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The Infiniti q50... An excellent luxury vehicle at a reasonable price.

I love my Infiniti q50... Probably my favorite car ever. I am a petite lady and the height of the seat and the size of the windshield allow me excellent visibility. I can enter and exit easily without having to stretch or climb as in some SUVs. I feel like I have good control of my vehicle and this makes me a more confident driver. My car feels safe and substantial and gives me a feeling of security. There is plenty of room in back for passengers and the seats are quite comfortable. I can transport groceries, plants and flowers and other large purposes easily. Recently I even put an entire chair in easily as I was taking it to be reupholstered. If I have any negatives, I would say that the mph is not great and it annoys me that I cannot open the trunk from the inside. All in all, the q50 has been an excellent car for under $40k and infinity has provided outstanding service, including free state inspection.

- Arlene G

Infiniti q50 - overall a good car.

The Infiniti q50 handles and drives very well. It also has run flat tires which was great when I got a flat tire but it was really expensive to replace. It is also expensive to fill the gas tank because the car needs premium fuel. The interior is comfortable but small. I cannot imagine it would be comfortable for an adult to sit in the back seat. The space seems tight even for my small children. All of the tech features are great. The touchscreen is easy to use and the navigation system has been very helpful. The only other things I do not like about the car are that the trunk does not automatically open or close when you push the button on the key fob and the way the gas pedal is positioned, it makes it uncomfortable to drive while wearing heels. Overall, it has been a good car. Aside from a flat tire I had not had to get anything else repaired and the car runs perfectly.

- Karen M

The benefits of the Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti Q50 is an extremely reliable vehicle for transportation. Coming from the G35, performance still holds up as well as overall comfort for the drivers and passengers. In addition the new navigation system is a plus however it is a bit finicky when choosing the most optimal route. Lastly the one thing I dislike about the Q50 is its gas efficiency. Unfortunately on local it only has about 17-18 miles per gallon while the freeway is between 20-24 miles per gallon.

- Victor L

Beautiful car that is fun to drive.

Absolutely love this car. It is super comfortable and easy to drive. Actually I would go so far as to say it is fun to drive. My only complaint is that I cannot seem to connect with the infinity app, assuming this is because I purchased used. Have had no mechanical issues since purchasing other than a bad sensor which the dealer replaced quickly under warranty.

- Dawn M

Lots of issues with lots of expense within less than three years.

6 months after I got it, the fuel injectors burned up and all had to be replaced (under warranty) but still should not have happened. The computer gets stuck on the back up camera and I have to restart the car. I also had to buy 4 new tires two years in because there were sport tires not built for the city. It has been expensive and in general a difficult.

- Cynthia Y

It is black! Has black leather just an all around gorgeous vehicle.

Problem: fuel pump line recall. Performance: quick. Comfort: could fall asleep driving. Reliability: use it everyday. The q50 is a beautiful vehicle, leather inside, great sound system, quick to the punch! Great gas mileage, only downfall is the fuel must be the high performance ( which is pricey) but I can drive on a full tank all week, (normal driving).

- Christina P

Best all around AWD vehicle.

The best AWD system on the market. Great safety features and all surround caution warning system. Good gas mileage and great handling and performance very smooth riding and excellent acceleration if needed. Love the physical looks and appeal of the design. Very comfortable seating and riding.

- Rich G

My Infiniti Q50 is a smaller luxury vehicle with all luxuries included.

Overall it is a very reliable vehicle. I haven't had any major issues and I would definitely purchase another Infiniti. As long as you service your vehicle at all inspection points you'll vehicle will run efficiently. The service staff at Infiniti has always been nice and very accommodating.

- Tee W

Great car for commuters or for pleasure

I am on the road a lot for my job so I need a comfy car that handles the road well. This one does the trick. Lots of features that help with keeping your eyes on the road. Sound system is nice, and the look is sleek yet professional. It's also a quiet car which I like. Also AWD

- Corey W

This is an attractive car that has the look and feel of a luxury model at an excellent value

I love the look and feel of this car… The cabin is ergonomic, user-friendly, and very attractive. I also love the performance… The exhilaration is quick and responsive and the ride is extremely comfortable. The brakes are soft and need to be replaced rather quickly.

- Linda F

I love it, the way it feels and performs.

Its dependable, and sport looking. I love driving it because it feels sporty, has great handling and performs to the touch, inside is nice with big touch screen. And GPS, it comes with sunroof and heated seats as well. And it contains a lot of safety features. I love it.

- Aren K

The I have arrived car and I love it.

I love my car. It has heated seats and it drives really fast. I like that it has two big screens for the radio and everything. It has voice control and you can push a button to call someone. If you need to put air in your tires the horn will blow when it is enough.

- Cassandra M

It has a push start button. Does not require a key to put in an ignition. But you do need to keep the key in the car.

I like the style of the car, it's very sporty looking . I also like that it has navigation in it. What I don't like about it, is the back seat is uncomfortable when there are 3 people sitting back there. I also don't like that the car shuts off when at a light.

- Mindy M

Infiniti ownership means a luxury experience at a great value

I love the styling and the layout of the interior. The engine is powerful and responsive, and I feel very safe driving it. It's quite roomy without looking like a "big"car. It's a car I always feel good walking up to in a parking lot!

- Linda G

The best car I have ever owned.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. The ride is smooth as butter. It is comfortable, powerful and wonderfully luxurious. The best part is the local Infiniti service center. World class customer service.

- Kim B

Great horse power and it looks nice.

I like the turbo engine but I do not like that the leather is not air conditioned. Also this car does not beep when I back up and I am really annoyed about that.

- Stacy D

Infiniti is back and here to compete.

Only issue I have with the vehicle is the brake pad durability. Over performance on this car is amazing, horsepower, gas mileage, and styling are all perfect.

- Quinn L

It is a good car, gains speed fast and the never flat tires are an asset.

I like the look. I like the performance. I like the color. I like the speed. I like the satellite radio. I like the seats. I like the Bluetooth capability.

- Paula H

Spacious, smooth drive, moderate gas consumption.

Overall I am very satisfy with my car. Smooth drive, moderate gas consumption and spacious car. I have been driving infiniti car for 5 years.

- Nar R




It is very easy to drive and easy to handle for beginners.

It is really easy to drive. It doesn't use up a lot of gas. And it has nice add-ons like seat warmers.

- Jane L

It has great pickup and is fast.

It's fast and holds the road well. The back seat is actually comfortable. It's a sharp looking car.

- Debra A

Needs premium gas, keep in mind.

Wish the gas mileage was better, and not requiring premium gas. Love the car, great and fun to drive.

- Chris D

2016 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Premium

I have seen glitches in the audio and console equipment. Tires expensive to replace and wear quickly

- jeff k

excellent performance in any kind weather and excellent ride comfort

great performance, great style and very friendly and accommodating dealership

- Nick d

I love my 2016 Infiniti Q50, my next car will probably be a newer Q50.

I don't have any dislikes and or complaints about my 2016 Infiniti Q50.

- Christy G