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Lifted Jeep Cherokee sport, aftermarket head unit, tinted.

My vehicle has an aftermarket lift kit in it that I installed 3 years ago. After installing it, everything on the inside shakes and rattles, my radio, glove box, back seat, etc. but it is not a big deal. It handles pretty well, I have only slide off the road once during a blizzard. The Accordion on the door often dries out and does not perform it is best causing electrical issues. Neither speaker on my doors work, it does not lock anymore unless done manually, I have had to change the whole lock/windows controller multiple times but it is an old vehicle and it is expected. It is easy to work on, decent on gas, 4WD works great and I have rarely ever gotten stuck. It is comfortable for the people in the front seats. The back doors are very small and difficult for people to get into but the seat itself is comfortable. The trunk is spacious and when folding down the back seats, I was able to move 8! Storage bins at once. At 150-180k miles I started getting the typical cooling system problems but again, it is an old vehicle so its expected.

- Janice M

Older jeep performance review.

Jeeps are super dependable. It is 2 wheel drive and we still take it off-loading; great performance. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable despite being a smaller SUV. Great storage in the back while seating 5 comfortably. It has features like great sound quality, tow package, and easy driving capability. We have installed aftermarket light bars, making the jeep easily customized. With the addition of aggressive snow and mud tires, we have been able to take it off road with no problems. It also has enough clearance to make it over small obstacles. We plan on adding a 2 inch lift this year to enhance driving performance even more. The jeep also gets great gas mileage, about 25 miles per gallon, making it super economical for a young family. It even tows small boats and jet skis. The rack on top allows for storage of larger items such as ski equipment, Christmas trees and luggage.

- Jan T

It has a lot of miles on it now. It was used when we bought it.

Lot of likes, window broken, removable seat broken. The car has too many miles do a lot is starting to go wrong with it. Only vehicle we have and we make it work. It is still running for us right now. We had to put new brakes on our jeep. We love having our jeep because it is good driving in winter weather since I drive back and forth to work. The jeep does need 3 newer tires. We had to change one tire cause it got so bad. The door on drivers side is starting to fall apart because the rubber part on it keep falling off. The jeep sits 5 people. I would like a jeep that seats 6 cause we have a family of 6. Decent trunk to store things, load things, and for groceries. Since the jeep is getting so old it takes a bit to take off when you first take off. As far as we know the jeep does not have any problems as of now. We just did a oil change on the jeep cause it was due for one.

- April M

This car is a classic and should be cherished by its owner.

My car runs great! I have had it for about 8 years now and it is just now starting to have some issues. Granted it is 18 years old so it as bound to happen eventually. It runs really nice and all of the issues I have had, I have been able to take care of quickly and without having to spend too much money. I am not the most car savvy person so I can really explain the specific issues I have had. But all fixes ended up being under $400 so they weren't too bad. My car is my favorite thing because it is an old school style Jeep and I get a lot of compliments on it. People ask if I am selling all of the time and I always say heck no!! All in all it is a great car, and I hope to have it for another few years before having to upgrade!

- Ashley G

Minimal blind spots the windows are wide open on this SUV.

This is probably one of the most reliable and economical vehicles somebody can drive. Yes they have their issues just like every vehicle. It's got plenty of room for passengers including a front and back seat, and a fairly large trunk. You can tow things with it, go mudding, or just drive it on the road. It gets decent gas mileage as well. The engines are strong and well built. Mine personally has had a knock in the engine and I have been driving it waiting for it to die so I could put a new one in and 40, 000 miles later and it's still runs fine. Great all around vehicle would recommend if you can find one in good condition because of the age.

- Blaine S

It's paid for, it runs, and it is reliable and only needs the usual maintenance that older vehicles need!

I originally purchased this for my son while he was in college. He since graduated and got a great job, and passed it back to me since I was retiring. Though he gave it back to me with some blemishes, it runs great, Just had brakes and Steering repaired and the AC works sometimes, but it does work still as a basic vehicle that gets me from Point A to Point B. It's not beautiful, but it runs, and that is all that matters. I let myself do the impressing the jeep just gets me there.

- Raymond j

Jeeps never leave you stranded!

My 2000 Jeep Cherokee has always been a very reliable vehicle! Although it is almost 19 years old, even when things start to fall apart it never lets me down. The only problems that I have run into are ones you would expect to see with an older vehicle. Even when something goes wrong, I know it will still get me to point b safe and sound. It is a rugged, sturdy vehicle that I can trust and I can also take off the road and have fun with at the same time.

- Mike B

Jeep Cherokee. Black exterior with tinted windows.

My Jeep is very reliable and I have used it everyday for 15 years and I use it for errands and to go to stores and it has great room in the back that is easy to pack in packages. Also, have gone on vacation upstate for many times of having a good time and brought it on trails and certain parks for riding through some terrain and uphill driving is good as it has good control also in snow, rain and other hazardous conditions.

- Fitzgerald Murray A

Old but still has some life.

I have had my Jeep for about 8 years now. It is been a fantastic vehicle, until recently. Its now 18 years old and needs over $1200 in repairs before it will pass inspection this year. I haven't had very large repair bills with it until recently. I am hoping to get a few more years out of it. They are reliable vehicles. I am hoping to be able to stick with Jeep moving forward.

- Patricia K

Easy and affordable upkeep...

Very reliable, but like most vehicles, when the warranty is up, so is the function of all of your parts. It generally an easy car to for the upkeep. And fairly reasonable, depending on the repair, but I suppose that is with most cars. Other than that, it has lasted a very long time. And it is so easy to drive! I would buy another Jeep in the future.

- Valerie Y

Pro's and con's of owning a Jeep Cherokee classic.

I have a lot of problems keeping brakes and rotors healthy. The sway bar has been fixed twice. Air conditioning doesn't work properly at all times. A little hard on gas too. It is a very durable off-road vehicle. Four wheel drive works very well. I've had to replace the tie rod ends a couple of time also. It rides a little rougher than most SUV's.

- Pamela C

"The little Jeep that could".

This car goes and goes and goes. It has gotten me across the country from Florida to California and back. It has taken me up, down, and around mountains. It has great visibility out the rear and side windows, and few blind spots in the mirrors. I love how high it sits off the road, yet is short enough in length to easily fit into any parking spot.

- Sam L

My jeep is a old sturdy car, that just needs some love and maintenance.

My care is a bit worn down so it needs so maintenance in the bushels and axles. Very reliable! My car has no air conditioning. It also does not have a working radio. I have a bad bushell on the left side that is going out. Other than these things I would not give my car up for anything. It is a very sturdy car.

- Amber G

Jeep Cherokee pros and cons.

Rides rough and bumpy. It a Jeep and has straight axles which makes for a stiff ride. 4x4 with good power and very light so it doesn't get stuck easily. 4. 0 inline 6 engine has poor fuel economy. Engine and drivetrain are solid and seemingly bulletproof. Radio reception is poor with stock radio.

- Cary J

The Jeep use unleaded gas so the cost is low. The Jeep can fit up 5-6 passengers and can haul large quantity of items. It also can pull a trailer.

The vehicle has over 200,000 miles because we have maintain of the up keep. I like the fact to I have large back to haul items and a wiper blade in for the hatchback window when it rains. What I dislike is the front is so impounded that the heat from outside increases in the front of the Jeep.

- Bonnie S

That it' not all it's cut out to be. As far as off-road use, I've had every other vehicle I've ever owned in the same places that this one has went so far.

I do not like this vehicle at all. The types of issues that it has don't make sense at all, not even to qualified mechanics. And of course, there always seems to be something wrong with it. Every vehicle I've owned so far has been old as well, but I've never had one that acted like this one.

- Elizabeth W

Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo great running truck.

My Jeep gets good highway mileage. The motor is great I haven't had to replace anything yet. I've only had it a year but it's a great driving truck. It has lots of room front and back and has a hatch with the back seats that lay all the way down for extra room if you need to haul something.

- Linda H

Vehicle flows of a 2000 Jeep.

Good performance, sturdy and dependable but leaks from sunroof back wipers get jammed and the breaks get eaten up fast. Alarm system always gets jammed and door locks have to get change often and the inside mirror always falls off. Hard to replace and never states when car needs anything.

- Maria T

2000 jeep Cherokee sport. Most durable vehicle I have ever had.

My jeep Cherokee is a basic model. It does not have cruise control or any extras. Mechanically, it has been very dependable. It has cloth interior. It is a 2 wheel drive. I have owned it for over a decade, and have only had minor issues. It has been worth every cent that I paid for it.

- Tommy L

The little tanker that can.

This jeep Cherokee is my little trooper. Although it has many miles and it is almost twenty years old it's been a great vehicle.. The 4.0 engines are hard to kill and a jeep has always taken me where I need to go. I would father restore and fix this one up that to buy a new car.

- Kathy B

2000 Jeep Cherokee was the best buy of my life.

Excellent vehicle for our family. Lots of room for traveling and camping. The sound system is top notch, providing insane bass and treble. Classics from 1718 to 2018 sound the way the. Composer wanted it to. With regular and frequent oil changes the life of the car stays good.

- Esther D

It may be old, but that does not mean it is not reliable.

I love driving my 2000 Jeep Cherokee xj. It is a simple car, before the days of electricity and computer systems. It is the first car that I learned to fix anything on, and it is simple enough for anyone to understand. Classic design, great performance, and perfectly reliable.

- Stefan P

It drives really smooth. It's great on gas good for the highway. The tires are good on bad rough roads also.

Well for starters. I enjoy driving my grand Cherokee 2006 Jeep. It's good on gas I haven't had any issues with it yet and it gets me from point a to point b. We travel a lot and this Jeep is really good for being on the highway and enjoying a road trip with family and friends.

- Danielle S

My vehicle is strong and durable as it will stand for the test of time.

The car does need work for the winter time. When its cold it wont start. But other than that it is a strong car. It has lasted a long time and will continue for a long time. It has standard features that all cars have but is built high with bigger tires which I love.

- Amy R

Jeep Cherokee limited, best SUV out there.

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Parts are reasonably priced. The 4 wheel drive is awesome in the snow or on ice. It has good options for the year. I love the heated seats they really warm you up when it is cold and it is good if you have a sore back.

- George L

Green and can hold a lot in trunk.

Can hold lot of stuff in trunk, drive lot of miles, brakes not good because they are failing, have to change oil a lot, have to change windshield wiper, tires need air more a lot when driving far, engine keeps stalling and car keeps breaking down hold small furniture.

- Sam H

Amazing 2000 Jeep Cherokee.

I love my Jeep Cherokee. It is s very reliable truck. I have no issues in any kind of weather. The 4x4 is amazing getting me through the ice as and snow. The enclosed engine compartment makes it easy for me to get through water without stalling out. It runs great.

- Sheila A

1998 Jeep Cherokee is a classic.

My Jeep Cherokee is very reliable. It is the limited edition which has full power and leather seats and 4 wheel drive. I can drive the Jeep in any terrain and never worry about getting stuck. I bought this vehicle used and have owned it for about six years now.

- Karen K

Keeping up with maintenance. All cars require maintenance.

a first the car was great but than we had so many problems having to constantly replace the fan belt and break pads. And when we didn't always replace them the car would make a terrible high pitch squealing sound. It is comfortable but not the most ideal car.

- Casey C

Awesome vehicle for both single and family man.

Great power smooth ride with an inline six 4. 0 liter engine nice room inside both for passengers and driver and cargo as well comfortable seats as well have not had many problems with it at all and it is been a great vehicle for business and personal use.

- Joshua D

The am 4. 0 straight 6 cyl is one of the best motors ever made.

Owned for nearly ten years. Currently 190k on the clock, no major problems. Only recently had to change the water pump and that's it. I still drive it 60+ miles 4 days a week. I wish they made this size of reliable SUVs. Still performs great off-road!

- Trevor D

Car with a lot of character.

I love this car. It is great in the snow and reliable in crappy weather. Since the car is old it is not always reliable for long drives. Many of the issues that occur with this vehicle because of its age but it is a great around town/mountain car.

- Tessa R

Drive safely on the streets.

I think people should be careful driving because everyone needs to care about other people’s life cause they could get into some trouble or they could hurt themselves so please be aware of people crossing the streets be kind and safe.

- Cassandra R

It just wants to keep on going even with over 150, 000 miles on it.

My Jeep is really reliable due to the fact that after owning it for almost 7 years I have only put about 2, 000$ in repairs to it. The gas mileage could be better but it still gets me from point A to B on a given day.

- Kyle N

Nice vehicle very dependable excellent off-road capability if needed.

Performances is sluggish for highway reliability is good except for weak head and bad wiring on window motor. Comfort is poor rough ride but it is a Jeep. Features are basic nothing special but a great 4x4 vehicle.

- Dave H

It's great on gas driving the interstate, considering how the gas prices have increased.

I like the Jeep because I have a hatchback and gives a lot of room for groceries. When I moved in with my boyfriend, it was easy to move all my items. It has extra seating for more than 2 other backseat passengers.

- Bonnie k

It is very gas efficient. I.

My jeep is very fun to drive. Its comfortable and roomy. It's very reliable and gets me where I need to go no matter what the conditions s are outside. I would definitely recommend. A jeep cherokee to anyone.

- Denise D

It is not great on gas mileage.

The car does not drive very well. It is wobbly and is not tight in its control. I have had numerous issues regarding fuel gages, brakes, catalytic converters, etc. However, it handles very well in the snow.

- Jacob N

The most important thing to know when buying one of these cars is that high mileage is OK. As long as it is under 200k, go for it because it still has a ton of life in it!

My Jeep Cherokee is my favorite car that I have owned to date. Not only has it been the most reliable with minor headaches, but it has that 'cool' hipster look that newer cars lack these days.

- John M

It is economical. It was very competitively priced, has needed few repairs.

I like my jeep because I have not had to take it to the shop for repairs I have been able to repair it all myself what I do not like is that some simple parts on the jeep are really expensive.

- Mario B

There is tons of cargo space, both for people and things.

Due to its age, my vehicle needs parts replaced. This includes the A/C compressor and other expensive parts. Not sure it it's just neglect from the previous owner, or normal wear and tear.

- Sam F

2000 Jeep Cherokee classic 4. 0 liter engine. Great SUV.

Sturdy, reliable and small SUV. It drives nice and I have rarely had problems with it. Little things which is to be expected for the year of the vehicle however it has not cost me a lot.

- Helen P

It might not have AC but it's a tank that will get you to your destination in one piece.

I love my vehicle, though it is getting up in years which makes me worry whenever it makes a weird noise or needs maintenance. It's a very worrisome vehicle, but it's highly reliable.

- Kristin V

Reliability is the most important aspect of this vehicle.

This has been a dependable,reliable vehicle. It has only had regular, scheduled maintenance; normal parts replacements, and still performing admirable at 150,000 miles.

- Alfred H

The most important thing to know about a 2000 Jeep Cherokee, is that it gets poor gas mileage.

My 2000 Jeep Cherokee performs surprisingly well for its age. I would say maintenance is relatively straightforward, and simple. I'm not a huge fan of the gas mileage.

- Brandon S

It's a great jeep I recommend.

I love my Jeep but it sucks at mileage its very durable I love that the seats fold down I have lots of problems out of the front end other than that it's a great jeep

- Makenna F

I have over 200,000 miles and it is still going strong.

There is always enough room to carry what I need. It handles well and I do not worry about weather conditions when I drive it. I just wish the gas mileage was better.

- Dorothy C

The Jeep Brand overall is very reliable and good looking.

My truck is very reliable for being 18 years old. No rust. It has 90 thousand miles on it. I just changed the original starter. the mechanic was very impressed.

- Rich N

Very safe vehicle with full time all wheel drive and many airbags.

I wish it had leather seats. I do not like the ac. I love all the character the car has. I just love the color. The engine works amazing. It is my favorite color.

- Jacob V

A couple different year and models of the Aveo have been recalled.

Chevy Aveo's have terrible electrical issues and sporadically do not start. I like the design of the car and hatchback. Overall-I will never drive another Aveo.

- Gabriele H

The color is white and I love it because it is a great car to use around town.

I love my vehicle just that sometimes it overheat and also the air conditioning does not work. Otherwise it is run great I have had this car for 4 years now.

- A C

When it's running well and it has of 300,000 miles on it, it gets pretty decent gas mileage for the type of vehicle it is

I like that it's not too big yet it has a very cargo area. It is very comfortable for traveling. I like the way it looks and that it seems a little sporty

- Kay C

Bullet Proof straight-6 4.0 liter Engine!

Bought used and have been driving it for 15 years with only minor problems. Have only replaced battery, starter, brake pads, tires, oil and filters.

- Michael B

It is really cool and can go threw mud and in the woods and it is super lifted!

I love it, however I need to fix the wheel from shaking when I go above 40mph. I also need to fix an oil leak which has been occurring for a while.

- Autumn R

The grand jeep cherokee is spacious--both for passengers and for cargo (groceries, etc).

My grand jeep cherokee was spacious but too old--it had brake problems and pulled a lot. Also the leather seats and steering wheel got too hot.

- Victoria P

It's a beast and the stick shift items very touchy so people should beware how close they get in drive thru as it tends to roll back just like other standards before moving forward from a complete stop.

I like that our Jeep is built like a tank but it does seem to be falling apart after so many years of driving and over 350,000 miles on it.

- Nat W

it is very reliable,this is my second jeep..they last forever

this jeep has moved me over 20 times in and out of rentals,love the square body feature.not liking the loss of my air conditioning

- cheryl a

The car has 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. I don't use the 2 wheel drive but someone that needs to use it will have this option.

What I like about the Jeep is the wheels that can easily navigate through snow. What I dislike is the high gas prices for the car.

- Amaretta C

That for it being an older vehicle it is very reliable.

It is very reliable when it gets me from point a to point b. The thing is dislike about my vehicle is all of the rust on the body.

- Holly S

My Jeep is a mud toy and it has big tires.

My Jeeps a mud toy has big tires on it is got the exhaust cut off it is a very nice driving has four wheel drive 2 wheel drive.

- Day Adams R

This vehicle is sturdy but looks retro stylish- it does a great job of towing a pop up camper and holds a lot of camp gear

This was and is my favorite vehicle- I always liked this model and I am so happy - it's a heavy duty car and runs like a truck

- Linda S

Durable and it is four wheel drive.

4 wheel drive durable Jeep. Awesome in the snow or mud. It handles well on ice. It is easy to fix problems in this vehicle.

- Jessie O

Its has one of the most dependable engines the engine 4 cylinder 4. 0.

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee and it has 410, 000 miles I've only had to change the ac compressors and power steering hose.

- Ben G

The one most important thing is that my car is always reliable.

I like that my vehicle is a Jeep, I have always loved the brand, I do not like that it a has quite a bit of miles on it.

- Isabella B

Your favorite car that you hate

It's the perfect vehicle for camping and other leisurely activities. Can have a good deal of problems dependent on use.

- Tanner L

handles incredible during snowy winters. feels safe to drive in the snow.

not the greatest gas mileage but works for all things, work, travel, groceries, and taking the dog or family on a trip.

- Ryan W

Jeeps are pretty decent cars

Both back windows have fallen off the track. But has been reliable so far. Would like The back seat to be a big bigger

- Emily B

I like it and it is safe for me to drive anywhere.

My jeep is trustworthy. Gets around in any weather. Has lots of room. I trust its safety. I like the green color too.

- Patrick L

It is a good, reliable car.

I like the space the trunk has. I do not like the brakes skid sometimes. I like that the engine revs when driven.

- Elena R

It is runs great and does the job.

An old vehicle that has a quirky transmission. Still runs but has no air. Tires are loose and need to be aligned.

- Milo I

The feature that are presented in the car.

I love the make of the car. I also like the features of the car. The tires and the color. I also like the space.

- Brittany W

it's paid for, and it always starts

My Jeep has been a hard and ready vehicle that has always been ready to start it isn't pretty but it is reliable

- Linda W

It is a reliable gets me to places I need to be.

Well it's not a smooth ride for 1 and the ac out of it now. But it has been a great vehicle beside ac going out.

- Patricia W

It's a great vehicle that doesn't have lots of issues

I love my jeep. only problem i have with it that it wants to overheat at time. my has been a very reliable car

- thelma c

That it has a great engine.

I love that it has a very good engine. And that it is very spacey. What I dislike that I send to much on gas.

- Crystal L

That it is great in the snow.Would highly recommend a Jeep to anyone who lives where it snows.

It is great in the snow.I don't worry about getting stuck.It sets up high so I can see the traffic around me

- Roy M

It's never been stuck or had to be pulled anywhere.

Its 4 wheel drive. Its light and compact. And it's very easy to work on. The Jeep is also very dependable.

- Dustin C

It is fun to drive and easy on gas mileage. I have it paid off so I use it.

Great gas mileage. Dependable company I love my Jeep I wouldn't trade it for nothing else in the world.

- June G

It is good in the snow and winter months.

I like it is an SUV. I like it has a sunroof. I like it is black. I do not like how many miles it has.

- Caitlin M

It gets good gas milage.it It is easy to get around in.

I would like the seats to be a little bigger. The opening where you open the back door is too narrow.

- Melissa K

It's 18 years old and hasn't had any real problems.

I like the low maintenance. I also like the way it handles. Turns very easily. No complaints.

- Barb H

I like the 4 wheel drive. I like the space it provides. I do not like the bumpy ride.

It is reliable. I can go out in bad winter weather without too much worry of getting stuck

- Mel B

Spacious, comfortable, and luxuriousness plus beautiful design

I need a newer model and better air conditioner. Better gas mileage and upgraded interior.

- Bridgett H

to change the oil every 3000 miles

it is dust color just like our dirt road it never needs washing it's 18 years old

- john A

That I love it so much and it fits my personality well

Love that it's 4x4 and it takes me to places and back and hate that it has no air

- Kristal R

It runs great. Good on gas. interior is falling apart . radio works sometimes.

Engine is reliable. Transmissions is reliable. Some accessories not so much.

- James C

Good Car At A Good Price. Long lasting.

Good solid dependable transportation. Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride.

- John D

Right now it takes at least $45.00 to fill it up. Maintenance is a little hassle. But it is a older model. Love to choose which to 2 wheels to all wheels.

Always keep your oil change. And look at the tires to keep them up.

- Erica C

Can drive in snow and good on dirt roads can drive lot of miles

Don't suck gas lot. Can drive in show. More than 2 people an sit

- Danielle H

It is very safe and dependable vehicle to drive. I love my jeep.

I love the color. I wish it was bigger. I wish it had gps.

- Emily K

I love it it's very dependable never left me walking

I love my Jeep it's 4+ 4 to go muffing has plenty of room

- Lisa m

it is extremely safe and useful. I won't get stuck in any terrine.

It takes a lot of gas. Very fast and sturdy. Very safe.

- Angela w

Have tons of mileage over 100,000 and have been very happy with it! Haven't had any real problems, it's comfortable and I feel safe driving it

It's safe great sightlines. Has been very reliable

- Judy P