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Its an older vehicle, but reliable if cared for

I had to take one star off primarily due to the minor electrical issue. I have a 2001 XJ with the 4.0 liter engine. I have had this particular one for a little over 10 years now and have owned a few older ones XJs as well. I have noticed the later models (98-01)seem to have a bit of electrical hiccups that weren't present in older models. Its currently sitting at 196,000 miles and most of the parts I replaced were either routine maintenance items or items that failed due to me getting in an accident. (example- ran over a deer carcass going about 70mph. I didn't see it in time to dodge and messed up the steering box. Installed a new steering box, did a front alignment and was good as new) If you are willing to cruise at 60mph with stock tire-size and suspension, my Cherokee routinely gets a tidy 19-20MPG highway, even when towing a loaded cargo trailer cross-country. I find replacement parts are readily available and comparably cheap (especially if you have a wrecking yard nearby). A refurbished PCM (powertrain control module) the computer that essentially runs all the electrical in the car is only $350, and fis mounted right in the open in the fender with 2 screws, and 3 electrical plugs... rather than buried under the dash or impossibly hidden on the firewall somewhere. Aftermarket parts are also plentiful and relatively cheap. I recommend this car to anyone who does their own oil changes, and wants an easy vehicle to expand their skill-set. The inline engine gives you plenty of room to see and work in the engine compartment. And the electrical system is delightfully simple for a vehicle equipped with the luxury of OBD2. The transfer case (4wd) is excellent for the snow and rain I experience regularly, and I can attest that the gearing allows the vehicle to become a towing BEAST when using 4-low. I regularly rescue heavily-loaded mail-trucks from snow-filled ditches and snow-banks here. Hope this helps any potential buyers. I can also attest that there are TON of friendly communities and learning materials available to the Cherokee 'Classic' owners. If you get stumped by a mechanical or electrical problem and ask online... there is definitely someone who knows exactly what is wrong and can show you how they fixed it.

- Jake

2001 jeep cherokee . A civilized off road SUV that remains a classic.

Pros: clean classic boxy car design, easy to work on and parts are inexpensive and readily available. Vehicle is durable and reliable. Plenty of trunk storage space with the seats folded down. High visibility in all directions with no headrest obstructions. Easy to read and well located bare essential instrumentation provides what you need to know and nothing more. Four wheel drive and plenty of low end torque provides excellent traction and maneuverability in all environments. Near bulletproof 4.0 liter inline 6 can easily reach 350,000 miles plus on the odometer. Well thought out driver and passenger cockpit gives ample room for tall and large occupants. . High ground clearance ( standard) but can be easily modified for off-roading. Overall length is shorter than newer SUVs made today, allows for tighter turning radius and easier parking. Large side door molding keeps vehicle ding and scratch free. Engine bay layout is straightforward and makes checking and changing fluids easy. . Rear windows roll all the way down instead of partially so you can put your head out.. Cons: gas mileage is poor about 18 city and 22 highway, engine and road noise is high, with a lot of wind turbulence blowing around when windows are down. Relatively rough and hard ride mainly due to its stiff off road suspension. Back passenger doors are small and make it difficult for large and tall occupants to enter and exit. Rear seating is crammed with occupants knees pressed against the back of seats. Acceleration seems to be a little sluggish and lacks pep. Transmission up and downshifts to often and lower driving speeds.. . Overall: do to its reliability, strong invincible engine, ease of maintenance and low cost obtainable parts. I couldn't ask for a more dependable vehicle.

- Eric K

The good and the bad about Jeep's. Overall the Jeep is a good vehicle to have.

I have went from a midsize car to this Jeep. At first it felt a little big to me when I drove it on the road. Then I got use to driving it and I loved it. I especially loved with being up so high the lights shine a lot farther so I can see so much better and farther at night. The one thing that I do not like though is that the Jeep is so bouncy. I have back problems so this is a major issue to me but I know that this is an issue that got worse over time, I just have to fix this issue. Although I have not had to use it I love that this vehicle has four wheel drive. The Jeep also has other setting as well. It has four wheel low, two wheel high and two wheel low. All this stuff is all new to me but I know a lot of people in my area that have this and often use these settings. I also love this vehicle because it still is a family vehicle yet has these tough settings. The one other thing that I do not care for though is that it is a little top heavy to drive, although it is not the worst vehicle that I drove that was top heavy. I did have one issue though but I think that it is just from something that the previous owner did. I have a ton of electrical problems. Other then the tiny issues that I have mentioned this is probably one of the best vehicles that I have purchased. Even if you would need to replace or fix something on this vehicle the parts are pretty cheap and easy to find. There are just so many positive things about this vehicle that just keep popping up.

- Kimberly W

It has some electrical issues that is make the check engine light come on a lot.

My Jeep has been reliable for the most part. Due to the age, it has had some issues. I have had the most issues with the radiator and have replaced it a least 3 times. But, it is over 17 years old. The check engine light come on and it has something to do with electrical parts. I have had a lot of issues with the air conditioning not staying cool. Lots of repairs and no one truly knowing how to access or fix it. I finally had the dashboard removed and a mechanic fixed it to the best it had been in years. But, now the blower is out and only works intermittently. Overall, it is been a fairly reliable car and I like it. Just getting old. I have about 180, 000 mile s on it, so not to bad,

- Rebecca B

What you would expect from a Jeep : great space and very reliable!

I love the car, the space it has, and everything. I do notice one problem that my car has that other cars like it have. They all have some sort of problem with the electrical wiring or something because the doors lock automatically without touching anything and the doors do not lock on their own. however, I really love this car!! It gets from one state to another, no problem. I have driven it in the desert, the beach, the woods, and more. It never seems to fail me, which is what I truly look for in a car.

- Vanessa H

Review of 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport

When I first purchased my Jeep it was due to an unknown problem that had occurred with the last owner and it required nearly everything under the hood to be replaced. Which, granted, was very easy to accomplish with this particular car and largely inexpensive, but since doing so I have not had another problem from my Jeep. It's been nearly two years since I purchased the Jeep, and I hope that I will be able to continue owning this Jeep for many more years to come. It is a highly reliable and safe vehicle.

- Rebecca H

Very reliable and fun and easy to love.

It's very good in the snow due to its short wheel base. I have room for my 3 children and to put their stuff in the back. Thanks to aftermarket parts when I do have an issue there are plenty of parts available and inexpensive. The straight 6 cylinder 4.0l has plenty of power and at 176k miles is still going strong. Plus if you want to make it your own many lift kits and performance upgrades are available aftermarket.

- Andrew M

Runs forever, goes anywhere, very reliable

These model jeeps will last forever and take abuse. Solid engine and transmission that will go on well over 300k miles. They are rust prone if not properly taken care of. Excellent choice for modifying for off road. They have a fair amount of cargo space in back especially if you put the rear seats down. All that said they are not Cadillac's. Don't expect the level of interior comfort some other cars may have.

- Brett T

Jeep built for anything, tough enough to get through any obstacles

My vehicle has tuff endurance, and really has good horsepower, the problem that I have had with the jeep is the computer brain. My jeep would have rough idling and Stalling periods, would shut off after driving for a while would start back up but shut down again. After getting the computer fixed jeep was riding excellent again. Nice roomy back and fit for a family, cruise control and 4wd.

- Sharon R

The energizer bunny of vehicles.

My vehicle has been durable and lasted without many problems for the first 14 years. However, like most wear and tear the last couple of years have had some issues. Brake pads run down quickly and I had issues with ball joints. Still plenty of mileage left and gets great miles per gallon. Overall, this car has been mostly reliable but experiencing some wear and tear over the years.

- Steven D

Jeep Cherokee overall good features some minor bugs.

The inside leather trim is nice. The vehicle is a unique shape, it appears a little larger in the back than the front. It runs well although because it is from 2001 there are some minor bugs. Sometimes it stalls when I am on the breaks. The breaks and gas are not sensitive at all, you have to push hard on them. Sometimes when making a turn the car feels as though it will tip.

- Jennifer S

The Jeep Cherokee--a reliable vehicle flexible enough to do just about anything you would want a vehicle to do

I love my Jeep Cherokee for several reasons. It has an engine that has legendary reliability. It has a lot of covered space to haul things and the seats fold up or down to either give you more hauling capacity or more passenger room. The 4 wheel drive also comes in handy under certain weather conditions or when to want to go off-road. It's a great general-purpose vehicle.

- Ken J

2001 jeep Cherokee is the perfect family car

We love this vehicle. It works perfect for our family of 3. It is so much fun to drive and for an older vehicle it gets great gas mileage. Very little issues just mainly normal maintenance and normal wear and tear. Any problems are very easy to solve. We love the 4 wheel drive and it works great. It feels like a nice car and drives like a jeep. What more could you want.

- Mary F

Why I Love My Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee Sport edition has great on-road and off-road capabilities. The hatch provides ample room for grocery shopping during the week and plenty of room for the camping gear on weekends. My Jeep has 260,000 miles and still running strong with minimal maintenance and maximum abuse. I drive 60+ miles a day currently at 22 mpg with the 4.0L.

- Isaac S

2001 Jeep Cherokee: built to last.

I love my Jeep. It is reliable, cheap to maintain, built like a tank and 4-wheel drive. I bought it 7+ years ago, when money was tight for my family and it has, and will stay with me, for as long as I can keep her running. I have put very little money into her, except for tires. A new battery, spark plugs and brake pads are all she really needed.

- Melissa S

The 4 wheel drive works fantastic.

Has some get up, has a transmission slip, the a/c blew out. One of the seats is weird and super high up so your head touches the roof. It is definitely not something you want to take on a long road trip, cause there’s not a lot of space. They have potential if you have the time and money to put into them. I am not a huge Dodge fan though.

- Kendal R

Jeep Cherokee - a reliable ride that works well long term.

It gets me from point A to B. Reliable and good in poor weather. I have had very few issues with my Jeep grand Cherokee and will likely hold onto it until I am forced to look for other options. At approximately 185, 000 miles; I have had very low amounts of maintenance to do and have driven it on cross country road trips.

- Andrew K

The best on and off road vehicle.

it's a very reliable and great running Jeep with over 230,000 miles on. The back seat lies down to make plenty space. The back seat also has compartments for storage. The six cylinder engine runs like a charm. The only thing I've had to change was the thermostat and heating sensor. I would recommend a jeep to anyone.

- Thaddeus C

The Jeep is a 4x4 sport that can pull larger vehicles.

It's a 01 Jeep Cherokee sport 4x4. Very durable, very reliable and a little compact. The engine light is always on even though nothing's wrong with the engine. If I full up the tank all the way it would take about a week to refuel. Like I said earlier it is compact there's not a lot of legroom or any type of room.

- Jasmine Medina E

Easy to handle, comfortable, safe!

Vibrates at 70mph, hard to kill engine, comfortable, interior noise a bit much, needs stereo upgrade, reliable, seats are very comfortable, I feel very safe in my Jeep because it's high off the ground. Hard to see out rear window because it's so high off the ground. Need to be extra cautious when in reverse.

- Rhonda P

Great vehicle dependable size and look great

Owned Jeep Grand Cherokee for 20 yrs. Reliable great car in snow never had any major problems with the Jeeps I own Drives nice and doesn't depreciate like other vehicles and they are a reliable I have had 2 in the past 20 yrs won't buy another vehicle Love my Jeep Grand Cherokee and definitely recommended

- Lisa M

An oldie but a goodie; the 2001 jeep grand Cherokee.

The jeep grand Cherokee is a v6, 4x4, and uses a lot of gas! Overall runs great, has been in the family for over 15 years. Never had mechanical issues. Most I have had to replace is tires (every other winter), the battery, and for a few years there has been a minor electric problem with the headlights.

- Maria G

The more durable and reliable around vehicles

Jeeps are very reliable and when you take care of them, they can last you for decades. Jeeps have powerful 4x4 system which allow you to get around in all types of weather. If you live in a cold climate these Jeeps have great heater system which allows you to stay warm on the coldest days of the year.

- Tammy M

Good traveling car or a really good vehicle.

I do not have any problem with my vehicle. Everything runs good and I like my car I feel safe and very reliable. It takes me to where I need to be and it is all car but it has everything that I need the only problem really have is just leaking but that is from those that can be fixed easily.

- Christy S

A 17 year old Jeep, how I learned to love my ride!

Great all around Jeep for travel, storage, performance and speed. Pretty good on gas. Excellent highway mileage. I have had to replace the tires, radiator, many coils, many brakes. The exterior has some rusting issues but seems mostly due to age. The interior started ripping 4-5 years ago.

- Robert G

The Mileage Per Gallon Could Be Better, But Great Vehicle

I love nearly everything about my 2001 Jeep Cherokee. It's a vehicle with plenty of seating for my family of three. I also feel safe in this vehicle because it is large. It is reliable The only thing I would change about it is the fuel mileage, which is about 20 miles per gallon for me.

- Sara R

"Jeep's are the absolute best!".

My vehicle is very reliable. It does, however, require some work since it is a little bit older of an vehicle but overall, great! It is the perfect size, not too big, but not too little either. I cannot see myself driving another vehicle, I am just so comfortable with what I have now!

- Faith L

Jeep Cherokee product review.

There is absolutely no problems with my Jeep. It has good gas mileage and it's a nice smooth ride it's even nicer putting the top down and cruising I got big tires. I would definitely recommend you check one out it's definitely worth it. Oh and I forgot they are great for mudding.

- Jesse C

One interesting thing about my jeep is that it is quiet.

My jeep is always overheating. I try to turn the heater on to take heat off the engine, but it is horrible to do that in the hot summer sun. The air conditioning is also always having problems. Aside from those issues, gas mileage is pretty good. I think it is a reliable vehicle.

- Caitlin L

2001 Cherokee: my opinion.

Incredibly reliable, the Jeep drives like a dream. I bought it for three grand five years ago, and with very low maintenance it has continued to thrive and drive. Gas mileage is adequate and drives well in the city. Handles well around turns and tire pressure remains consistent.

- Braxton T

Older cars have a higher Focus on safety, not gadgets.

The car is amazing and very reliable. I would definitely recommend it. Especially in the winter when the roads are slick and the snow is on the ground. I have never had a problem driving because the car is so good in bad weather. During the winter, my car becomes the family car.

- Erin M

2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4 DR 4WD

It don't want to start sometimes. It needs some repairs. I needs a tune up. Its a 4 wheel drive and I drive it to work everyday. You let the back seat down and haul things. Its blue and has cloth seats. Radio doesn't work and the air doesn't work. All around a good vehicle.

- Carol D

Fast, amazing love my jeep it's great.

Great I like it. It's wonderful amazing. So thank you.. Really happening to me. Have a great night. My truck is great. No problems yes siree. Happy times. Just writing anything I could to have fun typing on my phone. So be good to all the things in life. Great wonderful.

- Lo D

It is a very reliable car great for the interstate.

I love the space in my car the maintenance have not been bad I haven't spent more than 500 on it the amount of gas it burn is a lot I have invested a lot in the tires they seem to go bald quickly I sometimes have problem finding parts but for the most part I love my Jeep.

- Devin P

My review is called My Jeep is Great.

The Jeep can go about 15-20 miles a gallon. Generally, my Jeep is reliable. The Jeep is comfort inside and has features like cruise control. Recently, the radiator did need to be replace, but this is the first time I had to fix it. My parking spots needed to be replaced.

- Cody W

I love my 01 Jeep Cherokee.

I love my car. I have had it since ‘04 and have had very little to fix. The timing chain was replaced. That is all that is been done. It now has over 170, 000 miles on the engine. It can go anywhere and carry everything I need. My only regret is that it is not a 4x4.

- Joni L

Amazing Cherokee 17 years strong.

Very reliable for many years, 4WD works great in snow, built tough like a tank, replacement of auto parts is affordable and rarely need to replace, when replacing I can do it myself, has decent storage space, second row of seats fold down and it's great on all terrain.

- Keith W

It's a very nice vehicle, I like it.

The vehicle has little to no problems and performs very well. It is very reliable and very comfortably, the inside has plenty of room. The vehicle has little to no problems and performs very well. It is very reliable and very comfortably, the inside has plenty of room.

- Marie M

2001 Jeep Cherokee sport is sporty and yet dressy.

I know that can get thru a bunch of different weather extremes like snow, mud ice is dicey but the back seat is small for longer legged people the front seat can be also but all in all I like it and will purchase another one when the time comes to purchase another one.

- Mary S

It is got an amazing sound system and sunroof.

It never seems to want to run right I am always replacing parts and fixing it just to be able to take my kids to school! It gets way bad gas mileage. And will not engage into 4WD. It is not up to date with safety missions and do not handle well in the snow or ice.

- Kayla L

2001 Jeep Cherokee Best SUV I've Ever Owned

Vehicle has been the most reliable one I have ever owned. I've owned mine for 7 years with minimal problems! Not the most comfortable seating but it can pack in more than you think. The folding rear seat was a nice touch for carrying large loads. Great vehicle!

- Austin D

Jeeps are an investment to buy in our global warming time.

Jeeps are high performance. Excellent life span and the most qualified driving automobile for weather and travel. It drives great all the time no matter what the weather is doing, blizzard to a beautiful day you still get that secure feeling behind the wheel.

- Carol T

Jeeps are not just for guys!

I love my jeep Cherokee. It has proven to be reliable, fun to drive, and safe. I love to pack it with our fishing equipment and head out for a nice trip. The 4x4 has helped me through the brutal Wisconsin winters with no problems. I am a jeep owner for life!

- Jennifer O

60th Anniversary Edition- last year made

Easy to maintain, inexpensive to repair, good gas mileage, with, shift on the fly 4WD; this Jeep runs like a champ. Straight inline 6 cylinder has plenty of horsepower for highway speed lane changes. Turns on a dime. Easy to park and handle in tight spaces.

- Dana B

Basically it just time for another car.

Water pump always being replaced I have to constantly keep replacing gas tank brake fluid keep leaking oil leaking sensor went out just having to put a lot of money into the car and it not worth it to keep replacing every thing if it is not going to work.

- Jasmine P

It is great in all kinds of weather.

I like that I can take my Jeep basically anywhere. It is great in the snow which is good for where I live. It is lasted me a really long time which is great. I wish some of the features were a little more up to date like the stereo.

- Savanna H

It is an older car and is not very reliable to drive long distances.

I love how spacious my jeep is for passengers and large objects. It is very versatile. I do not like how I don't have many compartments to store small objects. My jeep is too old and I worry its not safe to drive long distances.

- Taylor W

I always take good care of my Jeep, when the oil needs changed or something breaks I have it taken care of as soon as possible.

I love that I drive a Jeep, I can load up anything I need to take with me any time. My Jeep takes me anywhere I need to go, it's great on gas and it's a smooth ride. It's easy to keep clean, that's very important to me.

- Pati M

Has on the fly 4WD. Good gas mileage, and economic appeal.

Love the Jeep. Easy to drive, small SUV that gets you anywhere you want to go. Good gas mileage for an SUV. The only complaint is that it sometimes would overheat. Simply put I am a new thermostat and your good to go.

- Jacob N

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it operates like a brand new car.

Although my vehicle is an 2001 model, it still runs and works pretty well like a brand new car. I have no major problems with it however, I would certainly like a upgrade and more enhanced technology equipped vehicle.

- Gee P

It may be a Jeep, and they may be known for being sturdy, but that thing cannot drive up even the slightest incline without whining

It has four wheels and an engine that works. It gets me from point a to point b so I don't have any real complaints. Sometimes the engine smokes and it makes a screaming noise but it's nothing I can't handle

- Mary J

I love my Jeep Cherokee. Off Road or highway we get along just fine!!!!

I love my jeep Cherokee Laredo so much. Besides the way it drives, the sound system is to die for. I've had her for four years and when the time comes, I will upgrade to a new Jeep Cherokee. Thanks jeep.

- Walter N

It is a red jeep Cherokee. Its ruby red and is a four door. Its low on gas

I have a red jeep grand Cherokee. I love it because its big enough for my full sized family. I need it to do all of my every day running around. I use it because it's low on gas and its very reliable.

- Ilisabeth c

Reliable, safe and comfortable jeep.

I have a black jeep Cherokee. I have had it for almost 10 years now and it was my first car. It has been extremely reliable. It is starting to show its age but it's still gets me where I need to go!

- Brad R

Very affordable and very comfortable

I really enjoy my jeep. It is very comfortable and has plenty of space for you groceries are whatever in the back. Also has plenty of room for kids. Also is affordable for maintenance and parts.

- Stephanie J

I love my jeep. You should love one too!

Fantastic vehicle. Only had one issue with it in the last 3 years. It was the fuel pump. I think as long as you put the regular maintenance into it, your vehicle will last a long time.

- Natasha F

The legroom in the backseat is a little tight.

The inline 6 cylinder engine is very reliable, and is easy to work on if needed. This vehicle is built to be tough on the exterior as well as the inside. The interior still looks new.

- Jim G

It is a powerful vehicle if it is well maintained.

The jeep has survived for a long time for over 18 years. It is sturdy and durable. Unfortunately age has caught up to it to the point that all the original parts need to be replaced.

- Charles C

I love my Jeep, it's perfect for the Midwest.

I live in the Midwest were weather is always a concern. I love having four wheel drive in the snow. I alway feel safe driving my Jeep. I also love the way the Jeep rides and looks.

- Jasmin T

overall it's a really good vehicle if you need 4 wheel drive.

I love the four wheel drive and I love the way it handles. The only problems that I have with it is the inside. It's so small and I wish I had more leg room on the passenger side.

- Morgan W

It is an older car and does not come with factory features.

Has no cruise control, uses a lot of gas. The parts needed to maintain the vehicle are expensive. It has very high miles, it is not a four-wheel drive. Steering is bad, leaks oil.

- Paula D

It does not get the best gas mileage.

My Jeep is extremely reliable. It does not get the best gas mileage but I have the 4x4 with a 4 inch lift kit. It is a great car because you get the Jeep look and feel for less.

- Sarah S

It is reliable and basically a tank during the winter months.

I like that it is a Jeep, which is a very reliable old vehicle, as well as the fact that it is paid off. I do not like how small it is getting with my expanding family.

- Thomas G

I just realized I'm not happy with it.

It's not good on gas but I like it i have put some money in and the air conditioning stopped working 2 years in a row now more i think about it I want my truck back.

- Martina H

Jeep. A man's best friend. Good running vehicle.

Jeeps are some of the best yet most simple machines. They are reliable when you need them. Our us military used Jeeps to carry our troops from point to point.

- William H

That its a truck not a car.

The battery goes dead fast even after replacing it many of times. I think its the 3rd party installed security system that makes it go dead even when not on.

- Dean V

It is a great 4 wheeler. Off road driving super great.

It is a great 4 wheel drive vehicle. It is a mini truck for us. We have haul lumber in it, a stove and a dryer. You name it we haul it one way or another.

- Pauline L

I had to replace 2 radiators already on it and somehow the fuses quit which made for the windows not to be able to work along with the cruise control

I love the height of it the ability to go thru just about anything I can try to but the only thing I don't like about it is the legroom of the backseat

- Mary S

It has been in a few accidents and never has has any serious damage. It can really take a hit.

The jeep is really good and gas lasted a long time. Age is getting to it and it needs constant repairs. Gas mileage isn't the greatest but manageable.

- Charles M

It is a work vehicle but very comfortable to ride in.

I am a woman of small stature and this is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. Most cars are just too big for me to feel comfortable in.

- Beverly D

This car is sleek and stylish, but also practical.

The car is wonderful, leather seats on the inside are easy to clean and super comfy. Air conditioning and heat work great. Stylish yet convenient!

- Jennifer S

My car is fantastic I love everything about it

Love it so much it's actually the best car ever couldn't have gotten a better car I am going to get a new one soon but this will do for now 10/10

- Mcknz A

My car is my lifeline to everything I need to get to or to do!

I love my Jeep because it's safe, and easy to drive. It's great on gas, and on long trips. The only complaint I've had is the amount of recalls.

- Diane S

It's a jeep, so that's a highlight. Can handle most climates.

The interior is very spacious and comfortable. Handles pretty well for a larger vehicle. Only two wheel drive, so not very good for off-roading.

- Samantha H

It is safe. Kid and pet friendly. With 4doorsandhit is easy to get into..

There is plenty of room for a mid size car. It is easy to handle and park. It is good on gas. I like everything about the car, no complaints.

- Karen R

My jeep is junk!!!!!!!!!!!

It has a lot of miles on it and it has had a lot of issues with the a/c we have spent over 500 trying to fix it and it still isn't working

- Monica R

It is a one of a kind.. And my son cannot wait to drive it.

The amount of money I have to put into it to just keep it running is ridiculous. Also the gas to keep it running is way too much.

- Tab S

It is a 4 wheel drive.It has cruise control, fog lights, and comfortable.

It is reliable and it is dependable.. It is dependable. And comfortable.. It has 4 doors. Plus a hatch... It has cruise control..

- Misty W

We love our Jeep Cherokee!

This is a great, reliable vehicle. The mileage is not that great. We get about 18 mpg in the country, and 15 mpg in the city.

- Beth S

It gets me from point a to point be and that's all I ever really need

I like all the space that it has plus with good trunk spaces make hauling things easier. I dislike it because it's hard on gas.

- Amber K

Mileage is good enough for better performance.

Good mileage. Hardbody. Rough Usage. Easy maintenance. Works well even in bad weather conditions. Really have good performance.

- Sandra S

That it is incredibly fantastic on gas mileage!.

Good gas mileage. Excellent repair record. Good vision at night.. Good headlights.. Excellent seating. Fuel pump maintenance.

- Carol A

It is very dependable during the winter months.

I like the space. The design of the vehicle makes it easy to drive despite being an SUV. It is great for driving in the snow.

- Guadalupe S

It's a good family vehicle and does winters and off roading nicely.

I enjoy the handling the 4 wheel drive when needed and of course the higher view of the road. The storage capacity is a plus

- Rich N

That I love it and it shows who I am. It's ugly but it runs well.

It's an older car that runs well. It's reliable but has seen better days. I might look into getting another, newer jeep soon.

- Lacy R

They are great for moving bunch of stuff, and plenty of room.

Jeep is great vehicle if you are looking for bigger vehicle, and off road type vehicle.easy on gas for a 6 cylinder vehicle.

- April H

2001 jeep cherokee keeps on going

Excellent car! Not really good on gas mileage, but very reliable and fun to drive. Has over 200,000 miles and still going.

- Kim V

The length of time of its performance.

It is 17 years old I will drive it till I dies.. Basic maintenance.. The body of the car will probably go before the engine.

- Catherine C

Older Jeeps Rock! It's 4×4 and roomy. I'd you take good care of Keep it will run for a long hogg time.

My Jeep is awesome. It's the older version,which I love because the newer versions look weird now. I love having a 4×4.

- Liza H

It is a great midsize SUV was worth every penny really.

Love it 'cos it has needed very little upkeep it keeps on going will last another few years before we have to trade it in.

- Daniel E

It is great in snow with its 4 wheel drive . I get out of things that other SUV 's can't .

Love my Jeep ! Great in snow . Reliable . Uses a lot of gas but worth it . Great engine . Has not given me many problems.

- Angelo G

It's a strong car that get to point A to B with no problem

I have a black Jeep for a while. It has a lots of scrapes on the passenger side. Also the windows in the back don't work

- Julisa P

I hope it runs for another fourteen years as it will continue to be in my possession until the engine dies.

The car has over 160,000 miles and is reliable and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage and I value its dependability.


Will go anywhere you want

I have added one ton axles, 40'' tires, and 3 speed transfer case. It is fully built for rock crawling. I love it!

- Adam L

It's reliable and the 4 wheel drive is really important for the winter months.

The 4 wheel drive is a must in Michigan winters. Good size for hauling things for both home and work. Works great!

- Lin D

Reliable off-road ready vehicle

It is actually able to go off road, doesn't break down, it is better than a truck on gas, and it is very durable.

- Jes B

good in all weather good on gas

love the jeep runs super good for a 2005 and having 32000 plus on it. this is the 3th jeep. shall get another one


It is a beast. Seems impossible to kill. Maintenance is fairly easy since it does not have a ton of computer stuff.

Love the 4 wheel drive and cargo space. Could be more comfortable for passengers. Newer models seem to be better

- George G

Great for on the trails and the beach

It's great for off-roading and such. Carrying large items is great. Fairly reliable but not spacious seating.

- James J

It rides smooth, easy to manage.

Love the seats. Love the way its drives. Dislike color options. Can also have satellite radio in the vehicle.

- Alexia B

I love my car because it gets me from point a to b in one piece.

Works greatly and has no issues, gas is a a little spendy but it's a bigger vehicle. The seats are nice.

- zane G

Its a 5 seater and roomy amazing.

Its amazing I love it. Its roomy and all big and comfy kids love it too. Great wonderful vehicle loving.

- Crystal W

It holds value and was ahead of its time.

My Jeep has been reliable. It has not had many problem. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Whitney J

Cool design and easy maintenance

Good performance good quality reliable durable no major issues good cost for what you get fashionable

- Seb A

That they seem pretty good and dependable and run well into high miles

Haven't had it long enough to have any complaints other than that it could use better gas mileage

- scott m

I love the sunroof. The gas mileage is great. I love the comfort of the vehicle.

Its dependable and has great gas mileage. I feel safe when we are traveling in this vehicle.

- Johnna D

It is very simple to operate

I love my vehicle it is super nice and it will take me anywhere. it does not usually break.

- emily J

My Jeep Cherokee is a great car. I feel like I'm part of the Jeep culture when I drive it, and it really feels like a true "adventure-mobile". However, it does need maintenance in order to keep running smoothly, and like all Jeeps, it leaks oil.

Despite any of its flaws, Jeep is a great brand and their cars are fun to drive!

- Julia S

The reliability and how it handles. It's easy to take off road.

It handles well, I like the way it looks, and it's great for taking offroad.

- Paul L

That it is Reliable! Very dependable and consistent. No issues with it and it is my daily drive.

I love the ride, the handling. Looks great. Dislike the gas mileage on it.

- Tori W

They will run forever if you take care of it, but they can take a beating and keep on running.

I like the durability of my Jeep Cherokee but I dislike the gas mileage.

- Aaron W

The steering wheel is not straightened, it has trouble idling.

The amount of upkeep. Electrical problems, windows not working.

- Weston F

The Jeep Cherokee 2001 is a vehicle that is enough to get me around the town as well as adjacent areas, otherwise I recommend a more reliable and newer vehicle. Comfort is decent.

It is not the best on gas which is to be expected of a jeep.

- Kyle F

It is very good on water on the roads here in Louisiana.

A Little big but great for the water here on the roads.

- Thaddeus C

It's durability. the way it handles it is fun to drive

the handling and versatility.I like jeeps.It is durable

- james g