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The sporty family SUV made with the whole family in mind.

I have nothing to complain about the car. I love the comfort. I enjoy driving it because it is a smooth drive, easy to turn, and I like how the steering wheel is not to tight. The comfort of the seats is good and I can change my seat with the push of a button. Good space when all the seats are being used and the third row down provides a lot of space for packing. When the 3rd row is up. I have room for two kids in the 3rd row. Also the middle row usually has 2 car seats and plenty of space in between for someone to sit. The ability to turn the fan off in the 3rd row is a great feature especially if no one is back there. I can have the third row up and still fit a small stroller in the rear trunk area. The flipping and skidding of the middle row seat to get someone in and out of the third row is not the easiest but we have been able to make it work. I would like captains chairs in the middle if I get this model or similar in the future. . I love the feature of controlling the stereo on the steering wheel. I use the bluetooth and can hear clearly. The car looks sporty but can fit the whole family.

- Nicole S

This is how great my Santa Fe is!

2016 Santa Fe. Gray color with chrome handles that make the vehicle look luxurious. Has a very comfortable drivers seat that adjusts to any position you need to drive comfortably. Has 3 different settings of steering so you can relax or tighten up the steering wheel to your liking. Sits 3 people in the back and two in the front. Has a nice dashboard that lights up nice in the night time. It alerts me when there are any doors open, including the back door. Has a spacious back so I can put my baby's stroller and groceries in without issues. The back also has these secret compartments to store more thing in the back. Windows roll up automatically and you can lock the windows from the driver seat. It is really good on gas and rides very smoothly. Great on the highway. Alerts you when your tire pressure is low.

- Anna L

Why I love my Hyundai Santa Fe!

I love my vehicle. The display screen tells me everything from how many miles I can drive with what's in my gas tank, what needs to be maintenanced, the temperature, the direction I am traveling... The heated leather seats are so easy to clean. The 3rd row is very simple to put up and down as I need it and I have to option to fold down just half of the 3rd row. It does great in the snow and in the mud. The kids have their own temperature control in the 3rd row. I also love the backup camera and the alert I get on my mirrors when a car is passing or something is close. I honestly probably do not even know all the things it can do, features it has, yet.

- Jessica M

Dependability is key. Overall, the santa fe is a reliable and dependable vehicle.

I have had the SUV for three years and have not had problems or issues. When I purchase it, I traded in a 2004 Santa Fe and never had any issues in the 12 years that I owned it. The reliability was a key factor in purchasing another Santa Fe. It gets great gas mileage. The cabin comfortably seats 5 with plenty of leg room and comes with many standard feature such as cruise and power windows. The cabin is quiet. The overall handling of the vehicle is good and steering is responsive. The controls are easily accessible.

- Debbie C

Great vehicle!! Comfortable on long trips,

Our Hyundai Santa Fe is very reliable. This is our second one that we have owned. When it's time for us to trade again we will definitely buy another one. It holds the road good, its great on the wintery roads that we have up north here, and it's comfortable. It's very roomy, and when you put the seats down it gives you a ton of room when needed. There are a lot of safety feathers actually to many to mention. If your looking for a good vehicle from a trustworthy dealer visit gravy Hyundai in Plattsburgh New York.

- Tonya T

7 Passenger 2016 Santa-Fe

I have a 7 passenger Hyundai Santa-Fe 2016. I purchased certified pre-owned with less than 1000 miles from a dealership. It has rear view camera on dashboard. CD radio, heated seats, USB ports in front and rear. Third row seating is tight and requires lowering second row seats. Cup holder in middle of seats in second row and on sides for third row. Trunk space is limited when third row is raised. Automatic transmission. Auto seat position driver side.

- Gwendolyn C

I feel my family and myself are safe in this car and I would recommend to all families

I love this car. I feel that myself and my family are safe in it. It very comfortable and roomy in the car. You don't feel like your sitting on top of each other. I love that you can use your phone to your car. The only thing I don't like is you have to connect your phone to car( meaning you have to plug in phone to car to connect) to use gps or listen to your music and if your wire is broken then you can't use the gps at all. Wish it was built in.

- Doreen B

Good for family, service not reliable.

The Santa Fe sport is a great family car. It is small enough to own in a busy urban area, but large enough to feel safe and load up all that you need. It has more minor issues than my previous Civic. For instance, I have had wiring issues with my brake light, and my powered window occasionally does not work when it is cold. The service Hyundai provides is not as nice as Honda. Hyundai workers were not as courteous and there was a longer wait time.

- Nicole T

Comfort, safety and style.

My Hyundai Santa Fe has proven to be a very reliable vehicle. I have been in a traffic accident, not my fault, that totaled my first one because someone pulled out into traffic without looking first. The vehicle saved me from serious injury because of the way it is built. This one has given me no problems and is very comfortable to ride in on long trips and the heated seats are a real comfort for people with arthritis. I would buy one again.

- Charles L

2016 Santa Fe sport is a reliable vehicle with great mileage.

I absolutely love my Hyundai Santa Fe sport. I especially love that it feels like driving a car but has enough space to accommodate traveling or a small number of children. I am driving constantly, logging close to 300-400 miles per week if not more, and I have not had any problems with it so far. It even gets pretty good gas mileage for a crossover size vehicle. I am very pleased with my vehicle and would definitely recommend it.

- Jordan H

I absolutely love my Hyundai Santa Fe.

This is an awesome vehicle! Some of the features that I love the most are: 1. ) The back up camera, 2. ) The third row seating 3. ) Spacious trunk/cargo 4. ) Spacious seating 5. ) Performance 6. ) Acceleration 7. ) Gas mileage is good for an SUV. Some of the features I would change: 1. ) Difficulty getting into third row seats 2. )Would like more control over the back up camera- it does not activate until you are in reverse.

- Bridget C

Spiffy base model & an occasional Rogue calling.

The base model comes equipped with a rear view backup camera. The only thing that would make the base package a little better would be to offer an automatic lift gate. Our phone connects to the Bluetooth quite nicely for hands free driving, although the 'woman' doing the listening has on occasion missed the mark in selecting the correct contact to call but that is easily fixed by canceling the call & trying again.

- Erin P

Great first family car no kid to 1st kid.

We have base model Santa Fe sport it is great good maneuverable with very good safety rating very good buy steaming for the car is good. Being a preowned vehicle the breaking was a little soft even after the inspection of the car and having changed it. The interior is spacious and plenty of room for a young family with a kid and a dog. It is a great starter car for young transitioning to a family.

- Phill D

Reliable car, good size, looks nice.

I enjoy the size of my vehicle. It has 3 rows which makes it easy to pick up my child and his friends from school and sports practices. The gas mileage is nice. The seat warmers are very nice on a cold day. I like the look of the vehicle. It has been very reliable over the last 3. 5 years since I bought the vehicle, other than the one time it wouldn't start for me because it needed a new battery.

- Powell S

Honest review regarding Hyundai Santa Fe sport.

My vehicle is the basic Santa Fe sport model. No bells and whistles. Really there is not much to love, it gets me from point A to point B. Would love seat warmers or a nice sunroof, but I would not pay more for that. There are some issues with the car after only 2 plus years. The back water dispenser to clean the back window is now squirting the water inside the car for some reason.

- Kimi A

Very happy with vehicle. The lane change warning should be on all vehicles.

I love the vehicle, it handles great. The car is really comfortable on trips. Love the backup camera and think it should be on every vehicle. I was disappointed that I did not think about the trunk door not having a automatic door open and shut. I just assumed and it didn’t. I am not real crazy about the gas mileage. I have got 35000 miles and I get 23 on highway.

- Tana M

Hyundai Santa Fe sport review.

It drives and brakes smoothly with good gas mileage. It is comfortable and reliably starts up every day. I am a short person (5'0") and have to raise the seat for better visibility when I drive. There's a safety door feature I can set where the doors lock as soon as the car reaches a certain speed and unlock when the car slows down to 5 miles/hour or so.

- Susan M

It has a panoramic sunroof which I absolutely love.

My santa fe is super reliable and comfortable. I have two boys five and eleven. It is great for transporting them to sports and family events. Also great and spacious when traveling on vacations. The trunk space honestly has to be my favorite part. It is large enough to transport pieces of furniture and also can fit multiple suitcases with no problem.

- Bree P

Comfortable and reliable small SUV.

I love my Santa Fe, it is the perfect size for me driving by myself and provides comfortable seating for when it is full. It has wonderful storage space for when I am transporting equipment between my work locations. It provides me with a smooth ride and comfortable ride with features close enough to the driver to not be a distraction while driving.

- Melanie F

That is its very dependable.

The santa fe gets good mileage and is very roomy for our needs. The seats are much more comfortable than our old cr-v, especially on long drives. We keep up on all scheduled maintenance with the dealer and have had no problems with the car. I just wish a better (different) color had been available on the lot when we bought it--silver is so common.

- Margaret H

Great seating room. Very spacious compared to other similar models and brands.

Sometimes misses out when at a stop light. A little bumpy and noisy. Handles well. Good gas mileage. Very spacious. Good visible driving lights. I like the parking lights. Sometimes one of the inside dome lights will not come on. Other times works just fine or seems to short out. Concerned about the recalls. In fact I just received another one.

- steve C

Great car for commuting to work or for families.

Very comfortable ride, good for kids, decent gas mileage. Does have issues of a blind spot, but not too bad. Easy to drive and not so big. I use this to commute 70 miles to and from work every day. The maintenance is low for the most part. Paint on the hood chips early in its life so that would be one of the downfalls. Otherwise great vehicle.

- Kelly S

It can fit luggage(suitcases) for a family of 9 comfortably in the cargo area.

We have the base model, no extra bells or whistles but I enjoy that the base includes a rear view camera. I enjoy the key fob system to lock/unlock, although I do wish it came with an automatic 1 touch lift gate. Growing tired of being low to the ground we opted to get an SUV when we upgraded our vehicle. This is a good sized 'starter' SUV.

- Erin P

My particular Santa Fe has all possible packages such as moonroof, heated and cooled seats, navigation, and fog lights.

I have had my santa fe for two years now and still thoroughly enjoy having it. The second row pilot seats are great for our small children in their car seats. They are easy to get to and it leaves plenty of room for storage. My only real problem with the vehicle is that it is not AWD and would want my next vehicle to have that feature.

- Amanda H

Santa Fe sport. Well worth the money!

This vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. It is ideal for my family of three. The trunk has hidden storage and is also very roomy. It has Bluetooth capability. The radio controls on the steering wheel are very convenient when driving. This truck is great on gas and very reliable when taking long trips. It has been a great buy.

- Tiffany P

Santa Fe sport and car seats.

The car is comfortable and easy to drive. It has a lot of storage space. The biggest con of the car is the overlapping seat belt in the back making the third back seat hard to use/unsafe with two car seats in the back, even though SpaceWise another person or car seat would be able to fit if the seat belts did not overlap so much.

- Sara G

Hyundai Santa Fe - cheap but high quality.

Hyundai Santa Fe is not a famous type of car but its quality is more than you expect even though the car is really cheap. Santa Fe series of Hyundai are mostly big (not like SUV but still not a small car) and when you buy the car, you can choose options if you want a specific materials of your seat, air conditioning stuff, etc.

- James P

Things I do not like about my car.

Passenger should be able to raise seat up and down like driver can. Headrests are too high for shorter people. Cannot get hand in the coin department. Love the heated seats and able to raise driver seat high. Do not like the fact the spare is under the car and hard to get to. Like the back up camera wish mine was bigger.

- Brenda B

Size with great fuel economy.

Extremely comfortable for short or long trips. Many conveniences plus tons of space when needed. Love that the back row is not forgotten with accommodations like back air vents and individual seat recliners. Handles the road extremely well and I didn't have to sacrifice on fuel mileage for the larger vehicle!

- Ashley Z

Hyundai Santa Fe - for middle class families

I love that it took over 2 yrs to need my brakes replaced. I do hate that the onboard maintenance system tells me to change my oil twice a year and that cannot be fixed. I don't like the tires are about $200 each. Other than that great vehicle. I my open better than Dodge and Ford SUVs I have had both.

- Cecelia T

Do you like waiting on the side of the road?

I am a huge fan of this SUV but there are some issues with it. I will say it is very comfortable and great for bigger families. But some of the issues I cannot stand is that the battery stops whenever it feels like it even though there are no problems with it. I also hate how much the brakes squeal as well.

- Katherine W

Our SUV is white and looks very sharp.

We just recently bought our Santa Fe and love it. We have not had any problems and the car has been really reliable in SD at this time of subzero temperatures. One of my favorite features is the heated seats and the seat are very comfortable. Also, this SUV will be able to pull our boat as we added a hitch.

- Heather S

It's a great starting family car for families of 1-2 children.

I love the size and space I have to go on a road trip. The features on the dashboard that alert me when something is wrong is something every car should have. The only issues I have had is a jolt that was recalled and fixed then several flat tires but that is due to being unlucky or the make of the tire.

- Jessica S

Awesome crossover SUV for a small family who likes to travel.

This is the perfect small SUV for a family of 4 or 5. It is roomy and spacious inside but compact to fit in tight spaces or get around tight spots. The truck has plenty of space for tons of groceries and a big stroller. It is great on gas mileage. The backup camera and heated seats are nice luxuries.

- Ashley C

They are such a great value of a car! Drives great!!

I drive a Hyundai Sabre Fe, I have only driven Hyundai's. I first had the Elantra that I drove for 10 years it drove for 200000 miles. I then had another Elantra and sonata. Now I Drive the Santa Fe and love it! The price for all the Hyundai have been such a good value and have all driven wonderful!

- Nicole C

Great small SUV, that is stylish but can get the job done.

I love this car, it is the second one I have owned. Easy to maintain, fun to drive. Just the right size to transport what I need, but still stylish. Hyundai has a great warranty and my dealership is great to work with and easy to get appointments. Would recommend this to friends and family.

- Linda F

Great safety features for highways and parking lots.

I have really enjoyed this car. It drives very smoothly and I love the sensor alert when you are switching lanes, if another car is there the sensor knows and it stays on until the car is fully past you. It makes me feel very safe because of this feature. I also enjoy the back-up camera.

- Tori S

The captains seats are nice, there is still room for some storage with all seats up.

I really like my car, I have a third row seat. One of the only downside is that it can only seat 6. The third row has three belts but unless you are transporting a child you are not going to fit more than 6 adults comfortably and anyone over 5'6" is going to find the back uncomfortable.

- aimee D

I would say that is is a cost effective way to get an suv. It has good gas mileage, a good warranty, and it isn't expensive like most suv's

I like the size and the look. It has very nice interior and nice features with the blue link and the rear view camera, the towing package. It has a lot of pluses. The downside is the it is pretty uncomfortable and hard to find a comfortable seat position and it has a lot of blind spots.

- Shelley N

There are terrible blind spots in the rear of the car and it makes it near impossible to back out of most parking spots. It is just a poorly designed car.

The customer service is terrible. The car after owning it for 2 months already had to have the transmission replaced. Even though it was used it was Certified so I feel that it shouldn't have needed a completely new transmission. The employees took over a week to complete the repairs.

- Carri D

Comfortable crossover by Hyundai.

It is a reliable crossover vehicle. When we were looking for a nice crossover Hyundai was top on the list because of their great warranty, it was one of the best at the time. The Santa Fe gets good gas mileage, has good handling, and has adequate space. It is comfortable to drive.

- Maureen W

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is a nice reliable midsize car.car

I like my Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. It has a lot of pickup. It is a nice size and has a large trunk space. I have not have any problems with it in the 2 years since I have purchased it. I do have a blind side in the car because of the headrest so I have to watch the mirrors closely.

- Patricia K

Leg room great on gas just an amazing car.

Love my car! It great in all weather & amazing on gas I never have any problems with the dealer they are always helpful and I plan on sticking to this brand for a long time! The trunk has so much space and we all fit comfortable lots of legroom everyone should test drive this car.

- Theresa P

It's very reliable, and efficient for its size

I like it's reliability, and the cost. It's taken me on many trips to our new home, and I've helped move my daughter into her apartment with it. I'm able to load up my grandsons, and their gear. I'm also able to load up cases of wine for my work. It's a good all purpose vehicle

- Kelly G

The beautiful Santa Fe sport.

I love the way it drives. It has very good drive mileage. I do not have to fill up a lot. It is a very comfortable and very reliable. The car has many features that I like, but the one that I enjoy the most is the Bluetooth feature, which allows me to talk on my cell, hand free.

- Rebecca K

Great safety and comfort features.

Very safe feeling, very comfortable, many great safety and comfort features, heated steering wheel with front and back heated seats, blinker alarms, back up camera, great in winter weather with anti lock brakes, lower gears for downshifting going down icy roads, amazing sunroof,

- Teresa J

Santa Fe 2016 - good and bad.

It is a great car. The two issues are there is a dividing line in the windshield when headlights are on which makes it hard to see and rear visibility out the back is poor but the rearview camera helps. This is my second Santa Fe and for the most part I am very happy with it.

- Fran S

The Santa Fe is a roomy vehicle with lots of cargo space in the trunk.

I love my car, there are no blind spots and the back up camera works great. The gas mileage is wonderful as I drive 80 miles to work round trip. I really wish that it had more USB plugs and even an electrical outlet. Otherwise it is roomy & comfortable. A dream to drive.

- Christina G

Great trunk space for a midsize SUV!

I love my Santa fe! I love that it has the most trunk space of any of the midsize SUVs we looked at. Everything has worked well for us. It is also very spacious. It looks nice and the style is great! Ours is a deep blue color that is so beautiful. We would buy another one!

- Car R

Excellent engineering and overall value.

Sharp looking, reliable, requires little servicing, easy to operate and great value for money. Economic to run and is comfortable to ride in. I like driving it and the dealership is good to do business with. Looking forward to seeing the next selection at Christmas time.

- Paul K

I love the color, it runs great and very affection in and gas.

I love my Santa Fe is comfortable and good in mileage and gas it fits my family well, it's big enough for us, it is spacious for 5 persons comfortable, when we go shopping the back trunk is large enough, I wish it had a better air conditioner vents, over all it is good,

- Anna M

The best SUV for your buck.

My Hyundai Santa Fe is very reliable, has great horse power and is beautiful to look at! It is reliable and is packed with great features. It is very reliable and fuel efficient. I drive many miles a day and the ride is smooth and quiet. It is a great performing SUV!

- Grace C

Sante Fe SE is VERY versatile!

I love my Sante Fe because of its versatility and performance. I can seat up to 7 adults comfortably, or I can haul 40 bags of mulch in the back! It is very comfortable and ergonomic, and I have not had a single maintenance issue with it in the 3 years I have had it.

- Erin M

Hyundai Santa Fe sport a driver's paradise.

My Santa Fe sport is easy to drive and reliable, having always started for me. The seat cushions are comfortable and I can pump up the driver's seat to be higher than the steering wheel which is important for short people, like me. The stereo system is nice, too.

- Sandy M

I love my SUV and love driving it.

I love it period and i'll keep buying it. It is very reliable and the comfort is awesome. I just wish it had more of the orange color. The size is like a tank and I feel safe. I like it when it locks when I put it in drive. I like how the h on the grill is fancy.

- Chris R

The Hyundai Santa Fe is the best car ever!!

This car is amazing it gets me from new jersey to Florida on 3 tanks of gas. I love it so much. It fits my family of 5 with no fighter. It has 3 rows the 3rd row is the best. There is even enough room in the trunk for 5 suitcases when the third row is up.

- Allison S

Sporty, easy and fun to drive!

Great gas mileage. Great handling. Comfortable and fun as well as easy to drive. Super sporty and has a look I really like. Gets around like a champ in the snow. I really love the extra storage compartments in the back. Also great cargo room in the back.

- Angie E

So much more roomy on the inside than it looks from the outside.

This is a really comfortable, roomy SUV. Drives well, I have not had any issues with reliability. Plenty of storage, both in the back and front. Has 2 cigarette lighter ports, an aux cable port, and a USB port in the storage area in the center console.

- Schaela P

It looks great and has great gas mileage compared to other sports cars.

I love the four wheel drive. The convenient collapsible backseat. Also, it is a great safe SUV. However, I dislike the amount of money it costs to fill my tank compared to my previous cars I have had. It is a lot more expensive than other cars.

- Kelly M

Can serve many different purposes. Family car while also being sporty.

We love the versatility of the Sante Fe. It has 3 rows allowing us plenty of room to take extra people. It also has a V6 which leaves with plenty of power. It also gives my wife the feeling of safety being higher off the ground than her jetta.

- Luis M

The best investment of my life is my Hyundai Santa Fe sport.

This car is reliable, I am the 2nd owner but it feels like I was the first. Its comfortable, silent, it adapts to weather conditions amazingly, its economic on gas, its sleek and luxurious in the inside. It's the best purchase I ever made.

- Jeannette M

The Sante Fe is reliable and comfortable, safe and affordable

This vehicle is extremely reliable and a very comfortable ride. It has a lot of steering options, so whatever style you are most comfortable with is available. It also has great control in all weather (winter and ice to rain and hot).

- Alease K

It is perfect for small families with pets.

I like that it has a lot of advanced technology features and that it has a good backup camera. I think it is the perfect sized car for our family. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage and it does not speed up very quickly.

- Natalya W

It's a great car for a family with kids.

I like the sunroof, heated and cooling seats along with a lot of other features. It's a good size for our family since I have three young kids. The only complaint is that because I'm short the side mirror obstructs my view at times.

- Charlene B

Love the mileage it gives.

I love my SUV because when I go on long trip you do not hear the outside noise. The seat are just perfect for long drive. The only dislike is that on the passenger side mirror, it should also have the small mirror, for closer view.

- Elsie S

Hyundai warranty is amazing!

Went from a car to SUV. Wasn't sure what I wanted exactly. Found the Santa Fe. . Had most everything I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. Another reason we went with Hyundai is their warranty. I do miss not having a sunroof.

- Megan H

which is a car with a good performance and is special to enjoy with the family and travel comfortably

has a good performance I bought it at the best price and I am very satisfied in a store its price was 32500 dollars has an insurance all states has four doors and is a perfect car to enjoy with the family my wife also has 1

- alberth t

It's an all around great vehicle to drive.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. The color and styling very much suit our lifestyle. It performs great on long trips or just running errands around town. It gets very good gas mileage. Just an all around good car.

- Jan R

It gets good gas mileage for such a large vehicle.

I love the size and the seats are comfortable. I wish the interior/radio area was more sleek. I wish the headrest was more adjustable. I wish the Bluetooth/phone connection worked better and was more intuitive to use.

- Barbara G

I love the back windows . The brights work great too o

The car works great . It is reliable and has great car Mileage. This is my favorite car to go off road with its fast for turns and gives great speed and gas milage . It's easy with children as well and very durable

- Iman A

It's great on gas and easy to drive

My truck is great because it's not oversized. I also needed 7 seats and this Sante Fe has it. It's rugged enough for my family and friends but not huge to climb into or drive. And it's not a gas guzzler

- Gina G

Hyundai Santa Fe is a wonderful vehicle to drive and enjoy. It is small, sleek, and sporty. I love this car.

I love my car. It is good on gasoline and somewhat sporty. It is comfortable as a passenger and or driver. It has a sunroof that encompasses the whole car. The air is great and so is the heater.

- Alphonzo W

It handles really great. It's been very comfortable and easy to drive.

I really like the third row seating. I also very much enjoy how smooth the ride is and it's much more space than I'm used to. i can't see the front end very well and I don't love the gas mileage.

- Angie L

Best car around! Totally love it!

Love the comfort of the vehicle. Fits our car seats comfortably as well! Drives very smoothly. Love the way the dashboard is set of. Very user friendly. Love the heated seats and steering wheel!

- Amanda D

It is comfortable and roomy.

It is comfortable, easy to drive. It is a bit large and does not get great gas mileage in town, which is the only place we drive it. But having said that, I would definitely recommend this car!

- Mari H

Hyundai Santa Fe is a great car.

My vehicle has good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive. I like the space and the cargo room. I don't like that the passenger seat sits so low. It makes it hard to see over the dash.

- Jen D

Santa Fe Sport handles well whatever the weather.

The car handles well and is a good size, especially the cargo area. However, the engine is not really big and efficient enough for the weight of the vehicle and the gas mileage is only fair.

- Lisa W

spacious, comfortable,. and really reliable

It is a very comfortable car, soft to drive, comfortable. spacious. ideal for the city, for a walk with your family, it is a pretty reliable car and in my opinion it has a beautiful design

- Brian M

It rides well and has great great accessories.

I like the feel of driving the Santa Fe. The height is perfect. I do not like that the front seats do not have arm rest. I also do not like that the middle seats do not have drink holders.

- Jana K

Back up camera - best feature on the car!

We have had good experience with the Santa Fe. We bring it in for regular inspections at the dealership. So far, we have had no issues. It drives smoothly and I feel safe in the vehicle.

- Amy B

Spacious for a smaller SUV and sporty fun to drive.

I LOVE my Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. I bought it from Enterprise Car Sales. I love the size and the leg space in the back seat footwells. Bad: blind spot passenger side back seat to rear.

- Georgia H

Not as fuel efficient as other 4-cylinders. Not a deal for the money.

Gas mileage is not what I expected from this 4-cyl. I loved my 6-cyl Santa Fe, but not so much the Sport model. I definitely won't be buying another one. Surges while a/c is on.

- Sherry W

Beware of constant major recalls. Basic model has very minimal features. Drives terribly in rain.

SUV features are okay. Constantly have recalls and maintenance needing to be done. MPG are good. Lots of room. Will trade in at the soonest possible before more problems arise.

- Kylie L

It's amazing for family trips and friendly outings.

The Santa Fe has been super reliable. I've driven it cross country three times now and still have no issues with it. Love the trunk space, love the MPG for such a big vehicle.

- Brandon H

It's a well made and good handling vehicle that has an attractive style.

I love my vehicle. It handles well, performs well and feels stable. My only complaint is the defrosters and obstructed side views that sometimes make it hard to change lanes.

- Kim W

Comfortable and safe small

I love the size of m car, perfect for hauling around a full load of groceries and people but small enough I don't feel like I'm driving a semi. Its comfortable and safe.

- Leana S

It's a smooth ride and has a lot of get up and go for a smaller vehicle.

Love the color, style and comfortable ride of this vehicle. There are really no minuses. I like the gas mileage and the way it drives on the road. Would buy it again.

- Lisa B

They should know the safety rating and the affordability.

Love the way it handles and the fuel economy. I love the way it adjust it make driving more comfortable. i have no complaints. It is my favorite car that I have had.

- kay d

The car is great for a family and easy to operate.

I love that it is a midsize suv it really fits my family well. I love the warranty they give you on the powertrain. We all fit well while traveling it is a great suv

- Patty H

Comfortable ride with a spacious interior.

Car rides smoothly and has comfortable seating in the back. Gets good gas mileage for a car this size. One complaint is that is does not handle great in the snow.

- Stephanie S

I would never buy another Hyundai

Have had more problems than I should, with this being such a new car. After two years, they finally have a fix as to why my A/C doesn't work when I drive 4+ hours.

- Sarah J

It is a great car for any family. It is good for city travel and long vacation drives.

I love the exterior styling of my Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. The acceleration and handling make it fun to drive. It has lots of storage space and a roomy interior.

- Sherry D

It is dependable, given the time I have owned it and amount of money I put in it.

The price of the car is too much for me to be able to afford it if I wanted to own it longer than its current lease. But I love the mileage and the roominess.

- Mckenna F

I drives very smoothly and is very good for look long trips.

I like how smooth the steering wheel rotates. The car can withheld pot holes. I do not like how big the body of the car is when making close turns to corners.

- Danny H

It has amazing gas mileage.

Love the size, the way it drives, the space, pick up and gas efficiency.... I don't like the size of the display screen and I wish it had keyless start-up.

- Lauren H

This vehicle is a great size and provides great features.

We have had it for over year and it has been great. The size is great for hauling things but also is not too big making it hard to drive. Very good mpg.

- Holly L

I feel like it is safe and it drives well.

I like the size. I do not like the blind spots. I love the shape. I wish it had a camera in the back for backing up and ensuring I do not hit something.

- Kelly S

Great Family Vehicle. Lots of legroom great for long trips.

great car lots of room wish it had a regular navigation system. I have not had any problems at all. very reliable car, bought because of the warranty.

- Tracy B

It is very spacious and offers a lot of extras.

I like the way it drives, looks. I do not like the color. Too many silver cars out there.. Hardly have any choices when buying a car. White or silver..

- ClAudia S

I would say it is very reliable. It is driven over 12000 miles per year and is very maneuverable in city or on the open road.

The Santa-fe is a very roomy SUV. It is very comfortable to ride it and a very safety oriented vehicle. Having never had a problem with this vehicle

- Norma W

It is fun to drive- lots of room for people and stuff.

The vehicle is roomy and comfortable to ride in. It gets good gas mileage. Looks nice on the road. It sits up higher than a car for good visibility.

- Connie R

Hondas get great MPG and are great commuter cars.

Comfortable ride with good gas mileage looks sharp back up camera and excellent safety features there is nothing about this vehicle that I dislike.

- Norman K

it reflects my personality and it also knows it's way home.

i like a lot of things about my vehicle. It has a lot of modern features that I use. I also like the voice command that lets me go hands free.

- sara d

My Kia Spectra has moved me cross country multiple times, never once broken down.

Safe and reliable. Its affordable with good value. No complaints. I like the weight of the vehicle. Its a quality brand. I am pleased with it.

- Caroline J

This car does great in the snow!

I have really enjoyed my Hyundai Santa Fe. It is comfortable, reliable and is great for long road trips. It also does really well in the snow.

- Kristy B

It is stylish, sporty and I love it all around.

So far no problems. This is my 2nd Santa Fe and that one is still running but with another owner. I love the style of the new Fe that I have.

- Chris C

It is the limited edition, which has all the bells and whistles. Heated and cooled seats, three row seating.

I have had my vehicle for almost three years and never had major problems. It is a very reliable vehicle and is great for our growing family.

- Alison G

The amount of space it has.

No complaints. Hyundai customer support is next to none. Vehicle rides great and gets acceptable gas mileage. Wish it had a full size spare.

- Alan K

It has room for two additional passengers if the third row seating is utilized.

It is a comfortable car and t is perfect for my family. I love the optional third row seats, and the captains chairs. I have no complaints.

- Jess h

Spacious and extremely family friendly.

I really love all of the space that I get in this car. It's also very sleek looking. Perfect for picking up kids from sports or carpooling.

- Charlie T

I'r is reliable runs well. Nice looking suv with lots of room

No problems I leased it new. I am very happy with it it's first time I ever leased a Hyundai and I would lease another in the future.

- Anthony M

Smooth ride, comfortable, good on gas mileage.

No problems, love the blue link option, very smooth ride, great customer service from the dealer. Will definitely stick with Hyundai.

- Bobbie D

Braking is very good. Road traction is great to. Worth the money.

Bought it second hand with 2500 miles on it. Really appreciate it. Works for someone with a low budget. Comfortable enough. Worth it.

- David G

Good car could improve a few things

Good gas mileage, comfortable ride, lot of legroom in back seat. No cup holders in back seat, no air conditioner vent in middle row

- Kraleen S

It is a well made vehicle.

No problem with it. Easy to maintain. Do not like it does not have automatic steering wheel lever. Comfortable to drive for a SUV.

- Patty C

All the bells and whistles for less than the leading brand

Love the moonroof and navigation system. Lane change alerts and backup camera are helpful. The air is extremely loud and annoying

- Melissa W

it's been a great car . and great gas mileage. it's a good looking car easy to care for .

its reliable and good on gas . it's not a big car .but its not too small just the right room to carry all my stuff I need to get

- peggy g

It is mine so they should respect it. Do not touch the paint and eat in it.

Likes: roomy, electronic features, sat radio, large skylight, rear door sun screens, third seat.... Dislike: road noise, price.

- Randy B

It is a good family SUV. Everyone has legroom.

The trunk is big. Everyone has space. It runs so good no noise. There are a lot of plugs for cell phone charge. It has Sirius.

- Akela J

It is reliable and great in all kinds of weather.

My Santa Fe is reliable and economical. The seating is great and the cargo space is spacious. It is great for winter travel.

- Joyce T

That my car has three rows.

I like all the space my vehicle has. I wish that there were more technological features. I wish it was more fuel-efficient.

- Maxine R

The Santa Fe is an excellent car to have for safety and for driving. Very comfortable and we love the safety features.

I love the way it drives. It handles easy, turns great. No complaints other than I would have loved to have more options

- Joyce S

It's safe, good on gas, has good features, and is a good size.

I like that it's safe, good on gas, and has safety sensors. I wish it had more seating. I also like that it has Bluetooth.

- Amber R

My vehicle has all features I need. Comfortable seats, enough room for me and my child and a good sounding stereo system.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. It is reliable and amazing on gas prices! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Callie c

The entire Hyundai brand is reliable. This our 3rd Hyundai.

I love the space it offers. I also like the mobility of seats. I love the outlet in the back. It is also very comfortable

- Stephanie R

Plenty of Cargo Room. Spacious seating in the front and back.

I love my Santa Fe! It's a smooth ride, gets great gas mileage for the type/size of vehicle. It has a lot of cargo room.

- Jennifer W

A perfect car for the unwanted friend

It's fine but I really want to get something nicer. In general, it's good to get around with but it's nothing special.

- Micah C

the safety and gas milage is excellent has multiple airbags

the car is really comfortable and reliable the gas mileage is amazing haven't have any problems has many cup holders

- caroll y

We really like the blind spot Detection especially since we intend to hand it down to our daughter

I like the backup camera and safety features like the like blind spot detection. I wish it had a little more room.

- Tasha S

This vehicle is an SUV so it has a lot of great space inside and can store a whole apartment worth of items

This vehicle performs well on the road. It is not very fast but it excels in being a comfortable road trip vehicle.

- Paul B

That it is good on gas and a comfortable drive especially for single travels.

I love that my Santa Fe is more compact, good on gas and sporty but sometimes it is hard to see out the rear view.

- Heather R

Dodge had gotten a bad wrap in the past. I feel they do make a fun car.

Like room, gas mileage. Like sound system and navigation. Dislike power tailgate. Nothing else to like or dislike.

- Lex D

Overall, great vehicle to drive.

It has a smooth acceleration and ride. The gas mileage is good, for a crossover SUV. Idles a little rough, though.

- Bruce E

It has 3 rows. It is a nice size for a family of 4.

I like the car but I don't like the shocks. Every time we go over a bump it feels like the car will break in half

- Jen A

The car is reliable. Always starts.

Likes: warranty, roomy, radio and smooth ride. Dislikes: air condition not stable, Hyundai brand not re-sellable.

- Jessica D

Amazing and 4 wheel drive transportation

No problems or issues at all.. Love it, i would highly recommend it to a family or anyone wanting an SUV vehicle

- Arrandondo M

very comfortable on long trips and everyday driving

love the 3rd row seating- very roomy. very satisfied with vehicle warranty . extremely comfortable car to drive

- jackie m

It gets great gas mileage. Most think a small SUV will not get good gas, but it does

I like the gas mileage and the features of the car. You could get a lot of high end features for a base price.

- Pamela W

Even though it is a four wheeler it does use up a lot of gas.

The seating in the back recline. The driver and passenger seats have seat warmers. The trunk is very spacious.

- Tia S

That it has small trunk space and could be a bit bigger.

We like how it fits 6 people comfortably. It drives smoothly and easily. We do not like the small trunk space.

- Kristine D

It's got good styling and the headlights look cool

We have three kids and it's useful. It could be roomier though. Plus the AC takes a while to cool the car down

- Maurice S

It does very good on gas.

This vehicle can form to any persons needs. There are three different modes on steering and comfortable seats.

- Ashley S

Stock radio is very loud.

Comfortable and spacey.......steering wheel controls and a back up camera is sweet.....and the tinted windows

- Tony F

It is comfortable and drives smoothly. It is also known to be very safe.

The car is very comfortable and pretty spacious. I wish it had more technology like navigation in it though.

- Shauna V

Great gas mileage 24 MPG for leisure driving around with stop signs.

Just very large to drive around for everyday. Hard to see curbs when turning. Perfect for on the road trips.

- Bryan R

It is economical in gas and is comfortable to drive in.

I like that the santa fe is spacious yet still compact. I dislike that the santa fe doesn't have a trunk.

- Alicia B

It's a Great family vehicle. Spacious and comfortable

I don't like android auto. It drives very smoothly but the pickup is slow Nice sleek look Roomy interior

- Neeta B

The long warranty and the price for the car.

I like the long warranty. I like the styling. I like the price I paid. There is nothing I really dislike.

- Frank K

It is affordable and great gas mileage. It has a lot of room and options.

This is a great vehicle for large families. Lots of room for kids, equipment, and excellent gas mileage.

- War N

Reliable car, have had no issues with it besides regular wear and tear

Good on gas, nice design, large trunk capacity, comfortable to drive, easy steering. Love the bluetooth

- Ale R

I'm not good at talking about or describing cars but I love my Sante Fe. Her name is Autumn, she's a burnt orange color, AWD, she's great in the wintertime. Gas mileage could be better but other than that's it's an extremely reliable car. I bought it 2 years ago and i haven't had any problems at all.

The Sante Fe has all wheel drive which is great when you're in a rural area, or an area with mountains.

- Kimberly W

The vehicle will not lock if you leave the keys in it.

It has a turbo engine it runs great and gets great mileage. Heated seat in front seats and back seats.

- Dana A

You can fit a lot in the trunk.

It runs excellently, has a great amount of space, and gets good mileage. I do not have any complaints.

- Rebecca R

It is reliable and I love the media equipped radio.

Love the heated seats and steering wheel. Isn't anything I dislike about it. 2nd Santa Fe I've owned.

- Linda D

It's safe and economical but looks like a high end car.

It's great on gas, and a comfortable ride. It has just enough power. It's a great looking crossover.

- Marlene Paulino P

is special for commuting to work and special for traveling road

I like my Hyundai Santa Fe cause it meets all my needs, has hitech in navigation is very comfortable

- daniel d

It's a pretty good deal for the money, seats a nice amount comfortably and can use it for a family

The trunk is too small. Drive's pretty well. Some of the tech is good, some of it makes no sense.

- josh a

Great gas mileage and great warranty. free oil changes for life!

I love Hyundai's. I have owned 5 of them. They are great on gas and the warranty can't be beat.

- Shari M

I think you get better value for the price with other vehicles

I like the flexibility of the crossover, heated seats and Apple Play. I dislike how it drives.

- Rebecca A

It is a comfortable ride and handles well. It also does well on gas.

I like the model. It is the perfect size for me. It handles well and it pretty good on gas.

- Natalie R

the car gets excellent gas mileage and excellent radio

I like everything about it except between windshield and side window the space is too wide

- Cindy M

As I live in a rural area with many hills it is most important to drive a car with AWD.

Noisy engine. Idles poorly. AWD is a plus. Good width for storage. Bluetooth equipped.

- Jacqueline E

being able to see out the windows on all sides

driving, seeing well out the windows, legroom, the 7 seats for grandchildren,

- mary O

The car is the best It's is.

I love you . The truck is the best car I have ever had. It's a very good cat.

- Ron D

It works perfect for me and my dog and it drives amazing.

I love everything about it other than the seat adjustments are a little cheap

- Nikole C

For a smaller SUV it gets great gas mileage, and it is easy maintenance.

Love this car. Great gas mileage. Service is great. Company is excellent.

- Christi W

It is dependable. Mine is not fancy but it suits my needs. It is also very quiet.

It was affordable and is very reliable. I especially like the warranty.

- Jan M

It's affordable, comfortable, has all wheel drive and gets good mileage

The price was great, it had good options, and it gets good gas mileage

- David D

Very reliable with very little maintenance. Lots of features in the car.

It is very reliable and comfortable. We have not had mechanical issues

- Brandin B

It has great safety features. Especially the blind spot warning.

I like the warranty. I like the handling. I like the safety features.

- george m

it is safe and is very reliable. Great vehicle to own

I love the handling and safety of the vehicle. It is a joy to drive

- Jason L

It drives great in all weather conditions

My vehicle is great. I feel very safe in it and it drives great.

- cassie P

I love the style of my car.

I love my truck. its really big and spacious. I love my vehicle

- ronald l

It's comfortable to ride in and is economical and reliable.

It's comfortable to sit in and drive. It gets good gas mileage.

- Andi F

that it gets great gas mileage and has a lot of extras on it

no complaints at this time. only have had for a short time

- stu e

It does have cheaper repair costs compare to other cars

The car runs pretty good. Perfect size car Good gas mileage

- Deyanira G

Simple but trustworthy. Easy to operate. Not expensive.

It is comfortable, spacious, and reliable. No complaints.

- Julia S

It was made in Alabama. It rides great. Very dependable

Love the look of it. Has a great warranty. It rides great.

- Amanda S

It's a very spacious vehicle that's good for families

No complaints. It's been reliable and has plenty of space

- Steph S

It has great safety features and rides smoothly. Good gas mileage

Easy to maintain Good gas mileage looks good Affordable

- Robert A

It runs very good and it has beautiful interior also it is a gas saver

I have nothing to say other than I love my car so much

- Rosa D

It's comfortable and has low gas mileage

Drives smoothly. Comfortable. Low gas mileage. 8

- Silvio B

navigates perfectly

Enough room in the car

- Dee W

smooth ride

It is a nice

- Karen C

Santa Fe review: a sporty and comfortable family SUV.

- Jessica B