warranty. The only thing that i dislike is that it could be better on gas mileage and should have included maintenance like toyotas.

- giulio Z

Great gas mileage and smooth ride comfortable for road trips

I love my santa fe. It rides great, roomie and great gas mileage! My only issue is with the service department at my local dealer. They were rude and don't know how to fix things in a timely manner and correctly.

- Ali G

Good size for the price, 8 years old and still going strong. Would purchase again.

It was very reasonably priced and has performed fairly well. It did have a few odd issues, such as not starting because it thought it wasn't in park. And also had a major oil leak that wasn't covered by warranty.

- Mallory L

It gets good mileage and has stayed relatively free from malfunctions in spite of its age.

I like that it is a good size for our current family. I really dislike the front seats and cannot imagine why they were designed as they were. I also do not like the difficulty I have entering the vehicle.

- Mary B

It is great in the snow and has on board navigation system

This is the second Hyundai vehicle that we have owned. I like because it has all wheel drive and has never left us stuck in the snow. The only complaint is that the power door locks have given us trouble.

- Michael v

They should know that it is a good sized SUV with plenty of space for 5 passengers and lots of cargo room.

I like the larger size SUV which was as cheap as a smaller SUV. I like the cargo space and how easy it is to put the back seats down. I am starting to have trouble with locking mechanisms on all 4 doors.

- Jen T


This car has been pretty maintenance free. . . Other than the usual. I did have to replace the front coil spring on both sides of vehicle. It is necessary to keep up with the oil change schedule. Brakes

- Christine S

Short person's dream car!

I love my Santa fe. It is comfortable and easy to drive on long road trips. I also like how the seat is easily adjusted front to back and up and down. Being short, this is a huge plus!

- Tiffany G

Not your average soccer moms car

It's a great car. Have only had one problem with a hose for the air conditioning and other than that it's been maintenance. Roomy, for a mom with kids and drives nice. Good gas mileage.

- Erica C

It is a reliable car, but has some issues that may cause some to not like the car.

I like the color, shape and size of the car. I do not like the locking issues I have been having. I like the Bluetooth. I do not like that I cannot charge my phone without a charger.

- Lauren E

Since it is a foreign car the parts can be expensive if you need any major work done.

The vehicle has 125,000 miles and has had no major issues. It rides great and have not done any major work except change the oil. I don't have any complaints about the vehicle.

- Nicholas C

Old and a little broken down. So are we!

1 car payment to go. Just hit 100, 000 miles, master cylinder just went out. We love the car and don't want to buy another at our age, so, we'll have master cylinder replacer!

- Judith H

It drives well on long distances.

Good mileage, roomy, easy to drive. Trunk is big, and easily holds my walker or wheelchair...... Would like better mileage. The Hyundai dealer is.. About 50 miles from home..

- Judy H

It's a nice midsize SUV, very roomy. Gets good gas mileage.

Vehicle is nice. But being used I've had to put a lot of money into fixing things on it from normal wear and tear. Not used to having to spend that on fixing vehicles.

- Amber B

It's dependable and easy to maintain

I like the fact my vehicle is roomy and has space.i acquired the vehicle when it was pretty much new. Most important it has been dependable. I hope it last me a while

- Shayne M

The suv handles well in all weather with the AWD, lots of room. I had no major warranty repair issues.

Good warranty with very good reliability. The price was the best in class and the dealer was easy to work with. Wish some of the interior was better quality.

- Larry F

It is very safe, but uses a lot of gas.

I do not like the headrests. It does not have leather seats. It didn't come with a cover to cover the back end of any contents in the back end of the jeep.

- Terri M

There is an oil consumption problem.

Easy to drive.. Feels solid and handles very well in winter driving.. Good gas mileage.. Has a good amount of cargo space and capacity for a total of 5..

- Alice F

It's a great small family car! It fits our family very well and we enjoy the ride of it.

It's a reliable car for our little family! We love how smooth the drive is. We do wish the back trunk was bigger and that the second row of seats moved.

- Sarah R

It's dependable and reliable. I have not had any major problems and I have put almost 100, 000 miles on it.

I love my Sante Fe. I have plenty of room for my grandchildren and to load up for a trip. I have not had any problems other than normal wear and tear.

- Francine R

Hyundai Santa fe Must know

overall a good ride, comfortable and good on gas however, the transmission has no user access to top up fluid. you have to bring it to a dealer.

- jason w

Best car ever. Suitable for all.

I love my car it is roomy dependable. Very comfortable long trips. This is my 2nd Santa Fe. I loved the first one so much I had to have another.

- Carol E

That it's a good car for the average person and that it gets decent gas mileage.

I like that it's reliable and spacious. It's safe and good for commuting to school. It also has good AC. I dislike that it occasionally stalls.

- Michaela c

Reliable, good for families.

It's a good car, just doesn't suit me anymore. It's roomy and comfortable. Gas mileage is decent. It's a very "soccer mom" type of car though.

- Beverly M

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

This vehicle has to have very little maintenance.. The dealership service department is very good.. The santa fe gets very good gas mileage.

- Charles V

We have gotten 24-27 mpg since the purchase of this vehicle in August 2010.

I like the height of the SUV seat. The car is easy to handle. There have been some problems with moisture in the headlights & tail lights.

- Doretta S

Gas mileage is great. It has plenty of room for families

I love the vehicle, it looks nice and sporty and is very roomy. It gives very good gas mileage. There is nothing I do not like about it.

- Bob J

It is not american made car.

It's okay, I prefer american made cars - have always been a Chevy girl. I was able to purchase the car used at a very cheap price.

- Lori S

It's a great first family vehicle.

I like the extra trunk space. I like the mileage. I wish it provided more room in the front seat when you put a car seat behind it.

- Jessica M

Very reliable for the price.

Like: cost and maintenance of owning it, great value . Dislike: need auto back trunk release, more than 1 CD. Also need more vents

- Brenda L

Rides smooth. Handles well.

Like - very smooth steering, ride.... Dislike - has no running board - I am short and find I have trouble climbing into the car..

- Marilyn B

It is an SUV without four wheel drive.

Its a ford, what can I say. It's good on gas, drives well, carries a lot of toys, I have not had any major problems with it yet.

- Ronald P

It is very economical to operate over a long period of time.

It's comfortable on trips. it is very good on gas. it is painted a dark color so when it is parked in the sun it is hot inside.

- donnie b

it is a very good vehicle and never has problems. the warranty is also good.

i like the body style and the interior space and design. it has all of the room I need. I can haul stuff in it that is large.

- Robin W

Good value for what you get.

It is very comfortable, easy to drive, and feels sturdy. I do not like the color of interior - cream, very hard to keep clean.

- Cheryl F

Reliable but broken sunroof.

Sunroof motor no longer works. Driver side window gets stuck down. Overall has been a great vehicle for the last 8 years.

- Lindsay F

It's very reliable and easy to handle.

It rides smoothly and carry a large load. It is economical on gas consumption. Parts cost a lot if new ones can be found.

- Frank W

Great car for single families

This is a really great car if you're looking for something bigger than a sedan. But still too small if you have a family.

- Karena Z

Every family should have one.

Big trunk, high of the ground, smooth ride, good mpg. I wish it had a sunroof, memory seats, and automatic seat heater.

- Amanda L

not 4 wheel. Plus makes weird noise when shifting

Gas mileage is great. I have had no major problems. Everything still works great. Only issues are its front wheel drive

- Cathy R

I believe the most important things is that it's a small SUV but still has a good amount of space for families.

I like that my Santa Fe is an SUV but also a small vehicle. It has a lot of space for travelling and hauling things.

- Chelsea T

It is easy to drive and comfy.

It is lasted a long time with minimal maintenance. Not too big, not too small. Ability to transport large items.

- Victoria S

it is comfortable and the interior is very nice and stylish

I like that it is roomy and you can use it to get big items from the store. it is comfortable. It is a gas hog

- kathy b

Fantastic in bad weather.

I have never had any problems with my car. It is great. I would purchase another Sante Fe. Great in the snow.

- Jane Z

Reliability and good service with good gas mileage for a SUV also.

Like the price, warranty and reliability. Like the awd and manual mode. Quality of interior could be better.

- Larry F

It is a great family car. Great for all around town running and road trips.

I like the comfort and reliability. I dislike the interior lights and it sits a little higher than I like.

- Dixie S

It is well made and dependable.

It has a smooth quiet ride. It requires very little maintenance. The cargo space is large and convenient.

- paul L

Good to get from point A to point B.

It is a good car and good on gas mileage but does not have that much power when trying to pick up speed.

- Amber W

My car Dixie is a great ride

Great car that is reliable and gets good gas mileage , seats 5 adults and is a low maintenance vehicle

- Dean H

It is known for having a jerk and the cause cannot be determined.

It has been reliable. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. The repairs have been somewhat costly.

- Laura S

It is a great car, it is reliable. But the tires are expensive.

I love the room and the reliability. I hate the tire size-expensive and hard to find in my location.

- Spencer F

The most important thing people know is that it gets great gas mileage

I love the gas mileage. It has been a great car with no issues. It is a good car to travel we with

- Tarra M

It requires very little maintenance so it is low maintenance.

I like how it handles on the road. It is roomy. I don't like the poor tint job on the windows.

- Juanita K

I would recommend this car

Wish it got better gas mileage Enjoy driving and the look of my car Love the sunroof

- Patrick N

How reliable it is. If it is a safe car.

It's been a reliable vehicle. It's a 6 cylinder and it has a lot of features I like.

- Jeanine V

great gas mileage and has required minimal upkeep. The size is perfect. I do not know if I have just been lucky and purchased a great vehicle

My car was preowned and 5 years old when purchased. It is a very comfortable car

- Patty F

wonderful and long term warranty

Very reliable and fuel economy. It also a has a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty

- kelly W

Requires very little Maintenance. Not too comfortable. Big back trunk space

It is running great with over 100k miles. And very little needed to maintain

- Kate M

reasonably priced and offers good gas mileage while maintenance costs are low, and the styling is up to date with other models in its class.

my vehicle is reliable. It is good on gas mileage. It has a smooth ride.

- Marvin Z

good car with plenty of room

been a very good vehicle so far. no major issues. plenty of space.

- mcw L

extra storage in the back

handles well and has good features wish it got better gas mileage

- Fred D

It is a very safe car. The car has lots of airbags all the way from the front to the back.

I love my car. My car is big enough for my family but not huge.

- Michael T

runs good great on long trips

gas mileage isn't good brakes aren't good comfortable inside

- ed L

handles and rides well price is good gas mileage is good

good gas mileage rides wheels and handles well built well

- jim d

It "Fits" me. Not only physically, but in personality.

Great to haul things, easy to drive and comfortable.

- Frank O

so there were not high expectations. Just a basic SUV

Not a lot of power but it is only a 4-cyl

- Tamara L



- Theresa Y



- Roger T