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Great futures, drives smoothly.

The Infiniti Q50 have all of the features that I wanted (big screen, GPS, back/side/front cameras, etc.) I did, however, found a few problems that I did not like. It's not as spacious as other sedans. The trunk is really small, and the backseat does not have a lot of leg space. I've also been having electrical issues with the radar sensors. Parts of Infiniti are very expensive. Other than that, it is a great car.

- Tony N

Best value for the money and gives a great impression on any car fan!

Seems to be like a very reliable car at a reasonable price for performance in terms of power, torque, and even giving the vehicle luxury look. Gas mileage will definitely vary depending on how you drive your vehicle. If you like to step on your car (which you probably will if you want to have some fun with this car) then your MPG can be somewhere along the lines of 16/20.

- Christian R

It is sporty, fast, and small!

I do love this car! But it is only 4 years old and the power steering is already leaking and the mass air flow went out causing my engine light to go on. Other than that, the car has great handling and acceleration. Great interior as far as comfortable and classy. I would say it is very reliable, I think the issues I have had are probably just a fluke thing.

- Aubrey S

Love Her Sleek Body Style and Quick Pick up

I love the performance of my Q50! It's got great pick up when I need to make a move and I love that there is ECO mode (which I use often) to save money and conserve fuel. The ride is quiet and comfortable. The only thing I wish was that they used the leather from many years ago, that leather was much softer to the touch and felt more luxurious!

- Janice T

My everything I wanted in a car.

Comfort of the ride is excellent. No bumps are felt and handles really good as long as vehicle is maintained. Performance is very pleasing. Faster than I anticipated. Has plenty of features I wasn't expecting either. One headlight led stopped working, they should find a replaceable part for this instead of having to buy a entire headlamp.

- Jacob G

It requires very little maintenance. Infiniti builds reliable cars that don't have to be in the shop, like my Audi did.

It's bigger & more comfortable than what I've had in the past, and I feel a little more secure driving around LA with all the big SUVs. I can see easily out of the car (good design). I love the color, a metallic blue, with an off-white interior. My only complaint is that the controls for radio, a/c, phone, etc take too long to load.

- Cindy K

Great all season car for the northwest

Great car. Very comfortable and luxurious with 2 touch screens. Gas mileage is not great at around 19 combined using eco mode for the majority of the time. I also really like the all wheel drive function of the car. We live in an area where there is snow for 3 months of the year and this thing gets around great in the winter months.

- Mark H

Performance driving of the Infiniti car so good and love the luxury of the car.

The performance is wonderful I love it the handling and the fast the car goes. Love the luxury the comfort. The body work is amazing and performance of the tires. I just which was a little big in the back seats. Love how it has for standard, sports, eco, snow and personal driving. Enjoy using the sports a lot

- Claudia R

Great car if you know how to reverse

The car drives well, has good pick-up speed. So far it is reliable and I haven't had any mechanical issues. There's lots of space so riding in the back is comfortable. However the backup camera is not reliable as it may or may it work when the car first starts if it's cold (and might not work after the car warms up).

- Misty H

Options to think about adding.

Wonderful car. It is a smooth ride with plenty of room in all three sections. It would be nice if the station select knob was closer to the driver, even making it the large knob in the center that really is not used very much. Also, the console area does not have enough room to put items such as coins, gum, etc.

- Lynn C

Beautiful bluish silver with a sporty exterior and an luxurious interior.

I love everything about my car! My car gets good gas mileage and rides great! So comfortable great travel car. Love the outside and inside both very attractive looking. The inside has two screens one navigation and one the rest of controls. Great stereo. Has a lot of space inside great for traveling.

- Sailor D

Infiniti q50- the swiss army knife of vehicles.

Sporty, with drive options from custom, standard, ecosport, snow), AWD, great technology (two screens, GPS, Bluetooth, car performance, rear camera, maintenance alerts, connection to manufacturer), decent gas mileage (25-26 mpg), comfortable (heated seats, steering wheel, comfort adjusting), smart.

- J G

Reliable and dependable car.

It performs really well is a very reliable car. Seats are comfortable with a nice interior. Great for driving in town and out of town. Easy adjustable seats. Lots of room in back trunk for groceries and other needed activities. Backseat is comfortable. Camera for backing up is convenient.

- Kirsten G

Infiniti isn't that far away

It is very comfortable to drive but it costs too much on gas. Not a good everyday drivable car. Expensive to fix and the accessories aren't very reliable, the back up camera sometimes shows up black and the map doesn't load sometimes. Not good trunk storage, the seats don't fold.

- Tam V

amazing and futuristic driving machine.

the q50 is amazing. it's fast and stylish. The interior is really modern. The car feels really solid and comfortable when driving. I personally don't like the sonar feature because one of the sensors stopped working the 2 day I got the car. However it was a certified used car.

- Juan S

Luxury, comfort, & fun all in one!

The car is the best I have ever owned! I love the infotainment system, but it is a bit slow but good things come to those who wait! I own the 3.7 lots of power, good smooth driving and still feels powerful in eco mode. The leather seats could be more durable but feel great.

- Amy G

This a luxury car with leather seats, heat and cooling modes in the seats.

The car is a nice luxury car that features two sun roofs, heated and cooling seats, two movie screens on the back of the driver and passenger seats. There is also leather seats with adjustable lumbar support. We have not had any problems so far, so it is a really nice car.

- Bree D

Dependable as the day is long.

It's a very reliable car. The level of luxury is perfect a what it cost. I don't have any complaints about the car a all. Performance wise, I absolutely love it. 328 hp is exactly the right amount for the person that like the thrill of being pressed back in their seat.

- Roy T

Infiniti q50 is a nice luxury car.

No major problems only some minor problems like peeling off the window buttons. The rubber seal in the door coming off making the cabin a little noisy. A small mechanical failure with fuel tank door lock actuator which needs to be replaced and was unexpected failure.

- Sean S

My vehicle is amazing. I love my car it's the best car I've bought

No issues. Love it. Best car we've owned. We have had zero issues with it and it's a great vehicle. Has kept the value over the years as well. We love our car. We will likely buy another Infiniti car in the future as well. The car is well worth the money paid for it.

- Wendy T

Infiniti q50. Best seats for long distance travel I have ever experienced.

My cruise control stop working about six months after I purchased my car. I returned to the dealership and they kept my car for two days and could not duplicate the problem. The problem has not occurred since. There have not been any other problems since this one.

- Darrell B

Drives very well and I feel comfortable and safe for myself and family.

Stereo buttons stick. Mine does not have GPS. Car drives very well and seats are height adjustable. Allows for comfortable short or long rides. Back seats are not comfortable to take a nap in but front seats do recline very well. Trunk has ample space.

- Ashley C

Q50 review on 2014 Infiniti.

love the inside of the car and the way it takes off. Very roomy. Picks up great speed. Love the features and trim. Great wheels. Has two screens that are both touch screen. navigation. sunroof. Has chrome trim on the outside of the car, push gas tank.

- Vee B

It's a matter of personal taste...good looks and fun don't always go together.

While I like the amenities and have had no serious problems, the car seems underpowered and not very responsive on twisty roads. Also, I find it annoying at how long it takes the apps to load before I can do anything in the car, like turn on the A/C.

- Lyle D

It is a comfortable car for traveling.

I like the acceleration. I owned a V8 Mustang before and this car, although a six cylinder has excellent speed. I like the look and comfort of the car as well.

- Heidi A

I don't care what others think about the car I choose to drive.

My car is visually appealing and there are some nice amenities. It's a luxury vehicle. However, I feel that the cost of the car doesn't equate with the amenities

- nicolette m

It has no trunk space. don't buy if you are a traveler.

Middle screens are a little outdated for 2014. Not as responsive as I wanted. Gas mileage is good for the size motor it has. Smooth yet sporty transmission.

- Nathan B

Affordable luxury car - get more bang for your buck.

Nice, sleek design--looks good--but should have held out for color rather than taking right away from dealer lot. Performance is not quite up to par.

- noe w

The exterior is beautiful!

Love it!!! Beautiful, sporty, drives well, many options. I receive many compliments. It has AWD, so I don't get stuck in the snow and ice.

- Kae H

The Q50 comes in a Hybrid option that saves money on fuel (gasoline) use,

This is a Q50 Hybrid which runs on gasoline and a electric battery. Very fast and comfortable ride, I am really pleased with my vehicle.

- marisa t

That it is well worth the money for the in car navigation,aesthetic, and performance.

I love my car. Everything from the design to the way it handles on the road. The only complaint is how much gas costs for the vehicle.

- Neshell H

It is fun to drive and turns heads.

It is sporty and luxurious. Has all the bells and whistles I love. The only thing I do not like is the rear seat leg room is tight.

- Allison B

It is a high roll risk vehicle.

I love the features such as the dual screens. I wish it was better on gas. It is comfortable however I wish the trunk was bigger.

- Kristin P

Infiniti is a very good brand that has always taken care of any issues I had.

I like the sportiness of the vehicle and the luxury option. The things I dislike are the passenger space and the gas mileage.

- Chris D

Very dependable. Reliable. Very good car to drive well built and nice drive.

I like the car inside and out. Great body nice leather seats. Very beautiful car and very spacious for a family.

- Des M

Beautiful, luxurious and expensive car.

I love the ride of the vehicle, it's amazing, very smooth. Although, gas mileage isn't the greatest though.

- Maggie T

That my car is a good car. It is dependable. Good on gas. All around excellent car.

I like the comfort of the car. The style of my car. The color of my car. The dependability of my car.

- Kiristen G

It's a well manufactured automobile and I feel proud to drive it.

It drives well. It makes me feel secure; it feels safe. It feels good to drive an expensive car.

- Greta R

Very nice and dependable.

I like the color and style. Love the gas consumption. Also the way it drives.

- Deserae C

Fun to drive but the gas mileage is not great so may not be good for someone who drives a lot

Power good, gas mileage bad nice styling sporty fun to drive

- Ryan G

It's sporty and elegant all at the same time

I don't dislike anything about it. I love my car.

- Adrian b