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Luxurious dependable reliable and worth every penny.

My jeep is the best SUV I have ever owned. I've had it for 2 years and have not run into a single problem with it. I love the multitude of features it offers like Bluetooth phone connection that is clear as day and easy to operate. The heated and cooled seats never let me down. I've never felt so safe in a vehicle before. I was rear ended at a complete stop they were going 65 mph. There was minimal damage to my jeep and it went into a crash mode that locked up all of the breaks so I wouldn't keep rolling after I was hit. I fully believe if I was in another car when it happened my kids and I would've been severely hurt. I don't think I will get anything but a jeep from now on. Any other car I have bought I run into problems the second I hit 50k miles but not this one I believe even after I hit 100k it will still be running like I just bought it.

- Melanie W

I love the all black rims/tires and exterior.

I had a Jeep before this current one and I loved it. Never had one problem which is what led me to buy another Jeep. The exterior of the Jeep looks very nice and has all black everything. The only thing I really do not like about it is the ride just does not feel very smooth and I am always needing to put air in my tires. I am sure this has nothing to do with the actual car but it is frustrating. I also do not feel like the trunk is very big for what I actually need it for. It gets the job done now but I will be looking for a bigger trunk and back seat area in my next vehicle.

- Robert O

Single-mom running a small business happy with a reliable vehicle.

I have had this vehicle for over a year now. I actually went from one Jeep to another. It gives me plenty of room to load boxes upon boxes for work when I need to and it also gives my family the comfort and reliability that I need. I would give it 5 stars but it is not the greatest on mileage. I knew that when leasing and still decided to get a Jeep for the second time because it is just that great! The navigation system and hands free options are also a favorite. It is user friendly and will give you some good off-roading experiences if you choose to.

- Mari C

Very good on fuel, has lots of legroom, and dash panel is easy to understand.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is very good on fuel. Around town we have been getting 22 miles per gallon. When we did a road trip to Florida we were getting around 19 miles per gallon on the highway. The inside is very comfortable with good amount of legroom and comfortable seats, lots of room in the back for storage, back seats fold down witch make a lot of room. We travel with # dogs and they had more than enough room with extra to spare as far as the ride, it is very smooth ride. I would recommend this Jeep to others and would buy another in the future.

- Frances C

Quality, Versatile, comfortable, smooth ride!

I absolutely love this Jeep! It drives so smooth! It is very quick to go and the gas mileage is pretty fair considering it is such a large vehicle! Some Jeeps are hard to get a quality visual while driving but this Jeep has excellent frame angle so you can see clearly no matter which direction you are looking. It is comfortable on the inside, very spacious! So much room in the back and trunk! I like that I can take the top down in sections. If I do not want the entire top off I can take just the part above the drive if needed!

- Ashley G

It is very helpful in getting you through Michigan winters.

I've had it for a year and I'm pretty happy with it. It drives over bumps smoothly which is important in our area with bad roads and it was awesome in the winter, I didn't feel it slide at all in the snow and ice I had to drive through. It does have kind of a weird jerk to it when you take your foot off the gas to slow down though. I don't know if that is normal for this kind of car, but as long as it doesn't cause any problems later on, it's not a big deal. Overall it has been very dependable and I am glad I purchased it.

- Stacey S

Jeep grand Cherokee, delay on the Bluetooth and air conditioning.

The only problems I have with my car is that the air conditioning has a delay turning on. So once I turn my car on, there’s a 30 second delay when I turn my air on. In addition, the radio’s Bluetooth has a delay as well. Same type of deal, it takes a little bit for the Bluetooth to kick in and start playing music. Sometimes, it even takes 2 minutes for it to connect. Other than that, it works great. The performance is great!! It is a very reliable car. I have had very little issues with it.

- John S

It is very large and an affordable selection for a family.

I like that it is an SUV. I feel safe and it is large enough for my family of four. The gas is not as bad as I thought it would be and it is comfortable but I feel as though the technology is lacking. Although the backup camera and brake sensor in the rear is one of my favorite features the rest of the technology is lacking. I feel as though I have issues with the digital touch screen. The phone address is constantly losing my stored favorites. I just wish there were more features.

- Holly P

Whether I am in the passenger seat or the back seat it is a comfortable ride.

The drivers side seat needs to have a seat belt that fits over the chest of a woman. You can lower it but it cuts at your neck. Engineers need to come up with a better seat belt performance for the figure of a woman. The cars engine has an energy feature that shuts the engine off when the vehicle is stopped. When you press on the gas the feature automatically starts the engine, well it has stalled and not started at a stop light a couple of times.

- Melissa T

Safe, exciting, capable of anything, daily and weekend warrior.

The vehicle handles well. With lots of cargo room. It drives similarly to a pickup because you are seated up high. Yet still has all the comfort of a car. The automatic start and heated steering wheel are definitely pluses during the winter. The slap stick gear shifts located on the steering wheel help when accelerating in contested areas, yet the transmission has a quick response and are not necessarily needed. Just had more fun.

- Kristin R

This Jeep is a good choice for small families.

The overall spaciousness is good and it drives nicely. It feels roomy when you are driving. The inside has a couple nice features including a lift up passenger seat that can be used for a hidden storage. Downsides to it is not a lot of trunk space if used as a family car and it does not have a great turning radius. Even though it has a back up camera it would be nicer if it gave you a beeping signal if items were close by.

- Sarah J

Highlights of a jeep Cherokee.

I have no vehicle problems. My jeep runs great. Has great gas mileage and is very comfortable. The trim is high end. It is clean looking. I love the blue lights in the cup holders and doors. It has heated and vented seats in the front and heated seats in the back. My jeep drives great. Has plenty of room for a family of 4. The back area is roomy and plenty room for luggage, groceries or anything needed to be moved.

- Brooke K

Perfect car for the on the go/traveler and is comfy for long trips.

Very comfortable. I have the suede seats and they are amazing. The entertainment system is so easy to use. Very user friendly. It drives well and I have not relent it off roaring yet but I have taken it to the snow and it is perfect. The only problem I have has is the with the trunk wall. It pops out and even though I already got it replaced it happened again. I am waiting to get it replaced for the 3rd time.

- Veronica M

I love my jeep grand Cherokee limited.

I love my jeep. It is super comfortable which is really important to me because I have lots of arthritis issues. I love it is features which are very easy to use and also helpful for me personally. The back seat is even very comfortable with lots of room for even a tall person. I have plenty of storage space in the back to put whatever I have to haul and I love that it is easy to get things in and out.

- Sheila P

Great family car. With versatility to do just about anything you need.

The thing I love most about this vehicle is it is versatility. I can use it as my daily to and from driver, family car, and have plenty of room to stop at home depot and pick up lumber or 10-15 bags of mulch. It is also economic on fuel in comparison to my previous SUV. One thing I wish is that it had more power. And that there were more powerful options without having to drop $65k+ for an sort model.

- Jose G

I absolutely love the Jeep grand Cherokee.

I love my grand Cherokee! I love all the features on the dashboard including the navigation, Bluetooth, touchscreen, and controls of the temperature. I love the amount of space in this car! We have so much more room for our family and the truck is very large as well! The only two things I wish this car had is memory seats and cooling seats. But these are just extra upgrades that I can live without.

- Savannah S

Jeep does it again! Sleek, smooth and high tech!

My jeep is one of the greatest vehicles I have ever owned or driven. It drives so smoothly you hardly feel the bumps when you hit them. The sound system in this vehicle is amazing and one of my favorite things this vehicle offers. I live in Alaska where we get tons and tons of snow and I have never gotten stuck in my jeep one time. My son really appreciates the heated back seats and moonroof to.

- Ashley S

Great ride, great view, great vehicle.

Love the jeep! Only thing I wish I could change it to make the auto start turn off completely and not just something I have to manually turn off every time I start the car. Just not a feature I use. Sits up higher than my other car and love the view of the road. Wish I would have upgraded to leather interior but even the fabric wears nicely. Been very pleased so far without purchase.

- Melanie T

2017 jeep grand cherokee. Great SUV for the price.

Overall I am very happy with my jeep grand Cherokee. There have not been many recalls, less than three. It manages well in snow and rain. My favorite feature is the heated steering wheel. My only frustration is that the headlight bulbs have already burned out and needed replacement. In addition, the key fob batteries only last one year rather than multiple years as my other vehicles.

- Anne S

This is a diesel. You have to let the injectors kick on. It is big.

Our car has heated seats, leather/suede interior, and a sunroof. We love the gas mileage for an SUV and it has ample space for a family of 5. We do not like its auto car shut down when reaching a complete stop. It is supposed to help with gas but the difference is minute and the button has to be pressed every time the car is turned on if you want to keep it from turning off your car.

- Beatrice F

Spotty looking vehicle rides nicely

Car gets great gas mileage has a smooth ride looks very sporty handles nicely has automatic four wheel drive so it senses when it needs to go into four wheel drive no shifting needed by the driver. One bad feature is the automatic stop start feature, whenever you stop in traffic the vehicle automatically shuts off and restart when you take your foot off the break it very annoying

- Robert Z

Great family car, awesome features.

My vehicle is a great family car. I am able to fit 2 car seats comfortably in my vehicle. Love all the features that it has, heated seats, steering wheel, push to start and all. Of the other electronic features just to name a few. I enjoy the automatic trunk. Opening which is helpful when you have children. Even though I love my vehicle I wish the trunk was a little bit larger.

- Thelma O

A car made for an active lifestyle.

My grand Cherokee Trailhawk is a dream vehicle for anyone that loves the outdoors. From hunting, camping and off roading to long car trips and every day driving this car if built for it all! It crawls over rocks like nothing and cuts through snow like butter. The gas mileage is moderate but still good for such a high performance vehicle. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Teresa R

The chassis is Mercedes made even though it is a Jeep, so it has a very high-end frame and is incredibly safe.

My vehicle is a silver Jeep Grand-Cherokee with Chrome mirrors / trim. I love the look of it, but most importantly, I feel safe in it. I have previous owned a Lexus RX350, and my jeep is every bit as high-end as that. It has all the bells and whistles in the interior, but I like the look and feel (safety) of the car the most. I literally don't dislike anything about it.

- Ryan B

that I can carry as many people, and as much stuff, as I need to. No need to drive 2 cars to kid's basketball games anymore!

I love the Jeep brand, and the Grand Cherokee in particular. I need a vehicle with enough seating capacity for all the people who ride with me. This Jeep has the power I need to go up the hills around here. I like the exterior and interior styling. I chose a hunter green one; it reminded me of the one my husband and I had back in California, the one that was stolen.

- Teressa W

Grand Cherokee is the best and most reliable car I have ever had!!

I love my grand Cherokee. I have not had any maintenance issues, just regular maintenance such as oil changes. It runs great, gets along wonderfully in snow, rough terrain, and regular day to day driving. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted in the lumbar area, as well as height and leg room. I absolutely love the touch screen capability and the back up camera!

- Amy M

Favorite SUV I have owned!

I love this car, great in the snow. Lots of cargo room and room for my kids. Has been maintenance free, good on gas, great sound and features like the heated seats and steering wheel. It has great pick up as well. The only thing I do not like is the feature that turns the car off every time you stop in traffic. I always elect to turn that feature off.

- Kevin H

Fun to drive with the perks of a luxury sedan.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is fun to drive, has a beautiful interior and all of the amenities of a luxury vehicle without being stuffy. I have not any problems with the car in the year and a half that I have owned it. Working with the dealership for service has been a pleasure. I definitely plan on purchasing another one when the time comes to do so.

- Lynn M

Jeep grand Cherokee review.

I love this car because it is new and great looking. I love how smooth it is and I enjoy the luxury aspect of it too. I like how it heats up really great in the winter time. I do not like that because it is white, there are "rust spots" on it that stand out. I also do not like that you have to turn on the auto start every time I get in the car.

- Arianna G

My car is that it has a heated steering wheel, it is a game changer in the cold.

I have no problems with my car! I think it is the most comfortable, spacious car! There are so many extras to the car that make it so special and comfortable like a heated steering wheel, heated front and back seats, remote start. I also have an app where I can control my car from my phone. My car is absolutely amazing and I absolutely love it!

- Rachel F

2017 Jeep grand Cherokee altitude.

There are occasionally some Bluetooth issues. I have trouble connecting it sometimes, especially if I leave the car running and exit the vehicle with my phone. Most of the time it won't reconnect and I have to restart the vehicle. Other than that I love it. Very reliable, comfortable, and looks awesome. Would definitely recommend buying one!

- Derek D

Super efficient. Allowing vast trips and adaptable traveling.

Jeep is very spacious. Fits entire family. Drives smoothly. Enjoy off-roading and camping trip in various types of landscapes. Very reliable. Easily adaptable to all sorts of terrain. Easily accessible and quick speed with great mileage. My Jeep is fairly new and gets me to places easily and quickly. One of the best investments of the year.

- Hannah A

It is a good value for the money.

I like the quality of the fit and finish the adaptive cruise control is helpful in interstate conditions. The driving options seem to be unlimited. It offers a variety ride options the accessibility to the controls is good. The entertainment system is of good quality and with a variety of choices. The interior is finished out very nice.

- Curt R

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is high tech and very nice.

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. My Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the best cars I have ever owned. Appearance wise, I love how sleek and smooth my Jeep is. Technology wise, I love that there's a Sirius built into it. I love the engine and how it's a V8. The only downside to this vehicle is that the crash reports are less than pleasing.

- Ava R

Jump into your new jeep Cherokee.

Smooth, runs nicely has grey features. Although it may be seem vas efficient I beg to differ, other than that I have a 5 passenger jeep grand Cherokee, spacious in the back for extra storage, car turns off when on full stop to save gas (you ok) and restarts when you release your foot off break, pretty neat, you can turn that off,

- Rew K

Great heated steering wheels and seat. Good lights on it.

It is ok but no major problems. It uses a lot of gas and the seats get stained easy. No major issues with engine at all. No major issues with lights. Ok that is all please allow me to submit this is a little old here. Really one more try to submit I do not have much to say not sure why you're forcing me to use that many letters.

- Shanna D

A car for an outdoor person.

The car is amazing. Being able to turn on the car from inside the house is perfect especially in the winter. Perfect for a big family. For places where is snow is amazing, the all wheel drivers works great. During the summer this vehicle is perfect to go off-road, outdoor activities, camping, etc.. Also perfect for long trips.

- Carlos A

Red Jeep grand Cherokee- many pros, a couple cons!

Car is very smooth and reliable. I definitely feel safe driving in it. However, the car structure is very large and feels as if it is protruding into my view when I am driving, and I often find myself shifting my body to lean left and forwards because the side mirror is so large that it blocks a significant portion of my view.

- Meg P

Best car purchase I ever made.

I love this car it handles well in all weather living in pa the winter can be rough but now I don't have to worry about getting somewhere when I need to. Its pretty good on gas. And also comfortable for my husband who is 6 10 to drive he is not cramped up at all. I love the safety features and of course the back up camera.

- Jennifer K

Best vehicle for comfort and safety.

Smooth ride comfortable seats very safe most favorite car I have ever purchased would highly recommend this card for short or long distance my next car will be another Jeep grand Cherokee his is my second one the first ad investors led in a head on collision and everyone in the vehicle walked away and the car was totaled.

- Lynn C

Very safe and easy to drive even if you are new to SUV's like I was.

I love how my Jeep performs in the rain and the snow. I have not had 1 issue with it. I love the panoramic sun mirror and the dark rims. It is very customizable. The one thing I would change would be the trunk space, because I have a child so with a stroller or shopping you do not have as much room as you would think.

- Natalie F

Great car! Luxury vehicle at an affordable price!

The Jeep grand Cherokee limited is comfortable to drive, the heated seats are a plus in the winter and the navigation is a plus! The storage space is great, vents in the back seat area cool and heat your backseat passengers nicely! Love the blinkers on the side mirrors as well as the large sized screen on the radio.

- Jennifer N

The most comfortable American-made car.

Very comfortable to drive and be a passenger in. The looks are smooth and good-looking. It accelerated quickly. The rear seats recline, which is very nice. The back storage is large enough to buy furniture. The maintenance is not terribly expensive, like the other car I used to have. It gets 17 mpg in local driving.

- Paula B

Great family vehicle! So happy with my purchase.

The Jeep performs very well, I love everything about it except for the feature that turns your engine off when you are at a stop and automatically turns on when you go and press the gas. I wish that the button on the dash would be the option to turn that feature on instead of the option to turn that feature off.

- Kayla K

Altitude package at its best.

Stylish, sleek, high end options. Leather/plush interior, comforting seats with heat. Smooth driving. Navigation screen easy to view, large screen. Surround sound music. Auto door open. Keyless entry. Black interior. Pearl paint on outside. Easy to clean, fun to drive and sporty. Auto 4WD. Jeeps can not be beat!

- Amy S

Power and comfort are the reasons we bought this Jeep. It is very quiet.

This Jeep replaced an Equinox and it only had a 4 cylinder engine and could not make it up the steep grades around here, the Jeep has a 6 but I could say it has as much power as an 8 cylinder engine and no trouble getting up any hills. The interior is very quiet and comfortable. We got the leather package.

- Tom L

2017 jeep grand Cherokee - fun to drive, yet; dependable and sturdy.

The performance is fantastic. It is one of the most fun vehicles I have driven, especially an SUV. I did not like the black rims at first yet receive compliments daily on the look of the vehicle. This is my fourth jeep grand Cherokee and the interior is the best of all four. I will buy again when ready!

- Renee M

My Jeep grand Cherokee is a 4x4 vehicle with all the comforts of luxury.

This vehicle is exceptional, comfortable, and luxurious. It has all the options to go off-road with the comfort of a luxurious interior. I have had no problems with performance. Heated and cooled seats make for comfort year round and remote start is convenient when temperatures are frigid or scorching.

- Brittany M

Love this car! Problem w/ alloy wheel leak.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is a very comfortable car. It is quiet and comfortable enough for long road trips, and it is does well on gas mileage for daily commute. So far the only problem has been one of the alloy wheels flexing, causing a slow air leak in the tire. Other than that, the car runs great.

- Em R

Jeep knocks it out of the park.

No problems. Love my heated seats and steering wheel. Like being raised above the majority of the other vehicles on the road. Love the sparkly burgundy paint job. It really catches the light. The rear camera is really helpful when backing up, and the sea alarm is helpful when you are changing lanes.

- Cat S

I love the luxury of my car. It has everything you would want in a car!

No problems! This car rides like a dream! I love everything about my car. It is pure luxury! It feels like you are floating when riding in this things! I love all of the extra bells and whistles!! If I were to get another vehicle it would definitely be this one!! I love the look of it so much!

- Melissa K

Newer Jeeps, hate gas saver mode

I have had a Jeep for several years. I previously had a wrangler but had to sell for functionality purposes. The only thing I can't stand about the Jeep is the gas saver option that you can't disable. If you stop at all it shuts the engine off and in the summer it gets really hot really quick.

- Sarha E

2017 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is stylish, performs and handles very well, and is great for a family. There were 2 separate recalls on the vehicle, but Jeep fixed them without hassle. It has auto-off where the vehicle will turn the engine off when you come to a stop, which saves gas, which I like.

- David P

Jeep grand Cherokee - comfortable and sporty.

Roomy vehicle, great trunk space and fun to drive. I love the panoramic sunroof and upgraded sound system. The remote start is also a nice feature in a family car. Great safety rating so I feel comfortable driving it daily with a toddler. Also a beautiful deep blue color which I enjoy!

- Jamie F

I like how the trunk can be closed by the touch of a button.

I love the vehicle all around. I like the leather seats and how smooth of a ride it is. We paid to have the remote start which is a lifesaver in the winter time and the heated seats. My only complaint is that we are having our second child and the car feels cramped with 2 car seats.

- Christin G

2017 Jeep grand Cherokee looks good and drives good.

No problems. Seats are very comfortable. Car drives great. Love my backup camera. Love the navigation. Love the heated steering wheel. Love the remote start. Car is very reliable. Love the moonroof. Love the leather interior. Easy to drive and easy to park. Love the touch screen.

- Emily R

Jeep grand cherokees are extremely comfortable for long rides, and stylish.

I love having a Jeep Grand Cherokee, because it is the perfect size. I feel comfortable riding in an suv, and it isn't too big. The inside is extremely comfortable for road trips, and it's all wheel drive which is helpful. I don't have any complaints with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

- Caroline K

Awesome vehicle, pleasant to drive.

This vehicle is awesome. We have had no problems. It is truly a luxury vehicle. The heated seats are a added plus. Gas mileage is great, maintenance has not been an issue with this vehicle. An all around great vehicle to own and operate. We are very pleased with our purchase.

- Cynthia B

Backup camera and beeps when too close to objects.

This vehicle did back up from the driveway on its own with the emergency brake on. Same thing that killed the young actor in California. Even though it was brought into the dealership for the free inspection of this problem. Everything else seems ok but that is a major issue.

- John M

I feel safe in this vehicle.

Very comfortable and reliable. Love the vehicle. There was an initial recall on the vehicle which needed to get fixed. The leather interior is amazing and the car is very easy and reliable to drive. I feel safe in the vehicle and that I can get from point A to point B safely.

- Kerry W

Overall, this is a good SUV.

Several recalls, tires do not stay inflated, a/c is not consistent. Very comfortable driving, feels very safe. Enjoy luxury features such as sunroof and computer touch screen, heated seats and steering wheel, and remote start for cold mornings. Do not know if worth the price.

- Lindsey M

Grand Cherokee overlander.

Looking for a midsize SUV that is both sporty and business like look no further than the jeep grand Cherokee. It is a great vehicle for the money and I find it reliable and eye catching. Good on fuel mileage and sits a family of 5 comfortably. Great on short and long trips.

- Barbara C

Versatile SUV for use in city and county.

We have the overland model and have found it above par in meeting our needs. It is comfortable throughout with heated seats in the front and back seats and air conditioned seats in the front. The outlet in the back seat plus the moonroof add final touches. Rides great!

- Whitney P

It is so incredibly comfortable for long trips because of all the features it has.

The trim package of my vehicle is all black everything with premium upgrades such a leather, sound system and large touch screen. I love my jeep so much! It also just has a cool factor to it. The only dislike about my Jeep is that it didn't come with a full roof rack.

- Devin P

Nothing like a heated steering wheel in the winter!

Have not had any issues. Lots of bells and whistles. Lots you do not need. Love the heated steering wheel and heated seats. Automatic everything. Lots of room, drives smooth. Digital dashboard. Buttons on steering wheel so you can check everything at your fingertips.

- Joanna R

Enjoying my jeep Cherokee.

No problems encountered thus far. This is a new vehicle and it meets expectations; with performance, reliability, comfort and features. This is a large vehicle and might not be a good fit for everyone. It is a good fit for me. I feel empowered driving this vehicle.

- Rm N

Great for all weather. Snow storms, will be getting a new one next year.

The Jeep is a great value for the money this is the third one that I have had. All have been reliable and have had no issues. Great in the snow and on the highway. I like the air seats, blind assist, very roomie, do wish they would make it in a diesel engine again.

- Dee T

The very large sunroof as it lets in a ton of light.

I have a 2017 Jeep grand Cherokee. It has been an amazing car thus far. There is not really anything about it that I have found that I do not like or would change. It has exceeded my expectation. I am really not sure why this has to be longer. This is ridiculous.

- J B

Jeep is the one that lasts a lifetime.

I have owned four Jeeps over the years. The style and performance are awesome. I will continue purchasing Jeep vehicles. It is a fantastic, beautiful machine. One Jeep I owned had 450, 000 miles when I traded it in. It goes over and beyond the kind of SUV I love.

- Kay B

It is a great riding car with attractive interior features and plenty cargo space.

My vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. I love the fact that the seats are very comfortable and allow me to drive/ride for many hours with no fatigue. The electronics are amazing, and the only fault I can find is that I think the side mirrors are too large.

- Ron W

Back up sensor and camera.

I absolutely love my Jeep! It is the second Jeep I have owned! I really enjoy the sensor that beeps while back out of a spot that alerts me when I am too close to an object. The rear view camera is so helpful and really allows me to back out of spaces with ease.

- Claudia A

Jeep Grand Cherokee is amazing!!

Jeep vehicles are amazing, they handle well, very durable, if you have a Jeep you part of the family. Always get 4 wheel drive it's worth it. The grand Cherokee has so many amazing features and abilities. You get the luxury and the ability of a Jeep all in one.

- Shane P

2017 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee. It is a great family car with plenty of room. The ride is very smooth. Also easy to drive for SUV. Has great blind spot indications and a wonderful backup camera. It is my favorite car that we have had as a family. Perfect for us.

- Courtney P

The best all around SUV for any lifetime.

Very smooth driving from start to stop, great horse power for a small engine and great gas mileage. Big enough for people but sleek enough to still look like a clean vehicle. Definitely like the turning the engine off feature at complete stops to help save gas.

- Taylor R

I have owned several other Jeep grand Cherokees and this is by far my favorite.

I absolutely love my vehicle the only thing I can say that I find annoying is that there are flaps on the steering wheel that get in my way and accidently hit. It runs very smoothly. It is so big that there quite a few blind spots, handles awesome in the snow,

- Lyssa W

My jeep is very sturdy and runs well on the roads.

The jeep is a very sturdy car and runs well. It has lots of space for storage and can hold 5 passengers comfortably. The 'plastic type' trim on the front bumper does not hold up well and the headlights seem to burn out quickly. It does come with Sirius radio.

- Ruth B

Great daily driver, no complaints.

The vehicle drives very smooth. I love the outside leather of the seats and the suede inside. Love the features of the vehicle. Gas mileage is great for a SUV. The vehicle is great for traveling and an everyday vehicle. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.

- Ashley Z

All the positives. I love how it is a very smooth ride.

I love the look and color. I also love the features involved. It is a very smooth drive. It has a backup camera. It has no blind spots. The car also has leather seats so that my dogs hair can easily be removed. The car also is high up, making me feel safe.

- Mary C

Fantastic driving experience.

It is been a fantastic car! I personally find it extremely comfortable on long trips, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, moonroof, satellite radio, all add up for a great diving experience. I would/ do recommend this car to friends and family.

- Seth B

The explosive power and is great in snow.

Jeep is a srt, guzzles gas other than that the 6. 4 liter hemi is a blast to drive, car is well made no rattles and no shakes at high speeds, Jeep has excellent sound system, exhaust is loud if you like that, interior is well done plenty of carbon fiber.

- Robert J

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017 review

I love my vehicle. It's very smooth and so far it has performed very good. I have been having it for a little over 1 year. So far I haven't encountered any problems . The only thing I hoped they change in the other models is the legroom in the back seats

- Anisa K

Comfortable and smooth ride.

I love the way the grand Cherokee handles and feels in the road. Even when it comes to bumpy terrain, potholes, or construction it still offers a smooth ride. The shocks are very efficient and this vehicle is good for off-road adventures one might say.

- Alex J

Awesome SUV. . . You cannot go wrong!

I have owned 5 Jeeps over the years and love the dependability of this vehicle. It is a well built and gets you where you need to be. I have always had awesome luck with this make and model. I will continue to buy Jeep products in the years to come!

- Betty B

The jeep is spacious for a smaller SUV and is easy to navigate around while also feeling protected and safe by being in a SUV.

I love everything about my jeep except the engine turn off button when you come to a stop. Jeep should make it so you are able to keep that feature turned off if you want to. My favorite part is the look of my jeep and how easy it is to drive.

- April D

Great SUV but somewhat expensive.

I have only had it for about 6 months but so far performance is great. The gas mileage is not very good. The interior is very roomy and love how the seats fold down. Love all the bells and whistles even though I do not use half of them.

- Constance D

NO CD Player in the jeep and not everyone uses more modern methods

Do not like that there is no CD player, do not like that I wasn't told no CD player, dislike that when you turn on the jeep the radio comes on automatically. I like the way it handles, like the interior design, like the mat in the back

- Vicki E

My Jeep is so quiet and drives great.

I love my Jeep. We have had several Jeeps. I like sitting up high so that I can see traffic and pedestrians better. My Jeep is very quiet and I love the backup camera. It sure makes it a lot easier since I am terrible a backing up.

- Carol D

It is a great reliable and semi-luxury vehicle.

Love the navigation system when it works. Love heated seats. Like having 4 wheel drive. Don't like the navigation system when it doesn't give correct directions. Don't like the paddle shifters on the steering wheel placement.

- Barb L

Gas mileage on this vehicle is pretty good for travelling.

Dual temp controls=love them. Also heated seats nice for winter. Seat not all that comfortable, all leather and lumps in wrong spots. Stick shift could be on dash instead. Difficult to reach all of windshield==too high.

- Maggie R

Drives so well in the elements.

I am in love with my Jeep. So comfortable. Perfect size because I have two small children in car seat space was always an issue. Quality interior, screen amazing. Drives so well. I just wish the backup camera showed more.

- Lauren C

I like the feature that turns off the engine in traffic to conserve gas.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is the best, love all the features on it, I have the heated steering wheel, love it and let’s you know when a car is in your blind spot. The color is to die for walnut with tan leather interior.

- Beverly L

For the price, has latest lane change and park assist, which makes it a very good value.

Vehicle has good safety features and luxury features. Was reasonably priced for the style (SUV) . Has had a variety of recalls for electronic improvements to drivetrain and transmission, which is disappointing.

- Rich M

My favorite car ever!!!!!

I absolutely love my jeep. It's the trailhawk edition. Bright cherry red with the black hood. I love the gas mileage I get for this type of car. It has a HUGE tank. My only dislike is I wish it had 3 row seating.

- Kelcey B

Reliable durable and easy to drive car that is affordable

I like that my jeep has a smart key so I just press the ignition button to start my car. I also get good gas mileage and like the entertainment display system. I just wish there was more leg room in the back row

- Breeana G

It is more luxury than other brands

I like that it feels luxurious even more so than luxury brands such as BMW or LEXUS. I like the fuel mileage in a large vehicle I get over 25 MPG on the highway. I like the stitching in the seats and leathers.

- Brandon W

Dependable, comfortable and great off road or on the highway

I enjoy the grand Cherokee, it is the right balance between suv and comfort. It is a dependable car, no issues with this or the last one. Great on the beach in the sand, in snow and smooth on the highway.

- Raymond P

Reliable, stylish vehicle good for a 4 person family, plus dog.

Great car for living on a rock road up a hill. Jeep has already taken us on several cross country trips comfortably. Good for sports equipment and picnics. Looking forward to using it on a camping trip.

- Sherri I

New Jeep Grand Cherokee Too Soon to Tell

My vehicle is very new; it was only recently purchased this past month. Therefore, it is difficult to say anything definitely about my car because I have not owned it long enough to tell for sure yet.


It is a good, reliable vehicle that will get you where you want to go.

I like the look and the reliability of my Jeep. I like that I have 4 wheel drive available if I want it. I wish it had a more comfortable ride and had more room in the backseat and back compartment.

- Pat B

The car drives safely and drives smoothly.

I really like the heated steering wheel feature and the hands free uconnect software for phone/texts. I dislike that air seems to blow from the upper vents even when only lower vents are selected.

- Justin S

For a 4-wheel drive, it actually gets fairly good gas mileage. It has a very comfortable ride.

Love my Jeep. It has navigation, back-up cameras plus many more extras. The heated air cooled seats is an extra I really enjoy. If course the phone through the navigation screen is great.

- Debbie D

Great on gas, traveling into is so comfortable.

Electric seats, Bluetooth stereo system, GPS, gas mpg, very roomy, fold down seats, smooth travel ability, free space for storage. Cloth seats. Tinted windows, soundproof from outside noise.

- Nikki L

That it is very spacious inside.

I love that it is high up from the ground. I do not like the blind spots but I love that it looks sporty. I also like that it can fit a lot of stuff for when we go on trips or are moving.

- Daphne F

Be careful turning in this car it is higher up and runs a risk of tipping.

I do like the style of my Jeep and it is great for going in the mountains in Colorado. Though I have had to repair it so many time I feel I have put more into the car than it was worth.

- Jessica R

Great size, space and usability

I like the size of my Grand Cherokee, not too big, not too small. It's easy to get my kids in and out. I like the cargo space in the back. I have had it in for two recalls in one year.

- Emily B

Great ride, luxury caliber at a great price.

Great ride. Why it's not classified as a luxury vehicle perplexes me, but it's actually better since it doesn't artificially jack up the price. Fuel efficiency could be better though.

- Joey W

It is very comfortable to drive and has every option one could ask for..

I really enjoy the Jeep Grand Cherokee for all the bells and whistles, it has heated seats, cooling seat feature and auto start and the heated steering wheel is great in the winter!

- cathy b

Jeep Grand Cherokee, love it, leasing.

I have always heard that Jeep has a bad mechanical reputation. The styling is what really made up our minds as we needed a car asap. We are leasing and so far 1 year in, we love it.

- Christina R

it has a smooth ride, gas mileage, classic look with sharp body style

It's a good vehicle, but does have its negatives. Feel it is starting to come apart in only a few years of services. Navigation situation is kind of crappy at time of purchases.

- Ed F

It is a better buy for get what you pay for compared to other "luxury" brands.

I dislike that the maintenance is so expensive. I love the luxury, leather, sunroof, sports mode. The gas mileage is not very good, but it is spacious and good for family travel.

- Alicia N

Excellent vehicle for the affordable price.

Easy to drive and it is a fun car to drive. It is durable and it performs as should on or off road. I recommend this vehicle to all age groups. Very comfortable on long drives.

- Allen M

Love all the features which is. Why I bought it.

No problems with my Jeep. Runs great, good gas mileage. Heated/cooled seats work very well. Heated steering wheel is nice, allows you to drive without. Gloves in cold weather.

- Cathleen H

No longer equipped with cd players

Looks nice and rides great. There are some options that would have been nice if they were available but Jeep is designing more toward people that do everything on their phone

- Laurie G

That it is full time 4 wheel drive.

I like the looks of it and that it works good in snow and I can pretty much go anywhere with it. It has good seating and good storage space. It also has been reliable for me.

- DeAnn E

When owning any vehicle you have to make sure the maintenance is done regularly. As long as you take care of the car it will run great.

My jeep is black with blacked out rims. I love that it is very high tech and is a push to start. I also love that it get almost 20 miles to the gallon with being a v6 engine.

- Amber S

This vehicle is affordable and luxurious! Great performing SUV!

The Jeep grand Cherokee is great! It has all the features I want. It is comfortable to drive and the navigation never confuses me. I haven't had any issues with my vehicle.

- Natasha C

My car is perfect for me. It has every feature that I could ask for, it's comfortable, and it makes me feel safe. However, the gas mileage is ridiculously low and the overall cost was more than I'd want to spend.

This car will keep you safe. It has safety sensors all around it so you know even if someone is coming too close to you and you don't see them, the car knows they're there.

- Kerryann B

How cool it is??? Smart cool!!!! Memory remote start!!! SMART!!

I love the bells and whistle my grand Cherokee has. The seats are super comfortable and the overall style and look of the vehicle inside and out is something I really enjoy

- Megan P

It is durable, and a good value. Jeep handles well and I have not been disappointed with this purchase

I love the way it handles in all weather I love how high I sit in it. Our Jeep does not have the programmable garage door opener feature which is iminor but would be nice

- Kim O

It can haul things just like a truck, all the seats fold down making room for just about everything.

I like the jeep brand, I purchased a special package with a few upgrades, so I was able to select everything I wanted. I dislike all the recalls and the software updates.

- Hope R

Sometimes you have blind spots.

My vehicle is very roomy. It is also very easy to drive. I love the carplay system as well. I also love how easily the back seats lay down and give plenty of extra room.

- Breanna S

Dark rims Red velvet color Dark interior

Very comfortable I feel safe Love the additions for tires and oil changes Nick's and scratches covered through plan Cute truck I get a lot of compliments Good in snow

- Elonda M

Luxury meets capability - Jeep Grand Cherokee

the grand Cherokee is loaded with features and is a safe, reliable, and luxurious ride, yet has the ability to take the rough road. I wouldn't drive anything else.

- theresa j

It is safe for new england winters.

I love the style, brand, color, overall look. Wish it was better on gas but knew that was part of having the car. Great for traveling, fitting items/moving, pets.

- Courtney T

My vehicle is one of the most comfortable cars, its upholstery and large board

I think I have no problem with my vehicle, I'm happy with what I have, plus I have a comfort and performance that I avoid headaches and that's why I'm satisfied

- erly l

Amazing SUV For Everyday Use and Off Roading And Also Travel

I like just about everything, I just wish that there was more room in the trunk area and the backseat. For being an SUV I find that there's not much room in it.

- Ash Y

It looks good, but it does not run ideal.

There were many recalls from the beginning. I feel like I may have had at least 5. It constantly gives me trouble. Sometimes I think it has a mind of its own.

- Sophie C

It is reliable, fun to drive, and gets good gas mileage.

I love that it has auto or manual shift, drives great in inclement weather and is very safe. I can also haul a lot of things and take our dogs places to hike.

- Jennifer A

The car is nice and spacious on the inside without being too big on the outside.

This vehicle has up to date technology, ride smoothly, and have lots of space. The seating is comfortable and the trunk holds more than I would need to haul.

- Ashleigh S

I have spent < $100 on gas this year because of this car's electric range.

I like the look of the trail hawk. Sporty and rugged. The inside is sleek and nice suede seats. Love the sport mode and the dials for the different terrains.

- Kim A




The suspension changes to allow the vehicle to be more aerodynamic. The Kevlar tires are strong with a quiet ride.

very comfortable seating and smooth on and off road. Excellent features like heated front and back seats, navigation, XM radio, suspension leveling, and 4x4.

- Vicki Z

It would make a great family car or a vehicle for someone single, very roomy and stylish for anyone.

I drive a 2017 jeep grand Cherokee, I have no complaints! It's very stylish, roomy! I get my complaints on the color (rhino) and overall look of the vehicle.

- Courtney L

It is comfortable and safe on the road with a huge gas tank that reduces time stopping for gas often.

It is very comfortable driving long distances across country. It has great navigation system. It has a great sound system. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Melanie A

I have an SUV that is not 4x4 but rather 4x2 so it saves a little but of money.

Good vehicle for all weather, but it does seem to not wear as well as an SUV should I feel. The comforts are well put together and it is a very smooth ride.

- Edward F

It has some great features and apps!

It is a sports utility vehicle which has a lot of room I like the satellite radio. I also like the internet feature. I wish it was equipped with apple play

- kent M

The clicking noise going uphill when the air conditioning is on.

Nice luxury features. Large sunroof. Like the auto start/stop. Auto windshield wipers. Sometimes when going uphill there is a kind of clicking noise.

- Judy V

2017 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

Second grand Cherokee after updating year models. Never had any issues. Great comfort, smooth ride, and tech savvy. Average gas mileage for an SUV.

- Jenna M

For the size, the turning radius and overall driving experience is really great.

Love the moon roof, smooth ride and the overall look of the vehicle. Dislike the auto-off at stoplights and wish the cargo room was a bit bigger.

- Annie D

The Jeep gc is a very comfortable car.

Love the power and comfort of my car. It is also very stylish. I don't really have any complaints. Maybe a complaint would be better gas mileage.

- Sue P

Jeep is rugged personified. It has 4-wheel drive and is comfortable to ride in.

I love my Jeep because it is dependable and travels well during bad weather. It's both rugged and sporty. I do not have any complaints about it.

- John C

It is comfortable and we feel safe.

We have had no significant issues with this vehicle. We bought it used, and it already had quite a bit of mileage. But It's worked wonderfully.

- Rebecca R

Has theft device attached to it

Love the color which is white, love that it is 4x4 and it is towable. Also has panoramic sunroof and cool seats and mirror warnings that beeps

- Juliana M

Sizeable vehicle that handles road well

Very comfortable, excellent drive, great turning radius and light to handle. Nice big clear screen. As a bonus, very appealing look all round

- Kelly A

It is very comfortable, easy to drive and great long distance.

Smooth ride, plenty of space, lots of upgrades. Dislike the radio that always seems to have issues and currently changes stations on its own.

- Tracy C

It is awesome! I love it and would recommend it to anyone!

It has lots of extras that I love. The backup camera, Bluetooth so I can listen to any music I want. It drives really smooth. I love my car.

- Ashley D

It is dependable, rugged and great in bad weather where other SUVs struggle.

I love the rear view camera. I love the pick-up on this Jeep getting on the highway. I love it's ability to handle rough weather conditions.

- John R

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017!

Jeeps are in my opinion the best vehicle on the market. they can get you through almost anything and they hold their value extremely well!

- kaylee r

Spacious and comfortable for traveling.

We have not had any performance or service issues. This is the 4th Jeep we have owned and feel the performance is consistent and reliable.

- Carol A

It handles great in the snow!

It is a unique color with the black rims I wanted. It also handles great in the snow and inclement weather. It has great space to utilize.

- Ash J. W

I absolutely love it and will get another when my lease is up.

I love everything about the look of it. It's sleek and sporty and I love the technology. The backup camera is very sharp even at night.

- Kevin T

The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee gets really good gas mileage. I get 23 mph in the city and 26 on the highway

I have not had any problems with the vehicle so far. However since it is a new vehicle it has had a few recalls issued for various parts.

- Meagan H

It has a good amount of room and you do not have to fill up with gas very often.

I like how smooth the vehicle rides. I like how much room it has inside. I do not like the automatic shut off of the engine when I stop.

- Misty W

It's a great car. It is safe and comfortably fits a family. Low maintenance.

I love everything about it.. It's rides and drives greatly.. I love it. This is insane to have to have a certain number of characters..

- Jenny B

The car has been reliable and comfortable for all of our long trips.

The engine is a V6 so the performance is great. Roomy and comfortable leather seats with AC and heater. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Ryan W

The routine maintenance is easy, great gas mileage, and a very comfortable vehicle

It has Great gas mileage, great safety features , very roomy, comfortable for long road trips, the entertainment system is high quality

- Karen J

It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. Front seat and back seat.

It is very comfortable and quiet. I don't like that there are so many buttons and sometimes it is confusing to figure out what they do.

- Nancy L

This is not a vehicle just for young families!.

No complaints at all. I bought and all black altitude edition. The SUV looks great and I have had no issues. Hauls my boat fine too.

- Devon J

Uniquely colored. Luxury but affordable

I love it! We had some initial problems with the rockers but otherwise has been fine. I intend to continue to own a grand Cherokee.

- Amber K

Tech savvy car with great performance.

Great for young adults/ teens. Very tech-savvy. Great quality. Never breaks down. Not that great on gas but better than other cars.

- alexa g

It has everything I need. I love it.

It has the backup camera. I don't have to put the key in the ignition. I can bluetooth and hear all of the music I want. I love it.

- teresa d

It is a more expensive car but it holds its value and is super reliable.

I love how much power my car has. It is super sporty looking but spacious. It has a great turning radio ya and rides very smooth.

- Megan W

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017.

This is my second jeep I have driven. I love it. The colour, seat warmers, and having Sirius XM. Just wish it had more seating.

- Brittany N

Excellent winter driving vehicle.

No issues with my Jeep. Able to handle snow and rain with no problems. Rough ride and don't care for the auto shut off feature.

- Mary B

To new to have mechanical issues

Beautiful car, comfortable, smooth ride I started having mechanical issues recently that dealer cannot find reason as to why

- Sal C

jeeps tend to need major service at some point. get an extended warranty.

i love the way it looks. i love the amount of interior space. it offers a very smooth ride. it does not get great gas mileage.

- kathleen s

Heated seats, high visibility.

Great winter vehicle for the snow in upstate New York. I feel safe. I like being elevated. It is a very smooth ride for a SUV.

- John V

Jeep grand Cherokee 75thi good looking, comfortable SUV. Recent mechanical issues.

Car is very good looking, for the 1st year it drove great. Recently its been acting up when driving for a long period of time.

- Sal C

This jeep is very dependable and it has a very smooth ride.

Enough room for the entire family, but not so big that I can not drive it safely. Great 4x4, and love the automatic shut-off

- Jen E

Grand Cherokee that drives

This vehicle drives perfectly and I have never had any issues with it. The Grand Cherokee is the perfect size for any family.

- armando l

Great performance and gas mileage. Still relatively new. After 17 months, no quality or mechanical failures are noticeable.

It's a tough sturdy vehicle. If your looking for a really smooth ride this car may ride a little firm for some. I love mine.

- Lance S

this vehicle combines comfort and is an all-rounder

i feel satisfied with my car, excellent performance, i recommend do the mantenimientos on time and do not neglect the fluids

- John S

It's a beautiful beast of a car, and it runs so smoothly.

I love everything about my Jeep! It came with navigation, XM radio, and it is a 4x4. There are no complaints about my Jeep.

- Kendra A

A refined and well-mannered sport-utility that delivers a comfortable ride.

As of right now I have not had any problems. I love my Jeep. It is very smooth and easy to drive, also it is very spacious.

- yadira h

My car is reliable in the winter and I love the space that it has inside

My car is roomy, reliable and I love the leather, heated seats for the winter. I wish it had cooling seats for the summer.

- Beverly h

It's comfortable on long drives, plenty of room music and video

I have always loved Jeep product, I have had several in my lifetime. They are always fun to drive. Complaints I have none

- Barry A

It is a very roomy car, it is the ideal car for anyone.

I love everything about my jeep. it is very stylish and if there was one thing i could change it would be the gas mileage

- Katie B

It is a 4X4 so it can handle off-road and winter driving.

It is great for towing my boat. I like the comfort while driving. The convenience features make it great for traveling.

- Roger M

It has an easy way to go into four wheel drive and it is can have XM radio

I do not have any complaints as of yet, I love the bluetooth for phone. I love the power windows and the power liftgate

- Janit P

It is really easy to put in 4 wheel drive and will be good on snowy roads.

I love the way it holds the road and I love the body style. I also love the backup camera as well as the sound system.

- Janet P

It has leather interior throughout.

I like that I have heated and cooled seats. I like the key fob. I do not like the sun roof I am not use to having one.

- Deborah R

My Jeep Grand Cherokee gets amazing gas mileage and rides smoothly.

I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It rides very smoothly. It also has a great sound system. The gas mileage is amazing.

- Colleen H

It's a luxury SUV for a non-luxury price

I really like the size and the handling of the vehicles. It looks really sharp as well. I don't love the gas mileage

- James P

It's not like a rugged Jeep - it drives so smooth and gets great gas mileage - city and highway.

I like that it is sporty, but also a SUV and practical for having a family. No dislikes and no complaints thus far.

- Georgia N

It is dependable and little or no repairs.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee. I feel very safe in it and get about 19 miles per gallon local. This is my 4th Jeep.

- Elizabeth P

I love the heated seats and that the trunk closes with a button.

It drives well and does really well on gas. I am about to have my second child so it feels a little small for that.

- Chris G

That the four wheel drive kicks in automatically.You do not need to turn it on and off. This was different from any past vehicles I've owned.

I do like that it is a four wheel drive. I like the room it has, how it sits up high and the looks of the vehicle.

- Sharon L

It drives great and it's very comfortable. I would buy another one.

I went from a Jeep wrangler to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love the ac and heated seats I love the comfort of my car.

- Ashley C

good reliable jeep very dependable and has a sleek look.

love my jeep it has lots of room and is good in rocks and snow. just wish mine had heated seats and remote start.

- Dia C

My Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017

My 2nd jeep. I love it. Great perks. Great size. A really good car that I will continue to buy every 3 to 4 years

- Pam F

Gas mileage is good for a bigger car.

Love the look, inside and out. I have the back up camera and that is very helpful. The way it drives is nice too.

- Karen T

It is a fun car to drive especially in otherwise difficult conditions.

Likes: exterior. Interior. Safety features. Off-road capability. How it drives. Dislikes: fuel economy not great.

- Kayla G

It is a great medium size SUV. Has all the features that one could want.

It rides nice. It is quiet. It is comfortable. The extended moonroof is nice. Quick. Has a lot of nice features.

- Jenelle P

how good it handles in all weather how good it looks, and all off the features it has

I like its size ,its power ,most of the features. I can see above the traffic ahead. I love the rear view camera

- ken j

Diesel engine rocks. It is very comfortable.

Diesel engine is strong and efficient. Luxury amenities. Great safety features. There is nothing I do not like.

- Jeanette K

It handles well in all weather conditions.

I love the grand Cherokee. Wish it had a little more air vent for the back seat passengers. Great fuel economy.

- Erin S

It is a great vehicle and would recommend getting one.

Love the package and how it drives. Really think it could improve on the transmission and how it changes gears.

- Aaron P

i love it. i never had an issue .

i like how the ride is anywhere that i go. i never had an issue with the car or anything else for that matter.

- jen e

It is safe and comfortable.

I love everything. It is my dream car. I do not have any problems with it whatsoever. Never had any problems.

- Claire G

It is a true SUV... not a wanna be. This will take you anywhere in any weather or conditions.

Awesome vehicle, does great in snow. It's very comfortable but rugged. Love the safety features and sensors.

- Janeen K

it is expensive and annoying with the shut off feature.

it's very sleek and fun to drive. i don't like the auto shutoff to save miles. i don't like the gas mileage.

- Heather T

Feel very safe riding in it. Perfect size for a small family

Love the style, the ride and features. Wish I could have afforded the deluxe model but the price was too high

- Kristen M

It turns off when it comes to a stop.

Love the heated seats. Very cool how the wipers go on when it senses rain. Love the skylight and the tinting.

- Michelle R

Great four wheel drive performance

It is GREAT - clean design, good styling - would buy again if given the opportunity. No issues or concerns.

- Andrew F

Easy to drive, does not fill stiff.

Nothing really. I like my car. I do not have any complaints about it. It runs fine. That all I have to say.

- Jennifer S

love the interior, but it does have a rough ride

so far no problems, nice interior, tows a boat, holds paddleboards and kayaks big blind spot in car for me

- barbara D

The car is worth the investment. It handles well and is quite quick. It's a very comfortable car.

My Jeep is very large and comfortable. The handling and acceleration are good. The shifter is not sublime.

- Dom R

Great family car. Roomy back seat and trunk. I love the touch screen.

I love this car. Only think I do not like is the energy saver. It pulls the car when I go to press the gas.

- Gabriel T

It offers the most value for the amount of money paid

I love that is a great value. I love the warrantee. I love the infotainment system. I love that it is 4x4.

- Christine G

It handles great in all road conditions.

I love the options in it. The handle of the Jeep is outstanding. The road noise is a little loud though.

- Goldie R

It is both practical and fun.

Style, speed, brand, reputation, design, wheels - all of this can be customized and tailored to my style.

- Michelle B

Has very good safety features a good gps and great sound system.

I like the jeep very much very nice to drive. Handles very well especially in the snow. And bad weather.

- Lorraine F

It is a good running vehicle that I would recommend.

Love it.. The doors are heavy and do not stay open well.. I am disabled, so this is challenging for me..

- Laura V

It has been problem free requiring no major repairs.

I love how smooth the rides are. I wish the mileage was like a cruise, but it is such a comfortable car.

- Mckinley R

Its a Dodge avenger rt limited edition.

Very roomy. It feels like a luxury vehicle without the high price tag. Great in all weather conditions.

- Jess H

comfort, style and performance

I like the performance that it has, very powerful and elegant, without a doubt a great vehicle for me.

- Cecil M

love heated seats and wheel. autostart is awesome too. anything that makes being in there more relaxing

i love everything about my vehicle. The color, the options. has good gas mileage and room for plenty.

- Michelle J

It gets great at mileage

I absolutely love my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I do wish that it was a little larger inside the vehicle.

- Stephanie H

That the car auto start can be distracting. All cars are heading in the same direction.

Like the black out look. Dealer didn't have free oil changes on file that we were supposed to have.

- Lynne M

I enjoy driving this car more than any other car I have driven previously.

A pleasure to drive. Smooth handling and suspension. I would prefer more leg room in the backseat.

- Dan W

Getting the automatic wipers on it was a phenomenal choice!

I absolutely love the luxury of it. I wish it had better gas mileage. I have no other complaints.

- Pixi I

You should get to know the cars buttons and their functions.

I love the way it looks, sleek and modern. I feel it could have better take off, kind of slow.

- zilda b

Rugged and sleek, yet easy to handle and comfortable

It's a great car with excellent handling and convenience features. There nothing i don't like.

- Leste A

It turns off automatically to save on gas and actually can stretch your gas Milagros longer.

I love the gas that I save. I like be the look of the car and I love the functionality of it.

- Jennifer V

Overall, the car is extremely comfortable and has a consistently smooth ride. The car has great storage for all outdoor activities and is great off roads. The gas mileage is better than expected and the technology is very easy to use.

The car really checks all the boxes in terms of both daily use, style, comfort, and utility.

- Kevin K

great for hauling a boat.

Great vehicle for pulling a boat. Plenty of room to haul stuff. Great traction in the snow.

- cameron v

It is a fuel efficient SUV

It is high up in the driver's seat and it has great pick up when the accelerator is pressed

- Patricia T

This is a safe, reliable vehicle to trust to get your family to the destination.

Its 4x drive, I like the look and interior of it. Has lots of cargo space. Good on gas.

- Tonya E

Because this vehicle sits up high, you have excellent vision of your surroundings.

Perfect for a tall person. I'm 6'4". Love the backup camera. Feel safe in this vehicle.

- Richard K

great gas mileage on both in town and long trips

great gas mileage, heated seats and steering wheel. navigation system and sirius radio

- Tamitha B

It has great styling and durability. It has great off road capability.

I like the styling and durability. I like the off road capability. I like the color.

- Gloria C

is very comfortable and expensive but beautiful

I love my car because us comfortable and easy to use also for me is fancy and shock

- Liz C

The grand Cherokee is my dream car

It can do everything I need it to. It is good in the city. And even better off road

- Cody D

I like the size and how comfortable it is. All the extra features like seat warming/vents. The LED screen. Especially like the push start remote.

It gets Good gas mileage. Runs smooth. Very comfortable, especially for families.

- Jessica J

It's a great family vehicle. It's versatile for any occasion.

Larger style SUV. I also love the safety ratings. I get comparable gas mileage.

- Christina T

Reliable car that doesn't require much maintenance, built well.

Fully loaded reliable car that has required no maintenance. Not great on gas.

- Kayla D

Gas mileage is not great. It can. Do very well in snow though.

Love the versatility of my jeep. I dislike the gas mileage on it though.

- Mark C

It has a lot of luxury features that make it very nice to drive.

Lots of luxury features. Tow-able with my motorhome. Decent mileage.

- Roger T

does not get 35 miles to the gallon

fully loaded and a great cargo room suv. There is nothing I dislike

- Paul B

It's a great car and i love my car very very much it has everything i need

I love my car very much. My car is great it has everything i need.

- Deon J

The car has a great interior very comfortable

The car handles great goes where I want to go and never slows down

- mike P

I love my Jeep. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. I can carry all the cargo I need

It makes me feel valued and extremely safe when I drive this car

- Juliac C

I like the spaciousness in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is also smooth driving and looks nice. It has extra accessories on it which is a plus.

It is a very spacious vehicle for my family and smooth driving.

- Becky P

It has better gas mileage than other suvs. It is rather safe on the road.

I like the look. I dislike that it doesn't have more features.

- Lea F

sporty , fast and sleek. it is a wonderful car

i love my vehicle totally i have no complaints about it at all

- dawn w

Great ride. Up high to get over snow. Comfortable. Nice room in back for stuff. Lots of room for travels

Great in snow. SUV but still very comfortable.plenty of room

- Diane H

This Jeep model is great for city driving. This model gets great gas mileage in all driving conditions.

I don't like the rear air flow spoiler over the back window.

- jack m

Now sure what the most important thing would be...maybe its good looks

This car has great power as well as being very comfortable

- Nancy M

Size of the car is very important. Prefer high SUV over sedan

Nice car.. 3rd one. Drive very sporty and very spacious.

- Lorena G

It has great gas mileage and drives very smoothly.

It has good gas mileage, and is a very comfortable drive.

- Mirella m

It is American made by American workers.

It runs great and looks good. It sits too high for me.

- Ron D

It is 4wd. That is good for snow.

It is 4wd. That is good. It looks good. It is rugged.

- Greg A

It is a classic American vehicle.

wheel drive. No complaints. It looks good.

- Gerald H

The durance and how smooth it rides.

I like the size of my vehicle and the look

- Shirley S

It drives and handles well

Like the 4x4 as well as the fuel economy.

- Jon S

It has an extra long moonroof, heated bucket seats, heated steering wheel, and a back up camera

nothing! I love everything about my jeep!

- hillary I

Great ride quality and sharp appearance.

- Colleen W